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Vodice is a coastal town located in a wide bay, 11km northwest from the town of Šibenik, the centre of Šibenik-Knin County. The town of Vodice numbers almost 10,000 inhabitants, and is considered to be an ideal vacationing destination, where everyone can find something to enjoy. In and around Vodice there are many beautiful beaches washed over by crystal clear waters, historic spots, and the beautiful Kornati archipelago.

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Small church of St. Cross

This small Gothic church was built in 1402 and was dedicated to St. Cross in 1421 when it was a parish church. It represents a typical example of the rural sacral architecture. A valuable detail is the old Romanesque-Gothic holy-water font on the pillar, a unique specimen in this part of Dalmatia.
Adresse: Mirka Zore 7, Vodice
Telefon: +385 22 443 888

The Parish church of St. Cross

The church was built 1725 by Ivan Skok, a famous master of the Dalmatian Baroque. The chapel has a big altar, harmonious facade with a Baroque portal and a magnificent rosette. The side walls have oval Baroque windows. A famous painter of decorative frescos Eugenio Moretti Varese is the author of the altarpieces. The church was consecrated in 1760.
Adresse: Ul. Mirka Zore
Telefon: +385 22 443 888


Vodice was developed next to the water springs. On the square, under the parish church, there used to be two wells around which the whole rural life was developed. From the upper well (closer to the parish church) drinkable water was taken, and the lower well contained water of less quality which was used for washing laundry and other household needs.
Adresse: Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana
Telefon: +385 22 443 888


The panorama of Vodice is dominated by the Okit hill and the church of Our Lady of Carmel built on the foundations of an old small chapel. Today, the Way of the Cross leads to the hill with fourteen small chapels and each designates one station of the Way. The modern appearance of the church of Our Lady of Carmel is the work of Nikola Bašić, an architect from Zadar.
Adresse: Ulica I Primorske 4, 22211, Vodice
Telefon: +385 22 443 888

The Čorić Tower

The tower is a unique example of a fortified tower that dates back to 1533 when Hyeronimus Saracenis concluded an agreement with Ivan, a stone-mason from Hvar, to begin construction. The initials H S, which stand for Hieronymus Saracenis, are inscribed on the coat of arms that is displayed on the eastern wall. The tower frequently changed ownership and at one time in the 17th century it was in the possession of the Fondra noble family from Šibenik that used the tower as their place of residence.
Adresse: Mirka Zore
Telefon: +385 22 443 888

The Church of St. John The Baptist

Rakitnica settlemnt was mentioned in 1311 and today are still discerned the remains of the former houses and walls built in a dry-wall. A local church of St. John the Baptist, located close to the village, was built in 1445 when the parish of Rakitnica was founded. Masses are held twice a year, on the holidays of St. John the Baptist.
Telefon: +385 22 443 888

St. Mary's Church of Our Lady of Mercy

St. Mary's Church of Our Lady of Mercy is located on the small island of Prvić and is dedicated to the Merciful Mother. It is known when the works of the monastery started (1461), but it's still unclear when they finished. The monastery was reconstructed many times and completely renovated after the big fire in 1884. If you're planning to pay a visit to the church, know that the island can be reached by ferry from Vodice or from Šibenik.
Adresse: Prvić Luka, III. ulica
Telefon: +385 22 448 720

The Vrančić Mansion

The island of Prvić, with its two villages, Prvić Luka and Šepurina which are connected by a road, was inhabited in 11th century from people who run away from Turks. The land on Prvić island was mostly owned by noble families from Šibenik who built country houses on the island. Among them is also the mansion of the famous Vrančić family.
Adresse: Šepurine
Telefon: +385 22 443 888

The Church of St. Rocco or St. Helen

In the centre of Šepurina, near the coast, there is The Church of St. Rocco or St. Helen built and consecrated in 1620. Inside the church, there is a wooden altar of St. Rocco, richly embellished with Baroque ornaments.
Adresse: Šepurine, III. ulica

The Church of Our Lady's Childbirth

The Church of Our Lady’s Childbirth was built in 1479 and was raised by the Ambrozović fa­mily from Šibenik. It was expanded and renovated in 1878. There is one altar in the church, and there is a well in front of the church. The church is not in function nowadays.
Adresse: Prvić Luka

The Church of Assumption of The Virgin Mary

The Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built in 1878 on the hill above the village. At the main facade there is an inscription: Hoc templum aedifigatum A. D. 1878. The church was restored twice, in 1898 and in 1938.
Telefon: +385 22 443 888

Roman Prižba in Srima

By the excavations in 1969-1976 the archaeologists found two roman one-nave basilicas built in different times. They're called basilicae geminatae or “the twin churches” and their purpose is not clear. One idea is that the basilicae geminatae are a conjunction of the congregational churches that serve for the public worship mass and memorial ones intended for the cult of relics.
Adresse: Srima

Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre

At the Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre, you can get to know the life and work of Faust Vrančić, a man whom the world today mostly remembers as the inventor of Homo Volans - the flying man, but he was a lot more. Take a look at the collection of the models of his inventions, some of which are real life-size, and his more important written works. The multimedia displays also provide educational games for the youngest visitors.
Adresse: I Ulica 1A, Prvić Luka
Telefon: +385 22 448 128
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–8pm

Velika Mrdakovica - Arauzona

On this rich archaeological site from the pre-Roman and Roman times about a hundred tombs have been discovered, out of which some date back from the 4th century B.C. According to the found artefacts and records of the Roman writers, experts identify this settlement as Arausona, a Liburnian-Roman settlement mentioned by Pliny. Tombs of the older layers of necropolis date back from the 3rd to the 1st century B.C., and they were made under the Hellenistic influence. A complex of blocks of houses made of fine carpeted stone, joined with clay, and later with mortar was also found here. The settlement was surrounded by defensive walls, made from the fractal stone, and was divided by streets. Some buildings had water tanks incised into the bedrock for collecting the rain-water.
Adresse: Velika Mrdakovica

Roman Cistern

Nearby Arauzona there is still a natural catchment, coved in Roman times, which domestic people today call Roman cistern and which served for the water supply of the local inhabitants, while the livestock watered in a puddle in the field, north of the settlement.
Adresse: Vodice
Åpningstider: Open 24/7

Island of Prvić

Beautiful, quiet, old, noble, stealing breath in front of every house. Solid, stone, steep streets, stone houses, each capturing attention with its particularity, still forming a harmonious, single whole story. It is a story of glitter and wealth that used to be, and laughter that once resounded along these streets. Population of Sepurine used to be greater than that of Vodice. Today unfortunately, it shares the destiny of all the places on the island. Prvić, with its two settlements, Sepurine and Prvić Luka, was first mentioned in the 11th century. It was substantially inhabited by people from Srima and Vodice who fled here in fear of Turks. In the 16th century, the island became a fashionable resort for Sibenik nobility, building their villas and summer residences on it.
Adresse: Prvić

Konoba Rustika

This family-run tavern offers traditional homemade dishes prepared following traditional "grandma's" recipes. Here you can enjoy fish or meat dishes paired with a good glass of house wine. As for desserts, try the dried fig cake.
Adresse: Ul. Kamila Pamukovića 5, Vodice
Telefon: +385 92 167 0225
Åpningstider: Daily 4pm–12am

Konoba Gušte

Konoba Gušte is located in the old part of Vodice where magnificent stone houses surround the neighbourhood. This is the first steakhouse in Dalmacija and since its opening in 1974, it continues to make patrons happy serving the best steaks in the area. Wine aficionados and not only can enjoy perusing Konoba Gušte's extensive wine list (some kinds come from the family's vineyard) to find the perfect pairing to their succulent steak.
Adresse: Ul. Mirka Zore, Vodice
Åpningstider: Daily 6pm–12am

La Belle Vie Restaurant & Bar

La Belle Vie Restaurant & Bar is an upscale dining establishment located by one of the beautiful Croatian beaches. This eatery offers traditional dalmatian dishes made with the finest and only local ingredients. Dine al fresco or relax with a cocktail on La Belle Vie Restaurant & Bar's spacious outdoor patio.
Adresse: Ulica Grgura Ninskog 8, At the beach, Vodice
Telefon: +385 99 517 4199
Åpningstider: Restaurant: Monday–Sunday 7am–11:30pm, Bar: 24/7

Santa Maria

Santa Maria offers Mexican food with a touch of European influence. Their specialities are, of course, Mexican food like tortillas, tacos, buritos and chilli con carne, as well as pizzas and steaks. If you're looking for some savoury and spicy food, then this tiny and cosy eatery is worth a visit; it's also located just a short walk from the city centre.
Adresse: Ul. Kamila Pamukovića 6, Vodice
Telefon: +385 22 443 319
Åpningstider: Daily 1am–12am

Konoba Nostalgija

Konoba Nostalgija features an authentic Mediterranean menu with the finest ingredients and freshest seafood as well as an extensive wine list along with an impeccable and friendly service. Since their opening, they have been on a mission to provide the original taste of Mediterranean cuisine.
Adresse: Biskupa Fosca 11, Sibenik, Croatia
Telefon: +385 22 200 217
Åpningstider: Monday–Saturday 1pm–10pm, closed on Sunday


Nights in Hacienda are memorable and so is the queue to get in. DJ sets keep the music going while the crowd dances all night long on the large dancing floor. Folk music is also played in the house.
Adresse: Magistrala 46, Vodice
Telefon: +385 99 201 8966
Åpningstider: Summer season only

La Belle Vie Restaurant & Bar

La Belle Vie Restaurant & Bar is an up-scale dining located in one of the beautiful Croatian beaches. This eatery offers traditional dalmatian dishes made with the finest and local ingredients only. Dine al fresco or relax with a cocktail on La Belle Vie Restaurant & Bar's spacious outdoor patio.
Adresse: Ulica Grgura Ninskog 8, At the beach, Vodice
Telefon: +385 99 517 4199
Åpningstider: Restaurant: Monday–Sunday 7am–11:30pm, Bar: 24/7

Bellini Bar Vodice - Wine & Cocktails

Located on the seafront overlooking the harbour, this bar is known for its one-of-a-kind cocktails. Its pièce de résistence is the outdoor patio where locals and tourists sit to relax with a cocktail or a cup of coffee while enjoying the sunset.
Adresse: Šetalište Miše Sladoljeva, Vodice
Telefon: +385 91 727 6274
Åpningstider: Monday–Saturday 8am–2am, Sunday 8am–12am

Caffe bar Lungo Mare Vodice

This jetty bar is the perfect spot for a morning coffee or an afternoon drink (alcoholic or non alcoholic). They also feature different types of cakes and desserts.
Adresse: Trg hrvatskih mučenika 4, Vodice
Telefon: +385 22 442 655
Åpningstider: Daily 7am–2am

Vintage Bar

Vintage Bar is located in the heart of the city centre and features inventive seasonal cocktails designed by the staff as well as Croatian liqueurs, rakija (traditional grappa), wines and beers. This is also the ideal place to have a good espresso before kicking off the day.
Adresse: Prolaz Bozhe Dulibica 4, Sibenik
Telefon: +385 98 942 3780
Åpningstider: Sunday–Thursday 7am–1am, Friday–Saturday 7am–2am, Sunday 4pm–1am

Gloriamaris Jewelry Shop

The Gloriamaris is located in the centre of Vodice and is certainly one of the most beautiful souvenir shops since 1977. Their unique jewellery made from Adriatic coral and precious stones are original pieces of art. Red coral jewellery and bracelets are distinguished by their simplicity and elegance. Besides the classic jewellery the store offers a special line made with combinations of various natural materials and a wide selection of souvenirs (shells and coral are just a few hits to choose from).
Adresse: Ul. Prve primorske čete, Vodice
Telefon: +385 22 442 072
Åpningstider: Monday–Friday 8am–11pm, closed on Saturday & Sunday

Škatulica Shop

Škatulica means in Croatian a small, cute box and that is what Škatulica is – small souvenir shop with a lot of feeling. Here you can find unique handmade products and gifts about Vodice and its lifestyle.
Adresse: Obala Juričev Ive Cota bb
Telefon: +385 91 525 5041

Oleoteka Uje

This shop is a true gem and one-of-a-kind in Vodice. They sell everything from olive oils, olives, to jams and more. Drop in if you want to feel the scents of authentic Mediterranean produce. The oleoteca launched first in Split in Dalmatia, and is on a mission to promote top-notch olive oils and all products made with fruit of the olive tree.
Adresse: Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 11
Telefon: +385 95 198 0206


Soho shop is a good address in Vodice if you want to find good leather or ethno inspired bags, small gifts and stylish summer clothes. The shop offers almost everything you need for the beach - practical beach bags, trendy hats or sunbeds.
Adresse: Obala Ive Juriceva Cota 20, Vodice
Telefon: +385 13 648 717
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–10:30pm

Natura Škoj

Natura Škoj is located on the island of Prvić and is a touristic attraction for their magnificent botanical gardens. On-site you will find a souvenir shop — shelves are packed with natural beauty products, such as body lotion, hand-creams, and more. There's also a restaurant to wrap up your Croatian experience with traditional Dalmatian dishes.
Adresse: Ulica VI, Obala 160, Prvić Šepurine
Telefon: +385 9 58 906 074

Winery Birin

Named best winery in town multiple times, Winery Birin is a local family business in Vodice, built with a lot of passion and a great feeling for the wine production. Their speciality is babić wine (the reds) but they also put a lot of effort into the maraština (the whites). Don't miss out on the bouquets of the indigenous varieties of the region.
Adresse: Put Gaćeleza 9, Vodice
Telefon: +385 95 519 0066
Åpningstider: Monday–Saturday 11am–7pm, closed on Sunday

Dida Boža Gift Shop

Tucked away in a corner of Kamila Pamukovića street, this shop is famous for its organic products. Dida Boža, the founding father, dedicated his whole life to fig, olive and vine cultivation. It offers organic coffee, juices, jams and sugar, as well as tapenades and dried fruit.
Adresse: Ul. Kamila Pamukovića 15, Vodice
Telefon: +385 42 372 620
Åpningstider: Daily 8am–12am


Croatia can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. Citizens of EU countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay. Other travellers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter Croatia. Note that Croatia is not yet part of the Schengen zone, but allows visitors holding Schengen visas to enter the country without additional visa requirements. For more information check the following website:

Best Time to Visit

If you're planning to visit Vodice to take full advantage of swimming in the pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea, the very warmest months are June, July and August, but take into account that these are also the busiest months of the year. The perfect months to avoid the tourist masses are probably the shoulder months (May and September) when the temperatures are warm enough for sunbathing and swimming and the city isn't that crowded.


The nearest airports are located in Zadar, 60km from Vodice and in Split, 80km from Vodice. There are different transfer companies that operate from and to Vodice. There are three routes from Zadar airport and, depending on which one you choose, the duration of the journey changes too. All three routes offer stunning views of the Croatian coastline. As an alternative to transfer companies car rental services are also available.

Public Transport

Buses in Vodice run from 6am to 10pm. The bus stop is located in the heart of the city, right beside the sea side. At the bus station there is a kiosk selling tickets, a waiting room with a timetable and a travel agency. Daily departures might change depending on the travel date; there are usually fewer buses operating on Sundays. From Vodice to Sibenik buses run every 15 minutes and from Vodice to Zadar every 30 minutes.
Adresse: Ulica Artina 1, Vodice
Telefon: +385 22 443 627


Jadrolinija is the only company that connects the town of Vodice with the nearest islands to-date (2019). Šibenik can be reached by ferry departing from the port of Vodice, from 4:45 am to 6pm. The ferry stops at Sepurine, Prvic island and Zlarin. Watch out for reduced services on Sunday. The journey takes from 25 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on the route. In this ferry cars are not permitted but bicycles. Tickets should be bought before departure.


Post offices are to be found throughout the city. Obala Ive Juriceva Cota 4, Vodice +385 72 303 304 Mon–Fri 7am–7pm, Saturday 7am–1pm Badnie 1, Tribunj +385 22 446 855 Mon–Sat 7–11am, 5–9pm Website:


Country code : +385 Area code: 22


The standard voltage is 220V and the standard frequency is 50hz. Power plugs and sockets are type C and F.


In Croatia pharmacists sell over-the-counter medicines for minor illnesses, but for more serious problems you will need a prescription that can be issued by a private doctor or filled by "Ljekarna", the equivalent of a pharmacy and easily recognisable by the lit green "+" sign. In most cases pharmacists do accept the prescription even if it is issued abroad. Some pharmacies in Vodice are to be found in: Ul. Bribirskih knezova 18, Vodice +385 22 444 569 ULICA ROCA PAVE 6, Vodice +385 22 443 168


These are some taxi companies: TAXI VODICE Ul. Ante Španje 16, Vodice +385 98 336 412 Taxi Vodice Goran Sarajevska ul. 25, Vodice +385 98 180 6686 Taxi Martin Vodice Artina ul. 7, Vodice +385 98 935 8606