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The Basque city of Bilbao is a spellbinding capital of art, design and gastronomy. With one of the world’s finest buildings – the Guggenheim – at its heart, Bilbao dazzles with style and energy, boasts a unique identity and speaks Europe’s oldest and most enigmatic language - Euskara.

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A Walk Along the River

From the ultra-modern Conference Centre and Concert Hall Palacio Euskalduna Jauregia, walk East along the riverbank, which is filled with beautiful sculptures and some very impressive modern architecture. You will pass the Guggenheim and Santiago Calatrava’s stunning Zubi Zuri Footbridge, which spans the Nervión between the Guggenheim and the Ayuntamiento.

Euskal Museoa - Basque Museum

The Museum of Basque Archaeology, Ethnography and History is a cosy little museum in Plaza Unamuno, at the heart of the Old Town. This is a great place to visit on a rainy day before or after an aperitif of pintxos and drinks in the nearby bars of Casco Viejo. Learn about the ins and outs of Basque history, culture and language in this three-storey museum and let yourself in for a journey from the Paleolithic to the present day. Most of the signs are in Basque and Spanish, although rooms have leaflets in English with translations of some of the signage.

The Old Port - Algortako Portu Zaharra

Effectively a tiny fishing village in the midst of a city, the Old Port of Algorta in Getxo is made up of a handful of houses by the shore. It is one of the main attractions in the area, only 20 minutes away from the centre of Bilbao by metro. The Old Port makes for a very pretty and charming setting on a summer's day. A stone's throw away from the beach, the charming white houses follow a downwards path to the water. Here is where, come the sunset, locals gather outside in the gentle summer breeze to enjoy a beer or two, along with a plate of green olives or crispy fried calamari from the nearby bars.
Adresse: Portu Zaharra, Ereaga Kaia, Getxo, Euskadi

Climbing Pagasarri and Ganekogorta

Take a sneak peek at a day in the life of a local by going on one of the most typical and easily accessible hiking routes in the region. Reaching some 673 metres (2,208 feet) in height, Pagasarri is one of the smaller mountains that surround Bilbao and most locals will have tried this hike at least once before. There are buses from the city centre, with a few different routes starting from the area of Zabalburu or from Peñascal, in the outskirts of the city. At the top of the mountain there is even a bar selling 'bokatas', the typical no-nonsense baguette rolls filled with your local delicacy of choice, from tortilla de patata to txistorra or chorizo. If you've reached the summit of Pagasarri you're already halfway to Ganekogorta, a summit at 998 metres (3,274 feet) which is a little further away.
Adresse: Zabalburu Plaza, Bilbao
Transport: Metro station: Zabalburu

Chillida Leku

Located in the city of Hernani, at a one-hour distance from Bilbao, Chillida Leku is an open-air museum exposing the works of Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida. More than 40 of his pieces are now on display across 27 acres of land, even material that was previously not available to the public.
Adresse: Barrio Jauregui 66, Hernani
Telefon: +34 943 335 963
Åpningstider: Wed–Mon 10am–8pm

Gaztelugatxe (Bermeo)

Gaztelugatxe has become famous as a filming location for "Game of Thrones" where it is depicted as the castle of Dragonstone. The rough coast has shaped a rock, tunnels and caves which now form fascinating scenery. On top of the rock, there is a small church (dating back to 10th century), which can be reached via a narrow path. Gaztelugatxe belongs to the municipality of Bermeo and is only a 45-minute drive away from Bilbao.
Adresse: Gaztelugatxe, Bermeo

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao only opened in 1997, but it has since become one of the most revered and celebrated buildings in the world. The museum’s collection focuses primarily on 20th-century American and European art. Just like the popular saying, it's not just the outside that counts - but it's pretty important for this museum. Architect Frank Gehry designed the building with the vision of ''letting the randomness of the curves catch the light". After the opening of the museum, the building was said to be one of the masterpieces of the 20th century.
Adresse: Abandoibarra Etorbidea 2, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 35 90 80
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10am-8pm
Transport: Bus: Museo 1- Henao (Bus 1,10,13,18,A7), Alda. Recalde 31 y 11 y Alda. Recalde 12 (Bus 13,27,38,48)

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museo de Bellas Artes has an exceptional collection of traditional works by well-known masters such as El Greco, Goya, Gauguin, Francis Bacon, Picasso and Velazquez. The era of the collection begins in the Middle Ages all down to the contemporary art of today. The museum has been around since 1908 and started as one of the first Fine Art museums. The popularity of the museum caused the extension of the building with another part in which the rest of the art could be displayed.
Adresse: Museo Plaza 2, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 39 60 60
Åpningstider: Wed-Mon 10am-8pm
Transport: Bilbobus 1,10,13 and 18

Museum of Religious Art

This museum used to be a former convent, founded in 1515. It contains an intriguing selection of religious art and crafts dating back to the 12th century, including religious silverware, sculptures, paintings and ceramics by Basque artists. The permanent exhibition is divided into three large sections: sculptures and paintings, gold work, and garments and ornament.
Adresse: Plazuela de la Encarnación 9 B, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 94 432 0125
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 10.30am-1.30pm/4pm-7pm, Sun 10.30am-1.30pm
Transport: Bus 11, 22, 40, 58, 75, 77, 85

Bilbao Maritime Museum

The Ría de Bilbao Maritime Museum is a place to uncover Bilbao’s past as a shipbuilding and seafaring hub. Outside there are striking floating exhibits with special exhibitions. The exhibitions are structured around three main themes: physical environment of the estuary, the evolution of trade in Bilbao, and the development of shipbuilding in the Bilbao estuary. One of the most striking features are the many mini-ships made entirely out of wood, with incredible attention to detail.
Adresse: Muelle Ramón de la Sota Kaia 1, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 946 08 55 00
Åpningstider: Winter: Tue–Fri 10am–6pm, Sat & Sun 10am–8pm. Summer: Tue–Sun 10am–8pm

Arriaga Theatre

The original theatre, created by Joaquin Rucoba (also known as the Spanish Mozart), burned down in 1914 and a second one was built, resembling the Opera House in Paris. Today, it remains the major cultural venue of Bilbao. Beautifully located on the banks of the Nervión, the theatre is host to world-class opera, classical music concerts and ballet. Besides shows, you can also take a guided tour behind the scenes and see the opera costume collection and the stunning stalls.
Adresse: Arriaga Plaza 1, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 79 20 36

The Bizkaia Bridge

Just outside Bilbao, in the province of Bizkaia is one of the city's main attractions: Puente Bizkaia, also known as Puente Colgante or Hanging Bridge. There are two ways of crossing it, both with equally dramatic views: the first is by gondola cable car and the second, walking along the pedestrain path. If you are still not convinced, the bridge has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for being the 'perfect combination of beauty and functionality'.
Adresse: Kale Barria 3, Las Arenas
Telefon: +34 94 480 10 12

Plaza Nueva - Plaza Barria

There are 64 arches around this enclosed square, which is the oldest surviving square in town. Built in 1849, it’s a perfect place to stop and sip a cup of coffee while you watch the world go by. This plaza is home to some of the best and most up-market pintxos in the area. One of the cafés that you can try is the famous Café Bar Bilbao. Sure, the name is not very original, but it is known for its finger-licking pintxos. Look out for the squid pintxo, as well as the ham and onion one. These the two specialties of the house.
Adresse: Plaza Barria 6, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 151671
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 7am-11pm, Sat 8.30am-10.30pm, Sun 8.30am-3pm

Artxanda Viewpoint

If you want to escape the city streets, this is the right place for you to take in a breath of fresh air and look down at Bilbao from above. At the Artxanda viewpoint, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city and the beautiful mountains that surround it. There is a small funicular railway that functions as a fast mode of transportation to reach the top of the hill.
Adresse: Funicular Plaza, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 45 49 66
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 07.15am-10pm
Transport: Bilbobus 72,26,11,22,71


Plentzia is a happening resort just outside Bilbao, in the province of Bizkaia. Located atop a hill, its streets pour down the hillside leading to lovely sandy beaches. Plentzia is a popular weekend destination from Bilbao, as it takes a short 30 minutes to get there on the overground metro service from the centre of Bilbao. In the town of Plentzia there are plenty of bars and cafés which serve locally caught fresh seafood. The town also has an indoor court for the sport of Basque pelota. Here you can watch this traditional game which involves two teams of players who hurl a small hard white ball at a wall swinging at it with the full force of the palms of their bare hands.
Adresse: Plentzia
Transport: Metro station: Plentzia

Day Trip to Donostia - San Sebastián

This is a city set between two hills around the beautiful bay of La Concha. San Sebastian, or Donosti as it is known by the locals, makes for an unforgettable day trip, where you can take in the glorious Belle Epoque balustrades and visit the world-famous restaurants. There are four areas that you should visit. The first one is Parte Vieja, the old town, where you can find the popular pintxo bars and eat til you drop. South of Parte Vieja you'll find the shopping district and heading towards the coast you will come across three beaches: Zurriola, the preferred spot for local surfers, La Concha and Ondarreta, where the posh neighbourhood is.
Adresse: Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Euskadi

Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park

The Doña Casilda Park is located by Paseo Don Jose Anselmo Clavé, next to the Museum of Fine Arts. The park was built in 1907 by an architect called Ricardo Bastida. Strolling through this park you will come to a water fountain, basketball and a pavilion for live performances. If the directions are unclear, you can always try asking a local after 'el parque de los patos', or the park with the ducks, as it is affectionately nicknamed.
Adresse: Casilda Iturrizar Parkea, Bilbao
Åpningstider: 24/7

City Sightseeing By Bike

Explore the city by bike either by yourselves or as part of a guided bike tour. This is a different way to get to know Bilbao and to learn more about its culture. One of the more popular bike tours is the tour provided by the international Baja Bikes. The bike tour will provide you with a local English speaking guide and take you to all the highlights of Bilbao, such as the Guggenheim museum. It even includes a variety of pintxo's and a drink, a nice way to refresh after cycling your way through the city.
Adresse: Villarias Kalea 1, Bilbao
Telefon: +34646252199

Basilica of Begoña

You will find Basilica of Begoña at Calle Virgen de Begoña on the top of a hill. The church construction started in 1511 and it is widely held that the virgin Mary appeared at that exact spot. You can see that the church is still important to the sailors of Bilbao. There are still ships which are named after the church, Virgen de Begoña or just Begoña. Experience history first-hand when you walk through the doors of the Basilica of Begoña.
Adresse: Begoñako Andra Maria Kalea 38, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 12 70 91
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 8am-1.30pm / 2.15pm-9pm

Zubizuri Bridge

The white structure of the impressive pedestrian bridge over Nervion River can be seen from far away on a sunny summer’s day in Bilbao. It's extra special since the bridge is designed to look like a sailboat, ten metres above the river. Zubizuri connects Campo Volantín Boulevard with Uribitarte, and from the bridge you have a stunning view of the Guggenheim Museum. There used to be a glass floor, but after complaints the city decided to place a non-slip mat. So even when it's a rainy day, you can walk there safely.
Adresse: Campo de Volantín Pasealekua 22, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 20 42 00

St. James' Cathedral

St. James is the patron of Bilbao, and this cathedral is dedicated to the saint. The Gothic architecture dates back to the 15th century, which makes it the oldest church of Bilbao. It has been renewed several times throughout the years. There are several reasons why this is such a peculiar church. For instance, it's not built in one style, but a combination of three. There is a Gothic cloister, a Renaissance portico, and a neo-Gothic spire.
Adresse: Plaza de Santiago, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 15 36 27
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 9am-10pm
Transport: Metro Casco Viejo

Iberdrola Tower

This modern building holds a luxury hotel as well as several offices. The Iberdrola Tower was built in 2009, and at 165 meters is one of the highest buildings in Bilbao. The plans to create a building at that exact spot were already being developed in the early 90s.
Adresse: Euskadi Plaza 5, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 35 43 49

Alhóndiga Bilbao

This old warehouse has been renovated to become one of Bilbao's most vibrant cultural places. There are activities for everyone, from exhibitions to cinemas, kids’ activities, concerts, lectures and a library – the 43,000 square meter space has it all. If you get hungry during your visit, it provides several opportunities for a refreshment to your liking. In 2015, the building was renamed to Azkuna Zentroa in tribute to the late mayor of Bilbao Iñaki Azkuna, who changed the industrial Bilbao into a cultural masterpiece.
Adresse: Azkuna Zentroa, Arriquibar Plaza, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 01 40 14
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 7am-11pm, Fri 7am-0.00am, Sat 8.30am-0.00am, Sun 8.30am-11pm

Campos Elíseos Theatre

This stunning Art Nouveau theatre is worth a moment of your time. It was established in 1901, reopened in 2010 after renovation. You can get a free guided tour through the highlights of the building, and the theatre's program is very interesting. Campos Eliseos hosts national and international artists and performers, which promise to provide a spectacular evening and will leave you breathless with amazement.
Adresse: Bertendona Kalea 3 Bis, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 43 86 10
Åpningstider: Mon-Tue 5pm-7.30pm, Wed 11.30am-1pm, Thu 11.30am-1pm/5pm-8pm, Fri 11.30am-1pm/5pm-8pm, Sat 5pm-8pm, Sun 6pm-8pm
Transport: Metro Stop: Moyuna

Restaurante Bermeo

Bermeo is one of the finest restaurants in Bilbao, popular with the great and the good of Basque society, from politicians to artists. Enjoy classical Basque dishes, such as fresh thistles sautéed with ham or partridge with glazed shallots; dessert of truffle figs is simply divine.
Adresse: Ercilla Kalea 37-39, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 94 470 57 00
Åpningstider: Daily 9am–1am

Guggenheim Bilbao

For a slightly less expensive taste of Martin Berasategui’s new Basque cuisine, head to his restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum. The menu includes some real gems like tempura hake with sautéed mange-touts and Biscay cheese. It's not possible to order one dish at the restaurant, but you'll pick a menu which consists of a traditional starter, main dish and a dessert or pintxo's. All the more fun, now you can choose from dishes that you are unfamiliar with.
Adresse: Abandoibarra Etorbidea 2, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 94 423 93 33
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 1pm-3.30pm / 8pm-10.30pm

El Viejo Zortzi

El Viejo Zortzi is the little brother of Zortziko. The difference between the restaurants is that El Viejo Zortzi is more informal and the prices are significantly lower than Zortziko; the quality remains, of course, the same. El Viejo Zortzi has a modern take on traditional Basque food, such as fillet of cod in pil-pil sauce and fresh hake in garlic sauce. The choice of wine here is exceptional. While you're there, you can also take a quick peak at the bar. They have an infinite amount of wine and other alcoholic beverages.
Adresse: Licenciado Poza, 54, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 41 92 49
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat Noon-11pm


This post-modern restaurant has a great view of the Guggenheim. The view adds to the fantastic Basque cuisine and creative dishes such as chocolaty oxtail crépinettes and cold anchovy lasagna in tomato soup. One of the most popular dishes was not created by the chef himself, but is actually a recipe of his grandmother. He paid respects to her by giving the dish her name, 'Grandmother's Cake'.
Adresse: Abandoibarra Etorbidea 4, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 42 10 71
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 1pm-4pm / 7.45pm-Midnight


Located in Zamudio, slightly out of the centre of town is one of Bilbao’s most famous restaurants. It's about 10 km from the city centre and a bit tricky to find, but the trip is well worth it. Cod is the main menu item on the menu, but don’t forget to try other dishes, like the squab with peach puree. You can also have a three course set menu, which allows you to share tapas before you dive into the main course.
Adresse: Ibaizabal 212, Parque Tecnológico, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 31 70 25
Åpningstider: Mon-Tue 1.30pm-3.30pm, Wed-Sat 1.30pm-3.30pm / 8.30pm-10.45pm, Sun 1.30pm-3.30pm

Gure Toki

At this small bar you can relish fantastic pintxos, which are wonderfully executed with a creative touch. Some dishes you can find on the menu are beef ribs with seaweed, crab tempura and mushroom risotto. This is a popular place, so it might be crowded but definitely worth the wait.
Adresse: Plaza Barria 12, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 15 80 37
Åpningstider: Mon-Tue 9am-11.30pm, Thu-Sat 9am-11.30pm, Sun 9.30am-4pm


Enjoy well-prepared Spanish food at this cool, modern restaurant. The fresh food is inventive and tasty, and served by attentive staff. The ingredients are mostly from local farmers or fishermen, to support the local community. Try the 8-dish course with lots of different exciting flavors, accompanied with a good Spanish wine, and afterwards - a strong cup of Spanish coffee.
Adresse: Rekalde Zumarkalea 4, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 23 13 13
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 1pm-11pm, Sun 1pm-4pm


If you want to tickle your taste buds with Japanese food of the highest quality, you definitely have to visit Mao. The chefs use excellent raw products, and the food is prepared before guests' eyes. A few dishes served at the restaurant are the salmon tart, teppanyaki rice with lotus leaf and sushi sahimi moriaware. On the wine list you will find more than 150 different labels.
Adresse: Ibanez De Bilbao 11, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 23 68 18
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 1pm-4pm / 8.30pm-Midnight

Restaurante Mina

Mina is a gastronomic restaurant with only 8 tables for 25-30 guests. The menu reflects each season, and the chefs use local produce from the market and nearest farms. You can also sit at the ''barra'', an oak counter in front of the chef, and take a peek to see how your food is being prepared in front of your very eyes. Restaurante Mina is located in the heart of Bilbao. It's essential to make a reservation because of the limited amount of seats.
Adresse: Muelle Marzana Kaia, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 79 59 38
Åpningstider: Wed-Sat 2pm-3.30pm / 9pm-10.30pm, Sun 2pm-3.30pm


This is a place where you can have interesting, well-presented pinxtos. The ambience is modern, with a minimalist design dominated by orange and white colours. Irrintzi attracts a younger clientele and is situated in one of the most tranquil streets of the Old Quarter of Bilbao. Customers can help themselves by picking the pintxos and pay for them before leaving the restaurant.
Adresse: Calle Santa Maria 8, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 16 76 16
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 9.30am-11pm, Fri 9.30am-1am, Sat Noon-1am, Sun Noon-5pm

Restaurante Yandiola

Restaurante Yandiola is housed in a beautiful old building. The building alone is worth a visit. Here you can enjoy your dinner at the lovely rooftop terrace with an amazing view over Bilbao. The chefs create traditional, yet modern Spanish food with the best ingredients from the earth and the sea, and do so with a passionate dedication. One of the recommended dishes is the red tuna.
Adresse: Azkuna Zentroa, Arriquibar Plaza 4, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 13 36 36
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 1pm-4pm / 8.30pm-11pm

Restaurante Lar

Restaurante Lar is a small family-run restaurant that serves traditional Spanish food. Their focus is on seafood and seasonal products, which are carefully prepared. This charming restaurant has a simple decor with family photos adorning the walls.
Adresse: Calle Amistad 3, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 24 48 02
Åpningstider: Mon 9am–5pm, Tue–Fri 9am–midnight, Sat 11:30am–midnight, Sun closed


At this restaurant you can indulge in modern Basque cuisine. Kasko is located in the Old Quarter of Bilbao, and offers a great mix of traditional and modern food. The atmosphere of the restaurant is special, with decor planned out by the famous Vicente and Fernando Roscubas. The portions are huge, so make sure to come here with an empty stomach or bring a friend to share your dishes with. As bonus, from Sunday to Tuesday Rafa Aceves plays a jazz piano session just for the guests of Kasko.
Adresse: Calle Santa Maria, 16, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 16 03 11
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri Noon-Midnight, Sat-Sun 11am-1am

Restaurante Zortziko

At this classy restaurant, a meal is like a work of art. The chefs aim to reflect the flavor and culture of a country in their dishes and pay close attention to even the the tiniest of details. At Zortziko, you get the best of Basque cuisine in an authentic setting. The Menú Tradición is highly recommended, with specialties such as rabit with rice and Idiazaba cheese cream, and wakame scallop salad with a terriyaki glaze.
Adresse: Alameda Mazarredo 17, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 23 97 43
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 1pm-3.30pm / 8.30pm-11pm

Andra Mari

Surrounded by nature, this charming restaurant is your place for a perfectly Basque experience. The wood building fuses elegance and comfort in a homey atmosphere, and the genuine local cuisine is made with some of the best ingredients in the region. Andra Mari is the kind of hidden gem you would recommend to good friends.
Adresse: Barrio Elexalde 22, Bizkaia
Telefon: +34 94 456 00 05
Åpningstider: Mon 1pm-4pm, Wed-Thu 1pm-4pm, Fri-Sat 1pm-4pm / 8.30am-11pm, Sun 1pm-4pm


Located in San Sebastian, this family-run business is one of the most high-class restaurants in the area. It has been distinguished for its cuisine and ambience several times in the past, and offers classic dishes that will appeal to international guests. The choice of wine is splendid and you can combine your dinner with a visit to the great area of San Sebastian.
Adresse: Avenida Alcalde José Elosegui 273, Donostia, Euskadi
Telefon: +34 94 327 8465
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat 1:30–3:5pm, 9–10:30pm
Transport: Take the train from Bilbao’s central Atxuri station and you will arrive in 2 hours. You can also take the bus to San Sebastián.

Restaurante Guggenheim Bilbao

After a long visit to the Guggenheim Museum, why not rest your feet at their in-house Bistro? The Bistró believes that a free style of cuisine linked to the roots of the product, is a respectful gesture to the part of the culture from which it originates. The kitchen offers small local bites for a quick refreshment, and if you want to linger over your coffee, check out their outside terrace. If you're looking for a savoury and healthy food, this is just the place for you.
Adresse: Abandoibarra Etorbidea 2, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 23 93 33
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 1–3pm, 8–10pm

Cafe Lago

If you are in doubt whether it is savoury or sweet treats you're yearning for, look no further. At Cafe Lago you have the option to choose from a wide variety. They are known among the local community for making the best churros with chocolate, but they are also popular when it comes to traditional pintxos and the best wines of the Basque area.
Adresse: Calle Correo 13, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 79 22 39
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 7am-10pm, Sat 7am-10.30pm, Sun 8.30am-10pm

Cafe Bar Las Torres

Cafe Bar Las Torres serves some of the best coffee in Bilbao. You can enjoy the cosy interior or catch some sunlight while sitting outside on the terrace. They specialise in serving the best traditional pintxos of Bilbao, with the freshest ingredients out there.
Adresse: Simón Bolívar Kalea 27, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 418 982
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 7am-11pm, Fri 7am-1.30am, Sat 8am-1.30am, Sun 4pm-11pm

Bihotz Cafe

As soon as you walk through the door, you will instantly feel at home in the cafe's casual interior. They don't just serve coffee, so if you are in the mood for a cold beer, you can certainly get that in Bihotz as well. They serve only the best of the best beers from local brewers.
Adresse: Calle Arechaga 6, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 679 06 03 12
Åpningstider: Tue-Thu 3pm-10pm, Fri 3pm-11pm, Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm

Cafe Obrador Okapi

Okapi is not only focused on Basque cuisine, but also draws inspiration from the entire Mediterranean and the products it has to offer. There are many vegetarian options, falafel being a treat many seem to enjoy. They also have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, such as the traditional piña colada and the mojito. If you have a sweet tooth, try the chocolate mousse.
Adresse: Belostikalle 26, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 16 44 49
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 10.30am-10.30pm, Fri 10.30am-11.30pm, Sat 11am-11.30pm, Sun 11am-6pm

Restaurante Cafeteria Pentxo

Take a look at the menu of Pentxo, and all you'll see are traditional pintxos ready for you to order. The restaurant made the decision to only focus on traditional dishes. You can choose between several menus and pick several carefully made pintxos, such as home-made croquettes and baked Iberian cod, for example.
Adresse: Belostikalle 20, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 16 94 72
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 7am-9pm

Café Iruña

This is a classic coffee house that dates back to 1903 with Arabesque motifs, carved columns and medieval ceramics. Café Iruña has a wide variety of snacks, sandwiches, pintxos and other mouthwatering refreshments. If you are craving a delicious cup of coffee, this is the place for you. The café received a prise for the Best Coffee of Spain in 2000 by the Café Crème Guide to the Cafés of Europe, and they are still going strong.
Adresse: Jardines de Albia Lorategia, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 94 423 7021
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 7am-1am, Sat 9am-2am, Sun 10am-1am

Pasteleria Don Manuel

A pasteleria is a Spanish pastry shop, and this one in particular has an excellent assortment of traditional croissants, chocolates, cookies and pastries. Some of the most popular pastries are the carolinitas and cubitos, and the Cream chuchitos. There is also a chocolate section which provides you with a wide variety of bonbons. You can find a hearty breakfast for a good price here.
Adresse: Alameda Urquijo Zumarkalea 39, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 438 672
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

Cafe Del Arenal

A typical place in Bilbao, and one always full of people. Cafe Del Arenal is famous far and wide for its sandwiches. But they are not only known for a typical Spanish sandwich, but also for their churros. A lot of customers combine their breakfast with a fried egg, some churros with chocolate sauce on the side and, of course, a cafe con leche.
Adresse: Calle Arenal 5, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 94 416 64 67
Åpningstider: Daily 7:30am–11pm


This interesting venue is a repurposed church dating back to 17th century. Accomodating music concerts of all kinds, cinema screenings, poetry evenings, theatre plays, dance shows, workshops and other cultural events, Bilborock is a space for creativity in the city. Check the event calendar on their website to see what's on.
Adresse: Mesedeetako Kaia, Bilbao

Licenciado Poza

Licenciado Poza is a street commonly known by young locals simply as 'Pozas'. It is one of the most popular places for an evening out on the town. Located in the area of Indautxu, there isn't anything more central than Pozas. Bars and restaurants line this road from end to end, making it an incredibly popular spot for the local pastime of bar-hopping, especially on Thursdays and at the weekend. On matchdays, when the city's football team Athletic Club Bilbao is playing either home or away, the street fills up with passionate fans donned in red and white and known for their liveliness and friendly demeanour. They will very happily occupy the bars, terraces, pavements, and even pour out into the middle of the road to pass the time before heading to the stadium at the end of the street to watch their beloved team play.
Adresse: Licenciado Poza, Bilbao

Café Bar Bilbao

This is a great bar for a late night drink off the Plaza Nueva. Café Bar Bilbao never seems to shut off its lights, so it is perfect for taking in the spirit(s) of the city. While you're at it, why don't you have some traditional yet modern pintxos alongside your drink? One of the public's favourites is the calamares with a cold glass of beer.
Adresse: Plaza Nueva 6, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 151671
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 7am-11pm, Sun 9am-3pm

Bar El Globo

Great place for a wide variety of pintxos, good wine, and finding new friends among the locals of Bilbao. They also have special pintxos and an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes. El Globo is located right by the metro beside the Palacio de la Diputación, which makes it a short walk right to the cafe.
Adresse: Calle Diputación 8, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 94 415 42 21
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9am–8pm, Sat 11am–8pm, Sun closed

Kafe Antzokia

Kafe Antzokia used to be an old theatre, but got refurbished and turned into a multi-purpose venue. It is known as a live music stage with a vibrant atmosphere, where both local and international artists put on their performances. Every weekend the place becomes a popular night club with DJs mixing their beats until late. If you want to feel what it's like to be on stage, every day of the week you can have lunch on the actual stage where the band or artist has performed. Who doesn't want to feel like a rock star?
Adresse: San Vicente 2, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 24 46 25


Bring your dancing shoes because Fever will make you move like you have never moved before. This nightclub is a local favourite and features well-known DJs and live acts on a regular basis. Look out for the Art After Dark Parties in the atrium of the Guggenheim Museum, also presented by Fever.
Adresse: 27 Polígono Industrial Santa Ana, Bilbao
Telefon: + 34 944 598 617

Molly Malone

Stopping at Molly Malone will give you the feeling of coming home. It's the most Irish bar that you will find in Spain. From the beer to the food, to even the music, it's all about Ireland. The rustic décor and the warm atmosphere welcome each guest, and the next Guinness is always within arm’s reach. If you are not in the mood for Irish dishes, you can, also enjoy traditional pintxo while you're there.
Adresse: Calle Particular de Estraunza, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944423108
Åpningstider: Mon-Wed 8am-11pm, Thu 8am-0.30am, Fri-Sat 8am-3am, Sun 4pm-11pm


Located close to the river and next to the Old Town, Bihotz offers everything you need for a relaxed evening. Let the friendly staff take care of you and have some pinxtos with your beer or wine. The lovely décor and the light music make this place a nice one to hang out at.
Adresse: Calle Arechaga 6, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 679 06 03 12
Åpningstider: Tue-Thu 3pm-10pm, Fri 3pm-11pm, Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm

Pub Witch

Find good music, cool cocktails and a little bit of magic at Pub Witch. Usually, the doors open at 10pm sharp and there are regular beer and wine specials on the menu. Look for the DJ sets and Dance Nights, which are guaranteed to provide you with a great night out.
Adresse: Cosme Echevarrieta 4, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 606 54 47 26
Åpningstider: From 10pm

Bar Luzea

This bar and eatery is perfect for the busy party crowd. While it’s not a bar for an extended dinner, the excellent pintxos provide an ideal quick refreshment. Just pop in and have a bite with your beer before you take off and walk off into the vibrating nightlife of Bilbao.
Adresse: Maestro Garcia Rivero 8, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 053 479
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 9.30am-10.30pm, Fri 9.30am-11.30pm, Sat 11.30am-10.30pm, Sun 11.30am-10.30pm

Kubrick Bar Bilbao

As the name suggests, this place is dedicated to the great director Stanley Kubrick. Posters and screens recall memorable scenes from his movies, and you will find yourself in a very cinematic setting. While the bar mainly serves evening guests, it also offers breakfast and meals at any time of day. Stop by to experience one of their shows, outdoor live music, cabarets or parties.
Adresse: Villarías Kalea 2, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 669 44 72 36
Åpningstider: Mon-Wed 10am-11pm, Fri 10am-2am, Sat Noon-2am, Sun 11.30am-11pm

Baobab Bar Tetería

Baobab is a popular and trendy spot by the river near the old town. It is a small and charming teahouse that serves some of the best teas from across the world, but you can also just come in for a beer. The cosy vintage decor will make you want to stay for a little while longer. If you fancy a cup of tea it is best to arrive during the afternoon because by night the place becomes more of a bar, serving beers for the price of one euro on Thursdays. You can also come back after a long night out to buy some nice hot drinks in the morning. Baobab is a popular and trendy spot by the river, near the old town.
Adresse: Printzipe Kalea 1, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 946 53 41 15
Åpningstider: Mon 5pm-11pm, Tue-Wed 11am-11pm, Thu 11am-Midnight, Fri 11am-2am, Sat Noon-2am, Sun Noon-10pm

Nervion Cafe Bar

A mix of cafe and bar, this upbeat location is popular with the young urban crowd. Vintage furniture meets modern lifestyle here, and you can have a great time being in the artistic student neighbourhood. Nervion offers an amazing view of the river.
Adresse: Calle Najan 7, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 16 91 89
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 10.30am-12.15am, Fri 10.30am-2am, Sat 12.45pm-2am, Sun 12.45pm-11.30pm

Karaoke Rendez Vous

Karaoke Rendez Vous offers you with a stage instead of you just singing your heart out in the shower. Rendez Vous has been around for over 15 years and provides the ideal location for stepping out of your comfort zone. Take the microphone, choose your favourite classic 80s and 90s hits, such as Take On Me by A-ha, and show what you’ve got!
Adresse: Gardoqui Cardenal 11, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 15 87 73


If you want to get a new perspective, check out La Terraza del Yandiola. The bar is located at the top of Alhóndiga, a historic building in the heart of Bilbao, and offers you one of the most beautiful views of the city. The lounge music and its upbeat décor make this place a classy and sophisticated chill out area.
Adresse: Plaza Arrikibar 4, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 13 36 36
Åpningstider: Monday-Sunday: 1pm-4pm / 8.30pm-11pm

Bar Marzana

Besides a varied choice of bites and drinks, Marzana offers a great view of the river. The terrace is a favourite for tourists and locals alike, and will showcase Bilbao at its best at night. Marzana 16 has a cool and relaxing vibe, perfect after a warm day in sunny Spain. One of the favourite drinks of the locals is the amazing gin and tonic.
Adresse: Calle de Marzana 16, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 15 01 37
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 5pm-11pm, Fri 5pm-1am, Sat Noon-1am, Sun Noon-11pm

Mercado de la Ribera

Located in the centre of the old town are the impressive halls of Mercado de la Ribera. Dating back to the 1930s, this building is a meeting point for food lovers. The area is buzzing during the mornings, and you can get nearly any local product you can think of. It was distinguished by the Guinness Book of Records in 1990 as being the largest food market in all of Europe. It may not be the largest in Europe anymore, but it's still an extremely impressive building.
Adresse: Erribera Kalea, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 946 02 37 91
Åpningstider: Mon 8am-3pm, Tue-Fri 8am-2.30pm, Sat 8am-3pm


This is an upmarket shopping mall where you will find exclusive designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Massimo Dutti, and Antonio Miró. There are currently more than 50 shops, a cinema, supermarket and restaurants. Zubiarte is located near the Guggenheim and the Iberdrola Tower, which is right in the city centre. Here you can shop everything from clothing to accessories, electronics and interior design items.
Adresse: Lehendakari Leizaola 2, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 27 73 80
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10am-0.30am, Sun Noon-0.30am

La Casa del Libro

La Casa del Libro is a bookshop with an extensive range of books and maps, including English language books. The shop has been celebrated for providing books that are otherwise difficult to obtain, and because of the enormous variety of genres they sell. So, if you are in need of a book which explains the gardening techniques of the 15th century during the Tudor period, look no further.
Adresse: Alameda de Urquijo 9, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 902 02 64 08
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9.30am-9pm

Sombreros Gorostiaga

Many visitors like to return from Bilbao with a chic beret, which locals call txapelas. The txapelas looks a bit like a mix of fedora and a cowboy hat. But it's probably best to check it out yourself! Sombreros Gorostiaga is a family-owned business est. 1857, which makes it one of the oldest businesses of Bilbao, and has an extensive selection. The shop is so popular and known for their quality that even TV shows and film directors have requested hats from the shop.
Adresse: Calle Victor 9, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 16 12 76
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10am-1.30pm / 4pm-8pm

El Corte Inglés

You are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at this Spanish institution, as it's the biggest department store group in Europe. From luxury to the everyday, El Corte Inglés is likely to have it. A couple of the many designers that display their collection at El Corte Inglés are Calvin Klein, Dior and Ralph Lauren.
Adresse: Gran Via 7-9, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 25 35 00
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9.30am-9pm

Gran Via

Framed by modernist buildings and lime trees, the main street and the adjoining streets of the El Ensanche neighbourhood holds a great variety of classy boutiques. There are three main areas of this neighbourhood: the lower area surrounding Plaza Circular, the mid zone between Plaza Circular and Plaza Moyúa, and the upper zone between Plaza Moyúa and Plaza del Sagrado Corazón
Adresse: Gran Via, Bilbao

Casco Viejo

In the vibrant neighbourhood of Plaza Nueva you’ll find everything from souvenir shops or traditional Basque stores to high-class shopping plazas. Stroll through the old town, or Casco Viejo, and take in impressive buildings while you buy yourself something nice. The cherry on top of your shopping tour might be a pintxo and a hot or cold drink in one of the many small cafes around.
Adresse: Casco Viejo, Bilbao

Sunday Markets

While the Old Town is a magnet for tourists, on the weekend you have yet another reason to come to Plaza Nueva. Sundays, the area turns into a lively market place where numerous vendors offer almost everything. Browse through books, get some organic fruit and maybe take home a txistorras, one of the local sausage specialities. Lovers of street music and local hand-craft are advised to come early as there are always some performers and artists around.
Adresse: Plaza Nueva, Bilbao


If you are looking for specialty shops and international brand-stores, make sure to visit Indautxu. This young neighborhood boast a large offer of custom-made clothing, exclusive hand craft and, of course, high-class shoes. Next to Plaza Indautxu, Rodríguez Arias and Alameda de Urquijo are the most important streets for fashion hunters.
Adresse: Indautxu, Bilbao

Pastelerías Martina de Zuricalday

Glazed truffle pralines, soft butter buns and fruity cakes. That and much more is what you get at Martina de Zuricalday Pastry Shops. The family business looks back on a long tradition of confectionery and offers delights for every occasion. With only the best products and freshest ingredients, a taste of this pastry shop will satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.
Adresse: Calle de Ercilla 43, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 43 57 96
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

Around Guggenheim Museum

As a tourist hot spot, the area around Guggenheim Museum is also an upbeat shopping district. Streets leading to Plaza Euskadi are filled with designer shoes, fashion and antique shops or book stores. Moreover, if you’re interested in local art or want to take home some regional wine, this is the place for you to shop. In the area, there is also a park, Paseo de la Memoria, which is filled with beautiful pieces of art.
Adresse: Avenida Abandoibarra 2, Bilbao

Euro Sport

You are an adventurous traveler and want to enjoy some sports during the holidays? Then Euro Sport is the place for you. From winter sports to in-line skating, water sports or golf, the well-equipped store has got everything you could wish for. Stop by for a new pair of sports socks or get a whole new snowboarding set, Euro Sport is always worth a visit.
Adresse: Estraunza 1, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 41 93 12
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10.30am-2pm / 4.30pm-8pm, Sat 10.30am-2pm / 5pm-8pm

Mil Rosas Bilbao

Mil Rosas has one of the best choices of fresh flowers in the city and you will find something for every occasion. They are decoration specialists and if you need something last minute you can even place your order in their online store.
Adresse: Ercilla Kalea 25, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 15 27 91
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10am-2pm / 4.30pm-8pm, Sat 10am-2pm


Spain can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travellers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.


Bilbao Airport is located 6 miles (9,6 kilometres) northwest of the city. BizkaiBus A3247 departs from outside the main terminal to Plaza Moyua and Gran Vía (central Bilbao) every 30 minutes from 06.15 to 00.00. The journey takes around 30 minutes. Taxis from the airport to and from the centre of town can be hired easily.
Adresse: Bilbao Airport, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 91 321 10 00

Best Time to Visit

The Basque Country can get chilly and rainy during the winter, so the prime time for visiting Bilbao is during the summer months. To avoid the bulk of tourist masses, plan your trip for late April / May, or from September to early October, when temperatures are still pleasant and outdoor activities can be enjoyed.

Public Transport

Bus Bilbobus covers all the districts in the city. Each line has its own timetable but the service starts between 06.00 and 07.00. The last service departs between 22.00 and 23.00. The buses leave every 10 to 30 minutes depending on the lines. You can buy your single ticket on the bus by using either a Creditrans pass or cash. Tram The tram is an efficient means of transport in Bilbao. The company Euskotran offers services between the following destinations: Atxuri - Ribera - Arriaga - Abando - Pío Baroja - Uribitarte - Guggenheim - Abandoibarra - Euskalduna - Sabino Arana - San Mamés - Basurto. There is a customer service centre at Atxuri station. You can pay your journey by touching in with a Creditrans / BARIK card, or by cash for a single ride. Metro Bilbao has an excellent underground train network. The city's reputation for cutting edge design even extends to its means of transport. The sleek entrances to Bilbao's metro stations were designed by acclaimed architect Norman Foster. Buy a Creditrans multi-journey travel ticket and you can travel on the metro, Feve trains, trams, buses and the Funicular.
Telefon: +34 944 79 09 81


Radio Taxi Bilbao +34 94 444 88 88 Radio Taxi-Nervión +34 94 426 90 26 Radio Tele-Taxi +34 94 410 21 21
Telefon: +34 94 444 88 88


The Main Post Office is open Monday to Friday 08.30 to 20.30 and on Saturdays from 09.30 to 13.00. There is also a post office at Paseo de Arenal.
Adresse: Alameda Urquijo 19, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 94 422 05 48


Pharmacies can be identified by the lit up green crosses outside of them. All the pharmacies in the city operate on a rotating shift, taking it in turns to open late at night. Every pharmacy in the city has a rota with information about which particular branch is open all night each day of the week. A pharmacy on each side of the river: Fika Kalea, 65, Bilbao Alameda Urquijo, 60, Bilbao
Adresse: Fika Kalea 65, Bilbao
Telefon: +34 944 33 10 38
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9am-10pm, Sat 9am-1.30pm


Country code: +34 Area code for landlines: 94