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Beirut is the perfect destination for seasoned travellers: here, East and West intertwine in intricate ways, creating a city so magnetic that few are able to resist its powerful draw. Much has changed over the latter half of the twentieth century – Beirut rising to become glitterati central in the 60s but falling from grace during the bloody Civil War – but the city is alive and kicking, enticing travellers with superb gastronomy, the Middle East's most vibrant nightlife and close proximity to the ancient towns of Byblos and Baalbek.

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The Corniche and Pigeon Rocks

Walk (or bike) along the Corniche to witness the leisurely flow of life by the Mediterranean; if you head south towards the Raouche neighbourhood, you will eventually come to one of Beirut's most iconic natural sites: the Pigeon Rocks, limestone formations jutting out of the sea. Come at sundown for shisha with a view.

Gemmayzeh & Mar Mikhael Neighbourhoods

To discover an edgier, hip side to the city, walk down the thoroughfares of Armenia Street (Mar Mikhael) and Gouraud Street (Gemmayzeh), and soak in Beirut's undeniable cool. There are plenty of attractive brunch spots and swank art galleries around (check out the St Nicholas Stairs in the summer for some al fresco art).

Sursock Museum & Palace

The Sursock Museum of modern art occupies the villa once inhabited by its founder, Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock, who instructed successors to turn the building into an art museum. The will was well-executed: the Sursock Museum is now among Beirut's most attractive, with free entry and guided tours. Its namesake palace is closed to the public, but certainly worth a look.
Adresse: Greek Orthodox Archbishopric Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 202 001

American University of Beirut

Founded in the 1860s by an American missionary, the lush, sprawling campus of the prestigious American University of Beirut is a pleasure to stroll around. It offers something of a journey into the city's pre-war days. There is an excellent archaeological museum on-site, along with a number of art galleries, and a great many nonchalant feline residents (cats), who famously inhabit the premises.
Adresse: Bliss, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 350 000

National Museum of Beirut

One of the best archaeological museums in the Middle East, the National Museum of Beirut provides an excellent overview of the region's history. Highlights include the world's largest display of sarcophagi, a line-up of 31 with naturalistic-looking carved faces, a reconstructed Roman tomb, and a collection of bronze Phoenician figurines uncovered at Byblos. The museum is located on the once volatile Green Line.
Adresse: Museum Street, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 426 703


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Byblos is a treasured city, reportedly the first one to be inhabited by Phoenicians, going on to serve host to a sequence of mighty civilisations (from Egyptians to Ottomans) over the following millennia. It's an easy day-trip from Beirut to see early settlements dating back to the B.C., the 12th century Crusader Castle, and the ancient Phoenician port.

Château Ksara

The historic winery hidden in the Bekaa Valley east of Beirut makes for a fantastic day trip. Tours of the underground caves are held daily, and on-site dining is available at the adjacent restaurant.
Adresse: Ksara, Lebanon
Telefon: +961 8 801 662

Temples of Baalbek

The splendid Roman Temple of Baalbek is among Lebanon's most important archaeological monuments, an ancient place of worship with barely any competition among similar structures in the ancient world. Plan your trip around the Baalbeck International Festival for live music and plays held in the town.


If Makan's rotating menu of international (most often Asian) specialities and an aesthetically pleasing interior of a historic Levantine villa (with an incredibly atmospheric courtyard) weren't enough, Makan also operates on a rather unusual concept of allowing guests to pay what they please (or "what they think is fair") for the meal. The same goes for Motto, Makan's sister establishment a few blocks down Armenia Street - the primary culinary focus here is on Indian flavours, with different regions featured every week.
Adresse: Patriarch Arida, Beirut
Telefon: +961 70 954 057
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 12pm–12am, Sun 12–5pm


Once featured on Anthony Bourdain's glorious "No Reservations" culinary TV-show, Onno has stayed up to par with its scrumptious Armenian specialities, as well as some dishes very unfamiliar to the western palate (fried sheep pancreas, anyone?). It's a true feast, so come hungry.
Adresse: Ibrahim Abdul Aal, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 740 948

Babel Bay

If you're ready to splurge, few places are better than Babel, a fine dining restaurant located right by the marina. The selection of dishes is abundant, with fresh fish and seafood being a particular highlight. Service is, likewise, impeccable.
Adresse: Zaitunay Bay, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 370 846


Considered by gourmands and laymen alike to be one of the best restaurants in the city, Tawlet is a Beirut institution, known for the quality of the food and for its hip and elegant style. It only opens for lunch, offering a traditional sample buffet, made with the freshest organic ingredients.
Adresse: 12 Rue al-Nahr, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 448 129
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 1pm-4pm, Sat 12pm-4pm


This lovely and quirky local Armenian-Lebanese fusion restaurant has a welcoming and homey feeling to it, with great decor and ambience. On the menu are hearty servings of home-made specialities including kibbeh and kofta (meatballs in cherry sauce), among many others.
Adresse: Rue Patriarch Arida, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 570 711


Another Armenian restaurant, Mayrig stands out for it impeccable decor and ambience. Visitors can dine outdoors in the small garden or stay inside and admire the columns and beautiful decoration inside while enjoying the very best of Armenian cuisine.
Adresse: 282 Rue Pasteur, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 572 121
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm-12am

Ahi Poke

Cashing in on the Hawaiian poke bowl craze that's been steadily taking over the globe over the past few years, Ahi Poke serves the coveted dish smack in the heart of Beirut's hip Mar Mikhael. Bowls can be customised based on one's preferred ingredients.
Adresse: Armenia, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Telefon: +961 3 747 135

El Denye Hek

In the heart of Beirut's busiest districts, El Denye Hek is a popular Lebanese eatery, part cavern part intimate garden. Service is prompt and offerings abundant. Come for a traditional Lebanese breakfast or a mighty feast of dinner or lunch.
Adresse: Armenia, Beirut
Telefon: +961 71 476 666

Al Falamanki

When in Raouche, settle in for a feast at Al Falamanki, whose casual ambience and waterside location have earned the place repeat customers in abundance. Few experiences beat sharing a water pipe at sundown, and if you get peckish, there always are plenty of manakish varieties to choose from. Further location in Monot Street operates 24/7.
Adresse: Salaheddine El Ayoubi, Raouche, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 808 011

The Lebanese Bakery

Anyone who's laid eyes on a double egg-topped manoushe from The Lebanese Bakery will simply have to have it - resistance is futile. If that variety doesn't tickle your fancy, one of the menu's many surely will.
Adresse: Salim Bustros, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 337 807

B 018

The iconic B 018 started out as a house party during the tumultuous 1980s, but having moved to its current location has grown to make lists of the world's hottest nightlife venues. The action goes on underground, but the retractable roof makes for a fantastic setting directly underneath the night sky. Celebrity musicians and DJs make frequent appearances; mind that no food or snacks are served and drinks are only offered by the bottle.
Adresse: Quarantina, Beirut
Telefon: +961 3 800 018

The Sporting Club

The legendary Sporting Club has persevered through some of the most tumultuous years in Lebanese history and come out on the other end unscathed - so much so, in fact, that it almost qualifies as a living museum of the Lebanese 1950s. No longer an exclusive hangout for the jet-setting crowd, The Sporting Club now welcomes all.
Adresse: Ra’s Bayrut, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 742 200
Billetter: Entrance fee applies

Saint-George Yacht Club & Marina

Damaged severely during the Civil War, the iconic Saint-George no longer functions as a hotel, but still stands as part of the Marina complex frequented by local elites and expats. Pop-up parties are held by the poolside during the summer; there is a bar and restaurant on site.
Adresse: Ain Mreisseh, Beirut
Telefon: +961 70 652 655


Ferdinand is a feisty bar with class, that serves excellent cocktails and a wide selection of locally produced beers. Fun vibes are Ferdinand's main draw, but the house burgers are certainly a very close second.
Adresse: Mahatma Gandhi, Hamra, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 355 955


The stylish rooftop Iris is a place few can find fault with: it can both be a relaxed sea-view terrace and a full-on DJ party spot, with live music weekends and a stable clientele of locals that can at times feel a tad too sizeable. Drinks are mixed by skilled bartenders.
Adresse: Beirut New Waterfront - Seaside Pavilion Rooftop, Beirut
Telefon: +961 3 090 936

The Grand Factory

A premier concert venue and party location, The Grand Factory is known to electro music fans as Beirut's best night time hangout, one that hosts artists performing in varying genres. One comes here to dance the night away, and no setting could be better than The Grand Factory's rooftop with a view of the mountains and the sea.
Adresse: Al Rehban, Beirut
Telefon: +961 71 694 469

Beirut Souks

The polished Beirut Souks are far from an Oriental understanding of a boisterous marketplace. Stores that line these tranquil streets include upscale international names like Louis Vuitton, D&G, Armani, and more - along with more affordable high street brands. The Souks are more than just a shopping complex, with entertainment options, street markets and attractive public spaces.
Adresse: Waygand, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 957 000

Souq al Ahad Sunday Market

Weekends see the Souq al Ahad fill up with vendors selling all manner of goods, from books to knick knacks and original antiques, most sold at prices that are simply unbeatable.
Åpningstider: Sat & Sun 7am-7pm

L’Atelier du Miel

Skip the magnets: a nicely packaged jar of Lebanon's very own natural honey makes for a souvenir miles ahead of any trinket. There are a surprising many kinds of honey to choose from, along with other honey-based treats. The Mar Mikhayel location also contains a trendy cafe.
Adresse: Tabaris, Next to BLC Bank, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 565 975

Orient 499

Sophisticated jewellery, interior decor items, cosmetics, pieces of clothing and more are all carefully selected from across the region (nationally and internationally). The brand prides itself on supporting "sustainable luxury", so do expect prices slightly above average.
Adresse: 499 Omar Daouk, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 369 499

L'Artisan du Liban

Started by a non-profit aiming to support local artists nearly four decades ago, L'Artisan du Liban now boasts two locations (a further one in Clemenceau St.) where artwork, woven rugs, embroidery, home decor items and jewellery all made exclusively by Lebanese craftsmen and women are on sale.
Adresse: Pasteur, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 564 907

ABC Mall

If one-stop shopping is more your thing, head to the capital's most popular shopping centre, ABC Mall, and browse through local and international brand-name stores with dining and entertainment conveniently at hand.
Adresse: Alfred Naccache STR, Mar Mitr 2065, Beirut
Telefon: +961 1 212 888


Keep up-to-date with travel safety advice when planning a trip to Beirut and all thorough your stay. While most visits are trouble-free, there is a risk of terrorism present at all times, especially so in crowded areas and around dates of political significance, such as elections. Governments of many countries advise against travel to some parts of Lebanon (particularly around the borders with Syria and Israel, and around refugee camps) and the southern suburbs of Beirut, where threat of terrorism is especially high.

Passport / Visa

Citizens of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates do not require a visa to enter Lebanon and stay for up to 6 months in a year for the purpose of tourism, provided they have no Israeli marks or stamps in their passports and a nonrefundable onward ticket; same applies to citizens of Jordan for stays of up to 3 months a year. Visa on arrival is granted under the above conditions to nationals of the European Union, much of Europe, the USA, Mexico, Canada, China, Australia, and many other countries across Asia and South America. If you do require a visa, an application must be made in advance via a Lebanese embassy or consulate closest to you. Please visit the General Security web page for up-to-date information.

Best Time to Visit

June through August are some of the hottest months, but these are also the months when Beirut's celebrated party scene is at its most active, revellers gathering by the poolsides, on rooftops and by the Med. Spring and autumn have milder temperatures and are better fit for slow-paced city exploration and hikes. December through March are the height of ski season, when winter sports enthusiasts flock to the surrounding slopes.


The Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport is Lebanon's primary international air hub, and the main point of entry for the majority of visitors. There is no official public transportation service connecting the airport to the city, so travellers will need to either pre-arrange a private transfer, get a cab or rental car on arrival, or use a ride sharing app such as Uber or Careem (the latter being the by far cheapest option). Another option is to try and catch one of the mini buses that transport airport workers to and from the city; no official schedule is available for those, but you may get lucky.

Public Transport

Although the Beirut public transportation system is rather extensive


There are both private and shared taxis available for hire; all fares must be negotiated in advance. With shared taxis, which are cheaper, the driver might pick up a number of passengers along the route, and you can try and join one already en route by naming your destination to the driver. Ride sharing apps like Uber and Careem are another convenient way of getting around. Allotaxi Lebanon Taxi +961 1 353 153 White Taxi +961 1 513 593


The American University of Beirut contains one of the best medical facilities in the Middle East. Al Madina Pharmacy, corner of Hamra & Nehme Yafet
Telefon: +961 1 349 349
Åpningstider: 24/7


Don't count on Liban Post for speedy delivery, but use one of the central locations (downtown Riad El Solh or Hamra) if you must. For more time-sensitive parcels or letters, try a private provider like DHL.


Dialling code +961 1 (zero followed by 7 digits locally)


Two- and three-pin plugs of type A, B, C, D and G are all in use; 220 V/50 Hz.