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Surrounded by a crystal-clear, deep-blue sea and a breath-taking desert landscape, Sharm el-Sheikh has developed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt. Come here to relax in one of the many well-developed tourist resorts, or dive at the area’s unique coral reefs. But ’Sharm’ is far more than just a resort town. It is also an ideal spot to discover real Egyptian culture and to travel to the neighbouring historic sites such as the renowned Mount Sinai.
Sharm el-Sheikh

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Sharm el-Sheikh

The Bays

Sharm has become one of the top global destinations for snorkelers and divers thanks to its beautiful and diverse sea life, and its sandy beaches have become very popular with holidaymakers. Naama Bay is by far the most popular of them, and its long, sandy beach is a favourite among swimmers and sun bathers. It is buzzing with life thanks to its many restaurants and shops. Come here to try out the Bungee catapult or take up horse riding sessions. If you prefer it more quiet, spend a day at Nabq Bay, which is situated outside of the main tourist area, or spend a day on Sharks’ Bay, about a 20 minute taxi ride from Naama Bay. Ras Um Sid, located west of Naama, is great for snorkelling. Situated about five minutes’ drive from Sharm, it is famous for its stunning coral reefs and boasts an impressive cliff. If you are interested in diving, Sharm El-Maya should be your point of reference. The bay, located near Sharm’s Old Town area, is home to a number of diving centres that will show you the best waters in Sharm. When picking a diving school, however, make sure the school has been accredited by a professional diving association.
Sharm el-Sheikh

Ice Skating

It may sound strange, but Sharm does have its very own ice skating spots like the El Salam Ice Skating at Concord El Salam Hotel. Come here to show off your ice skating skills and let your kids enjoy a good time.
Adresse: White Knight Beach, Sharm el Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Monastery of St. Catherine

Nestled at the foot of Mount Sinai, the monastery was built for Emperor Justinian between 527 and 565 AD. It later took the name of St. Catherine of Alexandria, whose remains are buried there. Today, the monastery houses a priceless collection of art pieces including religious ornaments, beautiful mosaics and a vast collection of illuminated manuscripts.
Adresse: St. Catherine of Alexandria, Sinai Desert, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Ras Mohamed National Park

This stunning national park lies some 30 kilometres south of Sharm El-Sheikh, at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Spread over 480 square kilometres, this desert terrain is home to a number of exotic mammal species, birds and reptiles. Make sure you do not miss the colourful coral reefs.
Adresse: Ras Mohamed, Sinai Desert
Sharm el-Sheikh

Tiran Island

This beautiful island, located in the Gulf of Aqaba between Sharm El Sheikh and Saudi Arabia, boasts stunning coral reefs and lagoons, making it the perfect paradise for snorkelers and divers. To get there, you can catch a boat from the southern side of Naama Bay.
Adresse: Tiran Island, Gulf of Aqaba
Sharm el-Sheikh

Nabq National Park

This impressive natural reserve comprises 600 square kilometres, boasting a diverse animal and plant life. Here you can see Nubian ibexes, foxes and gazelles and other fascinating species.
Adresse: Nabq National Park, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Old Town

The Old Town of Sharm was developed as recently as the 1960’s. As it is not part of the region’s major tourist areas, this is where many of the locals live, and it will give you a feeling of Egyptian culture. Its Old Market is popular with bargain hunters, as goods here are generally cheaper than in the tourist centres such as Naama Bay. The beach here is rather small, but still worth a visit.
Adresse: Old Town, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Albatros Aqua Park

This Aqua Park can be found at the Aqua Blue Hotel. The water park includes 32 water games and 9 swimming pools with smaller pools and slides for the younger kids.
Adresse: El Khazan Street, Hadaba, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Cleo Park

Cleo Park was the first themed water park to ever open in Sharm El Sheikh. It is located at Naama bay and offers you a new generation of adventurous rides and a fun filled experience.
Adresse: Cleo Park, Naama bay, Sharm el-Sheik
Telefon: +20 69 360 4400
Sharm el-Sheikh

Soho Square

The Soho Square is a complete family entertainment centre. Here you can find restaurants, cafés, bars and a plethora of entertainment for everyone such as bowling, ice skating and Culturama, a journey through the Egyptian history on a 180 degree display.
Adresse: White Night Beach, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +2 01000 109109
Sharm el-Sheikh

Ghibli Raceway

Ghibli Raceway is a well-renowned provider of international motor sport to the Middle East. Feel the adrenaline surge for the need of speed at the biggest go-kart track in Egypt.
Adresse: Naama Bay, Peace Road, Sharm el-Sheik
Telefon: +20 69 360 3939
Sharm el-Sheikh

United Submarine

At United Submarine you can discover the underwaterworld, with no need for swimming or diving skills. United Submarines offers a great opportunity to see the underwater world of the red sea up close. Five semi submarines run daily tours.
Adresse: Hadaba, villa 220 Ard El Mazad, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 3662 252
Sharm el-Sheikh

El Masrieen

El Masrieen is a restaurant that offers good oriental and Egyptian food at affordable prices. This place especially famous for its tasty grills.
Adresse: No.15 Old market, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 199 685 383
Sharm el-Sheikh


Fares is ideally located in the The Old Market and is one of the most popular restaurants in the Old Market. They serve fresh and tasty seafood dishes at decent prices.
Adresse: The Old Market, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 693 664 270
Sharm el-Sheikh

Jolie Ville Restaurants

At the Jolie Ville resort there is a big selection of eateries. Here you can find The Seagull, an à la carte restaurant, the French La Fleur, a Beach Bar and Restaurant where you can enjoy barbecue for both lunch and dinner, and many more.
Adresse: Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 3600100
Sharm el-Sheikh


Pomodoro can be found at the Camel Hotel and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dinner menu features Italian grilled meat, fish dishes, and home-made pizza. The terrace is cooled by fans and mist in summer and heated in winter.
Adresse: Centre of Na'ama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 3600 700
Sharm el-Sheikh


Rangoli Indian restaurant can be found at the Moevenpick Resort in Naama Bay and offers traditional Indian food like hot naans and tandoori. The view of the bay from here is just great, perfect for romantic one-on-ones.
Adresse: Naama Bay, El Salam Rd., Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 360 0081
Sharm el-Sheikh

The Blue Fountain

The Blue Fountain offers a varied menu with dishes like seafood, salads and much more. Here, the steaks are claimed to be just great, the service to be excellent and the atmosphere truly inviting.
Adresse: 1 Market Square, Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 114 400 4401
Sharm el-Sheikh

Fusion 21

At Fusion 21 you can enjoy Mediterranean dishes out in the open air. This trendy restaurant offers a great atmosphere and is a good choice if you like Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by refreshing cocktails.
Adresse: Soho Square, Sharks Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 010 0010 9109
Åpningstider: 6.30 pm-1 am
Sharm el-Sheikh

Caligula Hot Rock

Caligula Hot Rock can be found at the Savoy Hotel. Here you can choose dishes from a varied and large menu. This is the perfect place to enjoy a good meal and afterwards linger over a couple drinks.
Adresse: Soho Square, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 693 602 500
Sharm el-Sheikh

La Fleur

La Fleur is ideally located in Naama Bay and offers high quality dishes. This restaurant is highly recommended by its customers and the breakfast here is claimed to be outstanding.
Adresse: Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh


Relax at Vanilla on the terrace, a comfortable chill-out zone with water pipes. You can choose from a range of tasty treats like ice cream, iced coffees and smoothies.
Adresse: Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 360 0700
Sharm el-Sheikh

Pirates Bar

This bar has a strong nautical theme, with fishnets and compasses decorating the walls. It is particularly popular with foreign visitors thanks to the large selection of imported draught beers from Ireland, Germany, and Scotland. Find it next to the reception of the Fayrouz Resort.
Adresse: Peace Road, Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 360 0136
Sharm el-Sheikh

Bus Stop Sports Bar

Shaped like a big red bus, Bus Stop is a popular pre-party venue for the Pacha Nightclub. Here you can chill-out with a cool beverage and absorb the R&B and soul beats.
Adresse: Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 600 1978
Sharm el-Sheikh

Pacha Nightclub

Pacha Nightclub is arguably the most well-known club in Sharm El-Sheikh, and a big one too. This is a great place to chill-out with a cool beer at the pool party bar, play in the foam zone or get your groove on at the dance floor. If it gets too hot, cool down in the on-site swimming pool.
Adresse: Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 360 0197
Sharm el-Sheikh

Hard Rock Cafe

The Sharm affiliate of the well-known American chain comes stuffed with Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia as usual. Its menu is dominated by main stream Western dishes such as chicken wings, onion rings and hamburgers. This place also serves alcohol.
Adresse: Naama Promenade, Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 360 2664
Sharm el-Sheikh

Camel Bar & Roof

The Camel Bar & Roof is one of the most popular bars where you can watch big sports games and live bands. They serve tasty snacks and have a full drinks menu, including cocktails and shooters.
Adresse: Naama bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 3600 700
Sharm el-Sheikh

Little Buddha

This could be one of the most stylish venues in town, boasting a flashy, futuristic décor. Order a drink at Buddha’s illuminated bar counter, then sit down on one of the soft sofas spread across the lounge area or dance to the resident DJs’ rhythmic house beats.
Adresse: Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 360 1030
Sharm el-Sheikh


One of the prime nightclubbing locations in the area, Space is a high-end venue with three different rooms are available for guests, including an outdoor lounge.
Adresse: Space Sharm, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Old Market

Bargain hunters should go to the Old Market in down town Sharm, which is also the best location in the area to buy classical Egyptian souvenirs. Why not buy a traditional water pipe here?
Adresse: Old Market, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

SOHO Square

Shop till you drop in one of Sharm's biggest shopping areas, with multiple boutiques selling everything from clothing to jewelry. Plenty of dining options are also available.
Adresse: Soho Square, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Genena City

Genena City is a recent addition to the city's shopping scene. With its stores, boutiques and entertainment options, this mall will surely keep you occupied for quite a while.
Adresse: Peace Road, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

La Strada Mall

Not only a variety of stores and boutiques, but also plenty of cafes to sit down for a quick break await you at this shopping center. Don't be hesitant to bargain - it is well expected.
Adresse: Sharm El-Sheikh Peace Road, Nabq Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh

Secret of Egypt

Secret of Egypt is the place to go if you're looking to shop for natural cosmetics of all kinds, be it body oils, creams or perfumes. The owner himself frequently advises shoppers, and the quality of the products is known to be superb.
Adresse: Soho Square Shop E1, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 128 238 3442
Sharm el-Sheikh

Il Mercato

A great spot not only for shopping, but also going on an evening promenade - the atmosphere is much more relaxed than at other Sharm malls, and the architecture of the mall is nice to look at.
Adresse: Hadaba, Um el Sid, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 112 629 9922
Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

The Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is located about 18 kilometers from the city. To get to the city you can either go by bus, taxi or car. There are regular bus services and the journey takes about 15 minutes. The taxi ranks can be found next to Terminal 1. Some hotels also offer bus transfers, as do tour operators.
Adresse: Sharm El Sheik International Airport, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 360 1141
Sharm el-Sheikh

Public transport

You can easily walk around the city. The public transport in Sharm El-Sheikh is provided by minibuses, which run from the Northern to the Southern part of Sharm and back. You have to hail the bus to get on.
Sharm el-Sheikh


There are essentially two types of taxis, 4-seaters and 8-seaters, which you can hail on the street. Prices can vary, so make sure you agree to a price before getting into a cab. Many up-market hotels use private taxi companies that are more expensive.
Sharm el-Sheikh


You can ask at your hotel for the nearest post office. Main Post Office:
Adresse: Banks Str. Ras Um Sid, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 69 366 0518
Åpningstider: 8.30 am-2 pm. Closed on Fridays
Sharm el-Sheikh


Ask at your hotel for the nearest pharmacy or call for advice and more information. The Omar Pharmacy Chain has pharmacies at several locations around the city Omar Pharmacy:
Adresse: Sultan Kabous Street, Sharm el-Sheikh
Telefon: +20 693 600 830
Sharm el-Sheikh


Country code: +20 Area code: 069
Sharm el-Sheikh


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