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A well preserved, colonnaded medieaval old town with its world renowned Golden Roof. Right next to this there's a brightly coloured, sparkling imperial palace, the Hofburg - baroque and monumental. A stone’s throw away is the Hofkirche, a court church containing larger-than-life bronze statues, the Schwarze Mander, standing guard around the (empty) tomb of Emperor Maximilian I., a truly breath-taking sight and unique in Europe. High above this superb architecture towers the Nordkette, a magnificent mountain range between 2300 and 2500 m.


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Innsbruck Card

Adresse: Burggraben 3, Innsbruck
Telefon: +4351253560
Åpningstider: 09.00 am - 06.00 pm

SKI plus CITY Pass

What makes the experience of winter in the skiing region of Innsbruck so enjoyable is the successful harmony of city and mountain. The fun of skiing meets city flair, shredding meets sightseeing, surfing through deep snow meets dancing through the streets. Since the 2019/2020 winter season, the SKI plus CITY Pass has made it possible to combine all these pleasures, and the pass includes 22 lifestyle, cultural and sightseeing offers as well as 3 swimming pools and 2 transport services. The SKI plus CITY Pass, which can be used and combined with great freedom, enables you to plan your stay in the Innsbruck region with complete flexibility. In the morning you can be skiing over perfectly groomed slopes, in the afternoon it’s après-ski with art, culture or shopping, and in the evening you can take a dip in a swimming pool to chill out and soothe those aching muscle. Or perhaps you’d prefer to start the day with a shopping trip and tackle the slopes in the afternoon? No problem! How and when you make use of the offers depends entirely on your own mood and preferences. And, best of all, thanks to the free ski bus system, it’s easy to get about from A to Z, from Altstadt to Zoo, and the Hop-on Hop-off Sightseer bus, also included in the pass, takes you from sight to sight. So what are you waiting for? Let's explore #myinnsbruck!
Adresse: Burggraben 3, Innsbruck
Telefon: +4351253560
Åpningstider: 09.00 am - 05.00 pm

Innsbruck Card

Innsbruck all inclusive – with the Innsbruck Card the city is all yours. This great value pass is your key to all the city sights, including numerous interesting museums and galleries such as the Imperial Palace, Tyrolean State Museum Ferdinandeum, splendid Ambras Castle, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum and the Tirol Panorama Museum with its unique giant panoramic painting. With the Innsbruck Card you enjoy free travel on all public transport in the city and as far as Igls and Hall. Furthermore, you are entitled to one return trip on each of the seven cable cars (according to the season) in Innsbruck and the surrounding villages. Also included in the price of your Innsbruck Card is access to the Bergisel ski jump, an unmistakable city landmark well worth visiting all year round. A free shuttle bus service takes you to the glittering Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens. Exploring the town on two wheels is just your thing? Simply pick up a zippy city bike from DIE BÖRSE, a friendly inner city sports store and equipment rental, and you are free to roam the streets of Innsbruck for the next three hours. In addition to all this, you travel free of charge on the ‘Sightseer’ hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus which takes you to Innsbruck’s main points of interest in all comfort. Make sure to take an informative walk through the medieval lanes of the historic Old Town with a knowledgeable ‘Per Pedes’ city guide (tours available in English). Innsbruck Cards are available for a duration of 24, 48 or 72 hours.
Adresse: Burggraben 3, Innsbruck
Telefon: +4351253560
Åpningstider: 09.00 am - 05.00 pm

SKI plus CITY Pass

What makes the experience of winter in the skiing region of Innsbruck so enjoyable is the successful harmony of city and mountain. The fun of skiing meets city flair, shredding meets sightseeing, surfing through deep snow meets dancing through the streets. Since the 2019/2020 winter season, the SKI plus CITY Pass has made it possible to combine all these pleasures, and the pass includes 22 lifestyle, cultural and sightseeing offers as well as 3 swimming pools and 2 transport services. The SKI plus CITY Pass, which can be used and combined with great freedom, enables you to plan your stay in the Innsbruck region with complete flexibility. In the morning you can be skiing over perfectly groomed slopes, in the afternoon it’s après-ski with art, culture or shopping, and in the evening you can take a dip in a swimming pool to chill out and soothe those aching muscle. Or perhaps you’d prefer to start the day with a shopping trip and tackle the slopes in the afternoon? No problem! How and when you make use of the offers depends entirely on your own mood and preferences. And, best of all, thanks to the free ski bus system, it’s easy to get about from A to Z, from Altstadt to Zoo, and the Hop-on Hop-off Sightseer bus, also included in the pass, takes you from sight to sight. So what are you waiting for? Let's explore #myinnsbruck!
Adresse: Burggraben 3, Innsbruck
Telefon: +4351253560
Åpningstider: 09.00 am - 05.00 pm

Golden Roof

Simply stroll through the city centre and you learn a lot about the town’s history. Habsburg emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519), in particular, shaped the image of Innsbruck during its transition from medieval times to the Renaissance era. He made the city the centre of an empire that stretched from Spain to Burgundy and Hungary. It was under Maximilian’s reign that Innsbruck’s glittering landmark – the Golden Roof - was constructed.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 15
Telefon: +43 5125 360 1418

Bergisel Ski Jump

While the view down the splendid Maria-Theresien-Strasse towards the medieval old town is crowned by the majestic Nordkette mountain chain; the baroque Triumphal Arch is set off by the Bergisel ski jump, Innsbruck’s spectacular new icon designed by top architect Zaha Hadid.
Adresse: Bergisel 3

Hofburg Imperial Palace

Originally built in the 15th century, the sumptuous palace was redesigned several times until the 19th century. In 2010, following extensive renovation and refurbishment works, the former residence of the Habsburg rulers was returned to its original splendour. Now you can follow the traces of Empress Maria Theresia and Empress Elisabeth (‘Sisi’), as you stroll through the Hofburg’s spectacular state rooms and colourful private apartments.
Adresse: Rennweg 1

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, just 12 km east of Innsbruck, count among Austria’s most visited attractions. Created by the world renowned Tyrolean crystal manufacturer, this unique museum represents a glittering fantasy realm where top artists of international reputation reveal their personal crystalline fables, inviting fasci-nated visitors to immerse themselves in a mesmerizing world of wonders.
Adresse: Kristallweltenstraße 1, Wattens


At Hungerburg you can board the Nordkettenbahn cable car to continue up to Seegrube (1,905m) and Hafelekar (2,330m), Innsbruck’s popular recreational Nordkette area. Plenty of sunshine and heaps of snow in the winter make it a tempting paradise for skiers, hikers, mountain bikers, hang gliders and paragliders.
Adresse: Rennweg 3, Innsbruck

City Tower

Innsbruck’s gothic city tower was built in 1442-1450 as part of the former town hall, it rises 51 metres above the old town. Formerly used by watchmen on the lookout for enemies or fires, it now offers fabulous views of the entire historical city centre and beyond.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 21

Ambras Castle

It was above all Archduke Ferdinand II (1529–1595) who proved to be a significant patron of the arts by converting Ambras Castle into a splendid Renaissance residence for his wife Philippine Welser. Located on a hill to the south of Innsbruck, Schloss Ambras is still home to extensive collections of art and curiosities which rank until today among Europe’s most beautiful ‘curiosity chambers’.
Adresse: Schlossstraße 20

St. Anna's Column

The old city is enclosed by Marktgraben, Burggraben and Rennweg, marking the boundary along which the city wall once ran. The somewhat younger baroque and classical part of Innsbruck is located outside its perimeter. Here you find Maria-Theresien-Strasse with the Annasäule column at its centre, a statue that was erected as a token of gratitude for the victory of the Tyrolean people’s contingent over the Bavarian troupes in 1703.
Adresse: Maria Theresien Straße 18

Wilten Basilica

Wilten Abbey Basilica is the most beautiful Rococo church in Austria with a rich history. It is home to the famous Wilten Boys’ Choir. The historic church was restored in the mid-18th century and now offers festive gold, delicate colours and elegant stucco. It is open for visitors anytime.
Adresse: Haymongasse 6a

Cathedral of St. James

First mentioned im 1180 the St James Cathedral hosts the famous „Maria Hilf“ painting – a masterpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder, that is copied all around the world. Each day at noon the Innsbruck peace bells, with over 57 bells the largest in Austria, rings out. The cathedral’s large doors can be reached via a metallic ramp, which has a gradient of a bit more than 6 percent.
Adresse: Domplatz 6, Innsbruck

Helbling House

This original 15th century Gothic mansion is an outstanding example of bourgeois grandeur in the Old Town, in later years richly decorated with stuccos. The house is named for Sebastian Helbling, who operated a small Café in there in 1833. The historic structure was completely refurbished in the years 1979 and 1980.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 10, Innsbruck

Court Church

The court church is situated on the east side of the old town next to the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Habsburg emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519) planned an escort of life-size bronze figures, which were designed by prominent artists of his time. The twenty-eight so-called “Schwarze Mander“ (black men) were worked on by painter Albrecht Dürer as well as casters Stefan Godl, Peter Vischer and Peter Löffler, among others. The statues were not completed, however, until Maximilian’s grandson Ferdinand I took over and had this significant piece of Renaissance art displayed in Innsbruck’s Hofkirche.
Adresse: Universitätsstraße 2, Innsbruck

Triumphal Arch

The old city is enclosed by Marktgraben, Burggraben and Rennweg, marking the boundary along which the city wall once ran. The somewhat younger baroque and classical part of Innsbruck is located outside its perimeter. Here you find Triumphpforte – a triumphal arch built for the marriage of Archduke Leopold (son of Empress Maria Theresia) to Maria Ludovica of Spain in 1765.
Adresse: Maria Theresien Straße, Innsbruck

Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

Adjacent to the court church you will find the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum which since 1929 has accumulated a fascinating collection of every day objects of rural, urban and aristocratic life in former days, when the Trentino area and the Ladin valleys of the Dolomites were still part of the Tyrol. Following extensive refurbishments in 2009, the collections – which range among the most beautiful and impressive in the Alpine region – can be viewed in new splendour.
Adresse: Feldstraße 11a, Innsbruck


With its extensive permanent exhibition including paintings, townscapes, photographs and documents, the Stadtarchiv/Stadtmuseum, located at Badgasse, provides an insight into Innsbruck’s historical past. This museum is also venue for numerous events such as special exhibitions, literary readings and lectures.
Adresse: Badgasse 2, Innsbruck

Tirol Panorama

Opened in 2011, this museum is now home to the ‘Riesenrundgemälde’, one of the few remaining 19th century panoramic paintings. The giant canvas measuring 1,000m² depicts an idealized rendition of the fierce fighting that took place during the third Bergisel battle. In the same context, the Tirol Panorama addresses various historical aspects in connection with the giant panoramic painting and provides the link to the long-established Kaiserjägermuseum.
Adresse: Bergisel 1-2, Innsbruck

Alpine Zoo

Situated on a sun-drenched terrace above Innsbruck, Europe’s highest zoo (750 m) features a unique collection of over 2,000 animals of 150 species indigenous to the Alps. Including an aquarium, terrariums, a farm with endangered domestic breeds, walk-in enclosures, Europe's largest golden eagle aviary, bears, wolves, otters, a play park and much, much more, the zoo offers a memorable experience for young and old!
Adresse: Weiherburggasse 37, Innsbruck


One of the most attractive and exceptional culinary venues in town is Alfred Miller’s Schöneck – inn since 1899, a picturesque restaurant near the Innsbruck Weiherburg with an enchanting garden and great views. Schöneck has been one of Innsbruck's leading restaurants for many years now. The small, exquisite selection of dishes - you can compose your meal choosing from two set menus - is outstanding with regard to perfection and creativity, a harmonious blend of local and international cuisine.
Adresse: Weiherburggasse 6, Innsbruck


Centrally located within the former Gilmschule building, this stylish eatery with its almost intimate ambience is managed by Elisabeth Geisler and Irmgard Sitzwohl. Their inspired cuisine is marked by exquisite simplicity, an aromatic and refined blend of regional specialities and rich Mediterranean flavours, in short a perfect treat for all those in search of a quick lunch or planning a relaxed night out with friends.
Adresse: Stadtforum, Innsbruck

Das Schindler

Come here for stylish interior design and unique first floor views views onto bustling Maria Theresien Street, as well as the mouth-watering menu featuring exquisite Austri-an dishes with a refined touch - such as beef tartare topped with fried quail egg, crisp Wiener Schnitzel or linguine with black truffles.
Adresse: Maria-Theresien Str. 31, Innsbruck


Located on the top floor of the stylish Rathausgalerien town hall and shopping mall, it qualifies as one of Innsbruck’s most spectacular gourmet havens simply for its view. Here also the food is on a truly elevated level: Inspired by vast skies and metropoli-tan flair, the menu surprises with a visionary blend of Austrian cuisine, Mediterranean flair and Asian flavours. The adjacent 360° wine bar and lounge is under the same management - and a great place to sample fine wines while enjoying fabu-lous panoramic views of Innsbruck and the surrounding mountain scenery.

Wilder Mann

Wilder Mann in Lans keeps scoring top points for its authentic Tyrolean and Austrian cuisine prepared from locally sourced ingredients, many of them produced at the family farm. At this sophisticated country inn you can expect classic local treats such as ‘Tafelspitzsülzchen’ (prime boiled beef in aspic), ‘Kalbszüngerl’ (veal tongue), ‘Ter-laner Weinsuppe’ (beef broth with cinnamon croutons and wine) or ‘Tiroler Bauern-gröstl’, a rich, pan-fried potato dish.
Adresse: Römer Str. 212, Lans


Authentic regionality is a key at die Wilderin restaurant in Innsbruck’s historic Old Town. For manager Claudia Kogler and chef Alexander Reis and his team it is essential to know exactly where ingredients are produced and by whom. This concept is clearly reflected in the menu, where you find modern interpretations of classic Austri-an treats including tender boiled rump of ‘Tyrolean Grey’ beef and succulent roasted duck or a delicious dessert prepared with raw milk joghurt and gingerbread.
Adresse: Seilergasse 5, Innsbruck


Stylish and minimalistic in appearance, the restaurant and its inviting bar section are a popular meeting point for local foodies in appreciation of an inspired culinary ap-proach. Here you find a delicious mix of traditional local treats and international cui-sine - ranging from ‘Tiroler Beuscherl’ (ragout of veal lights) to turbot in champagne sauce or grilled coquilles St. Jacques on a leafy sesame salad.
Adresse: Riesengasse 11-13, Innsbruck

Café Sacher

A glance at the menu – featuring rich Viennese soup, authentic Wienerschnitzel or fried chicken alongside hearty Tyrolean Gröstl with potatoes and meat – takes diners back to the culinary pleasures of the Habsburg era. Original Sachertorte is of course the dessert of choice, and during the summer months you can enjoy these classical delicacies in an intimate outdoor setting at the inner courtyard of Innsbruck’s Imperial Palace. An exquisite range of carefully selected wines complements the traditional culinary treats, lovingly prepared with predominantly locally sourced ingredients.
Adresse: Rennweg 1, Innsbruck


At the stunning Sensei sushi bar you get to explore the culinary realms of faraway lands. Located in Maria Theresien Street, it fascinates at first sight with its outstand-ing interior design reminding of a shiny, black lacquer jewellery box. The stylish set-ting is matched by excellent food that goes beyond the usual offer of raw tuna and rice. Here you are treated to skilfully prepared Asian seafood and fish, exquisitely flavoured dim sums and top quality meat dishes.
Adresse: Maria-Theresien-Straße 11, Innsbruck

Die Mühle

Located to the south of town lies Mutters, home to rustic country restaurant Die Mühle, where top-rated chef Tamar Kacer is rattling the pots and pans after perfecting his trade with renowned culinary masters to the likes of Alfred Miller and Johann Lafer. The tempting selection of expertly prepared dishes includes various tantalizing delight for the palate, including charcoal grilled Wagyu rib-eye steak.
Adresse: Gewerbepark Mutters, Gärberbach 2, Mutters

Café Central

The Café Central - featuring high stucco-covered ceilings, glittering crystal chande-liers and a varied selection of newspapers and magazines - came into existence in 1875 and closely resembles the Viennese literary coffeehouse of the same name. With its unmistakable belle époque charm, the Central features in coffeehouse con-noisseur Adonis Malamos’ illustrated book ‘Europe’s most beautiful Cafés’, and has been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list as a fine example of au-thentic Austrian coffeehouse culture.
Adresse: Gilmstrasse 5, 6020 Innsbruck

Café Sacher

The Café Sacher presents itself in elegant tones of gold and red, following the tradi-tion of the legendary Hotel Sacher in Vienna. Both cafes have inviting outside seating areas and serve excellent food. The Sacher is particularly notable for its classic menu items – including Tafelspitz (boiled beef) and various other Viennese delicacies – that take you back to the eating pleasures of Imperial times. This is also the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth with original Sachertorte which, nicely packaged, also makes a wonderful culinary souvenir.
Adresse: Rennweg 1, 6020 Innsbruck

Café Munding

The Café Munding presents itself from its traditional side: Ever since 1803, the oldest cake shop in town has been preparing exquisite gateauxs, cakes and pastries. The Munding family was first in the region to serve ice-cream, and to display a decorated Christmas tree in their shop window. A delicious assortment of souvenir confectionary makes for sweet memories of the Tyrol.
Adresse: Kiebachgasse 16, 6020 Innsbruck

Café Katzung

A coffeehouse already since the 18th century, the nearby Café Katzung delights today with a successful mix of daytime café with street-side tables. In the evening the Katzung converts into a hip meeting place for the in-crowd. Here breakfast is served until mid-night, while delicious cakes, ice-creams and tasty snacks are available at all times.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 16, 6020 Innsbruck

Konditorei Café Walter

A real insider’s tip awaits all those who just can’t resist sweet temptations in Pradl, a residential area of town. At Konditorei Café Walter in Pradlerstrasse, local cake lovers regularly queue up on weekends in order to take home apple strudel and buckwheat cake, sumptuous Valrhona chocolate gateau and heavenly Kardinalschnitte slices. All these treats and more can also be sampled right there, as there’s a café on the same premises.
Adresse: Pradler Str. 25, 6020 Innsbruck

Café Konditorei Valier

For the most extraordinary cake creations in town you should head for Café Konditorei Valier with its verdant little patio garden. Located in the borough of Wilten it boasts a long tradition in producing sweet temptations that look as exquisite as they taste - a true gourmet’s delight!
Adresse: Maximilianstrasse 27, 6020 Innsbruck

Konditorei Valier the Café im Hof - Palais Trapp

Konditorei Valier the Café im Hof - Palais Trapp beckon with tranquil courtyard seating areas. Located just off Maria Theresien Street, in the very centre of town, this is an ideal place to meet for lunch, take a shopping break – or just relax and enjoy the pleasant ambience created by a blend of baroque and modern architecture.
Adresse: Maria-Theresienstraße 38, A-6020 Innsbruck


To explore beer culture from other countries we recommend the bustling Stiftskeller, managed by the Munich-based Augustinerbräu and featuring a spacious beer garden.
Adresse: Stiftsgasse 1-7, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 0512 570706

The Galway Bay

For authentic Irish pub atmosphere try The Galway Bay a popular meeting place to watch live sports programmes.
Adresse: Kaiserjägerstraße 4, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 251541


Just a few minutes walking distance from the Old Town you find Ebi’s a small American bar located on Adolf Pichler Square which boasts a vast selection of wines and cocktails.
Adresse: Adolf-Pichler-Platz 4, 6020 Innsbruck

5th Floor

The sophisticated 5th Floor American bar is a part of the stylish ‘The Penz’ hotel and it offers spectacular vistas from a generous rooftop terrace.
Adresse: Adolf-Pichler-Platz 3, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 5756570


When the Rathausgalerien town hall and shopping mall opened in 2002, the city's administrative centre had undergone an exciting face-lift. As you stroll into Rathausgalerien through the main entrance on Maria Theresien Street, you find a stylish mall with an exciting array of shops featuring sophisticated women’s and men’s wear, cool garb for young fashionistas, shoes, jewellery and sports clothes alongside hip home accessories and quirky gift ideas. There is also a Müller store that stocks pretty much everything, from stationery goods to cosmetics. You’ll also be tempted to take a culinary break at one of the inviting street-level bars and restaurants.
Adresse: Maria-Theresien-Straße 18, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 574861

Kaufhaus Tyrol

Right on the opposite side of the street beckons the elegant Kaufhaus Tyrol, another inner-city shopper’s dream come true. The building owes its striking exterior design as well as its exclusive, clear-cut interior appearance to a team of architects working with David Chipperfield. Covering a surface of more than 30,000m², this singular retail experience is enhanced by luminous daylight channelled in through the mall’s glass roof and large windows. Rising up from the bustling atrium in the centre of the building are airy, oval walkways that invite you to browse, explore and shop to your heart’s content. Although, it may not be that easy to take your pick, as shops stock fabulously fashionable men’s, women’s and children’s wear with prestigious brand names and exclusive cosmetics, alongside an exciting array of fashion accessories and beautiful things for your home.
Adresse: Maria-Theresien-Straße 31, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 901 115


When it opened its doors back in 1990, ‘Sillpark’ was the first modern shopping mall in the centre of town. Conveniently located near Innsbruck’s main railway station, the wonderfully spacious, three-level complex saw large-scale extension works in 2007. Today it scores with an impressive array of international fashion outlets such as Primark, as well as jewellery shops, cosmetics retailers and, of course, ample seating space to relax and refresh. Another highlight are the delicious regional specialities on offer at the popular farmer’s market which takes place regularly in the main entrance hall.
Adresse: Museumstraße 38, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 567400


It was the first, and still is the largest of its kind: Innsbruck’s time-honoured dez shopping centre was the first mall in all of Austria when it opened its doors in 1970. Go there and ‘shop till you drop’, or simply browse the array of stores on offer and watch the world go by over a frothy cup of coffee. On a sprawling retail floor space of 24,800 m² there’s absolutely everything you could wish for - including fashion apparel for all the family, trendy gear for teenagers as well as accessories such as shoes, jewellery, bags …In addition to the dez main complex, the surrounding grounds have turned into a vast, one-stop shopping haven featuring a multitude of different stores, among them Swedish furniture giant Ikea.
Adresse: Amraser-See-Straße 56a, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 3250

Shopping center west

The west of the city also makes shopping hearts beat faster: the "west" shopping centre with its open and glass-friendly architecture is not only a great place to stroll and stroll, but also for learning and further education - because the building houses a school as well as a colourful variety of shops. Openness is therefore not only expressed architecturally, but also realised as a place of encounter. Those who want to treat themselves to culinary delights in between can draw from a varied range of international cuisine. Thanks to the excellent public transport connections, there is no need for a car, as the IVB tram lines 2 and 5 stop directly in front of the shopping centre.
Adresse: Höttinger Au 73, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 90600

Fink’s woman

Fink’s woman awaits you with three storeys of exquisite ladies fashion. The shop’s sumptuous interior, both Baroque and contemporary in design, creates a relaxed atmosphere and showcases the exquisite merchandise to perfection.
Adresse: Maria-Theresien-Straße 24, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 572377

Fink’s man

The male equivalent of Fink’s woman – Fink’s man awaits you at the nearby Rathausgalerien shopping arcade.
Adresse: RathausGalerien, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 581458


Petera just like its sister store Theresa on Sparkassenplatz square, stock the latest fashion trends by top designers such as Victoria Beckham Denim, Save the Queen, or Velvet. Another time-honoured household name on the local fashion front is Zelger ladies fashion on Innsbruck’s bustling Maria Theresien Street. Besides featuring major glamourous designer labels, Zelger is also a first port of call for exclusive evening wear. The new Hugo Boss store in Maria Theresien Street has brought to town an extensive selection of stylish, sophisticated and elegant ladies and men’s clothing items.
Adresse: Maria-Theresien-Straße 18 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 48 60-17


Joseph and Anna belonging to Einwaller form part of Innsbruck’s classy, fashion-forward Einwaller boutiques. Located in the historic Old Town, these popular trend hotspots specialize in stylish and exclusive clothing. They impress with medieval ambiance (at Anna’s), in combination with renowned international brand names and unusual pieces by edgy avant-garde designers.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 38, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 585867

Swarovski Flagshipstore

As you continue strolling along the vaulted arcades of Herzog Friedrich Street, you’ll be dazzled by the sparkle and shine emanating from the stunning Swarovski Flagshipstore. Step inside into a wonderful world of elegant crystal jewellery, figurines, designer home accessories and rare objets d’art in unmistakable Swarovski style.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 39, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 573 100


Another fine spot to shop for exclusive ladies’ clothes is Dantendorfer located in a splendid old townhouse tucked away in Innsbruck’s Old Town. Here you find a fascinating mix of big fashion labels and styles, from all-time classics to avant-garde design and matching accessories.
Adresse: Kiebachgasse 15, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 57 61 82

van Laack

Riesengasse is also home to van Laack, a specialist shop for exclusive ladies blouses and men’s shirts that can also be made to measure.
Adresse: Riesengasse 1, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 53 28

Schmitt & Lair

Among the shops dedicated exclusively to high-quality men’s fashion we would like to recommend Schmitt & Lair, in Anich Street, a renowned gentlemen’s outfitters offering a unique blend of tradition, excellent service and vast choice of garments by today’s top fashion designers.
Adresse: Anichstr. 4, 6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 84 04


With exciting mountain adventures beckoning all-year round at the very doorstep of town, there’s definitely no better place than the ‘Capital of the Alps’ to look around for the latest trends in men and women’s mountain fashion and outdoor apparel. A high- end shopping experience awaits outdoor enthusiasts at the stylish Einwaller stores Sportsmann.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 37, A-6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 585867 21

Sportsfrau von Einwaller

With exciting mountain adventures beckoning all-year round at the very doorstep of town, there’s definitely no better place than the ‘Capital of the Alps’ to look around for the latest trends in men and women’s mountain fashion and outdoor apparel. Sportsfrau von Einwaller with a striking array of elegant and functional outer wear by leading brands such as Moncler, A.M. Aeronautica or Prada Linea Rossa.
Adresse: Burggraben 1 A-6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 585867 23

Bogner Flagship Store

In line with its motto of ‘modern Alpine luxury’, the smart Bogner Flagship Store in Maria Theresien Street offers exquisite outdoor and sports fashion with the unmistakable signature of this trusted lifestyle brand.
Adresse: Maria-Theresienstraße 12-14, AT-6020 Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 05123 59 011 11

Christkindlmarkt in Innsbruck's medieval Old Town

The traditional Christkindlmarkt in Innsbruck’s medieval Old Town enjoys one of the most striking and romantic locations in the entire Alpine region. From November until January, a colourful cornucopia of traditional Christmas ornaments, Tyrolean handicrafts, candles and typical Christmas pastries will be on sale from the lovingly adorned stalls at the foot of a huge, shimmering Christmas tree. The historical Old Town then becomes the perfect spot for getting together with friends, and enjoy the festive ambiance and performances beneath the Golden Roof over a steaming mug of mulled wine and ‘Kiachln’ (piping hot doughnuts, laced with Sauerkraut or jam. Every day, spectators gather around a theatre wagon to listen to magical fairy tales and enchanting tunes, while a wonderland of tales and legends with life-sized images of giants, princesses and mythical creatures comes alive in nearby side alleys.

Christkindlmarkt Bergiselschanze

When the Emperor's Christmas opens its doors on Advent weekends, it lives up to its name: at this atmospheric Advent market on Innsbruck's famous Bergisel, tradition and origin are the main focus. The Bergisel hosts are particularly proud of the finest Tyrolean craftsmanship and high-quality regional products. A little away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, you can peer at the sparkling lights of the city in a contemplative atmosphere and breathe in the slowdown.
Adresse: Bergiselweg 2
Telefon: +43 650 6806700

Maria Theresien Street

From November until January, also Innsbruck’s splendid Maria Theresien Street turns into a vibrant pre-Christmas zone lined with lively market stalls illuminated by glistening crystal trees and crowned by a giant rock crystal. Here locals and visitors from all across the globe get into a festive mood with mellow jazz tunes and culinary treats.
Adresse: Maria Theresien Straße

Innsbruck Marktplatz

Just a few steps away a little Yuletide paradise awaits children as well as grown-ups at the Innsbruck Marktplatz by the Inn River. From November until December, Punch and Judy and storytellers, as well as a host of other attractions including an adorable nostalgic merry-go-round do their best to help little market-goers shorten the wait until Christmas Eve. At the centre of this picture-perfect setting rises a dazzling, 15-m tall Swarovski Christmas Tree, a truly unique example of crystal craftsmanship adorned with more than 170,000 sparkling crystals illuminated by energy-efficient LEDs. This year, Swarovski has commissioned design artist Michael Hammer with a truly special ’top of the tree’ ornament: Similar to the one that has crowned the Christmas tree at the New York Rockefeller Centre in 2004, the artist will be crafting the giant star exclu-sively from exquisite Swarovski crystals.
Adresse: Marktplatz

Panorama Christkindlmarkt Hungerburg

The Panorama Christkindlmarkt at Hungerburg represents yet another popular pre-festive meeting point. Due to its elevated location just above Innsbruck, it offers fabulous views and an exceptional romantic ambiance as from November until December the crisp winter air mingles with the delicious aromas of Advent. Getting there on the Hungerburg funicular is quite a fascinating experience in itself: starting at the very centre of town, it whisks you up to Innsbruck’s decidedly most scenic Christmas market in less than ten minutes.

Wiltener Platzl

Christmas magic awaits you also at nearby Wiltener Platzl, a mere five minute stroll away from glittering Maria Theresien Street. Framed by historic town houses, the market stalls dotted around the friendly square surprise visitors with cultural variety, regional culinary treats and distinctive boho flair from November until December.
Adresse: Wiltener Platzl

St. Nikolaus

The small market in Innsbruck's oldest district, St. Nikolaus, is located on the north side of the river Inn and can be reached in a few minutes' walk from the Löwenhaus station of the Hungerburgbahn. Away from the tourist streams, the market is traditionally a place of contemplation. Atmospheric music, homemade biscuits and a quiet, homely atmosphere against the backdrop of the colourful houses along the Inn are the hallmarks of this Christmas market. If you prefer sports, you can walk down the valley on foot instead of the Hungerburgbahn. Provided that you wear good shoes, you can walk past the Alpine Zoo to the Christmas market in St. Nikolaus in about 1 hour.
Adresse: St. Nikolaus

Hotel Maximilian Stadthaus Penz

Hotel Maximilian Stadthaus Penz is located in the heart of Innsbruck’s old town, next to the pedestrian zone. It offers free Wi-Fi access in the business centre. The bar on the 5th floor offers views over the roofs of Innsbruck. All important sights can be reached in a few minutes‘ walk. A bus stop is directly opposite Hotel Maximilian.
Adresse: Marktgraben 7-9, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 59967

Best Western Plus Hotel Goldener Adler

Historic, top-ranking hotel, at the heart of the Innsbruck old town. Building dates back to the 14th century. Every conceivable comfort catered for. The hotel has 31 rooms and suites, plus family rooms, each with en suite bath/shower and WC, telephone, Pay TV, room safe, hairdryer. Ski storage room. Elegant restaurant with highly regarded cuisine. Generous buffet breakfast and 3-course dinner with a selection of dishes. Ski bus and public car park nearby.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 6, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 57 11 11

Nala individuellhotel

No centrally-located hotel in Innsbruck can boast of a quieter neighborhood than ours – NALA is situated in the cozy Wilten district. The little-traveled Müllerstraße adjoins the hotel on the north side. Facing south, one hears only the fountain in the park, birds chirping, and one´s own thoughts.
Adresse: Müllerstraße 15, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 44 44

Hotel Innsbruck

The enchanting Hotel Innsbruck sits on the banks of the River Inn, right in the heart of the old town. The hotel offers 116 stylish rooms and suites, an indoor pool plus 2 spa areas (free entry). The panoramic spa area (nude) above the roofs of Innsbruck awaits you with panoramic windows. Exclusivity and tradition give the hotel a special ambience.
Adresse: Innrain 3, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 59 868

Hotel Kapeller

Re-opened in 2012, you are welcomed with the highest comfort and best equipped rooms. Best place for a comfortable stay. Ten minutes away from the city centre.
Adresse: Philippine-Welser-Straße 96, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 34 44 45

The Penz Hotel

No matter if it is business, sport or sightseeing that brings you to Innsbruck: How successful your day becomes will depend on how well you slept the night before. That is why The PENZ offers the perfect wholesome ambience for relaxed regeneration, for quiet refreshing sleep, but also for concentrated work in its 96 rooms. Is it luxury to have air-conditioning, a mini-bar, telephone connections, radio, satellite TV, internet access, windows that can be opened yourself, and a safe for your valuables with enough room for your notebook computer?
Adresse: Adolf-Pichler-Platz 3, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 57 56 57

aDLERS Hotel Innsbruck

Premium Tyrolean Materials Meet Trendy, Urban Design – an innovative and unique combination. This connects the town with the impressive mountains surrounding Innsbruck. Enjoy the breath-taking view from our 75 uniquely designed rooms and suites.
Adresse: Bruneckerstraße 1, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 56 31 00

Hotel Weisses Kreuz

Our family-owned 3-star hotel is situated in the very heart of Innsbruck´s historic centre. The most important sights, like the Golden Roof, are within easy walking distance, so are shopping and congress centres. Equally convenient is the hotel´s location for those wishing to go on hiking or walking tours in the impressive mountains surrounding Innsbruck.
Adresse: Herzog Friedrich Straße 31, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 59 479

Basic Hotel:Innsbruck

This modern city hotel occupies a completely renovated building in the heart of Innsbruck, just one minute from the Golden Roof. Free Wi-Fi is available. Basic Hotel:Innsbruck’s guest and bath rooms are totally renovated and feature cable flat TV, a work desk, hairdryer and are bookable up to 4 pers. The Congress and Exhibition Centre, the University of Innsbruck, and the shopping galleries are only a few steps away. The Inn Valley Bicycle Trail leads right by Basic Hotel:Innsbruck.
Adresse: Innrain 16 , AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 63 85

Austria Trend Hotel Congress Innsbruck

Enjoy a break amidst the inspiringly creative landscape at the foot of the magnificent Tyrolean mountains, teamed with exclusive comfort and warm Tyrolean hospitality - just what you need for a great skiing holiday. And why not relax in style at the Austria Trend Hotel Congress, situated in a top location, just 5 minutes' walk from Innsbruck’s old town. This superior class hotel provides 104 fully air-conditioned double rooms with internet access throughout, room service, in-house restaurant, lobby bar, spa facility with gym and underground parking. High above the roofs of Innsbruck, our 2 exclusive suites, with spacious roof terraces, present you with a 360° panoramic view.
Adresse: Rennweg 12 a, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 21 15

Ramada Innsbruck Tivoli

In the heart of Tyrol and surrounded by impressive mountain scenery the 3*** Hotel RAMADA Innsbruck Tivoli is perfectly located directly opposite Olympia World. As one of Innsbruck’s tallest buildings it stands out due to its impressive architecture. The facilities include a breakfast restaurant a Bistro Bar, Sauna and Fitness area as well as a business corner. The 159 modernly-furnished rooms located on 10 floors meet the demands of both business guests and individual travellers.
Adresse: Olympiastraße 41, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 89 04 04

Weinhaus Happ

You want to spend your holidays or the weekend in Tirol to enjoy the tirolian and international cuisine together with a drop of good stuff? You want to use our extensive leisure amenities? If so, you are very welcome to book one of our 11 rooms online or by phone: eight rooms with a great view to the “Goldenes Dachl”, two large ones with an oriel and one with a balcony.
Adresse: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 14, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 29 80

Hotel Weisses Rössl

The Weisses Rössl offers spacious, newly renovated rooms in a historic building with a restaurant in the heart of Innsbruck’s old town. Internet access is available free of charge. The old-established restaurant with its 600 years of history serves traditional Tyrolean specialities and seasonal cuisine. It features the only restaurant terrace in the old town. The Golden Roof, the cathedral, and the shopping streets are only a few steps away from the Weisses Rössl, which is located in a quiet pedestrian zone.
Adresse: Kiebachgasse 8, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 30 57

Hotel Ibis am Hauptbahnhof

Hotel IBIS - centrally located hotel in front of the railway station Innsbruck, only 500 m from "Triumphpforte", 5 minutes walking distance to the ancient part of the city - a perfect place to stay for both, business and leisure journeys in the heart of the Alps! Breakfast is not included.
Adresse: Sterzinger Straße 1, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 57 03 00

Penz Hotel West

After extensive refurbishments, the Sporthotel Penz has been awarded a new name to match its impressive new look. With 40 new superior class rooms and 2 suites, the Penz Hotel West has extended its range of accommodation to now also cater for the discerning visitor, with elegant designs and exquisite fabrics and furnishings. Superior rooms feature wooden parquet flooring, marble bathroom, flat screen TV, room safe, minibar and air conditioning. Relax and recharge your batteries in the new sauna spa with Finnish sauna, steam room, infrared cabin and gym. In-house restaurant with wonderful views of the mountains, free parking.
Adresse: Fürstenweg 183, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 22 514

Hotel Leipziger Hof

The ”Leipziger Hof” in Innsbruck is since generations owned by the same family and impresses with its location directly opposite the City Park, 15-minutes walk from the historical old town. Consequent rectification and well-considered renovations make the Leipziger Hof what it is today: a quality 4-star hotel with all modern comforts expected by the discerning city traveller. The hotel offers 55 rooms, some of them can be booked with connecting doors as family suites. All rooms have been modernized. Longstay Apartments are also available.
Adresse: Defreggerstraße 13, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 34 35 25

Cityhotel Schwarzer Bär

Only a few steps away from the historic centre of Innsbruck, this traditional, family-run hotel is right next to the Inn Bridge, the gateway to the old town. Cityhotel Schwarzer Bär Innsbruck offers modern and cosy rooms with free Wi-Fi access. Hotel Schwarzer Bär offers views of the old town and the Inn River, surrounded by the breathtaking panorama of the Tyrolean Alps. The restaurant Bärenstüberl serves Tyrolean and international cuisine, homemade noodles, and fine wines.
Adresse: Mariahilfstraße 16, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 29 49 00

Hotel Schwarzer Adler

Lifestyle - love - laughter. True happiness means an ability to live life to the full, to feel love and also to laugh. Our hope is that each guest enjoys a pleasurable and memorable stay with us - a break which brings tears of laughter to their eyes, leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from the vitality at our hotel and which awakens in them the emotions and longing that allows us to understand love. Relax in the romantic atmosphere of our hotel and let us treat you to the "triple L" experience, right in the centre of Innsbruck, at the heart of our Tyrolean mountains. Tantalize your senses and take time off for life, laughter and love.
Adresse: Kaiserjägerstraße 2, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 58 71 09

Hotel Mondschein

The traditional Hotel Mondschein is set in a central location beside the river Inn, just across the bridge from the Old Town along one of Innsbruck’s famed rows of coloured houses. The Inn Valley Bicycle Trail leads right past the hotel, Innsbruck Main Train Station can be reached on foot in 20 minutes and the Golden Roof is just a 3-minute walk away.
Adresse: Mariahilf 6, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 22 784

Kasperhof Appartments Innsbruck

The location of our apartments provide the unique experience of a holiday in the Alps combined with all the benefits of the Olympic city of Innsbruck. Spend your holiday in close proximity to the Tyrolean capital. In just one minute you reach the bus stop and after a ride of only a few minutes, you will find yourself right in the center of Innsbruck, which offers cultural treasures such as the famous Golden Roof, the Imperial Palace or the Bergisel ski-jump stadium and endless opportunities for an extended shopping tour in Innsbruck's Old Town or one of the nearby shopping centers.
Adresse: Schneeburggasse 134, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 664 31 68 277

Riedz Apartments

Riedz Apartments is a home away from home in Innsbruck/Austria, a scenic little city in the heart of Tirol. Only a few minutes’ walk to the city centre and surrounded by the beautiful Alps, it is a great place to spend your holidays, both in summer and winter. We would love to welcome you in one of our lovely, fully equipped apartments!
Adresse: Riedgasse 3, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 512 93 57 18

Chalet Inn+

The Chalet is located in one of the finest areas of Innsbruck. The city-center is reachable with the metro or bus within 8 min. The cable-car to the mountain is 100m from the house. The house has 5 slepping-rooms, living-rooms, 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms, entree, parking, garden. The house is fully equipped and offers high standard.
Adresse: Hungerburgweg 23, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 664 91 63 850


The "Appartement am Inn" suitable for 1-6 persons (80 m") is located next to the river Inn on the first floor of a listed building near the city centre of Innsbruck. The newly renovated apartment offers all amenities of a modern city apartment and even though the busy city centre is right around the corner, it is located in a quiet neighbourhood. Sights, shopping centres, bars and restaurants are just a stone's throw away.
Adresse: Mariahilfstraße 22, AT-6020, Innsbruck
Telefon: +43 699 17 70 17 00

Ferienparadies Natterer See

The Natterer See holiday centre offers comfortable types of accommodation. The guesthouse and apartments are part of the holiday centre. Our leisure facilities and all the other services, including the excursions and entertainment programme, are open to all guests. In the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, surrounded by blossoming nature, only 7 km south-west of Innsbruck – lies the international and campsite 'Ferienparadies Natterer See' situated on a plateau 830m above sea level, 2.5 km from the quiet and idyllic village of Natters. The countryside surrounding the Natterer See is the perfect spot to relax, to get close to nature and to spend some quality time with family and friends. Great for swimming, playing, exploring and getting together. The camping pitches are spread across terraces, can be connected to electricity, telephone and if requested, satellite TV, drainage and water. Other facilities include superbly-maintained toilet blocks with single washing cabins, baby baths,laundry facilities with washing machines and dryers, barrier-free toilets, kiosk, self-service mini-market, TOPI KidsClub, youth club, mountain-bike corner, playground for younger and older children, rooms for dancing, disco-, music- and games- evenings, guesthouse with comfortable rooms and apartments, luxury tents and caravans for hire…
Adresse: Natterer See 1, AT-6161, Natters
Telefon: +43512546732