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For more than one billion of the world's population, Mecca is the holiest of sites, being the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and the city of the revelation. Due to its religious importance, millions of pilgrims come here year after year from every corner of the planet, making it one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the Muslim world, a true melting pot of peoples and cultures.

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Al-Haram Mosque

Al-Masjid Al-Haram, literally 'the Forbidden Mosque', is one of the three most sacred mosques in Islam, along with An-Nabawi in Medina and Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, and also the largest in the world. Every year millions of worshippers visit the mosque on their Hajj pilgrimage to perform the Salah, 'act of worship', and the Tawaf, which consists of seven circular walks around the Kaaba, the sacred building that contains the Black Stone.
Adresse: Al-Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca

The Kaaba

The Kaaba is located inside Al-Haram Mosque and is the holiest site in Islam. It was built by Prophet Abraham and his son, Prophet Ishmael, to house the Black Stone, given to them by the Archangel Gabriel. The Black Stone was placed in the eastern corner of the Kaaba by Prophet Muhammad and it has the appearance of a fragmented black rock.
Adresse: Al-Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca

Jabal Al-Nour

Literally 'The Mountain of Light', it is the place where Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation and it is thus a place of worship and devotion visited by many pilgrims. On this mountain the Cave of Hira is to be found, where the Prophet spent much time in meditation and received the first verses of the Quran.
Adresse: Jabal Al-Nour, Mecca

Abraj Al-Bait

This enormous hotel complex is composed of seven skyscrapers located right next to Al-Haram Mosque. The Makkah Clock Royal Tower is the third tallest building in the world with a staggering height of 581.1 metres. It contains the five-star Fairmont Hotel.
Adresse: First Ring Road, Al Hajlah, Mecca

Jabal Arafat

Mount Arafat is a small hill outside of Mecca and a major holy site in Islam, as this is the place where Prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon. It is also called 'The Mountain of Mercy' because it was here that God forgave Adam and Eve after they fell from heaven.
Adresse: Jabal Arafat, Mecca

Mecca Museum

The Mecca Museum hosts a vast collection of artefacts and relics from the centuries-old Islamic history, such as various doors and pillars from the Kaaba and rare manuscript copies of the Quran.
Adresse: Makkah Al Madinah Munawawrah Road, Mecca
Telefon: +966 55 556 4413

Jabal Thawr

This mountain contains the cave where Prophet Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr hid for three days and three nights before fleeing to Medina. As such, it is a holy site and it is visited by many pilgrims and tourists.
Adresse: Jabal Thawr, Mecca


Mina, also called Tent City, lies on the place where Prophet Abraham stoned the Devil in the form of three pillars that allegorically represent temptation. The city serves as a shelter for pilgrims and can host up to 3 million people in more than 100,000 air-conditioned tents, covering an area of approximately 20 km².
Adresse: Mina, Mecca

Al Dyafa Restaurant

Located just a few steps away from Al-Haram Mosque, this restaurant enjoys an incomparable vista over the Kaaba. It serves middle-eastern as well as international dishes with an extensive a la carte menu and generous buffet.
Adresse: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Gate 9601, Abraj Al Bait Ajyad Street, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 571 4444
Åpningstider: Daily 6am–11pm

The Oasis Restaurant

The Oasis offers its guests a blend of local Arabic as well as Asian and Western cuisines in a refined and elegant interior overlooking the holiest of places. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Adresse: Ibrahim Al Khalil, Street, Jabal Omar, Mecca
Telefon: +966 50 803 4442
Åpningstider: 24/7

Al Shorfa Restaurant

Al Shorfa Restaurant offers an excellent dining experience on the nice open-air terrace with an astounding panoramic view over the Kaaba. It offers both a buffet and an a la carte menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Adresse: Ajyad Street, Abraj Al Bait, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 571 4444
Åpningstider: Daily 7am–11pm


Albaik is a Saudi Arabian chain of fast-food restaurants specialised in fried chicken and shrimp, with several branches in the country's major cities. It's a very popular eatery frequented by locals and tourists, as evidenced by the long queues at the entrance.
Adresse: Ibrahim Al Khalil, Ash Shubaikah, Mecca
Telefon: +966 800 244 2245
Åpningstider: Daily 10:30am–2am

Simit Sarayi

Simit Sarayi will satisfy your hunger with freshly baked Turkish pastries and quench your thirst with Turkish tee and coffee. Everything at Simit Sarayi is made according to the genuine Turkish tradition so that you can enjoy a piece of Turkey during your stay in Mecca.
Adresse: Diamond Tower, First Floor, Ajyad, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 571 9150
Åpningstider: Daily 8:30am–12am

Lobby Lounge

This tea room and lounge is perfect for a chilled out afternoon away from the scorching sun of Mecca. The menu is varied and offers a wide selection of foods, from French and Arabic pastries to Asian and international dishes.
Adresse: Abraj Al Bait Complex King Abdel Aziz Endowment Saudi Arabia
Telefon: +966 12 571 5555
Åpningstider: Daily 12:30pm–3pm, 3:30–11:30pm


Barncafe is a local coffee shop chain that serves a variety of premium quality coffee, from Italian cappuccino to all kinds of French and Turkish coffee. Couple that with tasty home baked goods and you have all the right ingredients for a perfect breakfast.
Adresse: Ar Rashidiyyah, Mecca
Åpningstider: Daily 7am–12am

Papparoti Cafe

A nice and cosy cafe famous for its delicious buns, located inside Makkah Mall. If you feel in need of a cold drink and a little snack, make sure to pay a visit and try one of their signature buns, you won't be disappointed.
Adresse: Makkah Mall, King Abdullah Rd, Al Jamiah, Mecca
Telefon: +966 50 081 9932
Åpningstider: Sat–Thu 9:30am–12am, Fri 3pm–12am


If you are a chocolate lover, you should definitely stop by Chocochino and taste chocolate in all of its forms. From crepes and brownies to hot chocolate and coffee, this cosy little cafe will make your day.
Adresse: 3034 King Abdullah Rd, Al Jamiah, Mecca
Åpningstider: Sat–Thu 9am–12am, Fri 4pm–12am

Makkah Mall

Makkah Mall is the biggest and most important shopping centre in Mecca. It hosts countless shops with both local and international brands as well as cafes and restaurants. It also has a huge play park for kids.
Adresse: Makkah Mall, King Abdullah Road, Al Aziziyah, Mecca
Telefon: +966 2 528 2211

Bedoon Essm

This boutique is specialised in women's clothing, bags and accessories. They sell traditional Islamic dresses as well as different brands of bags and wallets. The chain has several stores spread throughout Mecca and in the major shopping centres.
Adresse: Jabal Al Kaabah, At Taysir, Jabal Omar, Mecca
Telefon: +966 55 496 9740

Dawah Corner

Dawah Corner is a book store that specialises in Islamic books and publications. Here you can find copies of the Quran translated and commented on in different languages, as well as novels, essays and prayer books.
Adresse: Hilton Tower, Makkah Commercial Center, Al Hajlah, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 531 1895

Al Haramain Perfume Shop

Established in 1970, Al Haramain has now become one of the leading companies in the production and retailing of perfume in the Middle East and beyond. In their Mecca showroom you can find all their premium perfumes, scents and oils.
Adresse: Makkah Millenium Hotel & Towers, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 536 0753

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

If you feel in the mood for a spending spree, Malabar Gold & Diamonds will get you covered with expensive jewellery, gold and diamonds. They sell a variety of luxury items ranging from rings, pendants and bracelets to loose diamonds and watches.
Adresse: Jabal Omar Mall, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 577 9172
Åpningstider: Daily 10.00-22.00. Fri 15.00-24.00


Ontime deals in designer watches, offering a great selection of products from the most popular brands, for both men and women. With over 110 stores, it's one of the biggest retailers in the Arabian peninsula and a trend setter for stylish watches.
Adresse: Azizia Street, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 561 2855
Åpningstider: Daily 9.30-23.30. Fri 4.30-23.30

Can I visit Mecca as a Tourist?

Mecca is the holiest city in Islam and Saudi law strictly forbids non-Muslims from entering it. Documents will be checked upon entry at dedicated checkpoints, and non-Muslims will be redirected to a motorway that bypasses the city. Pilgrims must show proof of being Muslim (a certificate is needed for those converted to Islam) and women must be accompanied by a Mahram (male guardian). The Saudi Arabian government issues special Hajj or Umrah visas to simplify the process but the sheer amount of paperwork makes many pilgrims rely on specialised travel agencies to handle that.

Cultural Norms

When strolling and exploring the city, please make sure you wear the appropriate attire. Women should be covered from neck to ankle and in certain areas scarves are used to cover the face and head. Shorts and tank tops should not be worn outside of your accommodation by women. For men, loose clothing is recommended and shorts are prohibited. When visiting, please make sure you respect and abide by the laws and culture of the country.

Passport / Visa

Saudi Arabia introduced a new eVisa system in October 2019, dramatically simplifying visa applications for citizens of multiple world countries, including the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, and much of Europe. The new multiple-entry visa will be processed within record time (as quickly as 30 minutes), issued for one year, and will allow visitors to stay in the country for up to 90 days during its validity period. This marks a watershed moment in the country’s history, as Saudi Arabia has historically been off limits to non-Muslim tourists, with visas notoriously difficult to secure. Citizens of countries not covered by the eVisa program will still need to turn to their nearest consulate to obtain a visa. Special visas for Hajj or Umrah are issued by the government for those who want to perform a pilgrimage. To apply for a Hajj or Umrah visa, visit the nearest Saudi consulate or embassy or contact an approved Hajj travel agent, who will get the the necessary papers for you.

Best Time to Visit

The weather in Mecca is hot and dry year round, but there is some variation between summer and winter. Most tourists and pilgrims visit Mecca during the somewhat cooler winter months and avoid the city during the hottest period (June-August). Mecca sees almost no precipitation and winds are usually very calm which, coupled with the extreme temperatures, can make the city scorching hot, so be sure to stay hydrated and avoid too much sun exposure. As the holiest city in Islam, Mecca is always crowded with pilgrims and unfortunately tragic incidents like stampedes are not uncommon. Thus, visitors are advised to be careful and always pay attention to their surroundings.

King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)

King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) is located in Jeddah and is the largest airport in Saudi Arabia. Often called 'the gateway to Mecca', it has a dedicated terminal for Hajj, which is active during Hajj season (during the last month of the Islamic calendar,) to help accommodate the vast number of pilgrims. Buses and taxis are available at the airport and offer an easy mode of transport to Mecca.
Adresse: King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah
Telefon: +966 92 001 1233

Public Transport

The best way to get to Mecca is by car or bus from Jeddah. Saptco is the company that runs intercity transportation in Saudi Arabia and they provide regular bus lines from Jeddah to Mecca: There is also a metro line in Mecca (planned to be expanded to four), but it only operates during Hajj season to provide safe transportation for pilgrims and reduce traffic congestion.


Taxis are readily available at the Jeddah Airport and in Mecca, but for moving around in the city, especially during Hajj season, it is more advisable to just walk, as traffic is congested. A taxi ride from Jeddah to Mecca takes one hour and can cost between 150 and 200 SAR, depending on the taxi company and local traffic. Umrah Taxi:
Adresse: Hira Street, Jeddah
Telefon: +966 54 220 4135


Nahdi Pharmacy Makkah Mall:
Adresse: Makkah Mall, King Abdullah Road, Al Aziziyah, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 597 0550

Post Office

Central Post Office Mecca:
Adresse: Al Jerooshi Mall, 3rd Ring Road, Ar Rusayfah, Mecca
Telefon: +966 12 572 0777
Åpningstider: Daily 07.30-21.00. Closed on Friday


Country code: +966 Area code: 2


125/215 Volts AC, 50/60Hz