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Dinard, set on the dramatic coastline of Brittany in northern France, has long been a fashionable destination for holidaying French urbanites. Characterised by its long and wide, tree-lined boulevards that converge on elegant squares full of chic restaurants and creperies, the city juts out seawards and is, therefore, surrounded on three sides by beaches and the sea. For sailing, water sport and beach enthusiasts, it means that the coast is always within easy walking distance.

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Parc de Port Breton

The largest expanse of parkland in Dinard, the Parc de Port Breton has an equestrian centre, children’s play area, water features, zoological park with around 40 species of animal and birds, and a plant nursery - an all-around great field trip idea for the whole family.
Adresse: Bd de la Libération, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 74 64

Eglise Notre-Dame

This is a beautiful Gothic-style church in the south of Dinard. Its insides are packed with fine carvings and stained glass windows. The church is also known to play host to concerts every once in a while, musical performances including orchestras and choir.
Adresse: 13 Rue des Ecoles, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 13 32

Promenade du Clair de Lune

With its gardens, natural greenery and views of the bay, the exceptionally long Promenade du Clair de Lune offers one of the finest coastal walks for visitors to Dinard. Parts of the promenade are set directly on the cliff rocks (the promenade itself is completely secure).
Adresse: Bord sur Mer, Dinard

La Vicomté

Enthusiasts of traditional French architecture will be enthralled by the elegant houses in the La Vicomté district. The area is located close to the beach (Plage du Prieuré) and Dinard's most attractive park (Parc de Port Breton), both of which are attractive local sites.
Adresse: La Vicomté, Dinard

La Pointe de la Malouine

La Pointe de la Malouine is located on a piece of headland next to the Plage de Saint Enogat, to the north of the city. It is an ideal spot for walking, admiring the wildlife and taking in the atmosphere of Dinard. Locals often go out on jogs around here.
Adresse: La Pointe de la Malouine, Dinard

Le Barrage de la Rance

This was one of the first hydroelectric power stations in the world when it first opened in 1966. Today it is the world's second biggest tidal power station. There are boat tours up the river during high season, during which you can enjoy a lovely view of the bay.
Adresse: La Richardais, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 37 14

Villa les Roches Brunes

This beautiful villa, built in neoclassical style between 1893 and 1896, is open to the public via guided tours. It houses different exhibitions and from its location on the edge of a cliff, it offers breathtaking views of the bay from its peaceful terrace.
Adresse: 1 Allée des Douaniers, Dinard

Longchamps Beach

Just 6 kilometres to the west from Dinard, in St Lunaire, lies the lovely, long sandy beach of Longchamps. There is a restaurant and rental outlets for water sports equipment. This is a perfect place for a relaxed day out in the sun - the beach is perfectly suitable for families with children, too.
Adresse: Longchamps Beach, St Lunaire

Manoli, Musée et Jardin de Sculptures

Here at the Manoli museum, visitors can stroll through a heavenly garden with almost 300 different imaginative art objects to enjoy. There are guided tours during July and August but guests can also find information in leaflets in French, English and German or in audio-guides in French and English.
Adresse: 9 Rue du Suet, La Richardais
Telefon: +33 2 99 88 55 53

St Vincent Cathedral

This Roman Catholic church had to be rebuilt after suffering severe damage from the war - the mix of old and new is what makes it so unique. The bishop seat is made of steel, and the windows are stained glass. Come here for a moment of peace and tranquillity.
Adresse: 12 Rue Saint-Benoist, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 40 82 31

Fort National (Saint-Malo)

Fort National, built in the late 17th century to protect St Malo, is a landmark of the city. If you decide to visit the museum do not forget to take the long spiral staircase to the top of the building, from an astonishing view of the city and the coastline unfolds.
Adresse: Fort National, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 6 72 46 66 26

Grand Aquarium

The Grand Aquarium is an attraction enjoyable to the whole family. Here you can see 600 different species of marine animals and watch them up close - there is even a contact basin where visitors can touch the fish directly. Do not miss the underwater ride in the submarine at the end.
Adresse: Avenue du Général Patton, Saint Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 21 19 07

Plage de l’Ecluse

There are several beaches to choose from in the area, but if you are looking for a place within Dinard city limits this is a perfect option. In the summer season this sandy beach is a popular meeting spot and visitors can join a gym class or attend any other of the activities held here.
Adresse: Plage de l’Ecluse, Dinard

Mini Golf de Saint-Enogat

Close to the Saint-Enogat beach, to the north of Dinard, you can challenge your friends to a tournament of mini golf on a course overlooking the ocean. After a tough game, guests can enjoy a light snack or a refreshing drink at the small café with sea view.
Adresse: Rue Roger Vercel, Dinard

Casino Barrière de Dinard

If you're feeling lucky or just want to feel the air of glamour for a moment, pay a visit to the casino. In addition to the traditional games, the casino also hosts different shows and cabaret performances, and there is also a fine dining restaurant with magnificent sea view on-site.
Adresse: 4 Boulevard Wilson, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 30 30


Only a couple of kilometers away from Dinard lies the fortified town of Saint-Malo, which offers further sights and attractions to visitors. Walk the cobbled streets of the historic town contained within the ramparts, visit the St Vincent Cathedral, and explore the city's fine dining scene.
Adresse: Saint-Malo, France

Le Balafon

The hidden gem of a restaurant comes highly recommended by local connoisseurs. Its remote location makes it difficult to simply stumble upon, so do venture away from the main visitor strip for some excellent French cuisine made with locally-sourced market ingredients.
Adresse: 31 Rue de la Vallee, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 14 81

La Gonelle

The fabled seafood restaurant is partially set on a cliff, with an airy terrace overlooking the bay. Oysters, clams, mussels, lobster, and, of course, catch-of-the-day fish are prepared in a variety of mouthwatering ways in the open kitchen - diners are welcome to take a peek.
Adresse: Promenade Clair de Lune, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 40 47

La Passerelle Du Clair De Lune

Enter through the kitchen and indulge in some excellent fine dining only several minutes away from the center of Dinard. The reputable restaurant serves modern French cuisine with an emphasis on seafood (try the mussels and clams in beurre blanc sauce).
Adresse: 3 Avenue George V, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 96 37
Åpningstider: Thu-Mon 12-2pm & 8-9.30pm

L'Appel du Large

This restaurant is located at the Casino Barriere de Dinard. The décor is bright and cheerful and the restaurant provides great views of the sea. L’Appel du Large specialises in seafood dishes, but meat-lovers will not be disappointed with the selection either. Offers classic French flavors.
Adresse: 4 Boulevard Wilson, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 30 38
Åpningstider: Sat-Wed 11am-2am, Thurs-Fri 11am-3am

Le Cancaven

Mussels (moules) head the menu at the Le Cancaven, but an assortment of other seafood dishes, fish, and salads prominently feature on it as well. Set menus are great value, try one of those or opt for the a la carte service. The restaurant is very centrally located.
Adresse: 3 Place de la République, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 15 45

Castor Bellux

For an informal meal on a day out shopping, head for the Castor Bellux, an Italian eatery serving pizzas, pasta and other dishes from Italy. Service is known to be delightfully friendly, serving sizes are large, so it's no surprise the restaurant buzzes with diners nearly every night of the week.
Adresse: 5 Rue Winston Churchill, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 25 72
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm-2.30pm & 7pm-11pm
Transport: Car or bus to Rue Winston Churchill

Buffalo Grill

Buffalo Grill is a restaurant chain specializing on open-fire grilled meat and fish. The menu features succulent cuts grilled to perfection. If the weather allows, you can enjoy your food out on the terrace. Open all year however off-season it is closed on Sunday and Monday evenings and Tuesdays.
Adresse: ZAC de la Ville Es Meniers, Pleurtuit
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 13 85

Côté Soleil Grill

The efficient and professional personnel at Le Côté Soleil Grill serves scrumptious grilled meat and seafood dishes to their guests, in an often busy but still very welcoming atmosphere. Set menus of different price ranges are available, as well as a daily changing "menu du jour".
Adresse: 2 Place de la République, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 00 01
Åpningstider: Daily 12-2pm & 7pm-9.30pm

Le Yacht Restaurant

This elegant restaurant is located just above the Dinard Yacht Club. The menu is rather concise, with an emphasis on seafood — they even serve fresh oysters. From the outside terrace guests can enjoy one of the best views of the bay and boats passing.
Adresse: Promenade du Clair de Lune, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 23 18 12 08

L'Abri des Flots

L'Abri des Flots is a reputable restaurant highly popular among Dinard residents and is, therefore, often quite busy. The menu gives guests a choice from several regional dishes. The food is of high quality, service is efficient and all of it at reasonable prices.
Adresse: 6 Place de la République, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 99 48
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm-2.30pm & 7pm-10.30pm

Restaurant de la Vallée

This restaurant is located in the harbour, close to the city centre. The menu focus lies on fish and seafood, and the Tapas Marin is a rather popular choice. The interior is modern and guests can choose to sit inside the restaurant or out on the terrace facing the harbour.
Adresse: 6 Avenue George V, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 94 00

Le Chalut

A proud Michelin star holder, Le Chalut is a fine dining restaurant with a homely feel that specializes on seafood from local waters (some meat options are available as well). Dishes are cooked to perfection, and multiple-course menus are on offer. Mind that there is currently no children's menu.
Adresse: 8 Rue de la Corne de Cerf, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 56 71 58
Åpningstider: Wed-Sun 12.15-1.15pm & 7.15-9.15pm

Le Bistro de Jean

An excellent dining location in Saint-Malo, Bistro de Jean is a classic French bistro with a concise menu featuring only a handful of starters and mains - a sign that the dishes that did make the cut are given utmost attention. Try the signature scallops or sea bass, or opt for the game or lamb.
Adresse: 6 Rue de la Corne de Cerf, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 40 98 68
Åpningstider: Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri 12pm-1.45pm, Mon-Sat 7-9.45pm

Bouche en Folie

Another great find in Saint-Malo, the Bouche en Folie is a restaurant that immediately charms anyone who enters with its interior, only to enchant them further with the excellent modern French cuisine served here. Seating is limited, so do make sure to book in advance.
Adresse: 14 Rue du Boyer, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 6 72 49 08 89
Åpningstider: Thu-Mon 12-2pm & 7-10pm


L'Arganier stands in refreshing contrast to the ubiquitous classic French flavours found at every corner is Dinard. The couscous and traditional tajine dishes are excellent, and so are the meats. The restaurant is also featured in the Michelin guide.
Adresse: 3 Rue Winston Churchill, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 90 39

Thai & Sushi

The restaurant provides yet another alternative for those looking to change it up and savour flavors that aren't the brilliant regional seafood. The menu features an array of Thai dishes, sushi, rolls, sashimi, tartar, and a variety of other Asian delicacies.
Adresse: 13 Rue Henri Maulion, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 40 53
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 12-2pm & 6-10pm

La Santa Lucia

The Italian eatery is known for its excellent pizzas - the selection is rather impressive (some pizzas even feature the very Breton egg on top), and serving generous sizes (one pizza may easily be shared among two guests). Other dishes served include pasta, salads, and meats.
Adresse: 23 Boulevard Wilson, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 87 77

Crêperie Côté Mer

Côté Mer is an attractive crêperie within easy reach of both the shops and beach, great for informal dining. The galettes are traditionally prepared and cooked on demand. There is an extensive selection of sweet and savoury crepes, as well as a couple grill varieties.
Adresse: 29 Boulevard Wilson, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 80 30

Crêperie Du Roy

This is a crêperie with a true traditional French atmosphere. They offer a good choice of flavoursome crepes and galettes that come with a side salad. This one is a longstanding local establishment, with fast, attentive service and honest portions.
Adresse: 9 Boulevard Féart, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 10 57


A crêperie with a view, L'amirauté is located in Saint-Lunaire, to the west of Dinard. Seating is available on the sun terrace overlooking the bay, with full sea view. On the menu, you will find pancakes, desserts, various seafood dishes, salads, and drinks.
Adresse: 1 Boulevard du Décolle, Saint-Lunaire
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 33 38
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–10pm

Le Marégraphe

This place is located close to the beach and offers an outside terrace where you can enjoy your food and drink. Crêperie le Marégraphe is a pleasant cafe with friendly and welcoming staff, offering a selection of sweet and savoury crepes to fit anyone's taste.
Adresse: 8 Place du Calvaire, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 94 92

Balthazar – le Bar à Chocolat

If you like chocolate, you have come to the right place. Their speciality is hot chocolate made with cacao beans from South America and Africa. The cafe is known for its quirky chocolate creations, such as funny little figurines and even chocolate lipstick. Offers several flavours of ice cream.
Adresse: 32 Rue Levavasseur, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 90 10 28 14
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 10am–12.30pm, 3–7pm


Bergamote is located in St. Malo, a town in very close proximity to Dinard. This tea room and crêperie also serves salads and other lighter snacks for lunch, together with delicious pastries and cakes. Appealing presentation is at the forefront here - desserts look exceptionally stunning.
Adresse: 3 Place Jean de Chatillon, Saint Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 40 28 14
Åpningstider: Daily 11:30am–6pm

Le Corps de Garde

Set on the old ramparts of Saint-Malo, this attractive creperie serves a selection of sweet crepes and savoury galettes, all on a pleasant terrace overlooking the bay. Come here to enjoy a light meal or dessert and take in the rays of the setting sun.
Adresse: 8 Rue de la Crosse, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 40 91 46
Åpningstider: Daily 11am–10pm

Le Comptoir BREIZH Café

The unique cafe fuses together two seemingly polar opposite culinary traditions - the French and Japanese ones. The peculiar blend results in some of the most one-of-a-kind flavors, both sweet and savoury - try the excellent "crepe rolls" or mouthwatering galettes.
Adresse: 6 Rue de l'Orme, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 56 96 08

Le Cafe Rouge

Le Cafe Rouge isn't just another hotel restaurant, as it may seem at first glance - the establishment serves excellent seafood, and is one of the good choices for lunch in the area. The "plat du jour" (dish of the day) is often a great choice, but a la carte dining is available as well.
Adresse: 3 Boulevard Feart, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 70 52

La Suite Club

La Suite is a very popular local disco club, one of the few prominent venues on the Dinard nightlife scene. The club has a great vibe and good selection of drinks. One of its biggest perks is the free transfer service to and from Dinard and Saint-Malo. See their web page for themed party schedules.
Adresse: 2 Rue de la Ville Biais, La Richardais
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 46 46

Le Casino Barrière

Much of the nightlife excitement in Dinard revolves around the Casino Barrière, a venue that tends to get especially busy during high season (from roughly May to late October). There are a couple of bars and a restaurant on-site, and the usual casino suspects: roulette, card games, and slot machines.
Adresse: 4 Boulevard Du Président-Wilson, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 30 30
Åpningstider: Sun–Thu 11am–2am, Fri–Sat 11am–3am

Bar Le Skipper

Bar Le Skipper is a nautical-themed bar located in the centre of Dinard. The place is lively both day and night, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. The bar is very popular with locals, and has a very laid-back, unpretentious vibe. Great for lunch.
Adresse: 8 Place de la République, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 84 99
Transport: Car or bus to Place de la République

Royal Emeraude

This elegant lounge bar is located at luxury Hotel Royal Emeraude in Dinard. Here you can enjoy a warm cup of tea with scones or homemade cakes during the daytime, and stay for some classy evening entertainment in the form of soft piano music and well-crafted drinks.
Adresse: 1 Boulevard Albert 1er, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 19 19

West Parc

If you like Rock'n'Roll and bowling you have just found the right spot - the bowling alley is fully equipped for laser tag, "bubble foot" (indoor zorbing), and has an on-site diner and bar. The place is great for both family occasions and hanging out with friends.
Adresse: 1 Rue des Villes Billy, La Richardais
Telefon: +33 2 99 73 41 91

Le Sadi 2

The very hip Sadi 2 is an establishment dramatically different from Dinard's polished fine dining venues - the vibe here is very relaxed, the atmosphere reminiscent more of a cool bar than a proper restaurant - although very decent food is served as well. Drinks range from beers to cocktails.
Adresse: 14 Rue de Saint Enogat, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 87 25
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 11am-2.30pm & 6.30pm-12am, Sun 7pm-12am

Le Huit Bis

The quirky restaurant and bar is packed to the brim with curiosities attached directly to its walls, giving plenty of places to rest the eyes as guests await their orders of food and drinks (daily specials vary, but seafood - mussels in particular - come highly recommended).
Adresse: 8 Bis Rue Yves Verney, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 48 88

Le 333 Cafe

The cafe offers seating on one of the finest scenic terraces in town, overlooking the bay below. For a snack, try the classic burger or the moules-frites (mussels with potato fries). In the evenings, good cocktails and drinks are served. Pricing is on the upper range.
Adresse: 46 Avenue George V, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 88 26 26
Åpningstider: Daily 11am-12am

La Palm Night

The pleasant bar offers in- and outdoor seating on the airy terrace, regularly hosts live gigs and DJ sets, broadcasts major sporting events, and stays open till as late as 3.30am during the summer months.
Adresse: 6 Rue Yves Verney, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 84 34

La Chaumière

The upscale night club offers complimentary shuttle bus service from multiple points in Dinard and Saint-Malo (consult their web page for schedules and pick-up points). Views from here are unbeatable, and the compact dance floor gets packed with elegant party-goers as the night progresses.
Adresse: 1 Pointe du Decolle, Saint-Lunaire
Telefon: +33 2 30 30 35 35

Les Halles de la Concorde

The covered market of Les Halles is the go-to place for those looking to stock up on some excellent local delicacies. The 18 registered vendors sell everything from fresh seafood to local produce, but the two "fromageries" are the ones that deserve particular attention on the part of shoppers.
Adresse: 22 Place Paul Crolard, Dinard
Åpningstider: Daily 7am-1.30pm

Grand Marché

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays the square just by Les Halles comes alive when 300 vendors from the region gather to showcase some of the best local produce at what is now known as the region's largest market. Shop for everything from regional delicacies to clothing and souvenirs.
Adresse: 22 Place Paul Crolard, Dinard
Åpningstider: Tue, Thurs & Sat 7am-1pm

Cavavin Dinard

The centrally located wine boutique is a prime spot to shop for some of the finest local wines, champagne, and other liquors - local and international. Bottles make perfect gifts and souvenirs from the region. The shop packs over 900 varieties, a selection guaranteed to satisfy the finest of tastes.
Adresse: 34 Rue Levavasseur, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 92 04
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 9.30am-12.30pm & 2.30-7.30pm, Sun 10am-1pm

Conserverie la Belle-Iloise

The rustic Conserverie la Belle-Iloise is a must-stop for Dinard shoppers, a boutique specializing in various kinds of fish preserves, all of which come in uniquely designed tins and can be assembled into beautiful gift sets. Take your pick from a wide selection of tuna and sardine varieties.
Adresse: 21 Rue du Maréchal Leclerc, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 18 67

Biscuiterie La Trinitaine

Ever since it was first established in 1955, La Trinitaine has been selling specialty baked goods such as butter biscuits, pastries, crepes, salted butter-flavored caramel, and a selection of sweet preserves typical of the region. Adorable gift box sets are available for purchase.
Adresse: 4 Place de la République, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 94 74
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-1pm & 2-7pm

Douceurs de Bretagne

Douceurs de Bretagne brims with regional specialties from all over the province of Brittany - jams, wines, ciders, the typical caramels au beurre salé, and a plethora of further delicacies - both sweet and savoury. Multiple gift sets are available.
Adresse: 35 Rue Levavasseur, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 96 72 05 06
Åpningstider: Daily 9.30am-1pm & 2.30-7pm

La Maison Guella

The longstanding sweet and confectionery producer La Maison Guella enjoys a presence in both Dinard and Saint-Malo. Its assortment ranges from cookies and biscuits (the traditional "galette Bretonne", salted butter cookies, caramels, jams, and more.
Adresse: 29 Rue Levavasseur, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 40 83 43


Saint-Malo, only a couple of kilometers away from Dinard, offers a plethora of good shopping opportunities. If you're arriving from Jersey of the UK, Saint-Malo might be your main point of entry or departure.
Adresse: Saint-Malo, France

Centre Commercial la Madeleine-Carrefour (Saint-Malo)

Centre Commercial la Madeleine-Carrefour is conveniently located close to the road leading into Saint-Malo. Here you can go shopping for brands such as Yves Rocher, Clair's, Etam, Morgan, Calzedonia, and more. If you are hungry, feel free to stop for a coffee or lunch at one of its many eateries.
Adresse: Avenue de la Flaudais, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 2 99 82 36 10

Indoor Market at Halle au Blé (Saint-Malo)

The Saint-Malo indoor market is held at Halle au Blé on Tuesdays and Fridays. The product selection is mainly fresh local produce. On those same days, fish and seafood are sold at the Place de la Poissonnerie, only a few blocks up from the market's location.
Adresse: Rue des Cordiers, St-Malo
Åpningstider: Tue & Fri 8am-1pm

La Maison du Beurre (Saint-Malo)

The deli is a unique shopping spot in Saint-Malo, a tiny boutique where celebrated chef Jean-Yves Bordier showcases the wide variety of cheeses and butters of his own creations. Reputable eateries from around the world receive regular shipments from here, but anyone is welcome to make a purchase.
Adresse: 7 Rue de l Orme, Saint-Malo
Telefon: +33 2 23 18 25 81
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 9am-1pm & 3.30-7.30pm, Mon & Sun 9am-1pm


If you want to go shopping in a bigger city Rennes is only 1 hour away by car. The city (with its over 200,000 inhabitants) packs a punch with international brand boutiques, farmer's markets, local delis - and more - represented.
Adresse: Rennes, France

Dinard Bretagne Airport

The Dinard Bretagne Airport (Aeroport Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo) is situated just 4 kilometres south of the Dinard city centre. Taxis are available outside the terminal. There is no bus or rail connection from the airport to Dinard but there is a shuttle service, scheduled after the arriving flights, that leaves for the bigger city of Saint-Malo. The ticket is purchased from the driver. From Saint-Malo station there are buses to Dinard.
Adresse: Dinard Bretagne Airport, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 18 46

Public Transport

Good bus service links all parts of Dinard to one another, along with a train service from the Gare Maritime La Richardais off the Route du Barrage for journeys further afield. Remember that all bus tickets must be validated when entering the vehicle. Car parks are in the Place de Gaulle, the Place du Marché Halles and off the Place de la République, along with the beaches.


Taxis are available from outside the airport and the taxi station in the Place de la République. The official taxi companies have a taxi sign on the roof of the cars and the fare is decided by a metre. The rate depends on day and time. Bedel Taxi +33 6 60 42 04 15 Taxi Delommez +33 6 03 47 84 66 Taxi Dinard +33 660 420 415


You can buy stamps at tobacco shops and the mailboxes are yellow. Main Post Office:
Adresse: 8 Place Rochaïd, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 16 34 00


Pharmacies are recognised by a large green cross outside the premises and are generally open 9 am-1 pm and from around 2 pm-7 pm daily, except on Sundays. Out of hours is on a rota basis displayed in pharmacy windows. Pharmacy Centrale Franca:
Adresse: 15 Boulevard Féart, Dinard
Telefon: +33 2 99 46 22 68


Country code: +33 Area code: (0) 2 99


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