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Rzeszów is the largest city of south-eastern Poland, the capital of Podkarpackie Province and the centre of the Rzeszow Metropolitan Area. The seat of local government and province authorities, governmental and judicial institutions. It constitutes the economic, academic, cultural and recreational centre of south-eastern Poland. It serves as an important centre for aerospace, IT, chemical, commercial, construction and service industries.

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Galeria Rzeszow

Another centrally located and modern shopping centre, Galeria Rzeszow offers all the services and amenities one would expect, including tons of shops, including fashion, accessories, home ware, electronics and more, as well as places to eat and relax.
Adresse: Pilsudskiego 44, Rzeszow
Telefon: +48 17 777 10 00
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-8pm

Millenium Hall

Find more great shopping opportunities at Millenium Hall, a large shopping mall that showcases all the usual fashion shops, fast food restaurants, electronics outlets, and much more.
Adresse: Kopisto 1, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 770 07 00
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-9pm


Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (RZE) is located about 10 kilometres from the city centre. The city's public transportation system (run by MPK) has connections to the airport via bus lines 51 and L. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, and tickets can be bought directly from the driver or ticketmachines located in some buses or at the bus stops: (,Biletomaty-stacjonarne-w-Rzeszowie.jpg) Taxis are always available in front of the terminal, and the trip to the city should take about 15-20 minutes.
Adresse: Jasionka 942, 36-002 Jasionka
Telefon: +48 178 520 081 / +48 177 178 611

Public transport

The centre of Rzeszow can easily be explored on foot. You can also rent a bike from one of the bike stands, since the city has a pretty well developed bike path system. There are regular bus services operating to the newer part of town and the suburbs. Tickets can be bought for single use, one hour or a full day at machines or directly from the driver. Please note that these are regular fares and that the buses have specific rules regarding time limit and bus zones. Line 0 does a loop of the city passing all the major landmarks. The bus departs and terminates at the railway station. RZESZOW CITY TRANSPORT
Telefon: +48 178 660 400


Taxis are great alternatives for short journeys around town as they are extremely cheap. Make sure you choose a taxi company with a TAXI-sign, license and registration numbers. TAXI CORPORATIONS Euro Taxi – 196 26 Idea Cars Taxi – 197 77 iTaxi – 737 737 737 Radio Taxi – 191 91 RES taxi – 196 66 Super Radio Taxi – 196 22 Taxi Rzeszow Van for 6 people – 600 236 937 Taxi-Bus – +48 17 221 93 94 Taxi (luggage) – +48 17 853 47 77 TAXI STANDS pl. Dworcowy pl. Farny al. Piłsudskiego (Voivodship Offi ce) pl. Wolności ul. Targowa ul. Naruszewicza (Specialist Hospital) ul. Lisa Kuli ul. Hetmańska (43) ul. Dąbrowskiego (Insti tute of Music) ul. Langiewicza / ul. W. Stwosza ul. Bohaterów al. Witosa / ul. Lewakowskiego ul. Dukielska ul. Marszałkowska ul. Warszawska ul. Krakowska (2) ul. Krakowska (12a) ul. Okulickiego (9) ul. Ofi ar Katynia ul. Podwisłocze (40) ul. Cicha al. Rejtana / ul. Paderewskiego al. Niepodległości / ul. Miodowa ul. Lwowska (Provincial Clinical Hospital No. 2) ul. Cienista ul. M. Kopernika (luggage)


There are many post offices throughout the city. For sending postcards or letters you should look for the “Poczta”. Rzeszów Regional Post Office:
Adresse: Ul. Asnyka 9, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 178 533 675


If you are looking for a pharmacy in Rzeszow you should look for the "Apteka". There are many pharmacies located around town. Hipokrates Apteka:
Adresse: Adama Asnyka 2, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 853 30 53
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 7:30am-7pm, Sat 9am-3pm


Country Code: +48 Area Code: 17


220 V, 50 Hz European plug

Kula - Bowling & Club

12 bowling lanes 6 billiard tables Dancefloor Integration Events Company Meetings
Adresse: Krakowska Street 20, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 502 810 487/ +48 17 717 90 60

Trampoline Park "Happy Jump"

Experience incredible lightness when jumping from one trampoline to another and soft landing in a pool filled with 5 500 foam cubes !! Great fun for kids, adolescents and adults - no age restrictions !! Relieve stress, feel light and most importantly JUMP FOR HEALTH !! We invite you to try free jumping and to organized activities - Jumping Fitness, Acrobatics, Jumping PE, Birthday parties.
Adresse: Torowa St. 2, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 698 739 228
Åpningstider: open 10:00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Share Lock “Escape the room”

Share Lock is the first in Rzeszow “Escape the room” game. This is a great fun and an alternative to traditional forms of entertainment. Together with a group of companions you are closed in the room. You have 45 minutes to get out . You have to rush...Solve a puzzle, find clues and connect elements of all to find way out.
Adresse: Józef Piłsudski Alley 15, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 510 655 432, +48 782 645 739

Bajka Disco Club

WEEKEND HERE STARTS ON THURSDAY Discover the hottest spot on the party map of Rzeszów. Two levels, three dance floors, one exclusive VIP room. The power of fun? Unlimited! From Thursday till Saturday 900 m2 dance floor is buzzing with music from the floor to ceiling.
Adresse: ul. Piłsudskiego, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 30 638 577

Przystań Cafe

Coffe shop Water equipment rental
Adresse: ul. Leśna 1F, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 733 610 433

Mini Golf Rzeszów

Attraction for children Parties Summer Cinema Barbecues
Adresse: ul. Leśna 1, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 791 966 169

Rickshaw Ride

Basic tourist services: rides on the streets of a beautiful, innovative city from a different perspective, comfortable rides and direct drive to the customer in the entire city. Pay form: Cash, Card, Mobile phone
Adresse: Rynek, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 607 111 294.

City Public Transport

TICKETS - TRAVEL - CHECKING - If you do not want to have problems, buy a ti cket and travel peacefully. - Remember to validate the paper ti cket right aft er entering a bus. - If you are travelling without a valid ti cket - you can meet the ti cket controller. The mandate costs PLN 210.00 if you pay later or PLN 147.00 on site GOOD TO KNOW: - Children up to 4 years old travel free of charge. - Tickets not punched are invalid. - Transportati on of luggage, bicycles and animals is free of charge. TICKET PRICES FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF RZESZOW Ideal for exploring Rzeszow - 24 hour ti cket - you validate it once and use public transport for 24 hours. - Regular - 12.00 PLN - Student - 6.00 PLN - Reduced - 7.20 PLN A short tour of Rzeszow with a 60-minute ti cket - you validate it once and use public transport for 60 minutes. - Regular - 4.80 PLN - Student - 2.40 PLN - Reduced price - 2.80 PLN Fast travel with 1-way ti cket - you validate it once and you get off - ti cket is no longer valid (throw away). - Regular - 3.60 PLN - Student - 1.80 PLN - Reduced - 2.10 PLN If you visit the city by yourself - buy a 5-day ticket - you buy in POP or as a Rzeszow City Card, you specify 5 consecutive days and you use in this period at any bus line. - Regular - 26.00 PLN - Student - 13.00 PLN - Reduced - 16,00 PLN

Rzeszów - Jasionka International Airport

is an international airport located in southeastern Poland, in Jasionka, a village 10 km (6.2 mi) from the center of the city of Rzeszów. It is the seventh-busiest airport in Poland. Rzeszów - Jasionka Air Port destinations: Warsaw, New York, Tel Awiw, Athens, Korfu, Burgas, Munich, Dublin, Bristol, Luton, Manchester, Glasgow
Adresse: Jasionka 942, 36-002 Jasionka
Telefon: +48 17 852 00 81, +48 17 717 86 11


In Rzeszow in 2016, a paid parking zone was introduced. Fees for parking vehicles on public roads in the Zone are collected on weekdays, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. It is divided into two subzones as in the map of the photo: I „BLUE” the fi rst hour of parking 2,00 PLN, the second hour 2,40 PLN, the third hour 2,80 PLN, the fourth hour and each subsequent hour 2,00 PLN II „ORANGE” every hour of parking costs 1,50 PLN
Adresse: City Centre


Created in 2016 as part of the Urban Space Festival. Its author is Arkadiusz Andrejkow. The mural is located on a building at 8 Hoffmanowa St.
Adresse: ul. Hoffmanowej 8, Rzeszów


The “Moose” bomber, or more precisely its technical drawing, adorns the wall of the tenement house at Grunwaldzka St. (from Sobieskiego St.). The bomber used to be produced by plants operating within the Central Industrial District (page 14 ). The components of the engines for this aircraft were made at the PZL Rzeszow Aircraft Engine Factory No. 2 (now Pratt & Whitney). The mural’s creators were artists from the Fresh Vision Studio agency.
Adresse: ul. Grunwaldzka 24, Rzeszów


During the Rzeszow Jazz Festival 2017 on the wall of the tenement house at 9 Targowa St., a colourful autophone saxophone by Michał Czerko appeared.
Adresse: ul. Targowa 9, Rzeszów


A mural by Arkadiusz Andrejkow. It is located next to the bike path adjacent to the Jan Strzelczyk Regional Sports and Performing Centre in Podpromie St. On the wells there are faces of 14 people associated with Rzeszow, including historian Franciszek Kotula, musician and author of Tomasz Stanko’s trumpet- call, and the theatre director Jerzy Grotowski. located next to Jan Strzelczyk Regional Sports and Performing Centre in Podpromie St. along with bike path at Wiłok River
Adresse: Podpromie, Rzeszów


A mural commemorating the best-known of the Righteous Among the Nations was created in 2018 on a tenement house at 18A Kopernika St. Its author is Kamil Kuzko.
Adresse: ul. Kopernika 18, Rzeszów


A mural on the wall of the tenement house at 13 Lisa Kuli St. by Kamil Kuzko was created during the festival “High noon. Fred Zinnemann returns to Rzeszow “, in August 2018.
Adresse: ul. Lisa Kuli 13, Rzeszów

The European Stadium of Culture

he European Stadium of Culture is currently the most important cultural event of Rzeszow. The European Stadium of Culture - the East of Culture has taken place every June since 2011. It was launched in connection with the Euro 2012 Football Championship. Since 2013, it has been implemented using a new formula under the project EAST OF CULTURE, with the involvement of three cities - Rzeszow, Lublin, Bialystok. EAST OF CULTURE is the largest undertaking of its kind in Poland consolidating the activities of three cities into one coherent project, using the best traditions of the cultures of the east and the west. There are about 40 different events, including concerts, exhibitions, shows, film presentations, workshops, and meetings. At the main concert over the last three years the city of Rzeszow was visited by the following bands: White Lies, Kayah, Jamal, The Fratellis, Kasia Kowalska, Patrycja Markowska, Within Temptation, Skubas and Jono McCleery from Great Britain, Sarsa and Green Room & Dato Lomidze from Georgia. Piotr Rogucki, Kortez, Guano Apes, guitarist Dean Brown, Hey, Voo Voo, Julia Marcell and many more.

Paniaga Festival

Paniaga Festival is one of the favourite cultural events in Rzeszow, taking place during the May 3rd Constitution Day. 3 Maja Street, formerly Pańska street, is one of the most important and oldest streets of Rzeszow, once used to be called the Paniaga. Uninterruptedly since the 14th century, it has been the centre of the city and the place of cultural events. Starting from 2003 , May 3 celebrates not only the adoption of the Constitution, but also the Paniaga Festival , the favourite pedestrian promenade in Rzeszow. During the event 3 Maja street is full of life, offering numerous attractions such as outdoor exhibitions, dance shows, movies, food tastings, and concerts on several stages set in the city centre. The traditional feature of the Paniaga Festival is a handicraft and regional products fair, as well as an opera concert, which is presented every year on the Rzeszow Market Square.
Adresse: 3rd of May Street

Maskarada - Festival of Theatres

Review of the most interesting theatres performances of recent years. The main goal of “Maskarada” is to discover the variety of masks which present-day theatres put on. The festival provides performances for children and adults, big plenary session as well as small, cosy plays, performances based on motion and those with text as the most important part. At the same time. Beside the theatre performances there are organized theatre workshops. 13 - 20 MAY

Urban Space Festival

The City Space Festival is an opportunity to talk about the social and spatial development of contemporary Rzeszów. Every year the event is organized in another, surprising place, which is specially adapted for the festival. Every year different space and place are chosen to locate the festival, sometimes it is Industrial sites, atypical or otherwise – known and popular, but for the duration of the Festival those places change their face and are used differently than on a daily basis. This idea serves to revitalize and tame urban space, and to make citizens to look at the city from a different perspective than usual. The program includes lectures, workshops, presentations, installations, films, concerts and other cultural. The Festival is an event that integrates the local community, giving a real opportunity to discuss the condition of the city and its impact on its development.
Adresse: Rzeszów,

Rzeszów Breakout Days

International music festival, was created to commemorate father of Polish blues - Tadeusz Nalepa. The originator of the event is Piotr Nalepa. The event has already become a permanent part of the calendar of cultural events in the region as well as in whole country, bringing together a multitude of rock and blues enthusiasts. Admission to all festival concerts is free. "Rzeszów Breakout Days Festival" allows for creative continuation of the best traditions of Polish and world cultural life, but above all it is a place of confrontation of modern trends in music culture and the creation of new values and means of artistic expression. The aim of the event is to promote and support artistic creativity, to present heritage of polish and world music culture, and to develop high cultural competences.
Adresse: Fryderyka Szopena 30, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 853 80 04


The first edition of the event called „Reggae on the Wisłok – 5 years of the Rzeszow House of Culture” took place on June 14, 2015 in the Park of Culture and Recreation at Rzeszow Boulevards. The stars of the memorable evening were two well-known singers – the legendary Ghetto Priest from Great Britain and the popular Mesajah from Poland. Concerts were accompanied by thematic music and handicraft workshops related to reggae culture, as well as entertainment and games for children. The audience of thousands and the positive reception of the first edition of the event made „Reggae on the Wisłok” quickly become one of the most interesting cultural proposals aimed at Rzeszow residents and reggae fans from all over Poland. During the next events, participants from all over the country had the opportunity to see and hear live leading representatives of the Polish and international reggae, dub and dancehall scenes, such as: Jamal, Vavamuffin, Dark Angel, Radikal Guru, Dreadsquad, Taboo and Junior Stress. The previous editions were also enhanced by interesting accompanying initiatives, such as all-night dance Afterparties, which took place twice in the Vinyl music club, and Night-skating Rzeszow in reggae climates, i.e. a night-time roller- skating ride through the streets of the city.


Every three years, traditionally in July, the World Festival of Polish Folklore Groups takes place in Rzeszow, integrating Polish diaspora from different continents. So far, over 250 different groups have taken part in the festivals, and some of them have participated many times. The most numerous groups were from the USA, Canada, France and Great Britain. There were also groups from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Romania, as well as from far away Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Kazakhstan. Since the beginning of the nineties, Polonia teams from Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus have been increasingly represented. Each time, the Festival begins with a beautiful, colourful procession of Polonia groups dancing and singing through the streets of the city. During the Festival, the participants present their artistry and artistic achievements on the Rzeszow stages and in many places in our region. The tradition of the Festival includes the Song and Dance Concert of Countries of Residence, during which the guests bring the folklore of their new homelands closer to the audience. The whole event is crowned with an impressive gala concert in which all the Festival groups participate. During the Festival, numerous accompanying events are organized: artistic workshops with the participation of the best Polish choreographers, exhibitions popularizing Polish history, culture and art, scientific conferences on topics related to Polish communities, fairs, contests in knowledge about Poland, and performances of regional song and dance groups.


Scientific and artistic festival „Sources of Remembrance Szajna - Grotowski - Kantor”, a project dedicated to Jerzy Grotowski, Tadeusz Kantor and Józef Szajna, three outstanding figures of world theatre who have their pedigree in Rzeszow and Podkarpacie. The legacy of the three great reformers of the theatre is still vivid and inspiring for the next generations of directors, actors, theatre critics, artists – visual artists. The festival is organized by the Maska Theatre in Rzeszow and Przedmieście Theatre.

Calendar of Cultural and Sports Events

JANUARY - Three Kings’ Procession - Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - Anniversary of the founding of the city of Rzeszow MARCH - Birthday of the Bedtime Story Museum with the collections of Wojciech Jama APRIL - National Festival of Acting,Film and Musicals "Song in a bowler hat" - Rzeszow Half Marathon - Podkarpackie Ultramarathon MAY - "Paniaga Festival" (Festival of ‘Lord’s St.’, now 3 May St.) - Student/Cultural Festival - International Festival of Songs of the Rzeszow Carpathia Festival - European Night of Museums - "Masquerade" Festival of Animated Forms - Day of Explorers – Interactive Picnic of Knowledge JUNE - Science Explorations Picnic - Reggae on the Wisłok - Festival of Urban Space - Sparring – 10 km Run - Cultures of the East – European Culture Stadium JULY - World Festival of Polish Folklore Groups Rzeszow (every three years) AUGUST - Rzeszow Rally - Solidarity Run - Rzeszów Street Ball Challenge, Podkarpacie 3x3 basketball Grand Prix SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER - "Rock" Festival of Alternative Bands - European Days of Cuisine Culture Heritage - Rzeszow Breakout Days - Sources of Remembrance. Szajna-Grotowski-Kantor - Rzeszów Marathon, Pratt & Whitney Cup Race NOVEMBER - Rzeszow 10 – Independence Run - International Festival of Dance Ensembles "For the Rzech Laurel" DECEMBER - St. Nicholas Day in the Rzeszów Market Square - Christmas Town - Christmas Eve in the Rzeszów Market Square - New Year’s Eve in the Rzeszów Market Square

Burger Store

Burger Store is probably the best burger joint in Rzeszow right now. Good and fresh meat, really hot sauces. They make their own buns! For something unconventional try the Peanut burger, which combines beef patty with peanut butter.
Adresse: Ul. Mikołaja Kopernika 5, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 731 776 179
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu noon–8pm, Fri–Sun noon–9pm

Patio Restaurant

Patio Restaurant is an elegant venue perfect for a brunch with friends, a business lunch or a romantic date in the evening. Elaborate plating is sure to get your lots of Instagram likes. If you're lucky, you can enjoy live piano music.
Adresse: Ul. Księdza Feliksa Dymnickiego 1a, Rzeszów
Åpningstider: Daily noon–9:30pm

Lukr Restaurant

If you happen to wander to a shopping mall Millennium Hall and get tired and hungry, you can skip the usual food court fast-food chains and choose Lukr. The warm interior envelopes you with the atmosphere of elegance, a fusion of the old and the modern. Check if they have any upcoming live music performances!
Adresse: Al. Kopisto 1, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 177 700 333
Åpningstider: Daily noon–9pm

Habana Sports BBQ

Centrally located, Habana Sports BBQ is your perfect destination for hearty meals. The restaurant mostly serves burgers, hot wings and all manner of grilled dishes, creatively presented on a long skewer. Their roasted potatoes taste and smell like a bonfire and go together great with garlic butter. Professional, fast and friendly service. You can watch sport games on multiple large screens.
Adresse: ul. 3 Maja 7, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 881 501 100
Åpningstider: Daily noon–midnight

Stary Browar Rzeszowski

Stary Browar Rzeszowski A very good restaurant, Polish style. The portions are HUGE, especially the cauldron soup with beef and the pig cotlet. There is also a skewer with meat and vegetables, supposedly for two, but my friend and his wife were incapable of finishing it. The beer is locally brewed and served in portions of 0.4 litre or 1.0 litre. You can also order a set of five cups of different types. Highly recommended. Enjoy Craft bear and grill bar Best burgers and ribs in the Old Town Square. Great selection of beers also Very nice interior design. Food was exceptional, cocktails were great and I would recommend the shots!
Adresse: Ul. Rynek 20-23, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 780 162 597
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 1pm–11pm, Sun noon–11pm

Anomalia Pub

Anomalia Pub is an tiny atmospheric place with cheap beers and old school music. The crowd differs depending on the night, and you might find the place jam-packed alt music fans, sports fans watching their favourite team on tv or serene and quiet. Just pass by and see if you are. feeling the vibe of that particular day.
Adresse: Berka Joselewicza 6/1A, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 795 260 270
Åpningstider: Sun–Thu 6pm–2am, Fri & Sat 6pm–4am

Kawa Rzeszowska

Kawa Rzeszowska is located in the courtyard of the tenement house at Kosciuszki 3. The cafe was recognized by “Marketing w praktyce” magazine as “The most photogenic café in Poland” and it is the winner of the Sweets & Coffee Awards. In addition to top notch specialty coffee, they serve healthy and delicious breakfast, light lunch and delicious cakes.
Adresse: In the courtyard of Ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 3, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 792 150 377
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 8am–7pm, Sat & Sun 9am–7pm

Konfitura Restaurant

Konfitura Restaurant offers traditional Polish dishes as well as variations on Italian cuisine in a light-filled dining room with bright pastel colours and wood paneling. Floral motives in the interior design give Konfitura an atmosphere of fresh spring. Their dishes are Instagram ready!
Adresse: Ul. Słowackiego 8, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 177 844 440
Åpningstider: Sun & Mon noon–9pm, Tue–Thu noon–10pm, Fri–Sat noon–11pm

K20 Pub

K20 pub offers an ever-growing number of board games (over 110 titles), a large selection of craft and regional beers, tasty food and a friendly atmosphere that invites you to stay for hours.
Adresse: Ul. Kopernika 4, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 570 244 292

Lord Jack

Lord Jack is an excellent restaurant smack on the main square, with juicy burgers, craft and regional reers, iconic local food and a wide selection of whiskey. Enjoy their summer terrace with live music.
Adresse: Ul. Rynek 3/4, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 886 777 996
Åpningstider: Daily 8am–1am

Pewex Pub

Pewex Pub is the "most student" pub in Rzeszów with a strong 70s–80s Poland vibe. Belt out your favourite karaoke hits, show some disco moves on the dancefloor or just sway around to Polish retro hits.
Adresse: Ul. Rynek 18, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 178 718 077

Kuk Nuk

Adored by the locals for the delicious Polish fusion cuisine excellent burgers and perfect steaks prepared to your liking. Experience the unforgettable taste of Rzeszów with perfect view of the main market square.
Adresse: ul. Jana Matejki 4, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 533 219 000
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu & Sun 11am–10pm, Fri & Sat 11am–midnight

Wina dajcie

Wina Dajcie (Give wine) invites you and your friends to enjoy good wine, delicious food and music. The walls of this shop/bar combo are covered with shelves that hold wine bottles floor to ceiling. You'll be delighted to discover new flavour combinations of their small plates and exciting wine pairings.
Adresse: ul. 3 Maja 9, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 502 659 113

Parole Art Restaurant

Parole Art Bistro is a place where you will meet exceptional people and move to another culinary pleasure. Their French cuisine menu is short and executed to perfection. A feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds.
Adresse: ul. Sokoła 7, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 511 131 019
Åpningstider: Sun–Tue noon–9pm, Wed–Sat noon–11pm

Nora Aktora club

Nora Aktora Club is located in climatic underground of old tenement on the Rzeszów Market Square. You can be sure that we will surprise you with pleasant atmosphere and professional service. Two rooms filled with comfortable leather sofas, enjoyable music, rich menu, delicious coffee and original drinks will make your afternoons and evenings that much more relaxed.
Adresse: ul. Rynek 8, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 178 620 401

Cocktail Culture

Cocktail Culture is a cozy bar with atmospheric interior and offers a large selection of alcoholic drinks and specialty coffee. It is located at the end of the corridor of the ground floor of the tenement house on the Market Square, which brings to mind fashionable Speakeasy type places. Cocktail Culture also offer occasional mixology classes. Don't miss your chance to acquire a new party skill!
Adresse: Rynek 16/6 Street, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 519 584 462

Irish Pub Galway

Irish Pub Galway the oldest and largest pub in Rzeszow. Eight distinct rooms, the largest whiskey bar, excellent cuisine, sports broadcasts — exactly what you need and more.
Adresse: 3 Maja 8, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 178 532 277
Åpningstider: Sun –Thu 1pm–1am, Fri–Sat 1pm–4am

CID Trail

The Central Industrial District trail is a special tourist propositi on – instead of historical castles and palaces, concept gardens or the richness of Podkarpackie nature, we will see here factory buildings, remains of workers’, craft smen’s and engineers’ sett lements as well as managers’ villas. - Hotel Baron Stefan de Ropp from Poznań - Tenement house at 1 Asnyka St. - Mural „Moose” - Tenement house at 6 Grunwaldzka St. - Post Offi ce - Tenement house at 12 Jagiellońska St. - The Frederik Chopin Voivode Specialist hospital - Infi rmary of the Social Insurance Insti tuti on - Workers’ housing for Machine Tools factory H. Cegielski S.A. - PZL estate - Housing estate for the factory of Machine Tools factory H. Cegielski S.A. - Hotel PZL ADDITIONAL - PZL Engine Factory – entrance gate - PZL WSK Monument – boulevards

The Green Velo Trail

The Green Velo Trail leads to Rzeszow - the capital of Podkarpackie Province. Its numerous monuments and the Galician architecture of the centre are worth menti oning. The market is parti cularly beauti ful, under which the underground tourist route was laid out. Green Velo trail connects the city centre and the train stati on. It is an important transport node, a good place to start or fi nish the expediti on on the south side of the route. We encourage you to take the tour “Podkarpackie metropolis neighbourhood”, which is a great opportunity to get to know various landscape landmarks near Rzeszow. The route can be seen in its enti rety at Visit and check out the possibilities provided by the Eastern Bicycle Route. Web Portal is the largest bicycle tour guide over eastern part of Poland. Before you set out, create a plan of your stay with an intuitive tour planner in just a few simple steps.


The green heart of Rzeszow is a recreati on area located by the river Wisłok, where the inhabitants of Rzeszow are happy to spend ti me on warm days. By the river and near the lagoon there are paths for cyclists and rollers which are part of a network of 120 km long urban paths. Those who prefer to simply relax, can enjoy barbecues or play Mini Golf. There is also a large playground for children, where youngsters can put their energy to use. Every year there are bicycle and scooter rentals along Rzeszow boulevards and on weekends children can ride the cable car. Water sports enthusiasts can spend ti me on kayaks, water bikes or yachts. During the summer season, a sailing school operates on the Rzeszow Lagoon where yacht and motorboat courses are held. The extreme sports enthusiasts can try their hand at skatepark and dirtpark near the “Podpromie” hall, and in winter also in snowpark. For the brave ones - rope park. There are trails at three levels of diffi culty in the park and a path for children. There are cafes, pubs, bars and a dance club by Wisłok and the lagoon. Social life by the Rzeszow’s river in the spring/summer ti me goes on unti l late in the evening. The Educati onal Fruit Orchard was established in Lisia Góra Nature Reserve.


“Żwirownia” is a 3.5 ha water reservoir with a sandy beach of 20 acres. The bathing area is located at a short distance from the reservoir. During the summer season “Żwirownia” operates from 10:00 to 18:00, then the swimmers are under lifeguards’ watch. There is also a mini playground for children and a volleyball court on the beach. You can rent water equipment, such as kayaks and water bikes.


Open-air swimming pools in Rzeszow are located at 23a Ks. Jałowego St. (entrance from Pułaski St.). They are open in the summerti me from 9:00-20:00. The complex consists of 3 swimming pools – a 50-meter sports pool, a recreati on pool with a slide, water jets and a fountain, and a paddling pool for children. Younger guests can also enjoy the water playground, which is located in the pools. Discount tickets: primary school, middle and high school students, students up to 25 years old, retirees and pensioners, people with the first degree of disability together with a guardian - upon presentation of ID card. Children under 3 years use the pool free of charge.

The Market Square

The central square of the Old Town is the Market Square with the Town Hall and a well from the 17th century. The present Market is slightly diff erent from the original 15th-century appearance - only the three frontages are built-up with tenement houses that have undergone reconstructi on over the centuries. There are hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, museums and various institutions. One of the more interesti ng is the tenement house No. 19. The fragments of brick-stone walls and Gothic arches and lintels discovered in the basement that can be seen in the Underground Tourist Route, date back to the beginning of the 15th and 16th centuries. On summer evenings, near the Town Hall you can watch the performances of famous singers, music and vocal groups and dance troupes.
Adresse: Stary Rynek, Rzeszów

District Museum in Rzeszów

The Regional Museum in Rzeszow is located in a 17th-century building,which alongside the church and the school was once an integral part of the Piarist monastery complex. Rich museum collecti ons are exhibited inthe secti ons: Archeology, Art, History and in the Library. There is also a workshop specializing in the Preservati on of Works of Art. The unique interiors and very good acousti cs of the refectory are used for concerts, poetry evenings, meeti ngs, theatre monodramas. On the grounds of a spacious and atmospheric pleasure garden numerous outdoor events take place, e.g. “Museum Night”. OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Thursday: 9:00-15:30 Friday: 10:00-17:30 Sunday: 10:00-16:00
Adresse: ul. 3 Maja 19, 35-030 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 853 52 78
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Thursday: 9:00-15:30 Friday: 10:00-17:30 Sunday: 10:00-16:00

Museum of Theatre Puppets

The museum presents puppets, stage design and decoration props from past performances. During over 50 years of artistic activity, the Theatre has produced more than 200 premieres. It has collaborated with the most eminent scenographers of Polish puppet theatre, Jan Berdyszak, Ali Bunsch, Adam Kilian, Andrzej Aleksander Łabińc , Leokadia Serafinowicz, Raymond Strzelecki, Zenobiusz Strzelecki, among others. The creation of the Museum of Theatre Puppets has made it possible for viewers to see the rich collections previously kept in theatre storage. The Museum is a place of popularization and promotion of the art of puppet theatre, therefore it is the right place for the theatre education of children and teenagers. OPENING HOURS Monday - Friday: 9:00-14:00 On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, after a phone call, a minimum of two days before the planned visit.
Adresse: Rynek 12, 35-030 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 862 68 08
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 9:00-14:00

Museum of Bedtime Cartoons from Wojciech Jama's Collection in Rzeszów

Museum of bedtime cartoons from Wojciech Jama’s collection in Rzeszow is a place that evoking many emotions and memories. The collection consists of original dolls from the films: Teddy Bear, Colargol Bear Adventures, Little Penguin Pik-Pok, Three Bears, Plastus Diary, Jacek and Agatka; celluloids, drafts and scenery projects of animated drawings: Reksio , Bolek and Lolek, Baltasar Gąbka’s kidnapping, and many everyday objects with images of cartoon characters. The museum organizes many exhibitions, competitions, events and is responsible for creative educational activities and projections. Watching the collection is great fun for children, and some older guests can go back for a while to revisit their own childhood.
Adresse: ul. Mickiewicza 13, 35-064 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 862 68 08
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Friday: 9:00-16:00 Saturday - Sunday: 10:00-17:00 During the holidays: Tuesday - Friday: 9:00-17:00 Saturday - Sunday: 10:00-18:00

The Dairy Museum by the Tadeusz Rylski Food Schools Complex in Rzeszów

The Dairy Museum is located in the Food Schools Complex, in the halls of the former School Dairy Plant. It was created by enthusiasts who have assembled a unique collection of milk centrifuges, cheese and buttermilk machines, and even a steam engine. The exposition is supplemented by documents and photographs about the history of the school and dairy cooperatives. During the European Museum Night there are many exhibitions and competitions for visitors.
Adresse: ul. Warszawska 20, 35-205 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 748 31 00

Private Museum of Technology and Military in Rzeszów

The museum deals with the history of technology and military development. It features a collection of cars, motorcycles, technical equipment, household goods and military supplies. The museum has collections of restored 1950s vintage polish and French cars and vintage motorcycles. In addition, we can see there some household appliances and RTV equipment from the mid-twentieth century. A significant part of the collection consists of military exhibits, including collections of military equipment, as well as military gorgets and commemorative coins.
Adresse: ul. Kochanowskiego 19, 35-208 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 601 885 820

The Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum of Rzeszow is a church institution established in 1997 by Bishop Kazimierz Gorny. The museum was officially opened on 22 September 1998 as part of the European Days of Cultural Heritage in Rzeszow. Collections are works of sacred art that are not in use anymore, but due to the age of the diocese (founded in the 1990s) most of its exhibits are located in the museums in Przemysl and Tarnow. The collection, which has now become a permanent exhibition, consists wooden sculpture monuments donated from wooden parish churches in Lubla, Sławęcin, Łężyn, Biecz or Trzciana. The exposition of the Diocesan Museum also features monuments of orthodox art. Art craftsmanship department is also a part of the exhibition. The commercial art of the second half of the 19th century is represented by two bronze altar candles, donated from the parish church in Biecz and neo-Rococon candlestick, the gift from Father Pałęga. OPENING HOURS Thursdays and Fridays: 9:00 - 13:00 (other dates possible after phone call arrangement)
Adresse: ul. Zamkowa 4, 35-032 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 853 56 53
Åpningstider: Thursdays and Fridays: 9:00 - 13:00

Museum of University of Rzeszów

The Museum of the University of Rzeszow, established in 2002, continues the tradition of the Museum of Education. It documents the activities of the University of Rzeszow, established in 2001 through merger of previously existing universities: the Higher School of Education in Rzeszow, subsidiary of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Rzeszow and subsidiary of the University of Agriculture in Rzeszow. Its collections are dominated by historic items: memorabilia documenting the history of the university, collections, awards, distinctions and diplomas related to professors and university staff. The facility organizes temporary exhibitions, meetings, conferences and conducts educational activities. The museum has produced the exhibition “Karol Wojtyla on a tourist trail” exhibited in the courtyard of the curia of Cracow. Another exhibition “Polish Vizier Fefi” was exhibited at the Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Vienna as well as at the international conference “Art and archaeology of the Old Kingdom” at the University of Warsaw.
Adresse: al. Rejtana 16c, 35-959 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 872 12 71

Hunting Museum

The Hunting Museum itself is located in the building of the Polish Hunting Association in Rzeszow. Exhibits belonging to the collection showcase a wide range of wild game. The Hunters’ Association was established in Rzeszow in 1880. It is the oldest Hunting Circle in Poland. The founders of the Association were landowners from the Rzeszow district and additionally an official, a notary, a merchant and a professor. The first joint hunt, preceded by solemn Mass, was organized on Saturday, 24 January 1881, near Malawa. “Hunter’s Association” was the pioneer of hunting organizations, and not only in the Rzeszow district. Visiting is possible after a prior phone call or e-mail arrangement
Adresse: ul. Ks. Jałowego 25, 35-010 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 853 35 46
Åpningstider: Visiting is possible after a prior phone call or e-mail arrangement

Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre

Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre is the only professional dramatic theatre that has been operating in Podkarpackie Province since 7 October 1944. It plays an important role in shaping cultural life in south-eastern Poland. In addition to production, it runs Szajna Gallery organizes a significant competition - International Theatre Poster Biennale, and organizes two nationwide theatre reviews - Rzeszow Theatre Meetings and Rzeszow Carnival Meetings. The repertoire of the Theatre is varied in terms of genre and style, and thus addressed to various age groups. Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre actively conducts educational activities for children and the youth. Student premiers, theatre tours or theatre workshops are just some of our proposals that allow young people to get to know the theatre from the inside. Ticket office: From Tuesday to Friday 16:00-19:00 Saturday and Sunday 14:00-19:00
Adresse: ul. Sokoła 7-9, 35-010 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 853 20 01

Szajna Gallery

On 13 March 1997, at the 75th anniversary of his birth and the 50th anniversary of creative work of the world-famous theatre producer and an artist - Professor Jozef Szajna, the adapted attic of the theatre saw the opening of the gallery of the artist’s works. It is the only exhibition of Professor Jozef Szajna’s works in Poland and in the world, one of the most important artists of the 20th century. All the works that can be seen in the Gallery are gifts from Professor to Rzeszow - the city where he was born. Jozef Szajna’s body of work is shown in terms of aesthetic transformations, hence we can admire here paintings and objects, puppets, drawings and collages created during various periods of the artist’s life. There are 54 works in the gallery: monumental paintings, drawings, collages , spatial compositions and stage design items from Szajna’s most outstanding theatrical performances. The exhibition is a retrospective presentation of the artist’s work. Next to the works shown at many prestigious exhibitions in Poland and abroad, there are new exhibitions from the last period of his work. Since its inception, the Gallery has been a meeting place for artists representing various fields: artists, writers, musicians, theatre people.
Adresse: Sokoła 7/9, 35-010 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 853 20 01

Maska Theatre

“Maska” Theatre in Rzeszow is the only professional theatre in Podkarpackie Province. The theatre repertoire includes plays for children, adolescents and adults. The number of shows per year is 350 on average, and the number of viewers reaches over 55,000. It produces plays on its own stage in Rzeszow and around the entire Podkarpackie Province. The Theatre is engaged in theatre education, which introduces young viewers to the secrets of theatre art. It has a Museum of Theatre Puppets, where you can see dolls, decorations and stage designs. It is involved in the organization of such events as: “Maskarada”, Festival of Theatres of Animated forms and “Sources of Memory. Szajna-Grotowski-Kantor. “ “Maska” Theatre in Rzeszow was created on the basis of The Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kacperek”, a place with a long tradition.
Adresse: ul. Mickiewicza 13, 35-064 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 862 68 08

Przedmiescie Theatre

Przedmieście Theatre was created in 2001 on the initiative of Aneta Adamska. She quickly created a consistent vision of working on shows. In August 2006, the team changed its headquarters to Lancut, where it worked until August 2010. Since then, the theatre has been operating independently and exhibiting its art in Rzeszow. The theatre creates original plays and performances inspired by works of Polish and world literature.
Adresse: ul. Reformacka 4, 35-026 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 601 376 697

"Bo Tak" Theatre

Teatr Bo Tak Association was founded in 2013 on the initiative of professional actors from Rzeszow. As part of the theatre business, four productions have been made so far: “The Truth” by F. Zeller, directed by Marcin Sławiński, “Mel Gibson’s colleague” by T. Jachimek, directed by Paweł Szumec, “Love and Politics” by P. Sauvil and “Trained Man” by J.von Duffel , both directed by Marcin Sławiński. Over the past four years the theatre has produced about 130 shows, which were watched by over 25,000 viewers in both Rzeszow and around Podkarpackie Province. The performances of the Bo Tak Theatre can be watched all year round in the Concert Hall of the Faculty of Music of UR, addressed primarily to viewers looking for ambitious entertainment.
Adresse: ul. B.Chrobrego 14/21, 35-077 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 790 44 66 00

Marysieńka Nuclear Shelter

The “Marysieńka” shelter was built during the Cold War period of 1956-60 as a backup command post for the army. It is located in the basement of the house that now hosts an exhibition on the Cold War.
Adresse: ul. Królowej Marysieńki 3 35-628 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 601 885 820

Nierzeczywista Gallery

The Rzeszow Photography Association is a group of photography lovers, professionals and amateurs, who have been cooperating for more than 10 years to develop their skills and promote the art of photography among the inhabitants of Rzeszow and residents of “closer and further surroundings”. It collaborates with associations and photographers from Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. It organizes exhibitions, including open-type ones, where residents of Rzeszow can present their photos, as well as open air exhibitions, displays, workshops and presentations. The Association is also in charge of Nierzeczywista Gallery — the seat of the association, the RSF photo studio, which is the venue of Monday’s photo shoots, open to the public, photographic operations, displays, exhibitions and meetings.
Adresse: ul. Matejki 10, Rzeszów

City Hall

The central square of the Old Town is the Market Square with the Town Hall and a well from the 17th century. The present Market is slightly diff erent from the original 15th-century appearance - only the three frontages are built-up with tenement houses that have undergone reconstructi on over the centuries. There are hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, museums and various insti tuti ons. One of the more interesti ng is the tenement house No. 19. The fragments of brick-stone walls and Gothic arches and lintels discovered in the basement that can be seen in the Underground Tourist Route, date back to the beginning of the 15th and 16th centuries. On summer evenings, near the Town Hall you can watch the performances of famous singers, music and vocal groups and dance troupes.
Adresse: Rynek 1, 35 - 064 Rzeszów

The Rzeszów Cellars

UNDERGROUND TOURIST ROUTE „RZESZOW CELLARS” Underground Tourist Route, 369 m long, runs under the tenant houses and the Market Square. It consists of 25 basements and 15 corridors, reaching up to 10 m deep under the ground, named to refl ect their functi on and the town’s history. You can fi nd there the relics of medieval walls, signs of fi re, remains of iron bars and hinges, few hundred’s years old hand shaped bricks, hidden passages. In lowe parts various goods were stored and during the Tatar invasions and wars they consti tuted a shelter for the inhabitants of the castle. There is a Tourist Informati on Desk at the entrance to the Underground Tourist Route.
Adresse: ul. Rynek 12, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 178754774
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-5pm

The Fara Church

ST.STANISLAUS AND ST. WOJCIECH FARA CHURCH The church probably existed before 1363, but it was destroyed during the great fi re. Only the Gothic presbytery, dati ng back to the beginning of the 15th century, remained. In the fi rst half of the 17th century a belfry was erected, and in 1754 the main aisle was rebuilt, lateral aisles were added and it was given a baroque décor. In the chancel there are gravestones of the Rzeszow’s families. In the years 1962-1965 a thorough restorati on of the church took place.
Adresse: Square Farny 5, Rzeszów

3 Maja Street

The oldest street in Rzeszow’s old town, at the same time the most representative. There is the fara church, the Piarist convent, the statue of Tadeusz Nalepa, many dining options, “Zorza” cinema - the oldest cinema in the city. The street before the partitions was called Pijarska. On the map from 1826 it is listed as Expiaristengasse, or popijarska, but two years later it was already known as Herrengasse - Pańska street. In the interwar period, despite having the official name of “3 Maja” it was called “Pańska” and also “Paniega”. After the renovation in 2017, the street gained a pre-war look. As a result of the archaeological work carried out at the house No. 14, a window of time has been created showing how the street surface has changed over the centuries.
Adresse: Rzeszów, 3 maja street

The Piarist Monastery

The Piarist Convention included a church, a monastery and a school. The postpiarist complex featres the church of St. Cross in the centre, built between 1644-1649 according to the design of Tylman of Gameren. It is a one-nave temple with two towers in the facade and a chapel on the north side. Late baroque decor with stucco decorations by Jan Ch. Falconi from the end of the 17th century. In the chancel, at the entrance to the sacristy, there is a mausoleum of the Lubomirskis family. In the monastery building there is now the Regional Museum, with rich collections in the fields of art, history, ethnography and archaeology, exhibited in the form of permanent exhibitions (e.g. Galeria Dąbskich) or temporary exhibitions. In the old refectory you can see frescoes from the end of the 17th century. The Piarists founded the Collegium Ressoviense next to the monastery in 1658. Fr. Stanislaw Konarski taught here - currently the patron of Secondary School No. 1. The school is one of the oldest in Poland. Many of its students were glorified on the pages of Polish history and in culture. Ignacy Łukasiewicz, Jozef S. Pelczar, Wladyslaw Sikorski, Władysław Szafer or Julian Przyboś.
Adresse: 3-go Maja 20, Rzeszów

The Lubomirski Summer Palace

The Lubomirski Summer Palace was built by the efforts of Hieronim A. Lubomirski, and designed by Tylman of Gameren. Located in close proximity to the Lubomirski Castle, it has undergone many redevelopments over the centuries. It has not retained its original architecture, nor the baroque gardens that used to be around it. The District Medical Chamber is located here nowadays.
Adresse: Dekerta 2, 35-030 Rzeszów

Art Nouveau Villas

There are Art Nouveau Villas at al. Pod Kasztanami: No. 6 - built in 1903, designed by eng. K. Hołubowicz, eclectic, with a rich facade and a bust of A. Mickiewicz in the niche; and two Swissstyle villas, designed by T. M. Tekielski: No. 8 (1899) and No. 10 (1900), called Pod Sową, on which there is a sundial with the sentence: You see the hour, yet you do not know the hour.

Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszow

The Franciszek Kotula Ethnographic Museum - Branch of the Regional Museum in Rzeszow documents all the manifestati ons of life of the old inhabitants of the countryside. The Museum collecti on contains not only agricultural tools and household items, but also women’s and men’s outfi ts worn by Lesioki, Rzeszowiacy and Pogorzanie. Here are numerous exhibits representi ng the former inhabitants of the village. Museum collecti on is enriched with source documents and ritual att ributes. Also, the collecti on of folk instruments, oft en made by country musicians themselves, is of great historical value. The archives of the history of folk culture consti tutes an integral part of the Museum.
Adresse: ul. Rynek 6, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 17 862 02 17
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Thursday: 9:00-15:30 Friday: 10:00-17:30 Sunday: 10:00-16:00

The Lubomirski Castle

The construction of the castle was started at the end of the 16th century by the contemporary owner of Rzeszow - Nicholas Spytek Ligęza. In the second half of the 17th century the Lubomirskis expanded the castle and encamped it with a stone wall with bastions. It owes its current appearance to the last redevelopment performed at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. At present, the castle houses the District Court. Transformation of the castle nto a cultural institution is being planned at the moment.
Adresse: Plac Śreniawitów 3, Rzeszów

Multimedia Fountain

At the foot of the Castle is there is the Rzeszow Multimedia Fountain. The main attraction of the fountain complex are water jets dancing to the music and foggy water screen, where audience can watch film, laser and 3D presentations. Next to the fountain there is an amphitheatre, where you can watch spectacles, which are a combination of music, light and moving water.
Adresse: Aleja Lubomirskich, 35-959 Rzeszów

Round Footbridge

Round footbridge is the only object of this type in Europe. In addition to its innovative shape, it is distinguished by the selection of finishing materials: specially bent and hardened glass, elevator shafts, exotic wood, resistant to changing weather conditions alongside illumination of the whole object. This unique structure was created over the intersection of al. Piłsudskiego and Grunwaldzka St.- one of the most frequented places of the main communication artery in Rzeszow. Thanks to its location, the footbridge provides an excellent viewpoint.
Adresse: Grunwaldzka 34, 35-001 Rzeszów

Bernardine Monastery Complex

Bernardine monastery with The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church was established in the first half of the 17th century. Originally it was the site of a wooden church, built in 1536. In the chancel there are gravestones of the Ligęza family. At the Shrine of Our Lady of Rzeszow - Patroness of Rzeszow - there is a late Gothic figurine of Our Lady with the Child from 1513. In 2008 the church received the title of Minor Basilica. At the foot of the Monastery there are Bernardine Gardens arranged in Italian style. They are open every day 7:00-21:00.
Adresse: ul. Sokoła 8, Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 178 520 952