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Sharjah, the not-so-obvious UAE destination for many, unjustly remains in the shadows of its glistening immediate neighbor of Dubai. In the meantime, few are aware Sharjah was named Capital of Islamic Culture (2014) and Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO sixteen years prior - and for good reason. Sharjah's Heritage Area is home to multiple historic sites and museums, and the Emirate itself boasts recent, modern additions to its art and entertainment scenes enough to compensate for the strict "no-alcohol" regulations.

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Al Majaz Waterfront

Best explored after sundown, the Al Majaz waterfront area draws visitors to its multiple restaurants and cafés which offer front-row seats to the colorful fountain shows that happen several times a night. During the daylight hours, visitors are free to enjoy the public park, recreation areas, mini-golf course and well-equipped children's playgrounds.
Adresse: Al Majaz, Sharjah

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

With over five thousand exhibits, the Museum of Islamic Civilization offers visitors an extensive overview of Islamic historical and cultural artifacts, while also providing educating insights into the scientific discoveries and achievements of Arabic scholars over the ages.
Adresse: Corniche Street, Sharjah
Telefon: + 971 6 565 5455

Sharjah Aquarium

An amazing experience for the whole family, the Sharjah Aquarium ranks among the finest in the UAE, arguably outshining its Dubai competitors. The aquarium contains a variety of marine animals and creatures (including giant stingrays and sharks dashing through the water close enough to touch) separated from viewers by transparent walls only.
Adresse: Al Meena Street, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 528 5288
Billetter: Tickets include entry to the nearby Maritime Museum

Sharjah Heritage Area

The historic neighborhoods of Al Sheyoukh and Al Maraija constitute Sharjah's main Heritage Area. The neighborhoods are compact in size, very walkable and contain a number of small museums that make for short educational and entertaining pit stops along the way.
Adresse: Al Maraija, Sharjah

Al Hisn Fort Museum

Formerly the residence of Al Qawasim ruling family and the seat of Sharjah's local government, the Sharjah Fort today functions as a museum, and houses a vast array of exhibits, as well as the old Al Muhalwasa jail, war cannons and defense watchtowers.
Adresse: Al Hisn Ave, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 568 5500

Al Noor Mosque

The elegant white-stone Al Noor Mosque defines the Corniche, and is, perhaps, Sharjah's most famous (of Sharjah's more than 600). It is a place of religious worship and a sight not to miss both inside and out - the mosque is currently the only one open to tourists, offering guided tours to the general public every Monday.
Adresse: Al Buhairah Corniche, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 65680055

Al-Qasba & Eye of the Emirates Wheel

The Al-Qasba neighborhood packs a punch with its many inviting restaurants and cafés, along with a few entertainment venues (such as the Maraya Art Centre - a gallery containing modern art). Water taxis offer trips around the lagoon, and the legendary Eye of the Emirates wheel ride makes for a fascinating journey into the skies above Sharjah.
Adresse: Al-Qasba, Sharjah

Classic Car Museum

The Sharjah Classic Car Museum is a must-see for old-timer car lovers. With its impressive collection of over 100 cars manufactured in the early years of the 20th century, the museum attracts enthusiasts from all over the globe, and is of interest to visitors of all ages.
Adresse: Al Dhaid Road, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 65580222

Arabian Wildlife Center

The Arabian Wildlife Center houses several venues, such as a Children's farm (where little ones can feed and ride horses and donkeys), a Botanical garden and the Wildlife Center itself. Multiple species of animals are on display, from carnivorous leopards to birds and harmless small rodents.
Adresse: Al Dhaid Road, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 65311999

Al Noor Island

Sharjah's newest attraction, the artificial Noor Island was opened to the public in 2015. It contains a Butterfly House with over 500 butterflies roaming free under the hall's ornate roof, and a Literature Pavillion, with plenty of quiet reading spots. There is a long walkway running through the island that takes visitors through it's key pavilions, scenic areas and multi-media installations.
Adresse: Al Noor Island, Sharjah
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9am-11pm, Sat-Sun 9am-12am

Sharjah Heritage Museum

Despite its compact size, the Sharjah Heritage Museum offers visitors a comprehensive insight into the Emirate's history, culture and traditions - and how those transformed over the past ages. Clothing, musical instruments, coins, pottery and various other artifacts are on display.
Adresse: Al Mareija, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 569 3999


A top contender for being one of best Indian restaurants in town, Gazebo serves authentic North Indian cuisine. Patrons favor the biryanis, but a large variety of beloved classics is on offer as well (both meat and vegetarian dish options available).
Adresse: King Faisal Street, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 553 2999

Zahr el Laymoun

Zahr el Laymoun, another local favorite on the Al Majaz Waterfront, creates a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors with a special emphasis on Lebanese food. The menu is extensive, and includes hot (grilled kebbeh, sausages, meats) and cold (salads, hummus, eggplant and more) dishes.
Adresse: Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 552 1144

Fish Corner Restaurant

The restaurant specializes on seafood, and offer diners the option of taking their very own pick from the display of the day's catch. You are free to select the way your fish is cooked, too. Complementary snacks (such as a plate of olives, for example) are served pre-meal.
Adresse: Al Khan, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 50 853 1214
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-10pm

Bangkok Town

Bangkok Town is a Thai restaurant serving many of the old familiar Thai classics (curries and soups) in a large dining room area fit to accommodate big parties and families. The service is above average, and the food quality to price ratio one of the best in the area.
Adresse: Al Majaz 3, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 556 8282

Shakespeare and Co.

Located on the scenic Al Majaz Waterfront, this Sharjah installment of an Emirates-wide chain is beloved by locals and visitors alike. The food is superb (with seafood being one of the main culinary foci), and can be enjoyed in the outdoor patio with a view.
Adresse: Corniche Street, Al Majaz waterfront, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 574 7574
Åpningstider: Daily 7am-1am

Al Qahwa Al Shaabiyah

Located on the Buheira Corniche, this traditional local café is always busy with customers. Hot drinks, such as mint tea and coffee, are served along with a few traditional snacks and sweets. Seating outdoors is available, and provides a nice view over the water.
Adresse: Corniche St - Al MajazAl Majaz 1 - Sharjah

Al Mukhtar Bakery

Al Mukhtar is a sit-down bakery operating 24 hours a day. It serves a large variety of Arabic sweet and savory goods, such as meat and cheese pies, stuffed pastries, Arabic mini-pizzas and layered dough custard cakes. The place buzzes with locals on weekends.
Adresse: Al Ithihad Road, Sharjah

Ratios Coffee

This hip little coffee shop located on Corniche Street very close to the Heritage Area serves a large variety of drinks, including the now popular matcha lattes and cold brews. Savory foods and desserts are on the menu as well. Both in- and outdoor seating available.
Adresse: Corniche Street, Sharjah
Åpningstider: Daily 8am-10pm

Blue Souq

The Blue Souq (also known as Central Souq or Souq Al Markazi) is Sharjah's biggest and busiest, with a variety of shops and stalls selling all sorts of handicrafts, clothing, carpets, jewelry and souvenirs. For those not shy to haggle, the souq is a great place to go for bargains - original prices may often be brought down significantly with the right level of persistence.
Adresse: King Faisal Road, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 572 3876

Sahara Center

A mall frequented by young and old, Sahara Center entices with its "Adventure land" theme park designed to entertain children while parents enjoy the vast variety of shops and stores. There is a cinema, large supermarket and food court with a solid selection of eateries inside.
Adresse: Al Nahda Street, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 531 6611

Souq Al Arsah

Souq Al Arsah is an atmospheric shopping venue in the heart of Sharjah's main Heritage Area. Items one may expect to find range from traditional handicrafts, jewelry and souvenirs to spices and local treats. Haggling is welcome and oftentimes expected.
Adresse: Heritage Area, Sharjah

Joyalukkas Centre

Joyalukkas Centre is one of the places to shop for gold and jewelry in Sharjah. It is a reputable chain with international presence, which means that prices are fixed (the Gold Souq might be a better choice for haggling opportunities) and the quality of products on sale guaranteed.
Adresse: Rolla, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 563 4441

Mega Mall

The multi-storey, modern Sharjah Mega Mall houses a family-friendly indoor theme park, as well as over 150 stores and boutiques, a supermarket (open 24 hours), cinema, along with multiple restaurants and coffee shops. The mall tends to get busy during peak hours.
Adresse: Istiqlal St, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 574 2574

Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah International Airport is often the point of entry into the UAE for visitors from the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. The airport serves other worldwide destinations, but the majority of tourists usually land in the nearby Emriate of Dubai, making their way to Sharjah from there. The airport is well-connected to both Sharjahitself and Dubai. A shuttle bus that runs every half hour connects the airport to central Sharjah (Rolla). To get to Dubai, travelers can use the public bus number 111, which runs every hour and stops at Al Qusais Bus station, its final destination being Rashidiya Metro Station in Dubai. Taxi services available to both destinations.
Adresse: Al Dhaid Road, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 558 1111

Dubai International Airport

Most visitors to Sharjah will probably be entering through the Dubai International Airport if arriving by air. The airport is located in the neighboring Emirate of Dubai, but getting there from Sharjah is possible with public transport. First, travelers may use the inter-Emirate bus line that departs from Al Jabal bus station (next to the Sharjah Fish market and the Sharjah Fruit and Vegetable market, near the Blue Souq). The bus may leave you at Union Square Bus Station, Deira City Centre or Al Gubaiba. The trip lasts about one hour when traffic is low, but may take up to 3 hours during rush hour, so planning ahead is advised. Once in Dubai, travelers can choose between bus and metro to get to the airport. Buses 4, 11, 15, 33, 44 go to Terminal 1, while bus line 2 goes to Terminal 2. Buses stop at multiple locations around Dubai. The Dubai Municipality Pubic buses 401 and 402 also run to the airport. Bus Shuttle buses link the airport to the Ibn Batutta metro station. Public transportation tickets must be bought in advance prior to boarding. Taxi services are widely available both at the airport and from the city.
Telefon: +971 4 224 5555

Public Transport

Sharjah boasts a relatively new public bus system, with bus lines connecting most of the city's key locations to one another. Bright-orange buses stop at designated bus stops (wave to the driver to make sure he does make a stop). Tickets may be bought directly from the driver, but an electronic pre-paid "Sayer Card" is now available to purchase at bus stations around the city. Consult the website for details on specific routes and timetables.


Taxis are widely available, and most licensed taxis are now equipped with meters. Sharjah Taxi +971 6 535 6111 Emirates taxi +971 6 539 6666 Union Taxi +971 6 532 5555

Post Office

There are a few post offices around town. Most are closed on Fridays and public holidays, and may have shorter working hours during Ramadan. Mail in the UAE is usually not delivered to the physical address but to a P.O. box, which have to be paid rent for (a service not normally available to tourists). Mail can be sent to worldwide destination via Emirates Post (red post poxes). Sharjah Central Post Office
Adresse: Government House Square, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 600 599999
Åpningstider: Sat-Thurs 7.30am-9pm


Pharmacies can be found throughout the city, and there is often one in any large shopping mall. Some locations include: Alia Pharmacy (open 24 hours) +971 6 565 0597 Al Arouba St (next to Lulu Centre) Bin Sina Pharmacy (open 24 hours) +971 6 556 7662 Buhaira, Al Majaz 3
Adresse: Al Arouba St, Sharjah
Telefon: +971 6 565 0597


+971 - UAE country code 6 - Sharjah city code


220-240 Volts, plugs used are European, British and Indian (may vary by establishment).