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Nestled within the lush Al-Ahsa Oasis in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the city of Al Hofuf (also known as Al-Ahsa or Al-Hasa) sprawls over the palm-tree covered lands inhabited since prehistoric times. Al Hofuf is packed with historic sites, architectural monuments, and natural wonders, from forts and palaces to the whimsical Qara Mountain Caves and natural springs.

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Qaisariah Souq

The Qaisariah Souq is a cultural attraction just as much as a shopping venue - the souq is well-preserved to reflect the spirit of ancient times, Arabic architecture and traditional markets. Vendors sell all manner of things (fabrics, crafts, spices, etc.) in the unique, old-time atmosphere of the souq.
Adresse: King Abdul Aziz, Hofuf

Al Ahsa National Park

The National Park is a beautiful green oasis located in the area of Umran, in close proximity to the Qara Mountain. Originally planned to prevent desert sands being blown into the city of Umran, the park has now transformed into a family-friendly green destination. The park welcomes visitors to its green spaces, playgrounds, recreation areas and even swimming pools all through the day.
Adresse: Al Ahsa National Park, Al Umran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Uqair Beach

An hour long train ride east from the Hofuf railway station is the ancient fort of Uqair and Uqair Beach - a stretch of land perfectly fit for a beach day trip from Hofuf. There is little infrastructure in the area, so prepare everything you may need in advance - including swimming gear and snacks.
Adresse: Uqair, Saudi Arabia

Al-Qara Caves

The extraordinary rock formations and caves of Al-Qara are, perhaps, the most prominent landmark of the region and deserve a day trip of their own. Wandering through the maze is pleasant any time of year - the caves stay cool during summer, warm throughout the winter months and the mountaintop offer unobstructed views of the beautiful palm oasis beneath. The legend has it, these caves is where Judas ended his life after the biblical betrayal.
Adresse: Al Qarah, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim Palace

A monument of Ottoman architecture, the palace is an ancient fort with walls built from then-common materials of mud and straw. There is a small museum of Ottoman artifacts and a mosque on its premises, and the palace is open to visitors all days of the week.
Adresse: King Faisal Road, Hofuf


Hofuf is not a city distinguished by a huge variety of fine dining establishments, and Topaz would certainly be a good choice for those looking to visit a higher-end establishment. The menu is extensive and varied, and it includes Middle Eastern and international dishes.
Adresse: Al Khalij Rd, Al Muthallath, Al Hofuf
Telefon: +966 13 580 8888
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm–1am

Bharat Restaurant Indian Kitchen

Bharat is a celebrated local restaurant that serves Indian classics and is hailed as the best Indian restaurant in town. The extensive menu includes a variety of vegetarian and meat-based dishes (do not miss the "biryani"). The seating area ambience is pleasant, too.
Adresse: Al Khalij Road, Al Muthallath, Hofuf
Telefon: +966 13 581 1100
Åpningstider: Sun–Wed 12pm–12am, Thu–Sat 12pm–1am


The restaurant's menu, albeit international, is heavily inspired by Italian cuisine, which shows through even in the local interpretations of the Italian classics. The interior is elegant and understated, and a special emphasis is made on the food presentation.
Adresse: King Fahd Rd, Al Hofuf
Telefon: +966 3 584 7777
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm–12am

Bayt Jaddi

Located not far from Hofuf Mall (at the crossing of Abu Baka as Siddiq and Kind Abdulayiy Road), this eatery is a locals' darling. The place serves tapas-style Middle Eastern dishes and snack foods and is a popular choice for breakfast--cheese-stuffed omelettes are a big hit.
Adresse: King Abdulaziz Road, Al Hofuf
Telefon: +966 13 586 5009
Åpningstider: Daily 4–11:30am

La Terrasse Cafe

Expect a short wait to be sated at this upscale cafe, for there is often a line of repeat customers at the door. The menu is Italian-inspired, with "risotto balls" being held in high regard by customers. Desserts are decadent--try the chocolate or date pudding.
Adresse: Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz Street, Hofuf
Telefon: +966 54 531 5223
Åpningstider: Sat–Thu 8am–12am, Fri 4pm–12am

Vitamin Palace

Vitamin Palace attracts visitors with its enticing display of fresh colourful fruit and offers a large variety of fruit juices and smoothies. The cafe also offers a few meal options--traditional Arabic shawarma, sandwiches, and other dishes are available to order.
Adresse: Al Khalij Rd, Al Rawdha, Al Hofuf
Telefon: +966 13 588 2500
Åpningstider: Sat–Thu 10am–2am, Fri 1pm–2am

Traditional Village Market

The Traditional Village Market is a shopping area with everything from clothing and jewelry to electronics and furniture on sale. Quite a few vendors sell hand-made items, carpets and various traditional crafts. There are a few cozy restaurants and cafés on site, as well as recreation and entrainment areas for kids.
Adresse: Al Dawaer Al Hokomeyah District, Hofuf

Qaisariah Souq

The Qaisariah Souq is a cultural attraction just as much as a shopping venue - the souq is well-preserved to reflect the spirit of ancient times, Arabic architecture and traditional markets. Vendors sell all manner of things (fabrics, crafts, spices, etc.) in the unique, old-time atmosphere of the souq.
Adresse: King Abdul Aziz, Hofuf

Al-Ahsa Mall

One of the several shopping malls in the area, Al-Ahsa Mall contains a large variety of shops and boutiques. Clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics and much more are represented by local and international brands.
Adresse: King Abdullah Road, Hofuf
Telefon: +966 3 562 2322

Al Othaim Mall

The family-friendly Al Othaim Mall (just a few meters away from another large shopping mall - Al Bustan) is a shopping and entertainment center offering activities such as bowling, billiards and archery alongside a large variety of local and international brand stores. The food court contains over 30 restaurants.
Adresse: Dhahran Road, Al Mubarraz
Telefon: +966 59 894 7777

Al-Ahsa International Airport

The airport is located 17km away from the city of Hofuf. Some hotels offer private transfers/shuttles to and from the airport. When no transfer is arranged, use the taxi service at the airport (taxi stand in the city center is located next to the SAPTCO office).
Adresse: Airport Road, Hofuf

Saudi Arabia eVisa

Saudi Arabia introduced a new eVisa system in October 2019, dramatically simplifying visa applications for citizens of multiple world countries, including the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, and much of Europe. The new multiple-entry visa will be processed within record time (as quickly as 30 minutes), issued for one year, and will allow visitors to stay in the country for up to 90 days during its validity period. This marks a watershed moment in the country’s history, as Saudi Arabia has historically been off limits to non-Muslim tourists, with visas notoriously difficult to secure. Citizens of countries not covered by the eVisa program will still need to turn to their nearest consulate to obtain a visa.

Public Transport

Buses and trains run to multiple destinations throughout KSA (Dammam, Riyadh, Nairiyah and Jeddah. Al-Ahsa Station
Adresse: King Fahd Road, Hofuf
Telefon: +966 13 5822065


The main taxi stand is located right next to the SAPTCO office in the city center.
Adresse: King Faisal Road, Hofuf

Post Office

Saudi Post - Ahsa Central Post Office
Telefon: +966 50 421 2950


Pharmacies can be found all throughout the city. Al-Dawaa Pharmacies: Al-Khalij Road (next to InterContinental Hotel); King Abdullah Road (next to the Hospital); Prince Salman Street (next to Kind Fahad Hospital)
Adresse: Hofuf


+966 Saudi country code 13 Hofuf city code


127/220 V, 60 Hz Different types of sockets used, travel adapter may be needed

Cultural Norms

When strolling and exploring the city please make sure you wear the appropriate attire. Women should be covered from neck to ankle and in certain areas scarves are used to cover the face and head. Shorts and tank tops should not be worn outside of your accommodation by women. For men, loose clothing is recommended and shorts are prohibited. When visiting, please make sure you respect and abide by the laws and culture of the country.