Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a beautiful city located in the middle of the Netherlands in the province of Utrecht. Through numerous monuments, cosy little streets, canals and architectural details you can really feel the medieval core of the city, established here in the 13th century. The compact city is surrounded with lush swathes of nature. Amersfoort is the conveniently reachable, both by car and by train. It’s only 30 minutes to Schiphol Airport!

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is the main international airport in the Netherlands. The easiest and cheapest way to get from the airport to Amersfoort is by train. A train trip to Amersfoort Central railway station takes about 30 minutes; trains depart every 15 minutes. Train tickets cost €11.40 and are available from ticket machines and from the NS service counter. A taxi from Schiphol to Amersfoort is about €60 and the length of your journey depends on traffic.
Adresse: Evert van de Beekstraat 202, Schiphol
Telefon: +31 20 794 08 00

Public Transport

The Amersfoort inner city can be easily reached on foot from Central Station in just about 10 minutes. Of course, you can also take a bus to the city centre. Busses depart from Central Station. Take bus 5, 6, or 7 to Varkensmarkt, or one of the other busses to Centrum or De Kei.
Adresse: Stationsplein, Amersfoort


The Amersfoort Central railway station is located in the centre of the city. All major cities in the Netherlands are easy to reach from here: Amsterdam 30 minutes, Utrecht just 15 minutes, and Rotterdam and The Hague are both a 60-minute train journey away. There are also many international trains that stop in Amersfoort, including trains to Germany, Belgium, and France.
Adresse: Stationsplein, Amersfoort


There are taxi stands where you will always find a taxi. One of these is on the Central railway station. At night, on Fridays and Saturdays, you can find a taxi at Havik, close to the Hof Square.


Pharmacies everywhere are open from 8 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. In the evenings and at weekends, you can go to the service pharmacy Eemland, in the Meander Medical Center Amersfoort.
Adresse: Meander Medisch Centrum, Maatweg 3, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 432 85 00


Country code: +31 Net number: 033


The Netherlands uses the Type F electrical plug with two round pins, same as in many countries in Continental Europe. The standard voltage is 230 volts, but some hotels have special plugs for 110 or 120-volt shavers.

National Military Museum

This unique museum takes its visitors to the world of the army and tells the personal, emotional tales of soldiers and veterans from various ages. There are six theme rooms where you can watch and experience the life of the Dutch army with interactive tools. The museum is more than 35,000 square meters, so you can easily spend the entire day there.
Adresse: Nationaal Militair Museum, Verlengde Paltzerweg 1, Soest
Telefon: +31 85 003 60 00
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–5pm
Billetter: Adults €16.50

Soestdijk Palace

The elegant Soestdijk Palace is situated on the estate between Soest and Baarn, close to Amersfoort. The palace has served many purposes in its lifetime. Twice it was used as a military barracks, but it also served for a long time as one of the royal family’s favourite palaces. Nowadays, the palace is a museum and an events venue. Visit and enjoy the lovely palace gardens, a guided tour of the palace or a concert.
Adresse: Amsterdamsestraatweg 1, Baarn
Telefon: +31 35 541 28 41
Åpningstider: Tue–Fri 11am–5pm, Sat & Sun noon–5pm, Mon closed
Billetter: Adults €12.50

Amersfoort Zoo

DierenPark Amersfoort is just a 10-minute drive away from the city centre and is the most child-friendly zoo of the Netherlands. The zoo has a genuine dinosaur forest and a huge birdhouse. The zoo is easily accessible by public transport or car.
Adresse: DierenPark Amersfoort, Barchman Wuytierslaan 224, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 422 71 00

Mondriaan House

The Mondriaan House is the birth house of the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan. The ground floor of the house details the development of the painter, the person, his art, and his life. On the first floor, you can visit temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists whose work reflects that of Mondriaan or who draw inspiration from his work.
Adresse: Mondriaanhuis, Kortegracht 11, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 460 01 70
Billetter: Regular €13

Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren

The Onze Lieve Vrouwe tower is the third-highest late-medieval tower in the Netherlands. It stands more than 98 meters high and is at the exact cadastral centre of the Netherlands. The tower, also called Lange Jan (Long John), can also be climbed. Tickets are available from the tourist information office next to the tower or online.
Adresse: Lieve Vrouwestraat 13, Amersfoort

Canal Cruise

You can go on four different cruises on the Amersfoort canals. The skippers will tell you all about the city’s history and the monuments along the canals: an opportunity to discover Amersfoort from the waterside. A cruise takes about 45 minutes.
Adresse: Krommestraat 5, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 465 46 36
Åpningstider: May – October: Mon 12:30pm–4:30pm, Tue–Sun 10am–5pm. Wintertime schedule might differ
Billetter: Adult €7


The Koppelpoort is the showpiece of historical Amersfoort, a unique combination of land and water gate dating back to around 1425. With an extensive tour by Gilde Amersfoort, you will also see the Koppelpoort from the inside. This is also very exciting and fascinating for children! The tour is available in several languages.
Adresse: Kleine Spui 2, Amersfoort

Museum Spakenburg

Museum Spakenburg is a modern museum about the past of the town of Bunschoten. The museum is housed in eight different buildings and is both an indoor and an outdoor museum. It is situated on both sides of the Watersteeg, one of the historical alleyways in Spakenburg. There is a museum cafe. The museum complex comprises various homes, a small shop, a farm with a haystack, and a smokehouse. All in all, its grounds are 1,500 square meters. There are ten exhibitions in addition to several permanent exhibitions and a few temporary ones. In short, Museum Spakenburg is not a collection of old items, but a location where living history can be experienced.
Adresse: Oude Schans 47-63, Bunschoten-Spakenburg
Telefon: +31 33 298 33 19
Åpningstider: April–November: Mon 1:30pm–5pm, Tue–Sat 10am–5pm, Sun closed. November–April: Wed– Sat noon–4pm, Sun–Tue closed
Billetter: Adults €7

Guided City Tour with Gilde Amersfoort

A guided city tour through the historical city centre with a Gilde Amersfoort guide is a definite must-do. These enthusiastic guides really love to take you through the city and can tell you everything about the city and its origins. You don’t have to book a tour; you can just join one. These tours are available in different languages, but you need to book if you require a language other than Dutch.
Adresse: Groenmarkt 19, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 472 22 36
Billetter: Standard €6

Kunsthal KAdE

Kunsthal (Art Hall) KAdE doesn’t have a collection of its own, but it puts on a new exhibition every few months on modern art, architecture, design and everything visual. The art hall is located in the Eem House and has a special atmosphere that lovers of architecture will certainly appreciate.
Adresse: Eemplein 77, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 422 50 30
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 10am–5pm, Mon closed.The KAdECAFÉ is open Mon–Sat 9:30am–5pm, Sun 10am–5pm

Brewery De Drie Ringen

Amersfoort beer has been around since 1323. Because Amersfoort has always had good-quality water, the brewery industry in Amersfoort boomed. After 1800, unfortunately, many breweries had to close down because of rising competition from other Dutch cities. De Drie Ringen was founded in 1989, on the initiative of a bunch of friends. Enjoy traditional Amersfoort beers, go on a guided tour, and take a look at the ins and outs of the brewery.
Adresse: Kleine Spui 18, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 785 44 32
Åpningstider: Wed–Sat noon–8pm, Sun noon–7pm, Mon & Tue closed

Cycleboat Eemlijn

Discover Eemland by bike and by boat. You will slowly sail out, passing houseboats moored on the banks. Excellent chance to experience the whole city from another perspective. When you arrive at a dock, simply pick the cycle route of your choice and cycle into nature.
Adresse: Eemhaven Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 6 51 94 22 79

Wall Houses

The Amersfoort Wall Houses were built on top of the first city wall foundations. In 1380, its economic growth forced Amersfoort to grow, requiring a new city wall to be built. The stones of the first city wall were then used to construct these houses. These buildings were all built in different periods, which makes a walk along the houses unique.
Adresse: Muurhuizen, Amersfoort

Dutch Cavalry Museum

The museum’s first building has three levels to show you how the cavalry developed throughout history. Here you can enjoy a permanent exhibition of handheld firearms, paintings, and miniatures. The second museum building exhibits a large part of the collection of historical cavalry vehicles. There are also temporary exhibitions here, on changing cavalry-related topics.
Adresse: Cavaleriemuseum, Barchman Wuytierslaan 198, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 466 1995
Åpningstider: Tue–Fri 10am–4pm, Sat–Mon closed
Billetter: €4

Zandfoort aan de Eem

At Zandfoort aan de Eem, you can sit inside, but also outside on their artificial beach. They have an international menu here, with many different dishes from around the world. In summer, you can enjoy a barbecue on the beach.
Adresse: Eemlaan 100, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 448 19 51


Dara is a restaurant with international cuisine, offerings lots small dishes. In addition to their delicious food, their building is quite remarkable, and its location in the Eem Harbour makes it a wonderful place for dinner.
Adresse: Grote Koppel 5, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 470 23 02

Hete Kolen

Hete Kolen is a small restaurant, where you can see the open kitchen from your seats. Their claim to fame is the excellent barbecue menu.
Adresse: Krankeledenstraat 7, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 85 016 00 26

Hoog Vuur

Hoog Vuur is a remarkable living-room restaurant that prepares local produce in custom-built wood ovens. Tough-looking men cut the wood, stoke the fires and prepare delicious meals. It’s also a wonderful place to just enjoy the atmosphere and the design.
Adresse: Oude Fabriekstraat 26, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 203 70 00


Alberts is located in a building that’s more than 450 years old. It used to be a city inn, but now you can enjoy a lovely meal prepared in the remarkable Big Green Egg: a heat source that can boil, bake, steam, and more.
Adresse: Hof 5, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 720 08 10

SEM Sla en Meer

SEM is the first salad bar in Amersfoort. They have organic salads, fresh juices, coffee, and sugar-free cake. You can even order a takeaway.
Adresse: Kortegracht 6, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 334 451 500

Downey’s Coffee and Tea

Downey's is located in the atmospheric historic centre of Amersfoort. Stop by for lunch, a cup of coffee or tea and delicious dessert. There's a play corner for children and the cafe is pet-friendly. In addition to that, Downey’s has an important social mission. It is a private initiative where people with intellectual disabilities have a fully-fledged workplace in society.
Adresse: Zuidsingel 65, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 470 08 50

Long John’s Pub

Long John’s Pub is a sports cafe with a large terrace. In addition to coffee, this cafe has great Irish beers. Long John is located in the hotel Lange Jan.
Adresse: Krankeledenstraat 20-22, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 461 88 97
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 7am–midnight, Fri 7am–1am, Sat 8am–1am, Sun 8am–midnight

Coffee Corazon

Coffee Corazon is a lovely place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and homemade cake. Try their chocolate cheesecake and shortcake with caramel. Corazon is a good place to take your children.
Adresse: Krommestraat 18, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 465 68 44
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–5pm

Kafe van Zanten

Cafe van Zanten has a huge range of specialty beers. Sit inside or out, and enjoy their dish of the day or a juicy hamburger.
Adresse: Bloemendalsestraat 2, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 479 05 92

De Bijzaeck

De Bijzaeck is a wine bar where you can enjoy a nice glass of your preferred vintage with an accompanying snack. They have well-known and rare wines that can be ordered per glass or per bottle.
Adresse: Hof 22, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 737 00 05

Brewery De Drie Ringen

Amersfoort beer has been around since 1323. Because Amersfoort has always had good-quality water, the brewery industry in Amersfoort boomed. After 1800, unfortunately, many breweries had to close down because of rising competition from other Dutch cities. De Drie Ringen was founded in 1989, on the initiative of a bunch of friends. Enjoy traditional Amersfoort beers, go on a guided tour, and take a look at the ins and outs of the brewery.
Adresse: Kleine Spui 18, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 785 44 32
Åpningstider: Wed–Sat noon–8pm, Sun noon–7pm, Mon & Tue closed

Amersfoort Jazz

In the month of May, the Amersfoort city center turns into one big jazz party. Just enjoy every conceivable form of jazz, performed by established names and emerging talents, in the open air, in cafes and in historical venues. Amersfoort Jazz is free of charge. An absolute must! Where else would you ever have the opportunity to sample the best music in medieval monuments?
Åpningstider: August 4–14 2022

Dias Latinos

Dias Latinos immerses Amersfoort in Latin-American party mood. Be transported by South-American rhythms and dance the night away! For many years now, this festival has been the hub of fun-laden and music-driven summer evenings. Are you not much of a dancer yet? Don’t panic and take one of its dancing workshops.
Åpningstider: July 1–3 2022

Lepeltje Lepeltje

Lepeltje Lepeltje is a much-loved food festival. Featuring the best food trucks and great music, Lepeltje Lepeltje is guaranteed to bring you four gorgeous spring days. Come and watch, taste, enjoy, and experience for yourself!
Adresse: Burgemeester Brouwerplantsoen
Åpningstider: June 3–6 2022


Festifoort is a small-scale, atmospheric house and techno festival which has been popular with many an Amersfoort resident for many years now. Let loose on one of its three stages or collapse on one of the countless sofas that are dotted around the festival grounds.
Adresse: Mijnbouwweg
Åpningstider: June 5 2022


Spoffin is the Amersfoort street festival, with great shows and performances taking place on different locations in the city centre. Spoffin sets up stages on the streets, squares, and parks of Amersfoort. Theatre lovers are sure to delight! The festival is a real crowd-puller and offers something for everyone. The festival is held at the end of August each year.
Åpningstider: August 26-28 2022

Into The Woods

Into The Woods is a small-scale but very popular festival in Amersfoort. This festival is considered to be one of the most atmospheric festivals in the Netherlands and it is sold out in less than no time every year. Just try to get hold of a ticket and prepare to be enchanted by the world of Into the Woods magic!
Adresse: Barchman Wuytierslaan 232
Åpningstider: September 9–10 2022


Jackson is a club and cafe with a big bar that serves cocktails, tables at the back, and a dance floor on the other side.
Adresse: Groenmarkt 10, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 744 00 06


This welcoming gay cafe in Amersfoort is filled to the rafters every Saturday night. The bartenders and waitresses even sing along with the best songs for you!
Adresse: Hof 6, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 785 2025


Fluor is Amersfoort’s pop venue where various artists, bands and DJs show their tricks on a weekly basis. Tickets are available from their website.
Adresse: Oliemolenhof 22, Amersfoort

Cafe Miles

The Miles is the most important live music cafe of Amersfoort. There is a Jazz Jam Session every Thursday night, a different artist every Friday night, and a DJ every Saturday night.
Adresse: Hof 25, Amersfoort


Curtis is the Amersfoort students’ cafe. There’s something to do here almost every night, such as a quiz night, a student night and Saturday night DJs.
Adresse: Hof 7, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 6 30 20 83 62

Boothill Saloon

Real rockers should be heading to this place in Amersfoort. In the Boothill Salloon, with cowboy boots dangling from the ceiling, you can have a beer, listen to rock, and play some pool.
Adresse: Krankenledenstraat 12-16, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 461 80 07

Shopping Streets

The Amersfoort city center is chockablock with fun shopping streets. Do check out Krommestraat, for example, where it’s not the big chain stores but little bistros and artisan shops that rule the roost: there’s chocolate, children’s books, vinyl records, or model trains to be found. Or you might want to take a peek in Schwitzner, a fabric store that has been located here since 1900! Then there’s Langestraat, which, as its name suggests, is some 500 meters long. Traversing the old inner city, it starts at the historical Kamperbinnenpoort and ends on the Pigs Market (Varkensmarkt). In fact, the street is so long that simply no one can possibly fail to find the outfit of their choice there! There’s also Joris Square (Jorisplein). If you walk via the Passage towards this square, you will be passing loads of interesting small shops on your way. Once you get to the square, all the main chain stores and department stores are represented on a single attractive square.

Eem Harbour

Just on the edge of the old city centre, there’s the Eem Harbour (Eemhaven) — a lively place full of novel initiatives and handsome squares. Eem Square (Eemplein) is a new and dynamic city square, between the railway station and the Eem harbour, with shops, cafes and a cinema. This is also the home of the Eem House (Eemhuis), featuring a must-see library and the KAdE art centre with changing exhibitions. Right next to Eem Square, you will find The New City (De Nieuwe Stad), a dynamic micro-city with opportunities for work, education, and entertainment. Visit The New City and experience its exciting mix of industrial heritage, parkland, festivals, a pop venue, and restaurants. All this no more than a stone’s throw away from the old city centre.
Adresse: Grote Koppel, Amersfoort


For some hustle and bustle and an array of artisan products, Amersfoort offers a variety of markets. On Friday mornings, there’s a flower market on Lieve Vrouwekerkhof, a fish market on Groenmarkt and a goods market with well over 120 stalls on Hof Square. Up to 5 pm, there’s a farmer’s market on Eem Square. All day every Saturday, there’s a big weekly market on Hof Square, and every first Saturday of the month, there’s a lively second-hand market on Lieve Vrouwekerkhof.


Everyone who visits Amersfoort, and the Netherlands, should try liquorice. This traditional Dutch candy is available in the Candyshop. Of course, they sell lots of other delicious things.
Adresse: Langestraat 106, Amersfoort

Louis Blancardi

This independent wine seller has a varied, adventurous, and unconventional selection of wines. With his vast knowledge of wines and passion for his profession, the owner helps you select the best wines.
Adresse: Kamp 42, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 476 80 15

Frituur Van Gogh

This Flemish chips establishment is a remarkable thing in Amersfoort. In addition to hand-made chips, they also sell the only true Amersfoort croquette, a nice snack that’s not to be missed!
Adresse: Langestraat 143, Amersfoort

Velvet Music

This old-fashioned record store sells real vinyl. With the aid for the owners’ knowledge, you will find many musical treasures here.
Adresse: Havik 7A, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 462 10 65

Gula Delicatessen

Gula Delicatessen, formerly known as Sweet Sisters, is Amersfoort’s main chocolate store. With chocolate of all kinds and sizes, you’re bound to find something you love.
Adresse: Grote Spui 5a, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 6 83 65 68 72

VVV Tourist Information Office

The VVV staff would love to help you with all your queries on Amersfoort presents, souvenirs, and information on all attractions in and around Amersfoort. This is the place to go for tickets for attractions and to purchase the Amersfoort City Card. The City Card gives you discounts on many attractions in Amersfoort.
Adresse: Breestraat 1, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 465 94 44

Corazon Bakery

Corazon Bakery has a wonderful lunch menu, but they also offer many delicacies to take home, like lovely jams, mustard, chutney, and olive oil.
Adresse: Krommestraat 30, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 461 73 21

Bierwinkel Hop

Bierwinkel Hop is the beer store in Amersfoort. Here you can choose from amongst more than 500 different beers. Bierwinkel Hop organises a tasting session every Thursday for you to taste special and local beers.
Adresse: Achter Het Oude Stadhuis 2, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 33 737 01 75

Liefde & Ambacht

Liefde & Ambacht is the Amersfoort cheese shop and only offers Dutch products. Taste the best Dutch farmhouse cheese and buy great gifts.
Adresse: Muurhuizen 137B, Amersfoort
Telefon: +31 6 42 06 26 56