Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Ancona

As the capital of a rich and historic region, Ancona is, above all, a city of the sea. The city is blessed with a magnificent coastline to the south, with clean and accessible water and unspoilt white beaches. Close by are the beautiful towns of Loreto, Recanati, Jesi and Urbino as well as the rolling hills of the hinterland and the world-famous Grotte di Frasassi.


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Mole Vanvitelliana

The Mole Vanvitelliana was built in 1732 as a shelter, today it is the heart of the city as far as art and culture are concerned. During summer months, it hosts live performances in form of theatre, ballet and concerts.
Adresse: Banchina Giovanni Da Chio, 28, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 2072394

Duomo Di San Ciriaco

This medieval cathedral dominates the city and the port from the top of Guasco hill. From here, you also have a breathtaking view of the sea, and do not miss the beautiful sunset.
Adresse: Piazza del Duomo, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 526 88

La Loggia Dei Mercanti

The construction of this medieval palace was initiated in 1442 to form a meeting place for merchants. The archaeological style has been influenced by several people through a range of various alterations and additions to the building.
Adresse: Via della Loggia, Ancona

Chiesa Santa Maria Della Piazza

This is a Romanesque church built above two Paleochristian churches, whose remains are still visible through a glass pavement. The façade has a statue of the Virgin Mary in the centre.
Adresse: Piazza Santa Maria, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 200 391

The National Archaeological Museum

Palazzo Ferretti hosts the National Archaeological Museum which contains many relics dating back to the Palaeolithic and Iron Ages, as well as Greek sculptures and Roman mosaics and sculptures.
Adresse: Via G. Ferretti, 6, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 202 602

Roman Amphitheatre

This amphitheatre was built during the Augustan Age (I century AD) and bears witness to the Roman influence on the city. Visits are only allowed for groups.
Adresse: Via Birarelli, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 202 602

Arco Di Traiano

This elegant arch, about 18 metres high, was erected at the entrance to the causeway atop the harbour in honour of the Emperor Traian. With its 2,000 years of history, this monument is well worth a visit.
Adresse: Banchina Nazario Sauro, Ancona

Parco del Conero

This is a beautiful park in the south of Ancona where you will find rock caves and white limestone cliffs unlike any others on the Adriatic coast. Do not miss Portonovo, Sirolo and Numana. The famous crowded beach in Sirolo is very beautiful and it is definitely worth a visit.
Adresse: Via Peschiera 30A, Sirolo
Telefon: +39 071 9331 161

Grotte di Frasassi

These breathtaking caves were discovered in 1971 and since 1974 tourists are welcome here. There are three different trails with different levels of severity. They are located in Genga, 67 kilometres from Ancona and can be reached by train or car.
Adresse: Grotte di Frasassi, Genga

Monumento ai Caduti

Even if you have to climb to get to this memorial, you will be rewarded with the enchanting view when finally reach your goal. Monumento ai Caduti was built between 1927-1930, in memory of the fallen of the World War I.
Adresse: Piazza IV Novembre, 1, Ancona

La Baia di Portonovo

In Parco Del Conero, only 12 kilometres from Ancona, you find this beautiful beach with tranquil and lush surroundings. But the area has not always been peaceful, the watchtower, located close to the beach, was built to spot pirates in the early 18th century.
Adresse: La Baia di Portonovo

Cimitero Ebraico

This Jewish grave yard was turned into a museum in 2007. With its over 1,000 tombs, the oldest dating back to the 1500's, this is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe.
Adresse: Parco del Cardeto, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 222 5037


This historical city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998. Urbino is known as the “Cradle of the Renaissance" and when you stroll along the narrow pebbled streets you are able to feel the rich history in the walls of the old buildings.
Adresse: Urbino

Santuario della Santa Casa

It is said that the Holy House of Santuario della Santa Casa is the same walled Chamber of Mary that once existed in Nazareth. This legend, together with the beautiful paintings and decorations, attracts visitors from all around the world. Guided tours of the basilica or its museum and art gallery are held regularly.
Adresse: Piazza della Madonna, Loreto
Telefon: +39 071 9747155

Pinacoteca Comunale

This is the most important art gallery in Ancona, boasting masterpieces by Tiziano and Guercino. It is housed in Palazzo Bosdari since 1973.
Adresse: Palazzo Bosdari, via Pizzecolli, 17, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 222 5041

Fortino Napoleonico

Fortino Napoleonico is a romantic restaurant, located 10 kilometres from Ancona, with a splendid terrace by the sea. The view is enchanting and the fish-based cuisine is delicious. Come here to celebrate a very special night.
Adresse: Baia di Portonovo
Telefon: +39 071 801 450 / +39 071 801 451

La Cantineta

Locals say that this is the best place to eat fish, especially the fish stock all’Anconetana. Most of the fish served here have been purchased as fresh as they come, straight from the port which is located very close by.
Adresse: Via Gramsci Antonio, 1, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 201 107

La Barca Sul Tetto

La Barca Sul Tetto is a rustic yet elegant trattoria at the harbour. It is famous for its fish-based dishes. Do not miss the hors d’oeuvres.
Adresse: Ferries terminal, Via Einaudi, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 551 98

Agriturismo Rossoconero

Agriturismo Rossoconero offers high quality food in large portions to small prices. Almost everything they serve comes from their own farm and the pasta and wine is of course home-made. Enjoy your food at this tranquil venue surrounded by lush nature and the beautiful Adriatic Sea.
Adresse: Via Varano 147, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 2861 204

La Vecchia Osteria

When you enter La Vecchia Osteria, the decorations and interior probably will not take your breath away, but try not to judge the book by its cover. The fresh seafood and fish dishes coming from the kitchen are delicious.
Adresse: Via Cesare Battisti 10, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 200445

Opera Nova Della Marca

Opera Nova Della Marca is run by young chefs and the cuisine is traditional yet influenced by their new thinking. Guests can enjoy their dinner on the terrace with the adjacent green garden, giving a peaceful atmosphere.
Adresse: Frazione Varano 127, Varano, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 2861 093
Åpningstider: Closed on Mondays

La Taverna del Monaco

This restaurant is a good option both for lunch or dinner. Great fish and seafood together with pizzas make your mouth watering. In the evenings the place is often very crowded and the ambiance is merry and lively. They even have karaoke nights.
Adresse: Via I Maggio, 164, Ancona
Telefon: +39 333 81834

La Tavola del Carmine

In the countryside, just outside Ancona, you can find La Tavola del Carmine. Together with Azienda del Carmine, a local olive oil producer, they have composed an olive oil-based menu with regional dishes.
Adresse: Via del Carmine 51, Loc. Torrette, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 889403

Ristorante Emilia

Ristorante Emilia is located at the beach of Portonovo. After a lovely day in the sun, end it here and enjoy a delicious meal with a memorable sunset in the background. On the menu you will find grilled dishes with fresh fish together with the best local Verdicchio wines.
Adresse: Via Portonovo, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 801 109

Osteria della Piazza

All kinds of Italian dishes including pastas and pizzas, all made from fresh products, are offered here at Osteria della Piazza. This restaurant is well-visited by both tourists and locals.
Adresse: Piazza Ugo Bassi, 14/B, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 28 14235

Ristorante Cinese e Orientale

When you are tired of pizzas, pastas and other Italian dishes, Ristorante Cinese e Orientale is a good option. It is located close to the harbour and here you are served big portions of good Chinese food at reasonable prices.
Adresse: Via Terenzio Mamiani 18, Ancona
Telefon: +39 0719 941 167

Caffé Del Teatro

This café is a good choice for an Italian-style breakfast (caffé or cappuccino and brioche or pastries) with an inviting veranda outside. It is situated close to the Teatro delle Muse.
Adresse: Piazza della Repubblica, 19, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 207 3210

Liberty Cocktail Lounge

This is a trendy café-lounge bar in the heart of the historical centre. Liberty Cocktail Lounge is just as nice for a 5 o’clock tea, as for an aperitivo or after-dinner drinks.
Adresse: Via del Traffico, 7/11, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 203 484

Caffé Giuliani

Caffé Giuliani lies close to the harbour and offers a wide range of high quality pastries and all sorts of chocolate. You can also enjoy a light lunch or a proper dinner at this café and restaurant.
Adresse: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 3, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 204 885

Liberty Cocktail Lounge

This is a trendy café-lounge bar in the heart of the historical centre. Liberty Cocktail Lounge is just as nice for a 5 o’clock tea, as for an aperitivo or after-dinner drinks.
Adresse: Via del Traffico, 7/11, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 203 484

Al Chiosco da Morena

Al Chiosco da Morena is one of the favourite aperitivo venues of the city (even though it is just a kiosk). Here you can drink a glass of white wine together with shellfish or mollusks.
Adresse: Corso Mazzini, Ancona

Bar Torino

Bar Torino is a nice bar with a wide range of canapés and snacks. In addition to the traditional aperitivos, this bar also serves delicious cocktails and coffee.
Adresse: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 49, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 202 559

Old Fashioned

This small, vintage bar offers a cosy atmosphere and great drinks. This is a good place to rewind and hang out with friends.
Adresse: Via Santa Margherita 12, Ancona

Gourmet Shopping

Gourmet lovers will find food boutiques where they can buy typical products such as the Ciauscolo (a sort of spreadable salami), Fossa cheese, olive ascolane and pasta Latini (dry homemade pasta). Do not forget that every day there is a market in Corso Mazzini where you can find good products at cheap prices. The Marche also boasts excellent wines such as the white Verdicchio and the red Rosso Conero.

Civitanova Marche

Fashion lovers should head for Civitanova Marche (around 48 kilometres from Ancona, 40 minutes by car). There are some very interesting high-level outlet stores such as Tod’s, Hogan, Fay (three brands of the same company), and Paciotti, where you can find discounted clothes, shoes and accessories.

Bobeche Vintage Store

Bobeche offers fine vintage items and antiques, ranging from chandeliers and ceramics to furniture and other knickknacks. Most of their products are from the 1950s and 60s, meticulously restored and kept in perfect condition.
Adresse: Via Guglielmo Marconi 10, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 998 8022
Åpningstider: Mon 4pm-8pm, Tue-Sat 9:30am-1pm and 4pm-8pm

Terra in Cielo - Bottega Monastica

Terra in Cielo showcases some of the finest products from monasteries from all over Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, including oils, perfumes, honey, beer and wine, among many others. Many products are organically grown, and all of them are of the highest quality.
Adresse: Corso Stamira, 13, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 994 0650
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9:30am-12:30pm, Sat 9:30am-12:30pm and 4:30pm-7:30pm

Le Delizie Del Centro

Another great option for purchasing local and regional delicacies, Le Delizie Del Centro offers a wide variety of products. It may have slightly higher prices than its counterparts, but that fact only reflects the quality of the products found here.
Adresse: Via Francesco Podesti, 4, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 202629
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 8:30am-7:45pm

Shopping Areas

The shopping areas in Ancona include: Corso Mazzini, Corso Garibaldi, Corso Stamira, Piazza Roma, Piazza Erbe and Piazza del Plebiscito. Here you can acquire “Made in Italy” goods of all kinds, from clothes to bags, shoes and jewels. In the same streets and squares there are antiques shops and art galleries. If you look around, you will also find traditional pottery and lace shops.
Adresse: Corso Mazzini, Ancona


This world famous brand soon has a store in every mid-size town and in Ancona you can find one of them. Zara offers the latest fashion for men, women and children, everything from street wear to the more up-dressed look.
Adresse: Corso Garibaldi, 59, Ancona
Telefon: +39 0712076662


This high-end fashion and leather goods brand originates from Italy, in Florence to be exact. Gucci was founded in 1921 and you will be guaranteed, most probably, a genuine Italian shopping experience.
Adresse: Via Traffico 12, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 203255


This Swedish chain, that you nowadays find almost everywhere in the world, provides high street fashion for both men and women at prices suiting everyone. You can find H&M just outside Ancona.
Adresse: Via campo d'aviazione, Marche Camerano, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 731 932

Galleria Auchan Ancona

Galleria Auchan Ancona is located outside Ancona and offers a genuine shopping experience. Here you can find brands such as Foot Locker, Pimkie, Timberland and Vodafone.
Adresse: Via Scataglini, 6, Ancona
Telefon: +33 4934 0962

Ancona Airport

Ancona Airport is located near Falconara, around 19 kilometres from the city centre. A bus (Conero Bus Company) leaves the airport for the city centre (Railway station) every 30 minutes for app. The bus ticket can be bought at the newspapers stand in the Departures terminal. Do not forget to validate the ticket before you board the bus. You can also reach the city centre by train in around 15 minutes from Castelferretti Station. Taxis can be found waiting outside the airport.
Adresse: Ancona Airport, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 28271

Public Transport

The best way to get around the city is on foot. The city centre is compact and is full of monuments and other sights. The local transport company is called Conerobus. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes and always remember to stamp the ticket before boarding the vehicle.


Stamps can be bought at the newspaper stands called Tabacchi. They have a sign with the letter T outside the door. Post Office:
Adresse: Largo Ventiquattro Maggio, 2, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 501 2260


Ancona’s chemists are generally open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am-12.30 pm and from 4 pm-7.30 pm. You recognize them by a green cross outside. Addresses of chemists open all day long or during weekends are posted on the pharmacies or are available on the internet. Pharmacy:
Adresse: Piazza Ugo Bassi, 7, Ancona
Telefon: +39 071 894208


Country code: +39 Area code: 071 (also dialed in Ancona) If you call Italy from abroad, you must always dial zero in the area code (do not omit it as is the general practice when making international telephone calls), e.g. +39 071 + the number.