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Crete, the largest Greek island, is a place where myth meets history, where the age-old Cretan culture teems in modern villas, where the sea meets the mountains, and unspoiled nature coexists with modern tourist infrastructure. Crete has a thousand faces: one for each and every sort of traveller: the nature-lover, the explorer, the cosmopolitan, the lover of history, and the classic vulture.

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Municipal Market of Chania

Also known as Agora, the Municipal Market of Chania is and indoor market housed in a 4000 square metre building. Inside, you'll find many shops selling Cretan products like cheese, olive oil, raki, spices and more. There are also stalls that sell vegetables, fish, meat and tourist souvenirs.
Adresse: Pl. Agoras 69, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821821721
Åpningstider: Monday-Saturday: 8am-1.30pm. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday also 5pm-9pm

Chania Leather Lane

Skrydlof Street in Chania is a narrow street lined with shops selling leather goods like bags, wallets, belts and shoes. For this reasons, it is known as Chania Leather Lane or as Stivanadika, after "stivanaki", the traditional Cretan boots.
Adresse: Skrydlof Street, Chania, Crete

Pottery Workshop (Heraklion)

At Pottery Workshop in Heraklion, you can discover local ceramic art and purchase beautiful souvenirs, from bowls and mugs to vases and jewellery. Everything on sale is handmade and painted with unique colorful motifs.
Adresse: Idomeneos 29, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 520 2388
Åpningstider: Monday-Friday: 10am-9pm, Saturday: 10am-6pm

Zalo (Heraklion)

If you want something Greek to bring home, Zalo is the place to go. This small gift shop in Heraklion sells a wide range of souvenirs designed and sold by Greek creators, such as mugs, diaries, jewels, magnets, pins and bags.
Adresse: Papa Alexandrou 2, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 033 1391
Åpningstider: Monday-Saturday: 9am-9pm, Sunday 9am-4pm

Faskomilo (Heraklion)

Faskomilo is a small grocery shop sourcing their merchandise only from Greek producers. Some of the items that you'll find here are herbs, spices, jams, wines, honey, olive oil, cosmetics and more. Stop by and bring home some of the Greek flavours you'll miss.
Adresse: Tsikritzi 2, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 033 1713
Åpningstider: Monday-Saturday: 9am-3pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday also 5pm-9pm

Kosmima Gold & Silver (Heraklion)

Kosmima Gold & Silver is a jewellery store in the centre of Heraklion. They have been selling handmade jewellery since 1987 and all the items on sale are unique designer creations made of silver or gold.
Adresse: Papa Alexandrou 20, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 024 0693
Åpningstider: Daily: 9am-6pm

Olive Wood Corner (Rethymno)

The Olive Wood Corner is a gift shop in Rethymno selling handmade and traditional souvenirs like Cretan knives, musical instruments, chessboards, pottery, kitchenware, toys, trinkets and ornaments. Many of the items are made of quality olive tree wood.
Adresse: Chimaras, Rethymno, Crete
Telefon: +30 697 492 3324
Åpningstider: Daily 9:30am–11:30pm

Melissa Traditional Products (Agios Nikolaos)

Melissa Traditional Products sells Cretan delicacies like olive oil, honey, herbs, spices, wine, raki, as well as natural beauty products. Everything, of course, is prepared with quality local ingredients.
Adresse: Roussou Koundourou 18, Agios Nikolaos, Crete
Telefon: +30 2841 024628
Åpningstider: Daily: 9.30am-10.30pm

Lyrarakis Winery

Lyrarakis Winery is a family business that has been making wine since 1966. It is located in the Peza wine-making zone, one of the most important of Crete. Their vineyard of 35 acres lies at an altitude of around 550 m. The winery specializes in rare local varieties of wine, like the ancient Dafni and Plyto. Other varieties they produce are Vilana, Moshato White and French Sauvignon blanc. As for red varieties, the local Kotsifali, Madilari and Moshato are combined with international varieties such as Syrah, Merlot,and Cabernet Sauvignon. To learn more, you can have a guided tour of the vineyards, cellar and vine museum, and then take part in a wine tasting.
Adresse: Alagni, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 741482
Åpningstider: April-October: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm. November-March appointments only.


Boutari is a family business that has been making wine for five generations, starting from 1879. The company runs seven wineries, one of which is located in Crete, more precisely in the Skalani area, 8 km from Heraklion and 4 km from Knossos. On the vineyard, located at an altitude of 200 m, they cultivate both red (Kotsifali, Mandilari, Syrah) and white varieties (Chardonnay, Malvasia Aromatica, Vilana and Muscat Spina). They organise informative tours and wine tastings all year round.
Adresse: Skalani, Archanes, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 731617
Åpningstider: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Dourakis Winery

Nominated "Greek winery of the year" by Luxury Travel Guide in 2018, Dourakis Winery is located in the fertile region of the east foothills of the White Mountains. Its vineyards are in the area of Alikambos, at an altitude of more than 330 m. Together with other regional wine-makers, they produces organic wines. Here you can taste red, white, rosé, and sweet wines from international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenage Rouge, as well as local varieties such as Malvazia, Kotsifali and Romeiko. Note that tours and tastings need to be pre-booked.
Adresse: Apokoronou, Krionerida, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2825051761
Åpningstider: May-October: Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. November-April appointments only.

Manousakis Winery

The Manousakis vineyards are located at an altitude between 320 and 600 metres, in the foothills of the White Mountains. The wines cultivated here – red, rosé and white – are organic and they belong to both local and international varieties. Some varieties they cultivate are the red Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and white Roussane. You can book tours of the winery and the vineyard, as well as wine tastings and entire meals at their restaurant.
Adresse: Vatolakkos, Platanias, Chania
Telefon: +30 2821 078787
Åpningstider: May-October: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm. April: Monday-Sunday 11am-5pm. November-March appointments only.

Douloufakis Winery

Since the 1930s, the Douloufakis family has been producing both local and international varieties of wine. Located in the Dafnes wine region, the vineyards cover 20 hectares and are situated at an altitude of 350 m. Farmers from the nearby area supply additional quality grapes to the winery. The most characteristic grapes produced are the Cretan Liatiko and Vidiano. Other varieties they produce here are Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Kotsifali and Syrah. To learn more about the varieties and the wine-making process, guided tours and wine tastings are available for booking. Scheduled tours of the vineyards also take place every day at 10am, 12pm and 2pm.
Adresse: Dafnes, Herqaklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 079 2017
Åpningstider: Monday-Friday: 10am-3.30pm

Best Time to Visit

Crete boasts one of the best climates in Europe, with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. Generally speaking, there is a temperate Mediterranean climate, although during winter there is usually snow in the mountains. Winters in other parts of Crete are relatively mild, while spring, autumn and summer are sunny and warm, or even hot. The rainfall is concentrated from autumn until spring and is more frequent in the western part of the island. Summer is, of course, peak season in Crete. The best time to visit is probably during shoulder season, namely in April, May, September and October, when the temperatures and the weather are good for beach days and sightseeing, but the touristic spots are not too crowded.

How to get to Crete

You can get to Crete either by air or by boat. Crete has two international airports (Chania International Airport and Heraklion International Airport) as well as a national one at Sitia with connections to other transport hubs in Greece. Chania International Airport is 12 km from the city of Chania and 68 km from the town of Rethymnon. The airport of Heraklion is but 5 km from the city of Heraklion and 65 km from Agios Nikolaos. For transportation from and to the airports you can check out the website of the local public transport ( Car rental and taxis are also available at the airports. Similarly, the two major ports of the island are also in Chania and Heraklion, but there are also four smaller ones: Kissamos, Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and Siteia. For ferry tickets and timetables you can visit the following website:

Public Transport

In Crete, there are two main bus companies: for the centre and east of the island, you need KTEL Heraklion-Lassithi, while for the west KTEL Chania-Rethymnon. The two companies work in tandem, so one can purchase a ticket that crosses their nominal border. Tickets can be purchased at the main bus terminals, at some kiosks and on board. The website of the companies provides all timetables and the possibility to book tickets.
Adresse: Kidonias & Parth. Kelaidi, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821093052

Passport / Visa

Greece can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.


Crete Taxi Services +30 6970021970 or +30 6945027933 [email protected] Crete Cab +30 695 517 1473 [email protected] Cretan Taxi +30 6946281620 [email protected]

Car Rental

If you need a certain flexibility for your movements, you can also rent a car to explore the island. Here are some websites you can check out if you're looking for a car to rent.


The main post-offices are open Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 20.00 and Saturday from 08.00 to 14.00. Other post-offices will generally be open from 08.00 to 14.00 only from Monday to Friday. Here are the main post offices of the bigger cities: Daskalogianni Square 1, Heraklion, Crete +30 2810 289994 Peridou Street 10, Chania, Crete +30 28210 28444 Moatsou Street 19, Rethymnon, Crete +30 28310 22303


Normal opening hours of the pharmacies are the same as shops during week days. On Sundays they are generally closed. Each pharmacy has a notice in the window showing which ones are open out of normal hours and the address where they're located. Here are some pharmacies located in the main cities: Kaniadakis Anthony pharmacy Odos Kassanon 203, Heraklion, Crete +30 281 023 9923 Pharmacy Mpitsaki-Verigakis Πλατεία 1866 και, Kriari 45, Chania, Crete +30 2821 092447 Pharmacy Michail Papadakis Adelianos Kampos 59, Rethymnon, Crete +30 2831 071431


Country code: +30 Area code: 2810


230V, 50Hz


Heraklion is the island’s capital and largest city. Its long history began in post-Minoan times, and saw the succeeding of various conquerors, whose traces are still evident in the city. For instance, one of Heraklion's most important landmarks is the Kouless Fortress in the Venetian harbour. In recent years, many streets around the centre have become pedestrianized and link the major monuments of the city, so that one can go about on foot more easily, free from the rush of traffic.
Adresse: Heraklion, Crete


Chania, or "Venice of the East", is the second biggest city in Crete, built on the site of old Kydonia. One the most picturesque cities in Greece, Chania oozes with artistic influences of the various cultures which have passed through it. Historical buildings have been renovated and now house museums and cultural centres, for example, the former Venetian Monastery of Saint Francis now hosts the Archaeological Museum of Chania.
Adresse: Chania, Crete


The third largest city on Crete, Rethymno came to life during the Venetian era and is home to many historic buildings, notably hilltop Rethymno's Fortress, which dominates the city's skyline. In the Old Town, Venetian architectural elements coexist with Ottoman ones, creating a unique charm . During spring, the Rethymno Carnival takes place, which is a century-old celebration that has become an institution famous throughout the country.
Adresse: Rethymno, Crete

Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is a gateway to the East of Crete. With a strategic location on the Gulf of Mirabello, in summer the town becomes a cosmopolitan resort. However, the town's ancient feel lives on. Vouliagmeni Lake, where, according to old myths, Aphrodite and Athena were wont to come and bathe, is not far from the beach of Kitroplateia and the famous island of Spinalonga. Beautiful Neo-Classical buildings line the Old Harbour, a lively spot with an abundance of bars, restaurants and hang-out spots.
Adresse: Agios Nikolaos, Crete


Sitia is the best ‘ambassador’ for East Crete: authentic, uncrowded and picturesque. It can be an ideal base for the exploration of the easternmost parts of the island, including the popular Vai Beach, home to Crete's biggest palm forest. Originally founded by the Minoans, the tranquil seaside town is known for its lovely harbour, featuring colourful boats, several eateries and a beautiful promenade. Historic attractions include a fortress, an Archaeological and a Folklore museum, as well as a long sandy beach.
Adresse: Sitia, Crete


The southernmost city of Crete and the fourth largest one in the country, Ierapetra combines the infrastructure of a tourist resort with easy access to pristine beaches and beautiful countryside. A popular tourist destination within easy reach from here is the unspoilt Chrysi Island with its golden beach.
Adresse: Ierapetra, Crete


Malia offers plenty to do, both day and night. Its bars and nightclubs rival Ibiza's, and after a night of revelling, there are tranquil beaches, a charming old town and a Minoan palace to explore.
Adresse: Malia, Heraklion, Crete


Hersonissos is the epicentre of night-life in Crete, boasting numerous bars, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants. There is also a series of nice beaches and very small bays for a relaxing day on the sand. Only half an hour drive from the centre of Heraklion, the town is accessible by bus, departing from the station near the port.
Adresse: Hersonissos, Heraklion, Crete

The Old Town of Chania

"The Venice of the East", Chania is characterized by a blend of Venetian, Ottoman and Neoclassical monuments and architecture. Its streets are narrow, colorful and picturesque, passing by flowered balconies, traditional knife shops, Cretan boot shops, lively restaurants and cozy cafes. Don't miss the beautiful promenade along the Venetian port, where you can see the Venetian lighthouse, one of the symbols of Chania.
Adresse: Old Town of Chania, Chania, Crete

Koules Fortress

The Venetian Koules Fortress, also known as Castello a Mare (which means "fort on the sea"), is one of Heraklion's main landmarks and is located on the old harbour. This big, square-shaped structure was built in the 16th century to protect the city and was subsequently armed with cannons. The rooftop offers scenic views over the sea and Heraklion city.
Adresse: Heraklion, Crete

Historical Museum of Crete

Founded in 1953, the Historical Museum of Crete in Heraklion hosts a permanent collection showcasing the history of Crete from the third century AD to the end of the Second World War. Artefacts, paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and other objects of interest are displayed in chronological order, with visual materials, multimedia and audio guides available during your visit to help you learn more about Crete's fascinating past. A section of the museum is dedicated to the famous writer Nikos Kazantzakis. Another highlight of the exhibition are two paintings by the Greek artist El Greco: The Baptism of Christ and View of Mt. Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.
Adresse: Leof. Sofokli Venizelou 27, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 028 3219
Åpningstider: Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm, Sunday: 10.30am-5pm

The Minoan Palace of Knossos

The ruins of the Palace of Knossos, the largest and most brilliant centre of the Minoan civilization, are located 5 kilometres south of the historical centre of Heraklion. Twisting corridors and stairwells, which used to connect as many as five storeys, create a truly labyrinthine complex which rivals the mythological Minoan "Labyrinth".
Adresse: Knossos, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 023 1940
Åpningstider: Daily: 8am-6pm

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

This museum is located in the center of Heraklion and is one of the most important archaeological museums in the world, thanks to its unrivaled collection of artifacts from the Bronze-age Minoan culture. The exhibits cover a period of ten millennia, from the Neolithic era until late Roman times. The introductory texts in each room explain the key features of each period, and so the evolution of culture.
Adresse: Xanthoudidou 2, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 279000
Åpningstider: Daily: 8am-8pm, Tuesday open from 10am

The Natural History Museum of Crete

The Natural History Museum of Crete does not only present the natural wealth of the island, but that of the entire Eastern Mediterranean. Here you'll find, among other things, a discovery centre for children, an earthquake simulator, aquariums and terrariums, a large collection of fossils and a replica of the largest mammal ever, which lived on Crete 9 million years ago. You'll also be able to learn about the geological evolution of Crete, about plants and organisms that thrive on the island or about extinct and endangered species. The animals are displayed by way of accurate representations in their real dimensions (dioramas). The museum features an outdoor botanical garden as well.
Adresse: Sophocles Venizelos Avenue, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 282740 or +30 281 039 3630
Åpningstider: Monday to Friday 9am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday: 10am-6pm (extended hours during the summer season)

Elounda and Spinalonga Island

Elounda, with its luxurious villas and hotels, is the preferred escape of the rich and famous. From Elounda, you can take a 25-minute boat trip to Spinalonga Island, known for its well-preserved Venetian fortress, small pebble beaches, and for being one of Europe's last leper colonies.
Adresse: Elounda square, Crete
Telefon: +30 6974 385 854

Samaria Gorge

The gorge of Samaria is the longest and one of the most imposing gorges in Europe. Perhaps the most popular trekking path of Greece runs along its course, passing by varied landscapes, water springs, different types of trees, cliffs, pools and impressive rocks. The gorge is 18 kilometres long and its width varies between 150 and 3-4 metres at its narrowest point, which is known as "Sideroportes". The walk down the gorge begins at "Xiloskalo", in Omalós (at an altitude of 1,200 metres), and takes between 4 and 8 hours, depending on walking speed.
Adresse: Omalos Plateau, Agia Roumeli, Sfakia, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821045570
Åpningstider: Usually open to the public from May to October

The E4 European Path

Another way to explore the island of Crete is by walking and hiking. The E4 European Walking Trail section in Crete features 91 hiking routes, for a total length of 560 km, traversing diverse landscapes and rare ecosystems. If you wish to complete the entire path, you should allow 3 or 4 weeks to do so, but you can also choose the trails that appeal the most to you. For more information about the path in Crete, visit the website below.

Venetian walls of Heraklion

The fortification works of Heraklion are rightfully counted among the most important in the Eastern Mediterranean. Built in the First Byzantine period (330-840 AD), these fortifications were supplemented by the Arabs (840-961), the Byzantines (961-1204), and the Venetians (after 1211). Under threat of invasion by the Turks, a three-kilometre long wall with four gates and seven bastions was added on in 1462, and is still visible today.
Adresse: Leof. Plastira 25, Heraklion, Crete

Nikos Kazantzakis Museum

This museum is dedicated to the famous Cretan author Nikos Kazantzakis, who wrote "Zorba the Greek" and "The Last Temptation of Christ". Among the exhibits are his personal correspondence and diaries, souvenirs from his travels, photographs, models of theatrical sets and costumes from performances of his plays, rare audio-visual material, and works of art inspired by his books.
Adresse: Myrtia (central square), Archanes, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 741689
Åpningstider: Summer: daily 9am-5pm. Winter: Monday-Friday and Sunday 10am-3pm

Lasithi Plateau

At an altitude of 850 metres, the Lasithi Plateau is the largest mountain plain in Crete. Nowadays, it has been transformed into a giant garden. There are numerous settlements at the plain where you can try local delicacies and the traditional raki drink. Lasithi plateau and its surroundings are also ideal for trekking walks or even cycling and mountain biking. A major attraction is the Dikteon cave above Psychro village, where — according to legend — the god Zeus was born and raised.
Adresse: Lasithi Plateau, Lasithi, Crete

Toplou Monastery

Panagia Akrotiriani (Our Lady of the Cape) Monastery, colloquially known as Toplou Monastery, is one of Crete’s most impressive historic sights. It is a true bastion and a living museum of the island’s monastic history. There is a small but solemn and stirring two-aisled church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to Saint John the Theologian, decorated with murals that still survive and featuring a chancel screen with noteworthy 18th century icons. The Ecclesiastic Art Museum houses some of Crete’s most significant icons, including Megas ei Kyrie' (Great Art Thou, Lord), a 1770 icon by Ioannis Kornaros. The icon is made up of four main sections, further separated into 57 smaller areas, and includes hundreds of faces which come together magnificently to depict the Great Blessing of Waters. The organic vineyards on the monastery’s grounds produce organic wine of excellent quality and it is also possible to visit the winery.
Adresse: Toplou, Sitia, Crete

Minoan Palace of Phaistos

The palace complex and the city of Phaistos were built on a hill, offering a jaw-dropping panoramic views. Sights to look out for include the Lasithi mountains in the background, and the verdant hills which surround the city. Phaistos was the second largest Minoan city and an important administrative centre of south-central Crete. The Minoan city covered a large area around the palace complex. Mythology links Phaistos to Rhadamanthus, a brother of Minos, whose dynasty is believed to have ruled in the city. According to another story, it was founded by Phaistos, a son of Hercules. Homer mentioned that the city took part in the Trojan War, led by Idomeneus, king of Knossos and the whole of Crete.
Adresse: Phaistos, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 28920 42315
Åpningstider: Summer: daily 8am-8pm. Winter: daily 8am-3pm

Arkadi Monastery

Arkadi Monastery was built at the end of Venetian rule. Apart from the monks' cells, the central building also includes warehouses, stables and premises for processing agricultural products. The two-aisled church, dedicated to Saint Constantine and Saint Helen and to the Transfiguration of the Saviour, is one of the most important architectural monuments of the Cretan Renaissance. It was completed in 1587 and its facade clearly demonstrates the penetration of western architectural trends in 16th and 17th-century Crete.
Adresse: Arkadi, Rethymnon, Crete
Telefon: +30 2831 083135
Åpningstider: Daily 9am-7pm

Lake Kournas

Between the cities of Chania and Rethymnon, at the north edge of the White Mountains, you can find Lake Kournas, the only freshwater lake in Crete.
Adresse: Kournas, Apokoronas, Chania, Crete

Trekking in Crete

In addition to the famous Samaria gorge, there are several other beautiful gorges where you can go trekking in Crete. The gorge of Agios Nikolaos is 4 km long and is flanked by the peaks of Ambelakia and Samari. It is considered to be the most important gorge of Psiloritis and Central Crete, and was named after the Byzantine chapel of Agios Nikolaos which is located at its southern entrance. Zakros gorge in Eastern Crete is also called the “valley of the dead” because of the Minoan cave burials that were found there. The trekking route is 2,5 km long and begins south-east of the village of Zakros, passing through the gorge and ending next to the Minoan palace at Kato Zakros. The gorge of Aradena is an impressive 7-kilometre long gorge. Its entrance is located at the deserted village of Aradena, at the western end of the plateau of Anopoli of Sfakia, below the imposing, high peaks of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori). Near the entrance to the gorge there is an iron Bailey bridge, which connects Anopoli with Aradena and the small settlement of Agios Ioannis to the west. It is the tallest bridge in Greece and the second tallest in Europe, therefore ideal for bungee jumping. Rikhtis gorge is a beautiful small gorge of about 3 kilometres, located in Eastern Crete and featuring a marked route. It follows a stream that flows all year round and creates a splendid waterfall. The gorge begins a little outside the village of Exo Mouliana and ends at the beach of Rikhtis, east of Kalavros village (15 km west of Siteia).

Balos Lagoon

On the northwest coast of Cape Gramvousa, in a bay formed between the lesser capes of Tigani and Vouha, lies the sea-lagoon of Balos. A quiet beach, opposite the two Gramvousa islands (Wild and Tame), it features warm, turquoise waters and white sand. The sand is actually partly composed of minutely crushed sea-shells, which impart a pinkish hue to it. The water immediately off shore is shallow, but deepens elsewhere.
Adresse: Kissamos, Chania, Crete


Located on the southern coast of Crete and part of the Heraklion prefecture, the village of Matala has an organized sandy beach with crystal clear deep water and cliffs featuring caves carved in the rock, which you can visit. These caves were once used as residences, most famously by the hippies in the 1960s and 70s. Every year in June, the three-day Matala Beach Festival takes place, attracting many visitors to the village.
Adresse: Matala, Heraklion, Crete

Falassarna Beach

Falassarna Beach is a series of large sandy stretches that together run on for 3 km. The main beach of Pacheia Ammos (Deep Sands), one of the most popular in Crete, is made up of white sand and turquoise waters. It has sun-beds and umbrellas, facilities for water-sports and courts for beach-volleyball. If you wish to avoid the crowds at Pacheia Ammos, you can seek out one of the other strands which are to be found nearby, both to the north and south. They are smaller, rather isolated and without facilities; some have pebbles, others sand: but all are ideal for chilling out. Because of the strong winds that blow here, Falassarna is an ideal destination for wind surfing lovers.
Adresse: Falassarna, Kissamos, Chania, Crete

Elafonissi & Kedrodasos

Elafonissi beach is one of the most emblematic of the island, and is featured on countless postcards. It can be found 80 km from Chania. Elafonissi is a small island, connected to the Cretan mainland by a shallow crossing of several hundred meters. The whole area, which is part of the NATURA 2000 programme, is characterized by pale sands, shallow and crystal-clear waters turquoise in colour, and small pink patches made up from crushed sea-shells. South of Elafonissi is another area of wild and remarkable beauty: Kedrodasos, also part of the NATURA 2000. Access can be by car (up to a certain point) or on foot following the E4 walking-route from the beach of Elafonissi itself. Dunes of white sand and ancient cedars cover the vicinity. The main beach is sandy and also boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters. Along the coastal path from Elafonissi to Kedrodasos there are small deserted coves. Unlike Elafonisi, Kedrodasos is absolutely unspoilt and because of its isolation nudists like to come here.
Adresse: Kissamos, Chania, Crete

Gialiskari Beach

Following the road east out of Paleochora, you will find a nice and secluded beach, Gialiskari. Actually Gialiskari is a twin beach, one each side of a small spit of land projecting into the sea, but both equally charming and idyllic. The west side is made of small pebbles, the east has pale sand. The water is clear and deep. The area is slightly developed, with a café-canteen and a few umbrellas and sun-beds. To the east grow plentiful tamarisks, which shed a natural shadow and give relief from the hot suns of South Crete. Here nudism is tolerated, especially on the eastern side.
Adresse: Paleochora, Chania, Crete


Preveli Beach, with its iconic riverside palm-groves, is one of the most famous and beloved beaches in Crete. The forest of palms, covering some 10 acres, is the second largest of its sort in Crete and consists of an endemic species: the Theophrastus palm. A walk on the banks of the river or a pedalo ride through the palms and oleanders and into the gorge can be unforgettable experiences. Preveli beach is located at the mouth of the gorge, where the river Kourtaliotis ends in a delta. It has pale sands and a stony bottom to the crystalline water.
Adresse: Preveli, Agios Vasileios, Rethymnon

Triopetra & Agios Pavlos

Triopetra beach is sandy, pretty much unspoilt, featuring crystal-clear water and breathtaking sunsets. Its name means "Three Rocks" and refers to the impressive rocks that characterise its landscape. Next to Triopetra, you'll find the charming Agios Pavlos beach. The vast dunes that enclose the beach are its chief attraction and they can attain up to 30 feet in height. The beach itself is sandy, with very clear water and a sea-bed that begs to be explored. In the middle of the beach there are some sea-worn caves.
Adresse: Agios Vasilios, Rethymnon, Crete

Kommos Beach

Kommos is a single huge beach divided for convenience into two: the north part, called Potamos, is one of the largest venues for nudism. It is secluded and without organization; no hotels and catering facilities exist in the area as it has been classified as a protected archaeological zone. On every side there are tamarisks, carobs and sand-dunes. The southern part, is by contrast very well-organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, showers and a lifeguard. Both sections have sand, clear water and large smooth rocks in the sea. As other beaches, they are exposed to the west winds, which can create large waves
Adresse: Kommos, Tympaki, Heraklion, Crete

Belegrina (Chrysi Island)

Belegrina Beach on the uninhabited Chrysi Island is known as the "golden beach" due to the colour of its sand, which can also have white and pink shades. It is a pristine beach with crystalline turquoise waters, ideal for snorkeling. On Chrysi Island, there survives a large cedar forest of some 85 acres, with large and impressive specimens.
Adresse: Chrysi Island, Ierapetra, Lasithi, Crete


At a distance of 12 km south of Agios Nikolaos is the settlement of Istron. You will reach it as you pass along the main national road east from Agios Nikolaos towards Ierapetra or Siteia. Located here is Voulisma, a large beach with fine white sand and shallow, blue waters. It is developed, with umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, water-sports and a lifeguard. It is a good location for young children, as the water deepens only gradually. By one end there is a canteen for food and drinks.
Adresse: Istron, Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi, Crete

Vai Beach

Vai, with its palm forest and its lovely beach, attracts each year a huge number of visitors. The palm forest – the biggest on the island, with some five thousand specimens of the Theophrastus palm – covers about 70 acres. The long beach has blue-green water, fine sand and pebbles. It is very organized, featuring umbrellas, sunbeds, canteens and refreshments, as well as opportunities for water sports.
Adresse: Vai, Toplou, Sitia, Lasithi


In Platanias accommodation options, services, eateries and bars abound. numerous tavernas, restaurants and bars abound. Being one of the most cosmopolitan destination in Crete, here you will encounter every summer throngs of Greek and foreign tourists. Platanias beach is sandy and extends for 3 km. Well-organized, it is suitable for all sorts of water-sports and has the usual umbrellas, sunbeds, lifeguards and beach bars.
Adresse: Platanias, Kissamos, Chania, Crete


On the northwest flank of the Akrotiri peninsula is Stavros, a sheltered bay with sand and turquoise waters. It is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, showers and a lifeguard, as well as some chances for water-sports. It was here that Michaili Kakoiannis filmed ‘Zorba’, based on the book by Kazantzakis, winning three Oscars in 1964.
Adresse: Stavros, Chania, Crete


Georgioupolis is a seaside resort with a huge sandy beach some 12 km long. It has clear blue-green waters that drop away suddenly. Well-organized, the beach is supplied with umbrellas, sunbeds and showers with lots of options open for water-sports enthusiasts. Though there is a lifeguard here, you must also take care if you choose to swim as the sea hereabouts has strong currents. Nearby you'll find many shops, tavernas and cafeterias.
Adresse: Georgioupolis, Apokoronas, Chania, Crete

Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Heraklion prefecture. It is 21 km from Heraklion and has a long beach of some 450m with fine sand. The water is crystalline, blue and almost always calm as the sea here is shut in within the bay that opens to the east, and so is protected from the northerly winds. The beach is fully organised with sun beds, umbrellas, showers, a lifeguard, water-sports and more. A diving school operates here too. The village doesn't lack tavernas, restaurants, cafeterias, bars , hotels of all grades, rentable rooms and apartments.
Adresse: Agia Pelagia, Malevizi, Heraklion, Crete

Potamos Beach

Potamos Beach is located in Malia, 37 km east of Heraklion. The city is a popular destination with a vibrant nightlife and several beaches, of which Potamos is one of the least crowded. It is named after a small river that flows there, forming a wetland of great importance. It is some 700 m long, with sand, blue crystalline waters and a few tamarisks around. If you go at the start of autumn, you will chance upon the white sea-lilies that grow in the sand: the heralds of autumn. Potamos is well organized: you will find sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, showers and plenty of water-sports opportunities.
Adresse: Malia, Hersonissos, Heraklion, Crete

Fragokastello Beach

Frangokastello beach is named after the Venetian fort that towers over its sandy dunes and shallow turquoise waters. It is located on a small plain southeast of the White Mountains to the south of Chania. Organized, with umbrellas, sunbeds and showers, it gets crowded during high season. The gently shelving waters make it suitable for families with young children.
Adresse: Fragokastello, Sfakia, Chania, Crete

Herb's Garden (Heraklion)

Herb's Garden restaurant is located on the rooftop of Lato Boutique Hotel and offers a beautiful view over the Venetian harbour of Heraklion. On the menu you will find fresh seafood, salads, meat dishes and homemade ice cream.
Adresse: Epimenidou 15, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 334971
Åpningstider: May-October: daily 1am–12:30am

Pan Asia Restaurant (Heraklion)

Pan Asia Restaurant has many years of experience in Heraklion and selects the best and most popular recepies of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine. They only use fresh meat and vegetables without preservatives and the cooking is done with the traditional wok. Choosing the set menu for two will allow you to try various specialities at a competitive price, but you can always choose your favourite ones a la carte.
Adresse: Kokkini Chani, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 761526
Åpningstider: Summer: Monday-Saturday 5pm-1am, Sunday 12pm-12am. Closed on Monday during winter.

Bakaliko Crete (Heraklion)

Bakaliko Crete is a deli (grocery and eatery) that brings you fine foods and wines from Crete and the rest of Greece. It is a place where all dishes are made from the quality products that you can buy from the store.Their shop is in Archanes, ideally situated in the heartland of Heraklion's wine and olive oil region, from which many of the products come from.
Adresse: Eleftherios Venizelos Square 13, Epano Archanes, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 751 117
Åpningstider: Summer: daily 10am-10pm. Winter open only Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Parasties (Heraklion)

Parasties restaurant is located near the Historical Museum of Heraklion. Its name refers to a traditional way of cooking in Crete, which involves a fire between two parallel stones. If the weather allows, you can dine al fresco in the terrace or the balcony. They serve Mediterranean and Cretan food, combining classic and special flavours to create original dishes.
Adresse: Chandakos 81, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 225009
Åpningstider: Daily: 12pm-1am

Terzakis (Heraklion)

Terzakis's cuisine is based on traditional recipes, cooked using modern culinary techniques by experienced professionals. On the menu you'll find Cretan delicacies with a focus on fish and seafood dishes, like fried sardines, steamed mussels and shrimps with artichokes. You can accompany your meal with a bottle of good wine or a glass of cool ouzo.
Adresse: L. Marineli 17, Ag. Dimitrios sq, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 221 444 or +30 6937 137 220
Åpningstider: Daily: 12pm-late

Krites (Heraklion)

The taverna is located close to the CretAquarium, in the area of the former U.S. base at Gournes. All of their dishes are prepared in accordance with the Cretan dietary pattern, with exclusive use of extra virgin olive oil and meat cooked in a wood-oven.
Adresse: Gournes Pediados, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 762666
Åpningstider: Summer: Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-11pm. Winter open only during weekends and holidays.

Brillant (Heraklion)

Brillant Restaurant of Lato Boutique Hotel in Heraklion has been offering fine dining since 2007. here, fine raw local ingredients cooked with imagination and respect towards local traditions result in delicious outcomes of Nouvelle Greek Cuisine. The restaurant is open from noon till late at night from November to April. Then, it steps aside and passes the torch to the outdoor Herbs’ Garden Restaurant to welcome the Cretan spring.
Adresse: 15 Epimenidou street, 71202, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 334959

Kymata (Heraklion)

Kymata is a mainly a sushi bar, but not only that. In addition to various types of suhi, daily crafted with the freshest fish available, they also serve a selection of Asian specialities spiced up with Mediterranean and Cretan flavours. This unusual but winning combination makes it a unique dining spot in the centre of Heraklion.
Adresse: Androgeo 7, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810226215
Åpningstider: Tuesday-Saturday: 1.30pm-11.30pm

Ligo Krasi, Ligo Thalassa (Heraklion)

"Ligo krasi, ligo thalassa" translates into English as "a little wine, a little sea". Indeed, the restaurant boasts a nice view over the Koules Fortress and the Venetian harbour, serving a variety of dishes prepared with fresh fish and seafood. The menu is typically Mediterranean and the wines are local.
Adresse: Lohagou Marineli Ioanni & Mitsotaki Square 18 Agglon, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 300501
Åpningstider: Daily: 9am-1am

Lemonokipos (Rethymno)

Lemonokipos is situated near the centre of the medieval town of Rethymnon, in the courtyard of an old Venetian mansion. The restaurant has a history of over a century, since it was originally opened in 1910. The name means "the lemon tree garden", as the restaurant features a lovely one. The cuisine is based on the local Cretan tradition, but with a modern twist, so you will have the opportunity to taste both old traditional recipes and modern flavors of Greek and international cuisine.
Adresse: Ethnikis Antistaseos 100, Rethymno, Crete
Telefon: +30 28310 57087
Åpningstider: Daily: 11am-1am

Alana (Rethymno)

Alana restaurant, featuring 100 seats and a spacious garden, is located in the heart of Rethymnon old town and was one of the first taverns of the area. They serve healthy Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine, always using the best local market products. On the menu, there are different types of salads, grilled and cooked meat, fish and pasta dishes, all with reasonable prices.
Adresse: 15 Salaminos, Rethymno, Crete
Telefon: +30 28310 27737
Åpningstider: Daily: 12pm-12am

Agia Fotia Taverna (Rethymno)

The tavern is located on a secluded beach in the bay of Agia Fotini, near Kerames village. Open in the 1960s, it still keeps its original style and is beautifully located next to the sea. It serves fresh fish and local food and drinks at reasonable prices.
Adresse: Agia Fotini, Kerames, Rethymno, Crete
Telefon: +30 6937124600
Åpningstider: April-October: daily 8.30am-10pm

Prima Plora (Rethymno)

In a privileged location, opposite the Fortezza and just next to the sea, the Prima Plora restaurant serves creative Greek cuisine. The tables are set by the sea, and the dishes are cooked with olive oil using exclusively goods from small, organic local producers. They have seafood and meat dishes, pasta, risottos and casseroles recipes to suit all tastes.
Adresse: Akrotiriou 4, Rethymno, Crete
Telefon: +30 2831056990
Åpningstider: Daily: 11am-1am

The Well of the Turk (Chania)

The Well of the Turk, in Greek To Pigadi tou Tourkou, features three interconnected rooms painted in ochre and blue, with strong oriental touches and a well in the middle room, as well as a beautifully carved fountain. Here you can taste the authentic flavours of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, including specialities from Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon. Music from those countries will accompany your meal.
Adresse: Sarpaki 1, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821054547
Åpningstider: Daily: 6pm-1am

Kouzina EPE (Chania)

This modern tavern serves Greek and Mediterranean dishes at affordable prices. As a family-run business, it has a special focus on home-cooking dishes. The menu features different types of cheeses and salads, grilled meat, pasta dishes and a variety of appetizers that include fried zucchini flowers, grilled mushrooms and spinach pie.
Adresse: Daskalogianni 25, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821042391
Åpningstider: Monday-Saturday: 12pm-7.30pm

Apostolis (Chania)

Apostolis restaurant always procures the freshest fish straight from the fishing boats, which means the menu reflects the season and the catches of the day. Some examples of dishes you might find here are Lobster pasta, fish soup, stuffed calamari, shrimps, scallops and whitebait.
Adresse: Akti Enoseos 10, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 28210 43470
Åpningstider: Daily: 11am-1am

Argoulias (Lasithi)

The guest house restaurant Argoulias at Tzermiado enjoys unrestricted views of the Lassithi Plateau and the mountain range of Dikti. It has an upper room where you can enjoy breakfast with coffee, local herb teas, fresh juices, homemade sweets and alternative sandwiches. In the lower room, there is the restaurant, which offers a menu based on the Cretan culinary tradition.
Adresse: Jermiadon (Tzermiadon), Lasithi Plateau, Lasithi, Crete
Telefon: +30 6972234275

Sto Scholeio (Anidri)

The old school-house of Anidri closed in 1970 and was subsequently turned into a cafe with a terrace offering amazing views. Here you can taste hot and cold dishes belonging to Greek cuisine, and if you fancy something sweet, you should try the traditional baklava with fig or perhaps a cheesecake.
Adresse: Anidri 1, Anidri, Crete
Telefon: +30 28230 83001

Pelagos (Agios Nikolaos)

Pelagos is located in Agios Nikolaos, in a beautiful mansion of the early 20th century and is one of the most elegant dining options in the city. You can eat in the courtyard courtyard and enjoy fresh fish, seafood and more delicacies of the Cretan cuisine.
Adresse: Stratigou Koraka 10, Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi, Crete
Telefon: +30 2841 082019

Almyra Seaside Food & Cocktails (Agia Pelagia)

Located at the picturesque and windless cove of Agia Pelagia, Almyra Seaside Food and Cocktails is a restaurant and beach bar with a view over the endless blue of the Cretan sea. They serve typical Mediterranean food, like seafood risotto, moussaka, and Dakos, a Cretan speciality made with dried bread, tomatoes, and cheese. During the summer, they organise parties and special events.
Adresse: Agia Pelagia, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 081 1388
Åpningstider: Open all day from May to October

7 Thalasses (Heraklion)

7 Thalasses, meaning "7 seas", is a restaurant with two locations, in Heraklion and Rethymnon, specializing in fish and seafood dishes. Some of the specialities featured in both menus are fisherman's pasta, seafood risotto, carpaccio, steamed mussels, grilled octopus, fish soup and salmon fillet. The Heraklion location also offers sushi options for dinner. Their signature dessert is the crunchy millefeuille with vanilla cream.
Adresse: Iraklitou & Irodotou 1, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 342945 (Heraklion), +30 2831 058000 (Rethymnon)
Åpningstider: Daily: 12pm-12am

Hiona Taverna

Taverna with modern island style, serving on a terrace and tables located by the sea near Palaikastro. There is always fresh fish and seafood soup. The vegetables are from their garden.
Adresse: Hiona Beach, Sitia
Telefon: + 30 28430 61228
Åpningstider: May–October: daily 12pm–12am

Migomis Piano Restaurant

In a historic 1890s building, at the edge of a high cliff, the restaurant enjoys a unique view of the lake of Agios Nikolaos. Stylish decor, international cuisine and an extensive wine list with labels from around the world. The whole atmosphere complements the sound of a live piano, playing tunes from the international repertoire.
Adresse: Nik. Plastira 20, Ag. Nikolaos
Telefon: +30 2841 024353
Åpningstider: Open from early April untill late October, from 12pm–12am

Via Pastarella

Since 2014, the restaurant Via Pastarella has been serving genuine Italian and Mediterranean food in Heraklion city centre. Their menu features many pasta dishes, pizzas, fresh ravioli, and risottos.
Adresse: Kantanoleontos 2, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810 280505
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–1am

Avli Rustic Fine Dining Restaurant

Housed in a beautiful Venetian mansion from the 16th century and featuring a spacious courtyard, Avli is a fine dining restaurant offering modern and traditional Cretan cuisine. Their wines are from Greece and they use plenty of local and organic ingredients.
Adresse: Radamathios 17, Rethymno
Telefon: +30 28310 58250

Livingroom Lounge Café (Rethymno)

Livingroom Lounge Café is an elegant and trendy venue in Rethymno, located on the beautiful seafront promenade. It is open all year round and offers sweet treats accompanied by coffee and fresh juices, as well as savoury snacks including finger food, salads, burgers, pizza and cold dishes. After dark, DJs and cocktails liven up the evening.
Adresse: El. Venizelou 5, Rethymno, Crete
Telefon: +30 283 102 1386
Åpningstider: Daily: 9am-late

Biscotto (Heraklion)

Biscotto is a stylish café in the centre of Heraklion, 5 minutes from Lion Square. On the menu, you'll find speciality coffee served in a variety of ways, teas, smoothies, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, cakes, waffles and cookies.
Adresse: Chandakos 36, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 028 8977
Åpningstider: Monday-Friday: 8am-1am, Saturday-Sunday: 10.30am-1am

Kentrikon Cafe (Chania)

Kentrikon Cafe is located in the old town centre of Chania. It is located in a historic two-storey building and, despite the modern decor, it retains its old charm. During summer it turns into a restaurant offering Greek food and it hosts live music nights.
Adresse: Bettolo 6, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 28210 41442
Åpningstider: Daily: 8am-11pm

Sintrivani Cafe (Chania)

Renovated in recent times, the Sintrivani Cafe is beautifully located at the Old Venetian port of Chania, with tables offering a view of the sea. They serve a variety of drinks like juices, coffee, beer and cocktails. They also have a food menu that includes, among other things, burgers, pizza and salads, plus ice cream, waffles and other desserts.
Adresse: Akti Koundourioti 1, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821 074 274
Åpningstider: Open all day everyday

Miniatoura (Heraklion)

You'll find the modern Miniatoura café in the small plaza of Agia Aikaterini church, behind the temple of Agios Minas. Quality coffee is the protagonist here, but the place also provides a wide variety of wines, snacks, main courses, burgers, fresh salads, club sandwiches and side dishes.
Adresse: Monis Odigitrias 11, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 281 033 4019
Åpningstider: Daily: 8am-2am

Koukouvaya (Chania)

Situated 5 km from the city centre of Chania, Koukouvaya is worth the ride at least for the panoramic view that you can enjoy from its terrace, which overlooks Chania bay and the old Venetian harbour. Its name means "the owl" in Greek and the decor of the interiors is inspired by these fascinating nocturnal creatures. The café serves snacks and salads prepared with fresh local ingredients, as well as mouth-watering homemade desserts and a variety of beverages with or without alcohol.
Adresse: Alexi Minoti 1, Venizelos Graves, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821 027449
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–2am

Café du Lac (Agios Nikolaos)

Café du Lac in Agios Nikolaos city centre features a terrace with a wonderful view of the lake Voulismeni. To start the day off right, you can choose from a vast array of breakfast items like pancakes, bacon and eggs, sandwiches, bowls, pastries and more. The café also has light meal options and at night it turns into a bar specialising in cocktails.
Adresse: 28is Oktovriou 17, Agios Nikolaos, Crete
Telefon: +30 2841 026837
Åpningstider: Daily: 9am-2am

Fagotto Jazz Bar (Chania)

Fagotto Jazz Bar is one of the oldest and most popular jazz bars in Chania. It is housed in a beautiful Venetian building of the Old Town that dates back to the 15th century. While drinking a cocktail or a beer spilled from the saxophone beer tap, you can enjoy jazz, swing and blues music in the background. Small scale and atmospheric live music shows also take place here quite often.
Adresse: Aggelou 16, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 28210 71877
Åpningstider: Daily: 9pm-late

Sinagogi (Chania)

Open during the summer season, Sinagogi is an open air bar in the centre of Chania. The location is unique because, as the name suggests, it is located in an old synagogue. The bar specialises in cocktails and sometimes organises DJ sets and live music performances.
Adresse: Par. Kondilaki, Chania, Crete
Telefon: +30 2821 095242
Åpningstider: Daily: 12pm-late

The Bitters Bar (Heraklion)

The Bitters Bar is a speakeasy-style location with a decor inspired by the 1920s. The bitters referred to in its name are spirits flavoured with herbs and spices, which were once used for medical purposes. Nowadays, they are used in cocktail preparation. Here you'll find both classic cocktails such as Martini, Daiquiri and Bloody Mary, as well as house specialities. They also have wines, beers, stronger alternatives like whiskey and rum, and some non-alcoholic beverages.
Adresse: Idis 25, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 698 103 3702
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 8pm–3pm, Sun closed

Palm Beach Club (Hersonissos)

Since 2012, Palm Beach Club is a popular day and night destination, situated just a few steps away from the beach of Hersonissos. It features two swimming pools, 3 full bars, a lounge area, a terrace, as well as a dance floor under the stars. Open during summer, it frequently hosts parties and special events.
Adresse: Machis Kritis, Hersonissos, Crete
Telefon: +30 697 463 8305
Åpningstider: Daily: 9am-5am

New York Beach Club (Hersonissos)

This popular bar and club overlooks the beach and the bay of Hersonissos. Open all day and all night, it is at the same time a party venue and a location where you can relax enjoying a drink and a beautiful view. It offers a variety of drinks, snacks and music for all tastes.
Adresse: Agias Paraskevis 30, Hersonissos, Heraklion, Crete
Telefon: +30 2897 023415
Åpningstider: Daily: 9am-late

Zig Zag Club and Lounge (Malia)

During summer, fun is guaranteed every weekend at Zig Zag Club and Lounge, a venue for house music lovers. The club is located in the resort town of Malia and features a huge dance floor with special lighting and a central bar. Check out the website below for information about upcoming events. Parties usually start at midnight.
Adresse: Dimokratias 101, Malia, Crete
Telefon: +30 2810343344

Apollo Club (Malia)

Apollo Club is an urban club right in the heart of Malia's party street. It's open every night during summer and the DJs usually play hip-hop, grime, R&B, trap, bashment, and garage music. Check out their website to learn about the latest events.
Adresse: Dimokratias 110, Malia, Crete
Telefon: +30 694 885 9581
Åpningstider: Daily: 11pm-5am

Metropolis Society Bar (Rethymno)

You'll find Metropolis Society Bar in the Venetian port of the Old Town of Rethymno. It has an elegant decor and the bartenders serve sophisticated cocktails. On the decks, DJs play a mix of Greek pop-rock, disco music and foreign hits. It's up to you if you want to stay for a drink or dance the night away.
Adresse: Nearchou 15, Rethymno, Crete
Åpningstider: Daily: 8pm-3am