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Welcome to Brest - the city with over a thousand years of history. Located on the tip of the French region of Brittany, Brest has been one of the key cities in countless numbers of battles and is currently home to one of France’s three naval bases. Take a tour and discover a city that is known for its breathtaking landscapes and scenic coastal areas. Take a boat ride to the nearby seahorse-shaped islands of Ouessant and Molene for an unforgettable experience.

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Castle of Brest

Once owned by Richard II of England, the castle is the city’s foremost landmark and oldest monument. The structure boasts more than 1,700 years of history and still serves as a military fortress today. The Navy Museum inside is certainly not to be missed.
Adresse: Château de Brest, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 22 12 39
Åpningstider: 1st April - 30th September: 10.00am - 06.30pm. 1st October - 31st March: 01.30pm - 06.30pm.
Transport: Tram: station Chateau / Bus: station Musée de la Marine


One of the largest Ocean Discovery Parks in Europe, the Océanopolis has four pavilions – polar, temperate, tropical and biodiversity – that tell the story of the sea and marine life in different world climates. The park contains an impressive 7 shark species.
Adresse: Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 34 40 40

Naval Museum

This is a branch of the Naval Museum of Paris, home to an impressive collection of model replica ships from French fleets and paintings with nautical themes. Free audio guides are available. From the museum, some of the best views over the city unfold.
Adresse: Château de Brest, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 22 12 39
Åpningstider: 1st April - 30th September: 10.00am - 06.30pm. 1st October - 31st March: 01.30pm - 06.30pm.
Transport: Tram: station Chateau. Bus: station Musée de la Marine.

The Tanguy Tower

A must-see attraction - the Tanguy Tower - houses a collection of various exhibits including artefacts and maps that recount the history of Brest. The tower itself is a medieval structure dating back to the 14th century (however, its true origins remain unknown).
Adresse: Square Pierre Péron, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 00 87 93
Åpningstider: October - May: Wednesday - Thursday: 02.00pm - 05.00pm. Weekend: 02.00pm - 06.00pm. June -September: daily: 10.00am - 12.00pm, then 02.00pm - 07.00pm.

The Montbarey Memorial

Brest provided the Memorial Association with the fort to create a museum telling the history of the French region of Finistère during the Second World War. All together it consists of five forts.The fort itself dates back to the late 18th century, when it was first built by Louis XVI.
Adresse: Fort Montbarey, Allée Bir-Hakeim, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 05 39 46
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Friday, Sunday: 02.00pm - 05.00pm.

The National Botanical Reserve of Brest

The National Botanical Reserve of Brest contains around 1,700 endangered species of plants, which are all grown and cultivated in the reserve’s greenhouses. It is dedicated to the protection and growth of endangered species from around the world. The lush premises are open to visitors.
Adresse: 52 Allée du Bot, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 41 88 95
Åpningstider: Daily: 09.00am - 07.00pm.

Recouvrance, Lambézellec, Saint-marc and Saint-pierre Quilbignon

These are four pretty suburbs of Brest that offer open areas for relaxing walks, along with fine restaurants. They are ideal places to go to for short excursions. Explore the city's main neighbourhoods, and stop in one of the quintessentially French cafes for lunch or dinner.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Art houses over 10,000 works of art, including many notable pieces, which were acquired after the building was rebuilt post-war. A curious initiative of the museum is the so-called "artothèque" - a library of art pieces, which locals are free to borrow for a short period of time.
Adresse: 24 Rue Traverse, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 00 87 96
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00am - 12.00pm, then 02.00pm - 06.00pm. Sunday: 02.00pm - 06.00pm.
Transport: Tram: line A, Château. Bus: lines 1, 2 and 8, Français Libres.

Parc de la Penfeld

This is a lovely park located on the banks of Penfeld river in Brest. It is a great place to come for a walk (if the weather allows). There are children's playgrounds on premises, and plenty of great spots for a picnic. The park is also ideal for a jog.
Adresse: Parc de la Penfeld, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 47 88 00

Cours Dajot

The tree-lined promenade of Cours Dajot is a perfect location for long walks with loved ones. Beautiful vies of the harbour unfold from here, and many restaurants in the vicinity offer great seafood and are especially known for crabs. One end of the promenade is marked by a medieval castle.
Adresse: Cours Dajot, Brest

Abri Sadi Carnot

Abri Sadi Carnot is a powerful and sobering memorial of great heroism in the face of devastating tragedy during the Second World War. The tunnel was used as a hideout by civilians when it was hit by a bomb, leaving hundreds of people trapped. The monument is guaranteed to stir up emotion.
Adresse: Porte de Tourville, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 00 87 93

Square Mathon

Square Mathon is for those who are interested in taking a glimpse into the past. The square is where some of the remaining pieces of the old Brest city wall and the ancient gate are contained; there is also a stone-carved map that shows the city the way it once was.
Adresse: Rue de Siam, Brest

Laser Game

Those interested in active pursuits will be pleased to discover that Brest has something to offer in the indoor game department. This family-friendly entertainment venue is a great place to play exhilarating games, which both kids and adults will find exciting.
Adresse: 51 Rue Yves Collet, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 80 00 00
Åpningstider: Tuesday, Thursday - Friday: 06.00pm - 12.00am. Wednesday: 06.00pm - 12.00am. Saturday: 02.00pm - 01.00am. Sunday: 02.00pm - 07.00pm.
Transport: Tram A, "Porte de Gouesnou / Porte de Guipavas, station "Brest - Mesmerrien".

Biscuiterie Terre d'Embruns

A wonderful activity for the whole family, a tour of the Terre d'Embruns biscuit factory offers visitors an insight into the production process of pastries and cookies, allowing guests to follow the process every step of the way. At the end of the tour, a sampling is possible in the on-site cafe.
Adresse: 420 Rue Alain Colas, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 83 64 25
Åpningstider: Daily: 10.00am - 07.00pm.

Phare du Petit Minou

About 15 kilometers westward along the coastline from Brest is the scenic lighthouse Phare du Petit Minou. The structure itself is, unfortunately, no longer open to the public, but the premises are free to be explored, along with the nearby fort and bunker.
Adresse: Plouzane, France
Åpningstider: 24/7

Amour de Pomme de Terre

It's all about the humble potato at this tellingly named restaurant - the root vegetable comes in many delicious varieties, all within the course of the same meal. Potatoes are certainly the star of the show in the restaurant with a classy, yet very homely feel.
Adresse: 23 rue des Halles, Saint Louis, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 43 48 51‎
Åpningstider: Daily: 12.00pm - 02.30pm, then 07.00pm - 10.00pm.

Aux Vieux Gréements

Aux Vieux Gréements is an attractive restaurant seating around 60 people. The restaurant serves delicious seafood and fish dishes.
Adresse: 145 Quai Eric Tabarly, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 43 20 48
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat Noon–2pm 6pm–10pm

Le Nautilus

Le Nautilus is an elegant restaurant at the Oceania hotel. It offers a menu with flavours from around the world, dishes are varied with an emphasis on meat and seafood. The kitchen makes good use of locally-sourced ingredients and a fine wine list is available to guests.
Adresse: 82 Rue de Siam, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 80 90 67
Åpningstider: Daily: 12.00pm - 02.00pm, then 07.30pm - 10.30pm.

Le Ruffé

Lovers of fish and seafood will be spoilt for choice at the well-regarded Le Ruffé. The menu is concise, yet packs a punch with the interesting selection. To try several exquisite dishes, sample the "formule" menu consisting of elegantly presented meat and seafood creations.
Adresse: 1 Rue Yves Collet, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 46 07 70
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Saturday.

Le Tour du Monde

Visitors should not leave Brest without tasting the local mussels, and the waterfront Tour du Monde is a good restaurant to give the local specialty a try. Mussels are the signature dish of the house, but the spot is perfect for trying some excellent fish and chips as well.
Adresse: Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 41 93 65
Åpningstider: Daily: 10.00am - 01.00am.

Restaurant Bar Atlantide

L’Atlantide is a cosy and attractive, nautical restaurant is conveniently situated in the centre of Brest at the Hotel Center. They specialise in fish and seafood. Fixed lunch and dinner menus are available, as well as an a la carte selection of dishes.
Adresse: 4 Boulevard Léon Blum, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 80 78 07
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 12–1:30pm, 7–10pm, Fri 12–1:30pm

L'atelier Gourmand

L'atelier Gourmand is a cosy, quintessentially French bistro with a lively atmosphere of a busy eatery (especially during lunch hours). Set menus are offered along with a la carte dining. Special emphasis is laid on dish presentation, which completes the dining experience.
Adresse: 33 Rue Navarin, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 46 95 94
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Saturday: 12.00pm - 01.30pm, then 07.00pm - 09.30pm.

Le M

Le M serves great European (with an emphasis on French) food, beautifully presented and full of flavour - as might be well-expected from a Michelin-starred establishment. The restaurant occupies an authentic old house. The prices are high and reservations essential.
Adresse: 22 Rue Commandant Drogou, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 47 90 00

Ristorante Del Arte

If you are really craving a pizza or any other Italian food, you have come to the right place. Ristorante Del Arte serves delicious Italian cuisine and is the right place to go to for both lunch and dinner. Pizza is the specialty, but other Italian classics such as risotto and pasta are offered here, too.
Adresse: 14 Place de la Liberte, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 20 10 20
Åpningstider: Sun–Thu 11:30am–2:30pm, 6–9:30pm, Fri–Sat 11:30am–2:30pm, 6–10pm

Le Crabe Marteau

At the waterfront Le Crabe Marteau it's all about the crab - order a whole or half crab and some boiled potatoes to go along, or opt for a classier, yet still rather affordable option of fresh oysters or simply go for some good seafood. Seating inside and outside (with harbor view) available.
Adresse: 8 Quai de la Douane, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 33 38 57
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday: 12.00pm - 02.30pm, 07.15pm - 10.30pm.

La Chaumière

This excellent French restaurant serves classics and elevated dishes of French cuisine, with two different menus of the day available (one concise, another an extended one with a wider selection of courses). Service is above par, and so its the quality.
Adresse: 25 Rue Emile Zola, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 44 18 60
Åpningstider: Mon 12–2pm, Tue–Fri 12–2pm, 7:30–9:30pm, Sat 7:30–9:30pm

Thai Phuket

The excellent Asian restaurant provides a pleasant, fresh flavor alternative to the ubiquitous fish and seafood dishes found on every corner of nautical Brest. Thai Phuket serves some beloved Thai classics in a pleasant atmosphere. Staff speak good English.
Adresse: 23-25 Rue de la 2ème Db, Brest
Telefon: +33 9 67 34 00 27
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 11:30am–2:30pm, 6:30–10:30pm, Sun 6:30–10:30pm
Transport: Tram: line A, station: Jean-Jaurès.

Le Mont Liban

Diners are welcomed with true Lebanese hospitality at Mont Liban, an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant in the heart of Brest. For those who enjoy trying different flavors the restaurant is a true find - meals are made up of multiple small dishes called "meze" (these are predominantly vegetarian).
Adresse: 8 Place de la Liberte, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 80 12 76
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 12.00pm - 02.30pm. Monday - Thursday: 07.00pm - 10.00pm. Friday - Saturday: 07.00pm - 11.00pm.

La Maison de l'Ocean

To indulge in excellent fresh seafood the region is known for, try the La Maison de l'Ocean - a waterside restaurant where it all revolves around seafood and its classic preparation. There are multiple set menus available through a broad price range, as well as a la carte dining.
Adresse: Quai de la douane, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 80 44 84
Åpningstider: Daily: 12.00pm - 02.00pm, 07.00pm - 11.00pm.

Le Khyber

Do not let the ever-so-slightly tacky interior divert you from choosing the restaurant as a spot for lunch or dinner - food served here is rumored to be of superb quality. The chefs manage to showcase authentic Indian and Pakistani flavors through the dishes on the elaborate menu.
Adresse: 46 rue de la Porte, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 05 03 73
Åpningstider: Monday - Thursday: 12.00pm - 02.00pm, 07.00pm - 10.30pm. Friday - Sunday: 12.00pm - 02.00pm, 07.00pm - 11.00pm.

L’Auberge de la Crêpe

L’Auberge de la Crêpe is a great crêperie in the heart of the city. This little place is an ideal spot for a lunch, snack or an informal evening meal. Crepes come in a multitude of sweet and savoury varieties (meet and cheese-stuffed), so take your pick form the extensive menu.
Adresse: 142 Rue Jean Jaurès, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 46 47 30


If you feel like eating something, but you're not exactly sure what it is that you want, then this is a great venue for you. At Oscar's, a nice selection of salads, pies, sandwiches, and tasty desserts await diners.
Adresse: 160 Route de Gouesnou, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 42 47 98
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 8am–4pm

Crêperie de Cornouaille

Crêpes, or French pancakes, are always a treat. La Crêperie de Cornouaille is one of the establishments beloved by locals for the quality and selection of its crêpes. This crêperie lies a little outside of the city centre and provides a cosy environment for a nice meal.
Adresse: 9 Rue Saint-Marc, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 80 01 91
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 11am–3pm, 6:30–10:45pm, Sun 6:30–10pm

Crêperie Le Roi Gradlon

Named the best in the region of Finistere, the Crêperie Le Roi Gradlon sweeps diners of their feet as soon as they open the front door with the heart-warming smell of butter and freshly-made crêpes. It is currently one of the trendiest places for crêpes in Brest, and has a lot to show for the title.
Adresse: 19 Rue Fautras, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 80 17 28
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 11:30am–1:45pm, 6:30–9:15pm

La Crêpe Flambée

Another standout amongst the city's many creperies is La Crepe Flambee, a cosy establishment where sweet and savoury crepes are offered in abundance. Try one of the many elegantly put together local specialties in the casual downstairs or more restaurant-like upstairs seating area of the cafe.
Adresse: 3 Rue Saint Saens, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 44 00 32
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday: 12.00pm - 02.00pm, 07.00pm - 09.30pm.


Perhaps the best choice for bagels in Brest, the O'bagel cafe serves a selection of delicious bagels and potato wedges/fries to go along. Try the "bagel burger" with cream cheese, hacked steak, vegetables and sauce. The interior features toy "Duff" beer cans and other pop culture curiosities.
Adresse: 44 Rue Traverse, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 44 02 19
Åpningstider: Mon 12–2:30pm, Tue–Fri 12–2:30pm, 7–10pm, Sat 12:30–2:30pm, 6:30–11pm


Spuntino is a hip, urban cafe that serves good quality pizza (arguably some of the best in town) and calzone, as well as a variety of Italian specialties. For lighter snacks, order a meat and cheese platter or simply opt for ice cream or cheesecake for dessert.
Adresse: 44 Rue de Lyon, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 80 15 01
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 12–2pm, 7–10pm

Tour du Monde

On top of being a casual seafood restaurant, the waterfront Tour du Monde is a buzzing venue that boasts an extensive selection of wine and beer, as well as some of the best views over the harbour from the elevated outdoor terrace. Service is fast and friendly.
Adresse: Port Plaisance Moulin Blanc, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 41 93 65
Åpningstider: Daily: 10.00am - 01.00am.

Greenwich Café

The elegant, centrally located Greenwich Café is a bar with a view - an unbeatable panorama unfolds from its elevated outdoor terrace, and the extensive drink list provides plenty of choices ranging from wines and spirits to non-alcoholic fresh juices and coffee.
Adresse: 5 Boulevard des Français Libres, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 47 97 44
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday: 05.00pm - 02.00am.

The Blind Piper

The Blind Piper is a cosy central pub that serves good beers and boasts a delightfully pleasant atmosphere. The pub seems to have gained quite a clientele of regulars, and continues to draw in locals and visitors in for a glass of Guinness and a sports broadcast.
Adresse: 95 Rue de Siam, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 80 35 39
Åpningstider: Daily 4pm–1am

Discothèque les Tritons

The nightlife venue is one of the city's several nightclubs, with a well-stocked bar and dance beats inviting party-makers to the busy dance floor. The venue attracts guests of a diverse age range and isn't a haunt for the student population alone.
Adresse: 7 Rue St Martin, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 43 29 90
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Sunday: 11.45pm - 05.00am.

Mc Guigan's

This Irish pub is run by an actual Irishman, who often hesitates little to join guests for some friendly banter. The pub offers live music, good food and, of course, beer. You are guaranteed a good time at Mc Guigan's regardless whether you come on your own or as a part of a group.
Adresse: 9 rue Jean-Marie Le Bris, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 44 41 69
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9am–1am, Sat 3pm–1am

The Dubliners

The Dubliners is a decent, low-key pub with a pleasant atmosphere and a large selection of beers (Guinness, naturally, included). Some quintessentially French pub food is available to guests, such as delicious local sausages. Live sports are broadcast on wall TVs.
Adresse: 28 Rue Mathieu Donnart, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 46 04 98
Åpningstider: Wednesday - Thursday: 03.00pm - 01.00am. Friday: 03.00pm - 02.00am.

Arena Cafe

This sports-themed cafe is set at an elevation, overlooking the bay of Brest. It's very popular with the young crowd and gets packed on days of big games (live sports broadcasts are the establishment's main draw). Arena Cafe serves decent pub grub and mouthwatering burgers.
Adresse: 195 Quai Eric Tabarly, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 03 18 26
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm–1am

Casa Havana

For a good mojito and Latin music head to Casa Havana, where spirits are high every day of the week and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in particular - this is when the establishment hosts salsa classes. Serves good tapas, cocktails, cider and beer on tap.
Adresse: 2 Rue de Siam, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 80 42 87
Åpningstider: Daily: 04.00pm - 01.00am.

La Base

La Base is a waterfront restaurant and bar with a pleasant ambiance, offering in- and outdoor seating on the harbour view wood terrace. The house specialty are skewers (meat, chicken, fish, etc. - take your pick), accompanied with crafted drinks from the well-stocked bar.
Adresse: 85 Quai Eric Tabarly, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 29 05 19 00
Åpningstider: Daily: 10.00am - 01.00am.

Le 54 Café

The very casual Le 54 is a good spot for a friendly get together, a relaxed venue where live sports are broadcast and international holidays (such as St. Patrick's Day) are celebrated wholeheartedly. It's a locals' haunt, with a decent drink list and both in -and outdoor seating.
Adresse: 54 Rue Glasgow, Brest
Telefon: +33 9 82 29 28 53
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday: 05.00pm - 01.00am.

The Tara Inn

This pleasant Irish pub is a noteworthy location for a night out listening to Celtic tunes played live by guest musicians. Apart from the authentic music, the pub offers a good selection of beers and a very warm welcome to its international patrons.
Adresse: 1 Rue Blaveau, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 80 36 07
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 11.00am - 01.00am. Saturday: 03.00pm - 01.00am. Sunday: 12.00pm - 01.00am.

L'Happy Café

One of Brest's liveliest bars and certainly it's most well-known gay bar at the moment, the L'Happy Café welcomes a very diverse clientele to its frequent rowdy parties. Karaoke nights are very much a thing, and so are "juke box" nights, when guests are welcome to select music oldies of choice.
Adresse: 193 Rue Jean Jaures, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 33 62 93
Åpningstider: Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday: 06.00pm - 01.00am. Friday - Saturday: 06.00pm - 02.00am.

Les Fauvettes

Les Fauvettes is an atmospheric bar known for its truly staggering beer selection - the wall behind the bar is quite a sight to examine with the incredible variety of international beer bottles represented. The bar also boasts an extensive selection of whisky.
Adresse: 27 Rue Conseil, Brest
Åpningstider: Sunday - Thursday: 05.00pm - 01.00am. Friday - Saturday: 05.00pm - 02.00am.

Roi de Bretagne

The Roi de Bretagne department store offers a great selection of products from the province of Brittany and the surrounding areas. Items range from deli foods and traditional local treats to textiles and natural cosmetics. The shop is a great stop to pick up local specialties and souvenirs.
Adresse: 12 Quai de la Douane, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 46 87 67
Åpningstider: Daily: 9.00am - 09.00pm.

Terre d'Embruns

Terre d'Embruns is a local ecological bakery and shop that has its products made without additives or preservatives. They offer delicious buns, cookies, pastries and other baked goods made from quality local ingredients. Tours of the factory followed by a tasting are available to those interested.
Adresse: 420 Rue Alain Colas, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 83 64 25

E.Leclerc Brest

E.Leclerc is the largest hypermarket in and round the area of San Severo. The shopping centre offers everything from affordable clothes to food and electronics. It might be worth to check out local treats for those looking for budget alternatives to deli stores.
Adresse: 16 Rue de la 2ème Division Blindée, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 44 56 45


Excalibulle is certainly a must-visit for fans of comic books, manga, and cartoons. The store packs a punch with its wide array of action figures and fictional character paraphernalia, with an especially large selection of Tintin-themed figures and items.
Adresse: 9 Place de la Liberté, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 46 50 80
Åpningstider: Monday: 02.00pm - 07.00pm. Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00am - 12.30pm, 02.00pm - 07.00pm.


One of France's most well-known department stores, Printemps offers fashionable clothes and accessories for men, women and children. The stores also offers a lovely selection of home and beauty products that are worth checking out.
Adresse: 59 Rue Jean Jaurès, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 44 65 65
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday: 10.00am - 07.30pm.

Centre Commercial Espace Jaures

Espace Jaures is a well-located shopping centre packed with stores of famous local and international brands. The mall houses stores of mid-range fashion brands such as H&M, Mango, New Look, Desigual, Jack&Jones and many more. There is a fast food restaurant and a cafe inside.
Adresse: 65 Rue Jean Jaurès, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 46 02 57


For those, who are interested in having luxurious French lamps, Lumina is the shop for inspiration and style that can offer all that and much more. They also offer delivery service to France and places overseas.
Adresse: 132 Rue Jean Jaurès, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 44 43 35

Carrefour Contact

Carrefour Contact is very popular food shop in France. It is a chain of shops that is very price oriented and offers many discounts and coupons.
Adresse: 4 Rue Auguste Rodin, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 02 25 91


Scubaland is a very interesting shop that provides its customer with everything they might need for water related activities. If you have ever dreamed about going snorkelling or playing underwater hockey, this is the place to find your equipment.
Adresse: 47 Rue Amiral Romain Desfosses, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 90 82 84 77
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 10am–7pm

Librairie Dialogues

The indescribable smell of new books known to all book-lovers fills the air at Librairie Dialogues, a cosy bookshop with a pleasant selection of literature (including English-language books) that has an on-site cafe, where guests are welcome to flip through the pages of editions that caught the eye.
Adresse: Square Mgr Roull, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 44 88 68

La Galerie - Le Phare de l'Europe

Located slightly outside the city center, the Galerie shopping center is a one-stop location to shop for the latest fashion and beauty trends at internationally known stores. Multiple services (beauty salons, a post office, banks, etc.) are available inside, along with a selection of cafes.
Adresse: 29 Rue de Gouesnou, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 42 55 54

Tôt Ou Tard

The small specialty shop Tôt Ou Tard is all about tea and coffee - these come in multiple varieties. The store also stocks various hot drink paraphernalia, such as thermo cups, tea cattles, jams, cookies, tins to store tea and other various curiosities.
Adresse: 49 Rue de Lyon & 34 rue d'Aiguillon, Brest
Telefon: +33 6 17 92 69 29
Åpningstider: Monday: 03.00pm - 07.00pm. Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00am - 12.30pm, 02.00pm - 07.00pm. Sunday: 10.30am - 01.00pm.

La Toque Cuivree

Try the sweet specialty of the region - a local pastry called "canele", a rum and vanilla-flavored creation with creamy custard on the inside and a crispy brown outside. La Toque Cuivree is a well-known pastry shop specializing in this particular treat.
Adresse: 29 Route de Gouesnou, Brest
Telefon: +33 2 98 42 87 17
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday: 09.00am - 07.30pm.

Magasin Espace SFR

The SFR boutique in Brest is one of the many French installments of this nationwide chain. They offer good deals on electronics, mobile devices, tablets and computers.
Adresse: 75 Rue de Siam, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 33 93 88

Louli des bois

Louli des bois is a shop that offers everything one may need for babies and children. Everything from diapers to baby clothes and toys can be found here, along with handy travel items for parents (such as baby slings and carriers) to help the trip go as smoothly as possible.
Adresse: 26 Rue Jules Michelet, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 28 45 71
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00am - 12.30pm, 02.00pm - 07.00pm.

Brest Bretagne - Airport

Brest Bretagne Airport is situated just a few kilometres from the city centre. A shuttle bus runs between the train station and the airport daily, stopping at Saint-Luc and the Place de la Liberté next to the tourist information office. The Shuttle takes 10 min to Saint-Luc and 14 min to Place de la Liberté. The first shuttle leaves the train station at 06.00.
Adresse: Aéroport Brest Bretagne, Guipavas
Telefon: +33 298 32 86 00

Public Transport

A public bus service links all parts of Brest to one another, and a train service is available from the central station for trips further afield. The main station for both is in the Place due 19eme RI. Public transportation tickets may be bought at ticket vending machines with either cash or card; day tickets with unlimited rides are available and may be a good idea for a full day of sightseeing.
Adresse: Place due 19eme, Brest
Telefon: Train service: +33 36 35 / Bus service: + 33 810 81 00 29


Taxis are available from outside the airport and the bus and rail stations. Allo Taxi Brest +33 298 42 11 11 Aux Taxis Radios Brestois +33 298 80 18 01 Allo association artisans taxis Brestois +33 899 87 67 16


Yellow post boxes can be found throughout the city. La Poste:
Adresse: 90 Rue de Siam, Brest
Telefon: +33 298 33 37 30
Åpningstider: Mon-Wed & Fri 9am-6pm, Thurs 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-12pm


Pharmacies are recognised by a large green cross outside the premises and are generally open 9am to 1pm and from around 2pm - 7pm daily, except Sunday. A list of emergency pharmacies is displayed on the front window. Pharmacie Marzin Monguillon 39 Rue Louis Pasteur, Brest +33 2 98 44 24 91 Pharmacie Centre Commercial Coat Ar Guéven 50 Rue Jean Jaurès, Brest +33 2 98 44 37 00
Telefon: Dial 112 or 15 (local number) in the event of an medical emergency


Country code: +33 Area code: (0) 2 98


220/240 V AC, 50Hz