Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Chisinau

Chisinau appears to have little to no concern for the superficial – still very much rough around the edges and with scant tourist infrastructure, the Moldovan capital conquers with precisely its uncharted quality, an authenticity guaranteed to make off-the-beaten-path aficionados' and Soviet era enthusiasts' hearts flutter with excitement. The country's genuinely welcoming populace, free-flowing wine and overtly low travel costs all ensure its relatively obscure status isn't long to stay.

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Triumphal Arch & Nativity Cathedral

Chisinau's Cathedral Park (Parcul Catedralei) is marked by two main attractions: the Nativity Cathedral, the city's primary Moldovan Orthodox place of worship, dating to the 19th century, and Chisinau's very own Triumphal Arch, also known as the "Holy Gate".
Adresse: The Great National Assembly Square, Chisinau

Stefan cel Mare Central Park

The country's oldest park spans an impressive 7 hectares, and is very popular with the local populace, especially so during the summer months. Children's playgrounds and merry-go-rounds are in operation, making the park a good choice for families. Some of the highlights include the Avenue of the Classics of Moldovan Literature, containing busts of prominent Moldovan and Romanian authors and political figures, and the Alley of Friendship, where celebrity city visitors (the likes of Yuri Gagarin) planted a tree each.
Adresse: Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard, Chisinau

Military Museum

One of the city's lesser-known highlights, the museum offers informative insight into the country's past, including WWII and Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe involvement, and covers a substantial period of Soviet regime, also detailing events that happened outside of present-day Moldova. Information in English is scarce, but many of the exhibits are self-explanatory. The outdoor display of Soviet military machines can be accessed free of charge.
Adresse: Strada Tighina 47, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 272 056

National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

The museum might as well be dubbed a collection of anything and everything, which in no way compromises its appeal, but rather makes it rank among the most curious Moldovan landmarks. From zoological exhibits and extinct animal reconstructions to traditional dress and folk artefacts, its expansive exhibits cover nearly everything under the Moldovan sun. Purchase an English-language booklet to help navigate exhibition rooms.
Adresse: Mihail Kogalniceanu 82, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 238 848
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm

Cricova Winery

A short 15-minute drive outside of Chisinau lies the country's arguably most sought-after attraction: the reputable Cricova Winery, whose products are held in high regard both locally and internationally. Guided tours of the winery and cellars are offered, many including tastings (call ahead).
Adresse: Strada Petru Ungureanu 1, Cricova
Telefon: +373 22 604 035

Pushkin House Museum

Alexander Pushkin, the father of modern Russian literature, some of whose lines any Russian speaker is guaranteed to be able to recite from memory, spent three fruitful years in this tiny house, exiled. It's a museum these days, and although scant English-language information is supplied in each room, anyone with a particular interest can benefit greatly from a guided tour.
Adresse: Strada Anton Pann 19, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 292 685
Åpningstider: Fri-Wed 10am-4pm

Dendrarium Park

One of the city's favourite parks offers a welcome respite on warm summer days. Its forte is the incredible diversity of plant and animal life, with carefully curated green arrangements and blooming flowers delighting visitors. There is a children's playground on site.
Adresse: Ion Creanga 1, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 719 029

Milestii Mici

One of Moldova's unmissable attractions is the Milestii Mici winery, located a short drive outside the city centre. Book a guided tour of the world's largest wine cellar with a staggering 3,000,000 bottles, all contained in a former quarry spanning dozens of underground kilometres. Only a manageable part of the storage space is visited, followed by a wine tasting and pre-bookable three-course meal at the on-site restaurant 70 metres under ground.
Adresse: Milestii Mici Village
Telefon: +373 22 382 333

National Opera and Ballet Theatre

A classy evening out is best spent catching an opera or ballet performance at one of the best theatres of its kind in Eastern Europe. The repertoire is regularly updated, and tickets cost a fraction of the price charged at comparable institutions across Europe.
Adresse: Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard 152, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 245 104


The charming, highly stylised Gok-Oguz specialises in Gagauzian cuisine, a unique blend of Russian, Romanian and Turkic flavours customary in Moldova's south. Lamb is the speciality that comes in many forms, but the menu extends to include an abundance of further options.
Adresse: Calea Orheiului 19/A, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 468 852
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-11pm


Gastrobar is all the rage in savvy circles, an establishment both upscale in quality and casual in demeanour, with an extensive menu of international specialities and an inviting atmosphere with no pretence. Thursdays and Fridays see deliveries of fresh oysters.
Adresse: Alexandru Bernardazzi 66, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 689 06 545

Madam Wong

Madam Wong is a fantastic find for lovers of Asian cuisine, "Asian" in the broadest of terms, ranging from Japanese to Indian, via China, Vietnam and a few other culinary traditions. Prices are staggeringly low for the quality and assortment.
Adresse: Pushkin 44/1, Chisinau
Telefon: +37360902000


Forshmak captures the nostalgic feel of old Chisinau while elevating straightforward dishes familiar to any Moldovan from a young age, and does so in a heavily stylised interior designed to evoke pleasant associations. If you're dining with a Russian speaker, ask them to solve the crossword puzzle on your table - the reward is a free serving of forshmak, the restaurant's namesake dish.
Adresse: Constantin Negruzzi Boulevard 2/4, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 788 88 829

Vatra Neamului

One of the best choices for traditional Moldovan dining in Chisinau, Vatra Neamului features local specialities and provides for a complete cultural immersion experience with live music played in the evenings.
Adresse: Puskin 20b, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 226 839

Grill House

A consistent locals' favourite, Grill House holds up the promise of its name by offering up a delicious array of freshly grilled meats, alongside a selection of scrumptious pasta dishes, salads, and desserts. It's fantastic value for money.
Adresse: Armeneasca 24, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 790 00 010


CoffeeMolka wears its speciality as a badge of honour, making for an entertaining look around with its impressive collection of vintage coffee grinders displayed proudly on shelves. Coffee is taken seriously here (try the traditional Turkish coffee), and casual live music evenings are hosted.
Adresse: 31 August 1989, 105 Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 212 654
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–8pm


Rozmarin looks and feels like it could easily fit in anywhere in Europe, including upcoming neighbourhoods of trendsetting Scandinavian capitals. The menu is extensive and leans heavily towards Italian flavours. The main selling point is their bread: baked freshly in-house and used in the cooking of mouthwatering sandwiches.
Adresse: Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard 202, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 680 23 330

La Placinte

For cheap and cheerful local eats, try one of La Plăcinte's several Chisianu locations. Finish off your meal of traditional Moldovan specialities with an actual placinta — a soft pastry of layered dough filled with soft cheese or another stuffing (these are ubiquitous in town).
Adresse: Mitropolit Dosoftei St 100, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 211 211

Tucano Coffee

The trendiest coffee shop chain in town continues to attract patrons to its four locations each named after an established coffee nation. Particular focus is placed on presentation, each cup crafted to look like a work of drinkable art. Sandwiches, bagels, salads, and a variety of desserts are on offer too.
Adresse: Alexander Pushkin St 15, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 699 43 275

PartyZAN Game Club

Hidden in plain sight, this semi-private game club can be accessed by regular members or those who are determined enough to wait for the ringing door bell to have an effect. Board game lovers will rejoice at the broad selection of free-to-rent games, while others will certainly delight in pool, darts, table soccer, and other active pursuits.
Adresse: Onisifor Ghibu 9/1, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 581 048

Kira's Club

This cool, somewhat underground space is a favourite among trendy local youth and those who happen to be let in on its existence. In pleasant contrast to many old-school, quintessentially Eastern European night clubs, Kira's is a no-pretence, inviting location with an extensive Asian-leaning menu, a plethora of drinks, and late-night dance parties.
Adresse: Veronica Micle 7, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 797 40 927

Mojito Terasa

Mojito Terasa does not exactly have any standout features, but its prime location smack in the city centre and round-the-clock hours of operation make it a highly popular gathering place, especially so during the summer months, when its outdoor terrace teems with cocktail-drinkers both day and night.
Adresse: Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 601 91 111
Åpningstider: 24/7

Sky Bar

This flashy, upscale bar and club is unique for its rooftop setting that affords panoramic views of Chisinau. Come here if you have cash to spare, and if a quintessentially Eastern European clubbing experience complete with go go dancers and flashing neon lights is your idea of fun.
Adresse: Albisoara 4, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 767 39 739


One of the city's hipster haunts, Barbar is a cafe by day and bar/club at night. It's a casual venue that draws a young-ish crowd of locals to its rowdy weekend parties and nighttime events.
Adresse: Mihai Eminescu 45, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 785 13 513

Carpe Diem Wine Shop & Bar

This right here might just be your favourite Chisinau discovery. Carpe Diem Wine Shop & Bar boasts insanely knowledgeable staff, trained to provide comprehensive information on all things Moldovan wines and arrange tastings based on customer preferences. It's best to book a tasting in advance, but try your luck and pop in even without a prior reservations. Wines are also sold by the bottle - you might have to do a double-take to confirm prices are, indeed, that low.
Adresse: Columna 136/3A, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 844 846

Piata Centrala

This busy central market is where locals shop for all manner of produce sourced from around the country, with some cheap knick knack imports thrown into the mix. If you're lucky, you might come across a few vendors peddling original Soviet memorabilia. In the souvenir department, hand-made socks, scarves and other accessories are good purchases.
Adresse: Strada Tighina, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 277 848

Galeria L

For quality artwork produced by local creators, try this shop cum gallery at the corner of Pushkin and Bucuresti Streets. Art is both exhibited (entry to the gallery comes at a micro fee) and sold.
Adresse: București 64, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 22 221 975


To do all your shopping under one roof, try the MallDova shopping centre, the first one of its kind in the country, inaugurated nearly a decade ago. Expect local and international brand stores, along with a selection of dining and entertainment options.
Adresse: Arborilor 21, Chisinau

Kuki Jewellery

Understated jewellery featuring ethnic patters can make for some rather unique souvenirs for female travellers or friends and family back home.
Adresse: Alexander Pushkin 26, Chisinau
Telefon: +373 695 77 038

Passport / Visa

Visiting Moldova is visa-free (for tourist stays up to 90 days) for all EU citizens, as well as nationals of the USA, Canada, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uzbekistan, and Vatican City. Nationals of countries not listed above must consult the website of the Moldova Ministry of Foreign affairs for up-to-date information on visa procedures.


The Chisinau International Airport, located only 13km outside of downtown Chisinau, is the country's main air hub, but is very compact in size regardless of the fact. Of all the ways to reach town taxi is most convenient: use the official airport service and always confirm the price prior to boarding. Public transportation is very inexpensive and is a great budget alternative. The trolleybus no. 30 runs from 6am to 11pm and hits most city centre locations en route. Taxi van no. 165 takes a similar route and departs at 10 minute intervals.

Best Time to Visit

Chisinau may look admittedly grim during certain times of year, which might add to the appeal for those who come to soak in the grey Soviet aesthetic. The rest will do better planning a trip for the period from late spring to early fall, when temperatures are at their most comfortable and various events and festivals are held throughout the city and beyond.

Public Transport

The public transportation system of Chisinau includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, and fixed-route taxi vans, of which the latter are the fastest and most convenient. When travelling by taxi van, ask the driver if the van stops next to a known landmark such as a large mall, monument, or square (routes are sometimes indicated in the front window). Prepare small change to pay fares on board (directly to the driver in mini-vans and a designated ticket vendor in trolleybuses). As of 2018, it is also possible to purchase public transport tickets via QIWI terminals dotting the city, found at most shopping centres and many supermarkets.


Do not be fooled by the seeming abundance of taxi services in Chisinau - hiring a cab may prove overwhelmingly harder than expected. For many drivers, even those officially employed with a taxi company, making the trip to some locations proves so unprofitable they refuse to take orders altogether and opt for picking up passengers off the side of the road, charging upwards of 30% more than what the trip would have cost if pre-booked. Best luck is rumoured to be had with apps, such as the Russian Yandex.Taxi and recently launched Uber. Regular official taxi service phone numbers always start with 14, and are always 5 digits. Taxi Meridian Tel.14222


There are plenty of pharmacies all throughout the city. Felicia is a chain whose outlets often operate on a 24/7 basis.
Adresse: Pushkin 28, Chisinau
Åpningstider: 24/7


The city's main post office is located at:
Adresse: Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt 134, Chisinau


373 - Moldova country code 2 - Chisinau city code


220 V, 50 Hz Type C and F sockets