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With fewer than half a million people, the"little big city" of Bratislava ranks among Europe's most relaxed capitals since everything is in close vicinity or a short walk away. Vienna (80km) and Budapest (200km) — also reachable by boat through the river Danube. Slovakia's capital boasts an old-town charm, sophisticated restaurants, traditional pubs, good music ranging from jazz to opera, and an urban design that allows you to enjoy your visit without exhausting yourself. All this with Central Europe's greatest river as a backdrop.

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Bratislava Castle

This national historical monument has a strategic location which was settled in the Celtic and Great Moravian periods. The architecture of the massive rectangular castle with four corner towers was mostly influenced by reconstruction works during the Gothic and Renaissance periods and during the reign of Maria Theresa. In 1811 it burned down and was then reconstructed in the 1960s.
Adresse: Bratslavský Hrad, Stare Mesto, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 220 483 104
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–6pm

Post-Communist City Tour

Funky retro tour in a legendary 70s Czechoslovak Škoda car (or minivan) through off-the-beaten-track places of the city's communist past and recent transformation in Bratislava. The tours are in small groups and the local guides speaks English and German.
Adresse: Michalská street 3, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 908 308 234

Blue Church

Originating from the beginning of the 20th century, the blue church is characterised by the blue colour of its façade with a textbook example of secession style in sacral architecture. Interestingly, a model of it is located in the Mini-Europe Park in Brussels.
Adresse: Bezručova 2, Bratislava

Danube by Boat

See Bratislava from a new angle — from the majestic Danube river. Take it slow with a river cruise, fly like the wind on a speedboat or even travel all the way between Vienna and Bratislava with the Twin City Liner. Many ships depart from the peers next to the SNP bridge, right in the centre of the city.
Adresse: Dvořákovo nábrežie, Bratislava

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

This modern art gallery is located on the edge of a peninsula where the mighty Danube flows. It is one of the youngest museums of modern art in Europe. The River Danube has lent the museum its name and the rest is the result of the enthusiasm and initiative of the Slovak gallery owner Dr. Vincent Polakovič and the financial resources of the Dutch collector and art patron Gerard H. Meulensteen. It is also reachable by bike via a cycling path from Bratislava city centre.
Adresse: Bratislava-Čunovo, Vodné dielo, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 62 52 85 01
Åpningstider: Summer: Daily 11am–7pm. Winter: Daily 10am–6pm
Transport: Bus 90

St Martin’s Cathedral

Saint Martin's Cathedral is a Gothic church with several chapels. It was consecrated in 1452. Between 1563 and 1830, 11 Hungarian kings and 8 queens were crowned here. The cathedral tower rises to a height of 85 metres and is topped off by a gold-plated replica of the royal Hungarian crown.
Adresse: Dóm Sv. Martina, Rudnayovo namestie 1, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 3054 4334
Åpningstider: For tourist: Mon–Fri 9am–11:30am / 1pm–6pm; Sat 9am–11:30am, Sun 1:45pm–4:30pm

Michael’s Gate & Tower

A Gothic gate built in the first half of the 14th century, it consists of a square tower with a walkway on the ground floor. After the reconstruction of the tower in 1960-61, the Town Museum established a Museum of Weapons there. Michael’s Gate is the only city gate that has been preserved of the medieval fortifications and is one of the oldest town buildings in Bratislava.
Adresse: Michalská veža, Michalska 24, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 5443 3044

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is a complex of buildings originating from different architectural periods. It housed the city's government headed by the mayor. The Town Hall's core was established in the first half of the 15th century from the house of Mayor Jacob. Since 1868 it has been the seat of the City Museum, housing an exhibition of town history and feudal justice.
Adresse: Stará radnica, Primacialne námestie 3, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 591 008 47

Jewish Heritage

Bratislava, formerly Pressburg or Pozsony, was once one of the most important centres of Jewish life in Europe. Today, the city has an active Jewish community, numerous Jewish heritage sites and two Jewish museums. You can pass by the Heydukova Street Synagogue, visit the Museum of Jewish Culture and the Bratislava Jewish Community Museum, pay your respects at the Chatam Sofer Memorial, the Neolog cemetery and the Orthodox cemetery and many other Jewish landmarks and monuments.
Adresse: Múzeum židovskej kultúry SNM, Židovská 297, Bratislava

National Saloon of Wines

Just a few steps from the Main Square, you will find this wine cellars with a collection of 100 best Slovak wines. There is wine tasting for individuals and groups including wine workshop. Beside wine tasting and learning more about the Slovaikan wine from the sommeliers, you can also buy wine, wine literature, cups, carafe, jugs or other wine related items.
Adresse: Národný salón vín, Radničná 1, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 4552 99 67
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 10am–6pm, Mon & Sun closed

Traditional Christmas Market

Every year since 1993, between the end of November and December 23rd, Bratislava hosts big Christmas markets in the city centre. Enjoy the advent atmosphere on the squares and streets of the Old town. Taste traditional Slovak delicacies and warm up your body with Christmas punch, honey schnapps or hot wine made of red or black currant. The market is truly popular among locals and tourists, probably the city never gets so reliably packed as it is during the Christmas period.
Adresse: Main square (Hlavné námestie), Bratislava
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–10pm from late November to late December
Transport: Tram 2,4,6,8,9, Bus X13

Nedbalka Gallery

The much beloved Nedbalka Gallery showcases works from major artists hailing from or having been formed in Slovakia from the 19th century to the present day. Over 1,000 works of fine Slovak fine art is displayed here, mostly paintings but there are sculptures and prints, too.
Adresse: Nedbalova ulica 17, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 907 865 776
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 1pm–7pm, Mon closed

Primate’s Palace

Primate's Palace is a gem of Neo-Classical architecture. The original residence of Esztergom Archbishop. It includes a Mirror Hall and a famous collection of 17th century English tapestries depicting the tragic love of Hero and Leander. The palace made history during an important event in 1805: after the battle of Austerlitz, France and Austria signed the "Peace of Pressburg" treaty in the palace.
Adresse: Primaciálny palác, Primaciálne námestie 1, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 593 563 94
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 10am–5pm, Mon closed

Grassalkovich Palace

Earl Anton Grassalkovich had this Rococo-late Baroque summer palace with a French garden built in 1760. In the 18th century, there was a lot of social activity in the palace and guests included the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn. After some reconstruction in 1996, the palace became the seat of the president of the Slovak Republic.
Adresse: Grasalkovičov palác, Hodzovo námestie 1, Bratislava

Biofarma Príroda - Stupava

Only 27km from Bratislava you can enjoy traditional Slovak food and gastronomic specialties like homemade bread and products from sheep cheese surrounded by pure nature on this organic farm, which also hosts several domesticated animals. It is a great place for families with kids.
Adresse: Biofarma Príroda, Stupava
Telefon: +421 918 280 546
Åpningstider: Summer: daily 10am–8pm. Winter: daily 11am-8pm
Transport: Slovak Lines, direction Borinka


This national historical monument is a memorial and cemetery of 6,845 Soviet soldiers who were killed during World War II. The terrace of the memorial offers spectacular views of the city.
Adresse: Na Slavíne, Bratislava
Transport: Bus 147

Devin Castle

Just outside the city of Bratislava lies this monumental castle ruin situated above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. Today, this national cultural monument is a popular attraction for tourists.
Adresse: Hrad Devín, Muránska 10, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 657 301 05

Running Rours in Bratislava

A new and active way to go sightseeing. Go! Running Tours Bratislava was founded to show this beautiful city from a different point of view, with your running shoes on. It is a tour concept for people who have a passion for running and who enjoy exploring new places and cultures. The goal is to offer tourist experiences where you do not have to be in traffic jams, where you can enjoy beautiful views of this royal city and get a good exercise all at the same time. So if you are here on holiday or on a business trip, don’t forget to bring your workout clothes. You can also book a running tour with Viator.
Adresse: Ruzova 2184/12, Hlohovec, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 911 025 688

Slovak Pub

Slovak Pub has, in its short history, become one of the favourite spots for college students. The first and probably the only pub in the world where you can get a free soup for an A on an exam. From the menu you can pick traditional Slovak dishes at reasonable prices. Its individual rooms present eras ranging from the old pagan times up until the revival era of the 19th century.
Adresse: Obchodná 62, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 5292 6367

Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant

Located on Golden Lane, which presents the facade of the original houses that stood here, stands Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant, a city landmark full of history and character. The shop also features produce from the organic farm in this little house, in addition to 100% smoked sheep's cheese and fresh bread.
Adresse: Námestie SNP 8, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 917 927 673


Located at the very top of the SNP bridge pylon, this observation tower with a bar and restaurant offers a view as far as 100 kilometres. The Taste restaurant is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Bratislava. The regularly modified seasonal menu is a fascinating combination of Mediterranean and Asian culinary techniques.
Adresse: Most SNP, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 62 52 03 00
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–11pm

Restaurant Modrá Hviezda

Located directly under the Bratislava Castle Wall, in an area rife with historical events, myths and legends. Come and experience the magical atmosphere under the Castle rock. The head chef loves a challenge. The restaurant always strives offer variety and innovate on traditional Slovak recipes. Seasonality and local fresh produce are guaranteed.
Adresse: Beblavého 14, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 948 70 30 70
Åpningstider: Wed noon–10pm, Thu–Fri 5pm–10pm, Sat & Sun noon–10pm, Mon & Tue closed
Transport: Bus 203, 207


A century ago, Bratislava, then known as Pressburg, was famous all over the Habsburg Empire for the aroma of great dishes drifting out of the city’s restaurants. Zylinder is situated directly in the heart of Bratislava on Hviezdoslavovo Square. It offers a unique combination of selected special dishes from the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire brought up to the standards of the modern culinary arts. Just try the unique Tafelspitz, Szeged beef goulash, Pörkölt, oxtail, poppy pierogies or traditional Kaiserchmarrn.
Adresse: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 19, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 903 123 134
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–10pm, Sun 9am–9pm

Foodie Tour

Don’t miss the unique culinary experience and discover traditional food of Slovakia with small-group tasting tour. Your local guide will lead you away from the crowds and will introduce you to several restaurants off the beaten track. You will learn fascinating facts and stories about the sight around you, as well as get some cultural background for local delicacies like Treska v majonéze, Bryndzove halusky and the popular local cola drink Kofola. Come hungry and curious!

Kaffee Mayer

A grand cafe of the Vienna school, Kaffé Mayer is one of Bratislava’s most famous establishments with an impeccable pedigree. It’s popular with a more mature crowd and this is reflected in the prices. Kaffé Mayer is notorious for its scrumptious deserts.
Adresse: Hlavné námestie 4, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 5441 1741

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt

This cafe in the heart of Bratislava carries the name of the famous baroque sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt. Guests come here not only to enjoy a good cup of coffee, a hot chocolate or a tasty Bratislavské rožky (traditional Bratislava pastry rolls) but also to see examples of the work of F.X. Messerschmidt. Plus, part of the café is also the Museum of 17th of November, dedicated to an important point in Slovak history — the Velvet Revolution.
Adresse: Námestie SNP 469/8, Staré Mesto, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 905 237 054
Åpningstider: Daily 8am–8pm
Transport: Bus X13, Tram 1,6,8,9

Zeppelin Cafe & Souvenirs

This cafe in the Old Town offers a wide range of homemade cakes, pies and the traditional "Bratislava roll" pastries, with the atmosphere of "Old Pressburg". Try delicious cakes and hot drinks such as homemade tea with fruits, and also buy gifts and souvenirs.
Adresse: Sedlárska 10, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 911 110 287
Åpningstider: Daily 8:30am–10pm

Urban House

The larger (and noisier) sister of the original Gorila cafe, Urban House presents customers with more food options, a lot more comfortable chairs, plus a DJ stand. The only thing better than the cool interior are the heavenly desserts. The coffee comes not only in many interesting varieties, but also prepared in one of the inventive vacuum pots straight from a science lab. Urban House‘s dog- and kid-friendliness attracts cute pups and parents with toddlers around the clock.
Adresse: Laurinská 14, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 911 755 205
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 9am–midnight, Fri & Sat 9am–2am, Sun 9am–11pm

Triple Five Coffee Roasters

Triple Five is conveniently located between the main train station and the very city centre. Enjoy the cosy and warm atmosphere of a modern Third Wave coffeeshop, and have a great time with loved ones with a cup of wonderful coffee. Their coffee beans are freshly roasted and the baristas know what their craft well.
Adresse: Jozefská 2A, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 948 072 218
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 7:30am–6pm, Sat & Sun 9am–6pm


This cafe is another Third Wave specialty coffee darling, known for their attention to detail and impeccable monochrome interior design. Located in a pretty quiet street in the city centre, the cafe offers some of the best coffee in Bratislava. The baristas are always very kind and friendly, welcoming and willing to help with their service.
Adresse: Gorkého 15, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 908 396 678
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–6pm


Kava Bar is a cute corner cafe with excellent coffee and a small selection of breakfast pastries. Everything is served in antique chinaware, which adds a charming dose of retro chic to your day. The atmosphere is relaxed, and it's a great place to rest your feet after the castle visit. On a warm spring and summer day you can enjoy your coffee or tea at one of the outdoor tables.
Adresse: Skalná 1, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 948 190 165
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 7:30am–8pm, Sat & Sun 9am–8pm

The Dubliner

This is a very popular Irish pub that draws in the expats as well as locals. Typical of an Irish pub overseas, there is memorabilia galore. There's even a cobbled street. Naturally, Guinness flows steadily from The Dubliner’s enormous bar. Bands play most nights and the atmosphere is fittingly friendly and loud.
Adresse: Sedlárska 6, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 54 41 07 06

Nu Spirit Bar & Lounge

This is Bratislava’s prime spot for soulful music. If you like to chill out with friends to jazz, funk, soul or electronic music, the Nu Spirit Bar is the right place for you. Located just a short walk from the historical centre and the Opera, the Nu Spirit is an oasis of good music in the increasingly commercial Bratislava nightlife.
Adresse: Medená 16, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 905 865 566
Åpningstider: Thu 8pm–midnight, Fri & Sat 8pm–3am
Transport: Bus # 78, 95, X13; Tram # 2, 4

IceBar Bratislava

This bar with interior made of crystal clear ice can be found in the heart of the Old Town, under the Tesla Coffee & Bar Café. Open all year round, at -5°C / 23°F, this is the first and only ice bar in Slovakia. The drinks are cool (obviously), and so are the numerous ice sculptures that decorate the bar.
Adresse: Panská 14, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 903 545 414
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 1pm–midnight, Fri 1pm–2am, Sat 10am–2am, Sun 10am–midnight
Transport: Bus # X13; Trolleybus 202 and 205 get off at Rajská bus stop

VRBA — Virtual Reality Gin&Tonic Bar

A great mix of fun, here you can experience the world of virtual reality: jump from skyscraper, walk on Everest, visit the universe or do some team-building. Wait for your turn and cheer your friends along while having a craft beer, lemonade or the VRBA speciality Gin & Tonic?
Adresse: Panenská 23, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 907 231 985

Cuba Libre

Relax in one of the comfortable leather chairs at this chilled-out bar with an impressive bar menu. From the bar, pick a classy cocktail but they also have a great variety of rum including cigars from many labels. A cool spot with knowledgeable staff and kind of a local secret since there is no flash on the outside and not that many tourists.
Adresse: Laurinská 11, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 919 204 330
Åpningstider: Sun–Thu 4pm–midnight, Fri & Sat 4pm–2am

Craft Beer Tour

The winding cobbled streets of Bratislava are a delightful destination for beer enthusiasts. Post-socialist pubs, old world cafes and modern breweries offer a great variety of flavours at all price ranges. Cheaper than Vienna, less crowded than Prague or Budapest — what's not to like! Several new small breweries open in Slovakia every year. Book a walking and tasting tour to find new artisanal beer spots, and visit key landmarks at the same time.

Aupark Shopping Centre

This popular shopping centre in Bratislava is situated on the right bank of Danube River in Petržalka. Its modern facilities include a cinema, restaurants and plenty of shops that offer everything from clothes to shoes, accessories, toys and electronics. Stores such as Zarah, Tommy Hilfiger, C&A, Bershka, Lindex, Odd Molly, Pull and Bear, Also, Crocs and much more are all located here.
Adresse: Einsteinova 18, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 6826 6111
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 10am–9pm, Sat & Sun 9am–9pm

Avion Shopping Park

Avion Shopping Park, the biggest and perhaps best-known shopping place in Bratislava, draws huge crowds with its great selection of stores selling clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, food and much more, including Swedish furniture giant IKEA. You will also find shops like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Deichmann, Gant, Mango, Next, Pandora and much more.
Adresse: Ivanská cesta 16, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 905 812 513
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 10am–9pm, Sat & Sun 9am–9pm


Sitting right on the picturesque bank of the Danube, Eurovea includes both the shopping centre itself and the surrounding area, most prominently the riverside promenade, making it the perfect destination for an afternoon of shopping and people-watching in Bratislava. Here you will find stores selling everything from clothes for women, men and children to toys, accessories, shoes, health and beauty products as well as home decor.
Adresse: Pribinova 8, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 20 915 000
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–9pm


This modern shopping centre situated in Bratislava's New Town is an impressive mall with a great selection of shops for clothes, cosmetics, sports gear, electronics, and everything else today's shopper may in the market for. Vivo houses stores such as Levi's, Swarovski, Yves Rocher, H&M, Bepon, Hilfiger Denim and more.
Adresse: Vajnorská 100, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 44 44 12 34
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–9pm

Shopping Palace Zlaté Piesky

This shopping centre near the recreational area Zlate Piesky stands out not only for its great selection of stores and facilities, but also because it offers the only drive-in cinema in Bratislava. It is a unique experience in the city that draws many people to visit. The stores offer everything from fashion, accessorises, toys, shoes, sport wears, beauty products to electronics.
Adresse: Cesta na Senec 2/A, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 492 441 11
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–9pm
Transport: Train 4; Bus 53, 56, 65


Central is another modern shopping mall that has all the bells and whistles one would expect. It is also the most accessible shopping centre near Trnavske myto. Here you will find stores selling everything from cosmetics, sport wears, fashion, handbags, shoes, jewellery to gifts.
Adresse: Metodova 6, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 321 151 21
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–9pm

Retro Shopping Gallery

Retro Shopping Gallery may be smaller than most other shopping centres in the city, but it still boasts great shopping and eating alternatives, including a tapas and wine shop, Italian food shop, and supermarket, plus several bars and cafes.
Adresse: Nevädzová 6, Bratislava
Åpningstider: Daily 6:30am–10pm
Transport: Tram # 8,9; Bus# 50, 66, 75, 96, 196; Trolleybus # 201, 202, 208

Bratislava Airport — M. R. Štefánik Airport (BTS)

Airport Bratislava is located approximately 9 km from the city center and about a 50 minutes drive from the International Vienna Airport Schwechat. There is a regular bus service from both airports to Bratislava city centre: From Bratislava Airport: outside the arrivals/departure terminal operated by the Municipal public transport. The journey should take approximately 30 minutes. Take bus 61 until Hlavna stanica (Main railway station), then change to bus X13 until Nam. SNP in the city centre. The taxi ride takes around 15 minutes. Find the taxi stand in front of the Arrival terminal. Airport Bratislava offers several car rental services: Avis, Sixt, Eurocar, Alamo, Hertz, Enterprise, Budget and Europcar. Find them in the public area of the Arrivals terminal. From Vienna International Airport Schwechat: daily shuttle bus Blaguss or Slovak Lines, leaving every 30 minutes from 6:20 am until 12:45 am.
Adresse: Letisko Bratislava, Ivanka pri Dunaji
Telefon: +421 2 3303 3353
Transport: Bus 61, 96

Public Transport

Most sights and places of interest can be found in the city centre, or within walking distance of the pedestrianised old town. If you need to travel further afield within the city, the best way to do so is by public transport. Bratislava has a comprehensive network of public transport lines running at regular intervals according to defined timetables. Departure times and a list of destinations, with the journey time to each, are posted for each service at every stop it serves. Daytime operation: buses, trams and trolleybuses run from 5 am until 11:30 pm. Tickets: -one-way ticket valid for 15 min -multiple-ride ticket valid for 60 min -weekend multiple-ride ticket valid for 90min -touristic ticket valid for 24, 48, 72 and 168 hours - unlimited travel -children under 6 years of age travel for free Nighttime operation: on selected bus routes from 11:30 pm until 3:30 am. Tickets: -night ticket valid for 90 min, multiple ride -prepaid tickets (PCL) 30-, 90- and 365-day ticket (personal chip card is needed) -touristic ticket valid for 24, 48, 72 and 168 hours – unlimited travel Passengers are required to buy a ticket in a yellow ticket machine at a bus stop, at a newspaper kiosk or at a DPB shop before getting on board. Right after boarding the vehicle, passengers must stamp their ticket in the nearest stamping machine. A ticket that has not been stamped is not valid. Ticket inspection A passenger who cannot provide a valid ticket to the inspector will have to pay a fine in accordance with the currently valid public transport code. Lost and found In case of loss of personal belongings, the passenger must contact Dopravný podnik Bratislava.
Telefon: +421 2 5950 5950


Unlike cities in other countries, in Slovakia, it is cheaper to order a taxi by phone than to hail one on the street. The price per kilometre varies from 0,50 Euro-cents and up. When getting one on the street, the price might be double or more. We highly recommend to agree on the price before getting in the car. Short distance trips are charged at minimum 4 EUR. You can use apps like Hopin, Bolt (Taxify) and Uber in Slovakia.


Slovenská pošta Bratislava
Adresse: Námestie SNP 35, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 5443 0381
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 7am–8pm, Sat 8am–1pm, Sun closed


Pharmacies are marked by a green cross. They are usually open from 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays and until 1 pm on Saturday. Lekáreň Pokrok, Račianske mýto 1/A east of the Old Town is the only pharmacy in Bratislava with 24-hour emergency service.
Adresse: Lekáreň Pokrok, Račianske mýto 1/A, Bratislava
Telefon: +421 2 444 552 91
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 8am–10pm


Country code: +421 Area code: 2


In Slovakia, you will find type E power plugs and sockets. The standard voltage is 220V and the standard frequency is 50Hz.