Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Torino

Turin, Italy's first capital, is a city awash with history, green parks and art, not to mention that it is a town with renowned food and even better drinks. Under the arcades of the city centre there are countless wine bars, grandiose continental cafés and lively bars and restaurants, all just steps away from luxury shopping streets. Even if it is mostly known abroad for Fiat and Juventus, Turin is a fascinating metropolis with its eyes set firmly on the future thanks to its young population and great universities.

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National Museum of Cinema

The Italian movie industry was born in Turin, and for this reason the country’s largest film museum is located here. You will find it inside the Mole Antonelliana, a tall brick building from the top of which you can enjoy a magnificent view. It is a museum, but not in the traditional sense. Numerous interactive activities and unforeseen exhibitions can be admired and experienced.
Adresse: Via Montebello 20, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 8138560
Åpningstider: Mon, Wed-Fri: 9am-8pm; Sat: 9am-11pm; Sun: 9am-8pm.
Billetter: The museum and the lift to the terrace have distict tickets and prices. In both cases, reduced admission tickets are available for students up to 26yo, over 65yo; free entrance for childrem up to 5yo, disabled people and helpers.

Superga Basilica

This Basilica was built by the orders of Duke Vittorio Amedeo II, in the 18th century. It is also sadly famous for being the place where the plane carrying the soccer team Toro crashed during the 1940s. Superga is located on top of the hill bordering Turin, from where you have a wonderful view of both the city and the Alps. To get there, you can take a bus, a mountain railway or a long-distance footpath, hence it is also the ideal destination for a hike during a clear day.
Adresse: Strada della Basilica di Superga 73, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 8997456

The Royal Palace

Palazzo Reale was the residential estate of the Savoy family until 1861. Today, it hosts various galleries and museums. In the main building of the palace you can admire magnificent objects from the Baroque and Rococo periods, besides the stunning architectural structure of the estate itself. Palazzo Reale is located on Piazza Castello, one of the two main squares of the city.
Adresse: Piazzetta Reale 1, Torino
Telefon: +39 011 4361455
E-post: Contact form available on the webpage.
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 9am-7pm

Valentino Park

Parco del Valentino is a big public park covering an area of 421,000 m² right in the city centre, side by side with the river Po. Colourful flower beds, a small stream with wooden bridges and monumental fountains create a peaceful oasis in the midst of the city. During spring and summer you can chill all day long and well into the evening.
Adresse: Corso Massimo D'Azeglio, Turin

Langhe Wine Tours

Piedmont is one of the richest regions in Italy when it comes to wine. In particular, a large part of the production is concentrated in the Langhe area, reachable in one hour by bus, train or car from Turin. Many and various are the tasting tours available in this region, during which you can not only try these delicious nectars, but also numerous local dishes.

Juventus Stadium and Museum

This is a must see for all soccer enthusiasts. Visits are normally guided both in Italian and English, and at the end of your tour you can buy Juventus gadgets and memorabilia in the official shop of the team. You can choose between a visit to the stadium or the museum, or - why not – both!
Adresse: Corso Gaetano Scirea 50, Turin
Telefon: +39 899 999897
Åpningstider: Visit timetable available at:
Billetter: Tickets available on the spot. Reduced entrance for under 16yo, over 65yo and disabled people. Free entrance for childern up to 6yo.

Egyptian Museum of Turin

Solely dedicated to Egyptian Art, this museum is second only to the one located in Cairo. The wide collection here housed is the result of years of expeditions. Indeed in the past the artefacts used to be shared between the country where they were found and the researchers. Let yourself be amazed by this trip to one of the most mystic ages of history.
Adresse: Via Accademia delle Scienze 6, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 5617776
Åpningstider: Mon 9am-2pm; Tue-Sun 9am-6.30pm.
Billetter: Reduced entrance for youngesters between 6 and 18 yo and journallists. Free entrance for children up to 5yo and disabled people with helpers.

Pietro Micca Museum

There is a world hidden in Turin’s underground made of an extended system of tunnels built in the XVI century to resist the French siege. Visiting this museum you will have a tour in the same tunnels where the battle was fought. It is an inspiring trip to the past and a perfect occasion to see a one-of-a-kind military structure, but certainly it is not advisable for claustrophobics.
Adresse: Via Guicciardini 7a, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 546317
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm

Piazza Vittorio

Piazza Vittorio is the main square of the city, and the biggest in Europe completely surrounded by arcades. It is located at the end of Via Po, overlooking the river and the bizarre church Gran Madre. Under its arches, the square houses restaurants, cafés and bars of all sorts, and by night it turns into one of the centres of Turin's movida. Don't miss a visit here by night, even just to admire its splendour enhanced by lights and shadows on the facades surrounding the square.
Adresse: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin

Zoom Torino

To experience direct contact with nature, visit Zoom, a few kilometres outside of Turin. This safari park is so much more than a normal zoo: you can closely admire different species like zebras, giraffes, rhinoceros and you can even swim with penguins. Furthermore, the water park and Bolder Beach pool is an extension of the park, so you can buy a combined ticket for both attractions.
Adresse: Strada Piscina 36, Cumiana
Telefon: +39 011 9070419
Åpningstider: March: Sat-Sun 10am-6pm; April-November (first week only): 10am-7pm. Detailed timetable at
Billetter: Reduced entrance: 3-12yo, over 65yo and disabled people; Free entrance: up to 3yo and disabeld people's helpers.

Monte dei Cappucini

The church of Santa Maria al Monte is visible from Piazza Vittorio, especially at night, when the space-age blue neon lights illuminate it. This building stands on the right bank of the Po, on the so-called Monte dei Cappuccini, and from its terrace you can enjoy one of the best views of both the city and the Alps.
Adresse: Piazzale Monte dei Cappuccini 3, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 535181
Åpningstider: The terrace is always open. Church timetable: Mon-Sun 8.30am-12am, 3pm-7.30pm.

Sacra di San Michele

A visit to Sacra di San Michele is the perfect trip on a clear day. This basilica is of high religious importance and got its name from the archangel Michael. The interior is majestic and the surroundings are breath-taking, as is the path to reach it. But if you are not exactly an athlete, you can also get to Sacra di San Michele by train, bus or car.
Adresse: Via alla Sacra 14, Sant'Ambrogio
Telefon: +39 011 939130
Åpningstider: From 16th October to 15th March: Tue-Sat 9.30am-12.30am, 2.30pm-5pm; Sun 9.30am-12am; 14.30pm-5.30pm; from 16th March to 15th October: Tue-Sat 9.30am-12.30am, 2.30pm-6pm; Sun 9.30am-12am, 2.30pm-6.30pm.
Billetter: Reduced entrance: 6-18yo, over 65yo, militaries. Free entrance for children up to 6yo.

Venaria Palace

This former residence of the Savoy family in Venaria, is located just outside Turin. The palace is one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe; indeed, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Today it houses a big and articulated museum, including the palace itself and the surrounding gardens. Large music events are often organised here, from classical music concerts to techno and house music festivals.
Adresse: Piazza della Repubblica 4, Venaria Reale
Telefon: +39 011 4992333
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat-Sun 9am-6.30pm.
Transport: Bus: Lines 11, 72 and VE1 from Turin or Venaria Express shuttle bus

The Palatine Gate

The Palatine Gates date back to ancient Roman times, when they used to provide access for travellers coming from the north. Today the gates are part of the archaeological park located in the city centre, together with other ancient ruins, such as the remains of a Roman theatre.
Adresse: Piazza Cesare Augusto, Turin

National Museum of Automobile

This museum opened its gates in 1932, becoming one of the first automotive museums in the world. It hosts a very rare and fine collection of national cars from every epoch. The exposition displays all Italian brands of the past and present dating back to the middle of the 19th century, reaching approximately 200 models.
Adresse: Corso Unità d'Italia 40, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 677666
E-post: Contact form available on the webpage.
Åpningstider: Mon 10am- 2pm; Tue 2pm–7pm; Wed, Thu, Sun 10am- 7pm; Fri-Sat 10am-9pm.
Transport: Buses/trams: 1 - 18 - 42 - 34 - 35
Billetter: Reducesd entrance: over 65yo, children 6-14yo. groups over 15 people. disabled people, university students. Free entry: children up to 6yo; journalists.

Regio Theatre

This amazing theatre was commissioned by Vittorio Amedeo II and inaugurated in 1740. It immediately became a reference in the world of opera and ballet, not least for its sophisticated design. Today the theatre remains a touchstone for drama, but it is also possible to simply visit the stunning building.
Adresse: Piazza Castello 215, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 8815557
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 10.30am-6pm, Sat 10.30am-4pm.

Museum of Oriental Art

Opened in 2008, this museum displays the biggest collection of Asian art and crafts in Italy. It is located in the Quadrilatero neighbourhood, in the ancient Mazzoni Palace. The exhibitions here are varied and change often, and for this reason it is well-frequented even by locals.
Adresse: Via San Domenico 11, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4436932
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 10am–6pm; Sat-Sun 10am-7pm.
Billetter: Reduced entry: over 65yo, between 18 and 25yo. Free entry: under 18yo, disabled people and helpers, journalists and guides.

Madama Palace

Palazzo Madama is one of the historic buildings of Piazza Castello, together with the Royal Palace. Even if it can look like a proper palace, it is actually a stunning facade for the medieval castle, which the Savoy family decided to cover because it was not in line with the style of the square hosting it. Today it houses the Museum of Ancient Arts, with its impressive collection of paintings.
Adresse: Piazza Castello, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4433501
Åpningstider: Mon, Wed-Sun 10am-6pm
Billetter: The first Wednesday of each month free entrance for everybody. During the rest of the year, free entrance: up to 6yo, disabled people and helpers.

Piazza San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo is one of the most important squares in Turin's history. It is located between Porta Nuova and Via Roma. During the 19th and 20th centuries it used to be the main meeting point for elites and aristocracy, and the refinement of those days is still plain to see. In the background you can also admire the (almost-) twin churches, which can seem to be identical at first sight, but try to look a bit closer...
Adresse: Piazza San Carlo, Turin

Moving Dinner - Cene in Movimento

Cene in Movimento is a unique experience offered by the council of Turin. We are talking about high-quality dinner served on historical trams, while moving around the city. Customers get to enjoy the best that Turin can offer all at once: delicious food and beautiful views. For cruise lovers, there is also an aquatic version on the boats Valentino and Valentina. For more information visit the GTT office in Porta Nuova Station.
Adresse: Porta Nuova Statio, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 5764733
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9am-12am, 1pm-5.30pm; Sat 9am-12am, 12.45am-5pm.

Porto Di Savona

Porto Di Savona is a classy restaurant with a traditional menu, which includes local specialities from Piedmont, such as polenta, anchovies with green dressing and vitello tonnato. This elegant eatery is worthy of its exclusive location in Piazza Vittorio, where during the warm season you can enjoy your meal open air.
Adresse: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 8173500
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 12.30am-2.30pm, 7.30pm-10.30pm.

Tre Galline

This restaurant, located in the Quadrilatero area, proposes local Turin dishes. The main philosophy is to take the best from both traditional and modern cooking techniques and combine them for some amazing results. If you are curious about Piedmontese cuisine, try the tasting menu to get a complete picture.
Adresse: Via G. Bellezia 37, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4366553
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 7.45pm–10.30pm; Sat 12.30am–2.15pm, 7.45pm–11pm.

Le Vitel Étonné

Le Vitel Étonné is a lively restaurant that will welcome you in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Here you can always feel at home, regardless of whether you want to try the tasting menu or simply enjoy a good glass of wine from its well-equipped cantina.
Adresse: Via San Francesco da Paola 4, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 8124621
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 10.30am-1am; Sun 10.30am-3.30pm.

L´Acino Restaurant

L´Acino Restaurant is a small, buzzing restaurant and wine bar. The wine list is impressive and the food - completely according to the Piedmontese tradition - simply excellent. This is a good place for everyone looking for local cuisine and it is especially recommended for families.
Adresse: Via San Domenico 2/A, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 5217077
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 7am-11.30pm

Ristorante Il Circolo dei Lettori

Located on the premises of a private literary club, Ristorante Il Circolo dei Lettori is a hidden gem in Turin. The club has opened its doors to diners with this restaurant for both lunch and dinner. Enjoy the great food in a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.
Adresse: Via Bogino 9, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4326 827

Ristorante Galante

Right in the heart of Turin, you will find Ristorante Galante. It has a romantic atmosphere and it is well-known for being one on of the most ancient eateries in the city. The menu is heavily dedicated to fish dishes. Everything served is prepared personally by the staff, even bread, handmade pasta, desserts and ice cream.
Adresse: Corso Palestro 15, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 532163
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 12:30am-2:30pm, 7:45pm-11pm; Sat 7:45pm-11pm.

Ostriche Francesi

Even if Turin is not on the sea, it can boast some fantastic seafood restaurants. One of the best is Ostriche Francesi, a cosy eatery where you can try tasty raw seafood, from oysters to shrimps, and even sea urchins. Since it can get crowded, especially on the weekend, you may benefit from the take away service.
Adresse: Racconigi 30, Turin
Telefon: +39 335 6400423
Åpningstider: Mon-Wed 5pm-12pm; Thu-Sun 12am-12pm.

Origami Restaurant

If you like Japanese food you should try Origami. It is located in the very heart of Turin, in Piazza Vittorio. The atmosphere is great, the staff is young but professional and qualified, and during the warm season you can sit on its outdoor terrace. Origami is claimed to have the best sushi in Turin, and it can be extensively enjoyed in its all-you-can-eat menu.
Adresse: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 18/F, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 8136864
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 12:30am–2:30pm, 7:30pm–11:30pm.


If you want to try the Piedmontese version of a tasty hamburger, visit M**Bun. Here the best of local production is employed to make delicious fast food dishes in the slow food manner. Everything here is made in the Piedmontese style, even the menu, which is entirely written in the local dialect.
Adresse: via Rattazzi 4, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 19704606
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 12am-11pm; Fri-Sat 12am-12pm; Sun 12am-12pm.

Eataly Torino Lingotto

Eataly, born in Turin in 2007, takes part in the Slow Food movement, sharing the practice of only using fresh and locally grown ingredients to create sustainable cuisine. In its inside you can also find a food market, where you can buy high-quality products to take away.
Adresse: Via Nizza 230/14, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 19506801
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 10am-10.30pm


This colourful and cosy pizzeria is located in the San Salvario area. The pizza served here is considered by the locals to be among the best in the entire city. You can choose what you prefer from the wide menu, including more than 20 pizzas and other dishes typical of Piedmontese cuisine.
Adresse: via Berthollet 17/I, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 6503055
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 7.15pm-12pm

Fratelli Pummarò

For an original Neapolitan pizza, Fratelli Pummarò is the place to go. Located in the San Salvario neighbourhood, this pizzeria is run by a family from Naples, which ensures you to find a real Neapolitan pizza, with its delicious thick dough and, of course, the best mozzarella.
Adresse: via Principe Tommaso 12, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 6509283
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 7.30pm-12pm

Del Cambio

This is the most ancient and elegant restaurant in Turin. Del Cambio opened in 1757 and has been, from the beginning, the social meeting point for the local élites. Located right in front of the amazing Palazzo Carignano, it is still one of the most exclusive eateries in Turin.
Adresse: Piazza Carignano, 2, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 546690
Åpningstider: Tue 7.30pm-10.30pm; Wed-Sat 12.30am–2.30pm, 7.30pm–10.30pm; Sun 12.30pm–2.30pm.

La Piadineria

If you are in hurry and you’re looking for a fast meal, but you don't want to sacrifice quality, visit La Piadineria. It is specialised in "piadine": flat unleavened bread, filled in hundreds of different ways. It is a chain, so you can find several shops around the city, but the following address is probably the most central.
Adresse: Via Accademia Albertina 1/bis, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 763 0705
E-post: Contact form available on the webpage.
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 11:30am-10pm; Sat-Sun 12am-9:30pm.

Horas Kebab

In Turin, the locals prefer eat kebab after a night out, but that is no reason not to have a juicy doner for lunch or dinner. The best one in Turin is Horas, located in San Salvario - the liveliest part of the city by night. Here, nothing is pretentious or fancy, not even the owner, who welcomes everybody with his exuberant good humour.
Adresse: Via Berthollet 24/B, Turin
Telefon: +39 338 9504894
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 10am-1am; Fri-Sat 10am-3.30am; Sun 10am-1am.


This one-of-a-kind eatery is the result of the work of three young men from Turin and environs. The absolute king in this place is the jacket potato, which you can try in an Italian version, filled in with the best that the local production can offer: toma, salsiccia di bra, fresh vegetables, and much more.
Adresse: Via Maria Vittoria 36bis. Turin
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 12am-3pm, 7pm–11pm.

Caffé Fiorio

In the past, Caffé Fiorio used to be the meeting place of the aristocracy, civil servants and intellectuals. It's old-time elegance still remains today in its inner rooms, but most locals know it for its ice cream. Fiorio serves very generous portions in both cones and bowls.
Adresse: Via Po 8, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 8173225
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 8am-1am; Fri-Sat 8am-2am; Sun 8am-1am.

Caffé Al Bicerin

This tiny cafè can transport you directly to the 19th century: the coffee aroma fills the air and the little marble tables are surrounded by mirrors all around the room. Everything is the same as it was when Cavour used to visit this place for his daily break. Try the local speciality, Bicerin, a sweet chocolate-based liquour, very typical of Turin. In other words, this cafè is a must for your Turin experience.
Adresse: Piazza della Consolata 5, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4369325
Åpningstider: Mon-Tue 8:30am-7:30pm; Thu-Sun 8:30am-7:30pm.

Caffè San Carlo

The most memorable quality of San Carlo is its striking interior design. An impressive chandelier dominates the room and sets the standard for all the other details. The breakfast is definitely worth trying, with croissants, cakes and Arabic blends for aromatic cappuccinos and coffees.
Adresse: Piazza San Carlo 156, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 532586
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 8am-12pm

Adonis Creperie

At Adonis Creperie you can choose between homemade cookies, American coffee, salty or sweet crepes and much more. The varied crepe options are beautifully presented and perfectly prepared. Be sure to not miss their Sunday brunch for truly special treat.
Adresse: Largo Saluzzo 25E, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 0769491
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 12am-2.30pm, 7.30pm-11pm; Sat-Sun 8am-2.30pm, 7.30-11pm.

Gofreria Piemonteisa

The 'gofre' is a crispy wafer typical of central Europe, but the Piedmontese version is made with meliga - a particular herb. This eatery can be considered the meeting point between street food and haute cuisine, in a local and personalised way, which gives life to a one-of-a-kind place.
Adresse: Via San Tommaso 7, Turin
Telefon: +39 349 3926090
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 11.30am-7.30pm

Baratti & Milano

Baratti & Milano is a historical café in Turin, located in the amazing Piazza Castello Gallery. It was founded in 1858 as a confectionery shop, and later developed all other parts of the eatery: restaurant, pastry and chocolate shop and ice cream parlour. They have even sold their own blends of coffee since 1911.
Adresse: Piazza Castello 29, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4407138
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 8am-8pm; Sat-Sun 8.30am-8pm.

Caffè Mulassano

In this café, located in Piazza Castello, one of the most popular Italian sandwiches was invented: the Tramezzino. Indeed, the owners of this place created this light meal in 1926 to accompany the aperitif, its success was immediate and huge, thanks to their over 30 varieties of stuffing.
Adresse: Piazza Castello 15, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 54799
Åpningstider: Mon-Tue 7.30am-12pm; Thu-Sun 7.30am-12pm.

Caffè Torino

Opened in 1903, Caffé Torino was the favourite café of the Savoy family during their reign, and its Belle Époque atmosphere is still fitting for a king. It is located on Piazza San Carlo, one of the most beautiful squares of the city centre. Here you can find delicacies prepared by local masters, from coffee to pastries and ice cream.
Adresse: Piazza San Carlo 204, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 545118
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 8am–12pm


Platti is a real salon located on one of the main boulevards of Turin. This classic café has a calm ambience, elegant furniture and the intellectual atmosphere that has always characterised it. This place is still worth a visit, 150 years after opening. Besides a rich breakfast, you can also try daily fresh made pastries any time of day.
Adresse: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 72, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4546151
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 7.30am-9pm


To try an exotic version of the Piedmontese apericena, visit Beena. Along with your drink you can try seven or eight mini-courses from the Indian tradition, such as tandoori chicken, fried vegetables, curry chicken, samosas, and much more. The menu is varied and it is frequently updated.
Adresse: Via Cesare Lombroso 22, Turin
Telefon: +39 349 7078645
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 7pm-10.30pm


Located in San Salvario, Beerba offers a wide variety of delicious cocktails, local wines and beers, perfect to accompany its apericena buffet. The skilled staff will be able to suggest the perfect drink for you, and from time to time you can enjoy some special aperitif, like the one dedicated to pasta or to other specialties from all over the world.
Adresse: Via Sant'Anselmo 13B, Turin
Telefon: +39 339 2843133
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 7.30pm-1am; Fri-Sat 7.30pm-2am.

Pasticceria Capello

This pastry parlour has an elegant and calm atmosphere, where you can enjoy every moment of the day: from breakfast to the classical Piedmontese apericena. Indeed, along with delicious desserts and coffees, you can try a varied aperitifs, often inspired by the national cuisines of various countries.
Adresse: Via Asinari di Bernezzo 48, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 7710284
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 7am-8pm

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Hiroshima Mon Amour opened in 1989, and since then it has hosted all kinds of events. Some examples of artists who have performed here? Patti Smith, Kraftwerk, Sinéad O’Connor, Astor Piazzola, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and many more. On its two floors you can find three dancefloors and stages, where something different happens every night.
Adresse: Via Bossoli 83, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 3176636
Åpningstider: Thu-Sun 10:30pm-4am.


Bunker is a large and eclectic space, the result of a cultural project which took a dismissed train station and created a meeting point for the people of Turin. Art, music and exchange merge into each other to form something unique. On the weekend big concerts and DJ sets of various kinds are organised, but there are also festivals and daily events in summer and spring.
Adresse: via Nicolò Paganini 0/200, Turin

Birrificio Torino

This pub and restaurant is the unique selling point of the unfiltered beer and micro-brewery Birrificio Torino, which was revived a few years ago. A genuine ambience with brick walls and dark wood makes it the perfect place for a bender with friends. Furthermore, for those intrigued by beer, Birrificio Torino even offers guided tours in its brewery.
Adresse: Via Parma 30, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 2876562
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu, Sun 7:30pm-1am; Fri-Sat 7:30pm-2:30am.

Cavallerizza Reale

Cavallerizza Theatre is one of the amazing buildings left by the Savoy family. Surviving a series of accidents throughout the years, today it is a cultural centre run by a group of young locals. Together with cultural and sporting activities, many concerts are held. Dance the night away in its unique atmosphere, between historic treasures and modern music.
Adresse: Via Giuseppe Verdi 9, Turin


The namesake specialty of Tamango, is a must for whoever wants to enjoy a party night in Turin. The Tamango cocktail has ancient African origins, and it was imported to the city during the 1980s, but the recipe is still a secret. This tiny and arcane bar is renowned in the entire city, making it a perfect stop-over before heading to the clubs.
Adresse: Via Fratelli Calandra 10, Turin
Åpningstider: Tue-Thu 9.30pm-3am;Fri-Sat 9.30pm-4am; Sun 9.30pm-2am.


Located in Vanchiglia - one of the most peculiar areas of the city - this bar will welcome you into an exotic atmosphere thanks to its Arabic furnishings and the sweet hookah smell filling the air. Mostly renowned for the quality and variety of its cocktails and mojitos, AmbharaBar also offers an abundant and delicious apericena.
Adresse: Via Borgo Dora 10, Turin
Telefon: +39 333 4221504
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu, Sun 4pm-2am; Fri 4pm-3am; Sat 8am-3am.

San Salvario

This neighbourhood, near Porta Nuova Station, has become the new centre of Turin’s movida in the last few years. You will find an impressive amount of bars and restaurants in the area between Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Marconi. It is at night that it really comes to life, when hundreds of youngsters gather in the numerous terraces or in Largo Saluzzo square.
Adresse: San Salvario, Turin

La casa del Demone

This bar has a very terrifying theme, as the name "La Casa del Demone" (Devil's House) suggests. The ambience is reminiscent of a horror movie cave, with soft lights, skeletons and a large bar with a big demon's head front and centre. But despite the creepy atmosphere, you can try some of the best cocktails in the city and you can even enjoy several delicious courses.
Adresse: Via San Domenico 3B, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4367864
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu, Sun 7:30pm-2am; Fri-Sat 7:30pm-3am.

Zero Bar

Located in the centre of the city, just around the corner from Piazza Vittorio, is Zero Bar, a lively and youthful bar. Enjoy a tasty drink - made by the expert mixologists - on the outdoor seating, or admire the numerous artworks displayed around the inner room.
Adresse: Via Vanchiglia 0, Turin
Telefon: +39 334 3033890
Åpningstider: Tue-Thu 9pm-1.30am; Fri-Sat 8pm-3am.


Clorophilla is one of the bars under the arcades of Piazza Vittorio. It definitively stands out among the others thanks to its interior decor, made to resemble a forest. All the cocktails here are delicious, but its real specialties are the "Zuccherini": lumps of sugar plunged in flavoured liqueurs, a must of Turinese nights.
Adresse: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 17, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 888036
Åpningstider: Tue-Thu, Sun 8pm-2.30am; Fri-Sat 8pm-3am.


This hidden gem is tucked away in a side street close to Porta Nuova Station, and it is primarily a funky cocktail bar. Every night the staff serves a fabulous aperitif buffet accompanied by cocktails or wine, and it is also a free exposition space for artists and musicians. So enjoy a tasty drink and feel the vibrant atmosphere at Soundart.
Adresse: Via sant'anselmo 20C, Turin
Telefon: +39 327 3282028
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 6pm-2am

Spazio 211

Spazio 211 is well-known in Turin for its great live music. It is located a 10-minutes ride north of the city centre. It holds international indie acts, as well as interesting concerts and theme nights. This is not the place to visit if you like listening to mainstream music, but if you are interested in discovering some Italian artists, this place won't let you down.
Adresse: Via Cigna 211, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 19705919

Cornetti Night

Cornetti Night is a one-of-a-kind shop, and definitively a favourite place of all the city's party-goers. This croissant parlour is open only at night, just to offer the people of Turin a delicious break from their parties around the city. Inside you will find large croissants of every sort, both sweet and salty.
Adresse: Via delle Orfane 28, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 7653319
Åpningstider: Sun-Thu 8pm-3am; Fri-Sat 8pm-6am.

Open Baladin

Open Baladin is a slice of paradise for all enthusiasts of craft beer. This made-in-Piedmont brand recently opened its stylish bar right in the city centre, just at a few minutes from Piazza Vittorio. It has two floors where you can taste dozens of artisanal beers, also from other independent Italian brands, together with fine appetizers and local dishes.
Adresse: Piazzale Valdo Fusi, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 835863
Åpningstider: Mon-Wed 6:30pm-1am; Thu-Sun 6:30pm-2am.Open for lunch Sun-Fri 12:15am-2:45pm.

Porta Palazzo Market

Porta Palazzo is the multicultural area of Turin, here you can meet people from all over the world. In its large square, the biggest market in Europe takes place daily. You will be able to find all the products you can imagine, from food, to clothes and vintage objects. These markets are feasts for all five senses.
Adresse: Piazza della Repubblica, Turin
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 7am-2pm.

Balon Market

This is the most peculiar and attractive section of Porta Palazzo Market. It covers Borgo Dora Street and environs, where you can buy literally anything that comes to mind. It is mainly a flea market, hence great part of the stalls are dedicated to vintage objects, but you will see also plenty of second-hand items and real antiques.
Adresse: Via Borgo Dora, Turin
Åpningstider: Sat 7am-5pm

La Rinascente

La Rinascente is an Italian luxury department store. In Turin it is located in the exclusive road Via Lagrange, among the boutiques of the biggest worldwide brands. The mall sells multiple big name brands not only when it comes to fashion, but also in furniture and design.
Adresse: Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange 15, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 5170075
E-post: Contact form available on the webpage.
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9.30am-8pm; Sat 9.30am-8.30pm; Sun 10am-8pm.


8Gallery is a modern shopping mall located in the Lingotto neighbourhood. In its spacious interior, once the headquarters of FIAT, it houses more than 90 shops and restaurants and a multiplex cinema. For this reason is one of the locals' favourite places to spend raining days.
Adresse: Via Nizza 262, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 6630768
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 10am-9pm; Fri-Sun 10am-10pm.
Transport: Metro station: Lingotto

Juventus Store

Juventus is the most famous football team in Turin, and one of the most loved around the world. Besides having its own stadium a few minutes from the city centre, you can easily get all original t-shirts and gadgets of the team in the official shop located in Via Garibaldi. Keep an eye on the website, so as not to miss events and meetings with the players.
Adresse: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 4E, Turin
Telefon: +39 02 26303235
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 10am–9:30pm

Via Roma

Via Roma is one of the two streets dedicated to the classy shopping in Turin. The entire road is a succession of elegant facades, displaying shop windows under their arcades. Here, you will find the boutiques of major high-fashion brands like Pinko and Calvin Klein, as well as affordable world-wide chains like H&M or Stradivarius. Hence, whatever your budget is, this is a must of your shopping experience in Turin.
Adresse: Via Roma, Turin
Åpningstider: Normally shops in this streets stay open all the day long, 7/7.


F.R.A.V. is a made-in-Turin brand born a few years ago. From the beginning, its original style seduced the fashion-addicted population of the city, enough to grow and open several shops all around Turin and in Milan. Here you can find unique items which you can't see anywhere else.
Adresse: Via Po 11, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 812 9489
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 9am-8pm.


Rrriot Shop’s concept was inspired by northerner fashion chains, in which it is possible to find state-of-the-art items without breaking the budget. Among others, you can find brands like Topshop, Dr Denim, Wemoto Clothing, etc. So if you happen to be in San Salvario, drop by to take a look at the newest trends.
Adresse: Via Luigi Berthollet 25A, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 19500239
Åpningstider: Mon, 3:30pm–7:30pm; Tue, Wed, Fri 10:30am-1:30pm, 3:30pm-7:30pm; Thu, Sat 10.30am-7.30pm.

Pastificio Defilippis

It is impossible to leave Italy without taking with you one of the symbol of this country: handmade pasta. In Turin, to be sure to get the best artisanal homemade products, visit Pastificio Defillips. Open since 1872, here you can find not only all kinds of pasta, but also prepared dishes and top-quality local specialties.
Adresse: Via Lagrange 39, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 542137
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, 4:30pm-7:30pm; Sat 10am-7:30pm; Sun 10am-2pm.

Fein Sas

If you want to take home a precious souvenir from your stay in Turin, visit Fein Sas. With almost 30 years of experience, this laboratory offers unique items to remember unique moments. You will have your pick of the litter among all its shining and beautiful jewels.
Adresse: Via Cibrario 26, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 4375276
Åpningstider: Mon 3pm-7pm; Tue-Fri 8.30am-12.30am, 3pm-7.30pm; Sat 8.30am-12.30am, 3.30pm-7pm.


To define Rossorubino in just one word is not simple at all, since it is a bar, a restaurant, a cantina and a wine shop, all in one. Located just a few minutes walking from Porta Nuova Station, it features all the local wines that make Piedmont one of the most prolific regions in this field.
Adresse: Via Madama Cristina 21, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 6502183
Åpningstider: Mon 10:30am–9pm; Tue-Sat 10:30am-11pm.


Streglio is one of the most successful made-in-Turin brands. Its chocolate production is renowned all over the country, in particular for its "gianduiotto", a chocolate typical of Turin with nuts. You can buy their products in every shop and supermarket of the city, but if you want to go right to the source, visit the company in None (45 mins by train from Turin).
Adresse: Via Sestriere 116, None
Telefon: +39 011 9864509

Galleria San Federico

You can find this tiny gallery on Via Roma, just a few metres from Piazza San Carlo. Just as the area where it is located, it is a symbol of elegance and refinement. Come here for an exclusive shopping experience of antiques and art crafts, or simply walk around admiring the shop windows and the frequent exhibitions.
Adresse: Galleria San Federico 7, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 541455

Cioccogelateria Venchi

Venchi is one of the most famous local brands. Its first chocolate laboratory opened in Turin in 1878 and - since then - it has never stopped manufacturing regional products and creating new delicious recipes. Visit the shop, buy some chocolates to take home with you and enjoy its artisanal ice cream on the spot.
Adresse: Porta Nuova Station, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 3049354
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 8am-9pm

Punto Einaudi

Turin has a large academic history, as can be proven by its most successful publishing house, Einaudi. In the shop, you can not only find all books published and translated by the house, but you can also meet national and international writers during specific events. Keep an eye on the webpage to stay updated.
Adresse: Regina Margherita 229D, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 788110
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am–12am, 3pm-7pm

Robe di Kappa

Kappa was born in Turin in 1978 as part of the historical Maglificio Calzificio Torinese. Despite its age, the brand got with the times and reinvented itself various times. Nowadays, K-Way and Superga are grouped under the same brand, other two references in the world of sportswear. Kappa is also Toro's sponsor, so in the shop you can also buy the original t-shirt of the team.
Adresse: Via Lagrange 3, Turin
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 10am-7:30pm


Here is another big made-in-Piedmont name. Bialetti is known to be the biggest Italian coffee-machine producer. Visit its colourful store and choose what you prefer from among its high-quality items: are you a traditional moka type or do you like more high-tech machines?
Adresse: Via Roma 72, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 5063001
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9.30am-7pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-8pm.

Guido Gobino

Guido Gobino is one of the big names in Italian haute cuisine. In the best Piedmontese tradition, he specialises in chocolate. Don't miss a visit to one of his shops in the city centre, or to his laboratory on Via Cagliari where once in a while you can also attend exhibitions and contests related to confectionery.
Adresse: Via Lagrange 1, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 5660707
Åpningstider: Mon 3pm-8pm; Tue-Sun 10am-8pm.

Via Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi, one of the pedestrian streets of the city centre, has a large range of youth oriented fashion clothes. Here you will also find the Juventus football club shop. In addition, walking around in the side streets you will discover peculiar small shops with unusual items, from antiques to pieces of furniture, and much more.
Adresse: Via Garibaldi, Turin


Sandro Pertini International Airport is located in Torino Caselle, about 15 kilometres from the city centre. You can reach it by train, bus or car. The railway station is located a few metres from the airport. The train to 'GTT Dora Railway Station' takes approximately 20 minutes and runs from about 5am to 11pm to the airport, and from about 5am to 10pm to the city, departing every 30 minutes. (+39 011 2165 352, Buses to the city centre depart just outside the departures hall and the journey takes about 50 minutes. The buses run from 5.15am to 11pm to the airport and from 6.10am to 12pm to the city. (+39 011 3000 611, Taxis cost approximately €30-€50 to reach downtown Turin, the journey taking about 30 minutes. Beware of the queues during rush hour traffic. (Pronto Taxi +39 011 57 37, Radio Taxi +39 011 57 30).
Adresse: Pertini International Airport, Turin Caselle
Telefon: +39 011 5676361
E-post: Contact form available on the webpage.

Public Transport

GTT Company manages the public transport network in Turin. This network consists of charming trams, trains, one subway line and about 100 bus lines, also covering the suburbs and the towns nearby. GTT also has a number of tourist services like the historic Superga rack tramway, boats on the river Po and City Sightseeing buses. Daily/weekly/monthly passes and multi-day tickets are available in any tobacconist and newsstand of the city, or you can buy them from the vending machines in the metro stops. Do not forget to stamp your ticket once in the vehicle.
Adresse: Porta Nuova Station, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 57641
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 7.15am-7pm; Sat-Sun 9am-5pm.


The two main taxi companies in Turin are Pronto Taxi and Radio Taxi. Italian Taxis are white cars with the number on their side and the sign “TAXI” on top. When you get in, be sure to check if the metre is turned on, and avoid unofficial cabs. Normally, in Italy you find taxi stands in the hotspots of the city and near stations, airports and main squares. Radio Taxi +39 011 5730 Pronto Taxi +39 011 5737


Stamps can be bought from authorised tobacconists, or directly at the post office. You can send letters and postcards using the mailboxes scattered all around the city. Normally, post offices are open every morning, but the main one is open all day long during week and on Saturday mornings. The contact details below refer to the main post office of Turin.
Adresse: Via Vittorio Alfieri 10, Turin
Telefon: +39 011 5060286
E-post: Contact form available on the webpage.
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 8:20am-7:05pm; Sat 8:20am-12:35am.


You can find many pharmacies around the city. Look for the flashing green cross light. Normally they are closed for lunch and during weekend, but in rotation pharmacies provide Sunday and night services. Details are displayed in the shops or on the website of the city council.
Åpningstider: Normally 9am-12.30am, 3.30pm-7pm.