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Sweden’s smallest province welcomes everyone who is in search of the greatest adventures. Moreover, the best that life has to offer is free here – the singularly beautiful countryside. Some 300 kilometres of coastline, with an abundance of beaches, more than 75 nature reserves, Stora Alvaret, and South Öland's world heritage cultural landscape. There are 28 different orchids growing throughout the island. There are also numerous destinations for excursions. Whatever you want to do, you are welcome to Öland!

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VIDA Museum & Art-gallery

The VIDA Museum & Art-gallery is situated on route 136, nine kilometres south of Borgholm, Öland, with a beautiful hilltop setting, overlooking the waters of Kalmarsund. The present 2000 m2 building, in glass, concrete, iron and wood, lies on a historic site just north of the Halltorp Inn. At the time of its inaugural opening in June, 2001, the newly-built museum featured an art-gallery and two wings devoted, respectively, to the work of Ulrica Hydman-Vallien and that of Bertil Vallien. Here can be seen the entire range of their artistry, encompassing four decades. The most important starting-points from the early 1960s, to the very latest work in glass, ceramics, sculpture and painting are shown in the museum.
Adresse: Halltorp, 387 92, Borgholm
Telefon: +46 (0) 485 774 40

Eketorps Fortress

Eketorp fortress is a fully dug-out ancient fort, with reconstructed walls and houses at the very site of the archaeological finds. If you are interested in nature and culture, the fortress’ exciting history, archaeology and Alvar fauna will be just the thing for you.
Adresse: Eketorps Borg, Degerhamn
Telefon: +46 (0)485-66 20 00

Solliden Palace

The Royal Family's summer residence is located on Öland. Solliden’s Palace parkland is open for visitors 15/5 – 15/9. Open: Daily 11.00 am – 18.00 pm (gates close 17.00). ”Welcome to the beautiful park of Solliden with its luxuriant trees, shrubs and flowers. Solliden is a part of our cultural heritage, which is of special concern to me. It was built by my great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, and was completed in 1906. When my great-grandfather, Gustav V, died in 1950, I inherited the palace. It is my intention to preserve Solliden, so that future generations will be able to enjoy its unique and glorious gardens.” - Carl Gustaf -
Adresse: Solliden slott , 38792 BORGHOLM
Telefon: +46 (0)485-153 56

Ölands Museum Himmelsberga

Himmelsberga is Öland´s most genuine village and now preserved as an open air museum with enclosed farms built along both sides of the narrow village road. The heart of the museum consists of several large farms with buildnings daing back the 18 th and 19 th century. All the original furniture is still to be found in the cottage and, outside, in the old stables, can be seen all the tools and equipment that were used on the farms. The coffe shop sells freshly baked bread and hot pies and you can buy genuine Öland handicrafts in the village shop. Himmelsberga has exhibitions of arts and crafts in its two galleries, and there is also art museum with a collection of older and modern Öland paintings.
Adresse: Himmelsberga Museum
Telefon: +46 (0)485 - 56 10 22

Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle is one of the most well-known buildings in Sweden and reflects nearly one thousand years of different architectural styles and construction methods. Borgholm Castle, ”the most beautiful ruin in Scandinavia”, is one of those examples of architecture, that leaves hardly any visitor unaffected. Its size is overwhelming, its position enchanting.
Adresse: Borgholms Slottsruin , 387 94 BORGHOLM
Telefon: +46 (0)485-12333

Troll Forest and Naturum

On the north east tip of Öland, by the gate to Trollskogen nature reserve, you'll find Naturum Trollskogen. Many of the trees in the forrest are very old, about 100-200 years. Crooked pine trees, affected by the winds from the sea, rotates in imaginative forms. You'll also find fir-trees and old oaks.
Adresse: Trollskogen
Telefon: +46 (0)70-215 08 63

Långe Jan and Ottenby bird Observatory

Welcome to Ottenby and southern Öland. Ottenby, on the very south of the island of Öland, is one of the top areas for birding in Sweden - 377 species have been observed here. A visit to Öland offers fantastic opportunities for bird studies all the year round. Ottenby Bird Observatory was founded in 1946 and has ever since performed studies on migrating birds. Around 20000 birds are ringed each year. Also, the bird observatory is involved in bird migration research projects on the island of Capri, Italy, and in Nigeria.
Adresse: Ottenby 401, 386 64 Degerhamn
Telefon: +46 (0)485-661200

Långe Erik and Grankullavik

The lighthouse Långe Erik, located on the northern part of Öland, is 32 meter high and built of limestone. There are 138 steps to the balcony.
Adresse: Fyrvaktarn´s Dotter c/o Kristina Österberg, 380 75 Byxelkrok
Telefon: +46 (0)70-794 26 43

Paradis Workshop

Paradis Workshop, a ceramic center with views of meadows and Kalmarsund Here, the visitor can enjoy a glass and ceramics are displayed in a light and open architecture surrounded by a beautiful garden.
Adresse: Paradisvägen, Färjestaden
Telefon: +46 (0)485-316 24

Skäftekärr Iron Age Village

In Skäftekärr, near Böda in the northern part of Öland, is an iron age village consisting of about 20 well preserved stonehouse foundations spread over approximately 10 yards dating from the period of 300-700 A.D. In the middle of the iron age village are the remains of a large farm consisting of four housefoundations. In the new iron age landscape, right next to the foundations, is a reconstruction of one of those houses and a fire ruin from a previously reconstructed house. Around the reconstucted yard there is a reconstructed iron age landscape with fenced fields, meadows, and pollarded trees. In the park grows about 140 different trees and bushes (arboretum). There are organized guided tours which are related to the site's more than 150-year history of forestry.
Adresse: Kullenvägen 86 38774 LÖTTORP
Telefon: +46 070-6341950
Åpningstider: Open season

The Swedish Royal Rally

The 11th edition of this rally – of which 10 have been arranged on Öland – took place on Saturday 16 August 2014. The rally will cover a distance of between 80 and 120 km. The next race is approximated to take place on august 2016.

Öland Spirar (the Spring Festival)

The organisation of Öland’s Harvest Festival welcomes visitors to another edition of Öland Spirar (week 21). The festival’s theme is gardens, nature experiences and rural life. Visitors are offered activities around this theme across Öland. Come and enjoy the shopping and the good food, and discover the island’s spring splendour. Art, music and literature are some of the cultural ingredients that will spice up your visit. The festival’s theme is gardens, nature experiences and rural life. Visitors are offered activities around this theme across Öland. Come and enjoy the shopping and the good food, and discover the island’s spring splendour. Art, music and literature are some of the cultural ingredients that will spice up your visit.
Adresse: Öland

The Öland Guides

Get more out of Öland with an Öland guide! The Öland guides offer a large and varied range of guided tours on Öland. You can enjoy tours in various languages, covering a wide range of areas and topics. Come along on a hike or guided coach tour with knowledgeable guides and learn about anything from geology, history, nature and culture. The guided tours take place across the island, with a total of 30 guides available from our association. During the summer season, the Öland guides offer a number of events such as guided running tours, coach day tours and hiking tours of varying length. Visit and for more information about guided tours on Öland.
Telefon: +46 (0)485 82980

Station Linné – Gateway to the Great Alvar

Located at Southern Öland’s Great Alvar, Station Linné is a centre for world-class research and educational activities, and also offers sustainable tourism during Öland’s summer season. Here you will find various activities for all ages. Nature experience programmes for children, Alvar and orchid hikes for those interested in the Great Alvar’s rich fauna, or why not join a tick safari? The station offers a wide variety of unique information, as well as activities. Visit and for more information about events and activities at the station.
Telefon: +46 485 38584

Biking Trails

The cycle paths are clearly marked along Öland’s byways. The Ölandsleden cycle path’s 45 kilometres take you over the whole island, or you can choose a shorter section. The Sverigeleden path runs from the Öland Bridge to Grankullavik. The Ecopark cycle path runs for forty kilmotres in Böda Forest. Böda Forest is one of Sveaskog’s Ecoparks.

Hiking trails

There are plenty of long-distance footpaths and marked trails on Öland. Böda long-distance footpath, a 50 km long trail that runs from Byerum Sandvik to Nabbelund on north Öland, is part of Sveaskog’s Ecopark. Hälsans Stig, or the “Path to Health,” is a wonderful trail in Borgholm on central Öland in a varied environment. It runs through a nature reserve at Borgholm Castle. The trail is 4 km long. “Borg till borg” (“Castle to Castle”) is an approximately 16 km long footpath that runs between two ancient forts, Gråborg and Ismantorp, that are located in the middle of the island. Mörbylånga path is about 77 km long and runs through unique natural and cultural environments from Träffpunkt Öland tourist office at the bridge abutment to Ottenby Youth Hostel at the southern cape.

Böda Ecopark

Böda ecopark is a singularly inviting landscape on Öland’s most northerly point. It offers everything from barren sand-dunes and storm-tossed pine trees, to calcareous pine forests interspersed with meadowland containing a diverse range of orchids and lush groves of deciduous trees including giant oaks. Böda does not just have a fascinating natural environment to offer – the cultural heritage is also very much in evidence. The large number of well-preserved ancient monuments is unique in northern Europe. Almost entirely intact villages with foundations of buildings, stone walls and grave-fields tell of the lives of the former inhabitants of Öland.

Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle, “the finest ruin in the Nordic region,” is a structure that it is hard to imagine leaves any visitor unmoved. Its size is overwhelming and its setting is fascinating. Wander through the Castle’s state apartments and feel the echoes of history. Ascend one floor and enjoy the fantastic view over the castle’s bare limestone soil and Kalmar Sound. During June - August, Borgholm Castle offers numerous activities for children, including guided tours for children and families and castle workshops.
Adresse: Box 116, 387 22, Borgholm
Telefon: +46 485 123 33

Stora Alvaret

Stora Alvaret is a 37 kilometre long and 15 kilometre wide area of barren limestone plain covering the southern parts of Öland. The area comprises a quarter of the island’s total area. Alvaret’s principal distinguishing feature is treeless moorland with the bedrock consisting of Ordovician limestone, often exposed or only covered with a thin layer of earth. There are smaller areas of bare limestone plain in other parts of Öland and in some places in Västergötland, including Kinnekulle. With a special flora and a large number of unique species, the area has been used historically as pastureland. The grazing is necessary to prevent the area becoming overgrown. Along with southern Öland’s cultural landscape, Stora Alvaret has been designated a world heritage site by the UN agency, UNESCO.

Geology on Öland (GeoPark Öland)

On Öland, from the north to the south, visitors can catch exciting glimpses of the island´s fascinating geological history. In the limestone quarries with their steep walls, you can ponder the evolution since the time when clay particles and chalky sludge deposits started to form Öland´s sedimentary bedrock with its fossilised octopi and other prehistoric animals. Each millimetre of limestone represents 1,000 years!
Adresse: Öland's northwest shore

Lådbilslandet (Cartie Country)

Lådbilslandet (Cartie Country) is aimed at children between 2 and 10 years old. Located near Löttorp on the north of the island, Lådbilslandet is one of Öland's biggest tourist attractions. Children can drive their own "soap box cars" in a miniature town centered around a church, on roads that wind across the landscape. The cars have real engines and drive on tarmac roads, complete with bridges, roundabouts and crossings. You can even get the Cartie Country driving licence! Choose if you want to drive a regular car, bus, police car, truck or articulated lorry. Why not try them all? For those who like Formula 1 racing, there are two separate courses – one for small and one for bigger children. There is also a motocross track, where you can compete with your friends on our three-wheel motorcycles. If you like a more relaxed pace, you should try the Farming Country. Here you can drive miniature tractors with different types of farm machines. There is plenty of space, so if you are visiting Cartie Country for the first time and want to try out steering and stepping on the gas before you enter the traffic, we recommend you start your cartie experience here. If you still feel energetic or want to try some other fun in between, there is a small fun-fair with roundabouts, a bouncy castle and a playground. New this year is an obstacle course, which can be a challenge even for the fittest. After the hardships of the obstacle course, why not take a short rest? Rides on the miniature train or a rafting trip across the pond with friends are popular pleasures. Nor do you skip an icecream on a lovely summer's day like this! Five rides in different vehicles, tractors or on the motocross track are included in the entrance fee. Each ride takes about 8-10 minutes, depending on whether it is in Cartie Country, Farming Country or on the motocross track. According to the families who experienced Cartie Country, a visit may take between 3-5 hours. Additional rides may be purchased separately. Included is unlimited access to the playground, bouncy castle, roundabouts, miniature train, rafts and adventure course.
Adresse: Gaxa Skogsgata 7, 380 74 Löttorp
Telefon: +46 (0) 485-203 35

Paradisverkstaden Ceramic Workshop

Paradisverkstaden is a family business that designs and produces ceramics in its workshop and studio on Öland. It all started at Capellagården, Carl Malmsten’s school in Vickleby on Öland. Olof trained as a potter and Eva as a textile artist. After further training and practice in France and Denmark, they started Paradisverkstaden in 1975. From the outset, the design language was unique with its folds, spheres and inward ridges. The origin lied in Olof’s shapes and Eva’s decorations. At an early stage, they also began to take on apprentices interested in further education after various art schools. In the 1980s, they developed the popular series “Blue and Pink Floral” and “Slottskrukan” (Castle Pot). They were named Purveyor to the Court in 1986. Olof turned bird baths, candelabras, and multi-level étagères which Eva decorated in relief. As demand increased, part of the raw goods production was outsourced to potters on Gotland. Production was later moved to a small workshop near Gdansk in Poland, due to a shortage of professional turners over here and good craftsmanship over there. In the 1990s, the colour scale exploded in Eva’s collection “Daring Dots and Stripes”. Olof developed new double-throw techniques, producing forms that Eva painted in gold and platinum. They exhibited at the NK department store and interior design company Svenskt Tenn, and started to participate in exhibitions in Stockholm and Frankfurt. Using fyle clay, they developed the Nature series and the Beach series in white and platinum, as well as a new decorative technique with the Spira (sceptre) dinnerware series. In collaboration with Millesgården, they made their first cast collection called “Seed Pod”, which is still growing and has now become a classic. While Eva continued to produce unique plates and urns with hand-carved reliefs, Hannah Paradis released her first collection of vases and pots in lush shapes and checkered decorations. Moa Paradis developed the Line collection, containing garden products such as hanging bird baths, funnel-shaped pots and the beautiful small candlestick holder “Linje”, which is one of Paradisverkstaden’s best-selling products. In the all-new dinner service “Krasse/Fantasi” (Cress/Fantasy), Eva’s paintwork merges with Hannah’s shapes and Moa’s lines. Both daughters work with design and are responsible for market exposure and production, while Olof designed all the new Paradisverkstaden buildings. The new workshop was inaugurated in 2014. Here you can see the various production stages in pr
Adresse: Snäckstrand 38633 FÄRJESTADEN
Telefon: +46 (0) 485-31624
Åpningstider: 10:00-18:00

Hiking in the World Heritage of Southern Öland

In the unique world heritage there are a lot of hiking trails - longer ones and shorter ones. They are generally easily accessible and gives the opportunity to see unique views. There are a total of eleven trails in the World Heritage of Southern Öland. Below is a list of 11 hiking trails put out in the brochure "Hiking in the World Heritage of Southern Öland", which you can find in our Tourist offices
Telefon: +46 (0) 485-89000

J.A.G.S Museum

Welcome to Gustaf-Jons world of imagination created by characters from fairy tales, myths, history and the Bible.
Adresse: J.A.G.S Museum, 386 64 Degerhamn
Telefon: +46 (0)485-66 40 22

Lighthouse Långe Erik

The lighthouse Långe Erik, located on northern Ölandis is a 32 meter high lighthouse, built of limestone. There are 138 steps to the balcony.
Adresse: Stora grundet, 387 75 Byxelkrok

Ekerum Resort Öland

Ekerum Resort Öland is more than golf. We offer a wide range of activities to our guests, such as paddle tennis, boule, football, running tracks, mountain bikes, yoga, tennis, gym and spa. Perhaps it's the combination of our amazing kitchen, cosy spa and emphasis on having an active lifestyle that make Ekerum one of Sweden’s most complete resorts, nominated as one of Europe’s best arenas? Here you will find a calm and harmonic environment where you can let go of the stress of everyday life and relax. Our spa treatments will do wonders for both body and soul. Choose between Ekerum's spa ritual, book an appointment for a treatment or just relax in the relaxation area. Here you will be able to recharge your energy and recreate balance in life. Our spa has 2-3 treatment rooms with massage and skin therapists, a small gym, a pool and a jacuzzi as well as a sauna.
Adresse: Gårdsvägen 22, Borgholm
Telefon: +46 485 80 000
Åpningstider: 7 am - 6 pm

Borgholms Kök & Bar

WELCOME TO BORGHOLMS KÖK & BAR! Lunch, dinner, happy hour, sports bar and entertainment.
Adresse: Östra Kyrkogatan 11, 387 37 Borgholm

Brukshotellet Degerhamn

Apart from lunch, we also offer food for weddings, birthdays, farewell parties or other special celebrations. We cater for dinner groups of at least 10 persons – book at least one week in advance. Catering. We deliver food to your party – Please call us to order! Please send us a request and we will make you an offer!
Adresse: Degerhamnsvägen 23, 380 65 Degerhamn

Eksgården - Restaurant

The inn is located in the beautifully converted barn and stables, and offers classic Swedish dishes as well as gourmet meals, many of which are based on local produce from Öland. It is a pleasure to spend a sunny summer’s evening in the large garden. We are proud to be recommended in the prestigious White Guide for the third year running!
Åpningstider: Please call +46 (0)485 33450 for information about our opening hours.

Gallery Blå Porten

“Enjoy fine food and drink in combination with art and a beautiful view over the Baltic Sea!”
Adresse: Alby 123, 380 62 Mörbylånga

Gamla Televerket

We have now expanded our business with the opening of a small bistro & wine bar on the ground floor. We put a lot of focus on our wines and offer small and larger dishes from our kitchen. But of course you can also enjoy a beer, long drink or just a cup of coffee!
Adresse: Västra kyrkogatan 20, 387 31 BORGHOLM

Halltorps Gästgiveri

Centrally located on the beautiful island of Öland lies the former state demesne of Halltorps Gästgiveri right on the ridge overlooking the Kalmar Strait. The building has been extensively changed since the days of royal ownership, and today houses a well-reputed hotel and restaurant which are open all year round. Welcome to enjoy exquisite food, a warm atmosphere and personal service.
Adresse: Halltorp, 38700, Borgholm

Hamngrillen i Färjestaden

Hamburgers, grill and ice cream. Open all year around.
Adresse: Södra Hamnplan, Färjestaden

Hotell Borgholm

Food for gourmets. Our restaurant is a meeting place for gourmets from near and far. The meals we serve are a combination of quality, tradition and creativity.
Adresse: Trädgårdsgatan 15-19, 387 31 Borgholm


Our menu offers primarily chicken dishes based on recipes from around the world, but using local produce. Some examples of what may be on offer: Kackel Special, Sörby Jerk, Cape Malay, Gunnar’s Lamb Stew or Öland Chili. You are welcome to have a taste or just cackle a little at the bar.
Adresse: Västra Sörbys bygata 16, 387 92 BORGHOLM

Kalk kök och bar

Welcome to "Kalk" in Löttorp "Kalk" is a restaurant in Löttorp on northen Öland with gourmet burgers as specialty. Besides the restaurant is "Kalk" a nightclub, live music and stand-up comedy. The restaurant is open during the summer (June-August) and the Harvest Festival. During the winter, we try to keep open at least one weekend a month.
Adresse: Marknadsvägen 12 , 380 74, LÖTTORP

Kvarngården in Grönhögen

Well-prepared traditional Swedish dishes with locally-produced ingredients, at reasonable prices, in a pleasant, rural environment.
Adresse: Eketorpsvägen 1, 380 63 Degerhamn

Kårehamns Fisk- & Havskök

The sea’s delicacies on land. You will find our well-assorted fishmongers in the picturesque fishing village of Kårehamn on Northern Öland. Enjoy our delicatessen food on the spot, accompanied by a suitable drink.
Adresse: Kårehamnsvägen 9, 387 96 KÖPINGSVIK

Morell's Restaurant

The Morell Restaurant is open all year around. We serve traditional lunch, have catering, do weddings, celebrations and welcome partys of tourists. The restaurant is situated in Löttorp center. We serve a good and well prepared food for both everyday and festive, for lunch and dinner. Every Thursday we serve homemade "kroppkakor" (potato dumplings
Adresse: Morells Bar & Restaurang AB, 380 74, Löttorp

Restaurant Dockside Strand Hotell

The restaurant is located at Strand Hotel in Borgholm. Come and taste our chef’s gastronomic creations – we serve both Swedish and international dishes – while you enjoy the magnificent sunset over the Kalmar Strait!
Adresse: Villagatan 4, 38788 BORGHOLM

Restaurant Pappa Blå

Outdoor terrace at Borgholm’s best location. We serve a la carte, daily specials and pizza. Fully licensed.
Adresse: Storgatan 3 K, 387 31 BORGHOLM

Restaurant Slottshöjden

Come and eat like a king! Sit down and enjoy the delicious home-made food along with a fantastic view of Borgholm Castle and Borga Hage nature reserve.
Adresse: Sollidenvägen, 38794 BORGHOLM

Restaurant Trädgårdsgatan 26

Restaurateur Jonas Åhman creates dishes using produce from both Öland and further away. His ambition is to offer you an unforgettable evening with good food, drinks and service at his small local restaurant.
Adresse: Trädgårdsgatan 26, 38732 BORGHOLM

Robinson Crusoe

Enjoy good food and a splendid view from Robinson Crusoe’s pleasant restaurant at Borgholm’s marina.
Adresse: Hamnvägen 1, 38730 BORGHOLM

Sandviks Fisk- och hamnkök

At the end of the pier in Sandvik you will find Sandviks Fisk & Hamnkök, a restaurant and fishmongers. We offer both fresh, smoked and cured fish. Our restaurant serves a number of fish dishes, sandwiches and baguettes. As an alternative to fish, the menu also contains dishes such as hamburgers, sausages and pyttipanna (a hodgepodge similar to bubble and squeak). The restaurant is fully licensed.
Adresse: Stenhuggarvägen 18, 387 70 LÖTTORP

Arontorps Kroppkakor och Mat

We serve different types of traditional Swedish dishes for lunch every day. The best kroppkakor (meat-filled potato dumplings) on Öland. We're open every day, all year round! Also at Ölands Köpstad
Adresse: Torslunda 102, 386 96 Färjestaden
Åpningstider: 11-18

Ölands Krögarförening

The association of restaurateurs on Öland has 43 members, with restaurants located from the north to the south of the island. The association strives to promote Swedish food culture in general and Öland’s food culture in particular. Its restaurateurs aim to develop collaboration between members, but also with local food producers, in order to create a well-reputed cuisine on Öland. Focus is also put on extending Öland’s tourist season, and providing information about opening hours during the off-season. The members are offered courses within the culinary field. The collaboration with the hotel and restaurant school on Öland is seen as an important initiative to satisfy future staffing needs in the culinary industry. Please visit one of our association members for an enjoyable culinary experience!
Telefon: +46 (0)485-56 41 75

Ölands Karameller

Old village school turned into a caramel factory/candy store, where you can watch them make caramels the old-fashioned way. There is also a small sugar museum and a cosy café for a nice afternoon fika.
Adresse: Bredsätra 6, Köpingsvik
Telefon: +46 485 751 15

Galleri Blå Porten

Situated in Alby, an authentic Alvar village in southeastern Öland. Outside among the sculptures in the café’s garden, you can still experience the atmosphere of a genuine Alvar village where you might still encounter a herd of cows out on the road. From inside the café there is a view of the Baltic Sea. We serve filling sandwiches and homemade cakes and buns.
Adresse: Alby 123

Gårdby Lanthandel

We can accommodate approx. 70 guests. Both the shop and the café are open every day, all year round. Gårdby Lanthandel dates back to the 1920s. The café offers homemade biscuits, cakes, sandwiches, berry pies, and more.
Adresse: Blomkvists väg 14, Färjestaden
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 10am–4pm

Kaffestugan i Böda

Kaffestugan i Böda ,Café, Bakery, own roasters and shop. The Coffee house offers good cakes, pastries and great sandwiches. The bakery bakes a classic stoneoven baked bread, different kinds of leaven bread, Focaccia, Fruit Bread, Biscotti, crispbread and much more. In the shop you will find new roasted coffee, tea, coffee mills and extensive sortimet of gifts and jams and other delicacies.
Adresse: Kaffestugan i Böda AB, 380 74 LÖTTORP

Kaffestugan at Ismanstorp Borg

Just east of the old fort, among hazels, junipers and oaks, there is a tiny cottage... Kaffestugan serves coffee and tea, soft drinks and buns, sticky chocolate cake with hazelnuts, and sandwiches made from woodstove-baked barley bread. Kaffestugan at Ismanstorps Borg lies in the middle of Mittlandsskogen (the midland forest) between the villages of Långlöt and Högsrum.

Köpingsviks Konditori

We offer sandwiches, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, bread, and rolls. Outdoor seating is available. Köpingsviks Konditori is a small, pleasant café and bakery located in the middle of Köpingsvik.
Adresse: Köpingevägen 22, Köpingsvik
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 8am–6pm

Löttorps Konditori

A traditional bakery and confectionery on Northern Öland which offers all sorts of pastries, cakes, and bread.
Adresse: Stationsvägen 1, Löttorp

Mormors Bageri

From crispbread to sourdough, you will find the most delicious sourdough bread on the shelves at “grandmother’s bakery”. Our standard assortment includes Levain bread from wheat sourdough, Rye sourdough with or without walnuts, Mormors Öland bread from crushed rye and wholesome seeds, and various types of fruit and nut bread. And of course Mormors sourdough baguettes with our own-produced ecological olive oil and salt flakes. Welcome to Mormors Stenugnsbageri and café in Stora Rör.
Adresse: Hamnplan 9, 386 95 FÄRJESTADEN

Stora Rör Hamnkafé

Tasty food in a beautiful environment, with a wonderful view over the Kalmar Strait. Come and try our Öland pizzas and hamburgers, made from local produce.
Adresse: Kolonivägen 2, 386 95 Färjestaden

Södvik Bakery & Café

A former country shop which is now a bakery, café and pizzeria. We produce, among other things, the delicious Ölandslimpan loaf of bread, baked in a stone oven, and our speciality, Södvikslimpan. We can also provide catering for any party you have planned.
Adresse: Gamla vägen 32, 387 70 Löttorp
Telefon: +46 (0) 485-260 02

Vida Café och Bistro

Welcome to our spacious café, located between the museum’s Norra Hallen and Trotzighallen. There is also a roof terrace with views over the Kalmar Strait. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious sandwich, a piece of rose-petal chocolate cake, some sponge-cake, or something from our selection of confectionary made with quality chocolate.
Adresse: Halltorp, 387 21 Borgholm

Café Allé

Amandas Café is located at Allégården in Kastlösa. Season opening at the Easter weekend, from 11.00-18.00. Here you can enjoy a traditional Swedish coffee buffet with seven types of fancy biscuits.
Adresse: Kastlösa Bygata 2, 386 61 Mörbylånga

Störlinge Café

We are located at the Störlinge Lantbruks & Motormuseum. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee with fine biscuits and sandwiches in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
Adresse: Störlinge, 387 93 Borgholm

ÖlandsChoklad - Café

Welcome to a full-flavoured experience! On the square at Färjestaden’s marina, ÖlandsChoklad now has a chocolate shop with a cosy café, which is open all year round. Here you can buy the highest quality coffee, hand-made chocolate and much more. We arrange various types of tastings during the winter season.
Adresse: Södra Hamnplan Färjestaden

Nya Conditoriet

The original 1950s interior creates a cosy, homey atmosphere. All you need to do is take your place in one of the comfortable seats and enjoy our homemade biscuits, cakes, rolls, buns, or sandwiches. Nya Conditoriet is located in central Borgholm.
Adresse: Storgatan 28, Borgholm
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 9am–4pm, Sun 11am–4pm

Byxelkroks GK – Öland’s most northerly course

The course is located in Enerum, known for being a sun-proof place. A nine-hole course which suits both beginners and more experienced players, and is surrounded by meadows and forests with a rich fauna. Accommodation is available at the premises.
Adresse: Per Nils Väg 7, 380 75 Byxelkrok
Telefon: +46 (0)485-280 48

Böda Sands GK – Play golf near sunny beaches

A nine-hole forest course which challenges even the best golfers. Everyone is welcome at Böda Sands GK, even if you do not have a green card.
Adresse: Böda Sand GK, 380 75 Byxelkrok
Telefon: +46(0)485-22200

Ölands GK – Öland’s oldest golf course

The only 18-hole golf course on Northern Öland. A high-quality and environmentally-friendly course, which has been gold-certified and received the Swedish Golf Federation’s environmental certificate.
Adresse: Högby torp 45, 387 71 Löttorp
Telefon: +46 485-272 25

Halltorps GK – A nine-hole park course

This course has a fantastic view over the Kalmar Strait, as it lies right on the ridge sloping down towards the beautiful nature reserve Halltorps Hage. Each green has two flags so you can play towards one flag on the first nine holes, and then towards the other flag during the final nine holes.
Adresse: Ekerum Resort 387 92 Borgholm
Telefon: +46 485 - 80 000

Saxnäs Golf – Öland’s nearest golf course

A park and forest course lined with magnificent large trees and some tough water obstacles. A good variation of long and precision play. Bordering on the Kalmar Strait, Saxnäs golf course offers variation play in beautiful surroundings. Simply a course you will never grow tired of.
Adresse: Saxnäs Golfbana, 386 95 Färjestaden
Telefon: +46 485-35035

Grönhogen Golf Links – A true links course

A challenging course with many water features, a lot of wind and many bunkers. The course was designed by Pierre Fulke, a former golf pro from Småland, who took inspiration from Scottish golf courses. This beautiful course right along the coast is definitely worth a go.
Adresse: Golfvägen 1, 380 65 Degerhamn
Telefon: +46 485-665 995
E-post: info@grönhö

Ekerum Resort Öland

For a long time Ekerum Resort Öland has been one of the top golf courses in Sweden. With two 18-hole courses and one pitch, we can offer golf for everyone from beginners to professionals. Our golf courses are named after the two lighthouses in the north and south part of the island Öland, called Långe Jan and Långe Erik. During the winter of 2014/15 a large scale renovation of Långe Jan was done and the work was announced among Sweden’s golfers as the most exciting project. The course was completely transformed with a new design with sand and dry meadows where plants and flowers typical of the island Öland were planted. The renovation was acknowledged nationally and only one year after the course was finished in the fall of 2015 Långe Jan was nominated in World Golf Awards as Sweden’s Best Golf Course – and has been nominated every year since then. Ekerum Resort Öland won an award for being the World’s Best Eco Friendly Golf Facility in the World Golf Awards 2017 & 2018. Sweden’s golf association announced Ekerum as winners of the nature and environment award in 2017 as well as Sweden’s Best Golf Resort 2017. Långe Erik is characterized as more of a parklike course with beautiful scenery as well as challenging water hazards and white bunkers. We can offer two courses with different characteristics in nature, formation and gameplay.
Adresse: Gårdsvägen 22, Borgholm
Telefon: +46 485 80 000
Åpningstider: 7 am - 6 pm

Sandviks Camping

Welcome to Sandviks Camping, approx 33 km south of Färjestaden. Stay in a quiet, scenic setting right by the Kalmar Strait.
Adresse: Årsvik 102, 38065 Degerhamn
Telefon: 485-723 46
Åpningstider: 1 May to 29 September

First Camp Eriksöre

Eriksöre is a pleasant four-star family campsite, beautifully situated by Kalmarsund, 6 km south of the Öland Bridge.
Adresse: Semestervägen, 38693 Färjestaden
Telefon: 485-394 50
Åpningstider: 20 April to 30 September

Klintagårdens Camping

Family camping in a beautiful natural setting with a wonderful view of Köpingsviken.
Adresse: Klinta Bodars väg 8, 38752 Köpingsvik
Telefon: 485-722 40
Åpningstider: 13 April to 6 October

Löttorps Camping

The lovely northern part of Öland is edged by shallow, sandy beaches with great swimming and nice sunset walks.
Adresse: Kesnäs Fiskarvägen 1, 38074 Löttorp
Telefon: 485-232 70
Åpningstider: 30 April to 16 September

Neptuni Camping

Welcome to Neptuni Camping - a calm, beautifully situated family campsite in central Byxelkrok.
Adresse: Småskogsvägen 2, 38775 Byxelkrok
Telefon: 485-284 95
Åpningstider: 26 April to 25 August

Böda Hamns Camping

Marvellous familu camping located on the northern side of Öland by, near a living fishing-village with fresh and smoked fish, 50 m from the sandy shallow beach with a seperatl dog bath.
Adresse: Bödahamnsvägen 40, 38773 Löttorp
Telefon: 0485-220 43
Åpningstider: 26 April to 30 September

Wikegårds Semesterby

Wikegård's Family Camping. Frönäs 35 km north of Borgholm on the eastern side. Wikegård's Camping is situated by a genuine Öland farmyard from the 1880's, where the houses have been renovated to become service facilities.
Adresse: Frönäsvägen 51, 38074 Löttorp
Telefon: 0485-251 31
Åpningstider: 27 April to 30 September

Bödabaden Camping

Adresse: Landsvägen Norrböda, 38773 Löttorp
Telefon: 0485-220 12
Åpningstider: 1 May to 30 September

KronoCamping Saxnäs/Öland Camping & Stugby

Our central location on Öland is perfect! The campsite's proximity to Alvaret, Färjestaden, Borgholm and the summer city of Kalmar is perfect
Adresse: Södra Saxnäs, 38695 Färjestaden
Telefon: 0485-357 00
Åpningstider: 12 April to 29 September

Ottenby Vandrarhem och Camping

You, who want to spend your holiday in the south of Öland, Sweden, or just need to stay overnight,here you have the most southerly Youth Hostel and campingsite on Öland. You find us about 55 km south of Öland bridge, near Ås church.
Adresse: Ottenby 106, 38664 Degerhamn
Telefon: 0485-66 20 62
Åpningstider: 1 January to 31 December

Stenåsabadets Camping

Beautiful family camping place in natural surounding on south east Öland.
Adresse: Slagerstad, 38662 Mörbylånga
Telefon: 0485-440 78
Åpningstider: 28 March to 3 November

First Camp Ekerum

We have Öland's best location for sun, swimming, and golf.
Adresse: , 38792 Borgholm
Telefon: 0485-56 47 00
Åpningstider: 15 April to 30 September

Haga Park Camping & Stugor

Holiday resort in surroundings of great natural beauty sheltered from the wind.
Adresse: Campingvägen 2, 38062 Mörbylånga
Telefon: 0485-360 30
Åpningstider: 26 April to 30 September

Lundegård Camping & Stugby

Lundegård is one of Öland's biggest campsites with lots of green areas and vegetation. Nice views over Kalmar Sound.
Adresse: Lundegård 6, 38796 Köpingsvik
Telefon: 0485-827 00
Åpningstider: 27 April to 2 September

BRA Sweden (company)

Fly BRA fly from Kalmar to Stockholm Bromma and back every day!
Adresse: Kalmar/Öland Airport

Öland Airports

Fly to Öland with your own aircraft directly to Ölands own airports, Borglanda (Borgholm), Mellanlanda (Sandvik) or Ölanda (Northern Öland).


Apoteket Kronan, Köpmangatan 17, 386 50, Mörbylånga, tel. ‎+46 77 145 04 50. Apoteket Hjorten, Storgatan 14B, 387 31, Borgholm, tel. ‎+46 485 773 51 Apoteket Näktergalen, Ölands Köpstad, 386 31, Färjestaden, tel. ‎+46 485 308 45 ‎