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Like most Greek islands, Chios really comes to life in summer – but unlike many of its neighbours, most of its summer visitors are Greeks from Athens and the mainland. This gives the island an authentically Greek flavour and ensures an animated nightlife and some excellent Greek cooking. There’s plenty of sightseeing to be done, and enough active pursuits to keep any visitor happy for a full fortnight.

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Chios Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons organized by a Chios native will grant you insight into the intricacies of local cuisine, and give you the chance to try your hand at creating an edible masterpiece with some of the freshest local ingredients.
Adresse: Kambos, Greece
Telefon: +30 6947315709

Yacht Tours

A number of companies offer all-day yacht tours around Chios and to neighboring islands - an experience guaranteed to leave visitors with lasting impressions. Most tours include a BBQ lunch on board and stops for swimming in the open sea and/or lesser known, secluded beaches.
Adresse: Karfas, Greece
Telefon: +30 6937077414

Citrus Estate

Citrus reigns king here in the heart of Kambos, a picturesque area south of Chios Town. A tiny citrus plantation and museum devoted to the sour fruit will give you an insight into its processing stages, and the adjacent gift shop provides an opportunity to stock up on some unique citrusy souvenirs.
Adresse: 9-11 Argenti, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 31513

Byzantine Museum

The most interesting aspect of this museum is the building itself - a mosque with the only intact minaret in the Aegean Islands. The museum contains a clutter of Hellenistic statuary, Roman slabs and a collection of Turkish, Jewish and Armenian tombstones that hint at the island’s multi-ethnic past.
Adresse: Vounaki Square, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 81337
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 8.30am-1pm, Monday closed

Nea Moni

"New Monastery" is a misnomer – this imposing religious institution was founded in the 11th century by the Byzantine Emperor Constanine IX Monomachos. It is, perhaps, the finest religious building in the Aegean islands, with mosaics that date back to the golden age of Byzantine religious art.
Adresse: Nea Moni, Homeroupolis, Chios
Telefon: +30 22 710 79391
Åpningstider: 8am-1pm & 4-8pm
Transport: green bus line (route 90) connects the city and monastery


Inland from the town lies the fertile plain of Kambos, an area of olive groves, citrus orchards, almond trees and patchwork fields divided by stone walls and country lanes. Under the Giustiniani, this rich hinterland was the domain of wealthy Genoese landowners and many of their substantial stone mansions can still be seen – some have been turned into holiday homes by wealthy Athenians, while a few have been converted into comfortable guesthouses.

The Mastic Villages

Further inland, in the southern part of the island, lie the so-called masticochoria (mastic villages). These well-preserved, fortified villages date from the 14th-16th centuries and were centres for the cultivation of mastic. Mastic is the sweet-tasting gum of the lentisk bush, which was exported all over the Mediterranean – and the area still produces around 300 tonnes of mastic every year. The most picturesque villages are Pyrgi, with its houses decorated in black and white geometric patterns called xysta Mesta, where towers and walls surround a baffling labyrinth of village streets as well as Olympoi and Vessa are all a worth a visit.


This ghostly but picturesque hill village has been abandoned since 1822, when its 400 inhabitants chose to throw themselves from its 300 meter high cliff rather than fall into Turkish hands during the genocide following the revolt against Ottoman rule.
Adresse: Anavatos, Omiroupolis, Chios

Inousses (Oinousses)

This tiny island cluster in the narrow strait between Chios and Turkey is said to be one of the wealthiest spots in Greece – several millionaire ship owners have their roots and family homes here. They prize their peace and quiet, so the islands are pleasantly unspoiled and there are good (but tiny) beaches next to the main island's small port village. There is also a Maritime Museum which celebrates the island’s seafaring traditions.
Adresse: Inousses, Greece
Transport: By sea from Chios

Trips to Samos and Mytilini

There are several ferries and (in summer) hydrofoils between Chios and the neighbouring islands of Samos and Mytilini. Try the local Muscat wine in the former and ouzo in the latter for an authentic island taste.
Telefon: +30 22710 55222
Transport: ferries run from Chios port

Medieval City of Mesta

The tiny castle village of Mesta dates back to the Byzantine period, when its thick city walls protected residents from marauder attacks. Today this unique historical monument welcomes visitors and invites you to taste its delectable local wine, “Mestousiko”.
Adresse: Mesta, Chios
Transport: Daily green buses from Chios Town's waterfront long-distance bus station


This tiny village is known for the intricate black and white geometric patterns which adorn its building's facades. A true piece of folk art, Pyrgi is a Chios must-see for amateur photographers and all those who appreciate beauty.
Adresse: Pyrgi, Chios
Transport: Daily green buses from Chios Town's waterfront long-distance bus station


Tucked away in a secluded location, this tiny bay is a hidden gem on the island of Chios. The pristine turquoise waters and idyllic landscape of the untamed nature are a hidden gem for those seeking a few hours of peaceful bliss. The beach itself is mostly sandy with a few pebbles mixed in.
Adresse: Vroulidia, Chios


Nowhere else on the island is the scenery more reminiscent of the middle ages than in the tiny village of Olympi, where many of the narrow windy streets aren't lit up at night, which helps create an eerie medieval feel. Make sure to check out the nearby caves as well.
Adresse: Olympi, Chios

Chios Castle

If you have some time to spare in Chios, check out the town's old historic castle located right next to the town's port. The castle walls encircle a tiny village as well as a restored Ottoman era bath house and an abandoned mosque.
Adresse: Castle of Chios, Chios

Archaeological Museum

Even if archaeology doesn't particularly excite you, this Chios museum certainly will - the skillfully arranged exposition tells a fascinating story of the island's glory days and boasts a striking collection of ancient jewelry. Exhibits date back to the 8th and 9th centuries.
Adresse: 10 Michalon, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 44239
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 8.30am - 2.45pm, Monday closed

Polychoros Agio Galas

Tucked away in the northwestern part of the island (about 60 km from Chios town) is a tiny mountain village of Agio Galas. Take a tour of the cave and visit the local church, and don't forget to ask about the story behind the place's name (Agio Galas means "Holy milk").
Adresse: Agios Galas, Chios
Telefon: +30 2274 022004

Chios Beer Microbrewery

Tucked away in one of the back roads, this off-the-beaten path sight is definitely worth a visit - especially if you're a beer-lover. There are no organised tours, but the brewers are extremely friendly and will most probably offer you a sample or two of the wonderful Chios beer.
Adresse: 78 Agiou Mina, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271 033107
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm


This big beach is probably the best – and certainly the most popular – on the island. Only 8 km from Chios Town, it has fine sand and a full range of beach facilities including loungers, umbrellas, beach sports, showers and a good choice of water sports, along with places to stay, eat and drink.
Adresse: Karfas, Chios

Agia Fotia

Brilliant blue water and clean white and black pebbles are the hallmarks of this beach at Neohori, 11 km south of Chios Town. Agia Fotia has a reasonable choice of places to stay and eat and is one of the most conveniently located beaches on Chios, with easy access to the town and the airport.
Adresse: Agia Fotia, Chios

Agia Markella

Between wooded headlands, this curve of pebbly beach is overlooked by the historic convent of Agia Markella, so the beach has been preserved from over-development (and nude bathing is frowned upon). There are a couple of small summer tavernas which operate from late May until September.
Adresse: Agia Markella, Chios

Daskalopetra (Vrondados)

Also known as Vrondados in some brochures, Daskalopetra lies 7 km north of Chios Town and owes its popularity mainly to its location. The water is clean, but the beach is mainly pebbly. Good choice of places to eat with accommodation nearby, and conveniently close to town and airport.
Adresse: Daskalopetra, Chios


This calm blue bay on the west coast, near Anavatos, has sand and clear water that is great for snorkeling. It is an excellent place for a swim or a picnic lunch if visiting Anavatos by car – but this is very much a place for true beachcombers, as there are no facilities of any kind.
Adresse: Elinda, Chios


Komi beach is one of the best beaches on the island for families with lifeguards (high season only), loungers and beach umbrellas (not available on many Chios beaches), bars, restaurants and cafés. The sand is a mixture of coarse sand and pebbles. This beach may get crowded in July and August.
Adresse: Komi, Chios


Next to Volissos village on the island’s north coast, this is the most popular beach in the northern part of the island, with soft white sand and deep, very clear water. Busy with locals at weekends, it also has a choice of basic places to stay and a couple of small bars and taverns.
Adresse: Lefkadhia, Chios

Mavra Volia (Emborios)

Three black-pebble beaches extend along the coast near the village of Emborios, which has grown into a small and friendly resort. Very clear water adds to their appeal, and this is an excellent spot for a swim when visiting the masticochoria villages, which are nearby.
Adresse: Mavra Volia, Chios

Megas Limnionas

Located 9 km south of Chios Town, Megas Limnionas is popular with locals as well as with longer-staying holidaymakers. Next to Thimiana village, the beach is a mix of coarse sand and shingle and is lined with hotels, guesthouses and tavernas.
Adresse: Megas Limnionas, Chios

To Apomero

Undoubtedly among Chios' best, To Apomero serves traditional Greek cuisine in a scenic setting. One of the restaurant's main draws is the unbeatable skyline uncovering from the dining hall - Chios Town and the sea are clearly visible from the elevated location. Do not skip on the delicious meze.
Adresse: Chios 821 00
Telefon: +30 22710 29675
Åpningstider: Daily 5pm-1am


This family-owned tavern first opened its doors in 1987, and has been serving home-made Greek food ever since. The restaurant is located in the central square of Avgonyma village. Here you can enjoy home-made spaghetti, chicken, grilled goat and pork, as well as traditional Greek specialties.
Adresse: Avgonyma, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 42175

Roussiko Thymiana

One of the finest in Chios, Roussiko restaurant has recently relocated closer to the sea shore and brought the authentic flavors it has long been known for along with it. Try the grilled sardines or squid, stuffed grape leaves or aubergines, and the hand-made pasta.
Adresse: Agia Ermioni, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 33352


Hotzas is a traditional Greek garden restaurant located on a quiet street. It is a popular place among locals, which is as good a testament to the quality of this place as any. Food served is delicious local fare prepared with fresh ingredients. Prices are very reasonable.
Adresse: 3 Georgiou Kondyli, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271 042787
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 7pm-12am


Meltemaki is a casual eatery popular with diners from Chios and beyond. The unbeatable setting right by the water draws patrons in, and the fresh seafood cooked to perfection keeps them coming back for more, year after year. Located several kilometers south of Chios Town.
Adresse: Katarraktes, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 062105

Agyra Restaurant

Those traveling to or staying in Megas Limionas should by no means skip on Agyra - a traditional tavern serving some beloved Greek classics. Live music is played on Fridays and Saturdays. Service is incredibly friendly - the owner and staff greet diners like old friends.
Adresse: Megas Limionas, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 032178

To Tsikoudo

One of the best eateries in the harbour area, To Tsikoudo tends to get crowded during peak lunch and dinner hours, so arrive slightly early to ensure being seated. The tavern is most known for its direct view of the water (the reason prices are higher than usual), and food quality is very decent.
Adresse: 40-42 Leoforos Egeou, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271040111

The Pastards

If Greek flavors are getting overbearing, change it up with a visit to this playfully named establishment. The Pastards serves the beloved Italian classics - pasta and pizza, in many delicious varieties. The restaurant is run by young, dynamic and innovative staff.
Adresse: 13 Livanou Mich., Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271081466
Åpningstider: Daily 2pm-1am

Taverna Galera

Located right by the beautiful Lithi Beach, Taverna Galera is an excellent quality traditional Greek eatery. Food served includes Greek specialties with a heavy emphasis on seafood. Diners will most likely be able to use the tavern's sunbeds free of charge.
Adresse: Port Lithi, Lithi, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 073285

Taverna Fabrika

Fabrika is a tavern in the most traditional sense, with a restaurant and several rooms for hire. The tavern occupies the building of an old olive and flour mill, with some of the equipment still available for visitors to see. Dine on grilled meat and seafood, and have loukoumadhes for dessert.
Adresse: Volissos, Chios
Telefon: +30 22740 22045

Taverna Mouria

This beautiful Vrontados taverna is constantly teeming with diners, and for good reason - food here is superb, and the menu rather varied, with seafood selection ranging from fish to lobster and urchin. Enjoy the unbeatable views over the water to the sounds of live music (shows hosted frequently).
Adresse: Velonas, Vrontados, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 93444

My Cafe

My Cafe is located just before the airport. It’s a cosy café/restaurant, with elegantly prepared food (a variety of breakfast foods and salads on offer), as well as a whole range of specialty coffees. Having a coffee or a snack here enables you to use their free Wi-Fi.
Adresse: Leof. Enoseos 96, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 43521

Ice Cream Kronos

A celebrated ice cream shop, Kronos uses locally sourced ingredients (fresh milk and even Chian specialties such as masticha) to produce some of the best ice cream on the island. Serves ice cream by the cone and ice cream cakes for special occasions.
Adresse: 2 Filippou Argenti, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 22710 22311

Kanellos donuts

There is hardly a better place on the island to try the "loukoumades" - a variety of traditional local donuts, that come in a number of flavors. Stick to the classic chocolate, or try the unique, exclusively Chian mastic-flavored ones. The cafe is located in the town of Mesta.
Adresse: Kri Kri, Mesta
Telefon: +30 2271076186


A Chian hidden gem, this café holds an air reminiscent of hip establishments popping up in large European capitals. It specializes in fresh juices - explore the menu to see all possible delicious combinations on offer. The menu also features specialty coffees and (iced) teas.
Adresse: 7 Choremi Georgiou, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271 105046

44 Bar · Coffee Shop

One of the newest additions to the Chian café scene, 44 is a stylish bar and coffee shop located right by the Chios Town harbour. Stop by for a relaxing cup of specialty coffee by day, and drop in to join one of their regular cocktail parties after sundown.
Adresse: 44 Leof. Aigaiou, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271 028211

Chios Town

Chios Town has a good array of dance clubs and music bars, many of which are firmly established and open most of the year. Walk down the waterfront stretch by the port, where most of the cafés-by-day, bars/dance clubs by night are located. Many host guest DJs, and some have weekly themed parties.
Adresse: Chios Town, Chios


The island’s other nightlife epicentre is Karfas, which rocks from mid-June until the end of August, but where the scene is likely to change from one summer to the next. It is located just a few kilometers south of Chios Town - just a short, easy drive away.
Adresse: Karfas, Chios

Metropolis Lounge Cafe Bar

This superb café, bar and music venue located in a grand neo-classical building on the waterfront offers all-round entertainment almost around the clock (in summer, from 8.00 until around 3.00 the following day!) with live music and DJ's, meals, drinks and snacks.
Adresse: 92 Leof. Aegeou, Chios Town

Viri Carpe Diem Beach Bar

Lively beach club with water sports, activities, restaurant and bar that metamorphoses into a rocking music club later in the evening. Greek and international DJ's and bands playing metal and house. Perfect for both day and night entertainment. Hosts the island's most popular color party.
Adresse: Viri Beach, Chios
Åpningstider: Summer only – opens mid-June

Oz Cocktail Bar

Tucked away in one of the tiny alleys of Chios Town, this all-around great bar plays good music and serves well-crafted cocktails. The atmosphere is inviting and the interior decor artsy and cool. Serves food and caters to individual preferences upon request.
Adresse: Aplotarias, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271080326
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 8am-3am, Sun 6pm-3am

Pura Vida

Pura Vida stands out among competitors on many levels. The venue boasts an extensive selection of wine and beer, a variety hardly paralleled elsewhere on the island. Non-alcoholic drinks include specialty coffee and bubble tea. Good music is played at night till the early hours of the morning.
Adresse: 3 Leof. Aigaiou, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271 042353

Sueño Coffee-Bar

Much like many other Chios Town waterside establishments, Sueño functions as a café by day and a bar/club/lounge after sundown. This particular venue is very popular with locals, and the regularly hosted "Greek parties" are a testament to that like no other.
Adresse: 46 Leof. Aigaiou, Chios Town
Åpningstider: Daily 8am–2am

After Club

For those in the Pyrgi area, there is hardly a better place to party the night away. The venue comes alive before sundown, and slowly turns into a night club as the evening goes on. After Club is located slightly outside of town, but is easily accessible by car.
Adresse: Pyrgi, Chios

Ammos Boutique Beach Bar

The Ammos Boutique Beach Bar in Komi (the island's south) enjoys a good reputation as a day- and nighttime hang out venue. During the day, it serves light foods, snacks, coffee, and a selection of beers; guests are welcome to make use of sunbeds. Party beats start sounding louder as the night progresses.
Adresse: Komi, Chios


A bar known for its quality music and unpretentious atmosphere, Kubrick is a venue frequented by locals. It serves a selection of beers (including locally produced Chian ones) and well-crafted cocktails. For non-alcoholic drinks, try their home-made lemonade.
Adresse: Anelastou 14, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 102744
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 8am–4am, Sun 10am–4am

Yoso Beach Bar

A fabulous venue in the island's north, Yoso Beach Bar is a the place to be both during the day and at night. Guests are welcome to make use of the bar's sunbeds and join one of the frequently hosted parties. Drinks served from a re-purposed van add to the place's hip charm.
Adresse: Paralia Giosonas, Kardamila, Chios
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–10pm

Chios Town

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most shopping on Chios is done in the island's Chora, or Chios Town. Its windy streets are packed with shops and boutiques selling an array of traditional souvenirs, from edible delights (containing the local specialties - citrus and mastic) to cosmetics and local ceramics.
Adresse: Chios Town, Chios


Visit this tiny citrus plantation and museum devoted to sour fruit (primarily lemons and tangerines), and stop by the adjacent gift shop to stock up on some unique citrus souvenirs - a variety of edible delights like home-made jams, dried fruit and nuts, and oils.
Adresse: 9-11 Argenti, Chios
Telefon: +30 22710 31513


Conveniently located in the Chios Town harbour, Mastihashop is the place to go for uniquely Chian souvenirs. Discover a whole range of products containing the island's masticha - foods and sweets to cosmetics and body care products (down to masticha-contianing tooth paste!).
Adresse: 36 Leoforos Egeou, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271081600

Vinius Wine Gallery

The wine store is well-stocked with Greek (and international) wines. This one is a grat find for those looking to bring some local wine back home with them. If unsure, consult the knowledgeable staff who are there to make a timely recommendation. The store closes in the afternoon.
Adresse: 1 Tsouri Stefanou, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271022400
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10am-3pm & 7pm-11.30 pm

Maris Natural Remedies

Named after Giorgos Maris, a local scientist who runs the shop, Maris Natural Remedies contains natural herbal remedies to various health conditions, as well as cosmetic products, colognes, and more. Consult the staff and receive a personalized recommendation.
Adresse: 11 Al. Pachnou, Chios Town
Telefon: +30 2271 022993

Hondos Center

Hondos is a Greek department store that focuses heavily on cosmetics and women's wear. The array of make up and beauty products is some of the best in Chios, and make-up artists offer complimentary services to customers. The store also sells accessories, such as bags and watches.
Adresse: 38 Aplotarias, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 028567


Thalassinou is a clothing store that specializes in both men's and women's fashions. The shop regularly receives new arrivals (check the web page to see the latest additions to the assortment). Clothing sold here is mostly urban casual wear for the younger demographic.
Adresse: 91 Venizelou, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 022687

Technotropies by Vasilia

Technotropies by Vasilia is a small boutique containing unique designs in the form of jewellery and various accessories. Items are created using artisan techniques, which results in a rather curious display. Come here for a unique Chian souvenir - a necklace with an island-shaped pendant.
Adresse: 12 Kaloplitou, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 103258

Clio Souvenir

Conveniently located by the waterfront, Clio Souvenir is an unassuming shop that stocks traveler necessities, from hats and sunscreen to protect from the blazing Greek sun, to souvenirs to be brought home as a memory of the hot summer days spent on the idyllic island.
Adresse: 54 Leof. Aigaiou, Chios
Telefon: +30 2271 028030
Åpningstider: Daily 9am-10pm


Chios Airport is located 4 km south of Chios town. The fastest way to get to town is by taxi (pre-order or hire one directly at the airport). There is a bus service to town as well (KTEL Bus Chios:+30 2271022079). In addition to summer charter flights, there are several daily flights to Athens and a twice-weekly service to Thessaloniki via Lesvos.
Telefon: +30 22710 23998

Passport / Visa

Greece can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Chios Ferry Port

Regular ferries connect Chios to Cesme, Turkey, and multiple destinations across Greece. There are daily departures to Cesme operated by EturkLines and Turyol, as well as multiple ferries that run to nearby islands such as Mykonos, Samos, Lesbos, Limnos, Patmos, and more. There is also a route that connects Chios to Athens and takes roughly 7,5 hours to travel (the ferry arrives in Piraeus). There are multiple daily departures during the summer months; ferries run on winter schedule during the off-season (roughly October through March), which normally means fewer departures.

Best Time to Visit Chios

The best time to visit the island of Chios depends on the type of trip you prefer. June, Juy and especially August are the months when temperatures and visitor numbers are at their highest, and are best for beach time, swimming and nightlife. The shoulder season (May and September) are comfortable for hikes. The island is quiet and many busineses close October through April.

Public Transport

Urban buses operated by Chios City Lines serve Chios Town and outlying suburbs (local buses are blue, those serving the suburbs are green). The city bus station is located next to the City Hall. Long-distance buses stop behind the Homerion Cultural Centre, next to the central square. +30 22710 23086 Chios Intercity Lines links Chios Town with villages all over the island, but services are timed to meet local needs and on many routes operate only once or twice daily. +30 22710 27507 Scooters and motorcycles may also be hired, but inexperienced riders should take great care. Car rental is widely available and affordable, as is fuel.


Taxis are plentiful, cheap and professional. Most drivers speak English and many also speak some German. Taxis carry up to four passengers. The main taxi station is in the central square of Chios Town. ChiosTaxi OMIROS +30 2271 200000 Chios Airport Transfer +30 2810228220
Telefon: +30 22710 41111


Post Office Of Chios: Omirou 2, Chios +30 8011138000 Mon-Fri 7.30am - 8.30pm


There are several pharmacies in Chios Town and at least one in most large villages. If you require medicines after midnight, a doctor must contact the pharmacy first. For the location of the nearest pharmacy, ask at your hotel or call.
Telefon: +30 22710 44000


Country code: +30 Chios code: 22710


230 v 50 Hz; two-pin (southern European) plug.