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Close your eyes. What do you see when you think about Skåne? Undulating fields of rapeseed, villages where the roads winds its way between half-timbered houses and long sandy beaches. If so, then you're quite right. But here in Northwest Skåne we have a little bit more of everything. There's drama here, too. Söderåsen features wild primeval forests and Kullaberg draws visitors who come to marvel at the precipices and caves. Welcome to the Helsingborg Family!

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Söderåsens National Park

Söderåsen National Park was created in 2001 and covers more than 1,625 hectares. The natural landscape is varied and offers leafy deciduous forests and majestic talus slopes with high rocks, flowing watercourses and panoramic views. Skäralid, Odensjön in Nackarpsdalen and the views from Kopparhatten, Hjortsprånget and Lierna along the Skäralid valley are particularly popular destinations. Söderåsen National Park is located 30 km east of Helsingborg in Skåne.
Adresse: Skäralid 747, Ljungbyhed
Telefon: +46 (0)10-224 11 50

Hovs Hallar

In October 2017, Hovs Hallar received the award - Treasure Of European Film Culture. Hovs Hallar Nature Reserve is one of many treasures in southern Sweden. In addition, the album son Ingmar Bergman chose for the opening scene in his film Seventh Seal. On the site is also Hotell Hovshallar which only has a 10 minute walk down to the sea and cliffs adjacent to the parking lot.
Adresse: Hovshallavägen 160, 269 91 Båstad
Telefon: +46 431 44 83 70

Kullaberg Nature Reserve

Few places in the Nordic region can match Kullen for the beauty of its natural landscape. With its breezy forests of beech and fir, its romantic grottoes, its vertiginous cliffs that plunge straight into the sea, its cliff-top views over mile after mile of bright blue water, every year Kullen has attracted a steadily increasing flow of visitors from far and wide.
Adresse: Italienska vägen 323, Mölle
Telefon: +46 42 34 70 56

Sofiero Palace

With its romantic grounds, Sofiero Palace makes for a popular destination. The grounds are perhaps best known for their unparalleled rhododendrons, with an incredible 5,000 bushes bursting into flower in the spring. The fairytale of Sofiero began in 1864, when Crown Prince Oskar and his wife Sophia had their summer residence built here. In 1905, Oskar – by now King Oskar ll – gave the palace to his grandson Prince Gustav Adolf and his bride Princess Margareta as a wedding present. This is when the gardens literally flourished. Princess Margareta was a keen and creative gardener, and it was her who first laid out the grounds that we can enjoy to this day. She arranged flower beds and gardens, had paving laid and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Every summer, the Crown Prince couple travelled from Stockholm with their four young princes and Princess Ingrid, who eventually became Queen of Denmark. When Margareta died in 1920, Gustaf Adolf carried on the work in the garden, particularly with the rhododendrons. The palace was the summer residence of the Swedish royal family up until 1973, when it was given to the town of Helsingborg. This small palace, which lies like a jewel amid the extensive lawns, is home to a restaurant where the food is prepared by some of Sweden’s finest chefs. There’s also a café with views of the Öresund Sound and Denmark.
Adresse: Sofierovägen 131, Helsinborg
Telefon: +46 42 10 25 00

Fredriksdal museums and gardens

Nowhere in Europe will you find anywhere to match to Fredriksdal. This is Skåne in miniature, with 360,000 square metres of unique settings, buildings and gardens. The history and diversity of the countryside are kept alive with care here. With its museums and gardens, Fredriksdal offers interesting activities for all ages, all year round. Take an exploratory walk, watch the animals grazing or join the manor maids on an interesting tour. Buy a bag of old-fashioned sweets in the old town quarter or your favourite rose in the flower shop. Find answers to your questions about nature or folklore, or just lie back and relax in a hammock. With its historical parks and gardens, houses and farms, animals, meadows, woods and pastures, all situated around an eighteenth century manor house, a visit to Fredriksdal is like making a journey back into the past.
Adresse: Gisela Trapps väg 1, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 10 45 00

Ven island

In the middle of the Øresund strait, right between Sweden and Denmark, lies the idyllic island of Ven. The astronomer Tycho Brahe was gifted the whole island by King Fredrik II after he discovered a new star in the Cassiopeia constellation. Here he constructed one of the most interesting buildings of the time: the Uraniborg castle, a subterranean observatory called Stjerneborg and a renaissance garden. The New Church of Ven has now been turned into a museum, the garden has been renovated, and in the observatory you can watch a light and sound show. The light in Ven is said to have a unique quality, which has attracted many an artist and ceramist to the island. Take a tour among the studios and workshops, and meet with sculptors and silversmiths along the way. Ven is a small island, and the best way to get around is by bike, which you can easily rent when you get off the ferry.
Adresse: 260 13, Sankt Ibb
Telefon: +46 41 84 73 000


At the foot of Kullaberg lies the old fishing town of Mölle. At the end of the nineteenth century, Mölle became known as the location of the first unisex public bath in Sweden, where ladies and gentlemen in striped bathing suits would go swimming in the sea. This was a great sensation that attracted curious and adventurous guests from all over, and there was even a train from Berlin. “Sinful Mölle” was thus established. To this day, Mölle is a popular tourist destination with its population tripling in the summer months.

The gardens of Norrviken

The magnificent park Norrvikens Trädgårdar lies a couple of kilometres west of Båstad. The gardens and buildings were established by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s and were recently restored. In the park there are a restaurant, a café and tours in the park. The park is absolutely perfect for a day trip, where you can enjoy a tasteful lunch in beautiful surroundings.
Adresse: Kattviksvägen 233, Båstad
Telefon: +46 431 30 21 00

Rothoffska Allotment & the Citadel

Landskrona features Sweden’s only allotment museum. This small, green painted cottage and allotment was built by the Rothoff family in 1903. The cottage is furnished in the style of the early 20th century, and there is a small exhibition about the history of the allotment. Perennial beds and roses flourish in the front garden, while vegetables and herbs grow at the back. Honey from the original beehive is sold at Landskrona Museum. The Citadel Allotments are Sweden’s oldest preserved allotment areas, on the old fortifications of Landskrona Citadel. There are 122 allotments here, featuring colourful floral displays and spectacular ornamental woodwork.
Adresse: Citadellvägen 21, Landskrona
Telefon: +46 418 47 31 20


Söderåsen - for big and small nature lovers. With its wide range of activities and experiences, Söderåsen is a perfect destination for all types of nature lovers. The landscape is very varied, with lush deciduous forests, rippling streams, breathtaking cliffs and up on the ridge a fantastic view over the surrounding landscape. Söderåsen can be discovered throughout the whole year and offers several different activities such as hiking, horseback riding, MTB cycling and canoeing. You can get here in just one hour from Copenhagen, and two hours from Gothenburg.
Adresse: 108, 264 53 Ljungbyhed

Sydkustleden - Landskrona - Helsingborg

Length 27 km Elevation 190 m Degree of difficultyModerate At just under 17 miles with Landskrona and Helsingborg you can experience lots! From Ålabodarna in the north you will soon come to Borstahusen which is an idyll for itself! This old fishing village dating back to the 18th century has its own fish smokehouse. Here you have a view of Ven! The undulating and beautiful landscape of Glumslöv's slopes is difficult to miss and the thoughts of Tuscany. Just before Helsingborg you come to the picturesque fishing village of Råå. The stage ends in Helsingborg, a continental and vibrant city with a cozy town center. In Helsingborg there are plenty of options for those who are interested in history, beautiful castles, wildlife or beautiful nature. Here you will find the Sofiero castle with a large park garden with over 10,000 rhododendron shrubs. Just outside Helsingborg you will find the open-air museum Fredriksdal.

Deep Sea fishing in Öresund

In between Landskrona and Ven there is something unique in fishing circles. Here you can catch cod with rod, which is not possible in the Baltic Sea or on the West Coast of Sweden, Sea fishing is not only an activity for experienced recreational anglers, but also for families with children and friends who are fishing for the first time. This year, fishing trips from Landskrona are arranged with spacious fishing boats to Sweden's best sea fishing waters in the deep holes between Landskrona and Ven. Pilk fishing in deep water where you can catch cod, herring and mackerel is popular all year-round. For more fishing tip you can contact Nyhamn Fiske and Marina in Landskrona.
Adresse: Stadskajen , 261 31 Landskrona
Telefon: +46 76-612 11 31

S:t Petri Church

This world-famous church is an architectural masterpiece that exudes simplicity. It was designed by Sigurd Lewerentz and consecrated in 1966. It is one of Sweden’s most accomplished churches in architectural terms. The entrance can be quite hard to find, but it was deliberately built that way, to represent the difficulty of finding the gateway to the kingdom of God. The font is made of a white mussel shell from the Indian Ocean, placed on a raised area that resembles a rock. All the details have been carefully planned and executed, and all symbolize an event or aspect of Christian faith. Guided tours on request.
Adresse: Vedbyvägen, Klippan
Telefon: +46 43 52 96 80

Toy World

Toy World is an experience for both kids and grown-ups. It's neither a play centre nor a traditional toy historic museum, but an amazing world built with toy exhibitions, play zone and amusement games, spooky room and fun activities. Toy World is one of a kind with its combination of minilands and showcase exhibitions. Unique in both what’s exhibited and the way it’s done. Experience 500 sqm with thousands of toys from the 1960's until today, trains and slot tracks, music, sound, light and motion effects (that you can activate by pressing buttons). If you look at each toy for one second it takes you several hours! So you should take your time - and don't miss any of the clever details. A perfect adventure for anyone who wants to spend quality time with family and friends, while having a trip down memory lane. Suits all toy interested, families, grandparents, collectors, schools, companies, societies and tourists.
Adresse: Hävertgatan 21, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 453 97 00
Åpningstider: Thursday- Sunday 12.00-16.00

Hovs Hallar

Here, the crumbling rocks create a dramatic landscape with sea stacks, flat rocks and pebbly peaches. In the nature reserve many movies have been recorded over the years. The perhaps most film scene recorded here is when the Death is playing chess against the knight on the beachmill in Ingemar Bergman's Seventh Seal. In 2017, Hovs Hallar was awarded the "Treasures of European Film Culture" - places of special cultural significance for the European film.
Adresse: Båstad

Hallands Väderö

The unique island with marvellous beaches and hikes. From Torekov Harbour boats run to the island. Since 2016 there is a hostel for anyone who wishes to spend the night on the island and experience rocks warmed by the sun at dusk and early morning walks in the magic-looking alder marches.
Adresse: Båstad


At the far end of the Bjäre Peninsula you will find Torekov, the place to be during the summer which attracts a lot of summer guests every year. Torekov is not only a place to visit during the summer, the other seasons are at least as pleasant and beautiful as the summer, from the colorful transformations of the fall to the beginning of spring. Come here to enjoy relaxation, tasteful dining experiences and beautiful views.
Adresse: Torekov


The diversity of nature, along with a large number of cultural heritage in forest and land, makes The Hallandsås ridge on the south west coast of Sweden an exciting destination for everyone, whether you wander, bike or travel in other ways.
Adresse: Båstad
Telefon: +46 43 17 50 45

The gardens of Norrviken

The park lies a couple of kilometres west of Båstad. The gardens and buildings were established by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s and were recently restored. In the park there are a restaurant, a café and tours in the park. The park is absolutely perfect for a day trip, where you can enjoy a tasteful lunch in beautiful surroundings.
Adresse: Kattviksvägen 233, Båstad
Telefon: +46 431 30 21 00

Birgit Nilsson Museum

Sweden’s most famous international opera singer, Birgit Nilsson (1918-2005) is both a global celebrity and a national treasure. “La Nilsson” was the 20th century’s leading dramatic soprano and a legendary interpreter of the works of Wagner. The Birgit Nilsson Museum is housed in her childhood home in Svenstorp near Båstad, and is an ordinary Swedish farmstead.
Adresse: Birgit Nilssons väg 27, Båstad
Telefon: +46 431 31 18 60

Dunkers Culture House

Discover cool culture at Dunkers culture house in Helsingborg. Dunkers stands on the water´s edge in Helsingborg. There are plenty of things to see and do for visitors of all ages, all under one roof. There’s an art gallery, exhibitions about local history and cultural history, a music stage, theatre, dance and various activities for children and young people. Dunkers Kulturhus is a modern counterpart to Kronborg Castle on the other side of the Öresund Sound. The deep window recesses mirror those of the Danish castle. The building is home to a restaurant, bistro, tourist information office and shop.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 11, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 10 74 00

Bike ride on Ven

Ven is the legendary island where astronomer Tycho Brahe’s spirit lives on and pink mallow sways in the ditch banks. Bring your bike, or rent one, and experience the island from the saddle. You own the skies and the sea as you pedal along at a leisurely pace. The climate is so mild that durum wheat thrives here. Barley is also grown, and is used to produce the island’s very own whisky at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn. Head down to the quay at St Ibb’s Church at lunchtime and buy freshly smoked herrings.
Adresse: Landsvägen 20, Sankt Ibb
Telefon: +46 41 87 22 50

Guided tour on the Rönne River

Join us aboard the Laxen for a guided sightseeing tour of Ängelholm! The tour will take you along the river Rönne, Skåne’s Amazon, as it meanders through the city centre. The trip with Laxen (Swedish for salmon) departs from the landing stage at the centrally located City Hall and passes under many bridges on its way out to the Skälderviken marina. Here, the boat will be moored for a short break (approx. 25 minutes), giving you the opportunity perhaps to indulge in an ice cream and take a stroll around the marina before we set sail for the city centre again, bringing us back to the landing stage at City Hall. The trip will take approximately 2 hours and the guided tour on the outward journey is offered in both Swedish and English. The boat only runs in summer.
Adresse: Stadshusets brygga, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 203 00

Helsingborg Concert Hall

The Concert Hall is a functional building with acclaimed acoustics and a wide range for both Young and old people with artistic elite, consert hall chorus and not least Helsingborgs own symphony. Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra holds regular concerts in the house where you play both older and more modern classical works. Several invited artists often offers performances of various kinds. Themes may include jazz, 60's music, humor, gospel music and solo performances. They also serve in both preschool and school children in special concerts and performances for children.
Adresse: Roskildegatan 1, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 10 42 70

Horse riding

Wherever you look in Skåne, you’re bound to see a horse. This is our favourite beast of all. There are many different breeds of horse, and plenty of places where you can ride. As well as the sheer joy of riding, getting up on horseback is a perfect way of coming into close contact with nature, and of covering lots of ground in a short time. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can go riding through leafy beech forests or along the beach. Amiable Icelandic horses that jog along at a moderate pace are available at Spelmansgården in Ängelholm or Kullabergs Islandshästar. The scenery and rich wildlife of Söderåsen are best enjoyed from a western saddle on a good-natured Haflinger horse from Söderåsens Turridning. Söderåsens Forsgård have activities for everybody and therefore the horse riding and their farm is accessible also for disabled persons. Westfield Hästsafari, between Båstad and Torekov, offers riding at Hovs Hallar, through apple groves and at full gallop. If you’d like to try riding an Ardennes horse, you can do so on Hven. Many of the tours welcome children and novices. All you need to bring is a pair of sturdy shoes. Horses and helmets are available for hire.

Helsingborg City Theatre

Helsingborg City Theatre operates since 1921 theatrical activities primarily in Helsingborg, but the theater also has a large regional responsibility, as seen through tours in southern Sweden, above all in Skåne.
Adresse: Karl Johans gata 1, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 10 68 00

Helsingborg Zoo

Kangaroos and chattering parrots can be found at Helsingborg zoo. The park is an oasis, with exotic plants, 500 colourful birds, lemurs, prairie dogs and snakes, as well as rabbits and guinea pigs to pet. Some of the animals roam free - so keep an eye open for monkeys in the trees. Walk through the air lock to get close to the birds. Chrysalies hatch into butterflies in the butterfly house. The café is ser amid the greenery.
Adresse: Rausvägen 671, Påarp
Telefon: +46 42 22 84 80

The Swedish Railway Museum

Come and see the developement of railways on our large model railway with a slide show, covering their history from horse-drawn freight wagons to today´s high speed trains. Or take a ride in the locomotive simulator, Locomotion. Everyone, from children till advanced technicians, will certainly find something interesting at the museum. If you come in summertime, don´t miss the miniature railway in the park behind the museum. In our shop we sell souvenirs, books, films, toys and much more. We also offer coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, ice cream and sweets. Every year we organize a number of large events with steam trains and other attractions. We also arrange temporary exhibitions.
Adresse: Banskolevägen 11, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 46 89 20


Explore the nature and the culture by bike! For the first time in Sweden you can do this on a internationall cycling trail. It is 370 kilometres long, almost free from cars, with unique seaside locations and goes from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north, all the way through Halland. Kattegattleden is divided into 8 sections and under these sections you'll find interesting tourist destinations, places to stay, rent a bike and get service along the trail. Go cycling through fantastic landscapes, eat on a small authentic restaurang, swim among rocks or soft sand, and just enjoy the wind in your face and our beautiful country.

The Tycho Brahe museum

The Tycho Brahe Museum lies in the middle of Ven, housed in the decertified Allhelgonakyrkan (All Saints Church). The museum tells the story of astronomer Tycho Brahe’s life and scientific achievements using archaeological finds, film, models and multimedia. The site also contains the remains of Brahe’s underground observatory he named Stjärneborg (Star Castle) and a renaissance garden. Guided tours can be booked for groups throughout the year. There are also public guided tours during high season.
Adresse: Landsvägen 182, Sanky Ibb
Telefon: +46 418 47 31 09
Åpningstider: April - October


Welcome to hike in the Helsingborg Region. You have a lot of routes to choose among and beautiful nature to experience. Kullaleden Kullaleden is one section of the Skåneleden Trail SL 5 around the Kullen peninsula from Helsingborg to Utvälinge. Kullaleden is 70 km long, and offers a great variety of experiences along the way. Here you find everything including the medieval city centre of Helsingborg, beautiful views over the strait from the plateau heights, the well-known Sofiero Palace, Kulla-Gunnarstorp and Krapperup Estates, beaches and picturesque seaside villages, and Kullaberg’s dramatic cliff formations.

North Harbour, Helsingborg

North Harbour has a very continental feel, it is a relatively new district with a beautiful quayside promenade lined by restaurants.
Adresse: Norra Hamnen, Helsingborg


The River Rönne winds its way through the countryside from Lake Ringsjön to the sea at Ängelholm. This stretch is 85 kilometres long, and you can paddle your way along through almost tropical scenery, and past areas with rich cultural traditions and towns. The peaceful journey is occasionally punctuated with rapids. There are plenty of things to see and do along the way. Some sections are ideal for families with children. You can choose to paddle for a few hours or a few days. One example is the trip from Gunnarödsbron/Stockamöllan to Rögnaröd/Djupadal, which takes around four hours. You can hire canoes and kayaks from various locations, and most hire companies also offer overnight accommodation. Stay in a converted stable or a 17th century cottage. Or why not get a whole bunch of friends together and hire a 20 or 12 man tent. If you want to spend the night in the great outdoors, there are places with shelters, toilets and firewood. For a particularly Swedish summer experience, combine a canoeing trip with hiring a sauna trailer. Take a hot sauna, followed by a dip in the river. Life doesn’t get much better than that!
Adresse: Rynke 589, Ljungbyhed
Telefon: +46 70 87 10 040

The Homestead Park - Hembygdsparken

The Homestead Park in Ängelholm is an oasis for the whole family. The park has a zoo with swedish animals. 5 museums, which is open during the summer. A big playground for young children, inn and stage performances in summer. Ice-cream stall. Free entrance.
Adresse: Hembygdsparken, Thorslundsgatan, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 41 12 20

Sancta Maria Church

The oldest Church in the city, dating back to the 14th Century, nestles attractively in the small Square Mariatorget. It's a beautiful gothic brick Church, which originally was actually ine of Denmark´s biggest city churches. Step inside an let the Church tell you its incredible history.
Adresse: Mariatorget, Helsingborg

Sofiero Palace

With its romantic grounds, Sofiero Palace makes for a popular destination. The grounds are perhaps best known for their unparalleled rhododendrons, with an incredible 5,000 bushes bursting into flower in the spring. The fairytale of Sofiero began in 1864, when Crown Prince Oskar and his wife Sophia had their summer residence built here. In 1905, Oskar – by now King Oskar ll – gave the palace to his grandson Prince Gustav Adolf and his bride Princess Margareta as a wedding present. This is when the gardens literally flourished. Princess Margareta was a keen and creative gardener, and it was her who first laid out the grounds that we can enjoy to this day. She arranged flower beds and gardens, had paving laid and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Every summer, the Crown Prince couple travelled from Stockholm with their four young princes and Princess Ingrid, who eventually became Queen of Denmark. When Margareta died in 1920, Gustaf Adolf carried on the work in the garden, particularly with the rhododendrons. The palace was the summer residence of the Swedish royal family up until 1973, when it was given to the town of Helsingborg. This small palace, which lies like a jewel amid the extensive lawns, is home to a restaurant where the food is prepared by some of Sweden’s finest chefs. There’s also a café with views of the Öresund Sound and Denmark.
Adresse: Sofierovägen 131, Helsinborg
Telefon: +46 42 10 25 00

Tropikariet in Helsingborg

The rain forest at Tropikariet in Helsingborg features many free-roaming animals. Monkeys and lemurs come close enough to touch. Flying foxes sweep past. Pet the marine animals and let the doctor fish clean your hands. (Don´t worry - the snakes, spiders and poison dart frogs are all kept safely behind glass!) Tropikariet is home to meerkats, lizards, turtles, crocodiles and leaf-cutting ants. There´s also a café.
Adresse: Hävertgatan 21, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 13 00 35

Aquatic safari

When the seabirds circle and dive, it’s a sure sign that there are porpoises driving the fish up to the surface. Porpoises look like dolphins, and are one of the smallest toothed whales at just 1.5 metres long. They live a fairly anonymous existence down in the depths, but you can now get the chance to see them up close. And zipping along in a RIB boat alongside Kullaberg is a highlight in itself. Hold on to your hat! Porpoise tours leave from Paradishamn and Mölle.
Adresse: Naturum Kullaberg, Italienska vägen 323, Mölle
Telefon: +46 73 98 81 077


Upzone is an experience for all of you that likes to exercise, push the limits of yourself but foremost likes to have fun. Up among the treetops you can challenge yourself and others on four different courses with different difficulties. In our parks you can ride the zip line, balance on logs, climb in nets and swing to get through the different courses. From 3 to 15 meters up in the air ypu can enjoy our adventure forest. Upzone is unique in the Skåne region and offers a creative park in a fantastic area near Ängelholms Hembygdspark. At Upzone Adventure Forest you get to a chance to experience the nature from a new perspective through different challenges up to 15 meters from the ground. You have the opportunity to push you limits and challenge yourself through increasingly difficult obstacles. To successfully walk on a rocking bridge 7 meters up from the ground gives you a nice feeling and a rush of adrenaline. The park consists of four courses, Funzone, Fitnesszone, Adventurezone and Riskzone. The higher the difficulty the higher from the ground. In our park you can crawl through tunnels, swing to the Tarzan net, ride the zip line to the next tree or why not the sledge 6 meters over the ground or jump the Big Jump from 15 meters. At Upzone the safety always comes first. Before the adventure begins we have a thorough briefing and introduction to ensure that all know how to operate the equipment up among the treetops. Children aged 6-7 years are allowed to climb Funzone, children between 8-10 are allowed to climb Funzone, Fittneszone and Adventurezone. Children aged 11 or above are allowed to climb all our courses but, all children not 12 years of age are never allowed to climb on their own, they must climb with an adult. That means that it takes one adult per child aged 6-7 and one adult per 2 children if both are 8 years or older. The adult must be climbing with the children. From the date you have turned 12 you are allowed to climb on your own with the permission of a caretaker.
Adresse: Danielslundsgatan, Hembygdsparken, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 010 110 23 23
Åpningstider: April 1 — June 14: Sat & Sun; June 15 — August 13: daily; August 13 — November 7: Sat & Sun

Our vineyards

The Continent? Yes, you read that right. Geographically, northwest Skåne is part of Continental Europe. Hallandsås and Söderåsen mark the border between the Scandinavian and Continental plates, and the landscape is thickly wooded. The sea ensures a marine climate. Grapes thrive in the Skåne soil and with the long growing season. They are used to ake red, white, rosé and sparkling wines. Take a wine tour, stopping off at the vineyards of Arilds Vingård (Lillavägen 71, Arild), Kullabergs Vingård (Lyckerisvägen 52, Nyhamnsläge), Vejby Vingård (Västra Ljungbyvägen 319, Vejbystrand), Södåkra Vingård (Gamla Södåkrav. 298, Jonstorp), Aplagårdens Vinhus (Ekebyvägen 27, Helsingborg) and Vingården i Frillestad (Rycketoftavägen 37, Påarp). If you’re travelling as a group, you can also book a wine-tasting session.

Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik

The factory makes traditional stoneware out of clay from its own land. At Wallåkra, you can experience the whole process of making stoneware – from clay deposit to turning and burning to final product. There is also a lovely shop in connection to the old kiln. The premises are also home to a restaurant in one of the warehouses, with a babbling brook running beneath it. Wallåkra is open all year round, with tours, turning and food experiences as well as conference facilities.
Adresse: Drejarestigen, Vallåkra
Telefon: +46 42 99 031

Ängelholm Mini-train

Take the little ones on board the ‘Pyttetåget’ train to Ängelholm Hembygdspark (local history park) and back again. The park is home to a zoo, with swedish animals, and a play area for younger children.
Adresse: Hembygdsparken, Thorslundsgatan, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 41 12 20

Ängelholm Aviation Museum

Fly a Cessna or check the steam engines in Ängelholm. Ängelholm Aviation Museum tells the story of Skåne´s air flotilla, and has three flight simulators. There is something for pilots of all ages. The museum shop has all manner of aviation-relates souvenirs.
Adresse: Drakenvägen 5, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 43 11 48 10


Beautiful and lively sandy beach with a jetty, kiosk and parking space. Located in the center of Bastad close to the harbor with all of its restaurants as well as other activities.
Adresse: Strandpromenaden, Båstad


Pack your picnic basket and go to Segelstorps long, fine shallow sandy beach. Perfect for young children! Here you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Kulla Peninsula and relax at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Bjäre peninsula.
Adresse: Segelstorpsvägen 1 26992 BÅSTAD

Råbocka and Havsbaden

Sandy beach with shallow waters with sandbanks. On the beach there is a dune landscape, which towards land changes into beach heath and woods. Lovely hollows behind the dunes - perfect for sunbathing. Toilets, shower, barbecue place, restaurants, camping site. At Klitterhus there is a 100 m long bathing jetty with a handicap ramp. Beach guards.
Adresse: Råbockavägen, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431-87 000

Fria Bad

Fria bad, or Öresundsbadet which is the real name, is Helsingborgs Copacabana. The beach is centrally situated in Helsingborg but it still offer you sun and bath on a real beach. The beach is well attended all year round, at all times. In the morning, a group from the neighboorhood with bathrobes and sandals, during the day families with children takes over and in the evening it's the youths beach.
Adresse: Strandvägen, Helsingborg


Kvickbadet is the city beach in Höganäs. The beach is very child-friendly with shallow water and for the smallest ones there is also a fun playground. For the older ones there are slides into the water and a raft. If you feel a bit too relaxed, there is a gym and a boulderblock for those who wants to climb.
Adresse: Strandgatan, Höganäs

Mölles havsbad

The village Mölle is at the tip of Kullahalvön in northwest Skåne. It's probably most famous for being the first place where men and women bathed together in the 1890s. In the 1890s this was considered shameful and sinful. The striped Mölle-swimsuit is widely known and after this period, Mölle got the nickname "den of iniquity". Mölle is still a very popular beach resort, today most popular for its beautiful coast.


Morgonbryggan (the morning jetty) in Torekov is the perfect place to start the day with a refreshing dip in the ocean. Buy a small breakfast from the local bakery and visit the jetty, which is considered to be one of Skåne's finest. During warm summer days, the queue in order to get a dip stretches out a long way, so put on your morning robe and experience it yourself.
Adresse: Hamnplanen, Torekov


Ransvik - the place for "the sin in Mölle"- where you can take a refreshing bath in the sea and afterwards take a swedish fika or lunch at Ransviks Havsveranda. The water is crystal clear and it´s long enough from all honor and probity. Take the opportunity to enjoy the summer - eat an ice cream, take a beer, stay until sunset and take an evening walk back to Mölle.
Adresse: Italienska vägen, Mölle


Västersjön and Rössjön is one of Hallandsåsens most beautiful nature areas. At Västersjön, Ängelholm’s largest lake, you can swim, fish and hire rowing boats. The next largest lake, Rössjön, is a protected bird reserve.
Adresse: Övre Västersjövägen 260, 266 97 Hjärnarp


A few miles up towards the E4 highway a haven appears. A havenfor those who love warm lakes framed with lush forests. At this bathing place there is a sandy beach, dressing rooms, WC and - a jumping tower!
Adresse: Sjövägen, Åsljunga

Butikerna på Gården, Tant Grön, Elin & Arvid

Welcome to Tant Grön. A unique store in the middle of the country. We have everything from Bjäre-produced to world-famous delicacies. Cheese & Tastes is our passion. Elin Arvid is the clothing store for her and him with style & quality.
Adresse: Sönnertorpsvägen 111 269 94 Båstad Sweden
Telefon: Tel: +46431360039

Bodils Bod

On the countryside outside of the small village Örkelljunga lies the farmyard Skönna Torp. Here have the sheeps grazed the lands since the middle of 19th century. Here is also the home of the farm shop Bodils bod. Here you can buy crafts of sheepskin and wool. Clothes, home furnishings, lambskins, yarn, etc.. We also sell egg, sheepsausages and lambsmeet/minced when available. NEW! Now there's a guestroom to let.
Adresse: Skönnavägen 21, Örkelljunga
Telefon: +46 43 55 45 56

Sandgårdens Skafferi

A farm shop with locally grown vegetables. Allso bread and cheese.
Adresse: Magnarps byaväg 350, Vejbystrand
Telefon: +46 70 63 01 680

Vilt och Gott

Here you can buy meat from elk, wild boar, deer and roe deer. You can allso buy locally products, oil, herbs and licorice.
Adresse: Vejbyslättsvägen 56, Vejbystrand
Telefon: +46 70 96 99 110

Bjärhus Gårdsbutik

A miniature market hall! The shop sells own delicatessen products of lamb, veal, beef and pork. It also stocks various types of game when in season as well as own farmed organic vegetables. A well-stocked plant shop is next door. Do not miss the pick-your-own corn, when it’s season.
Adresse: Bjärhus 7738, Klippan
Telefon: +46 435 102 95

Frideborgs boden

Frideborgs boden grow a lot of unusual organic herbs, they sell plants and produce herb-salt and flavored oil for the kitchen. Chilipeppers is one of their specialities. You can also find articles for your garden, furniture and fine gifts in the shop. Take a guided tour in the garden with focus on herbs, have a coffee and enjoy the beautiful nature.
Adresse: Ånhultsvägen 84, Åsljunga
Telefon: +46 70 83 84 866

Ingeborrarp museum & farm shop

From April to September you can stroll around among the houses, and experience what it was like 150 years ago. You can eat at the inn and look at décor and crafts and try delicacies in the shop!
Adresse: Ingeborrarp 406, Örkelljunga
Telefon: +46 435 531 00


It is hard to find places like Kullasparris. Åsa and Johan Sjöblom searched for a long time after a place in Kullabygden where they could finally get started with organic asparagus cultivation. They suceeded, and the farm shop is now situated in Hässlebo. The idea of Kullasparris was to develope a business that besides cultivation and the sale of asparagus, also has the possibility to offer food - and people interested in cultivation the opportunity to cultivating, reap and learn more about asparagus. Because of that, you can find something so different as a safari. Not tigersafari - asparagus safari. During an asparagus safari you will get your questions about asparagus cultivation answered, and much much more.
Adresse: Hässlebovägen 12-22, Jonstorp
Telefon: +46 76 20 27 18

Kärra Gårdsslakteri & Rökeri

The small slaughterhouse where the quality goes before quantity. Rearing, slaughter, cutting and packing - chicken, goose, duck and turkey.
Adresse: Helsingborgsvägen 548, Ängelholm


In the beautiful Sinarps valley outside Båstad, a footpath goes directly to the farm where cows of the country breed red-balled pasture. The animals are fed exclusively with organically grown grass and herbs. This feed gives a high content of the healthy Omega-3 fat and the result is simple and natural - a tasty and juicy beef, which is sold in the shop on the farm.
Adresse: Sinarpsvägen 164, Båstad
Telefon: +46 70 29 13 171


Do you have a craving for tomatoes in all shapes and colours? If that's the case, you should pay attention to the company Vikentomater, which has a large cultivation with an assortment of around 100 different kinds of tomatoes. Susanne and Mats Olofsson is the couple who runs Vikentomater, but for them it is not just a way to make a living, it is more like a lifestyle. In their bistro and café, they prepare good lunches prepared on vegetables and berries from the greenhouse. They also have a guest kitchen where they invite chefs who cook in front of an audience.
Adresse: Rågången 41, Viken
Telefon: +46 42 400 00 35

Wärsjönäs interiör & Lantliv

Wärsjönäs is a shop in the countryside where you can buy beautiful art and home furnishing accessories. However visiting the shop is a experience in itself. In the shop there's a iron stove that crackle and outside the windows you see arabian horses on one side and the vast lake Värsjön on the other side. On the side towards the lake there's a big lawn that is perfect for a fika in the summertime. Here is also a jetty with seatings and garden umbrellas.
Adresse: Värsjö 6350, Skånes Fagerhult
Telefon: +46 43 35 01 80

Bistro Grodlår & Timjan

Båstad has a French-style inn, Bistro Grodlår & Timjan, with a menu that includes both escargots á la provencale and salted Swedish brisket of beef. The kitchen combines different cuisines, just like in Paris.
Adresse: Köpmansgatan 4, Båstad
Telefon: +46 43 17 01 66


Serve lunch, soup and salad.
Adresse: Storgatan 19, 262 37 Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 43 12 63 33

Restaurangen HUS 57

At Hus 57 our passion is delicious food and drinks. We offer savory food made from scratch using fresh local produce, often with greens and vegetables as a base while making sure no food goes to waste. Our menu is designed depending upon availability of freshest seasonal produce we can find among our unique local suppliers. We carefully evaluate and select our local farmers to get the freshest local and quality-assured produce. In this process, we understand that awareness of sustainable, organic and nutritional food provides better quality and is essential for our environment and future of our community.
Adresse: Östergatan 57, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 57 57 57

Pausa hos oss på Ven

A really real dream project for both of us and we hope that you will also feel a warm welcome to our gem and enjoy our kitchen where we cook with love and care for a sustainable future.
Adresse: Kyrkbackens hamn, 260 13 Sankt Ibb, Ven
Telefon: +46 418 – 722 20 or send an sms +46 731 560206
Åpningstider: See our website


Fate united the local landskrona son Tobias and the Stockholm boy Elias on a rainy Christmas Eve 2017. Their great interest in food culture and champagne laid the foundation for their next project: The food scene. With great commitment and a lot of creativity, they seek perfection in simplicity. The flavors are released and the raw material gets to show off its best side. Welcome all life enjoyers to the theater bistro located in the heart of Landskrona.
Adresse: Järnvägsgatan 2, 261 32 Landskrona
Telefon: +46 418 77 00 11
Åpningstider: Tuesday-Thursday 16.00-23.00, Friday 16.00-01.00, Saturday 11.00-01.00

Bjäre Fisk & Skaldjur

You will find Bjäre Fisk & Skaldjur in the cozy Magnarps Hamn with adorable views of Skälderviken and Kullaberg and with the Kattegattsleden as the nearest neighbor. Come in and enjoy the calm and family atmosphere. They really love what they do and work all the time to have a wide range with the highest quality and local ingredients from the countryside! Welcome to enjoy good food in the restaurant or buy fresh delicious fish in the shop.
Adresse: Magnarpsvägen 80, 266 54 Vejbystrand
Telefon: +46 0431-45 23 00

Klitterhus Restaurang

The chefs have high ambitions to create food of really high class from the best ingredients. They are served by their friendly staff who also help you in your choice of menu and drinks from their well-stocked wine cellars. You can enjoy food with a fantastic view of Skälderviken, just a few meters from the waves
Adresse: Klittervägen 45, 262 63 Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 0431 - 13530

Bryggan in Höganäs

Situated in the harbour of Höganäs, in the front row with view over Öresund, you'll find the restaurang Bryggan. With its wonderful outdoor seating and their appetizing menu, Bryggan is one of the most popular restaurants in town. Try Bryggans shrimp trawl, the fishsoup or the Bryggburger. The menu combined with a sunny and beautiful summer day is hard to beat. When you get enought of the food, Bryggan also has a hotel next door.
Adresse: Småbåtshamnen 16 B, Höganäs
Telefon: +46 42 34 03 60

Drottninggatan 35

On Drottninggatam 35 we cook with flavors that are typical for this part of the world and with seasonal ingredients. We serve dishes and wines that will get you and your friends to enjoy and feel good. You're as welcome when you just want to drink something as when you want to eat. The bar offers drop-in seats at the bar and you can book a table in the dining room, by mail or phone.
Adresse: Drottninggatan 35, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 14 15 57

Kvarteret Eriktorp

Behind the manor, the restaurant´s own herbs and vegetables are grown in long, raised beds. You can’t get much more locally produced than that. The wines are also selected with care, and are often organic wines from small vineyards.
Adresse: Lill-Olas väg 31, Landskrona
Telefon: +46 41 82 60 75

Holy Smoke BBQ

In the small village of Nyhamnsläge, you'll find the restaurant Holy Smoke BBQ. It is different from everything else you can imagine. They describe their food as "delicious, simple food without all the unnecessary stuff", and that goes well. The mood in the unique environment is relaxing and here you can enjoy the tasty smoked meat, inspired by meat and food in Texas, USA. Don't miss the shortribs and the amazing street-food burgers!
Adresse: Krapperups Kyrkoväg 116, Nyhamnsläge
Telefon: +46 42 77 303

Kol & cocktails

Kol is a restaurant and bar in Helsingborg. A natural meeting place for those who want to eat and drink in a pleasant atmosphere. Just as the name suggests, much of the menu charcoal-grill from seafood to fish, vegetables and fruit. There are also vegetarian options.
Adresse: Södra Storgatan 11-13, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 400 40 60


Margretetorp Inn is located by the Bjärehalvön peninsula on the sunny side of Hallandsåsen at the edge of the green beech forest, surrounded by a wonderful park. At Margaretetorp they proudly preserve the culinary traditions of Skåne, following the changing of the seasons and promoting local produce. At the same time they complement this with contemporary favourites and create a menu with attractive choices for all tastes.
Adresse: Kägle väg 9, Hjärnarp
Telefon: +46 431 45 44 50


This wonderful building with the enormous view is a fantastic choice for holding parties and celebrations that mean most to you. You can sit separately in the beautiful art gallery or in the dining room.
Adresse: Nedre gatan 97, Landskrona
Telefon: +46 41 81 31 30
Åpningstider: Tuesday-Wednesday 11.30 - 15.00, Thursday-Saturday 12.00 - 22.00, Sunday 12.00 - 16.00

Pålsjö Mat & Bar

Pålsjö is not only a very good restaurant, it will also give you an easy-going, vibrant and more accessible meal experience. This is a restaurant where you can spontaneously drop in after or during a walk along the beach. The view is still the best in town, and we have more than just oysters in the oyster bar, e.g. sardines..
Adresse: Drottninggatan 151, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 14 97 30

Forsea HH- Tura

When in Helsingborg, don´t miss out on one of the locals favourite experiences; tura! To "tura" means to ride the ferry between Helsingborg and Elsinore and stay on the ferry for a while without jumping off in Elsinore. Basically, you ride back and forth between the two cities. Enjoy food and drinks in the onboard restaurant during the trip and stay onboard as long as you wish.
Adresse: Knutpunkten 43, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 18 60 00

Sillen och Makrillen

Sillen & Makrillen is a restaurant in Helsingborg is situated right by the water with a lovely view over the strait and Denmark. A place to relax and watch the boats pass by while the sun slips below the horizon. Glorious on a summer’s day, but why not enjoy a tasty supper on a dark autumn day with the stormy winds and the waves beating against the windows. At Sillen & Makrillen, the focus is on the food and the sea, in particular fish and shellfish. They work with selected ingredients from local suppliers and have a changing menu with seasonal selections.
Adresse: Gröningen Norra 1, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 28 15 53

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn

The restaurant's skilled chefs will be doing the utmost to meet all your specific requests, and they always add their own gastronomic surprises. The restaurant is located in a modern and spacious area and is available for culinary events of any kind. And they have their own whisky distillery.
Adresse: Norreborgsvägen 55, Sankt Ibb
Telefon: +46 418 44 99 99


Café Albertsgården truly defines how a pure Scanian café should look like. The farm is a Scanian three-divided farmhouse from the 1800s. The farm was bought by Albert and Anna Olofsson 1943 and Albert is the man who the farm is named after. Today it is their granddaughter Diana who runs the café. The homemade cookie buffet is fantastic and it is enjoyed best together with a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee in the garden or in the redesigned stable.
Adresse: Farhultsvägen 408, Farhult
Telefon: +46 42 68 445

Ice Cream And Waffel Stall In The Homestead Park

In the ice cream and waffel stall in the Homestead Park there is a large selection of ice creame. You can also enjoy a cup of coffe and a waffel with crem and jam.
Adresse: Thorslundsgatan 13, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 73 83 18 412

Pumpans Café & restaurang

Under the lush oak trees of the Pumpkin Café, you can relax in our garden and enjoy our mediterranean inspired, vegetarian,mostly organic cuisine. Our pizzas are menu favorites. Breads and cakes are baked with flour from our own stonemill, and we use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and raw sugar. Our homemade apple juice has a hint of cinnamon and our coffee beans are roasted on the premises.
Adresse: Landsvägen 136 26013 Sankt Ibb ( Ven )
Telefon: +46 72-362 18 70
Åpningstider: Maj - August - closed Fridays

Café Étoile

The ingredients and the service is in focus at Café Étoile, giving you an positive experience in a cozy environment with high comfort. Enjoy freshly squeezed juices, healthy salads and other lunch alternatives!
Adresse: Drottninggatan 27, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 70 94 10 900

Ebbas Fik

Ebbas Fik won the title of Sweden’s best cafe in 2010 and is great fun for those who appreciate 1950s design. You will be impressed by the decor. Every detail, from vinyl furniture and the jukebox to the smallest coffee spoon, is from that era. The cafe serves freshly ground coffee, hearty sandwiches, fresh salads, large, well-filled baguettes and the famous Elvis Burger with the king of rock & roll’s recipe.
Adresse: Bruksgatan 20, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 28 14 40

Ransvik Havsveranda

Ransvik, in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, way out on the Kulla Peninsula, is one of the most scenic places in Sweden. Mighty ocean waves roll in just a few metres from Ransvik Havsveranda, where guests have a front-row view of paradise.
Adresse: Italienska vägen, Kullabergs Naturreservat
Telefon: 042-34 76 66

Fahlmans Konditori

An institution in the city’s café culture. Offers a traditional range of bread, cakes and sandwiches. Pleasant indoor area and the summer’s best location for sitting outdoors. The Danish pastries are fabulous.
Adresse: Stortorget 11, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 21 30 60

Fika på Torpet

Fika på Torpet is located on the slopes of Hallandsåsen above Västersjön. Here you can enjoy coffee and homemade goods in a lovely environment. The woodlands around the café has a lot of history and are great for a hike.
Adresse: Övre Västersjövägen 287, Hjärnarp
Telefon: +46 73 03 28 348

Flickorna Lundgren på Skäret

Great coffee house and restaurant located in the small village of Skäret, between Arild and Jonstorp, on the beautiful Kullahalvön peninsula.
Adresse: Skäretvägen 19, Skäret
Telefon: +46 42 34 60 44

Konditori Centrum Ängelholm

Konditori Centrum Ängelholm sell inviting pastries such as bread, cookies, cakes and homemade ice-cream. Everything comes from the well-known bakery in Munka-Ljungby.
Adresse: Storgatan 17, 26237 Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 43 11 34 00

Mölle Krukmakeri and Café

At the foot of Kullaberg, in the small village of Mölle, you can find Möllle Krukmakeri and Café which stands for the irrational, the slow and perhaps somewhat recalcitrant. Besides the ceramics workshop, there is also a café. This little café serves thousands of guests every year, and what's served is simply odd beautiful music in all shapes, cookies and all sorts of bad treats that would make a weight watcher fade, hot soups. fresh pasta, greek moussaka, and the best of all, neapolitan pizza. All this together in a environment you would hopefully not find anywhere else. In the serviceteam you will find some really happy girls, young nobles and some scattered hillbillies.
Adresse: Mölle Hamnallé 9, Mölle
Telefon: +46 42 34 79 91

Nisses Konditori

Nisses patisserie started in 1936 and got its name after the founder Nils Sandberg. Everything that is sold in the store is baked by hand in our own bakery. We choose the best raw materials and do not add any preservatives or additives. We offer our customers a wide range of traditional products with high quality that are baked with joy and care.
Adresse: Höjavägen 24, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 43 11 05 53

Milles Boutique

In the most beautiful rural locations, in the middle of nowhere Milles Boutique attracts loads of tourists and locals every year. Maybe it's the gravel roads that draw people attention. Or it might be the homemade ice cream, or the homemade scones with buttercream and jam? Either way, this place is perfect with or without kids, who doesnt love to snoop around in the many drawers of chest around the house? Almost everything you can see can be bought.
Adresse: Tockarp 547, Örkelljunga
Telefon: +46 73 03 52 849

Zoégas Café & Shop

A gem for all coffee lovers. The coffee grinder has been turning in the shop window since 1931. None of the interior fittings have been touched since then. Shop fittings in mahogany, marble floor, beautiful brass details, coffee-grinders and a beautifully painted ceiling.
Adresse: Drottninggatan 30, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 21 63 00

Allerum Golfklubb

The golf courses at Allerum offers 27 holes combined with a beautiful nature experience. The course called "Ängsbanan" is designed by Hans Fock and opened its first nine tees 1993 and was completed with another nine tees 1995. The other course, "Parkbanan", is a 9-hole course that´s also open for players without a green card. A big driving range, several putting greens and a restaurant are also available at Allerum.
Adresse: Tursköpsvägen 154, Allerum

Bjäre Golfklubb

Adresse: Salomonhögsvägen 336, Båstad

Båstad Golfklubb

Adresse: Boarpsvägen 212, Båstad

Helsingborgs Golfklubb

Helsingborg golf club was founded year 1924 and is one of Swedens first golf clubs. The course is beautifully located right next to the sea. The first official club champion was the swedish Prince Sigvard that often played the course during the summer season.
Adresse: Golfbanegränd 2, Viken

Höganäs Golfklubb

Adresse: Friluftsvägen 5, Lerberget

Landskrona Golf Club

Landskrona Golf Club's two 18-hole parkland and seaside courses provide plenty of variation and challenges for golfers. They also offer stimulation for the soul with their wonderful views over the Öresund sound with Ven and Denmark in the background.
Adresse: Erikstorp, Landskrona
Telefon: +46 418 44 62 60

Ljungbyheds Golfklubb

Adresse: Monomentvägen 2, Ljungbyhed

Lydinge Golf Resort

Lydinge Golf Resort is located in Hyllinge, one mile outside Helsingborg and has a very interesting and challenging 18-hole park course in slightly undulating terrain. In addition to driving range with fine target greens, there is a 7-hole card course as well as pay and play. The course offers unique conditions for golf games and is fun to play during all seasons. Lydinge Resort has a total experience with hotels, golf courses, restaurant and relaxation. Enjoy the relaxation with sauna and whirlpool and the incredibly beautiful nature.
Adresse: Lydingevägen, Hyllinge
Telefon: +46 (0) 42 22 55 46

Mölle Golfklubb

Adresse: Italienska vägen 215, Mölle

Perstorps Golfklubb

Adresse: Gustavsborg 501, Perstorp

Rya Golfklubb

Adresse: Rya golfbaneväg 20, Helsingborg

S:t Arild Golfklubb

Adresse: Golfvägen 48, Skäret

St Ibbs Golf Club

The golf course on the island of Ven is a combined 9-hole parkland and seaside course with extensive views over the Öresund sound.
Adresse: Marielundsvägen 50, St Ibb

Söderåsens GK

Adresse: Risekatslösavägen 8, Billesholm

Torekovs Golfklubb

Adresse: Råledsvägen 31, Torekov

Vasatorps Golfklubb

Vasatorps golf club is one of the largest golf facilities in Sweden. It offers three courses and excellent training facilities. The course, reastaurant and training area attracts both beginners and players from the PGA European Tour.
Adresse: Vasatorps Allé, Mörarp

Woodlands Country Club

Woodlands Golf & Country Club is placed in a hilly Swedish forest landscape with many lakes only 20 minutes by car from Helsingborg and 60 minutes from Copenhagen. Besides a magnificent 27-hole golf course, Woodlands consists of a professional golf academy and a modern club house with golf shop and restaurant. In the gated area of the club, you can enjoy life in stylish houses designed exclusively for Woodlands. Most families use their Woodlands home as a leisure get-away, but an increasing number of families choose to live here all year round.
Adresse: Rya 472, Örkelljunga

Ängelholms Golfklubb

Ängelholms GK is one of Northwest Skåne's most attractive golf courses with a challenging layout and pleasant forest environment.
Adresse: Vasatorpsvägen 183, Munka Ljungby
Telefon: +46 0431-43 02 60

Åkagårdens Golfklubb

Åkagårdens Golfklubb ligger mitt på natursköna Bjärehalvön. En kuperad parkbana med milsvid utsikt över det Skånska landskapet. En välskött bana, par 71, och anläggning med restaurang och övningsområde. Banan, som är en 18-hålsbana av landskapskaraktär, är kuperad och från ett flertal ställen har man en vidunderlig utsikt över Skälderviken. Den kuperade terrängen har gjort layouten på ett flertal ställen riktigt spektakulär. Banan är ca 5600 meter från gul tee och 4600 meter från röd. Båda slingorna börjar och slutar vid klubbhuset och det finns därför goda möjligheter att bara spela nio hål eller kanske ytterligare nio hål efter en lunch i den trevliga golfkrogen. Från det trivsamma klubbhusområdet som omfattar kansli, omklädningsrum, shop och golfkrog är utsikten över landskapet betagande. Det finns golfbil att hyra. Endast softspikes är tillåtna. Hundar i koppel får tas med på banan.
Adresse: Lyngåkravägen 39, Båstad

Äppelgårdens Golfklubb

Adresse: 6608 Hemmeslöv, Båstad

Öresund Golf Club

A modern parkland golf course close to the sea with a winding route amongst gentle hills, water and trees. It’s a short golf course, but quite a technical one.
Adresse: Barsebäcksvägen 70, Häljarp

Radisson Blu Metropol Hotel

The Radisson Blu Metropol Hotel, Helsingborg is ideally placed in the city center and close to an array of transport options. Business travelers enjoy being near several corporate offices, such as IKEA, while leisure guests appreciate easy access to the beaches of Öresund. Walk to the iconic Kärnan tower then spend an afternoon shopping and dining at the Stortorget, a pedestrian area filled with medieval architecture and lots of restaurants. Each of our 205 elegant rooms and suites includes Free high-speed, wireless Internet, a flat-screen television and individual climate control. Sample local and international dishes at our on-site restaurant, Nelly’s Food Etc. After dinner, stop by Nelly’s Lounge Bar for a cool cocktail or a glass of your favorite wine. Our fitness center makes it easy to maintain your workout routine. You can also enjoy services such as secure on-site parking and 24-hour room service. For those planning a meeting or special occasion, the hotel offers 8 versatile meeting rooms and a spacious event area to host conferences, seminars, banquets and other events. Golfers can take advantage of great packages through our partnership with Vasatorps Golf Club.
Adresse: Carl Krooks gata 16, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 62 37 900


With its traditions beginning early in the 20th century, our historic seaside hotel is right on the beach in the beautiful bay of Skälderviken. For many years it has been a natural meeting place for the residents of Ängelholm who enjoy swimming, a walk on the sand, and the chance to have a drink and a good meal. Because the hotel setting is as close to the beach you can come without getting wet, the feeling is really “living by the sea” and is most keenly felt and heard by the sound of the waves which are on the doorstep. This has always been known to bring a peacefulness and calmness which sharpens the mind and senses. One of the benefits that Klitterhus has by not being a large hotel is its cosiness. With just 14 double rooms, the atmosphere is very warm and personal. All rooms are restored and redecorated in light, modern colours, although the original styling and feel is always kept in mind and can be found in the details. Most of our rooms face the sea with a breath-taking view overlooking Kullaberg and towards the Danish coastline. Why not try a couple of relaxing quiet nights in our comfortable beds, where the only sound you hear, is the sea lapping at the sand outside your window?
Adresse: Klittervägen 45, 26263 Ängelholm
Telefon: 0046 0431 - 135 30

Hotel Öresund Conference & Spa

In the absolute heart of Landskrona overlooking both the city and the sea, hotel Öresund welcomes you to its world. A glas of bubble on the balcony in your room, a dinner under the sun on hotel's outdoor seating where the boats add, a vibrant workout in our Seaside Gym or a relaxing walk among the Citadel's historic buildings everything is here! The hotel's Spa on the fourth floor offers a view with large V both up to the sky and down to the water. Here you can take a bath both inside and outside and spa treatments will leave a pleasant and beneficial feeling both for body and mind.
Adresse: Sofia Albertinas Plats 5, 261 31 Landskrona
Telefon: +46 (0)418-47 40 00

Spirit of Hven - Backafallsbyn

On the island of Hven located in the strait of Öresund between Denmark and Sweden lies Spirit of Hven – a distillery as well as a four star Conference and Hotel resort with Restaurant and Pub. Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn is situated on an island rich in agricultural heritage. The surrounding region is home to some of Sweden’s absolute best producers of agricultural products, which explains why we at Spirit of Hven emphasise use of local raw materials.
Adresse: Norreborgsvägen 55, 260 13 Sankt Ibb
Telefon: +46(0)418 - 449999

Hotell Stadsparken

Hotell Stadsparken lies on one of Helsingborg’s main shopping streets, Bruksgatan. It offers luxury beds and free WiFi internet access. All rooms feature seating areas, work desks and cable TV. Some rooms have air conditioning. Hotell Stadsparken offers guests free access to a gym, located 200 m away.
Adresse: Bruksgatan 40, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 13 23 42

Best Western Plus HUS 57

Best Western Plus, HUS 57 offers 112 rooms in 6 different room categories. While most rooms are double rooms, two suites with private walkout terraces.
Adresse: Östergatan 57, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 57 57 00

Hotel Riviera Strand

Hotel Riviera is a hotel for the entire family. Here, you can bring your children but at the same time get a chance to relax while the kids participates in fun activities. With the beach outside the door, a nice indoor pool and the Flamingo club, Hotel Riviera Strand is the perfect family getaway. Add beautiful suites, amazing scenery, creative cocktails and local food and you will have an amazing vacation.
Adresse: Rivieravägen 33, Båstad
Telefon: +46 43 17 85 00

The Vault Hotel Hälsingborg

If you look up the word “vault” in the dictionary, you will see that one of the definitions is “a secure room in a bank in which valuables are stored”. And you may well have known that already. Whether you did or not, it is not unreasonable to ask what that has to do with a hotel in Helsingborg, Sweden. Quite a lot, actually, as The Vault Hotel is built on an authentic bank vault from the beginning of the last century. From the time the building itself was a bank. But if you hear a tinkling sound today, it probably isn’t change being counted – it’s more likely to be ice cubes landing in a glass to chill it for your Manhattan. Welcome to The Vault – the hotel that is steeped in roots and traditions. The hotel see everyone who visits them as their friend, no matter whether you have just dropped in for an espresso, a few olives and a cold beer in the trattoria, are here for a meal in the restaurant, or intend to spend the night sleeping soundly in one of our sumptuous beds.
Adresse: Stortorget 20, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 37 18 00

Clarion Grand Hotel

Clarion Grand Hotel is one of Helsingborg’s most classic hotels with a unique history and atmosphere. The hotel is perfectly located in the town square in a nice part of central Helsingborg. Right next door you will find the shopping street, and less than five minutes’ walk from the hotel is the hub and the ferry to Denmark. The hotel restaurant and bar, Kitchen & Table by Marcus Samuelsson, offers you an exciting menu with influences and inspiration from Manhattan, combined with local flavours and ingredients. Downstairs in the hotel is Spa Savor, inspired by Japan.
Adresse: Stortorget 8/12, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 38 04 00

Comfort Hotel Nouveau

A hotel with a difference. That is good for business travelers, romantic getaways and family weekends. Great location and quality rooms at good rates.
Adresse: Gasverksgatan 11, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 37 19 50

Elite Hotel Marina Plaza

In central Helsingborg at the edge of the Öresund is the Elite Hotel Marina Plaza. With the marine environment as a constant theme, both indoors and outdoors, the hotel has created the atmosphere that currently characterises the Elite Hotel Marina. Guests can relax in the bright, airy atrium and lobby which is a central focal point of the hotel, and where you can enjoy something cool or warm to drink and rest your legs after a day in the town or get in the mood for tonight’s dinner. If you want to eat well, you don’t have far to look. The Aqua Restaurant, the Lobby Bar, The Bishop’s Arms and Oceano (open during the summer) make sure there is something for all tastes.
Adresse: Kungstorget 6, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 19 21 00

Elite Hotel Mollberg

Traditional, old and newly renovated hotel is centrally located in the Main Square in Helsingborg. Here are French brasserie Café le fil du Rasoir, pub The Bishops Arms and sauna.
Adresse: Stortorget 18, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 37 37 00

Hotell Erikslund

Hotell Erikslund is a comfortable and fresh hotel. We wish our guests to have a nice and pleasant stay while visiting the north-western part of the district of Skåne. Regardless of whether you are here on business, at a conference, with your family or friends, a tourist, on a coach trip or with your club – you will have a pleasant stay, because we have room for everyone!
Adresse: Åstorpsvägen 15, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 43 14 15 700

Grand Hôtel Mölle

It’s easy to feel at home at the beautiful Grand Hotel in Mölle - and so it has been for hotel guests for over 100 years. People came here at the beginning of the century to spend weeks enjoying life in a seaside hotel. To this day the hotel has a family atmosphere, to which guests regularly return. The hotel has 45 rooms, many with balconies and sea view. Locally produced and organic ingredients both touch and inspire the hotel’s kitchen. Local specialties are, of course, whatever the sea has to offer, as well as the earth’s wonderful bounty. Kullabygden and Mölle are now attracting more and more people who appreciate what is genuine and beautiful.
Adresse: Bökebolsvägen 11, Mölle
Telefon: +46 42 36 22 30

Hotel Lilton

Lilton is a charming small hotel built in the late 1800´s. It is beautifully situated beside the Rönne River. We have everything you need, such as wireless internet, parking and we are licensed to sell beer and wine. There is a lovely garden running down to the river, where you can eat your breakfast or just sit and relax when the weather permits. Welcome!
Adresse: Järnvägsgatan 29, 262 37 Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 44 25 50

Hotel Skansen, Båstad

At Hotel Skansen, the story is literally in the walls. The house was built as a granary in 1877, and in the 1920s was converted into a hotel and meeting place for prominent bathing and tennis guests. Hotel Skansen is now a high-class resort. Enjoy food, wine and friends in the famous Restaurant Sand, meet over a cup of tea in nature-inspired conservatory and chat for a while by the fire in the Tennis Pavilion. All over the resort are tastefully designed places to meet and socialise. The hotel’s spa is designed to appeal to all your senses, with cold baths, bright Nordic design and a Japanese pool under the open sky.
Adresse: Kyrkogatan 2, Båstad
Telefon: +46 431 55 81 00

V Hotel

Adresse: Fågelsångsgatan 1, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 14 44 20


A place where you can find peace. In the beautiful half-timbered farmhouse on the sunny side of Hallandsåsen, you can relax. Margretetorp located at the edge of the green beech forest, surrounded by a wonderful park. This is a Skåne hostelry in its true sense. The farm is built entirely of timber frames, and all of the rooms have exposed beams in the ceiling. All guests have their own private entrance from two beautifully paved courtyards with plants and trickling water. The kitchen at an inn in Skåne holds a unique position. At least when it comes to food, and this is no exception. Culinary traditions are very important, and the hotel restaurant boasts delicacies from local woods and fields. The kitchen follows the changing seasons and uses produce from local farms.
Adresse: Kägle väg 9, Hjärnarp
Telefon: +46 431 45 44 50

Riverside hotel

Riverside Hotel is a small, affordable and cosy hotel located in the heart of Ängelholm, where you will find a wide selection of shops and restaurants. Ängelholm offers nice, long, beautiful sandy beaches. The surroundings also offer great opportunities for both cultural experiences and active outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing, cycling and hiking in amazing countryside.
Adresse: Östergatan 27, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 41 10 02


Romantic Rusthållargården, which dates back to 1675, is beautifully situated in Arild overlooking the harbour. There is a high-quality restaurant and the spa department offers different forms of treatments and bathing, with a jacuzzi, swimming pool and sauna. The rooftop terrace offers fantastic views of the cove, the Bjärehalvön peninsula and Kullaberg. The village of Arild is ideal for a relaxing holiday. Wander along the lanes leading through the village down to the harbour. Discover Kullabergsvägen with its mythical locations. Rusthållargården is the perfect place to start from, whether you are looking for adventure or just want to enjoy the silence of nature.
Adresse: Stora Vägen 26, Arild
Telefon: +46 42 34 65 30

Scandic Hotel Nord

Explore Helsingborg from the Scandic Helsingborg Nord hotel, just 5 km from the city centre and local attractions. Dine in Berga Bistro while the children enjoy the playroom, or unwind in the sauna, pool and gym. Business is easy with 12 meeting rooms for 2-180 and wireless Internet access in public areas.
Adresse: Florettgatan 41, Helsingborg
Telefon: +46 42 495 20 00

Torekov Hotel

Torekov Hotel is located on the western slope of the Bjärehalvön peninsula, with beautiful forests, ancient stone walls, heaths rich in bird life and long-horned cows. Right here it’s easy to take a step aside and indulge in time to just be. Slip gently into the hotel's hot Japanese outdoor pools, or sip a glass of wine by the fire in the cosy lounge and enjoy the beautiful feeling that characterises life at Torekov Hotel. In the hotel’s personalised spa unit, you can enjoy warm, healing waters, a wonderful steam room, Japanese outdoor pools and an amazing relaxation area with panoramic windows to the sky, sea and earth. The bistro offers the best nutrition for both your body and your senses. Help yourself to a delicious breakfast buffet each morning and enjoy the evening’s menu with local flavours from the Bjärehalvön peninsula.
Adresse: Själaviksvägen 2, Torekov
Telefon: +46 431 47 16 00

Valhall Park Hotel

A quiet hotel located in a beautiful park, only 1.5 km from the beach. Valhall Park Hotel is located in a beautiful park, just north of Ängelholm. We have 70 rooms, of which 5 are suites, all with toilet and shower, cable TV and high-speed Internet access. Guests may borrow the hotel’s bicycles. Parking is free of charge. The closest beach for swimming is only 1.5 km away. The hotel has a non-smoking policy. Pets are allowed in certain rooms.
Adresse: Stjernsvärds allé 66, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 431 255 20

Woodlands Country Club

Imagine waking up in the middle of a beautiful forest. Looking out the window you see a perfectly still lake and the quiet golf court. Just by stepping outside you are ready to play. Welcome to a community of golfers who live in the magnificient tree houses in one of Scandinaviums best country clubs. Here you can rent a luxurious tree house in the middle of the golf court.
Adresse: Rya 472, Örkelljunga
Telefon: +46 43 57 49 193

Råbocka Camping

The Råbocka caravan & campsite is situated in a lovely setting just 2 km outside Ängelholms city. 6 km of sandy beaches offers ample opportunities to swimm in the sea, while the sand dunes shelters you from the cool breeze. You can take long walks in the surrounding forrest, on one of the well signed posted tracks. “Skåneleden”, the footpath leading from the west coast to east coast of Skåne, passes just outside the campsite gates. Råbocka campsite offers about 300 plots for caravans, campers and tents, all of them with electricity. We can also offer small cottages, sleeping up to 4 persons, all equipped with a small kitchen( but no Wc/shower).
Adresse: Råbockavägen 101, Ängelholm
Telefon: +46 43 11 05 43

Mötesplats Borstahusen

Skåne's only 5 star camping site is located right next to the sea in one of the best locations in the Öresund region. A camping site of the future. It has entirely new service buildings that meet fantastic standards. The resort offers activities suitable for everyone. Hike along the most beautiful parts of the Skåne Trail, explore nature, visit Spa or just enjoy the sunshine. The proximity to stimulating destinations is apparent. Copenhagen and Helsingør are less than an hour away, and you can see the island of Ven only few kilometres away. If you prefer to take it easy and enjoy the holiday, you are guaranteed to have a great time on the extensive beach. The child-friendly seashore, with its shallow waters, also suits families with children perfectly. All of resort's places are equipped with electricity, water/sewage connections, TV and drainage. In addition, all sites are prepared with roadbeds and suitable for heavy vehicles.
Adresse: Lill-Olas väg 30, Landskrona
Telefon: +46 41 81 08 37

Camp Ven - camping/glamping

Choosing Camp Ven is choosing nature and each other's company. With us you can camp in your own tents right up to the beach edge or search for yourself under the green roof of the trees up in the camp's lovely forest. However, if you prefer the comfort with a real bed and fixed roof over your head at night, you should choose our small nice cabins and camp-rooms Camp with luxury Glamping, our most glamorous form of camping. Here you sleep in real hotel beds with a luxurious tent experience surrounded by fantastic nature. Ideal for those who like to camp but feel the extra comfort in the form of a comfortable bed. Our glamping tents are set overlooking the sea, we take care of the nature around us. Accommodation in our glamping tents includes: Breakfast, final cleaning, bathrobe, slippers and a cozy feeling.
Adresse: Camp ven, Husviksvägen, 260 13 S:t Ibb, Ven
Telefon: +46 (0)418 725 50

Båstad Camping

Båstad's campsite is located in the middle of beautiful nature close to beaches and activities. In the area you can find something that suits everyone, all from the quiet countryside to the lively harbour of Båstad with all its activities and events. The campsite is equipped with a shop, all facilities, a mini golf course, playground, restaurant and much more.
Adresse: Norra vägen 128, Båstad
Telefon: +46 43 17 55 11

First Camp Röstånga-Söderåsen

First Camp Röstånga-Söderåsen is a campsite by Söderåsen National Park, one of Sweden's most visited tourist destinations. The campsite has its own fishing lake and lots of activities for all the family. There are six pleasant camping cottages and one large holiday house for hire, available to book all the year round. Heated pool area is included throughout your stay. There are three children's pools and a water slide.
Adresse: Blinkarpsvägen 3, Röstånga
Telefon: +46 77 11 01 200

Norrviken Camping

Norrviken's campsite just outside Båstad has the perfect seaside location, but is not too far from lively Båstad with all its activities and events. The proximity to both hiking and cycling trails makes it possible to explore the Bjäre Peninsula close up and discover all the highlights that you can find along the way. The campsite offers a playground, live entertainment, a shop and much more.
Adresse: Kattviksvägen 347, Båstad
Telefon: +46 431 36 91 70

First Camp Torekov

The campsite First Camp in Torekov, with its seaside location, is a wonderful summer campsite located at the tip of the Bjäre Peninsula. The proximity to most excursion destinations, such as Hallands Väderö, Hovs Hallar and Birgit Nilsson museum and lively Båstad with all its activities and events, makes the campsite very attractive. The campsite is equipped with all facilities, a shop, restaurant, miniature golf course and much more.
Adresse: Flymossavägen 5, Torekov
Telefon: +46 431 36 45 25

Råå Vallar Resort

Råå Vallar Resort offers varied accommodation right on the Öresund with views of the Ven and Denmark. Only a few minutes from the center of Helsingborg, you will find a resort out of the ordinary. We offer attractive camping opportunities for all guests! Not only will you find a great variety of pleasant accommodation spread over a family orientated camping but facilities like the restaurant, a TIME-shop, exciting activities for the whole family and close proximity to the center of Helsingborg with all it has to offer too. Here you can choose between all options, from cosy camping accommodation to more exclusive newly built and fully equipped cottages right by the beautiful Öresund! Motorhomes, caravans and those who choose to camp in tents are all welcome.
Adresse: Kustgatan, Råå
Telefon: +46 42 18 26 00

By Air

There are three airports in this region: Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport, Malmö Airport and only 20 minutes away from Malmö over the Öresund Bridge you also have Copenhagen Airport. Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport +46 431 48 45 13. Malmö Airport +46 40 61 31 000. Copenhagen Airport +45 32 31 32 31.

By Ferry

You can also reach our region by ferry from Denmark. The ferry departures 3-4 times an hour between Helsingborg and Elsinore in Denmark, and the journey takes about 20 minutes.
Adresse: Helsingborg C

By train

Travelling by train in the region is both quick and convenient. SJ is the largest train operator and operates on most long-haul routes from Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin as well as in Sweden. With the fast X2000 train from Stockholm trip takes about 5 hours to Helsingborg and Gothenburg takes about 2 hours. Skånetrafiken runs the public transportation within Skåne.
Adresse: Helsingborg C

By car

Arriving to the region by car? Welcome! Both E4 and E6 passes the region and makes it easy for you to drive to us. If you want to rent a car during your visit, several of the well known rental companies are represented in our region. Many gas stations also have car rental.