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Jewel of the verdant peninsula of Istria, Pula is the province’s largest city and forms a dramatic gateway to the seductive, crystalline waters of the Adriatic. Situated at the southernmost tip of the area, known as ’the new Tuscany’ for its bright medieval hilltop towns and ancient ruins, Pula boasts a rich and varied cultural heritage. The city is bordered by national parks, remarkable for their astounding unspoilt natural beauty, and is celebrated for its wonderfully preserved Roman amphitheatre and forum.

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Triumphal Arch of the Sergii

The Arch of Sergius (also referred to as the Golden Gate of Pula) commemorates the Sergii, one of the most influential families in the early Roman colony. The arch stood behind the original naval gate of the city and was paid for by the wife of Lepidus, Salvia Postuma. Their names are carved in the stone along with Lucius Sergius and Gaius Sergius. In its original form, statues of the two elders flanked Lepidus on both sides on the top of the arch.
Adresse: Slavoluk Sergijevaca, Giardini, Pula

Aquarium Pula

Pula’s ever-popular aquarium occupies the floor of the city’s 14th-century AustroHungarian fortress. Highlights of the aquarium include the large sea water tanks that contain representatives of North Adriatic flora and fauna and a massive open tank that contains dogfish, sea urchins, crabs and star fish. Visitors can also take a boat ride to get a closer look at the aquarium’s inhabitants.
Adresse: Verudela b.b., Pula
Telefon: +385 52 381 402

The Temple of Augustus

Located in the forum, this temple is dedicated to the Roman Emperor Augustus, and was built between the 2 BC and 14 AD, during the reconstruction of the colony. Having served a variety of different functions in its long history, including storing grain and as a church, the statuesque building is now used to house a collection of wonderfully preserved ancient bronze and stone sculptures.
Adresse: Forum Ulica, Pula

The Franciscan Church and Monastery

Perched on the hill between the Forum and the upper part of the city, you will find the 14th-century church and monastery of St Francis of Assisi. Now used to house a remarkable collection of stone monuments and copies of Istrian frescoes, the church also hosts classical music concerts in the summer months.
Adresse: Uspon Svetog Franje Asiškog 9, Pula

Brijuni National Park

A short trip out of Pula takes you to the acclaimed Brijuni National Park. This archipelago of islands has long been noted for its outstanding natural beauty and are edged with turquoise waters rich in sea life. A favourite haunt of visiting heads of state and the summer residence of Marshal Tito, from 1949 until his death in 1980, the islands can be reached by boat from Fažana, a village 5km from Pula, which is easily accessible by bus.
Adresse: National Park Brijuni, Brijuni
Telefon: +385 52 525 888

The Cathedral

This ancient religious edifice is formed of an eclectic mix of architectural styles, reflecting the many changes it has undergone in its lengthy history. You can still see some of the 4th century remains on the outside of the church, from a time when the area was used as a refuge by Christians in times of persecution.
Adresse: Trg Svetog Tome 2, Pula

Archaeological Museum of Istria

The main entrance to the Archaeological Museum of Istria (Arheoloski Muzej Istre) is actually one of the original gates that served as an entry point into the old Roman town. The museum carries a fascinating range of archaeological artefacts from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages from the region. You will find architectural highlights on the ground floor, Neolithic and Roman era finds on the first floor, Roman antiquities and medieval period artefacts on the second floor. Due to reconstruction works, closed during 2018 and beginning 2019.
Adresse: Carrarina Ulica 3, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 351 300

The Arena

Built during the reign of Emperor Vespasian in the 1st century AD, for an audience of 22,000, Pula’s three-storey Roman amphitheatre is one of the best preserved in the world and the sixth largest in existence. Every year, the arena plays host to Pula’s annual summer festival which brings in famous names from across the globe.
Adresse: Scalierova ulica 30, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 219 028

Lighting Giants

"Lighting Giants", Pula's new attraction since 2014, is a unique project in the world of lighting cranes of an operating shipyard, with sophisticated remote control system of lighting and scenography, and can be illuminated with 16 thousand different colour combinations. Enjoy this spectacular show and lighting display every evening on the hour from dusk till midnight.(from June 5 - September 15, every evening non stop from dusk till midnight).
Adresse: Riva, Pula


Milan is a delicately lit, slightly formal restaurant attached to the pleasant Milan hotel just out of town in Stoja. The menu offers classic food with local produce and basic ingredients.
Adresse: Stoja 4, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 300 200

Pizzeria Jupiter

Pizzeria Jupiter is one of the oldest and most famous pizzeria in Pula. This is a very popular pizzeria located close to the centre of town which specialises in square slices of pizza and offers a range of seasonal toppings.
Adresse: Castropola 42, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 214 333


Fantazija is a cosy restaurant with over 20 years of experience. The menu offers a wide selection of wines and culinary delights. Here you can choose from a rich selection of meat and fish with a combination of local and international cuisine.
Adresse: Palisina 29, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 506 306

Konoba Istriana

Konoba Istriana is located approximately 5 kilometres from Pula city centre. This popular restaurant is well-visited by both locals and tourists and they serve regional specialities and fresh seafood. Take a seat on their outdoor terrace and enjoy the tasty food and the welcoming ambience.
Adresse: Pomer 331, Pula
Telefon: +385 95 904 4004

Restaurant Oasi

Restaurant Oasi can be found in the classy Oasi Boutique Hotel & Restaurant. Here you can enjoy a varied menu with local, international and Mediterranean dishes in a stylish interior.
Adresse: Pjescana uvala X-12a, Pula
Telefon: +385 397910


Farabuto can be found in the outskirts of Pula city centre. If you like sea food, this is a great place to go. The dishes are beautifully presented and can be enjoyed in the fashionable dining room.
Adresse: Sisplac 15, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 386 07

Cvajner Gallery Cafe

This bright and airy cafe is situated in the heart of the city’s historic centre and serves good light meals and sandwiches. It offers wireless internet access.
Adresse: Forum 2, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 216 502
Åpningstider: Daily 8 am-10 pm


This is a must for any fans of James Joyce, the Irish author who worked in Pula as a teacher in the early 20th century. The statue of Joyce sitting meditatively at the entrance to the cafe is a particularly nice touch. Right outside the Arch of the Sergii!
Adresse: Caffe Uliks, Trg Portarata 1, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 219 158

Cafe Bar Bass

The atmosphere in Cafe Bar Bass is described as a comfortable and relaxed venue where the staff gives you quality service. They also play live music here and offer Internet access.
Adresse: Širolina 3, Pula
Telefon: +385 99 831 9051

Cafe Diana

Cafe Diana has been around since 1973 and is located on the Forum with a beautiful view of the Town Hall and the Temple of Augustus. The interior is described as tasteful, made of wood and marble. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the outside terrace.
Adresse: Caffe Diana, Forum 4, Pula
Åpningstider: Daily 7 am-11 pm

Rock Caffe

Officially opened in 1994. From then, on its stage hosts many Croatian and foreign musicians, and allows to many of its visitors to enjoy in line rock music. Beside the traditional live rock music on Fridays and "theme nights" on Saturdays, Rock Caffe has held discernible number of presentations of musical equipment, music videos and new albums releases.
Adresse: A. Scalierova Ulica 8, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 210975

Club Uljanik

Club Uljanik is situated by the harbour’s edge in the city centre. This nightspot offers various musical events and hosts both live bands and DJ's. For students they have numerous offers.
Adresse: Dobrilina 2, Pula
Telefon: +385 95 901 8811

E&D Bistro-Lounge Bar

E&D Bistro-Lounge Bar opened in 1997 and located in the large tourist resort Verudela in Pula. Here you can relax in the outside area next to the swimming pool with a cocktail or beer. If you are feeling hungry they also offers Mediterranean dishes. In the summer time various worldwide DJ's plays mixed music.
Adresse: Verudela 22, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 213 404

Luna's Lounge & Bar

Luna's Lounge & Bar is located in the hotel The Park Plaza Histria. Here you can drink you favourite cocktail prepared by multiple award-winning bar staff in a unique and relaxing atmosphere.
Adresse: Verudella 17, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 590 000
Åpningstider: Daily 6 pm-12 pm

Pietas Julia Lounge & Disco Bar

Pietas Julia is located next to the sea. The night club and bar offers a wide selection of cocktails. The music played here is usually techno, electronic and house. The venue is quite large and can hold up to 500 people. It is very popular among both locals and visitors.
Adresse: Riva 20, Pula
Telefon: +385 91 181 1911

City Farmers' Market

Pula’s bustling central market is built in the heart of the city and is home to a wide range of modern and traditional shops. Under the glass arches of the 19th century iron framed covered market, you will find the area’s largest fish market, which is best visited early in the morning when the brackish catch of a truly vast range of seafood is at its freshest. Look out for Brancin (sea perch) and fresh Dagnje (mussels), which are specialities of the region.
Adresse: Narodni trg 9, Pula

Traditional Handicrafts

Traditional handicrafts can be bought from a number of souvenir shops near the Arch of the Sergeii, and there is an annual handicrafts festival held in the Portarata square every summer.
Adresse: Arch of the Sergeii, Pula

Konzum Mall

Outside of town on the way to the airport, Konzum Mall is home to a wide range of affordable, ready to wear international brands and electronics stores.
Adresse: Šijanska cesta 1, Pula

Sergijevaca and Kandlerova Streets

If you want to walk around and browse small, cosy shops you can visit the Sergijevaca and Kandlerova streets. These are the perfect streets to find souvenirs and to just stroll around.
Adresse: Sergijevaca ulica, Pula

Flanaticka Street

For well-known brands and clothes stores you can visit Flanaticka street. This area is full of shops, so do not be afraid to go off course.
Adresse: Flanaticka ulica, Pula

Giardini Street

Giardini is the main street in Pula and can be compared to Las Ramlas in Barcelona. Here you can find shops, people, cafes and good buys among the numerous markets stalls.
Adresse: Giardini, Pula

Pula Airport

Pula Airport is located about just 5 kilometres outside the city. Buses, shuttles and taxis are available at the airport for transportation to Pula and other destinations in the area Car rental companies are represented at the airport.
Adresse: Pula Airport, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 530 105

Public Transport

Pulapromet operates within the city centre and the suburbs. The area is divided in zones controlling the fare. Tickets can be bought directly from the driver and are valid for one hour. If you plan to travel a lot by bus it is cheaper to buy a bus card that you load with money. There are two bus companies that connect Pula to other cities in Croatia and Italy, which operate from the central bus station.
Adresse: Trg I. Istarske Brigade bb, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 502 997


It is always a good idea to check the price of your journey before engaging. One of the biggest taxi companies in Pula is Taxi Pula.
Telefon: +385 98 440 844


Stamps are available from supermarkets, kiosks and news agents. For overseas mail it is advisable to visit a post office. There are several post offices in Pula, the main post office is located on Danteov Trg 4.
Adresse: Danteov Trg 4, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 625 218


There are a number of pharmacies to be found in and around Pula. The most central one is located at Giardini 14 and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Adresse: Pharmacy Centar Pula, Giardini 14, Pula
Telefon: +385 52 222 544


Country code: +385 Area code: 052


200 V/ 220 AC/ 50 Hz