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The impressive, enchanting shadow of the Alhambra casts a magical spell upon all those who pass through Granada. A city of legends, of gypsies and pirates, lore comes to life in the warren of the Albayzin, and in the inescapable presence of the ancient Moorish castle, the famous Alhambra. The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide an impressive backdrop and add to the enchanting feel of this mysterious place.

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The Alhambra

Built on a hill overlooking Granada and set against a backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra is a majestic medieval complex of intricately decorated palaces, pristine gardens, and a once-mighty fortress. It is among the top 3 most visited landmarks in Spain, and together with the Generalife Gardens, they form a UNESCO World Heritage site. See the complex's fascinating mix of Renaissance and Moorish architecture, admire panoramic city vistas from a hilltop perch, and then stroll through the botanical beauty of the Generalife Gardens.
Adresse: Alhambra, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 918 029

Cathedral of Santa María De La Encarnación

The Cathedral of Santa María De La Encarnación is Grenada’s most famous cavernous Renaissance and Gothic cathedral. There is a small museum adjacent to the church.
Adresse: Plaza de las Pasiegas, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 222 959
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10am-6:30pm. Sun and holidays 3pm-5:45pm

Cartuja Monastery

Monestario De La Cartuja is an elaborate Baroque monastery and church, constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries. The Sanctuary and Sacristy are particularly impressive. Within the brick walls you can enjoy breathtaking gardens and experience how clerics and monks lived in times past.
Adresse: Paseo de la Cartuja, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 161 932
Åpningstider: Summer: daily 10am-8pm. Winter: Sun-Fri and holidays 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

Hammam Arabic Baths

In this authentic ancient house, visitors are welcome to indulge in an Arabic style bath. The smells of scented oils waft through the air as you relax in the hot or cool pools, or enjoy a massage. There is a rooftop restaurant and teahouse onsite.
Adresse: Calle Santa Ana 16, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 229 978

Huerta De San Vicente

Huerta De San Vicente is the house where famous writer Federico García Lorca spent summers and wrote some of his best known works. The house is located 15 minutes by foot from the city centre.
Adresse: Calle Virgen Blanca, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 258 466
Åpningstider: September 16 - May 31: Tue-Sun 9:30am-5pm. June 1 - September: Tue-Sun 15 daily 9am-3pm


The Albayzín is composed by snaking corridors and alleyways that make up the old Arabian quarter of Granada. It is a pleasure just to wander the warren of streets.
Adresse: Albayzín, Granada

Plaza Larga Market

Plaza Larga brims with lively bars and tapas restaurants. A market is held every day until 2pm - drop by for fruit, vegetables and a variety of clothing. The music stalls are also worth exploring.
Adresse: Plaza Larga, Granada

Arco De Las Pesas

Arco De Las Pesas is located just off Plaza Larga, a striking Islamic gateway defensive wall. The archway is built with stone from the city of Malahá and was built in the eleventh century.
Adresse: Placeta de las Minas 4, Granada

Mirador de San Nicolás

Mirador De San Nicolás is a lookout point with stunning views of the Alhambra, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and all of Granada. This is the perfect place to go and see one of the most beautiful sunsets.
Adresse: Plaza de San Nicolás, Granada


This mystic neighbourhood's name literally means "sacred mountain". The place was traditionally occupied by the Gitanos (historically Roman people, also called Gypsies). A series of roads winding up the mountain are flanked by caves that are literally carved out of the side of the mountain. They served as the original dwellings for this area's first inhabitants. Many of the caves are still used as houses; others have been converted to restaurants and bars.
Adresse: Sacromonte, Granada

Nasrid Wall

Nasrid Wall is the 16th city perimeter wall which snakes through the Sacromonte district. A walk along this wall will provide a thorough exploration of the Sacromonte, including beautiful views of the Alhambra and the Albayzin.
Adresse: Sacromonte Abbey, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 221 445

Generalife Garden

Overlooking the impressive Alhambra palace lies the lovely Generalife Garden. With its bright flowerbeds and picturesque fountains, its higher and lower gardens are the ideal spot for an evening stroll. You don’t want to miss this Andalusian scenery with great architecture in a floral setting on your holiday pictures.
Adresse: Realejo-San Matias, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 027 971

Mosque of Granada

After centuries of banishing Islam from the religious map, this Mosque was built in 2003 and is open to everyone. You can visit the building and also step into the main prayer halls by appointment. The mosque is also worth visiting for its outlook on the beautiful architecture of the Alhambra.
Adresse: Plaza de San Nicolás, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 202 526


Not far from Granada’s Cathedral lies this traditional market. The former silk market was rebuilt in 19th century and offers local jewellery and souvenirs. Take home a piece of Granada or drop by for the lovely sight of the Moorish architecture – it’s always worth a visit.
Adresse: Calle Alcaicería, 1, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 229 045
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

Basílica de San Juan de Dios

This Basilica shines gold on the inside, and on the outside. Discover treasures of the past and visit the final resting place of important Spanish clerics. Take a tour with one of the friendly guides and learn about the history and background of this place of worship.
Adresse: Calle San Juan de Dios 15, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 275 700
Transport: Bus stop: Avenida Constitucion


If you’re looking for some refreshing fun during your holidays, this is the place for you. The water park offers entertainment and relaxation for the whole family with wave pools, slides and quiet spots to soak up the Spanish sun.
Adresse: Calle Garcia Lorca 53, Cenes de la Vega, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 486 189
Åpningstider: Daily 11:30am-7pm
Transport: Free bus from Cenes de la Vega (Urban 33)

Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte

Explore recreated cave homes on Sacromonte. Discover the traditional crafts, pottery, and lifestyle of the people who dwelled in these cavernous places.
Adresse: Barranco de los Negros, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 215 120
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-8pm

Carrera del Darro

Starting near the Plaza Nueva, this passage along the Darro River takes you to stunning views and lovely places. During an evening stroll you can find many bars and restaurants on your way and enjoy a vibrant nightlife.
Adresse: Carrera del Darro, Granada

San Augustin Market

This market is your place for fresh products from the region: the quality products of San Augustin are well known among locals. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get an authentic glimpse of local life.
Adresse: Plaza de San Agustín, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 278 279
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-3pm

Flamenco Performances

Flamenco is a passionate, rhythmical dance drawing on folkloric music traditions from Southern Spain. Generally accompanied by special musical instruments, this is a vibrant form of art unique to the region. Numerous providers offer Flamenco experiences in all manner of locations. If you are in Sacramonte, make sure to catch a flamenco show at Zambra María la Canastera - performed in a tiny restored cave home laden with memoribilla. In the city centre, try El Tabanco for a reasonably priced Flamenco evening completed with wine and tapas. For a high end cultural experience, head to Casa del Arte.
Adresse: Camino del Sacromonte, 89, 18010 Granada, Spain
Telefon: +34 958 12 11 83

Pilar Del Toro

Pilar Del Toro is situated in an authentic 17th-century Andalusian house, featuring a charming interior patio. Here you can try exquisite regional Spanish dishes with a wide selection of meat and fish.
Adresse: Calle Hospital de Santa Ana 12, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 225 470

Venta El Gallo

Venta El Gallo serves excellent Andalusian dishes in an authentic cave in the Sacramonte. The outdoor patio provides a magical view of the Alhambra. Here you can enjoy post-dinner flamenco shows several nights per week.
Adresse: Barranco de los Negros 5, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 228 476

Restaurante Ruta del Azafrán

Restaurante Ruta del Azafrán offers traditional Spanish cuisine with a sophisticated, cosmopolitan flair. The lovely outdoor terrace provides stunning, romantic views of the Alhambra.
Adresse: Paseo del Padre Manjón 1, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 226 882

Cacho & Pepe

If you’re looking for a savoury lasagna or home-made Italian pasta in Spain, Cacho & Pepe is your place. The rustic interior with a modern twist welcomes you to a full menu of eggplant, pizza and rice dishes. There is a choice of vegetarian dishes and if you’re still going after the main course, try their Tiramisu or Stratiatelle deserts.
Adresse: Calle Colcha 6, Granada
Telefon: +34 858 125 324

Mirador de Morayma

Located in the Moorish quarter and in walking distance from Alhambra lies this lovely Spanish Restaurant. Mirador de Morayama offers you a great setting in an urban house with a stunning view of the city. Within you will get traditional cuisine from the south of Spain along with great wine from the region. Try the refreshing Salmorejo, a special tomato soup served cold, and why not have the tasting menu to share with some friends?
Adresse: Calle Pianista García Carillo 2, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 228 290
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 1:30pm-3:30pm and 7:30pm-11:30pm

Casa Juanillo

Casa Juanillo has been around since 1977 and has a dedicated crowd of regulars. Not only locals but also visitors from all over the world are welcome and will be happy to find fresh specialities from the region. Try the Spanish ratatouille served in terracotta and enjoy the view of the Alhambra from your seat.
Adresse: Camino del Sacromonte 83, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 223 094

Bar Los Diamantes

This quality restaurant opened its doors in 1942 and can be found in several places throughout Spain nowadays. Step in and experience their seafood specialities, meat dishes, and sharing plates. You will want to come back for more!
Adresse: Plaza Nueva 13, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 075 313
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 12pm-6pm and 8pm-2am. Weekends and holidays 11am-1am


When in Granada, a traditional Andalusian dinner is a must. At Damasqueros you’ll get that and much more in a picturesque setting. The weekly tasting menus keep customers on their toes and you will always find some new creations on the menu. Drop in and taste the best of Southern Spain.
Adresse: Calle Damasqueros 3, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 210 550
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 1pm-3:30pm and 8:30pm-10:30pm. Sun 1pm-3:30pm

Restaurante Hicuri Art Vegan

This bar will warm the heart of animal lovers. Here you get 100% vegan delicacies in an artistic setting. Step in, taste all of the vegetables, wine and desert menu, and maybe stay for a coffee. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with funky wall paintings.
Adresse: Plaza de los Gironés, 4, Granada
Telefon: +34 858 987 473

El Claustro

A stunning architecture, high-class cuisine and excellent service are only some of the highlights of this restaurant. El Claustro lies beautifully in the historic center and boasts with excellent cuisine from the Andalusian region, with a field to fork philosophy. You don’t want to miss this place on your travel itinerary.
Adresse: Gran Vía de Colón 31, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 805 740
Åpningstider: Daily 1:30pm-4pm and 8:30pm-12am

Carmen Mirador de Aixa

The stunning view over all of Granada makes this restaurant an insider’s tip for an excellent dinner. Watching the sun set over the city, you can enjoy an aperitif, a cocktail or indulge yourself in the splendid Andalusian cuisine. A dinner at Carmen Mirador de Aixa is a night to remember.
Adresse: Carril de San Agustín 2, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 223 616

Jardines de Zoraya

If you are looking for a dinner with some excitement and flamenco, step in Jardines de Zoraya. Here you can dine between orange trees on the outside terrace and enjoy a magical night watching professional flamenco dancers. The friendly staff will help you with the perfect wine match for your dinner.
Adresse: Calle Panaderos 32, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 206 266
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm–11:30pm

La Botillería

In a quiet atmosphere far off the busy touristic streets, you will find La Botillería Granada. The place not only offers a wide choice of tapas and traditional dishes, but has also got the matching wine for each order. Try the home-made croquetas.
Adresse: Calle Varela 10, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 224 928

Taberna La Tana

This winebar and eatery serves some of the best tapas in the region and has experienced sommeliers to help you choose your perfect wine. Note that it can get crowded in the evening, so make sure to drop by early.
Adresse: Calle Virgen del Rosario 11, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 225 248
Åpningstider: Daily 12:30pm-4pm and 8:30pm-12am

Sancho Original

Sancho Original is a great place to come for a nice breakfast or lunch. Here you can relax on the tranquil terrace and enjoy one of the tasty dishes from the menu.
Adresse: Calle Tablas 16, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 266 403
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 7am-11:45pm

Café Fútbol

At Café Fútbol, an iconic café, you can relax with a great cup of coffee and delicious churros. You can also choose from crepes, ice cream and a great choice of coffee variations.
Adresse: Plaza de la Mariana Pineda 6, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 226 662
Åpningstider: Daily 6am-12am

El Camborio

El Camborio is an old cave that has been converted into two level dance club. The club pulses until the early hours of the morning, the perfect place to let your hair down and dance all night long.
Adresse: Camino del Sacromonte 47, Granada
Telefon: +34 671 213 436

Peña La Platería

When in Granada you might want to experience real Flamenco. Peña La Platería is a flamenco bar located in the Albayzín and features local artists. The bar hosts shows 5-10 days every month.
Adresse: Placeta de Toqueros 7, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 210 650

Le Chien Andalou

Le Chien Andalou is a tiny old cave that now serves as a flamenco bar. This dazzling venue features some of the best local artists. The bar opens half an hour before show time, so do not worry if the place looks deserted earlier in the evening.
Adresse: Carrera del Darro 7, Granada
Telefon: +34 717 709 100
Åpningstider: Sun-Thu 12pm-2am. Fri-Sat 12pm-3am

Cuevas Los Tarantos

This charming venue offers dinner in combination with a flamenco show. Located in the caves of the Sacramonte, it draws considerably fewer tourists at the midnight show.
Adresse: Camino del Sacromonte 9, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 22 45 25

Bar Poë

This international Tapas bar has a simple recipe with a great effect: Beer and Tapas. With each drink you receive a free tapa of your choice and you can enjoy an evening in an upbeat bar setting. If you're planning a night out anyway, you can just stay at Bar Poë until the party crowd enters.
Adresse: Calle Verónica de la Magdalena 40, Granada
Telefon: +34 985 436 781
Åpningstider: Tue-Thu and Sun 8pm-2am. Fri-Sat 8pm-3am


This place provides you with everything expected of an Irish Pub: Guinness, Whiskey, rustic decor and a laid-back atmosphere. Bring your friends or meet some new inside - Daly's is always a good place to drop in.
Adresse: Calle Sta. Escolástica, 15, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 22 99 53

Bar Ávila

This family friendly bar and restaurant has been around since 1967 and has been delighting guests ever since. Try their tapas including gazpacho, fried squid and snails with your drink, lean back and enjoy a lovely evening here.
Adresse: Calle de Verónica de la Virgen 16, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 264 080

La Buena Vida

Located near Plaza Nueva in the historical center of the city, this bar is ideal to kick-start into the evening. Stop by, grab some tapas and wash it down with one of those great wines from the region. You will want to come back for more.
Adresse: Calle Almireceros 12, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 994 616
Åpningstider: Mon, Tue and Thu 8pm-1:30am. Fri-Sun 2:30pm-2:30am

Loop Bar & Records

You like drinks and love music? Then this café bar is the right place for you to go. Here you can relax surrounded by rock records and indie vinyls. Grab a beer and browse through their vast collection, and why not take home a souvenir album?
Adresse: Calle San Matías 8, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 220 139
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 8pm-2am. Fri-Sat 5pm-3am. Sun 7pm-2am

Bar Minotauro Tapas

Great local spot for tapas and drinks, which come free with a drink order. Plus, the friendly staff, reasonable prices, and warm casual vibe make this place well worth a visit.
Adresse: Calle Imprenta 6, Granada
Åpningstider: Thu–Tue 12:30–5pm, 8pm–12am

Pub Karaoke Groucho

This Marx-brothers inspired pub welcomes you with a big smile. The full event calendar provides year-round entertainment and if you’re up for some Karaoke, this is the right place for you. Order some beer, wine or long drinks and don’t hesitate to go on stage and show your talent.
Adresse: Calle Martínez de la Rosa 27, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 291 280


Reggae, Jazz, Blues and much more is what you get at Boogaclub. Drop in to join a casual Jam Session, grab a beer in the low light setting and enjoy the feel good sensation of the music. There is always a new and hot act on the schedule and you meet nice people inside.
Adresse: Calle Santa Bárbara 3, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 295 763

Planta Baja

This gem in Granada’s nightlife is not only a great pub to hang out in early evening hours. In the basement you can also find regular live shows of local and international young talents. If you’re interested in music and getting to know fresh acts from various genres, this place is your fit.
Adresse: Calle Horno de Abad 11, Granada

Plaza Larga Market

If you want to experience Andalusian market life, drop by at Plaza Largas in Albayzín. From vegetable vendors to fruit stalls you can get several delicacies from the region. On Saturdays you will see a beautiful flower market in this area. Don’t miss the chance for outstanding pictures and delicious purchases.
Adresse: Plaza Larga, Granada


Not far from Granada’s Cathedral visitors can find a traditional market. The former silk market was rebuilt in 19th century and has local jewelry and souvenirs on offer. Take home a piece of Granada or drop by for the lovely sight of the Moorish architecture – it’s always worth a visit.
Adresse: Calle Alcaiceria, 1, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 21 55 52
Åpningstider: Monday-Saturday: 11.00-20.00

Loop Bar & Records

You like drinks and love music? Then this café bar is the right place for you to go. Here you can relax surrounded by rock records and indie vinyls. Grab a beer and browse through their vast collection, and why not take home a souvenir album?
Adresse: Calle San Matías, 8, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 22 01 39
Åpningstider: Monday-Wednesday: 20.00-02.00, Thursday-Sunday: 16.00-03.00

Calle Alhóndiga

Calle Alhóndiga is a street lined with Europe’s favourite clothing store chains, including the likes of Zara, Benetton and Mango. You can also find Spain's foremost upscale department store here.
Adresse: Calle Alhóndiga, Granada

El Corte Inglés

This department store is the ideal place if you’re looking for a long shopping experience. Here you get everything from clothes to accessories, electronics and even furniture. You won’t leave el Corte Ingles emptyhanded.
Adresse: Carrera de la Virgen 20-22, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 223 240
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm

Al Sur de Granada

If you’ve tried some of the lovely wine from the region, you will want to take home a bottle or two. This gourmet shop offers you a wide selection from regional wineries and the friendly staff can advise you which of their cheese matches your choice. Why not get one of these delicious combinations as a souvenir for your friends? They’ll love it.
Adresse: Calle Elvira 150, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 270 245
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 9:30am-11:30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-11:30pm

Artesanía González

Since there is a vibrant art scene in the Andalusian region, it sure is worth checking out what it has to offer. On this market you can get everything from wooden handcrafts to drawings and photography. Whether you’re just looking for a souvenir or want to take home a whole new wall decoration, this is your place.
Adresse: Cuesta Gomérez 12, Granada

La Oliva

Olive Oil, Cheese and Wine is a combination that will lift your spirits. At la Oliva you can join a tasting session and take home your favourite products. This is not only a great shopping opportunity but also an outstanding experience to enjoy with some friends.
Adresse: Calle Virgen del Rosario 9, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 225 754

Alquimia Pervane

Perfumes, therapeutic oils, creams and lotions – you name it. At Alquimia Pervane you can treat yourself with natural cosmetics and products. The Andalusian family business is specialised in herbal medicine and the friendly staff will help you with your choice.
Adresse: Calle Calderería Nueva 28, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 485 164
Åpningstider: Winter: daily 11:30am-8:30pm. Summer: 11:30am-3pm and 5pm-10pm


This jewelry and art store dazzles with modern designs and refreshing creations. From glass art to necklaces and earring you can find everything at Reez. The artists and owner live in Granada since 2002 and also host regular workshops for kids and creative minds.
Adresse: Placeta Albaida 2, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 220 642
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10:30am-2:30pm

Abuela Ili Chocolate

Are you looking for a sweet sensation? Then Abuela Ili Chocolate is your fit. Here you can purchase various mouthwatering creations. Indulge in their offer and take home your favourites.
Adresse: Carrera de la Virgen 50, Granada
Åpningstider: Wed-Sun 10am-7pm

Luthier Daniel Gil de Avalle

Whether you are looking for a new sound or just want to get a glimpse of the local music culture, this shop is your fit. At Gil de Avalle you get high quality hand-made guitars and inspiration for Spanish music. Take home the ideal flamenco guitar or get some new sheet music, this place it a hot tip for musicians.
Adresse: Plaza del Realejo 15, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 221 610

San Augustin Market

This market is your place for fresh products from the region. Be it meat, fish, fruits or vegetables, the quality products of San Augustin are well known among locals. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get an authentic glimpse of local life.
Adresse: Plaza de San Agustín, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 278 279
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-3pm

Cuesta de Gomérez Street

Leading directly to the Alhambra, this street might be quite touristic, but you won’t find an area that's more packed with skilful craftspeople. From pottery to leather wares or chess sets, everything is hand-made and quite often you can watch the makers at work.
Adresse: Cuesta de Gomérez, Granada

Passport / Visa

Spain can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Granada is probably late Spring or early Summer (May and June): natural beauty is at its best, and the temperatures are mostly pleasant. Be aware that in July and August the weather can be very hot (at times, temperatures may reach higher than 35°C).

Granada Airport

Granada has one small airport, which is located 17 kilometres west of the city. The airport maintains a scheduled traffic link with Madrid and Barcelona. You can reach the city centre by bus or taxi. The trip lasts approximately 30 minutes. Five daily buses, operated by Autocares J. Gonzáles, run between the airport and the city centre. +34 687 439 547 [email protected] Many people fly to Malaga and then take a bus or a train to Granada. Malaga airport is located approximately 123 kilometres from Granada and there are regular bus services between the two cities.
Adresse: Granada Airport, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 490 164

Public transport

City buses are clean and convenient and the main bus station is just outside of town. Tourist offices normally offer a free pamphlet that shows local routes. There are two separate ways to buy your ticket. If there's a ticket machine at your bus station, you must necessarily buy and validate it there (it won't be possible to buy one on the bus from that stop). If there isn't a ticket machine at your bus station, then you will have to buy your ticket on the bus.
Telefon: +34 958 220 450


The train station is located 1.5 kilometres North West outside of the city centre and it's easily accessible by foot or by bus. There are daily trains to popular cities such as Algeciras, Antequera and Ronda.


You will find a taxi rank at Plaza Nueva. If you want to hail one on the street, make sure that it's displaying a green light or a sign saying "libre" (which means vacant). It is also possible to order a taxi by phone.
Telefon: +34 958 280 000


The post offices often have long queues. If you only need stamps, they can be purchased at many local tobacco shops. The post boxes are yellow and bear the sign "correos". Main Post Office:
Adresse: Puerta Real 2, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 221 138
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 8:30am-2:30pm. Sat 9:30am-1pm

Hospitals & Pharmacy

Both hospitals are central with good emergency facilities and some doctors who speak English. Hospital Clínico San Cecillio Avenida del Doctor Oloriz 16 +34 958 02 32 17 Hospital Ruiz De Alda AddressAvenida de la Constitución 100 +34 958 02 00 09 + 34 958 24 11 00 Thanks to a system called “farmacias de guardia” ("duty pharmacies"), pharmacies in Granada takes turns so that you will always find one open in the city. When any pharmacy is closed, it posts the name of the closest open pharmacy on the door. Farmacia Cervantes:
Adresse: Avenida de Cervantes, 10, Granada
Telefon: +34 958 130 141
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-10pm


Country Code: +34 Area Code: 958


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