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Tirana er en blanding av Vest-Europa og det gamle Russland, ispedd påvirkninger fra Midtøsten. Byen har overvunnet sin nylige urolige fortid og reist seg som en perle i Øst-Europa. Det moderne Tirana er fullt av restauranter, uteliv og hoteller, og har gjenoppdaget seg selv og blitt en energisk, levende og kosmopolitisk by som det er verdt å utforske.

Hotell fra Trivago, spar i gjennomsnitt 35 prosent. På samme hotellrom, i samme by.

Tirana er fortsatt et reisemål hvor du får mye for pengene.

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Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Located at Padam Boutique Hotel, the bar offers their guests a wide variety of drinks, ranging from classic spirits to crafted cocktails in a modern setting. In the summer enjoy your refreshing drink in the beautiful outdoor garden and veranda while mingling with friends.
Adresse: St Papa Gjon Pali II, Tirana
Telefon: +355 44504913

BrauHaus Pub

Enjoy some really good beer with your friends at this venue with a restaurant, bar and brewery. Not only offering freshly brewed beers in a friendly atmosphere but also live music and sport games on TV are provided here.
Adresse: Rruga 38 Reshit Collaku, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 223 79 55
Åpningstider: Every day 11.30am - 11.30pm

Folie Terrace

Folie Terrace is one of Tirana's best and most popular nightclubs. With a buzzing atmosphere and great cocktails, this is the perfect place to have a great time with your friends or to meet new people and dance the night away.
Adresse: Shëtitorja Murat Toptani, Tirana
Telefon: +355 68 609 1668
Åpningstider: Fri & Sat 11.30pm - 5am

Meduza’s Irish Pub

Come here for breakfast, lunch or a good pint of Guinness. This is a proper Irish pub with live music, sports and party. Catch up with some friends while you enjoy a pint of ice cold beer and some hearty pub food.
Adresse: Rruga Mustafa Matohiti, Tirana
Telefon: +355 69 335 1654
Åpningstider: Every day 12am - 12am

Universe Shopping Centre

Universe Shopping Centre (QTU) is a brand new spectacular shopping extravaganza, located just west of the city centre. 13,600 square meters makes it one of the Balkan’s largest shopping centres. A free shuttle runs daily between the National Museum and Universe every 20-30 minutes from 8am-10pm.
Adresse: Rruga Industriale, Tirana
Telefon: +355 42 380 100
Åpningstider: Every day 9am - 9pm

Central Market

Central Market is a gourmet food paradise, which captures the spirit of the culture. Local cheese, meat, fruit, honey and home-made raki can be found here. It is worth having a look around at the lively exchange, even if you are not in the market to purchase food.
Adresse: Pazari I Ri, Tirana

Sheraton Shopping Centre

The Sheraton Shopping Centre is a small mall connected to the Sheraton Hotel. There is a popular café and restaurants on site, along with several up market shops.
Adresse: Sheshi Italia, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 227 4707
Åpningstider: Every day 9am - 9pm

Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta

For ceramics and jewellery go to the Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta area, which consists of several blocks of excellent ceramic and jewellery stores. Have a stroll through the many unique shops and little boutiques and find the perfect souvenir to remind you of your time in Tirana.
Adresse: Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta, Tirana

Adrion International Books

Adrion International Books has one of the best selections of books in the country, including a decent English language selection, with guidebooks and literature.
Adresse: Sheshi Skënderbej, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 222 62 56
Åpningstider: Every day 9am - 8pm

Tirana's Colorful Facades

Mayor Edi Rama, internationally renowned as an artist before he took over the post of Tirana's mayor in 2000, decided to give the city a more welcoming look by painting old and Soviet block-style building facades in bright colours. The initiative certainly accomplished its goal of helping the city appear more attractive.

Skanderbeg Square

Skanderbeg Square is the social and cultural center of Tirana, this is an excellent place for people watching and absorbing the daily life of the denizens of this city. The famous Equestrian Statue is located on the Southern Side of the Square.
Adresse: Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana

Clock Tower

The tower is the symbol of Tirana and is nicely lit at night. You may climb the stairs for an excellent view of the bustling life in the square below.
Adresse: Kulla e Sahatit, Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana

Et’hem Bey Mosque

This small, elegant mosque is one of the oldest buildings remaining in Tirana. Many of the various religious shrines were destroyed in the atheism campaign and demonstrations of the late 1960's.
Adresse: Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 2 23 701

Tanners’ Bridge

Tanners’ Bridge is a newly restored, elegant Ottoman stone footbridge, with colourful Soviet style housing serving as a backdrop. The bridge is a standing testimony to Tirana's development during the 18th century and is considered one of the most important cultural heritage monuments.
Adresse: Rruga Punetoret e Rilindjes, Tirana

National Museum of History

National Museum of History is the largest museum in Albania and holds most of the country’s treasures. There is a gallery on the top floor dedicated to the severe miseries of the communist era.
Adresse: Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 2 28 389

International Centre of Culture

Popularly known as the Pyramid, this museum, opened in 1988, was a tribute to the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha when it was erected. After the regime collapsed, the memorial was converted into a disco and conference center. It is no longer an official museum, but is well worth a look.
Adresse: Boulevard Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, Tirana

Prime Minister’s Residence

This was once the Communist Party headquarters. During official parades and demonstrations, this is where Enver Hoxha would stand to wave to the masses below.
Adresse: Boulevard Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana

Mount Dajti

Mount Dajti towers proudly over Tirana, with its beautiful national park, green forests and amazing views. You can either take the cable car up to the summit, or drive. There are several restaurants up at the top, as well as that special feeling of having the world at your finger tips.
Adresse: Mount Dajti, Tirana

Central Market

The central market is a gourmet food haven, which captures the spirit of the culture. Local cheese, meat, fruit, honey and homemade raki can be found here. This is a spectacular place to stroll, nibble local food and absorb the vitality of Albanian life.
Adresse: Pazari I Ri, Tirana

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum houses an extensive collection of interesting archaeological artefacts from various historic periods. There is also a large exhibition that shows the history of Albania.
Adresse: Sheshi Nen Tereza, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 224 0711
Åpningstider: Every day 9am - 4 pm

National Gallery of Figurative Arts of Albania

Even if this is considered a small museum, the many different objects give the visitors a real history lesson of Albania. Several of the paintings are from the communist period and are eye-catching with their bright colours and overwhelming sizes.
Adresse: Deshmorët e Kombit Boulevard, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 222 6033
Åpningstider: Wed - Sun 9am - 2pm, 5 - 8pm

Skanderbeg Statue

Right in the heart of the city, on Skanderbeg Square, the statue of the National hero, George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, rises. It is almost impossible to miss and it is one of the landmarks of the city. If you are a good photographer you will be able to catch it together with the Et’hem Bey Mosque and the Clock Tower, all in one photo.
Adresse: Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana

Kinema Millennium

Kinema Millennium is a lush garden area, that today offer both relaxation and fun. Once upon a time it was the residence of King Zogu I of Albania and some parts of the garden are kept as it was back then. The other part offer restaurants, bars and a modern cinema.
Adresse: Murat Toptani Street, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 225 3654

Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral

This grand church is located close to the city centre and is as beautiful on the inside as its amazing façades on the outside. It is well visited by the locals of Tirana.
Adresse: Rruga e Kavajes 151, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 23 50 95

Grand Park (Parku i Madh)

This 230-hectare public park is the city's lung. Here you can relax in the green grass by the artificial lake or stroll in the Botanical Garden of Tirana and watch all the beautiful plants and flowers.
Adresse: Parku i Madh, Tirana

Era Vila

This restaurant, "Era", meaning "wind", is located in the popular area Blloku. The menu consists of traditional Albanian cuisine and some international dishes.
Adresse: Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 22 55 000
Åpningstider: Every day 11am - 12am

Sofra e Ariut

This is a good choice if you want a peaceful setting and a beautiful scenery. Modern style is combined with green surroundings and outstanding service. The cuisine is mainly Albanian.
Adresse: Rruga Elbasanit Njësia Bashkiake 2, Tirana
Telefon: +355 42 303 030
Åpningstider: Every day 7am - 12am

La Voglia

La Voglia serves authentic Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, various snacks, as well as an array of coffee drinks, in a comfortable setting. The staff will be happy to help you select a wine from their extensive wine list. This place is popular among the young crowd of the city.
Adresse: Rruga Ibrahim Rugova, Tirana
Telefon: +355 68 208 8813
Åpningstider: Every day 7am - 12am

Sky Club

Sky Club is a revolving restaurant on the top floor of Tirana's tallest building, Sky Hotel. It offers a spectacular view of the city and is also the perfect location for an evening cocktail after a long day of exploring Tirana.
Adresse: Dëshmorët e 4 Shkurtit, 5/1 Sky Tower, Tirana


Amor is a small restaurant located close to the city centre. The food being served is Italian and French with pastas and beefs on the menu. They also offer a good array of wines.
Adresse: Rruga Komuna e Parisit, Tirana
Telefon: +355 69 268 4952
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 12am - 11pm


This restaurant is recommended for its fish and seafood dishes and they serve Albanian and Italian cuisine. It is located 15 minutes walk from the city centre but can easily be reached with public transport too.
Adresse: Rruga Dervish Hima 4, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 223 6394
Åpningstider: Every day 12pm - 11pm

Green House

Green House is a modern restaurant with an elegant atmosphere. The Albanian and Italian dishes are made from top quality products and are beautifully served together with a fine selection of wines at this centrally located restaurant.
Adresse: Rruga Jul Variboba 6, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 222 2632

Artigiano Vila Restaurant

Artigiano Vila Restaurant is popular among both locals and tourists and it is often quite busy at lunchtime. They have a small garden with a few seats and this is a perfect place for a romantic dinner for two or just a relaxed lunch with friends. The pizza here is highly recommended.
Adresse: Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II 9, Tirana
Telefon: +355 67 600 0480
Åpningstider: Every day 7am - 1am

La Boheme Roof Garden Restaurant

From this rooftop restaurant you have beautiful views over the Dajti and the city. The food served here is a fusion between Europe and Asia and you will among many other dishes find sushi on the menu.
Adresse: Vesa Center, Rruga Abdyl Frasheri, Tirana
Telefon: +355 42278880
Åpningstider: Every day 12am - 12pm

Pasta da Pucci

When you step into the homelike diningroom at Pasta da Pucci you will be greeted with a familiar feeling. This restaurant is hidden in a cellar of an apartment at a side street and can be a bit difficult to find, but once inside you can enjoy delicious Italian dishes.
Adresse: Mustafa Qosja, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 452 1276
Åpningstider: Every day 11.30am - 11pm

Xheko Imperial Restaurant

Xheko Imperial Restaurant provides an exclusive dining option in Tirana. This restaurant has a continental atmosphere and the menu offers a wide array of Mediterranean and traditional Albanian courses. Choose a local wine from the drink menu to accompany your food.
Adresse: Rruga 4 Shkurti, Tirana
Telefon: + 355 4 2259 574

Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

This elegant restaurant is located in the boutique hotel Padam and it is popular both for its exclusive cuisine but also for its good cocktails. The chef cooks contemporary influenced food and this venue stands out from other restaurants in the city.
Adresse: Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II, Tirana
Telefon: +355 44504913

The Tea Room

The Tea Room in Tirana is a local favourite that offers a large variety of teas, cakes and sweets. Come here after a day of exploring the shops on Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta and relax with a hot cup of tea and a slice of freshly baked cake.
Adresse: Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta, Tirana
Telefon: +355 68 404 7027
Åpningstider: Every day 8am - 1am


If you are craving a healthier version of a sweet treat, you should visit Thurje17 and try one of their delicious smoothies. They focus on organic products and the smoothies are always made from fresh, natural ingredients. Locals and tourists come here for the best smoothies in town.
Adresse: Rruga Myrtezim Këlliçi 3/1, Tirana
Telefon: +355 69 606 0383
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 7am - 11pm, Sun 8am - 3pm

Patisserie Française

Patisserie Française is one of the few breakfast spots in Tirana. They also offer elaborate and spectacular cakes and delicious pastries. You can also order custom cake designs for special events. This French-owned restaurant serves exceptional fare for a taste of Paris in Eastern Europe.
Adresse: Rruga Ibrahim Rugova 1, Tirana
Telefon: +355 68 903 3304
Åpningstider: Every day 7am - 10pm

Yogurteria Tirana

Frozen yoghurt is not easy to find in Tirana but here is one place, and maybe the only place. There are several options of flavours and toppings and if you don't find a seat on the patio outside you can always grab one to go.
Adresse: Rruga Ibrahim Rugova 1001, Tirana
Telefon: +355 69 673 7945

Best Time To Visit

There really is no time not to visit Tirana, since every season has a lot to offer to visitors. You will have the most pleasant weather with warm temperatures and a low chance of rainfall in the summer months of June - August. However, if you prefer to avoid tourist crowds you should plan your trip to Tirana in late September or October.


All visitors must obtain a visa from one of the Albanian diplomatic missions before entering the country unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or are qualified for visa-free entry. You can find a list of countries that are qualified for visa-free entry at Upon arrival, the passport must be valid for three months. For more information visit:


Nend Tereza (Mother Theresa) airport, also known as Rinas Airport or International Tirana Airport, lies 26 km northwest of the city in the town of Rinasi. Between 6am and 6pm there is a bus from the airport to the national Museum in the city centre of Tirana. It leaves every hour. A taxi from the airport to the city centre takes about 20-25 minutes. Be certain to fix a price before you get into the taxi.
Adresse: Tirana International Airport, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 2381 800


There are taxi stands scattered across the city. There is a fixed price for a ride anywhere inside Tirana so discuss the price before entering the car.
Telefon: +355 42 222 555


One of the main post offices in Tirana is located at:
Adresse: Rruga e Elbasanit, Tirana
Telefon: +355 68 439 6208
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 7am - 4pm


Some shops tend to sell fake brands so be a bit careful when you buy sunscreen or other kind of pharmacy products. You find one of the city's pharmacies at:
Adresse: Rruga Kongresi i Manastirit, Tirana
Telefon: +355 4 234 2089


Country code: +355 Area code: 04


220 volts, 50HZ AC