Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Tampere

Tampere, the Manchester of Finland, is an interesting melting pot where rich industrial heritage is mixed with wooden houses, homemade flavours, and cultural landmarks of the not-so-distant history. Soak up the local culture and relax in one of the plenty of saunas, the largest in number in entire Finland.

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Finlayson Area

Scotsman James Finlayson's industrial district, one of the biggest in the Nordic countries, is a diverse cultural centre today, housing several cafés, restaurants, and other places of interest such as the children's cathedral, the Sky Museum, and Westras, the free Labour Museum. Don't miss the Finlayson outlet to get some design inspiration.
Adresse: Veturiaukio 4
Åpningstider: 09.00–17.00

Lenin Museum

The former Workers' House, which hosted Lenin and Stalin in their first meeting, provides an evocative setting to tell you about the Finnish-Soviet relations and the life of one of the most significant communist leaders. The place is also unique in that it is the only museum dedicated to Lenin outside Russia in the whole world.
Adresse: Hämeenpuisto 28
Telefon: +358 104 209 222
Åpningstider: Tue to Sun: 11.00–17.00 (until 18.00 June to Aug)

Market Hall (Kauppahalli)

The largest market hall in the Nordic countries, Kauppahalli is the perfect place to soak up some Finnish culture and mingle with locals doing their grocery shopping. The perfect place to try the local black sausage (mustamakkara)!
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 19
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: 8.00–18.00

Näsinpuisto Park

Näsinpuisto Park is the green oasis of Tampere with plenty to do and see: browse the craft shops of Tallipiha Stable Yards, or hunt the mini sculptures of the Fairy Tale Park! The Baroque Näsilinna palace, once the home of Peter von Nottbeck, an owner of the Finlayson cotton mill, is also found here, housing a museum and an elegant café-restaurant.
Adresse: Milavidanrinne 8
Telefon: +358 0100 5560
Åpningstider: Näsilinna palace: 9.00–18.00 daily

Särkänniemi Adventure Park

This adventure park is an unmissable experience for the whole family, featuring among many others the Doghill Fairytale Farm, Aquarium, Planetarium, and and Näsinneula, the 168-metre tall observation tower, providing the most spectacular view of the entire city, with an evolving restaurant on site.
Adresse: Laiturikatu 1
Telefon: +358 20 713 0200
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 11.00–23.30, Sat and Sun: 11.00–20.30 (check programmes)

Sara Hildén Art Museum

This museum showcases contemporary art from all over the world in a peaceful green lakeside setting. Browse the ample collection of international and Finnish artworks, from pictures to sculptures and various installations.
Adresse: Laiturikatu 13
Telefon: +358 3 5654 3500
Åpningstider: Tue to Sun: 10.00–18.00

Tammerkoski Rapids

Tampere is nestled between Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, two lakes with 18 metres of difference in level, which gave rise to the installation of several dams and power stations in the 19th century. An exhibition on the city's industrial past is also on at the Vapriikki Museum adjacent to the bridge.
Adresse: Alaverstaanraitti 5 (Museum)
Telefon: +358 035 656 6966
Åpningstider: Tue to Sun: 10.00–18.00

Vapriikki Museum Centre

The building of the old Tampella factory hall houses several permanent and temporary exhibitions today, related to Finnish history, national hockey players, mass communication, and dolls, among many others.
Adresse: Alaverstaanraitti 5
Telefon: +358 03 5656 6966
Åpningstider: Tue to Sun: 10.00–18.00

Moomin Museum

Muumimuseo is dedicated to Tove Jansson and her world-famous comic strip heroes, the Moomins. The place has a wide selection of models and computer displays, as well as a nice gift shop so that you can take this adorable family home with you.
Adresse: Tampere Hall, Yliopistonkatu 55
Telefon: +358 3 243 4111
Åpningstider: Tue to Fri: 9.00–19.00, Sat to Sun: 11.00–18.00

Tampere Cathedral

This Lutheran cathedral, awarded as the most beautiful church in Finland, features a number of famous frescoes, such as the "Garden of Death" from Finnish artist Hugo Simberg.
Adresse: Tuomiokirkonkatu 3
Telefon: +358 40 804 8765

Kaleva Church

The church of the Kaleva parish was inaugurated in 1966. It was designed with modern architectural elements such as the extensive use of space and light, which makes it an exceptional religious landmark even on international level.
Adresse: Liisanpuisto 1
Telefon: +358 40 804 8774


Spread across one of the largest sand ridges (esker) in the world, the city's nature reserve boasts an observation tower with a café serving the best doughnut in entire Tampere, as well as a beach and jogging trail for you to simply soak up the beautiful Nordic nature.
Adresse: Näkötornintie 20
Telefon: +358 3 212 3247
Åpningstider: 9.00–20.00 daily


Take a romantic walk along the well-preserved wooden houses in what previously was the largest workers' district in Tampere, built on a sand ridge shaped by the ice age. The area's famous landmark is the Shot Tower, and Rajaportti Sauna, Finland´s oldest, is also found here.
Adresse: Pispala

Rajaportti Sauna

No visit to Finland is complete without a relaxing sauna session. Built in 1906 in Pispala, this public sauna is Finland’s oldest, and is the perfect place to relax in the löyly, the stream rising up from hot stones. Make it all complete at the café on the spot.
Adresse: Pispalan Valtatie 9
Telefon: +358 50 310 2611
Åpningstider: Mon to Wed: 18.00–22.00, Fri: 15.00–21.00, Sat: 14.00–22.00

Viikinsaari Island

Just a 20-minute boat trip, and you'll find yourself at Tamperians' favourite summer hangout spot with beautiful parks, an arts theatre, and a fine restaurant, Ravintola.


Located in the Pyynikki observation tower, Näsinneula provides Tampere's most spectacular fine dining experience. Taste their delicious Finlandia menu: this is the highest spot to do so in the entire Nordic region!
Adresse: Laiturikatu 1
Telefon: +358 20 713 0200
Åpningstider: Tue to Sat: 11.00–23.30, Sunday: 12.00–23.30

Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant

A British-style pub in the Flayson area where sausage and steak meals are washed off with flavourful local and German brews. Try the bratwurst and have a pint of Plevna Stout!
Adresse: Itäinenkatu 8
Telefon: +358 3 260 1200
Åpningstider: Mon: 11.00–23.00, Tue to Thu: 11.00–1.00, Fri and Sat: 11.00–2.00, Sun: 12.00–23.00

Kuuma Sauna Restaurant

This elegant restaurant in what is also called the gastronomic hub of Tampere delivers genuine Nordic flavours through modern, redefined dishes. Bring your towel with you: try the wood-heated or smoke sauna on the spot, to round off your Finnish experience.
Adresse: Laukontori 21
Telefon: +358 10 406 5120
Åpningstider: Mon to Tue: 11.00–23.00, Wed to Thu: 11.00–0.00, Fri to Sat: 11.00–2.00, Sun: 12.00–20.00

Bodega Salud

A Latin America-inspired restaurant serving the best tapas and sangria in Tampere. Daily lunch specials are also served, but you can simply go for the famous Salud peppersteak!
Adresse: Tuomiokirkonkatu 19
Telefon: +358 100 5557
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 11.00–23.00, Fri: 11.00–24.00, Sat: 13.00–24.00, Sun: 13.00–21.00

Café Pispala

The lovely wooden houses of Pispala are definitely worth a short detour, and why not start that trip at one of the most beloved brunch spots of Tampere? Check their website for the weekly themed menu and the other two locations, in case you fancy some grilled food when back in the centre.
Adresse: Pispankatu 30 (Ohana Grille: Hämeenkatu 19)
Telefon: +358 40 701 1603
Åpningstider: Mon to Tue: closed, Wed to Thu: 11.00–17.30, Fri: 11.00–21.00, Sat: 9.30–21.00, Sun: 9.30–17.00


Ohranjyvä has been serving locals with traditional flavours since 1965. They have an extensive menu featuring beef, goat, and seafood. The Puerto Rico is a signature dish Tampere-wide!
Adresse: Näsilinnankatu 15
Telefon: +358 3 212 7217
Åpningstider: Mon to Wed: 11.00–0.00, Fri: 11.00–1.00, Sat: 12.00–1.00, Sun: 12.00–22.00

Ravitsemisliike Aisti

A fresh restaurant featuring traditional Scandinavian cuisine through daily soup, fish and steak offers, and staples like the Pike Wallenberg.
Adresse: Hallituskatu 19
Telefon: +358 3 223 2040
Åpningstider: Tue to Thu: 16.00–22.00, Fri: 16.00–23.00/0.00, Sat: 12.00–23.00/0.00

Pizzeria Napoli

Tampere's oldest pizzeria awaits you with over a hundred types of pizza, with toppings ranging from ostrich and cactus strips to the famous local black sausage!
Adresse: Aleksanterinkatu 31
Telefon: +358 3 223 8887
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 10.45–23.00, Fri: 10.45–0.00, Sat: 12.00–0.00, Sun: 12.00–23.00

Gastropub Tuulensuu

A cosy restaurant along Hämeenpuisto park with a remarkable variety of courses and craft beers: enjoy your pint with a cheese plate, some deer rillettes, or fried frog legs.
Adresse: Hämeenpuisto 23
Telefon: +358 3 214 1553
Åpningstider: Mon to Tue: 15.00–0.30, Wed to Thu: 15.00–2.00, Sat: 12.00–2.00, Sun: 15.00–0.30


Telakka is not only a restaurant, but also a cultural centre. You can find this restaurant located inside an old storehouse.
Adresse: Tullikamarin Aukio 3
Telefon: +353 2250 722

Harald Viking Restaurant

This place takes you on a journey back in time and lets you dine like the old Vikings used to. Enjoy the true Nordic atmosphere, eat from the dragon ship buffet and get some mead in your horn cup. A popular Finnish chain with desserts that would have made Vikings' heart melt, too.
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 23
Telefon: +358 44 766 8203
Åpningstider: Monday-Thursday: 11.00–0.00, Friday: 11.00–1.00, Saturday: 12.00–1.00, Sunday: 13.00–21.00

Gastropub Soho

Pub grub, live performances, and plenty of sport: at Soho you'll find them all in one place. The place has a decent offer of burgers, English food, and curries, with vegan options included.
Adresse: Otavalankatu 10
Telefon: +358 3 212 2336
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 15.00–2.00, Fri: 11.00–2.00, Sat: 12.00–2.00, Sun: 14.00–2.00

Stefan's Steakhouse

Winner of the Top Chef in America, Stefan prepares some of the greatest steaks in town, using the best of Scandinavian flavours such as beetroot or chanterelle. Tasting menus are also available.
Adresse: Kehräsaari
Telefon: +358 100 5511
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 16.00–23.00, Fri: 16.00–0.00, Sat: 13.00–0.00, Sun: 14.00–22.00

Kasvisravintola Gopal

An Indian vegetarian restaurant with lunch available daily, which you pay for by the weight of your meal. With three locations in Tampere.
Adresse: Rongankatu 6 (Ilmarinkatu 16, and Kuninkaankatu 15)
Telefon: +358 3 2531002
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 11.00–17.00, Sat: 11.00–21.00, Sun: 12.00–21.00


This restaurant lies close to the Rapids Tillikka and they serve a famous stir-fry called pyttipannu. Here you can expect high-quality food produced from high-quality ingredients, you should not be disappointed.
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 14
Telefon: +358 50 3090161
Åpningstider: Wed–Fri 4–11pm, Sat 12–11pm

Waffle Café (Vohvelikahvila)

Located in the smallest stone house of Tampere, Vohvelikahvila is rumoured to serve the best waffles in town, made with a secret recipe that makes local mouths water since 1992.
Adresse: Ojakatu 2
Telefon: +358 3 214 4225
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 10.00–20.00, Sat: 10.00–19.00, Sun: 11.00–19.00


Kaffila is a small amiable café just a stone's throw from the main square, Keskustori, with a coffee selection that includes Johan & Nyström: enjoy a cup with a light salad or a a sugar-coated slice of cake.
Adresse: Aleksis Kiven katu 11
Telefon: +358 3 212 7421
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 7.00–20.00, Sat and Sun: 9.00–20.00

Pella's Cafe

Pella's Cafe is a cafe in the heart of the city pulling in visitors with sizeable salads, oven-baked potatoes, and eye-catching cakes that are a sin to miss.
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 14
Telefon: +358 50 344 3116
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 7.30–20.00, Fri: 7.30–21.00, Sat: 9–21.00, Sun: 10.30–20.00

Café Puusti

Whether they're sparkled with berries or coated simply with sugar, this place is widely known for preparing the best korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls) in town. See it for yourself!
Adresse: Yliopistonkatu 50
Telefon: +358 50 597 9659
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 8.30–18.00, Sat: 10.00–14.30, Sun: closed

Kahvila Runo

An artsy, cosy café with crisp pastries and freshly roasted coffee, as well as art exhibitions and poetry evenings. Don't forget your book at home!
Adresse: Ojakatu 3
Telefon: +358 3 213 3931
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: 9.00–20.00, Sun: 10.00–20.00

3D Crush Café

A pet-friendly café where not only are you welcome to bring your dog, but also to spend some time in the bunny therapy room—with actually real bunnies. And if there's anything else you want to be real, just ask to use one of the three 3D printers available at the place.
Adresse: Itsenäisyydenkatu 10
Telefon: +358 50 492 5200
Åpningstider: Tue to Fri: 11.00–18.00, Sat: 11.00–17.00, Sun: 12.00–17.00

Café Europa

An elegant European-style café serving Mediterranean salads, and local specialities such as liquorice salad and Finnish blueberry pie, Marjapiiras.
Adresse: Aleksanterinkatu 29
Telefon: +358 3 223 5526
Åpningstider: Mon: 12.00–0.00, Tue to Thu: 12.00–1.00, Fri and Sat: 12.00–3.00, Sun: 13.00–0.00

Café Amurin Helmi

A quaint café where you can have breakfast and a light lunch, in a setting just as nostalgic as the exhibitions in the adjacent Museum of Workers' Housing.
Adresse: Satakunnankatu 49
Telefon: +358 3 5656 6634
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 7.00–18.00, Sat and Sun: 8.00–18.00 (in winter until 17.00)


Made up of two venues, Klubi, and Pakkahuone with a capacity of 1,200, Tullikamari is the number-one place for music and other cultural events in Tampere, busy with programmes 365 days a year.
Adresse: Tullikamarin Aukio 2
Telefon: +358 44 706 2968


Teerenpeli is a well-known name all across Finland, and their venue in Tampere gives you the chance to try their famous single malt whiskies and brewery products.
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 25
Telefon: +358 42 492 5210
Åpningstider: Sun to Mon: 14.00–0.00, Tue to Thu: 14.00–2.00, Fri to Sat: 12.00–4.00

Moro Sky Bar

Moro is a fancy bar where drinks are had in a relaxed atmosphere on the 25th floor of Hotel Torni, the tallest hotel building in Finland. The place also serves snacks, and some really flavourful soups.
Adresse: Ratapihankatu 43
Telefon: +358 10 786 0121
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 11.00–0.00, Fri and Sat: 11.00–2.00, Sun: 11.00–0.00


A popular nightclub where you can dance the night away to your favourite 70s and 80s music—or see that Finnish songs can be just as floor-fillers!
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 18
Telefon: +358 100 5562
Åpningstider: Fri and Sat: 22.00–4.00

Ruby & Fellas

A traditional Irish pub with a remarkable beer and food selection, and several music events throughout the week, bringing you genuine Irish atmosphere.
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 15
Telefon: +358 50 570 4591
Åpningstider: Mon to Tue: 17.00–0.00, Wed to Thu: 17.00–2.00, Fri: 16.00–4.00, Sat: 14.00–4.00, Sun: 16.00–0.00

Bar Alanya

The football match you don't want to miss, a hot salsa evening, or a fun pub quiz? Go to Alanya, and you will not have to choose.
Adresse: Satakunnankatu 26
Telefon: +358 50 521 0119
Åpningstider: 14.00–2.00 daily


Telakka is not only a restaurant, but also a cultural centre. You can find this restaurant located inside an old storehouse.
Adresse: Tullikamarin Aukio 3, Tampere
Telefon: +353 2250 722

Tallipiha Stable Yards

Tallipiha is a true gem of Näsinpuisto Park, with plenty of Finnish craft souvenirs, and smells and flavours that will take you back in time.
Adresse: Kuninkaankatu 4
Telefon: +358 45 326 7004
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 11.00–18.00, Sat and Sun: 11.00–16.00, (Café: Mon to Sat: 9.00–18.00, Sun: 10.00–18.00)


Both Koskikeskus and Tampere's other giant, Ratina are multi-storey shopping malls with a wide range of international and local brands. Go to Koskikeskus if you want to visit Minetti, Finland's largest ice cream café!
Adresse: Hatanpään valtatie 1
Telefon: +358 40 142 4233
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 7.00–21.00, Sat: 9.00–20.00, Sun: 10.00–20.00


Just east of Laukontori Market, Kehräsaari is an easily accessible craft market where you can browse the ample selection of Finnish craftworks, from garments to ceramics. The small boutique shop, PikkuPutiikit is highly recommended, and you'll also find Niagara, an independent movie theatre here.
Adresse: Kehräsaari
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 11.00–18.00, Sat: 11.00–16.00


There are many stores in Tullintori to walk your legs off, but try not to: this mall has a climbing centre (Irti Maasta) worth trying!
Adresse: Tullikatu 6
Telefon: +358 40 551 0095
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 7.00–21.00, Sat: 9.00–18.00, Sun:12.00–18.00

Juhana Tampere

Juhana is Tampere's very own jewellery brand, offering neat silver accessories in several stores across Finland as well as online. They also design the jewellery of your wishes!
Adresse: Itäinenkatu 3 B
Telefon: +358 44 379 1813

Stockmann Tampere

A three-storey department store of Finnish origin, the second oldest in the country, offering a wide range of services, eateries, and stores with international and Finnish products.
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 4
Telefon: +358 9 1211
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 9.00–20.00, Sat: 9.00–19.00, Sun 11.00–18.00

Nokia Kenkäkylä

The town of Nokia was once headquarter of Nokian Jalkineet (Nokian Footwear), Finland's iconic shoe brand selling quality rubber footwear. It was founded by the Finnish Rubber Works Ltd, who moved here in 1904, and which later was merged to establish the Nokia Corporation we all know so well today. The Löytis supermarket in which the shoe outlet is found is just a 20-minute drive from Tampere.
Adresse: Kyyninkatu 22, 37100 Nokia
Telefon: +385 45 615 3430
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 9.30–18.00, Sat: 10.00–14.00

Best Time to Visit

Although Finland is an ultimate wintertime destination, those seeking more pleasant weather are advised to visit in the summertime (June to August), with temperatures peaking around 25°C in July. The coldest months are January and February, when considerable amount of snow is also to be expected. Spring tends to be the driest season of the year.

Passport / Visa

Finland can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travellers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Tampere–Pirkkala Airport (TMP)

Tampere–Pirkkala Airport is located approximately 17 kilometres from the centre. Parking and car rental services are available at the airport. Taxis can be found in front of Terminal 1. To get to Tampere city centre by bus, take 1A. Tickets are available on the bus.
Adresse: Tornikaari 50, 33960 Pirkkala

Exchange Office

FOREX Bank is since 1965 the Scandinavian market leader in foreign currencies. Since mid-2003 FOREX Bank also offers a growing range of other banking services deposits, loans, payment services, transaction services and credit and debit cards. FOREX Bank is centrally located throughout Scandinavia with more than 110 branches. At FOREX Bank you can buy foreign currency free of charge, at hours that suit you.
Telefon: +46 200 222 220

Public transport

Tampere Regional Transport provides services in Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Tampere and Ylöjärvi. Fares are in a zone-based system, and single tickets as well as a Tampere travelcard is available.
Adresse: Frenckellinaukio 2 B
Telefon: +358 3 5656 4700 (between 9.00 and 16.00 on weekdays)


For services in Tampere and its surroundings, contact Taksi Tampere: +358 100 4131.
Adresse: Sammon Valtatie 7, 33530 Tampere


Country Code: +358 Area code: 3


The standard voltage in Finland is 230 V. Plug type: C and F.


Postal services in Finland are provided by Posti, and there are several offices in the city with varying opening hours. The details of the main post office are below.
Adresse: Rautatienkatu 21
Telefon: +358 20 071 000, +358 3 920 4511
Åpningstider: Mon to Sun: 9.00–21.00


Pharmacies in Tampere are usually open until around 19.00–20.00. Yliopiston Apteekki in the city centre is open until midnight.
Adresse: Hämeenkatu 16
Telefon: +358 300 20200