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Saint Lucia is a deliciously exquisite island nation located in the lesser Antilles. Bathed in shimmering Caribbean waters, which imbue St Lucia in a characteristically laidback atmosphere, the island also borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to white sandy beaches and sky-high volcanoes that rise up out of the ground and stand tall over the landscape. Once a European colony, the now sovereign nation of Saint Lucia is a popular cruise ship destination for tourists who seek both relaxation and adventure.
Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Carnival

For a few days during the year the locals of Saint Lucia don their fanciest and most summery carnivalesque costumes before taking to the streets. Hailed as one of the best carnival celebrations in the Americas, this yearly event manages to portray the Caribbean culture of this small island nation perfectly. The festival arrives at its climax with a two-day long parade of live music, feathers, beads and scantily clad carnival-goers moving rhythmically under the radiant Saint Lucian sun.
Åpningstider: June and July
Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Jazz Festival

The island's natural landscape and warm culture works as the perfect backdrop for the annual jazz festival that takes place in Saint Lucia. Curated by 'Jazz at Lincoln Center' in New York, the line-up for the festival includes some of the world's most prominent jazz musicians and is sure to leave any music lover thoroughly impressed. Add to that the awe-inspiring natural landmark of Pigeon Island at the open-air stage and the improptu dance parties that make the event uniquely Saint Lucian.
Adresse: Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia
Åpningstider: May 4th - 12th
Saint Lucia

Dive Fest

With a very self-explanatory name for a diving festival, Dive Fest delivers exactly what it says on the packet. Surrounded by a crystal clear tropical ocean, Saint Lucia is the ideal place for scuba diving enthusiasts. Get your gear on and be prepared for what the Caribbean Sea has to reveal. You will see the most colorful and majestic of marine wildlife effortlessly gliding past you in the tranquil waters at one of the island's more than 22 world-class diving sites. Take part in the events organised around the theme of scuba diving and join in with the fun.
Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Roots & Soul Festival

Every year in the month of August, reggae fans are in for a treat on the island of Saint Lucia. With afro-punk, R&B and hip-hop outfits all regularly on the line-up too, the Roots & Soul festival is three days of reggae classics as well as the most innovative names on the current scene. Live shows usually take place at a couple of different locations on the island, such as Rodney Bay and the Pigeon Island National Landmark.
Åpningstider: August 23rd - 25th
Billetter: Prices vary depending on the day
Saint Lucia

Anse Mamin Beach

Get away from the holiday-making masses and head down to the southern part of the island. Here you can give the beach of Anse Mamin a try. Not far from Soufrière, this beach is one of the area's quieter spots to have a relaxing time and go for a soothing swim in the water.
Saint Lucia

Gros Piton

Indisputably Saint Lucia's most iconic landmarks, the Pitons are a pair of volcanic mountains that rise up by the coast, looming magnificently over the nearby beaches. They are a wonder to simply admire from any of the surrounding spots, but for the more adventurous, there is also the option of climbing your way up Gros Piton's green slopes. Gros Piton is at 798 m of altitude, which might seem like a reasonably attainable goal for seasoned hikers. However, due to the heat and humidity of the rainforest, the expedition often feels lengthier and more physically demanding than what many climbers initially believe they have let themselves in for. Please make sure to be prepared. Once you're at the foot of Gros Piton you will be assigned a trained guide to accompany you. The route up the mountain includes caves, a rainforest, and two different summits with equally stunning views. A good 3 to 6 hours are required for a comfortable round trip to the summit and back; and it is preferable to climb Gros Piton during the dry season.
Saint Lucia

Sulphur Springs Park

As the world's only drive-in volcano, Sulphur Springs Park in Soufrière is one of the island's main attractions. Visitors can go on a guided tour of the place and learn about the history of the volcano, before immersing themselves in the black water mud baths. These natural waters for bathing in have detoxifying properties and they also make for great family fun!
Åpningstider: Daily 9.00 - 17.00.
Billetter: Prices vary - check website for full details
Saint Lucia

Tet Paul Nature Trail

This hiking trail near the Piton mountains follows a wonderfully scenic itinerary from which you can admire a stunning view of the Pitons themselves, as well as other beautiful locations on the island. You can even catch a glimpse of the far away island of Martinique.
Billetter: US$10 per person
Saint Lucia

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Pigeon Island is the wonderful backdrop to Saint Lucia's annual jazz festival. Despite its name, it is not an island but a peninsula. A man-made causeway drawing out into the sea connects what was once the island to the mainland. Before 1972 it was surrounded by water on all sides, but thanks to the construction of the causeway that was built at the time, visitors can now walk to the site. Aside from being a landmark of immense beauty and great intrinsic value to the nation of Saint Lucia itself, Pigeon Island is also home to the historical ruins of military buildings used during the armed confrontations between the French and the British in the fight for control over Saint Lucia. The historical site is also home to two lovely beaches, as well as a couple of restaurants and a pub. Don't miss the viewpoint atop the hill, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the island's northwest coast.
Billetter: US$10 per person
Saint Lucia

Rodney Bay & Gros Islet

Facing out into the waters of Rodney Bay, on the northern tip of Saint Lucia, is the village of Gros Islet, a quiet fishing town which is also now a prominent tourist resort on the island. Take a walk and discover all of the charming nooks and crannies of the village or join in with the fun at the ever-popular Jump Up street party, which takes place on the town every Friday night. Another idea is to head to the beach and take a scenic ride up and down the shore on horseback with Island Riders.
Saint Lucia

Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park

Morne Coubaril is an 18th century estate near the town of Soufriére. It offers visitors the chance to learn about the history of the former plantation the estate is located on while also being an adventure park complete with a zipline, horse riding activities, a natural spa at a mineral waterfall, open-air restaurants and a gift shop selling local produce. The view of the iconic Piton Mountains makes for a very scenic backdrop to the zipline.
Adresse: Morne Coubaril Estate, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 712 5808
Saint Lucia

Pink Plantation House (Castries)

If you're a fan of art and great food, then this should be a must on your list. The Pink Plantation House is absolutely deliciously Caribbean and, well, pink. Only on the outside though. On the inside, the house harbors a top-quality restaurant, an art gallery and even rooms to stay in, which are as enticing as the food on their menu. All of the ingredients that go into your meal here are locally sourced. The lobster and the fish are freshly caught, while the vegetables and fruit are grown by Saint Lucian farmers in the area. Enveloped in an assemblage of abundant tropical vegetation, the house's immediate surroundings are the perfect environment to sit down for lunch or to wake up and start the morning in sunny and blue Saint Lucia.
Adresse: The Morn, Chef Harry Drive, Port Castries, Castries, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 452 5422
Saint Lucia

Liz Roti (Rodney Bay)

Currently rated the best place to eat in Rodney Bay, Liz Roti is an absolute treat and very low-priced. Liz is a local who, along with her husband, offers hungry visitors snacks and meals at her little home by the beach. You might find her walking up and down the sand selling her stunningly tasty rotis. Shrimp, beef, fish or chicken, pick your choice. Liz's finger-licking pineapple cakes are also up for grabs, amongst other mouth-watering sweet and savory delicacies. Don't miss the chance to pick up a treat that's delivered straight to your sunbed on Reduit Beach.
Adresse: Reduit Beach Drive, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 723 2911
Saint Lucia

Spice of India (Rodney Bay)

This restaurant is a small corner of India in the Caribbbean and is one of Rodney Bay's finest restaurants. Whether you are familiar with Indian dishes or you are just up for trying something new, you should certainly give the Spice of India a go. Be it lunch or dinner, this hallmark of Indian cuisine in the West Indies serves every dish you would expect from a restaurant of its kind in its most delicious form. From chicken tikka masala to vegetable jalfrezi and caramel bananas with ice cream for dessert, the chefs' exquisite creations here are nothing short of exceptional.
Adresse: Baywalk Shopping Mall, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 458 4243
Åpningstider: Tue - Sun 12.00 - 16.00 and 18.00 onwards.
Saint Lucia

Jade Mountain Club (Soufriere)

Treat yourself to a fancy meal in an ambiance of luxury and pay a visit to Jade Mountain Club. An excellent dining option, if slightly on the pricey side, this restaurant in the town of Soufrière offers stunning views of the Pitons. Its gorgeous decoration and beautifully lit design will make you feel like you have landed in paradise. Service is excellent and refined, while the food is delicate and sophisticated. Get ready to be pampered.
Adresse: Anse Chastanet, Soufriere, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 719 7365
Saint Lucia

Martha's Tables (Soufriere)

Some of the best food in Soufrière can be found at Martha's Tables. Local creole cuisine is provided by Martha and her daughter, who bring the best of Saint Lucia to your plate. If you're looking to taste typical Caribbean cuisine this is the place to go. Stop by for lunch, meet Martha and prepare to be amazed by her remarkable skills in cooking up local delicacies. All of this authentic food is to be enjoyed in pure Saint Lucian style in a beautiful outdoor setting.
Adresse: Malgretoute Jalousie Road, Soufriere, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 459 7270
Saint Lucia

Fedo's (Soufriere)

If what you're looking for is a taste of the local cuisine at an affordable price look no further than Fedo's in the town of Soufrière. This homely and hospitable restaurant has a very authentic Saint Lucian touch to it. The simple, genuine and unpretentious way it presents itself goes hand in hand with the wholesome qualities of its food and staff.
Adresse: New Development, Soufrière, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 459 5220
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 11.00 - 15.00. Sat 9.00 - 17.00.
Saint Lucia

Blue Monkey Café (Rodney Bay)

Despite there being absolutely no primates of this sort on the island, this café in Rodney Bay seems to have taken its name from an imaginary blue one. Head to the Blue Monkey if you are in the mood for a snack or a light meal. There is an ample breakfast menu, as well as salads, burgers, roti and pasta bowls for lunch. Alternatively, take a break at the outdoor benches and enjoy a good old cup of coffee. With friendly staff and tasty food, it is a welcome stop on your way to or from a relaxing time at the beach.
Adresse: Rodney Bay JQ Mall, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 451 4049
Saint Lucia

Salt Rush Café (Laborie)

On the southern tip of the island, in the town of Laborie, stop for a little something at Salt Rush Café. In a privileged and quiet location right on the beach you can enjoy the vistas while you sip on your rum punch or your coffee. If you are staying nearby, watch as the waves gently crash against the shore while you wake up to a delicious and hearty breakfast in the morning sun. This certainly is a welcoming little piece of paradise where you'll find some of the town's tastiest grub.
Adresse: Laborie WaterFront, Laborie, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 454 3686
Saint Lucia

Café Olé (Rodney Bay)

Overlooking Rodney Bay Marina, amongst palm trees and a sea of masts is Café Olé. Make a stop here and you'll be happily greeted by the friendly staff. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a ice-cold Piton beer while you wind down and admire the sunset on a quiet evening by the bay. Satisfy your hunger and devour one of the appetizing sandwiches on the menu or take in the splendid views while you slowly sip on one of the café's natural fruit smoothies.
Adresse: Rodney Bay Marina, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 452 8726
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 7.00 - 22.00. Sun 8.00 - 22.00.
Saint Lucia

Adeline's Art Café (Canaries)

Adeline's café is in the west-coast town of Canaries. Here is where the finest of sweet treats joins forces with some truly charming artwork made by local artists whose pieces ooze with appeal and beauty. These traditional masks and figures carved out of wood are the perfect match for Adeline's delightful culinary creations. The mouth-watering cakes and flavorsome fruit drinks unquestionably live up to their fabulous reputation.
Adresse: Flora Villa, Canaries, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 284 1059
Saint Lucia

The Reef Beach Café (Vieux Fort)

In an outstanding location for a café, this is one of Vieux Fort's most acclaimed eateries. The Reef Beach Café is all 'internet, milkshakes, seafood, cappuccino and pizza', at least on its own account. Right by the sea, this small establishment boasts an outdoor terrace with tables and chairs laid out on the sand, sheltered from the heat of the sun by a handful of trees. Quiet and idyllic, the location is just right if what you are seeking is some scrumptious sustenance by the beach.
Adresse: Sandy Beach, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 454 3418
Åpningstider: Mon 8.00 - 18.00. Tues - Sun 8.00 - 22.00.
Saint Lucia

'Jump Up' Street Parties (Gros Islet)

Every Friday night at Gros Islet, locals and tourists get together to dance and chill until the wee hours of the morning. Enjoy the Caribbean night to the rhythm of calypso, zouk, and reggae blasting out from various loudspeakers in the area. Soak up the summery vibes amongst the stands of street vendors selling ribs, fish, and jerk chicken, while you sip at a very Saint Lucian rum punch or a typically local Piton beer. If you want to get a real taste of the local nightlife, head down to 'Jump Up' past 11pm, when the families of tourists have finally called it a day. At this time, a lot of the locals will have ended their shifts and will be heading out to party.
Adresse: Dauphin Street, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia

Rum Therapy Bar & Treatment Centre (Castries)

Right by the docking station at the port of Castries is one of the island's most popular and successful rum bars. We imagine that the name of the establishment is a hint to the wonderful medicinal properties of simply stopping by and putting your feet up with one of the strong rum punches served by the expert hands behind the bar. The bar also serves Piton beer and holds the occasional karaoke night.
Adresse: Point Seraphine, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 459 0301
Åpningstider: Every day Nov-May, Thursdays only Jun-Oct
Saint Lucia

Rodney Bay Village

The mellow and easy-going atmosphere on the island probably accounts for the fact that down in Rodney Bay most nights of the week are the perfect excuse to stay out late dancing, singing, partying and, of course, enjoying some delicious food. Taking a walk around the centre of this vibrant village, you will notice that there is a varied array of dining options on offer. Catering to all tastes and budgets, Rodney Bay's eateries range from Indian cuisine to traditional steakhouses. After dinner, why not take another walk and stop by at one of the live music events or show off your skills at karaoke? Between the pumping soca music and the mellow sounds of reggae, you will soon realise that here, the good times never end.
Saint Lucia

Irie Bar (Gros Islet)

With overwhelmingly positive reviews, Irie Bar in Gros Islet is the place to get down and go rum-crazy at. This reggae-themed bar made from a bamboo structure is located by the beach in the town of Gros Islet. It is at its liveliest on a Friday night, when locals and holidaymakers get together to enjoy the chill atmosphere, the reggae music and the tasty rum.
Adresse: Church Street, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 712 8634
Saint Lucia

Anse La Raye Seafood Friday

As an alternative to Gros Islet's Friday night street party, the town of Anse La Raye, on the west coast of the island, hosts its own Seafood Friday party. As opposed to its counterpart in Gros Islet, in Anse La Raye, the party is more family-friendly and food-focused. Locals cook all sorts of yummy seafood-based delicacies, which are enjoyed at communal tables on the village's seafront street. The party begins at around 6.30pm and everyone starts packing up towards 10pm.
Adresse: Anse La Raye, Saint Lucia
Åpningstider: Fri 18.30 - 22.00.
Saint Lucia

Diamonds International

A piece of fine jewelry is surely the most classy and sophisticated of all types of souvenirs, if you can call it that. What better memory can you treasure than that of your loved one gifting you a beautiful diamond ring on a romantic trip to the Caribbean? If you’re starting to think this might be a nice idea you’ll want to head over to Diamonds International. The wonderful staff will be able to help you with your choice of purchase, as they are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. So if you’re convinced that your significant other deserves a special treat, don’t hesitate – this is the place to go.
Adresse: Pointe Seraphine, Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia

Island Mix (Rodney Bay)

By the port of Rodney Bay is a reasonably sized shop that is home to more than 60 local Saint Lucian artisans. Here you’ll find everything from art to home decor, clothes, wood carvings, pottery and jewelry. You never know, browsing around you might just find the perfect souvenir to take back home with you. A menu of snacks is available and a range of beverages are served on the shop patio by the marina.
Adresse: Seagrape Road, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia
Åpningstider: Mon - Wed 9.30 - 18.00. Thu 9.30 - 20.00. Fri 9.30 - 18.00. Sat 10.00 - 18.00.
Saint Lucia

Eudovic's Art Studio (Castries)

If you're looking to bag that special item that will take you back to the splendid time you had at the island of Saint Lucia, look no further than Eudovic’s humble establishment. Eudovic is the island’s first wood sculptor. Visitors are offered a free tour of the studio where he creates his artworks. Here you will get to learn about everything from the tools he uses to the artistic and technical processes he employs to arrive at the results of his wonderful creations. All of this will leave you eager to take home a little piece of his artistry from the gift shop for a very moderate price.
Adresse: Goodlands, Castries, Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia

Castries Market

Soak up the local life and take a trip to the market in Castries, where you’ll encounter some very tropical produce and have a chance to mingle with the locals. Stock up on fruit and veg or simply roam around and take in the atmosphere.
Adresse: Castries, Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia

Zaka Art Café (Soufriere)

Visit this typically Saint Lucian establishment, where amazingly tasty artisan coffee made from locally grown beans meets art. The handmade zaka masks on sale at the café are now one of the island's classics. With their stretched and pointy faces, the colourful masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making for a perfectly Caribbean souvenir. Meals are also available at the café, but make sure you book in advance if you want to stop by for a traditional creole lunch or dinner.
Adresse: Maurice Mason Street, Soufrière, Saint Lucia
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 8.30 - 17.00. Sun 8.30 - 13.00.
Saint Lucia

Passport / Visa

Citizens of European Union member-states (except the UK and Ireland), as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days. Citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa and a few other countries are entitled to stay for a maximum of 6 weeks (42 days). Visitors of other nationalities might need to apply for a visa in advance. More information is available on the dedicated page Government of Saint Lucia:
Saint Lucia

Best Time to Visit Saint Lucia

High season in Saint Lucia is usually from December to April. This is the busiest period and, therefore, the price of accommodation during these months is at its highest. You might also want to take into account that June to November is the wet season, when weather is rainier and more humid. It is the Caribbean's official hurricane season. Storms are most likely to happen from August to October. Also, the island's two big yearly events, the St Lucia Jazz Festival and the carnival, are in May and July, respectively.
Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Cruise Ports

Most cruise ships dock at the country's capital, Castries, while some other smaller touristic vessels stop at Pigeon Island and La Soufrière. Once your cruise ship has docked at the port you can hop off and enjoy the island! It's good to know that, for the most part, major cruise ships stop at Pointe Seraphine in Castries. From here it takes around 20 minutes to get into the centre of town on foot. An alternative is to take a water taxi there and back for about US$5. Ships that do not dock at Pointe Seraphine usually stop at La Place Carenage, which is in the town center. If you have the time to roam around other parts of the island, do not hesitate to have a wander around Rodney Bay, just a 20-minute drive away from Castries, where you'll find the best beach on the island. Also, we recommend you take a boat trip down to Soufrière, where you can visit the Pitons and the Sulphur Springs Park. Shore excursions are organized by multiple local providers, one well-reviewed of which includes St. Lucia Best Experience Tours:
Adresse: Gros Islet, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 713 7117
Saint Lucia

Hewanorra International Airport

Hewanorra (UVF) is Saint Lucia's main airport. Located on the Southern tip of the island, in the town of Vieux Fort., the airport is 40 miles (64 km) away from Castries. Many airlines fly to Hewanorra from the USA, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. If you are flying in from the UK there are direct flights from London and Manchester. Most hotels and resorts on the island are located in the north of Saint Lucia. Travelling from the airport to the north can take somewhere between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half. Alternatively, the town of Soufrière, in the west, is approximately 50 minutes away by taxi. There is a departure tax of EC$68 (US$26) per person that is usually paid when booking flights.
Adresse: Hewanorra International Airport, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 457 6100
Saint Lucia

George FL Charles Airport

George FL Charles (SLU) is the island's second airport. It is located in the capital town of Castries and has connections to other Caribbean islands such as Antigua, Barbados, Curaçao, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad & Tobago, Saint Kitts, Saint Martin and Saint Vincent. If you are flying in from outside of the Caribbean you might need to use the island's main airport, which is called Hewanorra (UVF). Check the section on this other airport to know more.
Adresse: Peninsular Road, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 452 1156
Saint Lucia


A privately owned network of minivans acts as the island's main cost-effective transportation system. They follow the ring road that circles the island, stopping at every town. In towns, buses will stop at specifically designated bus stops, whereas in rural Saint Lucia, you can expect the buses to pull over at any convenient spot on the road as long as you have signaled to the driver appropriately. Once you are on the bus make sure to call out 'stopping driver' before you reach the stop you want to get off at. Services between towns tend to be frequent and run until approximately 19.00. Between Castries and Gros Islet services run until past 22.00. Most services do not run on Sundays. Castries to Gros Islet or Marigot Bay is around EC$2.50. Castries to Soufrière, EC$8.
Saint Lucia


Taxis in Saint Lucia are not metered. Instead, they are usually set according to standard fares. If the taxi ride is long the price may be negotiable. Make sure to agree on a set fare with the taxi driver before beginning your journey. A couple of taxi companies based in the area: Marc's Taxi Service and Tours +1 758-718-8012 St. Lucia Transportation +1 758-717-8604
Saint Lucia


The General Post Office is located on Bridge Street in Castries. You can find out about all the other post offices on the island by accessing the national postal service's website below.
Adresse: General Post Office, Bridge Street, Castries, Saint Lucia
Telefon: +1 758 452 2671
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 8.15 - 16.30.
Saint Lucia


Opening times for pharmacies vary. Most are open Monday to Saturday from around 8.00 to 17.00, although the pharmacies you can find in Massy Stores supermarkets may close as late as 22.00. Find a list of all pharmacies on the island with their respective contact details on the website below.
Saint Lucia


Country code: +1 758
Saint Lucia


240 V / 50 Hz Power sockets type G