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Located at the foot of the Massif Central and less than a two-hour drive from the Mediterranean, Rodez is the capital of the Aveyron Region. This picturesque region is one of the best kept secrets of France, offering more attractions than you would expect. Rodez is surrounded by several village communities, all rich in cultural and historical assets, which contribute to making the town a prime tourist destination.

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This small town, not even 10 km from Rodez, hides two amazing fortified churches that, with their walls and ramparts, look more like majestic castles. Also, they have sheltered rooms that visitors can see, but only after having climbed 70 steps.
Adresse: Sainte-Radegonde, Aveyron

River Aveyron

Stroll along the river that flows through the city and be charmed by the beautiful buildings that are built on its bank. It is in the outskirts of the city, though, that the river is more natural and just perfect for a relaxing walk.
Adresse: The River Aveyron

Millau Viaduct

About an hour away from Rodez, you will find the Millau Viaduct, one of the tallest bridges in the world that has also been ranked as one of the greatest engineering achievements ever. As you may have guessed, the view from the bridge is amazing and definitely worth the visit.
Adresse: Millau Viaduct, France

Royal Fortress of Najac

The small village of Najac, located a little more than one hour away from Rodez, is mostly famous because of its castle, built in the middle of the 13th century on a hill. Discover the history of this magnificent fortress with the help of a knowledgeable guide and enjoy the breath-taking view.
Adresse: Najac, France

Jewellery Making

If you wish to make your own souvenirs from your trip to Rodez, join a jewellery making workshop at La Vidalerie Jewellery. Choose between beading, silversmithing or stone setting and design your own unique piece. At this 300 year old farmhouse you are also offered packages over several days including accommodation.
Adresse: Lieu-dit La Vidalerie, Prades-d'Aubrac
Telefon: +33 630 74 20 35


This eighteen-hole golf course is located in the area of Onet le Château, close to Rodez. While playing here you will have the chance to enjoy the stunning view of this beautiful countryside where a majestic cathedral stands out.
Adresse: Avenue de Vabre, Onet le Château
Telefon: +33 565 78 38 00
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Hiking and Walking

In Rodez there is not only a self-guided walking tour of the old city centre, but also several paths and hiking trails outside the city, on the beautiful countryside in the area of Aveyron. You will find different levels of difficulty and length but all of them have stunning views and breathtaking nature in common.

Aquavallon Aquatic Centre

Are you in the mood for a family fun day? Then pay a visit to Aquavallon Aquatic Centre, where visitors can splash around the different swimming pools, go on the water slide, play water games and, finally, relax in the Jacuzzi or the sauna.
Adresse: Chemin de l'Auterne, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 73 40 10

Parc de Loisirs de Combelles

This 300 acres park is located in the district of Le Monastère where you could try horse riding or an array of sport activities and then just wander around the lush and green areas to relax and have a picnic.
Adresse: Le Monastère, Rodez
Telefon: +33 5 65 77 30 00

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez

With its late Gothic and sculpted red sandstone bell-tower, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Rodez is the perfect starting point for your visit. The hidden treasures of its architecture are unveiled at night by five hundred projector lamps, so go and discover its magic.
Adresse: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 75 76 77
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Fenaille Museum

Located in a beautiful Renaissance mansion in the old town, the museum features a collection of the largest Menhir statues in France. At Fenaille Museum you will discover the history of the Rouergue province from 300,000 years ago up to the 17th century.
Adresse: 14, place Eugène Raynaldy, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 73 84 30

Denys-Puech Museum

The Museum of Fine Arts is definitely a not-to-be-missed attraction, even just for the stunning white building where the museum is set up. Named after the famous sculptor Denys Puech, who lived in the area in the late 19th and early 20th century, this has been a meeting place for modern and contemporary creations since 1989.
Adresse: Place Georges-Clémenceau, Rodez
Telefon: +33 456 577 89 60

Le Monastère

Take some time to wander around Rodez and live the memorable experience of discovering all the enchanting villages of southern France; the region, in fact, is home to unique historical sites and a rich architectural heritage. Le Monastère, in particular, with its abbey and medieval bridge crossing the Aveyron River is a must.
Adresse: Le Monastère, Aveyron

The Old Town

There is a lot to discover in the old town of Rodez, such as the historic town houses and private mansions from the 14th-17th centuries, the chapel of the old Jesuit College and the Bishop’s Palace (17th century), just to mention a couple.
Adresse: Old Town, Rodez

Les Jardins de l'Acropolis

Les Jardins de l’Acropolis has a varied menu, skilled staff and always the right wine to match the desired meal. Moreover. the portions served are so generous that you will leave this restaurant completely satisfied.
Adresse: 1 Rue Athènes, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 40 07

Le Cèdre

Le Cèdre is a Lebanese restaurant that conveys the exotic feel of that beautiful country not only through the delectable dishes offered, but also through the ambiance. Certain evenings you will even enjoy your meal while watching an entertaining belly dancing performance.
Adresse: 15 Bd Denys Puech, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 42 19 03 / +33 615 72 47 67

Les Colonnes

If you fancy a lunch or dinner in a pure French Brasserie style, Les Colonnes is a good place to go. Here, delicious high quality food is offered at reasonable prices, not to mention the friendliness of the staff that will make you feel right at home.
Adresse: 6 Place d’Armes, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 00 33
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Saturday 7:30 am - 2:00 pm, Sunday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


This is a recommended restaurant especially for trying the regional specialities that make this spot extremely popular among both tourists and locals. Situated in the heart of the old town centre, in front of the Notre-Dame cathedral, it obviously offers stunning views that you will undoubtedly fall in love with.
Adresse: 8 place de la Cité, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 72 22 91

Les Arômes

This small restaurant, owned by a lovely couple, is located on a narrow side street and might not be the easiest to find. It is really recommended to make an effort, though, and come here where you will lose yourself in delicious typical French dishes, cooked to perfection.
Adresse: 5, rue Ste Catherine, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 87 24 41
Åpningstider: Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm, Sunday 12:00 - 2:00 pm

Auberge du Chateau

Just twenty minutes away from Rodez, in the small village of Muret le Château, you find this hidden gem, Auberge du Château, a beautiful country house restaurant and hotel. One of the owners, Marc Cordy, is also the main chef and guests can see his passion in the delicious and beautifully-presented dishes he creates.
Adresse: Le bourg, Muret le Château
Telefon: +33 565 47 71 57

ET Restaurant

This gourmet restaurant is located just behind the cathedral but, despite the tourist-friendly location, this is a venue serving well recommended local food of the Aveyron area. Creative menus in different sizes are offered by the friendly staff, accompagnied a choice of matching wines.
Adresse: 24 Place du Bourg, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 95 00

Mamma Mia

As the name reveals, this is an Italian restaurant where guests can indulge in homemade pasta, pizzas and other Italian delicacies. Make sure not to be too full for the dessert because their Tiramisu is not to be missed.
Adresse: 8 Rue Aristide Briand, Rodez
Telefon: +33 581 37 67 93
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

La Toile Cirée

Located right in the heart of the city, this is a perfect spot for a tasty lunch to enjoy while touring Rodez. In a quite simple but charming and cosy setting, French dishes with an exciting twist are served at affordable prices.
Adresse: Rue de la Barriere, Rodez
Telefon: +33 5 65 60 84 71
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

La Maison de Cecile et Aime

Cecile et Aime is situated right in the city centre so, particularly during the summer time, the patio becomes a very popular place for people-watching and enjoying the city-life. The easy-going staff serves generous portions of traditional French dishes and the desserts are highly recommended.
Adresse: 2 Boulevard flaugergues, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 69 57 97
Åpningstider: Monday - Wednesday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Thursday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 10 pm

Grand Café

This centrally located café is an ideal spot for a break in the afternoon, whether you wish to have just a coffee or eat a mouth-watering waffle in a relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, try also the 12 euro lunch menu and enjoy some French delicacies.
Adresse: 19 Place De La Cité, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 00 95
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

Le Petit Moka

Le Petit Moka is a charming brasserie and “Salon de thé” (tea room), a gathering place for everyone, regardless of age. Who doesn't enjoy to sit down and relax for a while, catching up with friends?
Adresse: Place des Maçons, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 75 63 34

Cafés Ruthéna

When you like good coffee there are no shortcuts, so pay attention because here you will find coffee made of 100% Arabica beans, a great taste straight from Papua New Guinea. Lean back and enjoy an authentic espresso.
Adresse: 6 Place Charles de Gaulle, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 01 15
Åpningstider: Mon 2–7pm, Tue–Sat 9am–12:30pm, 2–7pm


For some really good sandwiches, Gingko is the place to visit. Here you can choose from a wide selection of fillings and bread and you can finish your lunch with one of their delectable and freshly-baked pastries.
Adresse: 3 Rue Abbé Bessou, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 02 84
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cafe le Bourg

Lovely cafe in a pure French style where you will always be welcomed with a smile by the extremely friendly staff. It's the ideal spot to get an afternoon coffee with a slice of cake or an an aperitif on the terrace.
Adresse: 18 Place du Bourg, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 683566

Le Divan

Le Divan is a popular venue among young people, where it is possible to choose between playing pool or video games and having some of the greatest homemade cocktails in town. On the tables, characterised by their trendy décor, you will also notice countless newspapers such as Le Monde, Le Figaro or Charlie Hebdo.
Adresse: 71, rue Béteille, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 63 30
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 7:00 pm - 2:00 am

Café de la Paix

Café de la Paix is open seven days a week, late into the night; offering not only a large selection of beers, but also the possibility to meet lots of locals and start sampling Rodez’s lively nightlife.
Adresse: 3, Place Jean Jaurès, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 42 56 22
Åpningstider: Monday - Wednesday 7:30 am - 1:00 am, Thursday - Saturday 7:30 am - 2:00 am, Sunday 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Pub

In a typical French pub atmosphere, The Pub has great beers and homemade cocktails. If you don't feel like spending your night out in a fancy and touristic spot, then The Pub is just what you are looking for. So give it a try and get to know some locals while enjoying the warm ambiance.
Adresse: 5 Boulevard Gally, Rodez
Telefon: +33 5 65 68 00 01
Åpningstider: Mon–Wed 9am–12am, Thu–Sat 9am–1am

Maurice Bompard Lounge Bar

This lounge bar is situated in the Mercure Rodez Cathédrale Hotel, right in the heart of the city. Relax with a classic cocktail in the elegant 1930's atmosphere created by the red velvet cushions and dark wooden furniture.
Adresse: 1 avenue Victor Hugo, Rodez
Telefon: +33 5 65 68 55 19

Le Privilège

In Onet Le Château, you will find this nightclub that offers its best every Saturday over the summer period, when wild theme parties are organised. Check the Facebook page of the club before paying a visit in order to get to know what kind of atmosphere you will find once here.
Adresse: Route d'Espalion, Onet-le-Château
Telefon: +33 612 55 08 93
Åpningstider: Fri 11pm–5am, Sat 11pm–6am

Open-air Markets

It is enjoyable to experience the open-air markets that are held in Place du Bourg on Wednesday morning or in Place du Sacré Coeur on Friday and Saturday afternoon. There, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the local farmers and sample the special flavours of the region. Also, every Saturday on Place d’Olmet, the clothing market is worth a visit if you're looking for inexpensive and original items.
Adresse: Place du Bourg, Rodez
Åpningstider: Wednesday 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Around the centre

Behind the cathedral there is another shoppers' paradise, a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll and shopping break while visiting the old town. If you walk through the narrow alleyways that connect Place de Bourg, Place de la Cité, Place de la Mairie and Place Reynaldi, you will find plenty of specialist shops and clothing boutiques for all ages.
Adresse: Place de la Cité, Rodez

Chocolaterie Agnès et Pierre

All the chocolate-lovers out there need to stop by this lovely shop when in Rodez. Discover their delectable macarons (the best ones you will find in town), but also their chocolate creations and just forget about calories for an afternoon.
Adresse: 5 Place de la Cité, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 78 34 15
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am - 12:15 pm and 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Maison du Livre

What could you do during a rainy afternoon in Rodez? One great option could be checking out this colourful bookstore. Choose a book and lose yourself in an adventurous novel or consider buying a French grammar book and start learning the basics.
Adresse: Passage des Maçons, Rodez
Telefon: +33 5 65 73 36 00
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturdayy 10:00 am - 7:00 pm


Rodez is served by an international airport, “Aéroport de Rodez – Aveyron”, located 12 km north of the city. The only way to get into the town is by taxi and the journey takes about twenty minutes. The drivers are just at the exit of the airport and, being all aware of the arrivals schedule, they all make sure to be there when needed.
Adresse: Aéroport de Rodez-Aveyron
Telefon: +33 565 42 20 30

Public Transport

The Agglobus Company runs an efficient network of public buses. You can purchase tickets on board the vehicle, at tobacco and bakery (boulangerie) shops or at the main agency. Make sure to validate the ticket when you get on the bus and remember that buses do not stop at all places, so you might need to signal to the driver that you wish to go on board.
Adresse: 3 Place d’Armes, Rodez
Telefon: +33 800 00 79 50
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm - 6:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


All taxis in France are supposed to have a metre to calculate the fare, so make sure that there is one in the front before entering the vehicle and remember that the rate is always higher during late hours or weekends. One of the official taxi companies in town is ATS Taxis:
Adresse: 28 bd. Laromiguière, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 67 00 52


The mailboxes in France are yellow and stamps are available from kiosks and newsagents. Also, you will find a post office at:
Adresse: 38 Avenue de Millau, Le Monastère
Telefon: +33 5 65 78 41 90


Pharmacies are recognised by a large, green cross outside the premises. If you find it closed, don't worry because you will notice a rota displaying which one is open and how to find it. You find one pharmacy at:
Adresse: 5, place du Bourg, Rodez
Telefon: +33 565 68 01 83


Country Code: +33 Area Code: 565


220/240 V AC, 50Hz