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Santander is famous for its fabulous beaches and its elegant holidaymakers: King Alfonso XIII used to spend his summers here nearly a hundred years ago, and the town is still popular among fashionable madrileños who like to be seen sauntering along the El Sardinero seafront with its belle époque architecture. When the sun goes down, the town is busy, with great restaurants and a lively bar scene. It is also a good place from which to explore the pristine countryside of Cantabria.

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Magdalena Peninsula

The well-maintained Magdalena Peninsula is the city's most attractive area for a pleasant walk, enjoying the views over Santander's two scenic bays, and taking some memorable photographs. The Magdalena Castle is located here, too. There is a small animal corner with live seals and penguins.
Adresse: Magdalena Peninsula, Santander

Club Nautico La Horadada

This yacht club on the Playa de la Magdalena offers a wealth of water sports for the active beach-goer, including windsurfing, surfing, sailing, water-skiing and canoeing. Courses in multiple water sporting activities are offered to beginners (from body board to kayaking).
Adresse: Avenida de la Reina Victoria, Santander
Telefon: +34 606 707 194

Cuevas del Monte Castillo

Check out the magnificent caves at Puente Viesgo (24 kilometres from Santander), where stalactites and stalagmites stretch among incredible prehistoric paintings. The village itself is also worth a look around. Tours start at the visitor centre 1.5 kilometres above the village.
Adresse: Puente Viesgo, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 598 425
Transport: Buses run to Puente Viesgo from Santander’s main bus station.

Menéndez Pelayo Library

The impressive collection contains 41,500 volumes gifted to the town by writer and thinker Menéndez Pelayo. The building right behind the historic (early 20th century) library used to be the former home of this celebrated scholar.
Adresse: Rubio 6, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 234 534

Museo Marítimo

With exhibits ranging from model boats to fish skeletons and sixteen aquariums, this is a superb museum about all things nautical. Look out for the two-headed sardine and the famous 60-ton whale skeleton.
Adresse: San Martin de Bajamar, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 27 49 62
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm

Paseo Marítimo

This one-kilometre loang boardwalk stretches from the Estación Marítima (Ferry Station) to Puerto Chico, and features several points of interest including the Palacete de Embardadero and sculptures of the raqueros – children who used to dive naked into the sea to gather coins thrown by passers-by.
Adresse: Estación Marítima, Santander

Playa Somo

The beach across the bay from Santander is much-loved for its soft sand and relative tranquillity. There is a surf school on the beach, too (Escuela Cantabra de Surf, Calle Isla De Mouro, 12). The best way to get there is by regular boat service run by Los Reginas on the Paseo Marítimo.
Adresse: Playa De Somo, El Somo
Telefon: +34 609 482 823

Playa del Sardinero

This beach is the largest and most popular in Santander. It is divided into three parts: the Playa de la Concha to the south, the Primera Playa, and the Segunda Playa to the north. A short walk from the Segunda Playa is Cabo Mayor lighthouse, perched on picturesque, towering cliffs.
Adresse: El Sardinero, Santander

Santillana del Mar

Enjoy a day trip to this sensationally pretty village, 26 kilometres west of Santander. Santillana del Mar is a historic Spanish town with some interesting architectural treasures. To get there, take one of the Autobuses La Cantabria buses from the main bus station in Santander.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The museum of modern and contemporary art features works by Goya, including his portrait of Fernando VII, and Zurbarán, as well as lesser-known modern pieces. There are more than 225 pieces including paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, prints, video creations and sound art.
Adresse: Rubio 6, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 203 120

Santander Cathedral

This Gothic building was restored after the 1941 fire and now welcomes visitors to its renovated interior. Relics include the skulls of Santander’s patron saints and the tomb of legendary local writer Menéndez Pelayo’s.
Adresse: Plaza de Obispo José Eguino y Trecu, Santander

Nature Park Cabárceno

This extensive natural park is home to animals such as brown bears, elephants, tigers, gorillas and lions (to name a few). It is a beautiful area and the park is huge so visitors usually drive between the animal enclosures. There are also some restaurants and cafés around the park.
Adresse: Park Cabárceno, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 563 736

City Sightseeing Santander

Discover Santander from an open-top bus. Hop on and hop off at your favourite points along the route to make the most of your experience. The entire journey takes about 60 minutes.
Telefon: +34 9021 01081

Jardines de Piquío

Stroll around this garden park located between two beautiful beaches in Santander. Here you can admire the views over the Cantabric Sea. Beside tree-lined alleys and flowers there are lots of play areas for children as well as well-maintained, lush green lawns.
Adresse: Avenida Castañeda, Santander

Puerto Chico

Take a lovely walk by the harbour and watch local fishermen arrive with the catch of the day. There are some good value bars, restaurants and cafés in this area. Many locals of Santander come here on the weekends for a meal or an evening stroll in good company.
Adresse: Zona Maritima, Santander

Forestal Park

Forestal Park is an adventure park with fun outdoor activities, located in a pretty setting in the woods. Here you can slide down 220 metre-long zip lines, cross some rope bridges and walkways, and simply enjoy an active day outdoors with pursuits available for the whole family.
Adresse: Avda del Faro, Santander
Telefon: +34 608 117 116

Parque de Cabo Mayor

The area around Cabo Mayor lighthouse is a spectacular sight to behold - on stormy days, waves scenically break against the cliffs leading up to the lighthouse. Entry to the lighthouse is free of charge.
Adresse: Avenida Faro, Santander

Funicular del Rio de la Pila

If you find yourself by Calle de la Pila, do take a quick (a mere 3 minutes) ride up on the funicular to the Mirador Rio de la Pila, from where spectacular views over the city below and the ocean waters unfold. The ride is free of charge, and the compact cabin is designed to hold up to 8 people.
Adresse: Rio de la Pila, Santander
Åpningstider: Daily 6am-12am

Puerto Chico

The Puerto Chico (or "little port") is one of Santander's liveliest areas, with a waterside promenade and several curious statues. Once a busier port, Puerto Chico is still home to sea vessels coming in and out. Come here for people-watching and taking in views of the scenic bay.
Adresse: Puerto Chico, Santander

Museo de Prehistoria y Arqueologia de Cantabria

The compact, yet informative museum details the history of Cantabria from the metaphoric "beginning of time" (when the area first became populated by prehistoric people) in an engaging, interactive manner. Explanations are provided in both English and Spanish.
Adresse: Calle Bailén, Santander
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10am-2pm & 5-8pm

Mercado de la Esperanza

This large indoor market is a profusion of high-quality, fresh local produce. Best known for its seafood, the market also stocks artisan foods, meats, cheese, fruit and veg. An authentic establishment, this market is devoid of tourist shops, and closes from 2-5 for the siesta each day.
Adresse: 39002 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Telefon: (+34) 942 20 30 87
Åpningstider: 08:00-14:00 and 17:00-19:30

Centro Botin

This first-rate arts centre was designed by a Pulitzer-Prize winning architect. The west block is dedicated to art, and the east block is for cultural and educational activities. The rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of Santander and its Bay.
Adresse: Muelle de Albareda, Paseo de Pereda, s / n, 39004 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Telefon: (+34) 942 04 71 47
Åpningstider: 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00

Las Dunas de Liencres Natural Park

This sprawling parkland featuring pine forests and dunes, said to resemble something from another planet. This is a protected area and wild birds are abundant. There are also lovely beach areas for those interested in surfing.
Adresse: Cantabria, Spain

La Bombi

La Bombi is a longstanding, reputable local establishment. It serves excellent Cantabrian seafood, fish and meat dishes. If you were to pick a single restaurant to treat yourself to an exquisite meal, do go with La Bombi. Reservations highly recommended.
Adresse: 15 Caimiro Sainz, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 213 028
Åpningstider: Daily 1pm-4pm & 9pm-12am

Los Peñucas

This place is located down by the fishing port, and offers wonderfully simple food straight from the sea. The menu features mouth-watering seafood paella, seafood platters, deep-fried calamari, squid with onions and marinated clams - among other excellent dishes.
Adresse: 35 Marqués de la Ensenada, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 229 445
Åpningstider: Daily 1pm-11.45pm

Casa Mariano

Casa Mariano is an off-the-beaten-path, hugely popular with locals homely restaurant serving traditional dishes such as stews, sausages and so on. It is especially known for its good-value fixed daily lunch menu, which includes two courses and a glass of wine.
Adresse: 23 Calle de Vargas, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 230 024

Restaurante Cañadío

This is one of Santander’s most renowned restaurants. Cañadío specializes in Cantabrian cuisine. For those whose wallets cannot stand a formal meal, there is an array of mouth-watering snacks (excellent tapas and pinchos the establishment is know for) at the bar.
Adresse: 15 Gómez Areña, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 314 149
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 11am-12am

Restaurante Tatami

If you are craving Japanese food, this restaurant might be something for you. The well-presented food is prepared with high-quality fresh ingredients and the prices are very reasonable. Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine - sushi, tempura dishes, and fried rice with shrimps.
Adresse: 3 Calle Doctor Fleming, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 760 666

Casa Lita

The very popular waterside tapas/pinchos restaurant only offers standing room, but is worth a drop in regardless - the mere array of tiny snacks on offer is a curious sight in itself, and trying some is certainly highly recommended. The bar is a venue popular among locals in-the-know.
Adresse: 37 Paseo Pereda, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 364 830
Åpningstider: Daily 12pm-12am

Pizzeria Mamma Mia

As the name reveals, this one is an Italian restaurant that serves pizza (and not only - the menu lists antipasti, salads, pasta, etc.). The highly qualified chefs have ample experience when it comes to Italian food. If you are craving something sweet, there is a tempting menu with homemade desserts.
Adresse: 39 Calle Inés Diego del Noval, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 392 240

El Serbal

El Serbal is an elegant restaurant that serves north Spanish food with a modern touch. Dishes are prepared with market-fresh ingredients to satisfy the most discerning of palates. Try the tasting menu with wine pairing. The menu features dishes like roasted ox sirloin served in port-wine sauce.
Adresse: 7 Andrés del Río, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 22 25 15

La Tagliatella

La Tagliatella is a restaurant chain with currently more than 140 restaurants (and counting). The Santander installment serves Italian cuisine, the main specialties being thin-crusted pizza and fresh pasta. This is a great place to dine with friends and family.
Adresse: Plaza Remedios, 1, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 36 39 78
Åpningstider: Daily 1pm-4pm & 8pm-12am


Marucho is a very casual seafood restaurant with an overwhelming selection of fresh fish and seafood, with the catch of the day on display in the glass casings for guests to see. The eatery is very popular with locals for its unbeatable quality to price ratio.
Adresse: 21 Calle Tetuan, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 273 007
Åpningstider: Wed-Mon 1pm-4pm & 8pm-12am

Frida Street Food

Frida Street Food serves creative Tex-Mex in a very casual setting, and at very decent prices. Some of the menu items include stuffed jalapeños, burritos, enchiladas, chili con carne, burgers, and a pleasant selection of drinks (beer and cocktails).
Adresse: 7 Lopez Doriga, Santander
Telefon: +34 634 41 73 90

El Diluvio

El Diluvio is a popular gastrobar whose main draw is the excellent selection of small "pinchos" at incredibly affordable prices. Try the miniature hamburgers, choose from 6 different tortilla varieties, or select a pincho with your topping of choice - from shrimp and chicken to vegetables.
Adresse: 14 Calle General Mola, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 21 85 63
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 7.30am-12am

El Solecito

El Solecito is a tiny casual restaurant serving simple pizzas along with salads, pastas, meat dishes and even fondues. The establishment has been recently renovated, and is somewhat of a local classic.
Adresse: Calle La Albericia, 11-13, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 360 633

Chocolatería Valor

To enjoy a quintessential Spanish dessert, try the very popular waterside Chocolatería Valor. The menu features, of course, freshly-made churros (long, deep-fried sticks of special dough) with hot chocolate to serve as a dip. The menu also features other desserts, such as pancakes and tea cakes.
Adresse: 27 Castelar, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 31 42 94

Café-Bar El Sol

The neighbourhood cafe-bar El Sol has been in operation for over 70 years. This place is known for its quality, professionalism and customer-oriented approach. Serves tapas (appetizing canape-style sandwiches, for example) and full-sized meals at decent prices.
Adresse: Calle Sta. Lucía, 32, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 215 805


Located directly on the city's main promenade, Suizo is a local institution and longstanding cafe with a view. It offers outdoor seating and serves great value breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and very decent coffee. Prices are more than reasonable, so an outing here will certainly not break the bank.
Adresse: 28 Paseo de Pereda, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 21 58 64

Mercado del Este

The market isn't known for it's shops as much as the selection of pleasant cafes ideal for a short break or a people-watching session. Try the very reasonably-priced wines (get a bottle from one of the wine shops to bring back with you if you wish) and authentic tapas.
Adresse: 4 Calle Hernan Cortes, Santander

La Gallofa

La Gallofa is a wildly popular local bakery and cafe chain, a perfect spot for a breakfast or coffee break. The sheer array of breads, pastries, and cakes may prove overwhelming to some, but the agony of choice is certainly a small price to pay for La Gallofa's unbeatable quality/cost ratio.
Adresse: Calle Hernán Cortés, Santander

Heladeria Via Mazzini 43

The ice-cream shop in central Santander enjoys a great popularity among locals and visitors for the artisan ice creams and mouthwatering crepes it serves (sweet and savoury flavour available). Magnificent ice-creams are freshly made directly on-site.
Adresse: Calle Castelar, 3, Santander
Telefon: +34 636 15 39 09
Åpningstider: Mon, Wed & Thurs 9.30am-11pm, Fri-Sat 9.30am-1am


This cafe/restaurant in Puerto Chico is a good choice for lunch or dinner. With its outdoor seating and a great array of delicious foods (pizza, patatas bravas, meat and chicken skewers, etc.), Siboney is a great pick for those looking for sit-down dining in the area.
Adresse: 7 Calle Castelar, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 22 14 83
Åpningstider: Mon-Thurs 8.45am-1am, Fri-Sat 8.45am-3am, Sun 9am-1am

Plaza de Cañadío

The center of it all with regards to nightlife, the Plaza de Cañadío is a bustling town square that really comes to life at night, when crowds pour into the many small bars around the perimeter. Pick a standing table for some banter with the locals, and be ready to stay well into the wee hours.
Adresse: Plaza de Cañadío, Santander

Little Bobby Speakeasy

The bar's elaborate, Prohibition-inspired interior stands in stark contrast to the vibes of most other Santander bars. Marvel at the curious pieces found within its walls, enjoy the two areas with different music styles played and try the not-so-prohibitionist cocktails from the bar menu.
Adresse: 20 Calle Sol, Santander
Telefon: +34 690 99 25 27
Åpningstider: Tue-Thurs & Sun 4pm-2am, Fri-Sat 4pm-4.30am


This wildly popular bar tends to get a little cramped up, party-goers of all ages filling the dance floor holding on to generous servings of Gin-Tonic poured here. Music played normally features local and international top charts. The vibes is stylish yet rather casual.
Adresse: 18 Pasaje de Jesús Revaque Garea, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 31 33 93
Åpningstider: Fri-Sat 11pm-4.30am, Thurs 12pm-3.30am

La Rana Verde

This is not a place to go for a formal meal, but a lively joint that is popular with young clientele grabbing a bite before embarking on a long night out. La Rana Verde is famous for its patatas bravas, but also serves hamburgers and sandwiches. Located by the Cañadío bar district.
Adresse: 30 Daoiz y Velarde, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 222 402

Terrace Lounge BNS

This waterfront venue on la Concha beach in el Sardinero is one rather popular with students and local party-goers. Music beats fill the air till dawn, when guests often choose to end the night by taking a dip in the ocean. Live music shows are hosted frequently.
Adresse: 46 Avda. Reina Victoria, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 270 882


Enjoy live music, stand-up comedy and have a good, well-crafted drink at this nightlife venue - one of the most popular for those looking to dance the night away after most bars in towns close. Music played ranges from rap to rock, electronic, and even folk and Celtic (depending on the night).
Adresse: 35 Hernán Cortes, Santander
Telefon: +34 646 79 50 89

Pub Stop

With one of the best front-row seats to the Cantabrian sunset, the Pub Stop has grown to become a local favorite for an evening drink in a relaxing environment. The assortment of gins and tonics is rather impressive. Plays good music and serves tapas.
Adresse: 13 Castelar, Santander
Telefon: +34 677 400 897

Bar Caribe

A local bar scene classic, the Caribe is a great spot for a very low-key evening drink. Its location in el Sardinero just behind the Casino is hard to miss - pick and choose from the multiple varieties of gin on display behind the bar, or order one of the many "copas" with snacks to go along.
Adresse: 47 Calle Joaquin Costa, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 27 33 06

Black Bird

The venue's underground quality attracts party-goers in-the-know, an alternative crowd that fills the trendy space of this culture and music club almost nightly. Live bands perform here regularly, weekends being booked for a show or two most of the time. Wednesdays are reserved for Latin music.
Adresse: 13 Calle Vista Alegre, Santander


One of the little bars in the oh-so-popular by night Plaza de Cañadío, Canela is one of the good spots to grab a drink and take your place by one of the tall standing tables in the square. If the pub proves too crowded, there is no need to look too far for a watering hole.
Adresse: 21 Plaza de Cañadío, Santander

La Barruca

The bar is known for its incredibly affordable sandwiches and pinchos that are a real steal. The establishment is, perhaps, more of an eatery than a watering hole, but it'is certainly fit for a pleasant evening drink. Multiple great value deals are available.
Adresse: 5 Calle Ruamayor, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 21 58 25

Gran Casino Sardinero

If trying your luck at roulette or one of the card games sounds more like your kind of fun, do check out Cantabria's finest casino located right across from the city beach. The elegant venue offers not only endless gambling, but also excellent dining at the in-house restaurant.
Adresse: Plaza Italia, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 27 60 54
Åpningstider: Daily 2pm-5am


Moondog is a bar on the classier side, attracting a slightly older clientele (aged above 30 or even 40, on average). Serves quality drinks and places special emphasis on playing good music (DJs hosted frequently for that reason). The bar is especially known for its well-crafted cocktails.
Adresse: 52 Calle del Sol, Santander
Åpningstider: Daily 7pm-3am

Disco Amarras

The Amarras disco is popular with the local 40-and-above crowd. Night here are filled with Latin beats and couples livening up the dance floor with salsa, rumba, and cha-cha moves. Events such as dance shows and live music performances are often hosted.
Adresse: 28 Joaquin Costa, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 274 847
Åpningstider: Fri-Sat 11.30am-5am, Sun 7pm-11.30pm

Mercado del Este

Once a busy marketplace, Mercado del Este retains little of it's lively commercial past (apart from a few wine, gourmet, and flower shops on premises). There is a helpful Tourist Information Office here, along with quite a few inviting cafes for a perfect break.
Adresse: 4 Calle Hernan Cortes, Santander

Mercado de la Esperanza

This covered market is housed inside a late 19th-century building on the street just behind the Ayuntamiento, aptly named Calle El Mercado. Here you can join the locals browsing stalls selling freshly caught fish, local cheese and sausages, as well as fruit, vegetables and flowers.
Adresse: Plaza de la Esperanza, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 20 31 14

Nuks Santander

The colorful candy boutique offers visitors endless freedom of choice - sweets come in all shapes, flavours, and sizes, and shoppers are free to brows around filling bags with candy to their liking. End cost is calculated by weight. Sugar-free varieties available.
Adresse: 22 Paseo Pereda, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 07 84 84
Åpningstider: Mon-Thurs 10am-11pm, Fri-Sun 10am-11.30pm

Santander es Mundial

For unique, non-generic local souvenirs, try the Santander es Mundial gift shop. No tacky fridge magnets here, but unique T-shirt and bag designs, as well as other local souvenirs bearing the name of the nautical city. Greta spot to pick up souvenirs for friends and family.
Adresse: 18-B Cadiz, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 07 40 79

El Corte Ingles

The nationwide department store chain enjoys a well-deserved good reputation. The Santander installment is located a short drive outside the city center. Apart from a large hypermarket, it contains a multiple-screen cinema, as well as a wide selection of local and international brand stores.
Adresse: 635 Ctra. Nacional, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 32 84 00
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-10pm

Mercado de México

The Mercado de México on Calle Alta hosts vendors selling everything from leather to ceramics to olive oil. The second floor is mostly given over to produce vendors, selling fresh vegetables, seafood, deli items, pastries and breads.
Adresse: 133 Calle Alta, Santander
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 8.30am-2pm & 5-8pm, Sat 8.30am-3pm

Gómez Pastelerías

Those with a sweet tooth will certainly be delighted to find out that Santander is famous for its sobaos and quesada cakes. One of the best places to buy them is Gómez Pastelerías, which has five branches in the city including at Calle San José, 22, Calle Honduras 2, and Calle Cádiz 7.
Adresse: 22 Calle San José, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 21 12 86

Centro Comercial Valle Real

A short ride outside Santander lies the Centro Comercial Valle Real, one of the largest shopping centres in the area. Here you can shop for everything you need, ranging from clothes and make-up to books and toys. There are several restaurants onsite.
Adresse: Alday, Maliaño, Camargo
Telefon: +34 942 26 18 19
Åpningstider: Daily. Long hours

Santander Airport

Santander Airport is located five kilometres from the town centre. A bus runs between Santander’s main bus station and the airport. It departs every 30 minutes from 7am to 11pm, the first bus at 06.40. +34 942 211 995 Taxis leave from outside the terminal building. Radiotaxi: +34 942 333 333 Car rental companies are represented at the airport.
Adresse: Santander Airport, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 211 995


For boat trips between Santander, Pedreña and Somo, go to Los Reginas at the Paseo Marítimo. Los Reginas also runs one-hour excursions around the bay. The ferry terminal for longer journeys is at the Estación Marítima.
Adresse: Paseo Marítimo, Santander
Telefon: +34 942 216 753

Public Transport

Buses run throughout the city every 15 minutes. You can take buses number 1, 4, 7, 9, 13 and 14 that run from the city hall to El Sardinero beach stopping at Plaza de Italia and Piquio Gardens. You can also take bus number 15 which runs from RENFE train station to El Sardinero beach. Santander Bus Station is located on Calle Navas de Tolosa. There are two bus companies that link Santander with other destinations: ALSA is for long- and short-haul destinations. La Cantábrica runs services mostly for destinations within Cantabria. There are two train stations. FEVE runs regional trains, while RENFE trains normally go to further away destinations. +34 942 240 202 (RENFE) +34 942 211 687 (FEVE)
Telefon: +34 942 211 995


Santander has 16 taxi ranks from where you can pick up a cab. Central locations include outside the Banco de Santander on Paseo de Pereda 22, outside the Correos on Avenida Alfonso XIII, on the Plaza de las Estaciones, and at various places along Vargas, General Dávila, and Juan de Herrera. Radio Taxi:
Telefon: +34 942 333 333


Look for yellow signs and mail boxes. The main post office is located on Calle Alfonso XIII. There are other offices on Calle Vargas 73-75, and on Las Cruces 6, both closed on Sundays. Main Post Office:
Adresse: Alfonso XII, Santander
Telefon: +34 900 506 070
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 8.30 am-8.30 pm, Sat 9.30 am-1 pm. Closed on Sundays


There are several pharmacies throughout the city centre. G. Palacios 7 Calle Lope de Vega +34 942 215 960 Farmacia Compostizo Sañudo 32 Calle de Santa Lucía


Country Code: 34 Area Code: 942


220 V/50 Hz; plugs have two round pins