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Known as one of the imperial cities of Morocco, the opulent city of Fès is the country's oldest city, and it is split into two areas – Fès-el-Bali (Old Fes) and Fès-el-Djedid (New Fes) – as some mystical fusion of an ancient Islamic past and the French-influenced present. The endless Medina, which contains 9,500 streets, sells everything from jewellery to furniture, crafts, carpets, leather goods and spices.


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The Mellah

The 14th-century Jewish quarter of Fès has currently 160,000 inhabitants that live among and along its 9,500 streets. The various sites of Jewish heritage are well worth a visit but due to the maze of streets, it is wise to explore the mellah with an official guide.
Adresse: The Mellah, Fès

Jewish Cemetery & Habarim Synagogue

In the southwest corner of The Mellah and next to the Habarim Synagogue, a sea of white tombs stretch down the hill, and it is easy to spot which are the graves of rabbis. As this is one of the oldest cemeteries in Morocco, you will find here Rabbi Vidal Hasserfaty, who died in 1600 already.
Adresse: The Mellah, Fès
Åpningstider: Daily 7am-7pm

Synagogue Ibn Danan

In the southwest corner of the Mellah, and past the Habarim Synagogue, Ibn Danan is an intimate synagogue with a fascinating atmosphere and a traditional ritual bath in the basement. Head here for getting an authentic feeling of religious experience.
Adresse: Mellah, Fès

Royal Palace Dar El-Makhzen

The Royal Place is a graceful building with an impressive facade of 80 hectare, and its seven 80 feet high doors symbolise the seven days of the week. Although the palace is not open to public, it is worth the visit for an astonishing view onto itsoutstanding structure.
Adresse: Place des Alaouites, Fès

Dar Batha Museum

Located in an a century old Spanish-Moorish palace, the Dar Batha museum features a unique collection of traditional Moroccan arts and crafts. Made out of wood, iron, plaster and other material, these art works will definitely impress you.
Adresse: Place du Batha Fez, Fès
Åpningstider: Wed-Mon 9am-5pm

Riad Belghazi Museum

Belghazi is a private museum housed in a 17th-century palace, whose collection nearly rivals the one of Dar Batha Museum. As many of the items on display are actually for sale, do have a proper look for taking home a really unique souvenir.
Adresse: Darb Ghorba 19, Garniz, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 563 8440
Åpningstider: Daily 9am-5:30pm

Hammam Mernessi

At the top of Talaa Seghira, in Old Fès, this conveniently located hammam is one of the tourists' favourite Arabic spas throughout Medina as foreigners will also feel comfortable. Please note that men and women are allowed in at different times so do check upon your arrival.
Adresse: Rue Talaa Sghira, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 574 1854
Åpningstider: Daily 11am-8pm

Chouara Tanneries

This famous tanneries produces, among the three tanneries in the city of Fès in total, some of the finest leather in the world, using century old practices and also best materials. Find out more about the interesting procedure by visiting the sight in the oldest medina quarter, and by probably purchasing a souvenir.
Adresse: Fes El Bali, Fès

Merenid Tombs at Borj Nord

Although dramatically advanced in their state of ruin, some of the ancient tombs and the 16th-century fortress remain their fine original decoration, and they spread a most impressive atmosphere. Best climb up at dusk for enjoying a dramatic and breathtaking view over Fès but keep in mind to head back early as the path is not featured with light.
Adresse: Borj Nord, Fès

Nejjarine Museum

Nejjarine Museum features wooden arts and crafts in a lovely, and well preserved building that, all alone, is already worth the visit. The museum shows the importance of art craft in Moroccan history, and it provides you with a funded understanding of the country's history in general as well.
Adresse: Place Nejjarine, Fès
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-5pm

Attarin Medersa

The Attarin Medersa, a former koran school, might not be the biggest one in town but, instead of an impressive size, quite stunning for many reasons. The different tiles in lovely colours, and the overall architecture design make for a place that is a must see on your itinerary.
Adresse: Rue Talaa Kebira, Fès

Jnan Sbil Garden

If you are craving a break from the bustling energy of Fès, then this little sanctuary is a perfect get away: the gardens are beautiful with French influence, and a lovely waterfall that invites you to stay at least for a bit.
Adresse: Avenue Moulay Hassan, Fès

Karaouiyne Mosque

Fès has many beautiful buildings, and the Karaouine Mosque is definitely one of the most impressive ones. While the University of Al-Karaouine is located at its mosque, established in 859, there are also beautiful embellishments and decorations to discover.
Adresse: Fes el-Bali, Fès

Bab Boujloud

At one time or another, you will pass through Bab Bou Jeloud, The Blue Gates, and it is highly recommended to get a guide that shows you around while explaining the gates' history. In this area, you will also find many restaurants to go to for lunch, or for just grabbing a cooling drink.
Adresse: Talaa, Fès

Walk from Bab to Bab

Experience the impressive gates of Fès, as they will provide a great view of the city, and also memories of keyhole-perspective pictures taken at these very places. Pass both ancient and recent ones, on a walk from Bab Mahrouk (13th Century) to Bab Chorfa (14th Centure) and Bab Boujeloud (20th Century), and do also take in the peculiarities of the Old Town.
Adresse: Fès

El Mokri Palace

This 20th Century palace was built by the Pasha of Casablanca, and it is both a great example of Moroccan architecture and a popular movie setting that also hosts music festivals. Although the palace is not open to the public, its great décor and outside appearance are well worth a visit.
Adresse: Derb Mokri, Fès

Art Naji

This family-run business has been creating pottery for generations already, and their beautiful products are well-known in the area. From vases over plates to cups, you can get everything within this authentic shop, so take your time and get a good look on the mosaic and the painted ceramics – you may also find a piece to take home.
Adresse: 20 Quartier Industriel Ain Nokbi, Fès
Telefon: +212 535 669 166
Åpningstider: Daily 8am-6pm

Berber Pharmacies

Whether you believe in the cleansing power of spices and herbs or not, the Berber Pharmacies are an impressive sight, and also quite typical in Morocco: the big jars on sale hold obscure powders and peculiar dried plants, and many of them are believed to cure aches and pains. Get yourself a special blend or just take a picture of the mystical markets, as it is always worth a visit, and a try.
Adresse: Fès


Not far from busy Fès, the former Roman city of Volubilis, an UNESCO World Heritage site, contains ancient vestiges of the Roman Empire. You can easily spend hours here for taking in all the colourful mosaics, and for exploring the ruins of houses, gates and palaces. To get here, you can either join an organised tour from Fès or catch a train to Meknes nearby.
Adresse: Volubilis, Fès

Al-Qarawiyyin Library

Reportedly the world's oldest library, first established in Fes over an entire millennium ago (9th century), the Al-Qarawiyyin Library recently opened its doors to the public once again following a restoration effort. The library still belongs to Qarawiyyin University, the oldest continuously operating university on Earth.

Bou Inania Medersa

Bou Inania Medersa is a religious educational building in Talaa Kebira, and as itself already a real artwork well worth a visit. Ask for a guide in order to get a better understanding of the medersa and its history, and let its atmosphere fascinate you.
Adresse: Rue Talaa Kebira, Fès

Riad Rcif

Experience Medina from above while exploring the spices of Moroccan dishes at the Restaurant of Riad Rcif, which offers you homemade food by acclaimed chef and owner Fatima. The friendly staff is happy to prepare meals to your taste, and they guarantee high quality meat and seasonable vegetables.
Adresse: Avenue Ben Mohamed El Alaoui, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 574 0037

Les Jardins de Sheherazade

If you are you looking for traditional food with a modern twist, then visit Les Jardins de Sheherazade and try the specialty couscous dishes. This restaurant is spacious with an intimate atmosphere, and it offers you all the Moroccan cuisine you could wish for, so let yourself get carried away by the luxurious interior and stunning decorations, and you will not be disappointed.
Adresse: 23 Arsat Bennis, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 574 1642

Riad Dar Bensouda

Dine at the pool and enjoy the nice weather on the rooftop at Dar Bensouda, and both the ambience and the music will make your evening a lasting memory; and so will the dishes, so try the Menu Marrakech — the beansoup is quite spicy but the orange salad with cinnamon tastes heavenly!
Adresse: 14 Zkak El Bghel, Fès
Telefon: +212 52 439 1609

La Maison Bleue

La Maison Bleue is a sumptuous restaurant with an exquisite cuisine varying from traditional to contemporary Moroccan fare. Housed in a riad, an open air courtyard invites you to having an aperitif, while the venue in general is widely regarded as one of Fès finest restaurants.
Adresse: 2 Place Batha, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 574 068 6

Le Kasbah

Le Kasbah is a friendly three-story restaurant with a rooftop patio, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view over the medina. Although the menu itself is quite classic, ranging from tajines and couscous to pastillas, the authentic experience and the restaurant's prime spot is already worth a visit.
Adresse: Rue Talaa Sghira, Fès
Telefon: +212 35 741 533
Åpningstider: Daily 8am-12am

Riad Andalib

Located in a luxurious hotel, this restaurant serves excellent Moroccan cuisine, and an authentic setting of Moroccan culture on top. The fruit salads are lovely here, but the choice between their different and always tasty dishes may not be easy.
Adresse: 54 Ben Mohamed Alaoui, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 576 4563


At Palais Faraj, L'Amandier offers a traditional Moroccan cuisine, and an amazing view over Medina on top. Both the staff and the atmosphere make this an excellent place for a lovely evening dinner, so head here for enjoying the evening best.
Adresse: 16-18 Quartier Ziat, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 563 5356

Dar Roumana

Dar Roumana serves a kitchen beyond tajine and couscous, so do start with goat cheese, followed by a perfectly cooked fillet and rounded up with a sweet creme brûlée. With its lovely atmosphere, as to luxurious rooms and beautiful decor, dinner at Dar Roumana will make for a perfect evening.
Adresse: 30 Derb el-Amer, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 574 1637

Palais Amani

Palais Amani offers a mix of African, French, Mediterranean and contemporary cuisine. As to its great selection of different dishes and menus, you can come here for every meal of the day, and also every day again as well.
Adresse: 12 Derb el Miter, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 563 3209


Mb is a hip restaurant with outstanding food and delicious martinis. As their selection of both food and wine is spectaculars, staying at their rooftop terrace will make for a perfect night.
Adresse: Rue Ahmed Chaouki, 12, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 562 2727

The Ruined Garden

This restaurant serves refreshing bites and delicious meals, and their garden provides an ideal dinner atmosphere, and a great starting point for a night out. If you are planning to come in a group, a table reservation is recommended, and you can then enjoy the evening to its very best.
Adresse: 15 Derb Idrissy Sidi Ahmed Chaoui Medina, Siaj, Fès
Telefon: +212 64 919 1410
Åpningstider: Daily 1pm-9:30pm

Dar Anebar

Ideally located in the heart of Medina, this high class restaurant serves guests the best of Moroccan food, as several courses are prepared to your taste, one more delicious than the other. Overlook the city from their terrace, enjoy the garden atmosphere by the fountain, or take a seat in the glamorous salons, and you will remember this evening forever.
Adresse: 15 Derb Miter Zenjfour, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 563 5785

Cafe Clock

Cafe Clock is considered to be one of the best cafes in Fès, as it offers food of all kind for any time of the day – come here and try their camel burger, and finish afterwards with a delicious dessert, and you will probably also catch some live music within. On weekends, drop in to meet some new people as the place gets crowded in the evenings.
Adresse: 7 Derb El Magana, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 563 7855
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-10pm

Café Glacier New Peacock

The New Peacock is a newly redesigned café with a stylish, relaxed and airy atmosphere, where numerous mouth-watering sweets tempt to to try literally all of them. While enjoying a break during sightseeing, a stay here is an experience on its own.
Adresse: 29 Avenue Mohammed Slaoui, Fès
Telefon: +212 55 911 87

Hotel Les Mérinides

Hotel Les Mérinides is a sophisticated option with a chic clientele, where you can choose between two restaurants and a terrace for enjoying both great food as well as delicious cocktails. With the stunning view of Fès Medina, you will definitely enjoy your stay here.
Adresse: Avenue des Mérinides 30000, Fes
Telefon: +212 53 564 5226

Sofitel Palais Jamaï

This hotel features a luxurious bar with creative cocktails and sumptuous appetizers that will definitely apply to your taste. Do not miss out their outdoor patio for enjoying some stunning views of the Medina.
Adresse: Bab Guissa, Fes
Telefon: +212 53 563 4331

Ramada Hotel

If you are looking for some House or R’n’B music to move your body to, then head over to the V.I.P. Club at Hotel Ramada. As the hotel features different spacious bars with dancefloors and comfy seats, its atmosphere will bring you and your friends to party all night long.
Adresse: Avenue des Forces Armées Royales, Fes
Telefon: +212 53 594 8000

The Golden Bar

The streets in Fès can get quite busy so finding a bar like this, at the end of a long day, comes right in time. The Golden Bar is located on the top of Palais Faraj, and it will give you a bird’s eye view of the city. Pour another glass here, and share some stories while relaxing in the laid back atmosphere.
Adresse: Bab Ziat, Quartier Ziat, Fes
Telefon: +212 53 563 5356

Felix Nightclub

If you’re looking for a party crowd, drop into Felix Nightclub at Hotel Tghat, where you can expect great drinks and a stylish clientele of 20 to 30 something. Dance until you drop, or relax in the cozy lounge atmosphere, as Felix has something for everyone.
Adresse: 28 Avenue Des Far, Fes
Telefon: +212 53 565 2677

La Mezzanine

This pub and bar in the heart of Fes serves beers, smoothies and international bites as well as live music and DJ sets for pleasing a lively party crowd. Have a drink on their outside terrace or take a seat on the comfy sofas, as La Mezzanine promises an exciting evening.
Adresse: Jardins Jnan Sbil, New Fes
Telefon: +212 53 563 8668

The Medina

The Medina, the Old Town of Fes, is a maze-like district holding many surprises for passionate buyers, so come here for handicrafts, carpets or leather products. Be prepared for bargaining, as there rarely exists any fixed price.
Adresse: Medina, Fès

Art D'Argile

Ceramic products and pottery have been popular trades in Morocco for centuries, and today, the craft is still much valued by locals and visitors alike. Art Agile keeps up the art of handmade ceramics and pottery since four generations, producing vases, bowls or plates decorated with great dexterity and traditional patterns. Step in and take home a piece of Morocco’s national heritage.
Adresse: N 41 Hay Lala Yakout Rue 3 Ain Nokbi, Fès
Telefon: +212 66 234 8754
Åpningstider: Daily 8am-7pm

Association des Femmes de Fès

The Association des Femmes de Fès is a particularly impressive store full of beautiful handmade clothes, table clothes, pillow coverings and bedspreads. The shop is, quite unusual for Morocco, owned and run by women only, and the association employs and donates money to underprivileged women.
Adresse: Derb El Miter 18, Fès

Ensemble Artisanal

Ensemble Artisanal is an exceptional place for traditional ceramics and pottery, and you can also see the craftspeople designing and creating pieces. As this is one of the best spots for finding some souvenirs, it is definitely worth a visit.
Adresse: Avenue Hassan II, Fès

Talaa Kebira Market

This market features many small stalls with most different products, so do have a stroll around for getting some overview before hunting down unique little treats. Do not forget to bargain as the first price should not be the last.
Adresse: Talaa Kebira, Fès

Art Naji

This family-run business has been creating pottery for generations already, and their beautiful products are well-known in the area. From vases over plates to cups, you can get everything within this authentic shop, so take your time and get a good look on the mosaic and the painted ceramics – you may also find a piece to take home.
Adresse: 20 Quartier Industriel Ain Nokbi, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 566 9166

Berber Pharmacies

Whether you believe in the cleansing power of spices and herbs or not, the Berber Pharmacies are an impressive sight, and also quite typical in Morocco: the big jars on sale hold obscure powders and peculiar dried plants, and many of them are believed to cure aches and pains. Get yourself a special blend or just take a picture of the mystical markets, as it is always worth a visit, and a try.
Adresse: Medina, Fès

Chez Hamidou

Nestled between Chouara Tannery and markets, Chez Hamidou might be hard to find but its is worth a visit. As a local’s insider tip, you can here buy high quality rugs and cushions from local producers but mind that you are expected to bargain.
Adresse: Fes El Bali, Fès

Tissage Berbere

At this authentic Moroccan place, carpets, woven cloths and handicraft can be purchased, while you can also watch people producing heavy rugs with great dexterity and speed. The well-known owner of the shop, Mouhammed, is always on your side, and he will show you the newest works of art that will definitely match your taste.
Adresse: 4 Derb Taouil, Fès
Telefon: +212 67 597 2886

Rue el-Attarine

This vibrant market street welcomes you with stalls of food, spices, woven products and fresh fruit, so come here for taking in the flavours and scents of Fès. Be also prepared for some haggling.
Adresse: Rue el-Attarine, Fès

Le Jardin des Biehn

This collection of arts and antiques will certainly impress you, as you will find clothes, pottery, weaving, baskets and the famous babouches slippers as well as jewelry from all over the region. The acclaimed collector Michel Biehn offers a glimpse into local art, and he indeed holds something for everyone, from contemporary design to traditional handicraft.
Adresse: 13 Akbat Sbaa, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 574 1036

Coin Berbere

At Coin Berbere, you will find handcrafted carpets, carved wooden doors and skillfully decorated pottery. The shop is run by the two brothers Khalid and Mohamed Bouzidi-Idrissi who are happy to show you their antiques, and advice you to find your match.
Adresse: 67 Haddadine Talaa Kebira, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 563 6946

Gallery Chez Mehdi

This gallery sells various Berber arts and Moroccan antiques, and everything is so well-organised that the place feels more like a museum than a shop. The staff speaks French and English, and it can give you background information to all of their objects.
Adresse: Rue Ahmed Mekouar, Batha, Fès

Place Seffarine

On this street market, you can watch Moroccans creating art with techniques that have not changed in centuries. Come here and gape at the crafts, or buy some skillfully decorated pottery, shiny copper utensils or beautiful jewelry.
Adresse: Place Seffarine, Fès

Borj Fez Mall

Located between old and new Fès, the Borj Mall provides shopping and entertainment on three levels, where you can find over 80 shops as well as a big supermarket that has everything you need. You can even step in with a busy sightseeing schedule as it is close to major tourist attractions in the city.
Adresse: Ville Nouvelle, Fès
Telefon: +212 53 562 0492
Åpningstider: Daily 9am-10pm

La Maison Bleue

This is an oasis of opulent luxury, centrally located near the Dar Batha Museum. The attached restaurant is considered one of the best in the country.
Adresse: Place Batha, 2
Telefon: +212 535 636 052

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa is located in, what used to be, an Arab-Moorish palace. This luxurious hotel has a spa, outdoor pool, hammam, free WiFi and to top it all off, the most amazing view over Medina.
Adresse: Bab Ziat
Telefon: +212 535 635 356

Barceló Fes Medina

Barceló Fes Medina describes themselves as "a haven of peace in the heart of the Medina" and it is just what it is. The modern rooms are design in a stylish and chic decor and the hotel, of course, offers a spa and an amazing hammam.
Adresse: Avenue Hassan II
Telefon: +212 53 594 8800

Les Mérinides

Les Mérinides has one of the best locations as it is situated on the hills of Fes, providing a lovely view over the city. One of the best things are that if you feel lazy and do not want to go out for dinner the hotel has three restaurants to choose from.
Adresse: Borj Nord
Telefon: +212 53 564 5226

Dar Bensouda

This lovely hotel is housed in an old palace and still holds traditional decor in a fusion with modern design. They have a terrace with a view over the mountains and offer beauty treatments and massage.
Adresse: N°14 Zkak El Bghel

Riad La Maison Verte

Each room in this riad has its own, personal decor with a private bathroom. Breakfast is included and you can enjoy it on the cosy patio. Riad La Maison Verte is located 30 min from the airport.
Adresse: Derb Cheikh Gzira, 5

Diamant Vert

At Diamant Vert you can spend your nights in bungalows with your own little kitchenette and terrace. The hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with a menu of international and Moroccan choices.
Adresse: Route d'ain Chkaf
Telefon: +212 5 35 608 367 / 69

Ryad Mabrouka

Ryad Mabrouka luxurious guest homes give you a feeling of authentic, traditional and modern Morocco. They have a roof top where you can enjoy your breakfast and the lovely view of Medina.
Adresse: Rue Talaa Kebira
Telefon: +212 535 636 345

Villa Agapanthe

Villa Agapanthe is located a 15 minutes´ drive from the airport where their guests can enjoy a beautiful garden surrounding and an outdoor pool. The hotel offer free WiFi in the rooms and the restaurant serves traditional Moroccan cuisine.
Adresse: Route de Séfrou Domaine Ben Abdela
Telefon: +212 53 5615 279

Le Jardin Des Biehn

Le Jardin Des Biehn is the perfect summer home while you are visiting Fes. The garden is filled with roses, jasmine and bergamot flowers bringing a wonderful sent to the facility. There is a roof terrace where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served.
Adresse: Akbat Sbaa, 13
Telefon: +212 664 647 679

Hotel Wassim

Hotel Wassim is located in the centre of the new town. This four star hotel offer their guest an international restaurant and a nightclub. Catch the sun on either their panoramic terrace or, if you prefer, their solarium.
Adresse: Avenue Hassan II Rue Du Liban
Telefon: +212 52 884 0421

Fès-Saïss Airport

Fès-Saïss airport is located 15 km south of the city centre, and the establishment is both modern and easy to navigate. Taxis are still the best way to get to and from the airport to the city centre, and luckily, they are quite cheap. You can also use public transport and shuttle buses to get to Fès, just step on the bus line 16 or choose one of the airport shuttles that run ever 30 minutes from Fès airport. You can buy the tickets on the bus.
Adresse: Fès-Saïss airport, Fès
Telefon: +212 35 624 800

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Fès for ideal weather, referring to both average temperature and humidity, is from April to November, as the days are long and sunny. Although it feels nice nearly all year long, the outside markets and the restaurants' terraces can best be enjoyed during summer – however, July and August are the hottest months so take advantage or avoid depending on personal preference.

Passport / Visa

Citizens of the European Union, as well as the Untied States, Australia, and dozens of world countries can enter and remain in Morocco visa-free for up to 90 days. Look up individual prerequisites prior to travel in order to possibly apply for visa in time.

Public transport

The central train station is in the ville nouvelle, and there are daily trains to all the main destinations in Morocco. The trains are very comfortable and almost live up to European standards, but do buy your tickets in advance as first class seats are often sold out. You may also reserve tickets on the website or purchase them in person at the local station. The main bus station is situated outside of Bab el-Mahrouk, and it has services to other destinations in Morocco with daily departures. Within the city, you do normally pass by foot or by car/cab.
Telefon: +212 53 777 4747


There are two types of taxis in Fès: the red petit taxi and the white grand taxi. The petit taxis all have meters, and a ride anywhere in the city can only carry 3 people by law. The grand taxis are often hired for day trips, so they are more difficult to come by – you may arrange one through your hotel if you desire a day trip out of Fès. Petit Taxi +212 61 781 7528


The Main Post Office is located at the corner of Avenue Hassan II and Boulevard Mohammad V, open Mon-Sat 8am-closing. Different post offices can be found across town but keep in mind that opening hours may greatly vary.


The pharmacy at Boulevard Moulay Youssef is staffed by both a doctor and a pharmacist, and as it is open 24/7, you can head here all the time. You will also find other venues across town. Hôpital Ghassani is one of the city’s biggest hospitals, and doctors here speak several foreign languages.
Telefon: +212 55 623 493


Country Code: +212 Area Code: 55


220V , 50Hz, C/E