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Situated at the crossroads of three great rivers – the Mekong, Tonle Sap, and Bassac – Phnom Penh is the heart of a country steeped in tradition, overflowing with rice paddies, jungles, and rural communities. Once a sleepy backwater, Phnom Penh now buzzes with commercial activity as the country develops after years of isolation. Old French colonial mansions stand alongside newly emerging designs, which make the city’s mixed architecture and communities fascinating to explore.
Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh

Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

Immerse yourself in beautifully manicured gardens, delightful royal abodes, and in the serene calm of this classic Khmer palace. The throne, used for coronation and important ceremonies, sits in a finely decorated room. At its side stands a small delightful ornate maisonette offered by Napoleon III to King Norodom. Walk across to the Silver Pagoda and observe the golden Buddha, encrusted with 9,584 diamonds, the largest one weighing 25 carats. Please remember to dress a bit formally when visiting the Silver Pagoda - wear long trousers or a long skirt.
Adresse: Samdach Sotheros Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Åpningstider: Daily 8am-11am and 2pm-5pm
Phnom Penh

Tuol Sleng Museum

A former school known as S-21, this building became the hub of the Khmer Rouge’s interrogation and torture of more than 17,000 ‘enemies’ of the state. School rooms were turned into cells and today victims’ portraits align the corridors of this daunting building. This is an emotional visit, at a place to pay respect to the victims of Cambodia’s tragedy.
Adresse: Corner of Street 113 and Street 250, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 93 388 988
Åpningstider: Daily 7am-5:30pm
Phnom Penh

River Cruise

View the city whilst cruising on the Mekong or Tonle Sap. You can choose a one-day trip, or a longer excursion including accommodation. Boats can be hired on the riverside banks, and size varies according to the number of passengers. There is also an array of tour operators offering different kind of tours.
Adresse: Mekong River, Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture

This is a leading art institution for young Cambodians. Its main vision is to be a forum for the research, preservation and promotion of Cambodian arts and culture. In contrast to traditional Angkor Wat paintings, Reyum students are taught to approach art in a thoughtful way which incorporates Khmer culture. Down the street from Reyum there are numerous art shops. This is the city’s artistic hub and an interesting place to explore and meet the local artists in their workshops.
Adresse: 47, Preah Ang Eng Street, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 023 217 149
Phnom Penh

Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is said to be the first pagoda in town, dating back to 1373. It is located on a small hill and locals come here to pray for good luck. When visiting Wat Phnom, be aware that due to the site’s popularity there will be a number of beggars, street urchins and other vendors trying to gain your attention. Some may try to sell birds in cages and you pay to set the bird free as locals claim the birds are trained to return to their cage afterwards.
Adresse: Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Åpningstider: Daily 7am-6:30pm. Museum 7am-6pm
Phnom Penh

National Museum of Cambodia

This red-stoned traditional royal Khmer building offers a glimpse of the Khmer Empire’s rich heritage. With artefacts dating back to pre-Angkorian times, the museum’s pieces are some of the only remaining historical items that survived the Khmer Rouge. Relax in the quiet garden in the museum’s central courtyard.
Adresse: Street 13, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 023 211 753
Phnom Penh

The Killing Fields & Choeung Ek Memorial

This field reminds its visitors of a time with brutal executions and torture. More than 17,000 people were killed here during the Khmer Rouge regime, and today there are mass graves and a memorial stupa (a Buddhist reliquary) with thousands of human bones. An audio tour tells the heart-braking history.
Adresse: Roluos Village, Sangkat Cheung Aek, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 93 388 988
Åpningstider: Daily 7:30am-5:30pm
Phnom Penh

The Flicks Community Movie Houses

For a different film experience, visit one or all of the Flicks Community Movie Houses. This volunteer-run cinema has three different outlets, but all of them are unique. Instead of chairs there are sofas and pillows on the floor and there is also an outdoor cinema during dry-season. Book your ticket online: you are allowed to stay and watch as many films as you wish.
Adresse: 39b, Street 95, Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Phnom Tamao Zoological Park and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)

This is the biggest zoo in Cambodia, and here you can see many different animals from the local fauna. The Wildlife Rescue Center saves animals that have been trapped or injured, to set them free again after rehabilitation. If you book a tour you will get the chance to see the staff's heroic work and to meet some of the animals.
Adresse: National Road No. 2, Takeo, Takev, Cambodia
Telefon: +855 95 970 175
Phnom Penh

Phnom Chisor Temple

About one hour drive from the city, you can visit the ruins from the Phnom Chisor Temple, a temple from the Angkorian era. From the hill where it is located you will have great views over the country side, but keep in mind that it can be very hot to climb all the way up during mid day.
Adresse: Phnom Chisor, Stairway of Chiso Mountain from the East, Takeo Province, Cambodia
Telefon: +855 69 568 375
Åpningstider: Daily 7:30am-5pm
Phnom Penh

Sovanna Phum Art Association & Art Gallery

Shadow-puppet theatre is a tradition in this part of the world, and Sovanna Phum Art Association & Art Gallery hosts this kind of performances. After the 50-minute long show, the audience is welcomed to try and handle the puppets themselves. They also host classical dance and traditional drum shows.
Adresse: 166, Street 99, corner of Street 484, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 10 337 552
Åpningstider: Daily 8am-9pm
Phnom Penh

Yoga Phnom Penh

For all the Yogis and Yoginis out there, this is a must visit. At this beautiful and calm studio you can attend different kind of yoga classes or maybe one of their work shops, for example on raw food. You can either pre-book a class or go to one of the drop-in classes.
Adresse: 39, Street 21, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 087 800 978
Phnom Penh

Wat Ounalom

This temple is the headquarters of Cambodian Buddhism, and it's home to 350 moments. At the entrance five golden Buddhas welcomes the visitors. It was founded in 1443 and it is conveniently located close to Royal Palace and the river bank.
Adresse: Samdach Sothearos Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 12 890 010
Åpningstider: Daily 6am-6pm
Phnom Penh

Kids City Asia

Ice skating in Phnom Penh? Inside this house of fun, it is possible. At Kids City Asia, children and parents can revel in the many different choices of indoor activities. Among other things, here you will find a playground, a climbing wall and a science gallery.
Adresse: 162a, Preah Sihanouk Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 220 088
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm. Sat-Sun and holidays 9am-8pm
Phnom Penh

Independence Monument

This tall building is a symbol of Cambodia's freedom from France, gained in 1953. This Angkorian style tower is mostly used as a landmark now, but the parks surrounding it are popular for picnics.
Adresse: Intersection of Norodom Boulevard and Sihanouk Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh


Stylish restaurant serving an upscale Khmer dining experience. Start the evening by enjoying a cocktail by the impressive water fountain and savouring flavourful dishes like Takeo Sausages and Saraman beef.
Adresse: 136 Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 221 022
Åpningstider: Daily 6am–8:30pm
Phnom Penh

Khmer Surin

This sophisticated restaurant offers good Khmer and Thai food like mango salad and excellent amok in a relaxing low seating ambiance in an old wooden house. Even though the climate outside is hot and humid for most of the year, the plants and water managed micro climate will wipe the heat out.
Adresse: 9, Street 57, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 363 050
Åpningstider: Sun-Sat 7am-10pm
Phnom Penh

FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club)

Considered as a Phnom Penh landmark, FCC overlooks the river with its inspiring colonial decor. They mainly serve western dishes like fried chicken with chips and some typical Cambodian food while you will also find tasty pizzas on the menu.
Adresse: 363, Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 69 253 222
Åpningstider: Sun-Sat 7am-12:00am
Phnom Penh

Pho de Paris Restaurant

This is a popular lunch place to have local and Vietnamese dishes, and you will be amazed by how high value for money the food is. The menu shows pictures of the dishes, so do not worry if you can not understand all the native names. Don't forget to try the traditional fresh spring rolls and coconut shake.
Adresse: 260 Preah Monivong Blvd (93), Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 89 308 525
Åpningstider: Daily 6:30am–10pm
Phnom Penh

Boat Noodle

You can find extensive, tasty, and affordable Khmer at Boat Noodle. Another reason to try this out is the ambience. It has the look and feel of a traditional Khmer house, wooden decor, Khmer silk, surrounded by lush plants and fishes swimming in small ponds. Their English speaking staff enable you to tone down the spiciness of some dishes easily.
Adresse: 184, St, Preah Trasak Paem St. (63), Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 11 952 120
Åpningstider: Daily 7am–8pm
Phnom Penh

Yi Xian

Packed with the local Chinese community, this tiny restaurant serves large portions of Chinese food like small steamed buns. Don't forget to take the chance to try the dumplings and the sweet and sour chicken - they are impressively delicious.
Adresse: 697A, Preah Monivong Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 224 183
Phnom Penh

Friends the Restaurant

The organisation Friends has helped young people on the street by teaching them how to work as chefs and service staffs since 1994. This is their own restaurant and here you will not only enjoy a delicious meal like crispy noodles and the buttermilk chicken burger but also help with the future work of this organisation.
Adresse: 215, Street 13, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 12 802 072
Phnom Penh

Dine in the Dark

It is said that we eat as much with our eyes as with the mouth. At Dine in the Dark, you can experiment it. Here you will have the whole meal in complete darkness. The blind staff will guide you through it and the experience will leave a memory for life.
Adresse: 126, Street 19, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 77 589 458
Åpningstider: Sun-Sat 6pm-11:30pm
Phnom Penh

Do Forni

For night of romance and delightful Italian cuisine bring your loved one to Do Forni. The food is in the highest quality and so is the service. This is the place to indulge in Italian specialists like Saltimbocca Pork with Parma Hamand fine wines.
Adresse: 26 Old August Site, Sothearos Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 999 200
Åpningstider: Sun-Sat 6pm-10pm
Phnom Penh

The Shop

Run by a Belgian couple, The Shop offers a tasty selection of healthy breakfast options, delicious juices, sandwiches, and quiches. Splurge on the dessert selection and the homemade pralines. They have a couple of outlets across town, and you find one of them here:
Adresse: 39 Street 240, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 092 955 963
Åpningstider: Daily 6:30am–7pm
Phnom Penh

Feel Good Café

The coffee at Feel Good Café is made with lots of love and here you can choose from lattes, cappuccinos, or other western coffee drinks. They also have a menu offering lighter snacks, and it is a popular breakfast place.
Adresse: House 79 Street 136, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 77 694 702
Åpningstider: Daily 7am–6pm
Phnom Penh

Story Coffee Roasters

Spread over three floors, this comfortable cafe is a good place to relax, as well as study and work (it has WiFi). They offer great breakfasts and brunches, and their coffee is well appreciated.
Adresse: 2, Street 21, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 12 623 555
Phnom Penh


Vibe offers tasty burgers, bowls and drinks for every meal of the day, and it's the first vegan cafe in Phnom Penh. It has a very tasteful decor, with lots of plants, elegant wooden tables and beautiful detail. Its reasonable prices and its yummy recipes make it one of the best places to stop near the Russian Market.
Adresse: 26A, Street 446, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 061 764 937
Åpningstider: Daily 7am–8pm
Phnom Penh

The Riverhouse Lounge

The Lounge is a cool hip bar and club, and the place to be at weekends where Phnom Penh's cool locals and expats mingle. It features hip-hop on Fridays and a mix of music on Saturdays, so come here to soak up the atmosphere whilst drinking a cocktail at the balcony overlooking the riverside.
Adresse: Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 212 303
Phnom Penh

Heart of Darkness

This popular night spot is packed every night after midnight. A mix of backpackers, locals and long term residents keep the place grooving until the sun comes up.
Adresse: 38, Street 51 Pasteur, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 77 837 777
Phnom Penh

Elephant Bar

Set in the most luxurious hotel in town, Le Royal, the Elephant Bar’s happy hour (4pm to 9 pm) serves some of the best cocktails in town. Dress up and indulge in live piano music and comfortable seating. A must try is their Femme Fatale cocktail, specifically created in 1967 for Jacqueline Kennedy during her visit to Cambodia.
Adresse: 92, Rukhak Vithei at Preah Monivong Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 981 888
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm-12am
Phnom Penh

Score! Bar & Grill

This lively sports bar is the perfect spot to catch a live game or just have a few beers while in town. There is a huge screen on the wall, which is visible from every corner of the large sitting area.
Adresse: 5, Street 282, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 221 357
Åpningstider: Daily 8am-2am
Phnom Penh

Top Banana

Top Banana is a guesthouse and bar popular among the hip backpacker crowd. The atmosphere here is very laid-back, live band performances are common, and new acquaintance is easily made. Don't miss the outdoor rooftop area.
Adresse: 9E0, Street 278, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 128 85 572
Phnom Penh


Bouchon is a trendy, dimly-lit wine bar with nice background music and an impressive selection of French wines. With its unbeatable location very close to the Royal Palace, this bar is an easy favourite among locals and expats alike.
Adresse: 82, Street 174, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 77 881 103
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 4pm–12am
Phnom Penh

Le Moon Rooftop Bar

For a great view of the city at night, head to this chill and relaxing bar at the top of a hotel. The drinks are well-made and refreshing - a bit pricey, but worth it for the beautiful location.
Adresse: Amanjaya Pancam Hotel, 1, Street 154, Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 023 214 747
Phnom Penh


This garden bar in Tonle Bassac has gained a reputation as a chill, comfortable cultural hub in the city. They boast a decor inspired by modern urban art and indie aesthetic, surrounded by vegetation. Along with their careful choice of beer, they also serve food. Board games are available, and many kinds of events take place here.
Adresse: 32, Street 9, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 89 467 345
Åpningstider: Mon-Wed 2pm-11pm. Thu 2pm-11:45pm. Fri-Sat 2pm-1am
Phnom Penh

Street 240

Street 240, behind the Royal Palace, offers higher end choices from clothes to jewellery. The Bliss shop sets the scene with its beautiful silk clothing, bedding and accessories. Further down is Veggies, the local delicatessen. The rest of the street has small boutiques selling jewels, art and antiques.
Adresse: Street 240, Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Tuol Tom Pong Market (Russian Market)

The Tuol Tom Pong Market, otherwise known as the Russian market, is the mecca for any shopping devotee. From Gap t-shirts to the newest DVD Hollywood blockbuster, to teapots and antique sabers, a whole day of rummaging around may still seem short. Take a break, enjoy the noodle soups and excellent Vietnamese coffee, and lose yourself in the fabulous rows of silk on sale.
Adresse: Corner of Street 163 and Street 444, Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Central Market

The grand Central Market, with its inspiring art deco architecture, offers an enormous variety of products, in an open and spread out space. Come here for clothes, produce, jewelry, all sorts of souvenirs and to get a feel for what a bustling Southeast Asian market is like.
Adresse: Central Market, Street 128, Phnom Penh
Åpningstider: Sun-Sat 7am-6pm
Phnom Penh

Sorya Mall

For a more ‘modern’ shopping experience, try out Sorya Mall, just off the Central Market, which is the country’s first mall. Hip clothes, mainly for teenagers, electronics, beauty parlours and jewellery can be found in this shopping complex.
Adresse: 13-61, Street 63, Sangkat Phsar Thmei I, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 023 210 018
Phnom Penh

Night Market

No trip to Southeast Asia is complete without a visit to the local Night Market, where exotic mouthwatering foods are sold by local vendors, the variety of colors and flavors make your head spin, and real bargains are available on all sorts of items.
Adresse: Between Streets 106 and 108, Phnom Penh
Åpningstider: Fri-Sun 5pm-12am
Phnom Penh

Aeon Mall

If street hawkers and market haggling are getting a little too overwhelming, head to the air-conditioned Aeon Mall and shop for everyday items and clothing at a fixed price.
Adresse: 132, Street Samdach Sothearos, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 901 091
Phnom Penh

Monument Books

This book store is popular with English speakers, and sells more than just books - here you'll find post cards to send home, for example. There is also a huge selection of toys here, so kids are likely to also have a great time.
Adresse: 111, Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 12 731 333
Phnom Penh

Phka Kn'jay Fashion Boutique

This boutique is a place where clothing can be individually tailored to fit you upon request. The reputation of this particular tailor shop is impeccable, and the place boasts plenty of return clients.
Adresse: 14a, Street 242, Chaktomuk, Phnom Penh
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
Phnom Penh

Passport / Visa

Visas for Cambodia are available at airports and land borders, and are easy to obtain for citizens of most countries (see below). In order to obtain one, make sure you can provide a passport valid for at least six months and a passport-sized self photo for your visa. Citizens from the following countries will need to make advance arrangements for their visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Sudan. Visitors from an ASEAN member country do not need a visa to enter Cambodia, as long as they have a valid passport. Be aware that overcharging can be an issue at land borders with Thailand and Laos. To avoid that, you may want to arrange a visa in advance. Online e-visas are only accepted at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports, and at the land borders of Bavet/Moc Bai (Vietnam), Cham Yeam/Hat Lek (Thailand) and Poipet/Aranya Prahet (Thailand).
Phnom Penh

Best Time to Visit

Cambodia has rainy weather for half of the year and dry weather for the other half. The seasons can be subdivided into dry-cool (November-January), dry-hot (February-May), rainy-hot (May-September) and rainy-cool (October-November). You'll find the best weather in the dry-cool season, with an overall average temperature of 26°C - this is the most popular time to go. The rainy-cool season can be an alternative if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists, and the green landscapes boast incredibly beautiful colours during this time. However, so much rain might be uncomfortable for some, and if you're planning day trips be aware that water may flood the streets and make it impossible to reach smaller, remote places.The rainiest months are August and September.
Phnom Penh

Health and Safety Advice

Vaccinations are not mandatory to enter Cambodia, but they are highly recommended. If you will need essential medications during your stay, bring enough of them from home - you might not find them in Phnom Penh. A good travel insurance is extremely important. Health care is not cheap in Cambodia, and at the hospital, payment is required up front, which can be a very serious problem in emergency situations. Moreover, you might have to be transported to another country for bigger issues, and it's very expensive (and still requires upfront payment). Please make sure you gather as much information as possible on the topic, and be safe. Avoid tap water, even if purified - stick to bottled water, which is available everywhere. Bring a good insect repellent in order to avoid mosquito borne diseases.
Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh International Airport

Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) lies approximately 10 km from Phnom Penh. The easiest way to get to and from the airport is by taxi. It takes around 20 - 40 minutes depending on traffic. You can also take a tuk-tuk, which costs about $5. Whatever alternative you choose, you can buy a coupon inside the airport terminal to avoid the hustle outside.
Adresse: Phnom Penh International Airport, Russian Federation Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 862 800
Phnom Penh

Public Transport

Although many visitors still often use tuk tuks, cyclos or taxis to move inside the city, the municipality of Phnom Penh has recently re-opened "Phnom Penh city bus", an efficient public bus service that is a bit slower, but more comfortable than the alternatives. Moreover, they don't require you to negotiate prices with the driver, as other means of transport do. Bus tickets are very cheap, and you can find transport apps for your phone. You can find an alternative, private bus company at: Giant Ibis Transport +855 969 993 333
Phnom Penh

Tuk Tuks, Cyclos, and Motorbikes

A good way to get around in Phnom Penh is hiring a tuk-tuk, a motor vehicle combining a motorcyle and a trailer, which has become traditional in Cambodia. Make sure to agree on a price before getting on. At night the price can increase. Cyclos, usually driven by elderly men from the countryside, are slower but provide a relaxing way to view the city and are slightly cheaper than moto-taxi drivers. Phone apps are also available to hail tuk tuks and taxis. Hailing a motorbike driver is also popular, but be aware: although this is a nice way to explore the city, cautious driving is required to avoid accidents. Phnom Penh’s traffic can be dangerous and road regulations are not followed by most drivers. Beware of traffic police on major crossroads. If they stop you, a money transaction might be necessary. Lucky Lucky Motorcycles has been renting bikes for years and has the largest variety of motorbikes. Find the company at:
Adresse: 413Eo, Preah Monivong, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 23 212 788
Phnom Penh


There are two types of taxis in Phnom Penh, those with a meter and those without. You find them outside major hotels or close to the tourist attractions. If you choose a taxi without a meter, always agree on a price before you start the journey. Two of the taxi companies offering metered taxis are Global Taxi and Choice Taxi: Global Taxi 674, Street 271 (Yothapol Khemarak Phoumin), Phsar Doeum Thkov Commune, Phnom Penh +855 092 889 962 Choice Taxi A13, Confederation de la Russie, Phumi Phlov, Phnom Penh +855 023 923 923
Phnom Penh


At the main post offices in the city you can find stamps and receive help for sending parcels etc. Always watch the carrier put the stamp on your postcard, letter etc., otherwise there might be a risk it will not reach its destination. Find a post office at:
Adresse: Corner of Street 13 and Street 102, Sangkat, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 023 428 080
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm
Phnom Penh


One of the biggest pharmacies in Phnom Penh is Pharmacie de la Gare, which is is found next to the railway station, at: 124Eo Preah Monivong Boulevard (93), Phnom Penh +855 092 711 771 [email protected] UCare Pharmacy is part of a recently opened pharmacy chain and offers one of the largest stock of medicine (from France) in town. You find one of their stores at:
Adresse: 26-28 Sothearos Boulevard, Corner of Street 178, Phnom Penh
Telefon: +855 023 222 499
Phnom Penh


Country code: +855 Area Code: 023
Phnom Penh


230 V, 50Hz