Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Moskva

Moscow is a city of contrasts where the bohemian and the glamorous merge in an idiosyncratic fusion – do not be surprised to find a golden-domed 16th-century church next to an ultra-modern glass skyscraper or a Soviet blockhouse. Here, salty fish eggs (caviar) are washed down with bubbly champagne, and worn-out commuters travel by the elaborately decorated, elegant metro, one of the city's main attractions.

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Children are the Victims of Adult Vices Sculptures

The monument, designed by Mihail Chemiakin, shows 2 children at play, surrounded by 13 menacing-looking figures, each representing a vice or evil the youth is often faced with growing up. Can you interpret the meaning of each sculpture? You can find the monument south of the Moscow Kremlin, in Bolotnaya Square.
Adresse: Bolotnaya Square

Peter the Great Statue

Built in memory of the emperor Peter I, who reigned the nation for 43 years, the monument faces the Moskva River and is the 8th highest statue in the world, standing at 98 meters (322ft) tall. Besides the statue, you can also enjoy a beautiful view over the river around the area, as well as spot some boat traffic.
Adresse: 10 Krymskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow

Novodevichy Convent and Monastery

Several religious buildings surrounded by a wall make up the monastery, set amid a park on the Moskva River bank. To grasp the importance of the place throughout the course of Russian history, visit the Novodevichy Cemetry, where many prominent Russians found their final resting place, from literary behemoths (Chekhov and Gogol) to politicians (Boris Yeltsin). The monastery has remained near-intact since the 17th century.
Adresse: Novodevichy Passage, Moscow
Åpningstider: Museum: Daily 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Church of Ascension Kolomenskoye

The church was built to mark the birth of prince Ivan VI, who was later to become Ivan 'the Terrible' -- it was the first of its architectural kind in Russia. The structure faces the Moskva River and is marvellous in its unique architectural design. Kolomenskoye Park stretches along the Moskva River and is a favourite among locals for day trips, too.
Adresse: Andropova Avenue 39, Moscow

Wooden Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich

Today's Wooden Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich is a complete reconstruction, since the building's original was, sadly, demolished on command of Catherine the Great in the 18th century. The museum inside showcases the lively embellishments and ornate furniture that was replicated through paintings dating back to the time.
Adresse: Kolomenskoye Park, Moscow
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:00.

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art is a paradise for those interested in art. Here Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art mingles with older works by Rembrandt and Botticelli.
Adresse: 12 Ulitsa Volchonka, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 609 95 20 / +7 495 697 95 78
Åpningstider: Open daily 10 am-7 pm, ticket office 10 am-6 pm. Closed on Mondays

The Tretiakov Gallery

With its 62 halls and 100,000 paintings, the Tretiakov Gallery contains the world’s largest collection of Russian art. Fortunately, all of these pieces are not all displayed together, but a few at a time.
Adresse: 10 Lavrushinsky Pereulok, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 953 10 51

Armoury Chamber in The Kremlin

If you yearn for gold, velvet and precious stones, you must visit the Armoury. The treasures that have been collected over the centuries by the Russian tsars and princes can be found here. Some magnificent examples are the Fabergé egg and Catherine the Great’s coronation dress.
Adresse: The Kremlin, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 621 46 31

Red Square and the Lenin Mausoleum

Enclosed by the GUM, Kremlin, and Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Red Square stands proud. This is also the place where Lenin rests in his mausoleum. Since 1924 he has been as carefully guarded as he was embalmed.
Adresse: Krasnaya Ploshad, Moscow

St. Basil’s Cathedral

With its round, brilliantly coloured cupolas, St. Basil’s Cathedral truly looks like a fairy-tale castle. Ivan the Terrible had it built around 1550 in order to celebrate a victory over the Tartars. Today the cathedral is one of the world’s architectural wonders.
Adresse: 2 Krasnaya Ploshad, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 698 33 04

Moscow Metro

Going on the metro in Moscow is an attraction in itself. The metro here is just beautiful with its architecture and majestic spaces. If you have to choose, two of the most beautiful stations to visit are "Komsomol'skaya" and "Kazan'skaya".

Flacon Design Factory

One of several repurposed industrial spaces in Moscow, Flacon is among the best: once a glass factory, it has now been transformed into a collection of hip enterprises that range from cool stores (do not miss the "Respublika" book shop and its fun merch) to cafes, coworking spaces, and art installations. Check their event schedule to see what's on (mind that most events are conducted in Russian).
Adresse: Bol'shaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 36, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 790 79 01

Izmaylovo Market

One of the most famous places in Moscow for buying souvenirs is at the Izmaylovo Market. Here you can find all the typical Russian souvenirs like matryoshka dolls and fur hats. The market is quite big, so make sure to have enough time and money when coming here.
Adresse: Izmaylovo Market, Moscow

Gorky Park

In the middle of Moscow you can find Gorky Park, named after the author Maxim Gorky. This park is located on the riverbank and is full of fun activities. Here you can find parkland, a sports centre, an open-air cinema and much more.
Adresse: 9 Krymsky val, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 995 00 20

Sparrow Hills

One of the best lookouts in Moscow is called Sparrow Hills. From here you will get magnificent views of the city, hence this is also a popular place for spending New Year’s Eve and enjoying the fireworks. In the park you can wander among ponds and occasionally come here for a concert or event.
Adresse: Vorobyevy Gory, Moscow

Arbat Street

The popular Arbat Street is one of the oldest streets in Moscow. If you have not been to Arbat Street before, it is definitely worth a visit - it's closed off to traffic, allowing pedestrians to enjoy its many cafes and souvenir shops, as well as entertaining street artists and portrait painters.
Adresse: Ulitsa Arbat, Moscow

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

This unique museum can be found below the ravishing Space Monument. At The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics there are several exhibitions with different space objects, documents, and art. If you are interested in space and the cosmonauts, you will most certainly not be disappointed.
Adresse: 111 Prospekt Mira, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 602 20 73 / +7 495 682 60 92
Åpningstider: Open 11 am-7 pm. Closed on Mondays

Seven Sisters

The so-called "Seven Sisters" are seven skyscrapers built in Stalinist style. The skyscrapers are still among the tallest buildings in Europe and can be seen from multiple spots throughout the city. One of the Seven Sisters is the Moscow State University building, which can be found on Sparrow Hills.

Gulag History Museum

Founded in 2001, this museum is devoted to showing the rise and fall of the labor camp system in Russia called Gulag. Here you can find both permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as concerts and events.
Adresse: 16 Petrovka, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 621 73 10

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

This enormous, beautiful cathedral is located by the river and was designed by the architect Konstantin Ton. You can recognise the cathedral by its copper domes that dominate the skyline.
Adresse: Volkhonka Ulitsa, Moscow

Bolshoi Theatre

The stunning Bolshoi Theatre is one of Moscow's cultural landmarks. Here you can enjoy several ballets by world-renowned Russian ballet companies, operas and different performances in a grandiose interior.
Adresse: Teatralnaya Ploshad, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 455 5555

Zaryadye Park

Right next to the famous Red Square sits Moscow's first urban park since half a century. Designed by American architects Diller Scofidio and Renfro and inaugurated in September 2017, this massive piece of land in the heart of the Russian capital is more than just a park, it is a breath of fresh air to the city's landscape and a new meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Take a walk around its 35-acre grounds and visit its multiple attractions including: two amphitheaters, a market, a restaurant, a world-class philharmonic concert hall, an ice cave, and a boomerang-shaped bridge floating over the Moscow River.
Adresse: Varvarka Street, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 531 0500
Åpningstider: Open 24 hours
Transport: Metro stations nearby: Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, Ploshchad Revolyutsii and Kitay-Gorod

Restaurant Expedition

Restaurant “Expedition. Northern cuisine” serves delicacies of northern Russian cuisine of the highest quality. Each product “flies” or “comes” or “swims” here from distant ecologically clean lands and is cooked only on Baikal water! This restaurant is the place for those who appreciate high quality in everything! So don’t be surprised if some famous singer is performing a song for his friends at a table next to yours… They are a big family and every guest for them is a good friend!
Adresse: Pevcheskiy Pereulok, 6, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 775 60 75

Central Market (Центральный рынок)

Despite the name, Moscow's Central Market isn't really much of a market, but rather a collection of trendy restaurants and cafes serving dishes of world cuisines. Once you take your pick from its vast array of culinary offerings, stop by the wine shop (main entrance, first right) and pick up a bottle to your liking - you can even borrow a pair of wine glasses with your purchase. On summer evenings, the outdoor terrace teems with people. It's one of the current places to be.
Adresse: Rozhdestvensky Blvd 1, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 902 77 77

Café Pushkin

Do not be fooled by "café" in its title: this is one of Moscow’s finest restaurants. Go on a journey through time back to the sumptuous 19th century. Here, well-dressed Muscovites enjoy caviar and the Franco-Russian cuisine. Here you can also enjoy a grandiose breakfast buffet.
Adresse: 26A Tverskoy Bulvar, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 739 00 33
Åpningstider: Open 12 am-12 am

Danilovskiy Rynok Foodcourt

One of the hottest food courts in town, this one at Danilovskiy Market ('rynok') boasts several exceptional eateries at once. Try Shepka (Щепка) for high-quality smoked meats and fish (you'll want to bring some from the deli on your way out), Bô for as-authentic-as-it gets Vietnamese, Fiorella Pasta Fresca for fresh hand-made pasta, Georgian Street Food or Crabs Are Coming (with Alaskan king crab meat). Afterwards, take a gander around the market itself, and perhaps pick up a few items from the many stalls and deli shops.
Adresse: Mytnaya Ulitsa, 74, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 120 18 01

Depo Food Mall

If you're not quite sure what it is you're in the mood for, Depo is an excellent solution. The expansive space is shared by several dozen restaurants and food stalls, which serve up specialities of world cuisines, ranging from Vietnamese (at the well-liked "Bổ") to burgers, plus a few shops specialising in seafood (you can even get fresh oysters and sea urchin). Apart from eateries, the complex contains a large farmers' market with 120 shops selling produce from home and abroad, teas, sweets, and more.
Adresse: Lesnaya Ulitsa, 20 bldg 3, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 788 88 10

Rybnyy Bazar

In downtown Moscow, near Pushkinskaya / Tverskaya underground station, you can find the elegant Rybnyy Bazar ("fish market"). This restaurant serves seafood, and lobster and oysters are especially popular here.
Adresse: Trekhprudnyy Pereulok д. 10/2, стр. 2, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 650 5444
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm–12am


Mu-Mu is an affordable self-service restaurant chain serving both light snacks and full meals. The interior is very cosy and the restaurant has become increasingly popular for its simple and tasty food. Multiple locations operate around the city.
Adresse: 45/24 Plotnikov Ct., Moscow
Telefon: +7 985 178-88-82

Noev Kovcheg (Noah’s Ark)

Noev Kovcheg serves award-winning Armenian food. When here, be sure to taste the famous Armenian cognac. The prestigious restaurant opened its doors to the public on July 17th 1999, the same date that Noah’s Ark settled on the mountain of Ararat.
Adresse: 9 M.Ivanovsky Pereulok, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 917 07 17 / +7 495 628 29 29

El Gaucho

Argentinean restaurants are always good choices if you feel like a big and tasty steak, this one is no exception. The meat is fantastic and cooked on charcoal. Of course, they also have an extensive wine list to go with the menu.
Adresse: 6 Zacepinsky Val, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 953 28 76


At this city café, you can enjoy some traditional Georgian food. Here you can choose between traditional grilled dishes, soups, kebabs and much more. It is recommended to leave lots of room in your stomach when coming here because the portions are reportedly huge.
Adresse: Ukrainskiy Bul'var, 7, Moscow
Telefon: +7 985 764 23 64
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 10am–11pm, Sat & Sun 11am–11pm


Darbars is a popular Indian restaurant and the perfect place for relaxing after a day’s touring.
Adresse: Prospekt Mira, 12, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 930 2925


Although not an easy to find, this restaurant is definitely worth the search. Delicatessen is located in a courtyard and serves traditional food and drinks in a unique atmosphere.
Adresse: 20 str.2 Ulitsa Sadovaya-Karetnaya, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 699 39 52


This Moscow-based coffee shop chain has several cafés in the city centre and two in the Domodedovo airport. The thing uniting these coffee shops is the passion for coffee in all its forms. You can try a large number of espresso-based beverages or some of their cakes, pastries and desserts.
Adresse: 2 Trubnaya Ploshad, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 229 84 59

Stolovaya 57

Stolovaya 57 is an affordable eatery that replicates Soviet-style canteens in both atmosphere and menu selection - food here is simple but filling, with dishes bearing little difference from those served decades ago. Located directly inside GUM shopping center in Red Square.
Adresse: Red Square, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 620 31 29

Lyudi Kak Lyudi

One of the best cafes in Kitay-Gorod area of Moscow, Lyudi Kak Lyudi is very popular with locals - one would be lucky to secure a spot to be seated during peak hours. Serves sweet and savoury pies and pastries, as well as fresh fruit smoothies.
Adresse: 1/4 Solyanskiy Tupik, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 621 12 01

Upside Down Cake Company

Upside Down Cake Company is a bakery inspired by the metropolis New York and has cool interior with white walls and granite table tops. The pastry menu is quite impressive, containing cupcakes, ciabatta sandwiches, coconut pie and a number of cakes, just to mention a few.
Adresse: 76B Gruzinskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
Telefon: +7 499 250 07 31

Margarita Bistro

This nice café, named after Bulgakov’s novel "The Master and Margarita," lies next to the Patriarch’s pond. Come here in the evening, have a beer and listen to live violin and piano music.
Adresse: 28 Malaya Bronnaya Ulitsa, Moscow


A summertime staple, this bar belong to its namesake Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and attracts a with-it crowd. Its open-air terrace buzzes with patrons sipping on cocktails all throughout the warm season. Weekends see parties with dancing, DJ sets and the occasional performing musicians.
Adresse: Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 14/5, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 771 74 16


Propaganda is a real underground club classic. Here famous DJ’s play before a good-looking crowd - with an age range of roughly 20-40 represented. The club is open every day (during the daylight hours it operates as a restaurant/cafe), and plays house music during the weekends.
Adresse: 7 Bolshoy Zlatoustinskiy Pereulok, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 624 57 32


An atmospheric wine bar that reportedly attracts Moscow's liberal intelligentsia, but is equally positively inclined towards anyone that chooses to stop by. There are several locations around Moscow (and beyond), all consistent in their Parisian brasserie-style interior decor, red coloured walls, and a menu of classic French dishes.
Adresse: Nikitsky bul 12, Moscow
Telefon: +7 968 665 51 10

Chinese Pilot Jao Da

A longstanding nightlife venue holding a near-legendary status, the bar is named after a semi-fictional character (17 stories of his life and adventures adjourn the walls). Live music is often played here, and the crowd is known for being exceptionally welcoming.
Adresse: 25/12 Lubyansky Proezd, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 924 56 11

16 Tons Club

This popular English pub brews its own namesake beer in-house (the brew has even gotten several international awards). The venue is also known for hosting some of the capital's best concerts - both local and international artists and bands.
Adresse: Ulitsa Presnenskiy Val, 6, стр. 1, Moscow
Telefon: +7 499 253 53 00
Åpningstider: Daily 11am–6am


Unlike some of Moscow's more refined evening establishments, the pub Belfast invites guests to kick back and relax, watching a live sports broadcast, enjoying traditional Irish pub grub, or singing along to Irish folk songs.
Adresse: Sredniy Ovchinnikovskiy Pereulok, 1, стр.13, Moscow
Telefon: +7 926 947 12 87
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 12pm–12am, Fri 12pm–2am, Sat 3pm–2am, Sun 3pm–12am

Hookah Bar Friends

Housed inside a refurbished apartment, this cosy hookah bar entices with its oriental decor and a great selection of hookah flavours. Guests are welcome to make use of board games.
Adresse: Ulitsa Bol'shaya Ordynka, 13 корпус 9, Moscow
Telefon: +7 925 918 12 86
Åpningstider: Sun–Thu 12pm–2am, Fri–Sat 12pm–4am

Popular Shopping Streets

Popular shopping streets are Noviy Arbat and the more exclusive Kuznetskiy, but the number one shopping street is Tverskaya ulitsa. Stalin had the street restored in the 1930’s, so here, too, there is evidence of his liking for massive, grey buildings.


Those who wish to start their shopping trip at one of the shopping centres with the finest old traditions in the world should head for GUM. The building was designed in the new Russian style at the end of 19th century. During the Stalinist period, GUM was temporarily converted into offices. Today it accommodates a plethora of international luxury brands, and is more of a landmark than a go-to shopping location.
Adresse: 3 Krasnaya Ploshad, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 788 43 43

Eliseyevskiy Store

Eliseyevskiy store is the name of Moscow’s most famous delicatessen shop (known during the Soviet period as Gastronomy no. 1). This is the place to buy your ration of vodka, caviar, and other local delicacies. Russians are avid tea drinkers and at Chudesa Podnebesnoi you can find the finest Chinese teas.
Adresse: 14 Tverskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 650-46-43

Perlov Tea House

This late 19th century building stands out dramatically against its surroundings. It was built to emulate ornate Chinese tea houses of the era, and remains in its near-original condition to-date. Inside, multiple varieties of tea are sold both by weight and by package. There is a little on-site cafe that sells sweets, teas and coffee.
Adresse: Myasnitskaya 19, Moscow


Perhaps the capital's trendiest shopping mall, attractive for both its wide array of international retail brands and a two-floor food court with quality eateries.
Adresse: Tsvetnoy Blvd, 15 bld. 1, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 737 77 73

Flacon Design Factory

One of several repurposed industrial spaces in Moscow, Flacon is among the best: once a glass factory, it has now been transformed into a collection of hip enterprises that range from cool stores (do not miss the "Respublika" book shop and its fun merch) to cafes, coworking spaces, and art installations.
Adresse: Bol'shaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 36, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 790 79 01

Izmaylovo Market

One of the most famous places in Moscow for buying souvenirs is at the Izmaylovo Market. Here you can find all the typical Russian souvenirs like matryoshka dolls and fur hats. The market is quite big, so make sure to have enough time and money when coming here.
Adresse: Izmaylovo Market, Moscow

Vnukovo International Airport

The city's third and most compact airport, Vnukovo is located approximately 28 kilometres southwest of the city centre. The air hub is best reached by Aeroexpress trains departing from the Kievskaya Railway Station. Several mini-buses also run here from Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station (south end of the red line).
Telefon: +7 495 937-55-55

Sheremetyevo International Airport

The largest international airport in Moscow is Sheremetyevo International Airport, located 30 kilometres from the city centre. The easiest and fastest way to reach any of Moscow's three major airports is by Aeroexpress - a fast train designated for air travelers (train departs from Belorussky Railway Station). The train ride takes 35 minutes. Another way to get here is by taxi. At the airport you can order taxis at the operator desk. You can usually book a taxi in advance through the hotel or travel agency when going to the airport. Alternatively, there are different bus routes. The buses take about 30-70 minutes depending on the route and your final destination. When traveling by car or bus, do keep in mind that rush hour traffic may sometimes be very dense, and significant delays are possible.
Adresse: Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 578 65 65

Domodedovo International Airport

Another large airport in Moscow is Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The airport is located 22 kilometres away from the city. You can also reach the airport from Domodedovskaya underground station by mini-bus or bus and from Paveletsky railway station by train. The train from Paveletsky railway station takes 40-50 minutes going on the Aeroexpress train, and 1 hour and 10 minutes on the commuter train. The express buses and shuttles from Domodedovskaya underground station take 25-30 minutes and leave every 15 minutes. Buses run from 6am-12am. Taxis can be ordered at the domestic and international arrivals hall. There are car rental services at the airport.
Adresse: Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 933 6666


Moscow has one of the world’s most beautiful underground railways which operates very efficiently. If you carry big luggage on the metro, make sure you buy a special luggage ticket. Tickets can be bought at station entrances - either at vending machines or special staffed kiosks.If you plan to use the metro multiple times during your stay, it makes sense to purchase a top-up card called "Troika".
Telefon: +7 495 688 02 93

Public Transport

In Moscow there are also buses, trolley buses and trams apart from the beautiful metro. Tickets can be bought from the kiosks in the street or from the driver and validated once aboard.
Telefon: +7 495 950 4204


In Moscow the easiest way to get a taxi is the traditional way: to stand in the street and hold out your arm. Civilian cars like to operate as taxis, it is therefore recommended to only use professional taxi services. Taxi meters are not always used, so agree on a price before travelling. English-speaking taxi services in Moscow: Welcome Taxi +7 499 922 06 74 LingoTaxi: +7 495 204 21 34


There are many post offices around town. If you want to send a letter you can drop it of in one of the dark blue post boxes. Main Post Office:
Adresse: Ul. Myasnitskaya 26, Moscow
Telefon: +7 495 623 67 01
Åpningstider: Open 12 am-12 am


Medical care may be very expensive if you do not have insurance. Hotels often have their own doctor, so start there if you need help. There are dozens of pharmacies all throughout the city, and many work 24/7. Rigla 102 15/43 Arbat, Moscow Apteka 36,6 25 str 1A Zemlyanoy val, Moscow


National code: +7 Area code: 495/499


220 volt, 50 Hz