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Six thousand and five hundred islands in the middle of the Baltic Sea. A unique destination, an island string of pearls stretching between the big cities, an archipelago between Stockholm and Turku, within easy reach from Helsinki and Tallinn. On the Åland Islands, the sea is never far away. They boast 17,000 km of shoreline, a pleasant maritime climate, and the highest number of sunshine hours in Scandinavia. Experience the charm of this island country, the red granite cliffs, nature, and tranquillity.
Mariehamn - Åland

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Mariehamn - Åland

Boat trips

The best way to enjoy Åland is by boat. You can either take a ride on a ferry or go on an unforgettable excursion during your stay here. Apart from simply enjoying the unspoiled nature, you might also catch a glance of a curious seal. There are various types of boats for rent. Would you prefer a leisurely trip in a beautiful sailboat, or would you rather have more speed and spray on board a rigid inflatable boat? If you would like to get really close to the unique archipelago we recommend a kayak trip. You may choose between package tours or your own custom-designed excursion. Boat- and canoe rental: Ro-No Rent
Adresse: Havsgatan, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 12821
Mariehamn - Åland


The Åland archipelago offers an infinite number of kayaking opportunities. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or veteran kayaker, there are suitable routes for you. The archipelago creates excellent conditions, whether you prefer the tranquil bays or rugged skerries near the open sea. Do you want to come close to nature and animal life and spend time on your own in peace and quiet? Or, perhaps, you prefer kayaking in a group with a guide along a designated itinerary? Some of the most popular places to visit are Kobba Klintar and Kastelholm, as well as the Märket lighthouse for very experienced kayakers. Nimix Kayakrentals:
Adresse: Västanholmen 14, Eckerö
Telefon: +358 5066 716
Mariehamn - Åland


The Paddle Shack is an activity centre in Mariehamn. They have offered a varying range of sporting activities through the years, lately narrowing the scope of their services to paddleboard and kayak rentals, and offering kayaking courses. Their skilled instructors also organise a climbing school for groups.
Adresse: Lervik, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 457 34 33933
Mariehamn - Åland

Wreck Diving

Åland offers world class wreck diving. More than 500 ships are known to have been wrecked due to the difficulties of navigating in the archipelago. The unique water climate contributes to preservation of old wood structures, and steel hulls corrode slowly. In the summer of 2010, a fascinating discovery was made in the Åland archipelago: the world’s oldest champagne and beer were found aboard a 200 years old schooner. Accompany professional diving guides and experience Åland's underwater treasures. Every year new shipwrecks are discovered. If you fancy taking up diving, follow a diving course on Åland. Basic and further training is offered within the NAUI training system.
Adresse: Fiskehamnsvägen 2, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 407 068 045
Mariehamn - Åland

Kite Surfing

Åland has a shoreline numbering an incredible 17,000 km. Beaches lie in all directions. The mildness of the maritime climate and the contrast between calm bays and strong winds creating powerful waves outside the islands mean ideal kite surfing conditions. According to the local kite surfing professional, Patrik Larsson, Åland boasts at least 150 days of good surfing conditions annually. In the summer it's best done on the waves, and in winter in open water further away from the shores. Kite surfing is popular on Åland. Both beginner courses and courses for experienced kite surfers are offered. Kite on your own or with an experienced guide.
Mariehamn - Åland


There are two fantastic golf courses on Åland: Åland Golfklubb and Eckerö Golf. Thanks to the favourable climate the season is long: from May to the end of October, some years even into December. Åland Golfklubb’s two well-known 18-hole courses are located in the beautiful historical settings of Sund, where the courses offer views of the sea and the castle of Kastelholm. Go to: Eckerö Golf Kyrkoby. Eckerö 22270 +358 45 70046532 [email protected] Åland Golfklubb:
Adresse: Kastelholmsnäsvägen 22, Kastelholm
Telefon: +358 18 41500
Mariehamn - Åland

Åland Museum & Art Museum

The Åland Museum (history and ethnography) and Åland Konstmuseum (art museum) are both housed under the same roof. The permanent culture and history exhibition on display at the Åland Museum gives excellent insight into the history of the province. Art from Åland is displayed at the Konstmuseum, and there are always a few temporary exhibitions. The discovery of world's oldest champagne in the region is highlighted through an exhibition entitled “Champagnegaleasen” (the champagne schooner).
Adresse: Storagatan 1, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 25426
Mariehamn - Åland

Åland Maritime Museum

The Mariehamn Maritime Museum (Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum) narrates the story of Åland's seafaring tradition via informative, family-friendly exhibits spread over three floors. The display contains historic artefacts like rare photographs and remaining parts of ships once in use.
Adresse: Hamngatan 2, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 19930
Åpningstider: Daily 11am-4pm
Mariehamn - Åland

Wildlife Safari

Get close to wildlife, and enjoy a great activity for the whole family. Get on the safari carriage on a guided tour, and see the symbol of the province of Åland, the red deer, known as the prototype of Disney’s Bambi. Fallow deer, wild boars, ostriches, and - since recently - lamas also live on the grounds. Best time to visit is in spring, when the deer get their spotted calves and the wild boars get their lovely striped piglets.
Adresse: Gamla Käringsundsvägen, Eckerö
Telefon: +358 457 343 5996
Mariehamn - Åland

Kastelholm Castle

A well-restored castle ruin located in idyllic surroundings. The atmosphere at Kastelholm, a medieval castle, is magical. During the reign of Gustav Vasa Kastelholm became a royal castle. A visit provides excellent glimpse into the history of the islands and of the castle itself.
Adresse: Tosarbyvägen 5, Kastelholm
Telefon: +358 18 432134
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-5pm
Mariehamn - Åland

Bomarsund Fortress

In 1832, Russia began construction of the fortress of Bomarsund. Since Åland then constituted the westernmost part of Czarist Russia and had a location of strategic importance, Russia desired a strong military presence and an impressive fortress there. During the Crimean War, in 1854, an Anglo-French naval force attacked the fortress, which resulted in the Battle of Bomarsund. The fortress was demolished and today only ruins (and the Bomarsund Museum) serve testament to Russian presence and the grandiose plans once wielded for Åland. If you wish to find out more about this part of the struggle between the great powers during the Crimean War, visit Bomarsund, and watch the film “Bomarsund, vägen till fred” ("the road to peace").
Adresse: Prästö, Sund
Telefon: +358 400 108 800
Mariehamn - Åland

Horse Riding

For a more hands-on experience, do not limit yourself to simply watching horses compete at the Mariehamn trotting track. There are several establishments offering riding lessons, camps, and guided horseback riding tours. Ride slow or gallop in unspoiled countryside and along the beaches. The service is offered all year round. There a few places in Åland that offer horseback-riding opportunities, some of these include: Aftonsol: +358 18 33629 Tellholmsvägen 262 Hammarland Åland Midgård Islandsstall:
Adresse: Kolsvidjavägen 242, Sund
Telefon: +358 457 094 7490
Mariehamn - Åland

Ålandstravet (Trotting Track)

Visit the Ålandstravet tortting track in Mariehamn. Catch the action at warm up and feel the excitement at the start of an exhilarating race. Trotting competitions are organised monthly from spring to autumn. In addition there is a large number of jumping, dressage, and Iceland horse competitions on Åland.
Adresse: Travvägen, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 328 210
Mariehamn - Åland

Museum Ship

The museum ship Pommer (Museifartyget Pommern) is the world’s only four-masted freight sailing ship still in its original condition. It reminds onlookers of the time when an entire fleet of such ships was based in Mariehamn. Visit the Pommern in the Western Harbour.
Adresse: Sjöpromenaden, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 19930
Åpningstider: Opening hours will be limited during 2018, please consult the website for more details.
Mariehamn - Åland

ÅSS Paviljongen (Sailing Pavilion)

The famous cook Michael Björklund, winner of the "Cook of the Year" title in both Sweden and Finland, welcomes you to his popular summer restaurant, located in one of the buildings of the highest cultural and historic value in Mariehamn.
Adresse: Strandpromenaden, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 19141
Åpningstider: Fri & Sat 5-9pm
Mariehamn - Åland

Indigo Restaurant & Bar

Combines modern Scandinavian cooking with the special atmosphere of one of the oldest stone houses in town. Indigo serves classic dishes in new ways. The bar stocks one of the archipelago's largest selections of beer. Unlike the refined dinners, lunches are a relatively causal affair.
Adresse: Nygatan 1, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 16 550
Mariehamn - Åland

Restaurant Seagram

Summer restaurant on the island of Föglö. Seagram is a beautiful open-air restaurant with sea view, laying its culinary focus on fish dishes. The restaurant is somewhat of a local institution, and enjoys a spotless reputation.
Adresse: Lotuddsvägen, Degerby
Telefon: +358 18 51 092
Åpningstider: Open May through August
Mariehamn - Åland

Restaurant Käringsund

Good food and a beautiful view of the Käringsund straits from all tables. Large open-air restaurant with two swimming pools, with an open view of the playground. Entertainment Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Popular theme evenings and show nights are also organised by the Käringsund restaurant.
Adresse: Käringsundsvägen 194, Eckerö
Telefon: +358 18 38 000
Åpningstider: Open May through September
Mariehamn - Åland

Glada Laxen

Known for its delicious, guaranteed fresh fish dishes. Restaurant Glada Laxen is located in the eastern archipelago on the island of Bärö, housed in a former Coast Guard station. Glada Laxen is reached by boat or by taking the archipelago ferry operated by Ålandstrafiken to the island of Kumlinge. Call when you are on your way, and you will be picked up by the staff in the restaurant boat from the harbour on Kumlinge – a real archipelago adventure. It is possible to stay overnight at the Glada Laxen.
Adresse: Bärö, Kumlinge
Telefon: +358 1855 304
Mariehamn - Åland

Restaurant Q

Restaurant Q offers an excellent culinary experience in a beautiful and stylish summer restaurant. It uses ecological and local produce, moulded into flavourful works of edible art. It makes for a good excursion for the whole family. Take some time to enjoy the long sandy beach and the unobstructed view of the sea.
Adresse: Degersand, Eckerö
Telefon: +358 18 38 304
Åpningstider: Open June through August
Mariehamn - Åland

Arken Garden

One of the archipelago's swankiest venues, the on-site restaurant of Mariehamn's Arkipelag Hotel is an open-air affair with excellent food and drinks, offering fresh-off-the grill seafood and meat, all accompanied by live music at the weekends.
Adresse: Strandgatan 31, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 24 020
Åpningstider: Open May through September
Mariehamn - Åland


The refined establishment led by celebrated chef Michael Björklund is an entire gastronomic complex, which includes a high-class restaurant with an open kitchen, a distillery producing its own variety of apple brandy, a small shop, and even entire cooking courses.
Adresse: 134 Slottsvägen, Kastelholm
Telefon: +358 18 43666
Mariehamn - Åland


One of the relatively recent additions to Åland's dining scene, Kvarter5 is a sophisticated Nordic restaurant featured in the highly-esteemed White Guide. It makes use of fresh seasonal ingredients to cook up some of the archipelago's best meals. To stay on budget, go for lunch instead of dinner.
Adresse: 10 Norragatan, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 15555
Mariehamn - Åland

Brasserie Ångbåtsbryggan

This stylish brasserie enjoys a fantastic waterside location, its sunny terrace hovering over the water, and interior design featuring interesting steampunk elements. The cooking is equally superb, with an especially large offering of seafood and grills. Live music plays in the summer.
Adresse: 2 Ångbåtsbryggan, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 17613
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 11am–11pm, Sun 11am–10pm
Mariehamn - Åland

Uffe på Berget

Translated as "Uffe on the mountain", Uffe på Berget offers an unbelievably beautiful view of the Färjsundet straits. Uffe på berget is on perched on a mountain top, and is therefore not suitable for people with limited mobility.
Adresse: 160 Sundsvägen, Godby
Telefon: +358 40 1734448
Mariehamn - Åland

Bagarstugan Café & Vin

An old, cosy wooden house in the town centre. Here the staff is keen on taking good care of their guests, and everything is baked with love. In addition to good coffee and tasty pastries, there are homemade sandwiches, salads, and pies.
Adresse: Ekonomiegatan 2, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 19880
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Mariehamn - Åland

Pub Niska

Chef Björklund of Åland's most successful gastronomic endeavour (Smakbyn) also runs this delightful casual "pizzeria", serving an Åland variety of everyone's favourite guilty pleasure, the local take on it known as plåtbröd. There are also drinks and desserts made with locally-sourced dairy. Outdoor seating.
Adresse: Sjökvarteret, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 19151
Åpningstider: Daily 11am-9pm
Mariehamn - Åland


Perched on top of the highest hill in the entire archipelago, Soltuna is more than just an eatery - views unfolding from here are quite mesmerising, and a 5-km long hiking trail leading down to the Geta caves starts from here, too. There is a semi-formal restaurant and casual cafe on site.
Adresse: Getabergsvägen 16, Geta
Telefon: +358 18 49530
Mariehamn - Åland

Stallhagen Brewery & Pub

The award-winning Stallhagen beers are produced on Åland. Familiarise yourself with the brewery, where the beer is produced with great care and professionalism. Each brew is mixed by hand, and no unnecessary preservatives are added. Guided tours are organised, where you have a look at the production process and enjoy a tasting of Stallhagen beer. Live music plays on the terrace and a concise dining menu is offered.
Adresse: Getavägen 196, Godby
Telefon: +358 18 48500
Mariehamn - Åland

Arken Nattklubb

Arken is the legendary nightclub in the Arkipelag Hotel, Mariehamn’s year-round entertainment centre. Regardless where people have been eating or drinking previously, those looking to continue the night all eventually swarm to Arken, which keeps the party going until 4am on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Adresse: Strandgatan 31, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 24 020
Mariehamn - Åland

Dino's Bar & Grill

Enjoy a night of rock’n’roll and BBQ at the popular Dino’s Bar, with live bands regularly playing indoors and entertainers performing in the beer garden in the summer. The establishment boasts a genuine rock atmosphere. There is pasta, burgers, and barbecue on the menu.
Adresse: Strandgatan 12, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 13939
Mariehamn - Åland

Adlon Sportsbar

Pizzeria and sports bar in the western harbour. In addition to good pizzas and refrigerated beverages, there are loads of sports is at hand: Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League and Formula 1 are broadcast, along with many other important matches.
Adresse: Hamngatan 7, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 12 345
Mariehamn - Åland

Park Restaurang & Bar

Well-regarded and beloved by locals and visitors alike, Park Restaurang & Bar buzzes with life most nights of the week, and especially so Wednesday through Saturday, when quality live music of varying genres (from classical to rock) is played on its stage.
Adresse: Norra Esplanadgatan 2, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 527555
Åpningstider: Operates year round
Mariehamn - Åland

Pub Albin

With its refreshing sun deck overlooking the water, Pub Albin is one of Mariehamn's low-key evening favourites, a bar with generous drinks and dining offerings (the pizzas enjoy a particular popularity).
Adresse: Sjöpromenaden, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 19404
Åpningstider: Daily 11am-9pm
Mariehamn - Åland


Torggatan is the pedestrian street that runs through the centre of Mariehamn, one lined by artisan shops and cosy cafes. It’s easy to spend a few hours here, dropping into one store after another, with a pleasant coffee break in-between.
Adresse: Torggatan, Mariehamn
Mariehamn - Åland


A living handicraft workshop with sales and a beautiful cafe with a sea view. Handmade objects in textiles, silver, ceramics, wood, and smithery - the assortment is truly impressive. There is always a crafts person on location ready to advise.
Adresse: Östraleden 110, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 21505
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Mariehamn - Åland


Unique and well-liked jewellery, inspired by the spirit of the local people and majestic scenery of the islands. The craftspeople of Gullviva aim to express how life on the islands makes its imprint on the archipelago's inhabitants via their works. Features unique designs.
Adresse: Östraleden 110, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 22130
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Mariehamn - Åland

Judys Hantverk & Inredning

Judy and her dedicated team work together to produce beautiful ceramics that come in shapes of cups, plates, flower pots, and various home decor items. The ceramics are hand-made, each handled individually with attention and care.
Adresse: Hindersvägen 1, Jomala
Telefon: +358 18 19988
Mariehamn - Åland

Sittkoff Galleria

One of Mariehamn's most popular shopping locations and meeting points is the Sittkoff Galleria. Find a real bargain in shops with beautiful and unique clothing, shoes, jewellery, and handicrafts. Restaurants and ATMs can be found on premises.
Adresse: Torggatan 13, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 29687
Mariehamn - Åland

The Little BBQ's Junk Art

The peculiar creations of this shop's owner and primary craftsman are something one is unlikely to have seen before: put together from discarded parts of machinery, old rusty tools and the like, the pieces are, indeed, unique, and range from bizarre creatures like a chainsaw spider to endearing piglets (made of rusty metal tubes) and piratical pieces like candle-holders and bookshelves.
Adresse: Krokviksgränd 2, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 40 8484904
Mariehamn - Åland

Torggatan 15

Another shopping gem not to be missed is the Torggatan 15 collection of small boutiques, each with its own irresistible appeal. Torggatan packs everything from islands' art to clothing. Two stand-outs are Viktor Crafts & Designs, stocking items (clothing, accessories, home decor items, etc.) produced by a collection of local artisans, and Labelled, which sells wearable pieces made from recycled fabrics.
Adresse: Torggatan 15, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 40 1636068
Mariehamn - Åland

Jussis Keramik

The sleek designs produced by Jussis Keramik have long been recognised for their finesse; watching the pieces as they are being created in-house adds to the boutique's appeal. A bird motif runs through many of the creations.
Adresse: Nygatan 1, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 13606
Mariehamn - Åland

Passport / Visa

Finland can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.
Mariehamn - Åland

Best Time to Visit

The Åland Islands enjoy a mild continental climate, characterised by moderately cold winters and relatively cool summers (averages for July, the hottest month, lie around 15 degrees Celsius). Since summers don't tend to get particularly warm, visiting in July will allow you to experience the archipelago's best weather, and possibly witness some of Åland's famous festivities, which occur throughout the month. Arriving the month before - in June - will allow you to join in on the famous Midsummer celebrations, and witness the "midnight sun".
Mariehamn - Åland

Cruise and Ferry Terminals

There are three ferry companies: Viking Line, Tallink Silja, and Eckerölinjen. They have services from Stockholm, Grisslehamn and Norrtälje in Sweden, as well as from Turku and Helsinki in Finland and from Tallinn in Estonia and Riga in Latvia. The Western Harbour in Mariehamn: Arrival of cruise ships and car/passenger ferries. Viking Line, Tallink Silja, Birka Cruise and Ånedinlinjen. Berghamn on Eckerö (to the west of the main island): Arrival of Eckerö Linjen’s ferry from Grisslehamn. Långnäs Harbour in Lumparland (to the east of the main island): Arrival of Viking Line’s and Tallink Silja’s ferries night-time. Arrival of Skärgårdstrafiken’s (archipelago ferry services) ferries from Korpo, Finnish mainland. Hummelvik: Arrival of Skärgårdstrafiken’s ferry from Brändö corresponding with a connection to Gustavs in Finland. Skärgårdstrafiken (Archipelago ferry services): Traffic to and from Åland’s eastern archipelago, as well as Gustavs and Korpo in Finland. Tallinksilja +46 8 22 21 40 From Finland: +358 600 15 700 Eckerö Linjen +46 175 25 8000 From Finland: +358 18 28 000 Viking Line +46 8 452 40 00 From Finland: +358 18 26 000
Mariehamn - Åland


The Mariehamn International Airport is located a mere 5-minute car ride from downtown Mariehamn. There is no direct public transport connection, since the airport is located only 2km away from the city. Most visitors hire a cab at the airport (+3581810066). Air Åland +358 18 17110
Adresse: Flygfältsvägen 67, Mariehamn
Telefon: +358 18 17 110
Mariehamn - Åland

Public Transport

Röde Orm Public transport in Mariehamn is free of charge. See the time table and bus routes at Note that in the summer the buses are replaced in part by cosy tourist trains. Ålandstrafiken There are five bus services on Åland. All of them depart from the bus station in Mariehamn. The buses are comfortable and the fares are low. For more information on time tables, routes and fares, go to:
Mariehamn - Åland


Godby Taxi +358 18 41 130 Din Taxi +358 18 32 720 Mariehamns Taxi +358 18 26 000
Mariehamn - Åland


Central-apoteket Skarpansvägen 34 +358 18 19 714 Nya Apoteket I Marieham, Norragatan 17 +358 18 16511 Both pharmacies always open on weekends. Emergency healthcare +358 18 5355 Docktorvägen 1, Mariehamn
Mariehamn - Åland


Country code: +358 Area code: 018 (omit the zero if dialling country code first)
Mariehamn - Åland


230 volt, 50 Hz European-style 2-pin plugs