Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Zagreb

For centuries, Zagreb has been a focal point of culture and science, and later also developed into a major centre of commerce and industry. Nowadays, it is a predominantly outdoorsy town with a plethora of cultural and clubbing opportunities, which are some of the many reasons people of all ages flock to this dazzling capital.

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The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art

Discover the naïve art of the 20th century by visiting this fine art museum in Zagreb. You can either book a guided tour or browse individually the over 1,900 artworks, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints by Croatian but also international artists.
Adresse: Ćirilometodska ul. 3, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4851 911
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 10am–5pm

Gornji Grad

Gornji Grad is the upper town area of Zagreb. The main attraction here is the Stone Gate, an old entrance point to the city, now holding a shrine with a 16th-century statue of the Virgin Mary in a grille-covered niche. Many visitors come here to say a prayer or to light a votive candle.
Adresse: Kamenita ulica, Zagreb

Mimara Museum

One of the most controversial and prestigious buildings in Zagreb, The Mimara Museum was built at the bequest of controversial Croatian art collector and philanthropist, Ante Topić Mimara. The museum houses more than 3,500 artworks including original paintings from Rembrandt, Rubens, Renoir, and Manet.
Adresse: Rooseveltov trg 5, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4828 100

Mount Medvednica

North of Zagreb, in central Croatia, you will find Medvednica Mountain, a hiking area perfect for a day trip out of town. You can wander around the Medvenica nature park or climb to the highest peak, the Sljeme hilltop, which takes about two hours. You can go there by public transportation.
Adresse: Mount Medvednica, Zagreb

Zagreb Cathedral

With its impressive display of Neo-Gothic artistry, the Cathedral of Zagreb was rebuilt by Viennese architects after an earthquake in 1880, and most of the money and creativity was spent on its two spires, which, interestingly enough, are not the same height. One is 104 meters tall while the other one is 105 meters.
Adresse: Kaptol 31, Zagreb

Maksimir Park

Maksimir Park is one of the oldest public parks in the world. In its 18 hectares, you will find forests, streams, artificial lakes, abundant wildlife, and some human constructions. It is a great place for a peaceful stroll or a picnic.
Adresse: Maksimirski perivoj 1, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 2320 460
Åpningstider: Open 24 hours

Zagreb City Museum

The Zagreb City Museum provides information and exhibitions about the history of the city itself. The permanent exhibition showcases Zagreb's past through objects from different periods, displayed in chronological order. It also explores various themes such as architecture, politics, economy, entertainment, important events, and everyday life in Zagreb.
Adresse: Opatička ul. 20, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4851 361
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 10am–6pm, Sun 10am–2pm

Museum of Contemporary Art

At this museum, you will find audio guides and free guided tours to help you understand the work of contemporary artists. The permanent collection is not really permanent, as sections can be re-arranged, expanded, or reduced in the spirit of renewal typical of contemporary art. Other exhibitions focused on various types of art, from photography to media art, await you inside as well.
Adresse: Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6052 700
Åpningstider: Tue–Fri 11am–7pm, Sat–Sun 11am–6pm


Bundek is an oasis where you can experience peace and nature in the very centre of the city. The lake and the big park surrounding it are great places for sunbathing, walking, or having a picnic. During summer, many events are organised at Bundek, like concerts and open cinema.
Adresse: Bundek, Zagreb

Zagreb Zoo

Located in Maksimir Park, the Zagreb Zoo can provide a day full of fun for the whole family. It is home to more than 2,000 animals from all over the world, including leopards, chimpanzees, pandas, and camels.
Adresse: Ul. Fakultetsko dobro 1, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 2302 198
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–7pm

The Art Pavilion

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb is a work of art displaying other works of art. Since 1898, this elegant building has been hosting ever-changing exhibitions dedicated mainly to Croatian artists, but also popular international ones. Check the website to learn about current exhibitions.
Adresse: Trg Kralja Tomislava 22, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4841 070

Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a unique place. The items on display here are accompanied by short synopses translated into a variety of languages. Stop by if you are up for a moving journey through the break-ups of strangers.
Adresse: Ćirilometodska ul. 2, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4851 021
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–10pm

Secret Zagreb

Get to know a different side of Zagreb by attending tours organised by Secret Zagreb. They offer various options from ghosts and dragons tours to forest walks and sightseeing. Check their website for further information and to book your favourite tour.
Telefon: +385 97 673 8738

Jarun Lake

Jarun Lake is a lovely place in Zagreb for relaxing and outdoor activities, such as cycling, roller skating, swimming, kayaking, and windsurfing. With its beautiful surrounding, this place gives you the feeling that you are far away from the busy city life when you are, actually, not so far from it.
Adresse: Jarun Lake, Zagreb

Mirogoj Cemetery

A stroll in a cemetery might sound like an unusual activity for a tourist, but the Mirogoj Cemetery might make you change your mind. Far from being a spooky place, it is basically a big garden with beautiful architecture and sculptures. Interesting fact: the Mirogoj Cemetery was the first public cemetery in Zagreb to accept people belonging to many different religions.
Adresse: Aleja Hermanna Bollea 27, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4696 707
Åpningstider: Daily from 6am–8pm

The Croatian National Theatre

The building of the Croatian National Theatre was completed in 1895, and it perfectly presents the architecture of this amazing country. As its name implies, it is not only the theatre of Zagreb, but the national theater of Croatia. It awaits you with some of the best art pieces of the country. Check out their website for the different ones such as drama, opera, or ballet.
Adresse: Trg Republike Hrvatske 15, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4888 488

Archaeological Museum

Get lost in this three-floor archaeological museum and dive into ancient history. The permanent exhibitions feature more than 450,000 artefacts and monuments from ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman antiquity, Prehistory, Middle Ages and more. They also have an extensive Numismatic collection.
Adresse: Zrinjevac 19, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4873 101

Ban Jelačić Square

Ban Jelačić Square is the heart of Zagreb and a popular meeting spot. This pedestrian area is surrounded by buildings of different architectural styles and features the Manduševac fountain. A statue of Ban Josip Jelačić, whose square is named after, on a horse dominates the square.
Adresse: Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb

Tkalčićeva Ulica (Tkalčićeva Street)

The prettiest street in Zagreb is home to shops, art galleries, restaurants, and cafes in colourful, steep-roofed 19th-century houses. Don't miss a stroll in this lively pedestrian area during your stay in Zagreb.
Adresse: Tkalčićeva Ulica, Zagreb

Croatian School Museum

The Croatian School Museum is an excellent way of getting an insight into the history of the schooling system. The exhibition focuses on the development of education and pedagogy in Croatia in the 19th century, showing, for instance, how classrooms and teaching aids have changed over the past 100 years.
Adresse: Trg Republike Hrvatske 4, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4855 716
Åpningstider: Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat 10am–6pm, Thu 10am–8pm, Sun 10am–2pm

Baltazar 1982

Baltazar is a fine dining restaurant that serves local Croatian cuisine. It is ideally situated only a 5-minute walk from the cathedral and has an enchanting courtyard where you can enjoy your meal.
Adresse: Nova Ves 4, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 4666 999
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 12pm–12am

Dubravkin put

Dubravkin put, featured on the Michelin Guide in 2019, serves an excellent selection of Croatian seafood as well as superb meat dishes, all accompanied by carefully-selected wines. Outdoor seating is possible when the weather permits it. It might be necessary to book in advance.
Adresse: Dubravkin put 2, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4834 975
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 12pm–12am


In the heart of Zagreb, you'll find Vinodol, a Croatian restaurant serving dishes inspired by central Europe and Mediterranean cuisine. Their extensive wine list features wines from nearby regions and countries such as Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Istria. They also have a weekly menu with good offers on particular dishes and wines. Their outdoor terrace seats up to 100 people during summer, and it's an excellent place for a romantic dinner.
Adresse: ul. Nikole Tesle 10, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4811 427
Åpningstider: Daily from 12pm–12am


Gallo is a very popular restaurant in the city centre that serves Mediterranean cuisine, both traditional and modern. Fresh seafood dominates the menu and requires to be accompanied by a glass of Croatian wine. They also offer homemade pasta and open-air seating.
Adresse: Hebrangova ul. 34, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4814 014
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 12pm–12am


Nokturno is a European restaurant offering a huge selection of Italian dishes like pizzas, lasagne, a wide range of pasta dishes, gnocchi, and risotto. In addition, they also serve burgers, fish and meat dishes. For dessert, try the sweet pizza with chocolate and almonds. The outdoor terrace is open in the spring and summer.
Adresse: Skalinska ul. 4, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4813 394

Pivnica Medvedgrad

Pivnica Medvedgrad is a large pub and beer hall located only 5 minutes from Zagreb's main square. They serve large portions of pub food and Croatian specialities together with their own in-house brewed beers. The happy hour takes place every day from 5pm–6pm.
Adresse: Ilica 49, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4846 922
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 10am–12am, Sun 12pm–12am


Okrugljak has been serving authentic Croatian cuisine in Zagreb for over a century and has, therefore, become a local institution. They use mainly local and seasonal produce to prepare typical dishes like štrukli, dough with cheese filling, or pašticada, a beef stew they serve with homemade gnocchi.
Adresse: Mlinovi ul. 28, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4674 112
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 12–11pm


Bulldog is more than just a bar. The venue also has a restaurant and a club downstairs where concerts, parties, acts, and cultural events take place. On the drinks menu, you'll find local beers and wines as well as a selection of over 60 cocktails, all at reasonable prices.
Adresse: Bogovićeva ul. 6, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6052 322
Åpningstider: Daily from 8am–12am


At Vagabund, you can enjoy some pizza while listening to live music. Their signature pizza is topped with ham, champignons, bacon, pepperoni and olives. In addition to pizza, they also serve several local specialities like ćevapčići and other meat dishes.
Adresse: Vlaška ul. 90, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4641 177
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 7am–11pm, Sun 9am–10pm


Capuciner is a grill and steakhouse perfect for meat lovers. They serve not only classic burgers and steaks but also lamb chops, duck breasts, stuffed pork, and more. To try a bit of everything, order the meat plate for 2. The menu also features some main courses like gnocchi and risotto, seafood dishes and Mexican specialities like flautas de pollo.
Adresse: Kaptol ul. 6, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4810 487
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 10am–12am, Sun 12–11pm

Batak Grill

Batak Grill is a barbecue restaurant chain with several locations scattered around town. Among other things, you can order chicken fillet and chicken wings, grilled cheese, ćevapčići (a grilled dish of minced meat ), and ribs. If you prefer something lighter, they also have a decent selection of salads.
Adresse: Radnička cesta 37c, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6061 155
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 11am–11pm, Sun 11am–6pm

Mio Corazon

Mio Corazon is a cosy tapas bar near the curious Museum of Broken Relationships. Make your own tapas or choose from different combinations of ingredients and try new flavours. You can accompany your meal with a glass of sangria or a cocktail.
Adresse: Radićeva ul. 16, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 95 364 3044
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 10am–11pm, Fri–Sat 10am–12am


At Boban, they serve Mediterranean food with marked influences from Italian cuisine. Check the chef's daily offer, crafted using the freshest ingredients available. Remember to leave some space for dessert, and try the tiramisu, the millefoglie or the meringue cake.
Adresse: Gajeva ul. 9, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 48 11 549
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 8am–12am


Vegehop is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the city centre of Zagreb. On the menu, you'll find, among other things, moussaka, miso soup, tofu and seitan burgers, whole grain pasta, and bean stew. Gluten-free and raw options are also available. Once you're there, remember to ask what's on the daily menu.
Adresse: Vlaška ul. 79, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4649 400
Åpningstider: Daily from 12–8pm

Ginger Sushi

Maki, uramaki, roll, nigri... These words must be familiar for all of those who love sushi and will soon be to all first-timers. At Ginger Sushi, you can order all the delicious sushi you can eat and it will be prepared on the spot, or take away one of their ready-to-go boxes.
Adresse: Masarykova ul. 21, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 8897 086

Teneo Coffee Shop

Teneo Coffee Shop is a small coffee shop with some outdoor tables. They serve a variety of drinks like juices, smoothies and teas, but coffee is definitely the star here. They have their own blend and make espresso, latte and cappuccino alike.
Adresse: Trešnjevački Trg 2, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 95 868 0604
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 8am–2pm, Sun 9am–1pm


Amélie is a lovely cafe close to Jelačić Square where you can indulge in a cup of coffee with a sweet treat. It can be a small macaron or a piece of their delicious homemade cakes like cheesecake, brownies, or a strudel. You'll be happy to know that at Amélie, they use only authentic, organic ingredients, Belgian chocolate, French almond flour, and Viennese pistachios.
Adresse: Vlaška ul. 6, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 5583 360
Åpningstider: Daily from 8am–11pm

Silent Caffe

At Silent Caffe, you can place your order and ask for the bill using a tablet, as most of the employees here are deaf. It is the first cafe of this kind in Croatia that illustrates in practice how technology can help overcome communication barriers.
Adresse: Ul. Kneza Mislava 7, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 99 326 4335
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 7am–11pm

Cogito Coffee Shop

Cogito Coffee is a roasting company based in Zagreb that aims to serve fair-trade, high-quality coffee. They sell their coffee to several cafes around the world, but they also have their own place in the city centre. Try their single-origin coffees from tropical regions, a speciality blend, or even an organic tea.
Adresse: Varšavska ul. 11, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 8am–8pm, Sat 9am–7pm, Sun 9am–3pm

Eli's Caffe

Eli's Caffe is a coffee roastery and coffee shop highly specialised in this hot beverage, as it's the only thing they serve. You can order a regular espresso or something special like a cappuccino with soy milk or a marocchino: a macchiato with cocoa powder.
Adresse: Ilica 63, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 91 455 5608


Booksa is a coffee shop and literary club frequented by locals that hosts several cultural events throughout the year, such as talks with Croatian and non-Croatian writers and concerts. They serve hot and cold drinks and also have some English-language books and magazines to browse through. Note that they require a small membership fee to enjoy the cafe's space and events, as Booksa is run by a non-profit organisation.
Adresse: Martićeva ul. 14d, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4616 124
Åpningstider: Tue–Fri 10am–6pm, Sat–Sun 10am–3pm

The Cookie Factory

The Cookie Factory offers a great selection of American sweets that you'll hardly find anywhere else in Zagreb–from big cookies and brownies to cupcakes and pies. If you really want to build it up, add ice cream to your order. The drink menu includes lemonade, shakes, smoothies and, of course, American coffee.
Adresse: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 21, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 91 276 0045
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–11pm


Only a few steps away from the Botanical Garden, Botaničar is a stylish cafe that hosts art exhibitions and cultural events like book presentations. The interior vaguely resembles a greenhouse, with plants as decoration and vintage green sofas and chairs. Note that they have a drinks-only menu.
Adresse: Trg Marka Marulića 6, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 8am–11pm, Sat 9am–11pm, Sun 11am–7pm


Korica is a cafe and artisan bakery where you can get your daily dose of sugar. They're proud of the fact that their bread, pastries, and cakes are all hand-made with traditional methods and contain zero additives.
Adresse: Preradovićeva ul. 39, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6231 995
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 7am–7pm, Sat 8am–3pm

Express Bar

At Express Bar, you'll find a selection of coffee and organic tea from different countries, as well as skilled baristas well-versed in latte art. At this small, modern coffee shop, you can sit in front of the window or at an outdoor table and just watch people pass by while you enjoy your warm drink.
Adresse: Petrinjska ul. 4, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 8am–9pm, Sat 9am–9pm

Vis a vis by Vincek

Vis a vis is a popular, family-run dessert shop, which for more than 40 years has been delighting Zagreb's palates with their unique delicacies that include pastries, cakes, fancy biscuits, chestnut puree, ice cream, and many other original desserts.
Adresse: Tomićeva ul. 2, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4831 551
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–9:30pm


Quahwa has colourful cups, comfortable armchairs, and an outdoor terrace. They roast their own coffee imported from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Colombia, and serve it with amazing latte art. Other drink options include matcha latte and tea, Turkish coffee, and Bonbon iced coffee.
Adresse: ul. Nikole Tesle 9/1, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 3639 074
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 8am–10pm, Sun 9am–9pm

Cafe U Dvoristu

"U Dvoristu" means "in the yard" in Croatian, and this cafe does indeed have a lovely yard where you can sit and enjoy your drink. Their coffee is supplied by the local roasters of Cogito Coffee, and it is served in a variety of ways, including with soy or almond milk. The drinks-only menu also includes a good selection of teas, beers, and juices.
Adresse: Ul. Jurja Žerjavića 7, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9am–10pm, Sat 9am–5pm, Sun 9am–3pm


Velvet is an elegant two-rooms cafe providing sweet and savoury snacks as well as hot and cold drinks. When it becomes dark, the chandeliers and star-shaped lights hanging from the ceiling light up and create a magical atmosphere. They also have books and magazines to browse through on cold winter afternoons.
Adresse: Dežmanova ul. 9, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4846 743
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 9am–11pm, Fri–Sat 9am–12am, Sun 8am–10pm

Hemingway Lounge Bar

Hemingway is a popular cocktail bar in the city centre of Zagreb. The decor is elegant and modern, and there are some outdoor tables for people-watching. Dress up and order a raspberry Martini, an Amaretto Sour, or whatever drink you like most.
Adresse: Trg Republike Hrvatske 1, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4854 176
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 7am–11pm, Sun 7am–12am


Bulldog is more than just a bar. The venue also has a restaurant and a club downstairs where concerts, parties, acts, and cultural events take place. On the drinks menu, you'll find local beers and wines as well as a selection of over 60 cocktails, all at reasonable prices.
Adresse: Bogovićeva ul. 6, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6052 322
Åpningstider: Daily from 8am–12am

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is a quaint Irish pub on two floors with dark wood furniture, big screens to watch sports, and a modern outdoor terrace. It has a good choice of both local and foreign beers.
Adresse: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 60, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4812 206
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–12am


Located near Lake Jarun, a bit outside the city centre, you'll find this intimate but popular nightclub. They host DJs almost every Friday and Saturday, and the party goes on all night long. Live bands perform occasionally.
Adresse: Aleja Matije Ljubeka 19, Lake Jarun, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 3640 231

The Best Venue Hall

Located in the Sports Park Mladost, The Best Venue Hall tries to live up to its name by providing high-quality music entertainment every weekend to locals and tourists alike. This disco club is open all night long and can take up to 1800 people on the dance floors.
Adresse: Jarunska ul. 5, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 95 199 7499
Åpningstider: Fri–Sat 11pm–7am


Spunk is located right under the National University Library, which means its main clientele is local students. In the evenings, they usually play alternative music, and they often host concerts, parties, and shows with free entrance.
Adresse: Ul. Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6151 528
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9am–12am, Sat 4pm–12am, Sun 6pm–12am

Dežman Bar

One of the newest places in Zagreb, Dežman Bar is already a well-established venue for after-dinner drinks. On the menu, you'll find classic and speciality cocktails, local beers and wines, Italian grappas, whiskey and other strong or soft options. They also have snacks, coffee, desserts and cigars.
Adresse: Dežmanova ul. 3, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4846 160
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 8am–12am


Stop by Močvara and dance the night away in one of Zagreb's most alternative nightclubs. It features live performances, fun parties and cheap drinks.
Adresse: Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6159 668
Åpningstider: Daily from 5pm–12am

Vintage Industrial Bar

Vintage Industrial Bar is a place for some alternative live music and a few drinks. This nightclub hosts concerts, acts and other performances almost every night and the entrance is free to many of them. During the summer, the events take place in the garden.
Adresse: Savska cesta 160, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6191 715
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 9am–12am, Fri–Sat 9am–3am

Kino Europa

Kino Europa's bar is a great place for all those who want to go to the cinema and hang out before and after the film. With a focus on independent contemporary cinema and a beautiful classicist setting, the cinema is a haven for culture enthusiasts.
Adresse: Varšavska ul. 3, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4872 888

Swanky Monkey Garden

Standing where there was once a dry-cleaning factory, Swanky Monkey Garden is now a cool hostel bar with three terraces in the heart of Zagreb. This means it is popular among backpackers and tourists so, it's a good place to meet new people. They often have DJ sets, live music and special events like "winesday", namely Wednesdays with wine.
Adresse: Ilica 50, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 4pm–12am, Fri–Sat 5pm–2am

The Beertija

The Beertija is a place for beer and rock music lovers. You can unwind in this rustic venue while listening to some of your favourite songs and tasting a beer from their list of over 220 types. During summer, a beer garden is open as well.
Adresse: Ul. Pavla Hatza 16, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4839 020
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 9am–1am, Fri 9am–2am, Sat 10am–2am, Sun 5pm–1am


KSET is the perfect place to meet locals, especially students. This bar is operated by students of the local university and it is one of their favourite places to hang out. Sometimes guest singers or bands make the evening even more fun. Check out their website for upcoming events.
Adresse: Unska ul. 3, Zagreb

Tesla New Generation

Tesla New Generation, as in Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla, is a concept bar with a vintage atmosphere and lively entertainment. During the day, it's more of a cafe, but at night, it turns into a veritable party venue with occasional live performances.
Adresse: Varšavska ul. 4, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 98 955 8194
Åpningstider: Sun–Thu 8am–12am, Fri–Sat 8am–2am


Bacchus is the Croatian name for Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. No wonder this jazz bar has a fine selection of Dalmatian wines, then. Jazz or soul sessions usually take place on Fridays or Saturdays.
Adresse: Trg Kralja Tomislava 16, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 9am–12am, Fri 9am–1am, Sat 10am–1am, Sun 4pm–12am

Booze and Blues

Booze and Blues offers exactly what you'd expect, which is good drinks and good music, as rock and blues bands play here quite often. Here they love music so much that they even use a saxophone as a beer tap.
Adresse: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 84, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4837 765
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 10am–12am, Fri–Sat 10am–2am


Ilica is the longest and most popular street of Zagreb. It starts from Jelacic Square and from there is pretty much covered in shops. Most of them sell clothes and shoes only, but it is on this street that you will find all the designer brands.
Adresse: Ilica, Zagreb

Arena Centar

With its over 200 stores, Arena Centar is the largest shopping centre in the city, but it's even more than that, as it has a cinema, a casino, a gaming area, and several dining options. Some stores you'll find here are Calvin Klein, Desigual, Pull&Bear, Nike and Douglas.
Adresse: Ul. Vice Vukova 6, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6661 411
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–9pm

Avenue Mall

Avenue Mall is a popular shopping complex featuring over 100 stores of big brands, several international restaurants and cafes, as well as a cinema. Among the stores you'll find there are H&M, Zara, Guess, and Adidas.
Adresse: Avenija Dubrovnik 16, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6527 645
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–10pm, Sun 10am–9pm

Importanne Galleria

Importanne Galleria is a small shopping centre with around thirty stores selling clothes, shoes, beauty products, jewellery, and more. After a stroll in this modern building, you can stop by for lunch at one of its restaurants or cafes.
Adresse: Trg Drage Iblera 10, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4619 503
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–9pm

Centar Kaptol

Close to Ban Jelacic Square, Centar Kaptol gathers some of the most prestigious brands in the world, like Armani Jeans, Burberry, Max & Co. and Tommy Hilfiger. Inside this fashionable shopping centre, you'll find over 40 shops, a cinema, as well as bars and restaurants.
Adresse: Nova Ves 17, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 99 386 6826
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–9pm, Sun 9am–3pm

Centar Cvjetni

Centar Cvjetni is a stylish, small shopping venue in the city centre containing some famous stores like H&M, Timberland, Guess, Tommi Hilfiger, Douglas and an Apple Store. Inside, there are also several international eateries offering for instance Mexican, Asian and Italian cuisine as well as French patisserie. Outside, you'll find yourself in Cvjetni square, which means flower square, as there are many flower stalls to browse through.
Adresse: Trg Petra Preradovića 6, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 99 254 7203
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–9pm, Sun 10am–6pm

Hrelić Flea Market

If you happen to be in Zagreb on a Wednesday or a Sunday morning, you might want to check out the Hrelić Flea Market–the biggest second-hand market in the city. Here you can browse through antiquities, vintage records, old postcards, second-hand clothes, accessories, books, and more. Even if you don't plan on buying anything here, you might just find the unique item that will make you change your mind.
Adresse: Sajmišna cesta, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Wed & Sun 6am–2pm

Importanne Centar

Importanne Centar is an underground mall housing more than 200 shops, including international brands, plus cafes and casual eateries. Since it's situated just a few steps away from the rail station and quite close to Jelacic Square, Importanne Centar is a good place to pass the time or grab a bite if you have a few hours to kill before taking the train. Interesting fact: this subterranean shopping centre was the first one to be built in Zagreb. Keep an eye out for sales and promotions, as they are quite frequent.
Adresse: Trg Ante Starčevića 7, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4577 076
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–9pm

Dolac Market

Dolac Market is Zagreb's biggest and most popular market. The stalls are organised on two levels and sell local produce like fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, dairy and baked goods. It is the perfect place to go to try out local specialities, one of the most famous being cottage cheese mixed with sour cream.
Adresse: Dolac 9, Zagreb
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 6:30am–2pm, Sat 6:30am–3pm, Sun 6:30am–1pm

Westgate Shopping City

Located about 20 kilometres from Zagreb, Westgate Shopping City is the largest shopping centre in Croatia. Here you'll find more than 230 stores of both local and international brands, eateries and cafes, as well as plenty of entertainment options for the whole family. A bowling alley, an indoor skating area, a kid's playroom, and a cinema are only some of the cool things in this building.
Adresse: Zaprešićka 2, Jablanovec
Telefon: +385 1 5553 333
Åpningstider: Daily from 10am–9pm

Hippy Garden

Hippy Garden is a Croatian brand selling mainly women's clothes and accessories designed by Đurđica Vorkapić and manufactured with the help of skilful professionals. The unique and colourful items are made only with high-quality, eco-friendly materials.
Adresse: Masarykova ul. 5, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 01 4105 510
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9am–8pm, Sat 9am–3pm

Take Me Home

Take Me Home is a little Croatian design shop selling handmade and locally manufactured items that make great souvenirs and gifts, like tote bags, mugs, jewellery, notebooks, t-shirts, toys, and natural cosmetics.
Adresse: Tomićeva 4, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 7987 632
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9:30am–8pm, Sat 10am–3pm


Croata is a small shop selling elegant accessories for men and women, like silk scarves and shawls, belts, wallets, and, most importantly, ties and bow ties. After all, the Croatian people invented the necktie, so there's no better souvenir to buy in Zagreb than a handcrafted cravat.
Adresse: Oktogon, Ilica 5, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 6457 052
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9am–8pm, Sat 9am–3pm

Point Shopping Center

Point Shopping Center has four floors with over 50 shops selling items for clothing, kids, sports, homes, body care and more. It's also a neighbourhood shopping centre, providing services like the post, a hairdresser, banks, dining options, a supermarket, and a play area.
Adresse: Rudeška cesta 169a, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 5625 660
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–9pm


Zagreb Airport is situated about 10 kilometres southeast of the city. Every half hour, from 7:30 am to 8 pm, buses run by Croatian Airways connect the airport to the bus station. A taxi from the airport to the city centre will take about 25 minutes. Car rental services are also available.
Adresse: Rudolfa Fizira 21, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4562 170

Passport / Visa

Croatia can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. Citizens of EU countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay. Other travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter Croatia. Note that Croatia is not yet part of the Schengen zone, but allows visitors holding Schengen visas to enter the country without additional visa requirements.

Best Time to Visit

The best months to visit Zagreb are probably the shoulder months of May and September, when temperatures are warm, days are long enough, and the city is busy, but not too much. June, July and August are the hottest and busiest months of the year. Winters are quite cold and wet but still more pleasant than in other parts of the world.

Public transport

The local transport in Zagreb is shared between an efficient system of buses and trams that are run by ZET, the municipal authorities. Trams and buses operate following a daily scheme from 4am until midnight, then the night service starts to operate, which is reduced compared to the day service. The network is divided into 3 zones, but the trams operate only in zone 1, so you only need a ticket for more than one zone if you are planning a suburban expedition. Tickets for buses and trams can be bought from the newspaper stands.


These are the three main taxi companies in Zagreb: Taxi Cammeo +385 1 1212 Radio Taxi 1717 Eko Taxi 1414

Postal Service

Hrvatska pošta - Post Office:
Adresse: Branimirova ul. 4, Zagreb
Telefon: +385 72 303 304
Åpningstider: Daily from 7am–12am


Below are the addresses of pharmacies open 24 hours: City Pharmacy Av. V. Holjevca 22, Zagreb +385 1 6554 425 City Pharmacy Ilica 301, Zagreb +385 1 3750 321 City Pharmacy Trg bana J. Jelačića 3, Zagreb +385 1 4816 159


Country code: +385 Area code: 01