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The small municipality of Saint-Hippolyte is fastened along the stunning Laurentian Mountains in Québec, Canada. Named for the celebrated 3rd-century Roman theologian, the town is only 45 km north of Montreal. Visitors do not come to Saint-Hippolyte merely for its vicinity to nearby cities, however: it claims its own appeal with captivating beauty, lush vegetation and snow-laden domains. Come to Saint-Hippolyte for the perfect recreational decamp.
St Hippolyte

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St Hippolyte

Au Pays des Merveilles

Au Pays des Merveilles translates to "In Wonderland" in English. This family theme park centers around Alice in Wonderland and other fairy tale characters. Some activities at the park include rides, mini-golf, water rides and games.
Adresse: 3795 de la Savane, Sainte-Adéle
Telefon: +1 450 229 3141
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-6pm
St Hippolyte

Aventures Plein Air

This is considered the number one attraction in Saint-Hippolyte. Aventures Plein Air offers a range of summer and winter activities from skiing, snowmobiling, dog-sledding, ice fishing, canoeing, and water skiing. Experienced guides will add to the thrilling adventures with their encouraging and skilled approach.
Adresse: 42, rue de la Chaumine, Saint-Hippolyte
Telefon: +1 450 563 4443
Åpningstider: Daily 9am-5pm
St Hippolyte

Village du Pere Noel

Come and visit Santa Claus and his elves at his summer residence. Splash about an impressive Christmas tree structure inside a vast swimming pool, paddle boats, or go on giant slides. Pony rides are available for the little ones as well as a petting zoo of farm animals. Enjoy tubing, picnic outings, sledding, and ice skating.
Adresse: 987 Route Morin, Val-David
Telefon: +1 800 287 6635
St Hippolyte

Mont Saint-Sauveur

No wonder Mont Saint-Sauveur was voted the winner of the longest ski season in Eastern Canada. With fantastic ski and snowboarding venues, Mont Saint-Sauveur offers the ideal winter adventure. Glide down in style on well-groomed terrain, relax in horse carriages after a busy day, and sip hot concoctions at the local cafes.
Adresse: 350, Avenue Saint-Denis, Saint Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 227 4671
St Hippolyte

Ofuro Spa

Only a short twenty-five minute drive from Saint-Hippolyte, find solace and relaxation at this most reputable thermotherapy spa. Decorated Japanese-style, Ofuro Spa proudly calls itself “the most ZEN spa”, offering a truly regenerative experience. Forget the world outside, and sink into a tranquil release using their dry saunas, steam rooms, temperate baths, and, of course, indulge in a most-needed massage.
Adresse: 777 Chemin de Saint Adolphe, Morin Heights
Telefon: +1 877 884 2442 / +1 450 226 2442
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 11am-8pm. Fri-Sun 10am-9pm.
St Hippolyte

Musee d’Art Contemporain des Laurentides

Stimulate your cultural and artistic inclinations by visiting this local museum, which features various Canadian contemporary art and innovative art by local artists. Stroll along the halls, engulfed by the visual feast, perhaps even chatting with the artists themselves. Bring your children on Family Sundays to participate in special activities relating to the museum's exhibits.
Adresse: 101 Place du Curé-Labelle, Saint Jérôme
Telefon: +1 450 432 7171
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 12am-5pm
St Hippolyte

Église Saint-Eustache

Located only 45 minutes from Saint-Hippolyte, the Église Saint-Eustache is an integral piece of Québec history. During the Battle of Saint Eustache, a deciding battle in what is commonly known as the "Patriots' War", the church was a refuge for the beleaguered Patriotes. It was partially destroyed by the British during the 1837 battle but was rebuilt in the following decade.
Adresse: 123 rue St. Louis, Saint-Eustache
Telefon: +1 450 974 5170
St Hippolyte

Rafting Nouveau Monde (New World Rafting)

The leading whitewater adventure outfitter in Québec, Rafting Nouveau Monde offers a variety of rafting and kayaking trips with professional guides at the helm. They are located approximately one hour from Saint Hippolyte. In addition to white water rafting down the Rouge River, New World also has also has activities at its riverside center that include paintball, swimming, and entertainment.
Adresse: 25 Chemin Des Sept Chutes, Grenville-sur-la-Rouge
Telefon: +1 800 361 5033
St Hippolyte

Spa Morency

Spa Morency sits right on Lac Morency and provides tranquil views of its crystal waters. It is located at the L'Auberge du Lac Morency, and guests of the hotel receive special prices at the spa. Services they provide include Swedish massage, steam bath, whirlpools and a dry sauna.
Adresse: 42 rue de la Chaumine, Saint-Hippolyte
Telefon: +1 800 616 5546
St Hippolyte

Club de Golf Piedmont

Piedmont is located in between Montreal and Tremblant. Traverse bridges over flowing, crystal streams and clearings amid beautiful wooded areas as you play your way through this 72-par course. Many local hotels offer accommodation and golf packages.
Adresse: 201 chemin de la Montagne, Piedmont
Telefon: +1 450 227 4653
St Hippolyte

Auberge Du Lac Morency Restaurant

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Auberge du Lac Morency has spectacular lake views from its outdoor deck seating. Indulge in gourmet meals prepared with culinary skill by the chef, which will personally make sure you enjoyed the salmon he smoked himself on the premises. Famous to Québec cuisine, try the rich and creamy creton, a pork spread with onions and spices. To compliment the copious flavors, visit the wine cellar with an assortment of wine bottles clustered on shelves like grapes on a vine.
Adresse: 42 Rue de la Chaumine, Saint Hippolyte
Telefon: +1 450 563 5546
St Hippolyte

Cabane à Sucre Nantel

Cabane à Sucre Nantel is located in a quiet country setting. Get ready to loosen your belts as you indulge in a mélange of gustatory delight. Some of the chef's reputable dishes include Grandmother’s Pea Soup, smoked ham, maple sausage cooked of course with the world renowned Canadian maple syrup.
Adresse: 312 Chemin du Lac Bertrand, Saint Hippolyte
Telefon: +1 450 436 4406
St Hippolyte

Bistro à Champlain

Bistro à Champlain is internationally-renowned for its extensive, world-class wine cellar, which contains about 8,000 bottles of some of the globe's finest wines. Of course, this fine dining establishment does not just rest on the laurels of its wine offerings. Their daily menu is just as diverse and carefully created as their wine cellar.
Adresse: 39 Chemin Fridolin-Simard, Estérel
Telefon: +1 450 228 4988
St Hippolyte

Cabane à Sucre Arthur Raymond

This sugar shack in Piedmont has been family-operated since 1955. Knowing not to mess with success, the Raymonds children have changed very little about the family business, including the recipes that were passed down to them. Enjoy the company and traditional folk music while you dine.
Adresse: 444 Chemin Avila, Piedmont
Telefon: +1 450 224 2569
St Hippolyte

Orange & Pamplemousse

Literally, "orange and grapefruit," Orange & Pamplemousse's owners are passionate about incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients into their unique dishes. Each week, they bring guests a new and exciting lunch menu as well as a new "table d'hôte" or "host table" for dinner. Seating is available on the outside terrace during warm weather.
Adresse: 120 Rue Principale, Saint Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 227 4330
St Hippolyte

Créperie Bretonne

Le Crémerie Bretonne in Saint Sauveur specializes in gourmet crepes and fondues. Crepes are served in 300 different ways. There are both sweet and savory options for you to personalize those thin little decadent pancakes.
Adresse: 396 Rue Principale, Saint Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 227 5434
St Hippolyte

Le Rio Restaurant

Le Rio claims that its baby back ribs are the best in the Laurentians. Everything down to the sauces are prepared fresh in-house every day. In addition to ribs, some other popular menu items include the brisket sandwich, butterfly shrimp, and duck leg.
Adresse: 352 rue Principale, Saint Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 240 0864
St Hippolyte

Cabane à Sucre Constantin

Unlike most sugar shacks, the Cabane à Sucre Constantin is open year-round. Visit their shop, where you can purchase products that are specialties of the Constantin family, including canned pickles, homemade pies and, of course, maple products. Special events are planned during the sugaring season.
Adresse: 1054 Boulevard Arthur Sauvé, Saint Eustache
Telefon: +1 450 473 2374
St Hippolyte

C'est la Vie Café

C'est la Vie Café takes up residence in an historic Val-David home. Its family-friendly attitude can be evidenced in its menu and seating just for kids. They serve a variety of breakfast and lunch options as well as espresso beverages.
Adresse: 1347, rue de la Sapinière, Val David
Telefon: +1 819 320 0273
St Hippolyte

Café O' Marguerites

One thing you will not find at Café O' Marguerites is anything that has seen the inside of a microwave. They are committed to serving foods prepared using local ingredients. They also serve a variety of coffee beverages and organic beers and wines. Enjoy your beverage or meal on the heated terrace overlooking Lake Masson.
Adresse: 12 Chemin Sainte Marguerite, Sainte Marguerite du Lac Masson
Telefon: +1 450 228 4888
St Hippolyte

Brûlerie Des Monts

Brûlerie Des Monts is an artisanal coffee roaster located in the mountains of Saint Sauveur. The varieties of coffee they roast are numerous and utilize coffee beans grown all over the world to achieve unique flavor profiles.
Adresse: 197 Rue Principale Saint Sauveur-des-Monts
Telefon: +1 450 227 6157
St Hippolyte

Les Moulins La Fayette

Les Moulins La Fayette brings you fresh, quality bread. With locations all around Québec, you won't have to go far for a taste of one of their many bread or pastries. Their cafés also serve fresh-brewed coffee.
Adresse: 7 Church Street, Saint Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 227 2632
St Hippolyte

Tim Hortons

No matter where you are in Canada, you cannot leave without trying their premier doughnut café. Tim Hortons offers the most scrumptious, unique doughnut flavors and combination you can imagine. Their fresh dough is incomparable in taste and softness. With a plethora of selections, do indulge and lick your fingers eschewing any decorum, for you’ll have no other choice. The coffee enjoys the same reputation.
Adresse: 407, boulevard Saint-Adéle, Sainte-Adéle
Telefon: +1 450 229 6752
St Hippolyte

Le Baril Roulant

Le Baril Roulant, or "The Rolling Barrell," is a microbrewery and restaurant located in nearby Val David. They offer a variety of beer and beer and wine hybrids. A number of special events are held weekly.
Adresse: 2434 rue de l'Église, Val David
Telefon: +1 819 320 0069
St Hippolyte

Resto Pub Le Cerbère

No detail has been overlooked to ensure that your time at Resto Pub Le Cerbère will be an evening full of merriment. Step up to the large, specially-designed mahogany bar and order one of more than 100 varieties of both local and imported bottled beers or over a dozen beers on tap. If beer isn't your thing, you can also order any number of cocktails. Live performances are scheduled almost nightly.
Adresse: 313 Rue Saint Georges, Saint Jérôme
Telefon: +1 450 431 3333
Åpningstider: Sun-Thu 11am-11pm. Fri-Sat 11am-1am
St Hippolyte

Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel

Dieu du Ciel utilizes a variety of quality ingredients and brewing methods to ensure that their beers are always unique and flavorful. They offer a large selection of beers to try during tastings. Dieu du Ciel is known for the elaborate artwork on their bottles' labels.
Adresse: 259 rue de Villemure, Saint Jèrôme
Telefon: +1 450 436 3438
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 11.30am-2am. Fri 11.30am-3am. Sat 2pm-3am. Sun 2pm-1am
St Hippolyte

Carol à Gogo

Carol à Gogo has become a popular restaurant and lounge in Saint Sauveur. Late nights accompanied by music from live bands or DJs are what you will find on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday nights. The bar menu is served all day.
Adresse: 16 de la Gare Avenue, Saint Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 227 8660
St Hippolyte

Le Saint-Sau Pub Gourmand

Le Saint-Sau Pub Gourmand is housed in the oldest restaurant building in the village of Saint-Sauveur. They offer a wide variety of local and imported beers and wines by the glass paired with a menu rife with warm and comforting selections. They occasionally schedule live performances.
Adresse: 236 Rue Principale, Saint Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 227 0218
St Hippolyte

Garage Le Boutique

As the name may imply this is the store to find gritty grunge looks, with fleece sweaters, cotton leggings, embroidered scarves, and a variety of colorful tanks to complete that perfect layered look. Garage also has a number of items to create softer, more feminine looks as well.
Adresse: 191, chemin du Lac Millette, Saint-Sauveur
Telefon: +1 450 227 4451
St Hippolyte

Carrefour Du Nord

This is the largest shopping mall in the Saint-Hippolyte surrounding area, with over 75 stores and familiar department stores. Spend the day at the mall with friends and family enjoying a diversified selection of shopping venues from apparel, accessories, and jewelry to bookstores, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Perhaps you may even stop to relish a creamy ice cream cone.
Adresse: 900 Grignon Boulevard, Saint Jérôme
Telefon: +1 450 436 8650
St Hippolyte

Librairie Quintessence

Slip away into the marvelous and mysterious world of ink and pulp. Purchase a book that fits your frame of mind and perhaps read it on the floating bridge back at your hotel, sipping hot tea, wrapped in a warm blanket. Librairie Quintessence also sells a variety of gifts.
Adresse: 275 Rue Principale, Saint Sauveur des Monts
Telefon: +1 450 227 5525
St Hippolyte

Marché Public de Sainte Adèle

Yearly from June through September, local farmers and artisans bring their wares to one location in downtown Saint Adèle for you to peruse.
Adresse: rue Valiquette, Saint Adèle
Telefon: +1 450 229 2644
St Hippolyte

Chocolaterie Marie-Claude

This chocolaterie offers a truly sweet educational experience. The owner shares with her guest her knowledge and passion for the chocolate-making process. Other homemade products are available for purchase, and tastings and demonstrations are available by appointment.
Adresse: 1090 rue Valiquette, Sainte-Adèle
Telefon: +1 450 229 3991
St Hippolyte

Place Rosemère

Place Rosemère is an epicenter for fashion in Rosemère. With over 200 stores, you could spend the entire day perusing the latest styles from national and boutique brands. Luckily, there are dining options available as well as services like family parking, lockers, and strollers and wheelchairs for those who need them.
Adresse: 401 boulevard Labelle Rosemère
Telefon: +1 450 437 7808
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm. Sat 9am-5pm. Sun 10am-5pm
St Hippolyte

International Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau de Montréal Airport

Visitors traveling by air will likely arrive in Québec at L'Aéroport international Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau de Montréal, or the Montréal-Trudeau Airport, in Dorval. Upon arrival, your best choice of transportation to Saint-Hippolyte is probably to rent a car. All of the car rental agencies are grouped on the ground floor of the parking garage.
Adresse: International Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau de Montréal
Telefon: +1 514 394 7377
St Hippolyte

Public Transport

Autobus Brunet +1 450 438 8363 Autobus Transcobec +1 450 432 9748 Allo-Stop +1 514 985 3032
St Hippolyte


Taxi Coop Des Lauarentides +1 450 822 2228 Taxi Des Pays D’en Haut +1 450 227 3000
St Hippolyte


This post office offers the following basic services: stamps, shipping, boxes, money orders, passport and Revenue Canada forms.
Adresse: 978 Chemin des Hauteurs, Saint Hippolyte
Telefon: +1 450 224 4406
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm. Sat 10am-12pm
St Hippolyte


Familiprix Extra-Serge Maille, Odette St-Pierre & Lise Larocque
Adresse: 780 chemin des Hauteurs, Saint Hippolyte
Telefon: +1 450 224 2956
St Hippolyte


Centre de Sante et de Services Sociaux de Saint Jérôme is the closest hospital to Saint Hippolyte. It serves the Laurentians region.
Adresse: 290, rue de Montigny, Saint Jérôme
Telefon: +1 450 432 2777
St Hippolyte

Time Zone

Saint Hippolyte is in the Eastern Time Zone and all times are reflected in Eastern Time.
St Hippolyte


Country code: +1 Area code: 450
St Hippolyte


Canada uses 110V electricity, 60 cycle electric power, same as the USA. Unless an appliance is dual voltage, international visitors will need to use a “converter” or a “transformer”. Power outlets are designed for use with a two prong and some accept a 3 prong (with ground) plug.