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In the Alpine foothills, just 50 km from Milan, Bergamo is the most striking city in Lombardy. Built on two levels, the Lower City is more modern and dynamic, whilst the famous ‘Upper City’ boasts a stunning historic centre full of monuments and works of art. In the area around the city the Iseo Lake is well worth a visit, as are the sanctuary at Caravaggio and Crespi d’Adda – the most important company town in Italy, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.


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Piazza Vecchia

Piazza Vecchia represents the core of Città Alta: it has been the heart of political power for centuries and it keeps being one of the most popular places for Bergamo’s citizens to spend some time with friends. Beauty is all around you if you have a seat at one of the square’s restaurants or cafes, having a drink, breakfast or even a romantic dinner. You can admire the building called “Palazzo della Ragione”, the oldest municipal seat in Lombardy, as well as the Torre Civica, a bell tower also called “Campanone”. In the middle of the square is located the Contarini Fountain, which was donated to the city by the chief magistrate Alvise Contarini in 1780, while on the opposite side of Piazza Vecchia you can see the Palazzo Nuovo (“New Palace”), which served as Bergamo’s Town Hall until 1873 and is today the seat of the Angelo Mai Library. The geometrical layout of the buildings around the square is so harmonic that when Le Corbusier visited Bergamo he said “you can’t move a single stone, it would be a crime”

The Venetian Walls

Bergamo wouldn’t be the same without its impressive Venetian Walls. This spectacular circuit is over six km long: it’s the perfect place to take a romantic walk and enjoy wonderful sunsets, and it has been enclosing the beauties of the Upper Town for more than four centuries. The Walls’ priceless artistic and cultural value is also confirmed by their candidacy to become a Unesco World Heritage, a path taken in 2007 that has finally got to its final stage. They were built starting from 1561 by the Republic of Venice in order to face enemies attacks, but History was kind with them: maybe due to their stunning beauty, they never underwent any siege. That is why they remained almost intact to the present day. The Walls consist of 14 bastions, 2 platforms, 100 embrasures for cannons, 2 armouries, four gates, not to mention the underground structures featuring sallies, passages and tunnels: don’t miss the chance to walk inside the Walls and to visit the casemates of San Michele and San Giovanni!
Adresse: Viale delle Mura, Bergamo

City Centre - Lower Town

Leave time for a walk in the modern centre – the large area around piazza Vittorio Veneto – which was planned during the early 20th century, by the architect Marcello Piacentini, and is a very interesting example of town planning.

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and Colleoni Chapel

The Basilica (built in 1137) is the most remarkable religious building in the city. It also hosts the Donizetti’s grave. The Colleoni Chapel is a masterpiece of the Lombard Renaissance.
Adresse: Piazza Duomo, Bergamo

Civic Tower (Campanone - Big Bell) and Palazzo del Podestà

A symbol of the medieval city, the 52-metre high Civic Tower offers splendid views over Upper and Lower Bergamo. The Civic Tower bell sounds over 100 times at 10 pm every evening to signal the old curfew when the gates of the city were closed. Originally the residence of the Suardi-Colleoni families, the Palazzo del Podestà was the seat of the Podestà (Chief magistrate or Governor) from the 12th to the 15th century. Today it hosts the History Museum of Veneto Age.
Adresse: Piazza Vecchia, 8A, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 247116


Fortified building which hosts the Museum of History IX century. You can buy a museum card which includes the visit at Museo Donizettiano, Museum of history XVII century (Rocca), Historical Museum (former S. Francesco cloister), Campanone and Museum of the Veneto Age (Palazzo del Podestà).
Adresse: Via Alla Rocca, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 247116

Historical Museum and Ex S. Francesco Cloister

Bergamo Historical Museum is settled in the fascinating ex San Francesco cloister. The exhibition includes reconstructions of settings, multimedia stations and movable explanatory sheets.
Adresse: Piazza Mercato del Fieno, 6/A, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 247116

Teatro Sociale

After exemplary restoration work was carried out, the Teatro Sociale reopened to the public in the spring of 2009 – two century after its inauguration in 1808 – with a rich calendar of shows.
Adresse: Via Bartolomeo Colleoni, 4, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 416 0601

Gaetano Donizetti’s Birthplace

The famous composer Donizetti was born in Bergamo, and lived there from 1806 to 1815. An opera festival is dedicated to him and it takes place at the Donizetti Theater in Bergamo every year from September to December.
Adresse: Via Borgo Canale, 14, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 244483
Åpningstider: Sat-Sun 10.00-13.00; 15.00-18.00

Donizetti’s Museum

This is a museum set up in honour of opera composer Gaetano Donizetti. The archive at the museum stores, among many things, original printed editions of books, valuable iconographic collection and various relics.
Adresse: Via Arena, 9, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 247116
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 10.00-13.00; Sat-Sun 10.00-13.00; 15.00-18.00

Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII

The Pope John XXIII, proclaimed Saint on April 27th, 2014 came from Sotto il Monte, a town 18 km far from Bergamo. The beloved places of the Pope are within a short distance: his birth-house, the Church of Santa Maria in Brusicco, where he was baptized, his summer-residence Cà Maitino, now transformed into a museum, the parish church, the Garden of Peace and the parish crypt.

"Lorenzo Rota" Botanic Garden

The Museum is named after Lorenzo Rota (1855-1918), the first man to describe the flora of Bergamo province. Alpine Calcofile and acuidofile species are devoted such a degree of attention that for many years the Botanic Garden has been considered an Alpine botanic garden. Closed from November to February.
Adresse: Scaletta di Colle Aperto, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 212034

Crespi d'Adda

Crespi d'Adda is a unique example of industrial architecture that has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village consisted of a factory (a cotton mill), the castle of the owner, worker's houses, a cemetery, a wash house and a church: it is a XIX century village, built by the Crespi family of industrialists.

Taverna del Gallo

The restaurant-pizzeria is a characteristic place decoreted with wooden beams, stones and frescos. The cuisine is a mix of modern and traditional Mediterranean flavors.
Adresse: Via San Bernardino, 23/A, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 220344


In the mood for something sweet? This is the kingdom of chocolate! People queue to get hot chocolate here, to try Italian specialties and to sit for a break in this cozy place.
Adresse: Via Sant’Alessandro, 13, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 210336

Baretto Di San Vigilio

Adresse: Via al Castello, 1, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 253191
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 11am–1am, Sat 11am–1:30am, Sun 9am–1am


Popular and spacious disco where a variety of events take place, especially during the summer, so as to satisfy people from all ages and musical taste.
Adresse: Località Portico, 21, Orio al Serio
Telefon: +39 338 595 4867
Åpningstider: Fri–Sat 11:55pm–04:30

Bar Le Iris

Known as a fashionable wine bar with over 300 different Italian and foreign wines, Le Iris also offers a vast array of cocktails as well as simple Italian dishes to accompany your drink.
Adresse: Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, 12, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 217037
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 6pm–2am


Located in the city centre, the elegant boutique stocks fine clothing for both men and women, as well as further upscale fashion articles.
Adresse: Via Antonio Locatelli, 2, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 249622
Åpningstider: Mon 15.00-19.30; Tue-Sat 10.00-19.30

Via XX Settembre

Via XX Settembre is the shopping street par excellence in Bergamo. In this street you can find high street fashion brands like Zara, Benetton, Max and Co., Geox, Furla and Tod’s. If the weather is sunny and warm, it's a nice place to take a walk and enjoy the architecture while on a shopping trip.
Adresse: Via XX Settembre, Bergamo


Coin is a major department store in Bergamo, where you can find clothing, accessories, shoes, or anything else that you may need. Other facilities of the store include a women's fitness club area, tailoring, home delivery and coffee shops.
Adresse: Via Zambonate, 11, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 232682
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 09.30-19.30; Sat 09.30-20.00; Sun 10.00-13.00; 15.00-19.30


Just outside of the city lies Italy’s largest shopping center. The Orio Commercial Center - opposite the airport - has more than 200 stores to choose from among restaurants, bars, a grocery store and great views. Oriocenter is open every day.
Adresse: Via Portico, 71, Orio al Serio
Telefon: +39 035 459 6201
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 09.00-22.00

Ol Formager

The spectacular selection of cheeses makes this location an essential stop for any Bergamo visitor. Ol Formager stocks cheeses that range from real-deal Parmigiano Reggiano to several varieties of mozzarella (including the stunning di buffala or exotic smoked affumicata), and even rarities like the layered gorgonzola-and-mascrapone. Prices are highly reasonable.
Adresse: Via San Tomaso, 100, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 239237
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 9.00-13.00 & 16.00-19.00

Hotel Excelsior San Marco

This hotel overlooks a lovely park and it’s far from the traffic noise, but just 5 minutes from the most stylish shops and the funicular which leads up to the Città Alta.
Adresse: Piazza Repubblica, 6
Telefon: +39 035 366 111


Gombit hotel is an exclusive hotel that is part of the international circuit of DesignHotels. It is next to the Gombito Tower, a 13th century tower in the Upper Town.
Adresse: Via Mario Lupo, 6
Telefon: +39 035 247 009

Hotel Piazza Vecchia

This hotel is located in a 14th-century palazzo, with the atmosphere of a manor house, close to the Piazza Vecchia. They have very romantic rooms.
Adresse: Via Colleoni, 3
Telefon: +39 035 253 179

Hotel Agnello D’Oro

Situated just 50 metres from the cable car to Bergamo’s Lower Town, this family-run hotel feature also a restaurant with traditional dishes. Nice and cosy rooms.
Adresse: Via Gombito, 22
Telefon: +39 035 249 883

Hotel San Giorgio

This is a good hotel if you don’t have high expectations. Rooms are very simple and the place is clean with great Italian breakfast.
Adresse: Via San Giorgio, 10
Telefon: +39 035 212043

Il Caravaggio International Airport

Orio al Serio International Airport, well known as "Il Caravaggio", is located only 5 km away from Bergamo, and 45 km from Milan. An Airport Bus/Shuttle goes to the city centre every day from 6 am to midnight and departures every 20 minutes.
Adresse: Via Orio al Serio, 49/51, Grassobbio
Telefon: +39 035 326323


Italy can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Best Time to Visit

The climate in Bergamo is warm and temperate and the very warmest time to visit it is the summer, the hottest months are July, August and June. If you are looking for a special event, there's the Bergamo Film Meeting that takes place every year in March: for nine days, with over 160 films, it's the crossroad of international cinema peppered with various film-themed events. In the summer, there are a lot of events as well, mostly musical events and concerts.

Public Transport

The best way to get around the city is by foot. To reach the upper city you can catch bus 1 (which leaves from the railway station) or the funicular. There are special tickets for tourists. The Gulliberg tourist train is a special train service that operates a return journey service between 14.00 and 19.00 on Sundays and Bank Holidays between the upper funicular station and Colle Aperto, along the Viale delle Mura. City moving is a minibus service making your travel around Bergamo more comfortable. You can visit the city quickly and easily and return to your hotel at the end of the day. More info on: The tram starts from Bergamo and arrives in Albino, in the low Seriana Valley. More info on: There is also Bergamo card, a tourist pass comprising a series of services: use of ATB and TEB public transport, free or reduced access to museums and monuments, and several reductions in shops and accommodation facilities in Bergamo and its province


Since 1970 the main taxi company in the city of Bergamo is Radiotaxi. The company offers a 24 hours service and it takes customers wherever they want.
Telefon: +39 035 4519090


Bergamo’s main post office is Ufficio Postale Poste Italiane. Main information below:
Adresse: Via Antonio Locatelli, 11, Bergamo
Telefon: +39 035 453 2211
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 08.20-19.05; Sat 08.20-12.35


Bergamo’s chemists are open from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 19.30. Addresses of chemists open all day long or during weekends are posted on the pharmacies.


Country code: +39 Area code: 035


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