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In the heart of Chile, right in between Argentina and the South Pacific Ocean, lies the country's capital Santiago. Over a quarter of Chile's population call "The City of the Island Hills" their home. Located in a valley consisting of broad and fertile lands, surrounded by vineyards and mountains, Santiago offers a cosmopolitan and energetic city life that is inseparably attached to its beautiful natural setting. Immerse yourself in the city's cultural and musical energy that is reflected in colourful neighbourhoods and a reinvigorated art scene.

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Travelers from all EU countries, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other Latin American countries do not require a visa to enter Chile for less than 90 days. They will be issued with a Tarjeta de Turismo (tourist card) upon arrival in Chile. It is important that you keep it for when you leave the country. Additionally, Australian and Mexican citizens will be charged a Reciprocity Fee. To enter Chile, you must hold a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months after your travel dates. Consult with your local embassy or consulate for country specific information regarding the visa regulations.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Santiago is during late September to November, or from March to May, the spring and fall shoulder seasons of the country. However, it will be less busy during the summer months with hotel rates dropping together with pollution levels. In general, the climate is Mediterranean, making the area accessible and enjoyable throughout the entire year. The months of January and February are packed with a range of events centered around food, music, dance and culture. Make sure to check out the annual festival schedule before you book your trip.


Santiago International Airport is also known as Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport and Nuevo Pudahuel Airport, and is located in Pudahuel, 15 km north-west of downtown Santiago. It is Chile's largest and busiest international airport. Centro Puerto offers a shuttle service that will take you from the airport to the city and back. You can find a Delfos counter at the airport where you can book shared and private transport. There is also the possibility to book your shuttle service online at It can be a bit difficult to get to the airport with public transportation so you might want to look into booking a taxi in advance.
Adresse: Aviador David Fuentes, Pudahuel
Telefon: +56 2 2690 1796

Public Transport

Since Santiago is one of the most modern cities in Chile, a popular travel destination and starting point for international travels, it is quite easy to get around using the public transportation system, especially if you speak Spanish. But even if you don't, you won't encounter too many problems. A unified payment system, the Bip!, is used to buy tickets for buses, metro and micros. You can buy and top up a Bip! card in subway stations. Ticket prices for Metro vary according to your travel schedule, the bus costs the same at any time of day. There are different rates for adults, students and the elderly. On weekdays, Santiago Metro runs from 5.40am to 11pm, 6.30am to 11pm on Saturdays and 8am to 10.37pm on Sundays and public holidays.
Telefon: +56 800 73 00 73


To ensure your safety, it is advised that you only travel in authorized taxis and ignore the taxi drivers and representatives that wait in the baggage claim area of Santiago airport. Authorized, metered taxis are all black with yellow roofs. There is a taxi rank outside the main terminal, so pre-booking should generally not be necessary. If you do wish to prebook a taxi with a fixed rate to take you to the city from the airport, you can call Vía Controlada: +56 9 4273 2887 or Taxi Oficial: +56 2601 9880, both operate 24 hours. For longer rides, you can sometimes negotiate flat fares if your negotiation skills in Spanish are confident enough. If you want to avoid hailing a taxi in the street (which is generally safe), most hotels and restaurants will happily call you a taxi too. There is also the option to order an Uber.


There are several pharmacies in and around the city center, some of which operate 24 hours. Most bigger pharmacies have English speaking staff available. One of them, Farmacias Salcobrand is located at the following address:
Adresse: Avenida Manuel Montt, Santiago
Telefon: +56 600 360 6000
Åpningstider: Open 24 hours

Post Office

You will find several post offices spread throughout the city. The Central Post Office is located in a historic post office building on the northern edge of the Plaza de Armas.
Adresse: Catedral 989, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 29560303
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm


In Chile the standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The power plugs and sockets are of type C and L.


Country Code: +56 Area Code: +56 2

Cajon del Maipo

Cajon del Maipo is a beautiful gorge about 25km outside of the city that offers outdoor adventures to residents and visitors of Santiago. Here you will also find El Morado Natural Monument, a mountain reserve with hiking trails, glaciers, a rich birdlife and thermal springs, Baños Morales, nearby.
Adresse: Cajon del Maipo

Cerro San Cristóbal

The view from Cerro San Cristóbal is stunning and gives you the most scenic panorama of Santiago imaginable. There are several ways to reach the top of Cerro San Cristóbal to take in this unparalleled view. You can take the funicular that leaves from Bellavista or, if you are a hiking enthusiast, you can hike up Cerro San Cristóbal in about 45 minutes. Either way, try to catch the sunset or sunrise while you are up there and watch the city change from day to night.
Adresse: Cerro San Cristóbal

Barrio Bellavista

The bohemian quarter of Santiago, Barrio Bellavista, between the Mapocho River and San Cristóbal Hill, is bursting with secret oddities, colourful graffiti and hidden stalls and boutiques. During the day, you can enjoy the sun, take a stroll and buy all sorts of handcrafted and unique works of art. The weekly art market typically features jewellery made from Lapis Lazuli, a stone that, thanks to its deep blue colour, seems to fit the vibrant surroundings perfectly. At night, Bellavista transforms into a dazzling nightlife hub with a great selection of unique bars and restaurants.
Adresse: Barrio Bellavista, Santiago

Cementerio General de Santiago

While it might seem a bit macabre to include a cemetery into your travel schedule, the history of this one is magnificent and the cemetery itself well worth the visit. It is the largest in Latin America and dates back to 1821. If you want to learn more about this resting place, named one the World's Most Scenic Cemetries by the CNN, you should join one of the two hour night tours that will take you through the entire cemetery. You have to be at least 18 years old to join.
Adresse: Profesor Zañartu 951, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2637 7800
Åpningstider: Every day 9am - 5.30pm

Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos

The Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos (Museum of Memory and Human Rights) illustrates General Augusto Pinochet's 17-year dictatorship over Chile that resulted in the murder of thousands of Chileans. The museum contributes to the reworking of the period between 1973 and 1990 and at the same time, honors the many victims of the Pinochet rule. It stands as a landmark for the creation of cultural awareness and educates about the terrors of dictatorship.
Adresse: Matucana 501, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2597 9600
Åpningstider: Tue - Sun 10am - 7pm

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

The permanent exhibition of this museum features works of art from the colonial era to the present day. You can see art work by famous Chilean artists such as Roberto Matta and Luis Vargas Rosas. Although the permanent exhibition is rather small, it is aesthetically pleasing and informative. Rotating feature exhibitions will give you further insights into Chilean art and history.
Adresse: José Miguel de La Barra 650, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2499 1600
Åpningstider: Tue - Sun 10am - 6.45pm

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino is located in the city center of Santiago and features exhibits of pre-Columbian artwork and artifacts from Central and South America. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the cultures of South America, with a collection covering about 10,000 years.
Adresse: Bandera 361, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2928 1500
Åpningstider: Tue - Sun 10am - 6pm

Teatro Municipal de Santiago

The Teatro Municipal de Santiago opened its doors for the first time in September 1857 and has since been considered the most important stage theater and opera house in Chile. The building constructed in the style of neoclassical architecture was inaugurated with the Verdi opera 'Ernani' and has since suffered several strokes of fate, including multiple fires and an earthquake but was reconstructed every time. In 1974, the Teatro Municipal de Santiago was declared a National Monument.
Adresse: Agustinas 794, Santiago
Telefon: +56 24631000

El Biógrafo

El Biógrafo is an art cinema in the heart of Santiago that will give you access to the city's art scene in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The selection of films in this old school cinema is definitely anything but mainstream and will surprise you with some unique picks.
Adresse: José Victorino Lastarria 181, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2633 4435

La Chascona House

La Chascona House was one of the residences of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Tours will guide you through the collection of colored glass, shells, furniture and artwork. The unique style of the building reflects Neruda's personal aesthetic and love of the sea.
Adresse: Fernando Márquez de La Plata, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2777 8741
Åpningstider: Tue - Sun 10am - 6pm

Parque Forestal

Parque Forestal is a narrow, spacious park that is peppered with art and museums in the immediate vicinity. The Mapocho River flows at its borders and Mercado Central, La Vega, and the Bellas Artes museum are located within walking distance. Parque Forestal is ideal for daytime joggers, a walk and for a picnic outdoors.
Adresse: Parque Forestal, Santiago

Parque O'Higgins

Santiago's Parque O'Higgins is Chile's second-largest public park and the venue for several festivals and concerts throughout the year, featuring world renowned artists. In late March, the annual Lollapalooza Festival takes place here, attracting tourists as well as locals. The park is also a popular leisure destination for families, sports enthusiasts and those who want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a moment.
Adresse: Parque O'Higgins, Santiago

Plaza de Armas

Located in the heart of Santiago is Plaza de Armas, the centerpiece of the city. Initially, Santiago was designed around this central square in a grid pattern. A fountain in the middle of the square celebrates libertador (liberator) Simón Bolívar who emancipated Latin America from Spanish control. The historic center of Santiago around Plaza de Armas is home to a variety of museums and impressive works of architecture that line several pedestrian precincts.
Adresse: Plaza de Armas, Santiago

Casablanca Valley Wine Tasting

The Casablanca wine valley is one of the area's newest wine regions, located about an hour outside of Santiago. Because of the ocean breezes from the Pacific, Casablanca became the first cool-climate wine producing region of Chile. Since the 1990s, the wines of this region have been distinguished by wine connoisseurs on merit of their aroma and flavor. Various wine tasting tours will acquaint you with the wines of the Casablanca region and, in addition to wine tasting, will give you insight into the production process. Depending on the organizer, tours cover anywhere between several hours and the entire day and include a wine tasting, lunch or dinner and transportation.
Adresse: Casablanca, Valparaíso

Peumayén Ancestral Food

Peumayén Ancestral Food specializes in exploring the roots of Chilean cuisine and prepares its dishes using traditional methods and ingredients. They focus on recreating the tastes of ancestral cultures of pre-Hispanic Chile, serving simplified, minimalist food. If you want to sample all the different flavors of the country, you should order the tasting menu accompanied by some wine from the region.
Adresse: Providencia Constitución 136, Santiago
Åpningstider: Tue - Sat 1pm - 3pm & 7pm - 11pm, Sun 1pm - 4pm


The food at Boragó is prepared using ingredients directly gathered by over 200 small producers throughout Chile, together with their farm-grown vegetables. One of their menus is a tasting experience of the country's traditional dishes over 16 courses, served in stone plates, that can be paired with a selection from their Chilean wine pool.
Adresse: Avenida San José María Escrivá de Balaguer 5970, Chile
Telefon: +56 22 953 8893
Åpningstider: Mon–Wed 7pm–11.30pm Thu–Sat 7pm–11.45pm

Cafe Caju

Since 2018 Cafe Caju offers its delicious dishes in the heart of Vitacura. The menu consists of a selection of hearty savory options, desserts and fresh pastries from the in-house bakery. All dishes are vegan and there are gluten-free options as well. Here you'll have the opportunity to taste plant-based versions of Chilean specialties such as sopaipilla. Another plus is the beautiful outdoor terrace where you can enjoy your meal in the rays of the sun.
Adresse: Calle Luis Pasteur 5337, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2455 9010
Åpningstider: Mon - Thu 9am - 6pm, Fri & Sat 9am - 10pm, Sun 9am - 5pm

La Mar

La Mar combines Peruvian and Japanese cuisine in creative seafood and fish dishes that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The menu includes local and regional specialties such as ceviche nikkei, locos, picorocos and machas and also serves Japanese sushi dishes such as maki and nigiri.
Adresse: Nueva Costanera 4076, Vitacura
Telefon: +56 2 2206 7839

La Terraza

One of the most popular and iconic lunches you can have in Chile is a real Chilean Sandwich – a chacarero, to be precise. Among the best places to try one of those is La Terraza, a traditional Chilean eatery. Head over there for an authentic Chilean sandwich experience, huge portions and great value for money (locals love it too, which is always a good sign).
Adresse: Avenida Vicuña Mackenna 24, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2222 9789
Åpningstider: Mon - Thu 9am - 3am, Fri & Sat 9am - 5am, Sun 9am - 2am


Sapiens is located in the Barrio Italia and serves healthy breakfast, lunches and dinner. The menu includes dishes like buddha bowls, burgers and burritos but also sweet pastries, smoothies, tea and coffee. The restaurant is exclusively vegan, using only plant-based, fresh ingredients to create their dishes. Sapiens has been a health food favorite ever since it opened in 2017.
Adresse: Avenida Italia 1206, Santiago
Telefon: +56 976632773
Åpningstider: Tue - Fri 11am - 7.30pm, Sat 11am - 7pm, Sun 11am - 6pm

Boa Restorán

Boa Restorán is all about using locally sourced ingredients for all of its dishes that are freshly prepared daily. The goal is to invite guests to become part of a family and show how delicious and beautiful healthy food can be. The food is prepared exclusively with high quality, regional and seasonal products. Check out their Saturday brunch, an amazing feast for the senses.
Adresse: Tajamar 287, Las Condes
Telefon: +56 72 253 0177
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 9.30am - 4pm, Sat 11am - 4pm


In Adhana everything is perfect, from the delicious food to the cozy atmosphere. It serves delicious dishes such as burgers, burritos and Buddha bowls, all exclusively prepared with plant-based ingredients. You can choose between a typical Chilean breakfast, Mexican dishes such as tacos and other Latin American delicacies. Adhana even lets you order online, but a visit to this beautiful restaurant is definitely worth it.
Adresse: Perez Valenzuela 1455, Santiago
Telefon: +56 223494337
Åpningstider: Tue - Sat 10am - 3.30pm

Restaurant Bristol

Restaurant Bristol is located in the San Francisco Plaza Hotel and has been the restaurant of choice for gourmets, connoisseurs and anyone looking for modern, delicious dishes inspired by Chilean cuisine. The menu is varied and creative with offers on a daily rotation. The restaurant is catered by the best suppliers in the country and uses only fresh, high-quality ingredients to prepare their dishes.
Adresse: Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 816, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2360 4516

Vegan Bunker

The Vegan Bunker serves delicious vegan fast food and real Chilean specialties as well as cakes, cupcakes, pies and sweet treats. In addition to the extensive offer of burgers, sandwiches, chorrillanas and sweets there is a daily changing special. The Vegan Bunker is undoubtedly a restaurant where you get absolutely everything you crave, and if there's still room for desert after a delicious bean burger, you should definitely try the brownies with ice cream.
Adresse: Fresia 529 Esquina Tegualda Barrio Italia, Santiago
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 1pm - 8.30pm, Sat 1pm - 8pm

Restaurante 040

Restaurante 040 is one of the best restaurants in the world thanks to the masterful direction of Spanish chef Sergio Barroso. The dishes are partly based on molecular cuisine and inspired by different cuisines from around the world. At the same time, their Chilean roots are clearly visible. Eating at Restaurante 040 is about having a unique experience, with dishes you will not find anywhere else in the world. The dress code is strictly formal and there are only a few seats in the restaurant, allowing for an exclusive dining experience. You will be served a surprise tasting menu that can not be modified or customized. It is not allowed to take pictures of the food as you are encouraged to start eating as soon as it is served: this will ensure the best taste experience.
Adresse: Antonia López de Bello 40, Recoleta
Telefon: +56 2 2732 9214
Åpningstider: Tue - Sat 7.30pm - 12am

A Mi Ciudad

A Mi Ciudad is an authentic Chilean restaurant in the Barrio Brasil popular more with locals than tourists – a real insider tip. The menu includes empanadas and other Chilean specialties as well as real comfort food. The opulent and hearty dishes are best enjoyed with a cold draft beer.
Adresse: Santo Domingo 2222, Santiago
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 12pm - 10pm, Sat 12pm - 5pm

Café Forastero

As difficult as it may be to find good coffee in Santiago, Cafe Forastero is one place that gets everything right, from the aromatic and flavorful coffee to the delicious cakes. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere cozy – the perfect place for a little afternoon break. There is a selection of small dishes you can choose from, with vegan alternatives available.
Adresse: Huérfanos 2917, Santiago
Telefon: +56 9 7799 9115

Wonderland Café

Wonderland Café is a cozy and authentic retreat hidden in the Barrio Lastarria. An oasis of calm in the city's bustle, where you can relax with a good book and a cup of tea. Try their delicious brunch or indulge in a full English breakfast and fall like Alice through a rabbit hole of delicious food and warming drinks.
Adresse: Rosal 361, Santiago
Telefon: +56 9 4340 9729
Åpningstider: Every day 8.30am - 10pm

Quererte Cafetería

Although Quererte Cafeteria is located a bit outside Santiago's city centre, you should definitely check it out! Their fresh cakes and sweet treats are best accompanied by a hot cup of coffee or a delicious smoothie. This is also a great place for lunch, as Quererte have a selection of smaller dishes like avocado toast and wraps available.
Adresse: Avenida Cristobal Colon, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2755 1205
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 8am - 9pm, Sat & Sun 9am - 9pm

Café Iyael

Café Iyael is a popular café among Santiago's locals and known for their delicious cheesy empanadas. They are the perfect snack if you are feeling a little peckish but it won't be hard to stuff yourself with them in lieu of lunch or dinner either. Iyael's mama owner refuses to reveal her empanada secret and you will therefore not have any other choice but to return to get more (which you will definitely want to do anyways).
Adresse: Santa Isabel 793, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2249 8212
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 12pm - 9pm, Sat 12.30pm - 5pm

Almacen Vegano Ostara

Almacen Vegano Ostara is a vegan grocery store that also offers ready to eat cakes, sweets, empanadas and sandwiches, if you feel like getting a snack in between sightseeing. Their location is perfect – in the center of the city – and the variety of vegan products seems endless, so in case you prefer cooking at home you should also check it out.
Adresse: Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 1394, Santiago
Telefon: +56 9 8379 4104
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 10am - 8.30pm, Sat 11am - 3pm

Café Survenir

Café Survenir is the perfect place for a relaxed lunch at a great price. There is a daily rotating menu of homemade and fresh food made from local produce. You will also find a selection of cakes and pastries if there is still room for sweets after lunch.
Adresse: Avenida Italia 1489, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2249 8496
Åpningstider: Sun - Tue 12pm - 9pm, Wed 12pm - 11pm, Tue - Sat 12pm - 12am

Faustina Café

Faustina Café serves delicious pastries, freshly pressed juices and colorful salads in a relaxed atmosphere. The quality of the coffee is excellent with a number of options to choose from. Come here for a real coffee and some baked treats, or enjoy a chilled lemonade in the outdoor seating area.
Adresse: Avenida Andrés Bello 2177, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2244 2129
Åpningstider: Mon -Fri 7.30am - 6.30pm, Sat 9am - 2pm

Dulcería Violeta

At Dulcería Violeta the staff of attentive old ladies wearing old-fashioned white dresses and hats will spoil you with the tastiest cakes and pastries. The cafe is located in a historic building that is tucked away between modern ones. Try their tortas de mil hojas, a multi-layered cake made with manjar.
Adresse: León 3492, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 228 0089
Åpningstider: Every day 9am - 7.30pm

Work/Café Santander

No need to despair should you just not be able to leave work at home completely. Work/Café Santander gives you the opportunity to stay on the grind in a free co-working space with several locations across the city, while still enjoying great coffee, Chilean specialties and meeting new people.
Adresse: Huérfanos 1390, Santiago
Åpningstider: Mon - Thu 9am - 6pm, Fri 9am - 3.30pm

Bloom Specialty Coffee

At Bloom Speciality Coffee it's all about aromas, flavors and textures. The skilled barristas will invite you on a coffee adventure with innovative grain extraction techniques and preparation methods. This is the place to try one of the best coffees Santiago has to offer.
Adresse: Merced 307, Santiago
Telefon: +56 9 7708 2952
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 8am - 9pm, Sat & Sun 10am - 9pm


BocaNariz is Santiago's newest and hottest vino bar located in the Lastarria neighborhood. The wine menu is incredibly extensive and arranged according to region and style, premium wine is available by the bottle or by the glass. To make this experience perfect, BocaNariz' interior will make you feel like you entered a cozy library.
Adresse: José Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2638 9893
Åpningstider: Mon - Wed 12pm - 12am, Tue - Sat 12pm - 12.30am, Sun 7pm - 11pm

Cervecería Nacional

The craft beer culture in Chile is just beginning to take off, so if you are looking for a pint of chilled beer, this is the place to check out. Cervecería Nacional specializes in Chilean artisan beers and offers a large variety of home-brewed cervezas as well as delicious pizzas. This is a great place to eat, drink, talk, and catch up with your friends.
Adresse: Compañía de Jesús 2858, Santiago
Telefon: +56 9 9218 4706
Åpningstider: Mon - Thu 6.30pm - 12.30am, Fri & Sat 6.30pm - 1.30am

Ruca Bar

If you are a gin lover, check out Ruca Bar in the Barrio Italia neighbourhood as it is one of the few places where you will be able to find this liquor. It is a popular spot to hang out and meet friends for some drinks. Ruca Bar is also notable for their delicious selection of tapas.
Adresse: Avenida Condell 868, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2706 0813
Åpningstider: Mon - Thu 6pm - 1am, Fri 6pm - 2.30am, Sat 1pm - 2.30am

Tramonto Bar & Terrace

Tramonto Bar & Terrace is the top destination for sunset drinks, set in a prime location on Alonso de Córdova, Santiago’s mini Madison Avenue. Enjoy the stunning views of the Andes while you sip on your pisco sour. When the sun is setting, waiters bring out candles and transform this rooftop terrace into a romantic nightlife hotspot.
Adresse: Nueva Costanera 3736, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2941 8100
Åpningstider: Mon - Wed 11am - 11am, Thu - Sat 11am - 2am, Sun 11am - 12am

Chipe Libre

Pisco, the much-loved brandy Chileans are so proud of, has caused many debates about who made it first, Chile or Peru. Chipe Libre is the perfect place to try both Chilean pisco as well as pisco from Peru and learn more about them. Decide for yourself which one you prefer.
Adresse: José Victorino Lastarria 282, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2664 0584
Åpningstider: Mon - Sun 12.30pm - 12.30am

La Piojera

La Piojera is a favorite among locals and an authentic meeting place where popular urban links can be recognized. It was established as a bar in 1896 and has become one of the city’s oldest and most beloved picás (dive bars). Trying a terremoto here is a must on every trip to Santiago.
Adresse: Aillavilú 1030, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2698 1682
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 12.15pm - 12am

The Jazz Corner

The Jazz Corner is located in the Barrio Italia and hosts the best jazz players from Chile and the rest of the world – this is the place to go for live jazz music. Not only music and ambiance are perfect here, the drinks and food are amazing as well.
Adresse: 0451 Santa Isabel, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2274 9941
Åpningstider: Tue & Wed 11pm - 1.30am, Thu - Sat 11pm - 2am, Sun 12pm - 11pm

Club Eve

Club Eve is a giant nightclub with four floors, two of them being underground. There is a balcony overlooking one of the floors as well as an outside terrace to socialise and sip on a cocktail. There is music from electro pop to pachanga, so no matter your preference you will have a great night here.
Adresse: Avenida Vitacura 5480, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2219 3797
Åpningstider: Tue 11pm - 4am, Wed & Thu 10pm - 4am, Fri & Sat 9pm - 5am


Blondie's dance floors feature music that ranges from 80s and 90s hits to Chilean indie and Britpop. This is a favorite among students as well as Santiago's gay community. The club is usually packed, so you are guaranteed to have a fun night out with your friends.
Adresse: Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 2879, Santiago
Telefon: +56 9 4137 7529
Åpningstider: Thu - Sat 11pm - 5am

Club La Feria

Club La Feria, in the Barrio Bellavista, has been around for over 20 years and has been a symbol for great electronic music ever since. It has hosted renowned artists and DJs from all across the world and continues to offer the best of international electronic, house, and techno music.
Adresse: Constitución 275, Santiago
Åpningstider: Thu 11pm - 4am, Fri & Sat 11pm - 5am

La Dominical

La Dominical is an outdoor market that showcases the best of what the local creative scene has to offer. Come here to find unique and handmade items, art and crafts. There are live bands, food trucks and art galleries, so you can easily spend an entire day on premises. Entrance is free.
Adresse: Bucarest 137, Santiago
Åpningstider: Sat & Sun 4pm - late

Costanera Center

At Mall Costanera Center you will find over 300 stores selling exclusive brands, as well as over 60 restaurants and 12 movie theaters to make you relax after a long day of shopping. Costanera Centre also features a viewing deck at 300 meters, the Sky Costanera, where you will have a spectacular 360° view of Santiago. Check out their website for more information about upcoming events.
Adresse: Avenida Andres Bello 2425, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2916 9226
Åpningstider: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

Taller Sofia

This little vintage shop is tucked away in the Barrio Italia and can easily be overlooked – but make sure you don't! Take some time to browse through the antiques and home decorations displayed in a slightly chaotic but charming and loving way. The collection ranges from porcelain teapots to long forgotten treasures.
Adresse: Avenida Italia 1693, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2716 9413
Åpningstider: Every day 12pm - 7.45pm

La Tienda Nacional

Although La Tienda Nacional is a book lover's dream, it is much more than just a bookstore, selling documentaries, records, toys, shirts and more. This is the place to find a unique souvenir to bring back to someone special at home. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable and will help you find exactly what you are looking for.
Adresse: Merced 369, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2638 4706
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 11am - 8pm, Sat 12pm - 9pm

Plop Galería

Plop Galería is a hidden gem nestled behind the ticket booth for Teatro Ictus. It is dedicated to graphic art, design books and other products hand made in Chile. This is a great opportunity to find a unique hand painted postcard to send home and you can also stock up on your own art supplies.
Adresse: Merced 349, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2633 2902
Åpningstider: Every day 11am - 8pm

Galería Drugstore

This three story independent shopping center houses many boutiques of several up-and-coming designers, artsy bookstores and cozy cafes. Find some clothes that surely no one at home will have or enjoy a cup of coffee after browsing through the unique creations the shops have to offer.
Adresse: Las Urbinas 2124, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2335 0822
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 11am - 8.30pm

Pergola de las Flores Santa Maria

This flower market would be worth a visit just for its scents, no wonder it has been around since 1939. There is a huge selection of floral arrangements and bouquets for any occasion, or you can just look around and enjoy the magnificent view.
Adresse: Avenida Santa María 1011, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2735 5694
Åpningstider: Sun - Sat 9am - 9pm

Patio Bellavista

Patio Bellavista is an urban meeting place that certainly has its own identity. This is where culture, gastronomy and tourism merge into a unique and colorful blend. Find handmade Lapis Lazuli jewelry in small boutiques, or keep an eye out for some curiosities like jewelry made from old cutlery. If you are on the hunt for something unique and different, Patio Bellavista is the place to search for it.
Adresse: Pío Nono 73, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2249 8700
Åpningstider: Sun - Tue 10am - 2am, Wed 10am - 3am, Thu - Sat 10am - 4am

La Vega Central

La Vega Central was founded in 1907 and is the place in Santiago where you can find the freshest fruit and vegetables, meats and fish, bread, cakes and everything else from foreign products to pet food. La Vega is not only a food market but also a gastronomic hot spot, with Chilean specialties and foods from around the world available.
Adresse: Davila Baeza 700, Santiago
Telefon: +56 2 2737 6161
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 4am - 7.30pm, Sun 9am - 2.30pm

Almacen Vegano Ostara

Almacen Vegano Ostara is a vegan grocery store that also offers ready to eat cakes, sweets, empanadas and sandwiches, if you feel like getting a snack in between sightseeing. Their location is perfect, in the center of the city and the variety of vegan products seems endless, so in case you prefer cooking at home you should also check it out.
Adresse: Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 1394, Santiago
Telefon: +56 9 8379 4104
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 10am - 8.30pm, Sat 11am - 3pm