Rønne - Bornholm

Rønne er den største byen på den danske øya Bornholm i Østersjøen, og byr på vakker natur, sjarmerende torg og bindingsverkshus. Bornholm ligger på den vestlige delen av øya, og den idylliske havnen er i dag travelt opptatt med fiskebåter, lasteskip og ferger. Utforsk de koselige, brosteinsbelagte gatene og de fascinerende museene og historien som øya har å tilby.

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Hjorths Fabrik

Visit the cosy, 150 old ceramic factory which today is also a museum. The ceramic factory is still creating stoneware after the original principles. When entering inside the old factory you will feel the ambiance of a unique industrial environment and after the tour why not buy some beautiful products to bring back home from the museum shop. They also provide activities such as workshops. For more detail see website below.
Adresse: Krystalgade 5, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 0160

Antoinette Beach

Antoinette beach is one of the most popular sandy beaches of Rønne with untouched nature and clear waters. This long, pleasant beach, north of Rønne is several hundred metres along the coast so there are plenty of space and it is easy to find a sheltered spot. The beach is easily reachable from Rønne and offers good parking opportunities.
Adresse: Antoinettevej 2, Rønne

The Museum of Bornholm

Make a visit to the interesting heritage Museum of Bornholm in Rønne. The Museum of Bornholm is a heritage museum offering 10,000 years of history, both prehistoric and more recent. Explore Bornholm clocks, the gold artefacts, mementos from the war, maritime history exhibits and much more. This is a great museum that will give you and your family good experience.
Adresse: Skt. Mortensgade 29, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 0735

Bicycle trip

Bornholm is hills, waves, paving stones, smoked herrings and round churches so one of the best way to explore this beautiful nature is by bike. Cycling in Bornholm is suitable both for families, couples, cycle enthusiasts and beginners. To cycle on Bornholm is safe and with great cycle tracks it makes it easy.
Adresse: Nordre Kystvej 5, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 1359


This cosy and family friendly amusement park Brændesgårdshaven (former Joboland) on Bornholm is a large playground, waterpark and animal park and when the entrance is paid, all rides are free! Not only providing all the fun activities but also offers a beautiful garden with flowers, lake and animals. Truly a paradise for the whole family and you are guaranteed a really fun day.
Adresse: Højevejen 4, Svaneke
Telefon: +45 5649 6076

Bornholms Rovfugleshow

Through daily shows and exhibitions, the Bornholms Rovfugleshow is aiming to teach the audience a little more about the birds' wonderful world. You get the chance to get really close up view with the birds and see these wonderful creators fly freely among the audience. This is truly a wonderful learning experience in a fabulous nature with lakes, cliffs and an amazing view. On-site there is cosy café where you can enjoy coffee, cake, ice cream and snacks.
Adresse: Lundsgardsvej 4, Nyker, Rønne
Telefon: +45 9679 3037

The Museum of Defence on Bornholm

This small local military museum is a great place to visit to get some knowledge of the military history of the island of Bornholm. Here you can explore military equipment from the past 500 years, uniforms, weapons, remains of a V1 flying bomb, which are all housed in unique historical buildings. On the courtyard you will even find a tank. There are guided tours of the exhibitions. When you are here why not visit the impressive tower called Kastelstårnet, located near the Museum of Defence, a bit south of the old part of Rønne.
Adresse: Arsenalvej 8, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 6583
Åpningstider: The museum is only open in the summer

Casa Mia

Restaurant Casa Mia is Rønnes oldest Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. The owner Eva and Rafael Trifiletti started the business year 1994 and offers a cosy place with friendly service for everyone who is entering in. The menu offers a large selection of pizza and pasta dishes and the best of all, they come in large portions.
Adresse: Antoniestræde 3, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 9573

Selma's Home Cooking

Situated in a side street only a few meters from the main square. Selma's Home Cooking offers something for every taste – be it steak, fish/shellfish prepared in European style, or Asian/Thai inspired dish. In the kitchen the chefs put great emphasis on using fresh vegetables and some Danish ingredients, all to serve you a mouth-watering dish.
Adresse: Tornegade 6, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 3475
Åpningstider: Monday-Saturday: 17:00-21:30 (during summer longer opening hours)

Texas Bornholm

American styled themed restaurant with a good variety of food, everything from salads, grilled chicken to chilli con carne, smoked spareribs, rib eye, and burgers can be found on the menu. For the kids, there is also a children's menu.
Adresse: St. Torvegade 14, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5691 1009

Cafe Gustav

Café Gustav is ideally located on Ronne Torv, you cannot miss it. With a large menu you will definitely find something that suit your taste. If you need some caffeine, have a latte or cappuccino or why not a beer or a glass of wine?
Adresse: Store Torv 8, Rønne
Telefon: +45 56 91 00 47

Bagel Express

If you are fan of bagels, then head over to this place where the service is friendly and efficient. Here you can relish delicious homemade bagels with every topping you can think off. If you are thirsty have a cup of coffee, latté or tea. There are also large selections of cold drinks.
Adresse: Lille torv 10, Rønne
Telefon: +45 56 91 41 00
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00

Jensens Bageri

At Jensen's bakery, you can expect bread, rolls and pastries of the highest quality. Only the best ingredients are used to get that perfect taste. Pop in and buy some take-away and enjoy your pastry or cake on the harbour.
Adresse: Snellemark 41, Rønne
Telefon: +45 56 91 10 67
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 06:30-17:30, Saturday 06:30-14:00, Sunday closed

Hjorths Fabrik

Visit the cosy, 150 old ceramic factory which today is a museum. The ceramic factory is still creating stoneware after the original principles. When entering inside the old factory you will feel the ambiance of a unique industrial environment and after the tour why not buy some beautiful products to bring back home from the museum shop. They also provide activities such as workshops. For more detail see website below.
Adresse: Krystalgade 5, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 0160

Din Tøjmand by Jan & Nalle

At this modern menswear store you will find many well-known brands, but also the stores own successful brand. Levis, Hugo Boss, Henri Lloyd and Peak Performance are some of the brands which are stocked here.
Adresse: Store Torvegade 1, Rønne
Telefon: +45 56 95 26 33

Bente Hammer

Bring home some Bornholm crafts by visiting Bente Hammer where the clothes are lively and fresh with Bente´s own hand screen printed designs. This little store is truly a treasure.
Adresse: Nyker Hovedgade 32, Nyker, Rønne
Telefon: +45 56 96 33 35

Eva Brandt Keramik

Bring home some beautiful souvenirs from this lovely store where the ceramics are made by Eva Brandt. She creates unique items, hand-thrown and modelled pots and vases.
Adresse: Larsegade 23, Rønne
Telefon: +45 5090 4100

William Dams Boghandel

William Dams Boghandel is a bookstore providing books for a cheap price and good service. They stock more than 5,000 titles. The competent staff is available with the right expertise and understanding.
Adresse: St. Torv 7, Rønne
Telefon: +45 569 64 600


For sport equipment and clothes, Sportmaster is the store to visit. Sportmaster is a change-store with around 100 stores all over Denmark, offering items for men, women and children.
Adresse: Store Torv 10, Rønne
Telefon: +45 56 95 19 04
Åpningstider: Monday - Tuesday: 10:00-18:00, Friday: 10:00-18:00, Saturday: 09:30-14:00

Snellemark Centret

Snellemark center is Bornholm shopping center which is located in the beautiful city of Rønne. Even though it is a small shopping center it offers an exciting mix of shops so you will definitely find everything your heart desires. Everything from fashion, beauty products to groceries can be found here. Shops like H&M, Vero Moda, Nyform and sNoir are housed here.
Adresse: Snellemark 17, Rønne
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 10:00-18:00, Saturday: 10:00-15:00


The Bornholm Airport is about 6-7 minutes' drive from Rønne on Bornholm. To travel to and from the airport you can take the bus, Air Taxi Service or taxi. Bus service: Use the regional bus number 3 or 5 from the airport to get to Rønne during the season. For time tables, please check www.bat.dk or www.rejseplanen.dk Air Taxi Service: With this taxi service you can get to your destination in Bornholm and also back again to the airport when leaving. The cost of the Air Taxi Service will be determined by which zone you are going to. The island is divided into three zones and the price differs depending on your destination. If using Air Taxi service remember to book at least three hours before your departure from Copenhagen and also three hours before your departure from Rønne. Please call tel. +45 5696 2301 - and please remember to inform, that you are ordering Air Taxi Service, not an ordinary taxi. www.dantaxi.dk/Bornholm/Fly-Taxi Taxi: There is a permanent taxi stand by the airport. If you would like to order a taxi call +45 - 56 95 23 01 www.dantaxi.dk
Adresse: The Bornholm Airport
Telefon: +45 56 95 26 26

Public Transport

On Bornholm the public bus company is called BAT. They provide hourly services on the major bus routes. All of the routes goes from Rønne and drives to the small towns of the island. The schedules of the buses are adjusted to the arrival and departure times of the ferries. You can also easily get around in Rønne with the same bus company.
Adresse: Rønne
Telefon: +45 569 52 121


Taxi Nord +45 5648 0832 www.taxinord.dk DanTaxi +45 56 95 23 01 www.dantaxi.dk/Bornholm [email protected]
Telefon: +45 5648 0832


A-apoteket - Rønne Apotek
Adresse: Store Torvegade 12, st., Rønne
Telefon: +45 5695 0130
Åpningstider: Monday - Thursday: 09:00-17:30, Friday: 09:00-18:00, Saturday: 09:30-13:30


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