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Discover Linköping - located on the stunning Östgöta Plains in the province of Östergötland. Are you itching to dive into the heat of city life, or is a relaxing country jaunt more to your taste? You don’t have to choose – all the culture and entertainment of Linköping is just minutes away from our amazing countryside of plains, lakes and canals. Go on a boat ride, wander the Östgöta Trail, go to the theater or have a bite to eat at one of the city’s many restaurants.

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Kolmården Wildlife Park

At Kolmården you can see wild animals from every corner of the world – an animal park that is filled with exciting experiences for all ages. You can ride the cable car, the savannah abundant with wild animals stretching out beneath you, come scarily close to the tigers in Tiger World, experience a magic dolphin show and much more. For children there is Bamse’s World which takes you on a breath-taking tour on Godiståget (the Sweet Train), you will visit Bamse Bear at home and can also go on Bamse’s Adventure Walk in the animal park. Where: Immediately north of Norrköping. Distance from Linköping by car: 70kms – 50min.
Adresse: 618 92 Kolmården
Telefon: +46 10 708 70 00

Astrid Lindgren's World

Meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga and Karlsson on the roof. Visit Mattisborgen, Bullerbyn or Bråkmakargatan. Here in Vimmerby in Småland you will meet most of the characters and settings that Astrid Lindgren wrote about. Play and run around, experience well-known scenes from the books and be a part of the popular stories. Experience the people of Wild Rose Valley and you will be able to hear Katla’s roars from Mount Karmanjaka or listen when the traitor Jossi keeps court at Guldtuppen restaurant in Cherry Tree Valley. In the two green valleys, those who are brave enough to fool Tengil’s soldiers can join in the adventures from morning to night, side by side with Skorpan, Jonatan, Sofia, Mattias and the others. Welcome to a time of fairy tales and campfires! Where: Vimmerby Distance from Linköping by car: 100kms – 1hr 30min.
Adresse: 598 85 Vimmerby
Telefon: +46 492 798 00

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The high-tech and sustainable Linköping

Linköping is one of Sweden’s fastest-growing municipalities, home to about 160,000 inhabitants and is in many ways a major center in the region. Linköping boasts a high technology and new-thinking university, with over 27,000 students including its Campus Norrköping. Founded in 1969, the university is known for its interdisciplinary principles and its creative approach to education and research. Linköping aspires to be a sustainable city and commits to implement the Goals and the 2030 Agenda. The municipality has undertaken a number of big investments in order to secure sustainable development. The region has an extensive and efficient waste management system and has become an international role model for its largely zero-waste cycle. Linköping is home to Sweden’s largest biogas facility, converting organic waste from the food industry and households into biogas and biofertiliser. The biogas production fuels public transport in Linköping and biofertiliser in agriculture. Recycling stations for used household goods is the latest addition in striving for a circular and resource-effective society. Citizens in Linköping are encouraged to contribute to a sustainable environment and there are numerous second-hand shops and flea markets in Linköping. The region´s fertile farmland also provides local and organic food, sometimes sold at farmers´ markets in the area. The Linköping municipality encourages eco-friendly travelling, especially bicycling. The municipality has invested in bicycle paths, a special bicycle map, and most recently, an electric bicycle rental system called LinBike. Rental and payment of the bicycles go through the LinBike app and gives access to 200 bicycle in 20 different spots around Linköping. Yet another big investment in the climate has been undertaken. The construction of Sweden’s largest solar park has started and will open in summer 2020. Located on the E4 highway next to the Gärstad plant in Linköping, as much electricity as 2 300 households consume on a yearly basis will be produced. Welcome to visit innovative and sustainable Linköping!

Sweden’s Aviation Capital

Linköping is also known as the aviation capital of Sweden. This is the only place in the country where aircraft are manufactured, and one-third of the city’s business sector has ties to aviation. Linköping is also home to world-leading research in many fields, some of them related to aviation. Other strong areas in Linköping are IT and green cities / environmental technology with Science Park Mjärdevi and Vreta Kluster.

Linköping’s History

Originally a medieval city, Linköping has always been an administrative center for the region. Parts of the medieval street network have been preserved around the central square, or Stora Torget: Tanneforsgatan, S:t Korsgatan and Ågatan Streets. The city evolved as the bishop’s seat, growing outward from the cathedral down towards St. Lars Church. Both churches were built in the early 12th century, but were later replaced with larger buildings. The Franciscan monastery was founded in 1287, and Linköping probably received its city charter at about the same time. King Magnus III and Bishop Bengt Birgersson, two sons of famed statesman Birger Jarl, who helped to unify Sweden, are said to have founded the city. Since the Middle Ages, Linköping has had a cathedral school next to the cathedral, and the city got its first upper-secondary school way back in 1627.

Linköping’s bloodbath

In 1598, King Sigismund was defeated by Duke Karl at the Battle of Stångebro. Several of the defeated king’s counselors were imprisoned at Linköping Castle for treason, and were beheaded on the central square in 1600, an act that came to be called the Linköping bloodbath.

Berg Locks - the Göta Canal

Berg’s Locks are the Göta Canal’s major sight and attract thousands of visitors every year. The area contains restaurants, cafés, minigolf, youth hostel, cycle rental, swimming in lake Roxen, etc. The passenger ship M/S WASA LEJON makes daily trips on the Göta Canal from here. If you visit Berg's Locks during the fall or winter season - make sure to stroll down the Canal and enjoy the magical surroundings and fall in love with the Swedish nature! This is an experience you just don't want to miss! It's easy to travel to Berg's Locks, regardless if you go by car, bus or bicycle. If you want to take a bike ride or a long stroll, the inner city of Linköping is perfect connected to Berg's Locks only 11 km away. Don't forget to check out the amazing stairway of locks during your visit! Berg's Locks is the largest attraction along Göta Canal. And if you want to explore your surroundings even further, we recommend you to take a trip to near by Borensberg only 21 km away.
Adresse: Hamnbassängen, Bergs slussar
Telefon: +46 (0)13-190 00 70

Open-air Museum of Old Linköping and Valla Gård

Welcome to Old Linköping - a place for fun and curiosity, laughter and memories, beautiful experiences and relaxation for the soul. Travel back in time and experience Swedish small town life a hundred or more years ago. In the Old Town neighbourhood you will find wooden-built houses, cobbled streets, beautiful gardens, and many interesting museums. There are also shops and crafts, exhibitions, a science center, a restaurant and a café. During the summer there are a number of activities available for families with children; ride with a horse and carriage or the choo-choo train, meet street musicians, vagabonds, the local police constable and other characters from bygone days, try oldfashioned crafts, visit the old school e t c. A short walk through the Valla forest nature reserve takes you to Valla farm, with museums showing agricultural and technical history, farm animals, a large playground, cafés and a miniature golf course.
Adresse: Tunnbindaregatan 1, 581 81 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-12 11 10

Stora Torget Square

In the summer, the city is crammed with outdoor restaurants and cafés. On balmy evenings, this is the place to be. Get together with friends, have a drink or a bite to eat and enjoy the great atmosphere.
Adresse: Stora Torget

Linköpings domkyrka (Linköping Cathedral)

Linköping’s cathedral is Sweden’s best preserved medieval cathedral. There is much to discover here, the Gothic blind arcades with their remarkable stone figures, the glass sculpture Golgotha and Maria, which spreads its wonderful cloak of flowers out over us from one of the windows. Linköping’s cathedral is 110 metres long and the tower is 107 metres high. To know more about the cathedral's history, we would reccomend a guided tour.
Adresse: Cathedral Park Sankt Persgatan
Telefon: +46 (0)13-20 50 60

Flygvapenmuseum (Air force Museum)

Botanize among a unique collection of military aircraft, become a pilot for a while or experience Sweden during the cold war. There is a lot to discover at the Air Force Museum for both grown ups and children. You’ll find the most special plane in the basement. It’s the wreck of the DC-3 shot down in the 1950s and rediscovered at the bottom of the sea in 2003. In the Flight Lab, you can try being a pilot. You’ll have an exciting day with lots of fun for the whole family. The museum is open all year round and have free admission.
Adresse: Carl Cederströms gata 2, 586 63 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13 495 97 00

Kinda Canal

The lake system and the meandering channel route begins in the scenic Kinda, continues through fifteen manual locks to the center of Linköping, out into Lake Roxen. Restaurants, cafes, accommodation and attractions are located along the canal. The locks are very nice venues. Visit Kinda canal, with private boat / canoe or by passenger ferry M/S Kind. You can read more about M/S Kind at: You can even hike along the Kinda Canal and experience the various Swedish nature in first hand!
Adresse: Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13 12 68 80

Östgöta Hiking Trail

Discover Östgöta trails which have a total length of 1400 kilometres – decidedly a varied natural and cultural experience. There are several different stretches, longer and shorter, that offer a variety of landscapes such as plains, canals, oak forests and hilly woodland. You don't need to be a die-hard hiker to enjoy the Östgötaleden Trail. The most important accessories are extremely comfortable shoes and something to eat and drink.
Adresse: Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-190 00 70

Tinnerö Oak Woodland

Linköping is surrounded by beautiful country life, like the fantastic Oak Woodland—Northern Europe’s biggest continuous stretch of oak forest—just a few kilometers from downtown Linköping. The area covers Brokind, Bjärka-Säby, Sturefors and Tinnerö. Tinnerö is the most central part of the whole Oak Woodland and is only 2 kilometers away from the town center. Tinnerö is also the largest nature reserve in Linköping. Enjoy the mysterious swamp in Rosenkällasjön, natural wildlife and amazing landscapes. This place has also a fascinating cultural history and are full of ancient monuments from the Roman Iron Age.
Adresse: Tinnerö, Linköping

Rängen Runt (Hiking Trail)

Rängen Runt is a hiking trail that is based on the Östgöta Hiking Trail and Kyrkleden with a distance of 45 kilometer that takes you around the whole lake Stora Rängen. The trail offer a various nature, many bathing places and accommodation where you can literally choose between castles and huts. The duration of the hiking trail is approximately 12 hours. Along the way you will pass the popular ice cream café Stafsäter Gårdsglass. And if you want to spend the night and make it a two day trip, we recommend beautiful Vårdnäs Stiftsgård.
Adresse: 590 45 Brokind (Vårdnäs Stiftsgård)
Telefon: +46 (0)13 495 97 00

Ycke urskog in Ulrika

The forest Ycke lies in the southern part of Linköping, west of Ulrika. This pearl of nature is one of Linköping's few forests of it's kind. The nature reserve is a timeless and exciting forest with coarse pines and furrows that is ass tall as the sky. The oldest count in Ycke is from the late 16th century. We highly recommend a visit to this gem where fallen trees and an infinite amount of stone blocks and thick moss grows everywhere. When you are in the hoods, why not stay the night at Amundebo Södergård and extend your visit? Then take a trip to the beautiful Ulrika church.
Telefon: +46 (0)13 - 190 00 70

Östergötlands museum (Östergötland County Museum)

Viljan's world is an exciting and fun experience for families. (Primarily for children aged 3-10) Temporary exhibitions, cultural history exhibitions and a unique art collection. As well as a library, archives, fact shelf, conservation studio and archaeological expertise. Shop with unusual souvenirs, design items and books. Restaurang Hagdahls Kök offers food and coffee, also on the roof terrace during the summer.
Adresse: Raoul Wallenbergs plats 1
Telefon: +46 (0)13-23 03 00

Trädgårdsföreningen (The garden Society)

Welcome to the Linköping Garden Society! A wonderful oasis centrally located in the city, where you can stroll in the beautiful environment, take a guided tour, have a picnic, buy plants, play, eat, have coffee and much more. Entrance Drottninggatan/ Klostergatan/Sandbäcksgatan/ Lasarettsgatan eller Djurgårdsgatan.
Adresse: Linköping

Valla farm

Valla farm is the rual part of the Open-Air museum Gamla Linköping. The place invites to a lot of adventures among historical buildings and farm animals. On Sundays, during the school term, it is also possible to ride a pony. (During summer season and Christmas market weekends the rides are moved to the Chapel plan in the Open-Air Museum). In the middle of Valla forest, Linköping's largest playground Lill-Valla is situated. The playground has three play areas and plenty recreational surfaces. It's the perfect playground to take your family to!

Linköping City Library

Welcome to Linköping City Library! If you want to escape the cold winds that the fall brings and just spend time with your family for a while inside, this is the place for you. There are always fun activities in the library, for example such as babycafes and fairy tale readings in the jungle room. The little ones can also play dress up with masked clothes in the castle. During the library's opening hours there is also a treasure hunt for children age 5+. When it's time for a coffee, can you enjoy it in the library's bright café.
Adresse: Östgötagatan 5, 582 32 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-20 66 01

Linköpings slott- och domkyrkomuseum (Linköping Castle and Cathedral museum)

An exciting medieval museum in the heart of central Linköping. See the hidden bishop’s dating tower from the 13th century and the Cathedral’s unique treasures. The museum describes the development of the castle and the cathedral from the 1100s up to the Renaissance.
Adresse: Borggården, 582 28 Linköping
Telefon: +46 13-12 23 80

Restaurang Jord

Nature is our pantry. At restaurant Jord, we search all corners of the forest to find flavors with a distinctive character and we are proud of the components behind our dishes. Here we give you a glimpse of our eye stones - what they mean to us and how we deal with them.
Adresse: Johannesborgsparken 1A
Telefon: +4613-13 13 37

De Klomp

The restaurant is inspired by the Dutch “bruine kroeg” concept that emerged during the 1800s. Featured in White Guide, a comprehensive annual list of the best restaurants in Sweden.
Adresse: S:t Larsgatan 13

Pappa Grappa

Pappa Grappa restaurant is the origin and the heart of the business. Here you can eat modern food with high ambition and clean flavors in a relaxed environment with inspiration from the meditteranean. The well-stocked wine cellar offers many wonderful experiences. Here we have a chef's table concept up to 14 people who get their dining experience directly from the chef who cooks the food on your table. "Also a good class" - White Guide.
Adresse: Hospitalstorget 1 582 27 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-390 02 98

Stångs Magasin

Restaurant, lunch and catering. Located at Stångå beach. There is outdoor dining in the summer and Stångs Brygga is open with a luxurious summer menu. "Good class" - White Guide.
Adresse: Södra Stånggatan 1

Storan Restaurant & Bar

Food with a mixture of old tradition and new trends. Based on the Swedish culinary arts and with inspiration primarily from Europe, but also from other parts of the world. Featured in White Guide, a comprehensive annual list of the best restaurants in Sweden. "Good class" - White Guide.
Adresse: Stora Torget 9, 582 19 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-10 31 90

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Simons Rosteri & Bakery

If you follow the smell of freshly ground coffee, then you'll end up at Simons Rosteri & Bakery at the far end of Storgatan. Relax, have a lunch or why not a fancy pizza in the intimate, industrially decorated venue and enjoy the flavors of freshly baked bread and coffee. All coffee fans can also view the beauty that makes everything possible - the coffee grinder. "Very good class" - White Guide.
Adresse: Storgatan 55, 582 23 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-329 26 20

Babettes Kafferi

A cultural café in Linköping. A meeting place with culture and fantastic coffee. "Very good class" - White Guide.
Adresse: Stora Badstugatan 4
Telefon: +46 (0)013-12 55 00


Chocolaterie, café and shop. Hot chocolate, scones, chocolate pastries, cappuccino, chocolate pralines, sandwiches, chocolate truffles, caffe latte. Chocolate tastings. "Also good class" - White Guide.
Adresse: Storgatan 54
Telefon: +46 (0)13-13 88 00

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As Linköping's new entertainment center, they want to offer something for everyone - every day in week. This means that you can always find something nice and fun to do with us, if you want your visit to be planned or spontaneous!
Adresse: Stora torget
Telefon: +46(0)13-461 09 61

Harrys Restaurang & Bar

Restaurant, pub, casino, dance floor. 2 floors.
Adresse: Ågatan 43
Telefon: +46 13 13 33 90

Strandgatan Två

Linköping's premiere social game center next to Stångån. Taperia, bowling, sports bar, game center and conference.
Adresse: Strandgatan 2
Telefon: +46 (0)13-485 00 00


Bar serving only shots.
Adresse: Ågatan 24B, 582 22 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)76-1600784

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Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping - Open air museum

In this small shops you can find unique gifts for loved ones. They sell both traditional crafts and local foods as well as modern design. The shops are open all year round. Most are open weekdays 10-17, Sat-Sun 11-16, peak season Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat-Sun 11-16 (restrictions may apply).
Adresse: Tunnbindaregatan 1
Telefon: +46 13 12 11 10

Linköping City

There are numerous shops in Linköping City at a short distance apart. All of the large multiples are here, trendy malls, exclusive boutiques and professional specialist shops collected around congenial squares and friendly pedestrianised streets.
Adresse: Ågatan 9
Telefon: +46 (0)13-25 30 32

Galleria Gränden Shopping Mall

Let your mood determine what your break and shopping trip will be like. Do you want to have lunch, a creamy ice cream or a hot espresso in a soft café armchair? It’s all here. Come in and acquaint yourself with Galleria Gränden in the heart of Linköping City.
Adresse: Nygatan 22


i-HUSET is located outside Linköping next to the highway E4. There is shopping here for all tastes with over 60 shops under one roof. With ample parking, a number of restaurants and lots of surrounding department stores this is a perfect place to break your trip.
Adresse: Svedengatan 7, Tornby

Tornby Retail Area

The Tornby area in Linköping is a commercial centre offering fantastic possibilities. You can buy everything here from bookcases to fresh Swedish apples. This part of Linköping is the region’s largest concentrated retail area, with a huge number of shops.

Quality Hotel Ekoxen

Well-known business- conference- and family hotel with guests that keep on coming back. Located at Linköping’s beautiful oasis, the Horticultural Society, only a stone’s throw from the city’s shops and restaurants. Location: Stora Torget 600m, Resecentrum travel centre 1,200m.
Adresse: Klostergatan 68
Telefon: +46 (0)13-25 26 00

Elite Stora Hotellet

Very centrally located with a view over the city’s medieval market square and cathedral. The hotel has 92 rooms, 14 of which are so-called Business Class rooms. Location: Stora Torget 0 m, Resecentrum travel centre 600 m.
Adresse: Stora Torget 9
Telefon: +46 13-12 96 30

Quality Hotel The Box

Welcome to Quality Hotel The Box, Linköping's new and modern hotel. Comfortable located only 2,5 kilometer from the citys entertainment and pulse life. Staying here, you will be in a near distance to Linköping City Airport, E4, and Linköping Arena. Quality Hotel The Box is a charming hotel for all your senses.
Adresse: Aspögatan 7, 582 78 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-13 390 02 00

Clarion Collection Hotel Slottsparken

Clarion Collection Hotel Slottsparken is a four star hotel located in central Linköping that lies next to the beautiful Castle- and Cathedral Square. The location gives you a near distance from the city where there is great shopping, restaurants, theater scenes and nightclubs. The hotel has just undergone a renovation of both rooms, suites and their own restaurant. The lobby has a brand new cocktail lounge and piano bar. The relaxation area has a sauna and a sun deck on the roof with a magnificent view over central Linköping.
Adresse: Storgatan 70-76, 582 28 Linköping
Telefon: +46 (0)13-13 02 00

Scandic Linköping City

Choose the Scandic Linköping City hotel and you will get the very most out of central Linköping. The hotel is situated right in the centre in a tranquil position beside the beautiful Stångån river. Location: Stora Torget 650m, Resecentrum travel centre 500m.
Adresse: Gamla Tanneforsvägen 51
Telefon: +46 (0)13-495 54 00

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Visit Linköping Tourist Center

With personal service, Linköping's 20 InfoPoints provide tourist information, maps and brochures about Linköping. They also sell literature and souvenirs related to Linköping, Östergötland and Sweden. In addition, they provide information on accommodation, from hostels and campsites to hotels. Our service is for locals as well as guests in their area. For a detailed list of InfoPoints and more information about Linköping, please visit
Adresse: Konsistoriegatan 7
Telefon: +46 (0)13 190 00 70
Åpningstider: Monday-Friday 8 a.m-5 p.m Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Public Transport

Östgötatrafiken, tel. no. +46 (0)771 21 10 10 Local public transport in Linköping and throughout Östergötland is provided by Östgötatrafiken. Buy your ticket in advance via a sales agent, Quickomat or mobile phone. Cash or creditcard is not available on the bus. Resecentrum, Järnvägsgatan, Linköping - Resecentrum is Linköping’s hub for public transport communications. Most buses, commuter trains and long-distance trains stop here.
Telefon: +46 (0)771-211010


Taxibil Östergötland Tel: +46 (0)13 14 60 00 Web: Taxikurir i Linköping Tel: +46 (0)13 15 00 00 Web: Taxi 10 10 00 Tel:+46 (0)13 101010 Taxibolaget Linköping Tel: +46 (0)13 30 30 30 Web:


Fly to Linköping with KLM. Book your flight at Linköping City Airport is located five minutes from Linköping City Center. Optional it is possible to access Linköping by flying to Norrköping which is the neighboring city (30 min drive from Linköping). Book your flight at A third option is to fly with Ryanair or Wizzair to Stockholm Skavsta which is located 1 h drive from Linköping (buses are being offered). Book your flight at or


Area code: 013 Country code: +46


220 V/50Hz

Exchange Office

At FOREX Bank you can buy foreign currency free of charge, at hours that suit you.
Adresse: Storgatan 32
Telefon: +46 200-22 22 20