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If you have not been to Belgrade, this city will surprise you. European metropolis in the heart of the Balkans, Belgrade is proudly standing between two different worlds, East and West, never being one nor the other, with its unique mixture of the both. It is said that Belgrade is Berlin of the Balkans, a city with the energy of New York, urban capital of cool. Also known as the most perspective city in Europe, Belgrade is a hip dynamic city which embraces visitors from all around the world.

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Museum Night

For years now, the Night of Museums is the most visited cultural event, which deals with museums and cultural heritage in a very interesting way. This is unique cultural spectacle held in more than 120 cities around the world, including Belgrade which joined in 2005. During last year's European Night of Museums more than 1900 museums from 45 states took part to promote valuable cultural heritage! During one single night 68 locations in Belgrade and 45 towns in Serbia will bring together more than 270 cultural institutions – museums, galleries and exhibition spaces with a total of 419 events.

Belgrade Night Market

Belgrade Night Market is a manifestation that takes place on city markets in the evening. Beside grocery sellers, there are restaurants, young designers, delicatessen producers, artists, winemakers and other caterers who are also exhibiting on the market. An ordinary green market becomes the biggest restaurant and the largest art exhibition under the open sky, during the night. The Belgrade Night Market provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy good food, shopping, entertainment and music and have completely new experience of their marketplace. If you did not visit BNM yet, use the next opportunity to go there, because this manifestation always brings a new interesting atmosphere with the sounds of street musicians, bands, DJs and dance groups.
Adresse: Kalenić market, Skadarlija market, Zvezdara market, Zeleni venac market, Zemun market, Blok 44 market
Telefon: +381 11 2285 371

No Sleep Festival

Over a sleepless weekend in Belgrade, No Sleep Festival featured dozens of artists in multiple venues for over thousands of No Sleepers. The indoor electronic music festival included round the clock events across several points in the heart of the city. After gathering more than 20,000 electronic music fans at the Petrovaradin Fortress on the additional day of EXIT Festival 2018, which saw performances from Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien, Paula Temple & Rebekah and many more, it was time for a new festival edition, this time in Belgrade! As a music platform, No Sleep has been a vital part of EXIT Festival for the past four years and in 2018, with its own festival, they decided to write a new chapter together.
Adresse: Knežpoljska 3, Hangar, Luka Beograd

Belgrade Marathon

The Belgrade Marathon is one of the biggest sports events in Serbia, declared an event of special importance for the City of Belgrade in 2003. Belgrade Marathon is adapted for people of all ages and is separated into the following categories: Children's marathon, 5 km Fun Run, a half-distance Half-marathon, and the Marathon of a standard 42.195 km length. This year, the Belgrade Marathon will be held on 14th April.


Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF is a traditional festival of classical music held every summer in Belgrade. Festival presents a broad specter of concerts, performances and different art activities across Belgrade, including drama, music and visual art.

Belgrade Jazz Festival

Usually held in the last week of October, in Dom Omladine venue (the Youth Cultural Centre) Belgrade Jazz Festival is one the most important cultural events in the city. Jazz Fest gathers renowned international musicians and includes a midnight program, jam sessions, photo exhibitions, a film program, and jazz workshops.
Adresse: Makedonska 22
Telefon: +381 11 3220127

Belgrade Fashion Week

Belgrade Fashion Week is a commercial, promotional and artistic fashion event on the Balkans, created and inspired by similar established international events. Established in 1996, it is organised twice a year at the end of October and in March. Given that fashion is a global phenomenon, BFW focuses on both national and international levels by enabling each season the exchange of ideas and know-how from different designers and brands. Therefore, BFW advocates the continual education, involving all factors on the fashion scene. BFW gathers round the most important Serbian designers and fashion companies, renowned foreign brand present on the local market, interesting international fashion designers, talented young designers and fashion design students, business people from the domains of fashion industry and media.

Guitar Art Festival

Guitar Art is an international classical guitar festival held every year since 2001. GuitarArt includes practical classes and theoretical lectures held by worldwide masters of the instrument, exhibitions, a competition of young guitarists, concerts every evening, and a midnight guitar art café every night.


Belgrade Music Festival BEMUS covers various classical music concerts as well as operas, choirs, traditional music, and children's workshops. Music lovers should try not to miss at least some of the events taking place within it. Founded in 1969, the Belgrade Music Festival – BEMUS is one of the oldest and the most prominent music festival in Serbia and one of the most distinctive classical music festivals in the South-Eastern Europe. Enjoying the position of a cultural event of special importance for the City of Belgrade, BEMUS has been member of the European Festivals Association (EFA) since 2002. Belgrade has hosted some of the most prominent ensembles and soloists of our time – Concertgebouw Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Munich Philharmonic, Orchestra RAI Torino, New York Philharmonic... as well as Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica, Camerata Salzburg, Il Giardino Armonico, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Peking Opera, Kronos Quartet, Béjart Ballet, Eifman Ballet... Martha Argerich, Zubin Mehta, Nelson Freire, Melvin Tan, Stephen Kovacevich, Hakan Hårdenberger, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Mischa Maisky, Elsabeth Leonskaya, Maksim Vengerov, Julian Rachlin, Renaud Capuçon, Leonidas Kavakos...

Belgrade Design Week

Belgrade Design Week aims to encourage the education and reeducation in the field of design and creative industries by inviting the most relevant professionals to participate the international conference, organizing workshops for professionals and students and panels and round tables for experts, co-producing and bringing important international exhibitions. Belgrade Design Week festival was initiated and founded in 2006 by the Citizen’s Association “Design Week”, and since then it is responsible for it’s program concept and organization. BDW tends to connect the creative industries and the world of business without bias, and support Serbia’s and South East Europe’s regional creative development, partnering with both the private and public sectors from all over the world.

Belgrade Book Fair

Belgrade Book Fair is held every year in October, at Belgrade Fair, and is the oldest event in the country with more than six decades long tradition. Local and regional and world book publishers present the latest accomplishments, while visitors have a chance to buy books at bargain prices and talk with favorite contemporary writers. Fair provides collaboration opportunities to publishers, authors, book stores and distributors, and share contacts, experiences and make business deals.
Adresse: Belgrade Fair

Open Heart Street

The first day of January is an important day for Belgrade citizens who traditionally celebrate it with friends and neighbors in Svetogorska Street, on this day known as the Street of an Open Heart. The main program takes place in front of the theatre Atelje 212 where numerous actors, artists, musicians and entertainers will perform for visitors. Open Heart Street has been organized since 1988/89, and is one of the most important events in Belgrade due to its charity character.
Adresse: Svetogorska Street

Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer Fest is the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, approximately 500.000 people visit the festival daily. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands. Belgrade Beer Fest was founded in year 2003. Definitely one of the things you should try not to miss. An around-the-clock celebration of beer and good times, Belgrade Beer Fest combines a great location with friendly prices, a great crowd of all ages and backgrounds, a good music program and, of course, outstanding beer.

Belgrade Boat Carnival

Being the traditional Belgrade manifestation, the Belgrade Boat Carnival promotes the nautical life of the Capital, welcoming guests who visit our city by boats and dedicates the Carnival to the Sava and Danube rivers and their Confluence. Event includes a parade of decorated river boats and cruises, carnival groups various music concerts and entertainment for children. The Boat Festival takes place at the end of the summer.

Festival of Science

From the very beginning, the essential part of this mission was to bring science closer to non-scientific audience and to provoke interest in scientific work, and furthermore in understanding its impacts in everyday life. Countless scientific exhibitions, lectures, interactive presentations, well-known contributing lecturers, enthusiastic audience and more than 120,000 visitors from 2007 to the present, are the best proofs that we have succeeded whereas ever growing interest in our programs confirm that we are successfully pursuing this worthy endeavour. Since 2007 our Festival is a member of European Science Events Association (EUSEA) and in 2015, the EUSEA Annual Conference took place in Belgrade, Serbia, hosted by the Serbia Science Festival.
Telefon: +381 11 3620 777

Open-top bus sightseeing tour

Panoramic sightseeing of Belgrade lasts around 70 min and although it is a seasonal tour it represents one of the most common and comfortable options of getting to know the city. Tour departures every day from Square of Nikola Pasic, in front of the City Parlament after which the bus passes by the most important locations including the New Belgrade part of the city. Audio guide, for now, is available in eight languages: Serbian, English, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Italian and Greek.
Adresse: Nikola Pasic Square
Åpningstider: 11, 13, 17h

Secrets of underground Belgrade

Belgrade underground tour reveals the most hidden secrets of the city that has been burned to the ground and rebuilt about 50 times throughout its history, comparing it also to the legendary Fenix creature. Rich history explains the stories of Belgrade from the Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian period and the charming authenticity of each and every one of them. Discover the Roman hall, which contains the foundation of the main gate of the Roman fortress from the 2nd century, visit a gunpowder warehouse and discover more closely about the defense of Christian Europe from the Turkish Empire.
Adresse: Kneza Mihaila 54a, Beograd

Panoramic flights

Experience Belgrade from a different perspective. The helicopter tours are organized during the visible part of the day, departing from Dobanovci (15-20 min drive from the city center), for a period of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The flights are carried out by helicopters type Robinson R44, with a capacity of three passengers + pilot, allowing maximum comfort. Enjoy the flight and the beauty of Belgrade by spending unforgettable time watching the stunning scenery from the air.
Adresse: Lole Ribara, Dobanovci
Telefon: + 381 65 290 2929

Sightseeing river cruise

Sightseeing cruise on the Danube and Sava rivers lasts around 90 minutes during which you will get the close look passing by interesting and grandiose bridges in Belgrade: Pancevo bridge, Gazela bridge, Old Railway bridge, New Railway bridge, and Ada bridge. You will get to see the "Happy bouy", as well, known as the magical place where not only the two rivers are connecting, but more than 120 their tributaries, and where you should make a wish. There are two restrictions while making a wish: you should not wish an unrealistic wish because unrealistic wishes create neurosis and you should not make two wishes, because greedy wishes do not come true.
Adresse: Info Center Knez Mihajlova Street 56
Åpningstider: 09-20

Belgrade Free Walking Tours

The young team of professional guides will show you the most important sightseeing places that are ‘must to’ upon your arrival. There are several agencies that are doing a free downtown walking tour so there are also several departures on a daily basis. The meeting point is usually in the Knez Mihailova street, at the Republic Square. During the tour, you will get to see Bohemian Quarter (Skadarlija) and Dorcol area, Bayrakli mosque, the oldest cafe "?", Belgrade Fortress, and Kalemegdan, beautiful confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube. Discover and experience the city through the eyes of insiders, and get to know Belgrade stories behind its streets, bridges, statues, and monuments.
Adresse: Trg republike
Åpningstider: 11, 16h

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace was built between 1924 and 1929 by orders of King Alexander I, as the official royal residence. It is designed in the Serbian-Byzantine style, surrounded by pergolas, park terraces, pools, a pavilion, and a concert terrace. Located on the ridge of a hill, it provides a magnificent view of Dedinje, the Košutnjak forest, Topčider, and Avala. Within the same complex, a residence for sons of King Alexander I had been built and named the White Palace. Its salons are arranged in the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI and it contains a valuable art collection including notable artworks by Rembrandt, Fromentin, Vouet, Poussin, Bourdou, Jakšić, Meštrović and many others. It also contains the Royal Library that once housed around 35,000 books and the Ceremonial Dining Hall set up in the Chippendale style. The palace complex also contains the Royal Family Church modeled after the Church of the Monastery of St. Andrew on Treska in Macedonia. Palaces are open for visits on weekends and Wednesday, during the tourist season, as it is a home of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and his family.
Adresse: Corner of Kralja Milana and Dragoslava Jovanovića streets, Dedinje
Billetter: Tourist Info Center, Knez Mihailova 56

Belgrade Fortress

The life at the ridge over the confluence of the Sava and Danube has lasted for over two millenniums. The core of today’s two million agglomerations is the Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park. They form a unique spatial entity with clearly visible remains of the Fortress divided into Upper and Lower Town, with two distinct styles – elements of medieval architecture combined with dominant baroque solutions typical for the 18th century. The Kalemegdan Park, Large and Little, developed in the area that once was the town field, are the place for rest and joy. The Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park together represent a cultural monument of exceptional importance, the area where various sport, cultural and arts events take place, and are fun and joy for all generations of Belgraders and numerous visitors of the city.
Adresse: Kalemegdan
Telefon: +381 11 26 20 685
Billetter: Free entrance

Victor Monument

In 1928 famous artist Ivan Meštrović designed a sculpture to be set up as part of the drinking fountain on Terazije, but the public was against having a nude male figure set up in the city centre. After World War I the project was cancelled and thus the Victor was set up on Kalemegdan since than represents the most popular landmark in Belgrade. Plato next to the monument is among most crowded places in the city, where visitors love to make photos and enjoy the view to New Belgrade and Zemun.

Belgrade Rivers: Danube and Sava

Situated on the confluence of two international rivers, Danube and Sava, Belgrade offers great opportunities for river cruising. The Confluence itself represents one of the most attractive places in the city, just below the Belgrade Fortress, and right next to the Big War Island, an oasis of untouched nature. River banks never sleep: on numerous floating restaurants and clubs, visitors can enjoy the view, fish specialties, and local beverages.

Skadarlija - Bohemian Quarter

Skadarlija is an old bohemian quarter of Belgrade, which is vibrant and live 24/7. It arose during the 19th century, with a large number of inns (called "kafana"), and since then, has been a gathering spot of the most renowned personalities in Belgrade. It is frequently compared to the Montmartre of Paris - both in appearance, and atmosphere. In all the inns, a visitor may taste typical Serbian food, drink local vines and listen to live traditional music till the early morning hours. Skadarlija restaurants have hosted many celebrities over the decades, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Jimi Hendrix, Josip Broz Tito, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, chess player Anatoly Karpov and many others. Best known kafanas are Šešir moj (This old hat of mine), Tri šešira (Three Hats), Dva jelena (Two Deer), Zlatni bokal (The Golden Chalice), Ima dana (There will be days) and Dva bela goluba (Two White Doves). The present Skadarlija, a short and curved street, is a remarkable Belgrade tourist attraction. Since 1993, the official opening of the summer season in Skadarlija has been marked by rising a "bohemian flag". The ceremony is always attended by celebrities, including popular and opera singers, actors, and artists.
Adresse: Skadarska Street

Helicopter Ride

Following the example of big cities around the world such as London and New York, Panoramic sightseeing by a helicopter is now available in Belgrade! In addition to the panoramic flights "Balkan Helicopters" offers charter flights to any location in Serbia and the region, as well as for special occasions such as celebrations, weddings and business meetings.
Adresse: Dobanovci Heliodrom
Telefon: +38164 1901919

Avala Tower

Located 16 kilometers from Belgrade, Avala Mountain is a true green oasis and perfect place to relax and enjoy the nature. On the top of the 506 meters high mountain there is a Monument of the Unknown Hero built by the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, on the place of old medieval fortress Zrnovo. One of the symbols of Belgrade is Avala Tower, 205 meters high, which dominates the area. Every weekend visitors can enjoy half day excursions organized by "Lasta", or make individual tours to experience an amazing view from the top of the Tower.
Adresse: Avala Mountain
Telefon: +381 11 3693-251
Åpningstider: Summer months 9-20, springtime 9-19, winter 9-16h
Transport: 401, 403, 405 and 408

Sava Promenade

Sava Promenade is the new urban pedestrian area by the riverside, specially convenient for families and outdoors, a part of the popular Belgrade Waterfront. Take a walk through this picturesque urban corner, and whilst enjoying the view of the Sava River, you will be welcomed by experiences that stimulate the senses. The Sava Promenade is a point on the map of Belgrade, which combines culture and art, tradition and modern. It is a place where life is blooming.
Adresse: Sava Promenade

Beton Hala (Concrete Hall)

Beton Hala (Concrete Hall) stands in 2-4 “Karadjordjeva” street, on the bank of Sava river, and represents the most exclusive part of Savamala. Former warehouses turned into fine dining restaurants and contemporary designed venues located one next to another, attract international attraction. Awarded chefs, signature dishes, industrial and modern interior make this place a must visit in Belgrade, when it comes to both: nightlife and gastronomy.
Adresse: Karadjordjeva 2-4

"?" Question Mark Kafana

The oldest of Belgrade inns, The Question mark, is located in Kralja Petra Street 6 and is one of the symbols of Belgrade. Erected in 1823 as the property of Prince Miloš Obrenović, it was built by “masters from Grezia” in the Balkans style. It had changed owners and names since 1878. First it was called “At the Shepherd’s” in 1878, then in 1892 “At the Cathedral Church” but church authorities protested so the owner put the question mark sign at the door as a temporary solution and it remained there to this day. It housed the first billiards game in Belgrade in 1834 and was the first reading room for the “Serbian Papers” from the same year. Restaurant “Znak Pitanja” is located in the heart of Belgrade. Its atmosphere and its charm make it an iconic gathering place for Serbian bohemians. The offer of the restaurant includes the specialties of national cuisine and excellent drinks that are simply irresistible. The restaurant also includes two open gardens that offer an ideal ambience for a complete delight. The restaurant’s gardens, and also some of the tables in the restaurant, have a spectacular view over Saborna Church. Our recommendation from our offer is all grilled dishes and “Vodenicarska Muckalica” (a traditional Serbian dish with meat and vegetables).
Adresse: Kralja Petra Street 6
Telefon: +38111 2635 421

National museum

The National Museum is located in the center of Belgrade, on the main city square - Trg Republike. The museum was established on 10 May 1844. It moved into the present building in 1950, with the grand opening of the venue on 23 May 1952. New permanent collection of the National museum represents a huge chronological period from the Paleolithic period to 20th-century art. The collection is organized and presented on three levels and 5000sqm of exhibition space. Carefully selected artifacts will tell their stories about history and arts. Foreign collection of modern art includes Giovanni di Paolo, the circle of Paolo Veneziano, Tintoretto, Van Utrecht, Rubens, Van Gogh, Mondrian, Pissarro, Degas, Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, Derain, Picasso, Kandinsky, Archipenko and Chagall. After being closed for renovation for 15 years, the museum was re-opened to the public on 28 June 2018. The National Museum of Serbia building was declared a Monument of Culture of Great Importance in 1979.
Adresse: Trg republike 1
Telefon: +381 60 807 5020
Åpningstider: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday 10:00 – 18:00, Thursday and Saturday: 12:00 – 20:00. Entrance is free of charge on Sundays!

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art is located in New Belgrade, on the left bank of the Sava River, across the Belgrade Fortress. The building itself is an interesting example of museum architecture worldwide. It is surrounded by a sculpture park with works by the most significant Yugoslav sculptors of the 20th century. The Museum has five levels of collects and displays of artworks produced since 1900 in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. The collection contains more than 35,000 works of art. It also organizes international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.
Adresse: Ušce 10, block 15, New Belgrade
Telefon: +381 11 3115 713
Åpningstider: Wednesday to Monday 10:00 – 18:00 Thursday 10:00 – 22:00 Entrance is free of charge on Wednesdays

Museum of Yugoslavia

Museum of Yugoslavia is a public history museum in Belgrade located in the Dedinje district. The Museum chronicles and presents the period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Yugoslavia, as well as, the life of Josip Broz Tito. Tito's grave is located in one of the Museum buildings known as the House of Flowers. Regular guided tours at the Museum of Yugoslavia are organized every weekend from 11 AM in English and from 12 PM in Serbian language. In the Museum of Yugoslavia, it is possible to schedule guidances in desired time, with a focus on a variety of topics.
Adresse: Mihaila Mike Jankovica 6, Belgrade
Telefon: +381 11 3671 485
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 – 18:00 *Every first Thursday of the month, the Museum’s working hours are extended, with free entrance from 16:00 to 20:00

Nikola Tesla Museum

The museum preserves the complete heritage of the greatest Serbian scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla and is located in the heart of Belgrade, in a beautiful residential villa built in 1929, designed by the notable Serbian architect Dragiša Brašovan. In accordance with Tesla’s last will and testament, his heritage was moved to Belgrade in 1951. The permanent exhibit consists of the original documents, books, magazines, plans and drawings of the greatest Serbian inventor. This is an extremely valuable collection containing over 160,000 original documents, 2,000 books, and magazines, 1,200 historical and technical items, 1,500 photographs and glass photo plates, original technical items, instruments and devices, 1,000 plans and drawings. Also, the urn containing Nikola Tesla’s ashes is kept in the Museum.
Adresse: Krunska 51, Belgrade
Telefon: +381 11 24 33 886
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Sunday 09:45 – 20:00 Guided tours run every hour from 10:00

Museum of Illusions

With over 70 exhibits Museum of illusions will certainly not only thrill and confuse its visitors but will provide an opportunity to learn all sorts of things. Keep in mind that whatever is seen there is not what it appears to be. Imagine defying gravity in a slanted room or shrinking or growing before your very eyes, or a real bottomless pit, or serving somebody´s head on a tray and then taking a photo of it all in a boundless room. Useful Information Address: Nušićeva 11, Belgrade Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 09:00 - 22:00. Website: Phone: + 381 63 611 911 Email: [email protected]

Jevremovac Botanical garden

Pure relaxation and fulfillment opposite to hectic city life this Garden has each plant systematically labeled with the Greenhouse, peaceful Japanese Garden, Outdoor area, European garden, Glasshouse, Rock garden, Library and Kid’s corner inside. The botanical garden was founded in 1874 by the decree of the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Serbia, at the suggestion of Josif Pančić, famous botanist who also became its first manager. This is the perfect option and an ideal place if you want to spend a day in nature but not going to the countryside leaving all the bad thoughts at the entrance. Useful Information: Address: Takovska 43, Belgrade Opening hours: Every day 9:00 – 16:00 Entrance is free of charge on Sundays Website: Phone: +381 64 823 7919 Email: [email protected]

Leila Records and Books

Leila Records and Books bring together admirers of artwork, books, records and hi-fi technology. Furniture is a Dutch style, in a unique combination with graffiti of young Belgrade artists who made a composition of details from the tiles. The biggest part of the shop is devoted to records. This Belgrade cafe displays and sells arts and limited edition handcrafts such as souvenirs, sculptures, and paintings.
Adresse: Kralja Petra 41
Telefon: +381 11 324 72 58
Åpningstider: 10h - 00h

Moritz Eis

Moritz Eis produces 100% natural, artisanal sorbet and ice creams, free of colorants and additives. Moritz ice creams are made of cherry-picked and then carefully crafted natural ingredients into both traditional and unpredictable delicious flavor combinations. Whenever we can e source our raw materials from small producers or growers directly, in line with the principle of sustainability and the "slow food" movement.
Adresse: Vuka Karadzica 9

Belgrade Urban Distillery

This is the first expert bar dedicated to the Serbian traditional drink called rakija. The simple answer to the question: "What do you love?" from one of the couples in a bar represents a moment when the whole idea started. The answer was: "Well, I love rakija." Rakija is a sophisticated “hard drink”. It is exclusively made of the best quality fruits. It gives the feeling and sense of belonging to nature, preserving flavors that memories are made of.
Adresse: Žorža Klemansoa 19
Telefon: +381 11 2289358
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri: 08-20h; Saturday: 12-20h; Sunday: closed.

Knez Mihailova & Republic Square

The Republic Square is literally the epicenter of the city, being surrounded by National Theatre and National Museum, but it is best known for the statue of Prince Mihailo on the horse, which is the most popular meeting place of Belgradians. Knez Mihailova Street is the pedestrian area that unifies the beautiful architecture, and leads towards the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park, while on the other way leads to Terazije, and famous Terazijska česma, drinking fountain in front of the Hotel Moskva, which is a great lookout point to the Sava river valley. Inside tip: When strolling along Knez Mihailova, make a turn toward Kosančićev venac, the oldest section of Belgrade outside Belgrade fortress. You’ll be delighted with the elbow-shaped street where Countess Ljubica’s Residence, Patriarchal See of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel will make your heart skip a beat with its graceful beauty.
Adresse: Knez Mihailova Street

Mandarina Cake Shop

Mandarina Cake Shop was created for all those who believe that life is made up of small pleasures and it quickly became a sweet daily delight for many. The youngest star on Belgrade pastry scene, tucked away in one of the most beautiful parts of town, Gracanicka Street, Mandarina Cake Shop offers a unique gastronomic experience to those who know that it is little things that make a big difference.
Adresse: Gracanicka Street 16
Telefon: +38111 40 88 120
Åpningstider: Mon Sun 10-22h

Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganija is the most famous summer resort in Belgrade. Once an island, now a peninsula, Ada is the largest, most beautiful and one of the most visited places in Belgrade. After stepping into Ada, you will enter the world of fun, relaxation and recreation situated in a small, quiet oasis in the midst of the city. The Lake is surrounded by more than 7 km of beaches awarded with the Blue Flag for the quality of the beach, and offers all possibilities for spending hot summer days in the city. During summer, Ada Ciganlija becomes like a small city with daily population of more than 100,000 visitors (300,000 visitors during weekend) who come here to swim, run, play all kinds of sports or just enjoy a hot summer afternoon while sipping cold drinks in cafes. In autumn and winter, Ada Ciganlija is mostly desolate, but a beautiful promenade, flanked by cafes and nightclubs. During the winter the lake often freezes, but skating is not permitted because the ice sheet is to thin. Ada Ciganlija has more than 50 open-air sports fields, including golf course, and cable-ski circuit. There are football pitches, tennis courts, handball, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as baseball, rugby and hockey pitches, also facilities for the extreme sports of bungee-jumping, wall-climbing and paintball. In addition, numerous restaurants, preserving tradition of the city, offer fish specialties, while bars and splavs in the evenings turn into clubs with all-night entertainment. Adventure lovers and those who enjoy the nature and outdoor activities will most certainly have fun! Adventure Park Phone: 064 82 10 218 Bungee Jumping Phone: 064 19 68 414 Ada Safari, sports fishing Phone: 011 35 48 214
Adresse: Ada Ciganlija 2
Telefon: +381 11 35 41 117
Transport: bus 23, 37, 52, 53, 58, 88


No different than Parisian - Montparnasse , Milanese - Cerano Dodici, Navigli District , Berlin - Kreuzberg , Lisabon - Bairro Alto , Istanbul - Beyoglu , Nederlands - The Veemarktkwartier , Helsinki - Kallio and Punavuori , London - Queens Park Design District , New York's - Soho , Savamala District offers a variety of night clubs, bars and cafes, but also is presented as a cultural and design heart of Belgrade, a true district that will boost your brain cells to the max. Savamala is the synonym for Belgrade's urban culture. Among wide streets, river bank and beautiful old facades, many trendy clubs recently opened as exclusive night-life places, make this neighborhood the hottest district in the City. Geozavod building is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, constructed between in 1905 and in 1907 in the spirit of eclecticism with prominent elements of baroque and Art Nouveau. The building is one of the best examples of contemporary Serbian architecture, and today it is a protected monument. Mikser House is one of Savamala’s most prominent venues, a design center and performance space occupying a vast wood-floored warehouse, is a host of annual music event called ''Mixer Festival'' that gathers thousands of visitors from all over Europe. KC Grad - serves as a creative hub, moved into the old warehouse which today houses a cafe-bar and shop on the ground floor, along with a large gallery and art library on the upper floor. During ''Moda za poneti'' (Fashion to go), an event that is being held couple of times during the year, you can treat yourself and your loved ones with an authentic and exclusive gifts. Gallery12 HUB - The G12HUB program structure combines exhibitions, live performances, streamed events, digital encounters, dialogues, debate, presentations and workshops with the aim of promoting cross media and trans disciplinary approaches to art production and interpretation. Beton Hala - or Concrete Hall (a name that makes sense once you see the row of white warehouse blocks it describes), stretches along the riverbank and now is occupied with upmarket contemporary restaurants, as well as providing an open waterside promenade during Belgrade’s hot summer months.

Saint Sava Temple

The most dominant feature of modern Vračar is the second largest Orthodox church in the world, Temple of Saint Sava. Its construction shaped not just the present appearance of the plateau, but also the skyline of the entire Belgrade and it is visible from most parts of the city. Plateau has been reshaped in the early 2000s, with fountains, marble access roads to the temple with pillars and children playgrounds added, while the already existing monument to the leader of the First Serbian Uprising, Karađorđe. The plateau is also the location of the National Library of Serbia and Karađorđev Park (Karadjordje’s Park), with the craftsmen settlement of Gradić Pejton and the bohemian quarter of Čubura nearby.
Adresse: Vračar plateau
Åpningstider: 07 - 20h


Once a separate city now famous part of Belgrade for its river taverns and restaurants, specific atmosphere and tasteful dishes made of fish, fresh from the river Danube. In the Main street is a Homeland museum and Madlenianum Opera and Theatre. On the bank of Danube, Zemunski kej, is a kilometers long promenade, with barges-cafés, amusement park and formerly largest hotel in Belgrade, Hotel Jugoslavija, now home to Grand Casino. At night, these barges-cafés are the epicentre of night life, and they are open till dawn. Gardoš Tower is the most recognizable symbol of Zemun that offers panoramic view of Belgrade and a pleasant rest from the sounds of city traffic. This neighborhood preserved its old looks, with narrow, mostly cobblestone streets and individual residential houses.

Mezze Cafe & Restaurant

The best local food from all parts of Serbia - prosciutto and kajmak from Zlatibor, original yellow hard cheese and ironed sausage from Pirot, sujuk from Sjenica, ajvar, cevapi, smoked trout and Carp and much more. You will also be delighted by excellent offer of vegetarian food. The best wines from Serbia with a specific taste, Tamjanika, Prokupac, Malina, Bermet, beers from small Serbian craft brewers are only adding to the experience. On Friday and Saturday night, be sure to visit Mezze and you can expect live music and great time.
Adresse: Velike stepenice 6
Telefon: +381 11 2188 251

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace was built between 1924 and 1929, on orders by King Alexander I, as the official royal residence. It is designed in the Serbian-Byzantine style, surrounded by pergolas, park terraces, pools, a pavilion, and a concert terrace. Located on the ridge of a hill, it provides a magnificent view of Dedinje, the Košutnjak forest, Topčider, and Avala. Within the same complex, a residence for sons of King Alexander I had been built and named the White Palace. Its salons are arranged in the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI and it contains a valuable art collection including notable artworks by Rembrandt, Fromentin, Vouet, Poussin, Bourdou, Jakšić, Meštrović and many others. It also contains the Royal Library that once housed around 35,000 books and the Ceremonial Dining Hall set up in the Chippendale style. The palace complex also contains the Royal Family Church modeled after the Church of the Monastery of St. Andrew on Treska in Macedonia. Palaces are open for visits on weekends, during the tourist season, as it is a home of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and his family.
Adresse: Corner of Kralja Milana and Dragoslava Jovanovića streets, Dedinje
Billetter: Tourist Info Center, Knez Mihailova 56


A magnificent edifice of the Kolarac Foundation, also the seat of the People’s University, was built in 1932 making it a place with a long the tradition of knowledge, culture, music and dedication. The Music Centre promotes music culture in Belgrade, and the Concert Hall holds more than 250 concerts a year. Until nowadays, more than 15,000 concerts have been held with 10,000 soloists, more than 2,400 ensembles and orchestras with over 1,000 conductors. Over 27,000 different compositions have been performed. In the course of the year more than 300 various music programmes, recitals, lectures, formal academies are organised in the Grand Concert Hall, attended by more than 100,000 visitors. The lecturing activity of the Kolarac Foundation is dedicated to promoting and popularizing culture, science and art. By organizing various programmes, it fosters the features of its own cultural identity and the identity of other nations, thus contributing to building a culture of awareness.
Adresse: Studentski trg 5

Supermarket Deli

Sometimes all you need is good bite in friendly atmosphere. In other words, to unwind and enjoy simple things in life, like unapologetic pleasure and easy-going socializing. Deli aspires to do just that - manifest a pleasurable experience that nourishes all five senses. We want you to take a international cuisine tour through Deli gastro experience, from colorfould Mexican tortilla and nachos to the Indonesian spicy noodles with seafood. At Deli's shelves we offer you the best homemade products - grandmother's tea cakes, quality domestic beer, varied selection of rakija and wine from best Serbian cellars. On our shelves you can take something as a souvenir, knowing you took as a present the best from Serbia. La vita may be dolce, but also too short to not eat good food.
Adresse: Toplicin Venac 19
Telefon: +381 11 2028008
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu.9h - 24h

Fine Dining Homa

The New York Times described one of its desserts by saying that "it hits every taste bud" so if you wish to have the true fine dining experience in Belgrade, Homa restaurant is a place for you.
Adresse: Žorža Klemansoa 19
Telefon: +381 11 328 66 59
Åpningstider: 10am - 11pm

Kalemegdanska Terasa

Kalemegdanska Terasa is one of the catering establishments in Belgrade, which retained its purpose from the 1930s. The Restaurant has 250 seats and another 100 on the open terrace located in the most beautiful area of Belgrade, Kalemegdan, and completely integrated into the fortress ambient. Apart from the “a la carte” fine dining selection, the Restaurant is renowned for an organization of high-profile corporate celebrations and wedding parties.
Adresse: Mali Kalemegdan bb
Telefon: +381 11 328 30 11

Šešir moj

Šešir moj (This Old Hat of Mine) has the best atmosphere since it reminiscent the spirit of old Belgrade elegance. It is recognizable after its colorful flower arrangement and its gallery of paintings, part of restaurant's decoration. Restaurant ambient is enriched with live music every evening. Besides the atmosphere, restaurant is also known after excellent authentic Serbian cuisine and its grilled specialties.
Adresse: Skadarska 21
Telefon: +381 11 322 87 50
Åpningstider: 09h - 01h


Franš is one of the iconic culinary places in Belgrade. Its interior, garden, rich Serbian and international menu and fascinating wine list make it a mandatory stop for all kinds of gatherings.
Adresse: Bulevar oslobođenja 18a
Telefon: +381 65 2641 944
Åpningstider: 10h - 24h


Ambar is the first modern, international chain of Balkan cuisine restaurants. Inside its two locations in Belgrade and Washington DC, Ambar blends tradition and heritage with creativity and modern design. The result is an unforgettable visitor experience that reaches all the senses with delicious food, unbelievable drinks and an atmosphere that blends comfort and high style. From rich food, fine furniture, interior design and the widest choice of the finest Balkan rakias, to our first class service – every detail is meticulously woven into an unique experience that will leave you breathless. Welcome to the best of the Balkans
Adresse: Karađorđeva 2-4
Telefon: +381 11 3286637
Åpningstider: 10 am – 02 am


Amphora is a stylish and cozy à la carte restaurant where you can enjoy the specialties of fresh seafood and freshwater fish, but also international dishes with a wide selection of quality wines and desserts extraordinary taste. The luxury restaurant consists of its unique location on the Danube, as well as the possibility of learning about other cultures through cuisine and music.
Adresse: Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb
Telefon: +381 11 269 97 89
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri: 12.00 - 23.30 Sat-Sun: 12.00 - 03.00


Madera is a restaurant with a beautiful garden in the center of the city, with the view on Tasmajdan Park. that offers Serbian and international specialities with a good selection of wines from every region. Live music performed by selected artists makes you fully enjoy the evenings.
Adresse: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 43
Telefon: +381 (0)11 323-1332, +381 (0)11 324-7148


Manufacture, the production process founded on the principle of the processing of material by hands; through history, it was mostly related to rural areas where people performed various kinds of manufacture. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, in one of the most beautiful streets in Belgrade. Known for inspiring ambiance and fantastic local food, the restaurant is one of the best known in the city.
Adresse: Kralja Petra 13- 15
Telefon: +381 11 2180044
Åpningstider: 9 - 24h


Located on the beautiful part of Danube riverbank on Zemun quay, restaurant Žabar is a family restaurant with 20-year-old tradition. The restaurant is really famous for its fresh fish and seafood specialties. Warm, domestic ambient and highly professional service will make you feel like at home. Indulge yourself with unique dishes and profound choice of wine list while enjoying in the view.
Adresse: Kej Oslobodjenja
Åpningstider: Monday 12PM–12AM Tuesday 12PM–12AM Wednesday 12PM–12AM Thursday 12PM–12AM Friday 12PM–12AM Saturday 12PM–12AM Sunday 12PM–12AM


Tabor is a place that resists weather and time. For over thirty years it has been a mandatory stop during while visiting the city's sights. It is known for its excellent choice of food and wine and is a place whose wonderful atmosphere makes every visit memorable.
Adresse: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 348
Telefon: +381(11) 2412 464; +381(11) 2418 222
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

Lorenzo & Kakalamba

'Whereyoueatwell Lorenzo and KAKALAMBA' is the original space with the unique conception based on the conflict between Florence and Pirot. Once you satisfy your gourmet appetite you will notice around a multitude of interesting details, from goat witch is peacefully grazing grass on the ceiling, through the comic reproductions of the famous Florentine sculptures to the fantastic paintings of the famous Botero.
Adresse: Cvijiceva 110
Telefon: +381 11 32 95 351


Reastaurant Enso is a fine dining restaurant located in a peaceful part of Belgrade, near city center, in Mitropolita Petra 8 street. The restaurant philosophy is based on harmony of tastes and international cuisine. Comfortable and warm interior will make you feel cozy and enhance the pleasure. We are especially proud of our wine selection that you can match perfectly with your delicious meal.
Adresse: Mitropolita Petra 8
Telefon: +38163594924

NOVAK Restaurant

The restaurant chain belonging to the best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, attracts with its pleasant, tennis atmosphere. The international cuisine restaurant with an extraordinary combination of different flavors, authentic interior and excellent service make it unique and favorite among all generations. Salads, whose rich colors, vitamins and dressings will surprise you. Pastas and sauces that will touch the most refined taste buds. Steaks are marinated with many tested worldly techniques. A special gluten-free menu! Rich range of quality wines from the world's most famous regions. Perfect coffees... Desserts that will close the magic circle, will make you feel special and happy. Visit us and discover for yourself...
Adresse: Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica 54a
Telefon: +381.11.311.31.31


Restaurant Durmitor National home was built in 1993 at the current site in the center of the business world in New Belgrade and eventually got the look that has today. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of national dishes and specialties among which are the veal and goat pie, potato pie, homemade bread pie, steak in olive oil, daily cooked meals, barbecue, homemade cakes. Our offer also is a large selection of local and international drinks. We are especially proud of the wine list, which contains over 100 kinds of wine.
Adresse: Omladinskih brigada 16 a
Telefon: +381 11 260 23 30
Åpningstider: Monday to Saturday from 08:00-24:00


A recognizable place for its amazing filter coffee from Kenya. Definitely, this is one of the "must coffee stops" if you are looking for a good coffee In Belgrade.
Adresse: Cara Dušana 65
Telefon: +381 11 2634 959
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 08:00 - 23:00 Sunday 09:00 - 23:00


The concept idea, to enable the consumers to buy the coffee directly in the factory, and to enable them to taste and drink freshly roasted coffee on that very spot, prepared according to the highest standards of the coffee industry, was launched in Switzerland in 2005. A few years later followed the first square mile project of the Café&Factory in Serbia simply hoping to bring fine, fresh-roasted coffee to the homes of the consumers with the help of one small roaster, new up-to-date equipment and well trained staff who were ready to inform the clients of all the finesses and differences in the approach to coffee, as a product, which was then brought to this region. Since then C&F has evolved considerably, counting 11 retail stores, and hoping to have many more in the future time.
Adresse: Kralja Petra 23
Telefon: +381 65 3675 650
Åpningstider: 08:00 - 24:00


Coffeedream started working by believing that everything starts from a dream so they wanted to create a nice and cozy place where you can drink high-quality coffee. So far they have 27 locations in Belgrade. Great choice for people-watching and catching up on some emails.
Adresse: Zmaj Jovina 15
Telefon: +381 11 2630 672
Åpningstider: Monday 8AM–12AM Tuesday 8AM–12AM Wednesday 8AM–12AM Thursday 8AM–12AM Friday 8AM–12AM Saturday 8AM–12AM Sunday 8AM–12AM

Kafeterija Magazin 1907

Kafeterija Magazin 1907 is located in a remodelled historical art nouveau building that used to be a department store. You'll find huge windows, comfortable armchairs and excellent coffee here.
Adresse: Кralja Petra 16
Telefon: +381 11 3281 311


This club is one of the most luxurious and high-class clubs with the latest lighting and sound system making it very popular in Belgrade. Playing varicosity of house, techno music and disco, characterized as “Different and unique”, so that “Every music lover must go there”, reservation at Hype is requested, as well as, strict dress code. “Dress elegant or die trying!” is a slogan of Hype which means elegance is a must. Hype is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, so prepare and take out the best suits and dresses from your closet.
Adresse: Karađorđeva 46
Åpningstider: 12 - 5 AM

Tranzit Bar

Tranzit Bar presents a synergy between a restaurant, a lounge bar and a nightclub. Stop by for a late afternoon drink. Choose something from the extensive drink menu, seat on a comfy couch on the patio and enjoyed a cheese plate with some green olives and a bowl of crunchy bread. Stay long enough to see its transformation to a fun party place at night with a DJs and excellent music. If you are in transit in Belgrade, make sure to come here.
Adresse: Brace Krsmanovica 8
Åpningstider: Friday 1PM–4AM Saturday 1PM–4AM Sunday 12PM–2AM Monday Closed Tuesday 1PM–2AM Wednesday 1PM–2AM Thursday 1PM–2AM

Bitef Art Cafe

Bitef Art Cafe is one of the oldest clubs with live music, hosting the most popular Serbian cover bands who showcase an incredibly diverse range of music genres from pop and rock to house and disco. This club is especially famous as the only club in Belgrade where Serbian folk music is strictly forbidden, and not one folk song was ever played. Here you will enjoy top-notch sound systems and a huge dancefloor, making it one of the best dance venues in Belgrade.
Adresse: Summer club (June-September) Park Kalemegdan, tennis courts Winter club (October – May) Mitropolita Petra 8


Drugstore is a DIY cultural venue in Belgrade, set in the space of the former slaughterhouse, with brutal interiors and intense industrial atmosphere. Hosting a great number of names from different corners of the international underground music scene, from contemporary techno acts to indie bands and cutting-edge experimental projects – both prominent and obscure. It is also an oasis for local artists and trans-disciplinary art events.
Adresse: Bulevar despota Stefana 115
Åpningstider: Friday 11PM - 10AM Saturday 11PM - 10AM


Pristan offers a superb choice of music and drinks and one of the best possible views of the sunset in Belgrade. During summer this is a true DJ harbor for all the river and music lovers. A trip to somewhere else. During the day people can drink a coffee and relax in the sun while listening to chill out music. At night, this place turns into a club on the river with parties at least until 3, 4 in the morning.
Adresse: Dunavski kej 25
Åpningstider: Monday 11PM–5AM Tuesday 11PM–5AM Wednesday 11PM–5AM Thursday 11PM–5AM Friday 11PM–5AM Saturday 11PM–5AM Sunday 11PM–5AM

Druga priča

Cozy place with delicious food and if you stay on the terrace long enough you might get to see ducks and swans passing by. Offering a wide range of food and calmness of the river is something truly indescribable.
Adresse: Kej oslobođenja bb, Zemun
Åpningstider: Monday 9AM–11:30PM Tuesday 9AM–11:30PM Wednesday 9AM–11:30PM Thursday 9AM–11:30PM Friday 9AM–11:30PM Saturday 9AM–11:30PM Sunday 9AM–11:30PM

Sindikat splav

Sindikat is a nightclub on water, known for its atmosphere that gathers the most talented people from Belgrade’s nightlife club business in order to create one of kind experience. A high quality of service, modern design, and latest audio-visual equipment are what this club is known for.
Adresse: Sajamski kej bb
Åpningstider: Friday 12–4:30AM Saturday 12–4:30AM Sunday Closed Monday Closed Tuesday Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday Closed


According to Guardian, this club is in the top 5, right after Lithuanian ‘Fluxus Ministerija’, Berlin’s ‘Berhain’ and ‘OMH’. Vibrant vibes, excellent DJs, strong drinks, amazing atmosphere. Dance all night on one of the two stages with a great sound system. Located on the Sava river across the city center, with a beautiful view of the city. If you want to dance your heart out and experience a true European clubbing scene, this place is for you.
Adresse: Ušće bb
Åpningstider: Friday 11PM - 6AM Saturday 11PM - 6AM

Big Fashion Shopping Center

Come and enjoy shopping in more than 100 shops on two levels with the most famous international and domestic brands, as well as a third level dedicated to dining, relaxation, and entertainment, with a great selection of restaurants, 8 cinema halls, a children’s playroom and a beautiful view of the Danube river. BIG CEE Serbia is a part of Big Shopping Centers Israel, which currently holds and manages 58 active shopping centers throughout the world, including 27 shopping centers in the USA and 3 in Serbia.
Adresse: Višnjička 84
Telefon: +381 11 4320 111
Åpningstider: Every day 10:00 - 22:00

Rajićeva Shopping Center

Rajićeva Shopping Center, located in the heart of the city, on the corner of three streets, Knez Mihailova, Kralja Petra and Uzun Mirkova, is sure to satisfy shopping needs of all Belgrade citizens while being the ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy both the downtown’s attractions, cultural manifestations and sophisticated shopping. Among the new 15,300 square meters of space, designed for appreciating the most beautiful part of the City, more than 80 new single and multi-brand stores and with renowned brands are waiting for you. Some of these brands will enter the Serbian market for the first time, making Raji?eva Shopping Center a strong fashionable center that will satisfy the most refined tastes. Beside famous brands, you will be able to relax in restaurants with the best views of the City, without losing sight of the importance of the location you have found yourself in.
Adresse: Kneza Mihaila 54
Åpningstider: Every day 10:00 - 22:00

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra Street

Belgrade has several different shopping districts where it is possible to find something for everybody's pocket and taste. There are several areas for the best shopping in Belgrade, such as this one, that doesn’t include only malls and shopping centers where you can find everything you need. Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra is a popular outdoor shopping area in Belgrade and is also the longest street in Belgrade. At Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra you will find a lot of brands and products from Turkey and China, as well as some of the less known branded stores besides the regular stores that can be found all over the city and in shopping malls. All in all, this shopping street offers great clothing stores for a good price.
Adresse: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

City Center

The most famous shopping area is the Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone stretching from Trg Republike to Kalemegdan. Spend at least half a day walking and shopping in one of the most beautiful and lively neighbourhoods of Belgrade, in the very heart of the city. After a walk, when you discover what’s in and what’s hot, drop by at one of the many famous international brand stores and enjoy shopping.
Adresse: Knez Mihailova Street

Ušće Shopping Center

UŠĆE Shopping Center is the biggest shopping center in Serbia. It is ideally positioned at the point where the old part of Belgrade meets the modern one. On its six levels, there are over 145 shops, cafes, supermarket, and Cineplexx the biggest cinema in Belgrade. After a superb shopping day, you can refresh in one of the cozy cafes or restaurants, or exercise in the Kocovic Fitness Academy. Shopping here brings the greatest pleasure, because UŠĆE Shopping Center is the place for all your wishes.
Adresse: Blvd Mihajla Pupina 4
Telefon: +381.
Åpningstider: 10h - 22h

Delta City

In most diverse shops visitors can find popular domestic and international brands, latest collections, home appliances and other items. In its dazzling modern interior, filled with palm trees and bathing in light, visitors can find enjoyment seven days a week, from 10 to 10. Shops, a multiplex cinema, a children’s playground, cafés and restaurants - all this can make your shopping a top fun experience. This is why Delta City was named the best mall in Europe.
Adresse: Jurija Gagarina 16
Telefon: +381 11 2203 624
Åpningstider: 10-22h


Stadion Shopping Center combines two passions in one place, shopping and football. On the rooftop of this shopping mall, there is a big football stadion with a capacity of 5.000 seats. The most popular brands are available in the shopping area. This mall offers 800 parking places on two underground levels.
Adresse: Zaplanjska 32
Telefon: +381 11 785 74 00
Åpningstider: 10-22h

Belgrade Design District

Belgrade Design District can be described as the fashion Mecca of Belgrade designers. It is an inspirational space and art center where visitors are introduced with the work of upcoming power of Serbian fashion industry. Belgrade Design District has around 30 shops that offer unique fashion items and accessories, jewelry, home decoration and art objects made by Budislava Keković, Ana Ljubinković, Atelje Alternativa, Jasmina Vujović, Peđa Nerić, Emilija Petrović, Fashion Victime, Ivana Rabrenović and many others. During your visit, you can chat with designers who will be more than willing to give free fashion tips and suggestions or you can order custom-made fashion items. Here you can hear more about the latest fashion trends, chill out or attend fashion shows and other fashion events.
Adresse: Čumićevo sokače bb
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri 12-20, Sat 12-17h

Gradstor – Design Hub

Gradstor – Design Hub is a space which promotes and presents works by local artists and designers. It operates as a showroom and gallery complete with a small café. Through its permanent exhibitions as well as monthly programs it will present current collections of clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, household thingies etc. In addition to local authors Gradstor Design Hub also introduces international brands and designers as well as collaborations between domestic and foreign designers and artists. Within the monthly program lectures and workshops by guest artists and designers will be organised.
Adresse: Pop Lukina St 1
Åpningstider: 10-20h

Airport Nikola Tesla

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is a hub for flag carrier Air Serbia, and many other companies. The airport is located six kilometers from the city center. Upon the arrival, bus lines, taxi services and shuttles are available for passengers.
Adresse: Surcin

Public transport

The Bus Plus system, the system of payment for public transportation during the day, consists of four options: 1. Buying plastic Bus Plus card that costs 250 dinars and also buying a credit for it. In this case, one card costs 89din. (time ticket). It lasts for 1 and a half hour and during that period it is possible to change lines, buses without any extra cost, but each time entering the bus the ticket has to be validated again. Validation of the ticket is just by pressing the Bus Plus card against the machine that is at each entrance. 2. Buying the paper Bus Plus card. In that case, there is the 1-day ticket (290din), 3-day ticket (740din) and 5-day ticket(1040din). That type of ticket lasts from the moment it has been bought and in that period of time (24h, 72h or 5 days) it is possible to change the lines, buses unlimited number of times. 3. Buying a card directly on the bus, from the driver. It is convenient to have the exact amount of 150 dinars per person or 200 dinars. The ticket is in a form of the receipt that is valid until you exit from the bus. 4. Paying with Mastercard PayPass. A similar procedure to the one with the plastic card. One ticket is 89dinars and the same procedure has to be repeated, pressing the card against the machine each time entering a bus, changing the lines. It is also valid for 1, 5 hour. The only difference is that paying with Mastercard PayPass is only possible for 1 person. There's an option of using one plastic card to pay for more than for 1 person. By choosing the ”group card” tab on the screen of the machine before validation.


Below is a list of taxi providers in Belgrade with phones, alternative contacts and websites. ALO TAXI: 19988, 011/356-4555 ALFA TAXI: 19807 BEOTAXI: 19999, 19700 | Viber/WhatsApp: 066460101 | SMS: 9700 | Skype: radiobeotaxi BEOGRADSKI TAXI: 19801, 0800-11-98-01 BG TAKSI: 19800 BELL: 19808 NAXIS TAXI: 19804 | Website: Naxis | Twitter: @naxistaxi | Offers credit card payment and WiFi DELUXE TAXI: 064/1397-788, 065/9803-977 | Website: DeLuxe Taxi EVRO GOLD: 19806, 065/555-9806, 069/1119806 ŽUTI TAXI: 19802, 065/9802-000 | Website: PINK TAXI: 19803, 0800/11-98-03, 065/488-99-77 | Website: Pink Taxi Belgrade ČUKARIČKI PLAVI TAXI: 19805, 3555-333 -444 -999, 064/1555-333 -999 TAKSI.RS: 19919, 0800/222-777, 011/6555-444 | Website:


Post offices in Belgrade are open between 8 am and 8 pm. Post Office 01
Adresse: Takovska 2
Telefon: +381 11 321 00 69


Apoteka Beograd
Adresse: Bojanska 16
Telefon: +381 11 2456 448 / +381 11 2436 320


Country code: +381 Area code: (0)11


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