Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Ørebro

Örebro is an attractive city with well-preserved old areas along the river Svartån. The huge Vasa castle may gather the majority of the attention, but besides the historical side, the city has plenty of new exciting architecture, entertainment venues, shops, and cafes. Within a short distance from the city, natural wonders such as Lake Hjälmaren and Kilsbergen, "De Blå Bergen" (the Blue Mountains), provide great outdoor experiences.

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Lillån path

In the northern part of the city winds Lilla Å-promenaden, offering a place to stroll and ride your bicycle. It is approximately four kilometers long and takes you out to the nature reserve Oset-Rynningeviken. Nine sculptures are scattered along the way, as well as an art studio and a permanent illumination display.

Örebro Castle

In the center of the city stands the stately Örebro castle, the gathering point in the city for more than 700 years. Once a simple castle for defense and prison, it was rebuilt as a royal castle during the Vasa era. Today the castle is an open tourist attraction, with tours, exhibitions, a restaurant and a café, as well as the Örebro Läns Museum exhibition during the renovation period of the museum's original building.
Adresse: Kansligatan 1
Telefon: +46 19 21 44 99
Åpningstider: During summer and holidays the castle is open daily, otherwise only during Saturday and Sunday


Wadköping is an open-air museum resembling the overall appearance of Örebro in the past. In the small wooden buildings from the 16th-19th centuries there are crafts shops, exhibitions, antiques and bakeries. Remarkable buildings include Cajsa Warg’s house and Kungstugan from the 16th and 17th centuries and writer Hjalmar Bergman's house.
Adresse: Bertil Waldéns Gata
Åpningstider: May - August: 11:00 - 17:00 daily, September - April: 11:00 - 16:00 Tuesday - Sunday, Eves: 11:00 - 14:00

Örebro Art Gallery, ÖBKHL

Örebro Konsthall displays contemporary art by Swedish and international artists through permanent and temporary exhibitions. More than 200 artworks are located outside the gallery and scattered around the city, an initiative culminating in the biennial Örebro Open Art festival.
Adresse: Olaigatan 17 B
Telefon: +46 19 21 49 00
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Thursday: 12:00 - 18:00, Friday - Sunday: 12:00 - 16:00


Gustavsviks Upplevelsebad is a fantastic experience in a jungle-like environment with Europe’s longest wild water fall, water slopes, aquarium lagoons and a pool area for the youngest visitors. In addition to this, there are solariums, gym, an outdoor pool area and even a fishing pond with trout, a field for soccer and a beach-volley area.
Adresse: Gustavsvik Resorts, Gustavsviksvägen 11
Telefon: +46 19 19 69 00
Åpningstider: Monday - Wednesday: 11:00 - 20:00, Thursday - Sunday: 9:00 - 20:00


In 2005, Stadsparken was ranked the fifth finest park in Europe, while the year before the park was voted the most beautiful park in Sweden. Experience the wonderful flowers and unwind in the restaurant or café at the Stadrädsgård. In the park you will also find Örebro’s largest playground.
Adresse: Stadsparken

Stortorget & St. Nicolai Church

Stortorget is one of Örebro’s most important historical places. This is where St. Nicolai Church, the city main church since the Middle Age, is located. The neo-Gothic town hall is also on the square with its glockenspiel, which in winter houses Sweden’s largest advent calendar.
Adresse: Stortorget
Åpningstider: Daily: 9:00 - 17:00. Closed on Monday


From the 50-meter high platform of the water tower ”Svampen” you have an incredible view of Örebro and Närke, making it to one of the most popular tourist sites in the city. Here you will find a restaurant where to enjoy a good lunch buffet while enjoying the amazing view.
Adresse: Dalbygatan 4
Telefon: +46 19 611 37 35
Åpningstider: Sunday - Tuesday: 10:00 - 18:00, Wednesday - Saturday: 10:00 - 21:00


The cultural reserve Karlslund is a scenic area with a long history and is only five kilometres from Örebro centre. In this idyll you will find beautiful nature, cultural and industrial history, artisans' shops, a garden for children and an old mill hosting an exciting technological museum filled with experiences for the whole family.
Adresse: Diedens Allé, Karlslund
Telefon: +46 19 21 62 20

Hjälmaren and Vinön

The best way to enjoy peaceful Lake Hjälmaren, extending just at the south of Örebro, is from a boat: come along on one of the cruises which start from Örebro harbour. The idyllic Vinön is Hjälmaren’s largest island and a popular destination among the inhabitants of Örebro and tourists. Vägverket’s free ferry will take you there.
Transport: Free ferry from Hampetorp, 35 km southeast of Örebro

Stora Holmen

Stora Holmen in Örebro is an island just for kids. Rent a pedal car and drive around in the miniature town. Run about in the play area or pet the animals. The miniature train leaving from Trollebo Central will take you around the whole island. You can reach the island via bridges, but it’s more fun to take the Wictoria ferry from Stadsparken in the summer.
Adresse: Fredsgatan 39
Telefon: +46 702 905 847
Åpningstider: 30 April - 1 September: 10:00 - 18:00 daily

A Mano

A Mano is a classy Italian restaurant with a taste of Tuscany, located in the small and cosy square Stallbacken. On the menu, you will find high-quality wines and fine dishes made of local and organic ingredients.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 1
Telefon: +46 19 32 33 70
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 6pm–12am

4e Våningen

Newly established Restaurang 4:e våningen has the most unusual location: the fourth floor of Behrn Arena, the home location of the Swedish football team Örebro SK. Enjoy wonderful views over both the arena and Örebro, accompanying exquisite food in Örebro’s only Kravmärkta (ecologically certified) restaurant.
Adresse: Rudbecksgatan 52C
Telefon: +46 19 611 44 70
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 11.30 - 14.30


Serving modern Asian dishes, the chef and his team are always creating new tastes inspired by Asian fusion and, to some extent, Western cooking. The restaurant is located in the city centre and has a beautiful view over the castle.
Adresse: Olaigatan 19
Telefon: +46 19 611 18 40
Åpningstider: Monday - Thursday: 11.00 - 14:00 & 16:00 - 22:00, Friday - Saturday: 16:00 - 22:00, Sunday closed


The waterside restaurant in Katrinelund is surrounded by wonderful nature and has stunning views of Lake Hjälmaren. From 12 till late, the kitchen offers an extensive menu with delicious and harmonious flavours. Take a walk, a swim in the blue, or enjoy a cold beer on the jetty. Even if it takes a 25-minute-ride from Örebro, Katrinelund is well worth the trip.
Adresse: Katrinelund 470, Stora Mellösa
Telefon: +46 19 44 90 60

The Bishop's Arms

A genuinely English pub, The Bishop's Arms is a meeting place for many of the local inhabitants. The pub is renowned for its extensive and exciting range of both beers and whiskies. In addition there is a broad and varied pub menu.
Adresse: Drottningatan 1
Telefon: +46 19 15 69 20
Åpningstider: Monday - Tuesday: 16:00 - 00:00, Wednesday - Thursday: 16:00 - 01:00, Friday: 15:00 - 02:00, Saturday: 13:00 - 02:00, Sunday: 16:00 - 22:00


One of Örebro’s most classic restaurants, set in the medieval vaults of Elite Stora Hotel and with a view over Örebro Castle. The restaurant serves lunch and offers a high quality à la carte menu that includes traditional Swedish dishes and international cuisine.
Adresse: Drottningatan 1
Telefon: +46 19 15 69 60
Åpningstider: Lunch: 11.30 - 01.30 Monday - Friday, À la carte: 18:00 - 00:00 Tuesday - Sunday


Paolo's is a new cafe and restaurant concept that has its roots in the Italian culinary tradition. Here you can find a wide selection of coffee, wine, panini, pastries, pizza etc. Everything served is cooked from carefully selected and top-quality ingredients.
Adresse: Drottningatan 1
Telefon: +46 19 15 69 40
Åpningstider: Monday - Thursday: 11:00 – 22:00, Friday - Saturday: 10:00 – 23:00, Sunday: 11:00 – 22:00

Ingeborgs Restaurang & Café

Ingeborgs Restaurant & Café is a modern and cosy restaurant in central Örebro. The talented kitchen staff prepares the carefully selected local, organic ingredients to creates innovative combinations. Every week there is a new lunch menu with a raw-food option.
Adresse: Engelbrektsgatan 20
Telefon: +46 19 27 27 12
Åpningstider: Monday - Tuesday: 11.30 - 15.30, Wednesday - Thursday: 11.30 - 23:00, Friday: 11.30 - 01:00, Sunday: 12:00 - 01:00


Centrally located café where to get snacks, a lighter lunch or just a coffee. You can choose from the yummy dishes of the menu, like lasagna, pies, baked potatoes and pasta or make your own salad at the salad bar.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 9
Telefon: +46 19 678 32 32
Åpningstider: Monday - Thursday: 07:00 - 21:00, Friday: 07:00 - 19:00, Saturday - Sunday: 08:00 - 18:00

Konditori Vasa

Been in business since 1964, Konditori Vasa is popular with both Örebro locals and visitors. It's one of the city’s classic cafes and pastry shops, delivering all kinds of pastries, sandwiches, bread, and cakes from their own bakery.
Adresse: Vasagatan 15
Telefon: +46 19 611 32 55
Åpningstider: Mon–Fri 6:45am–7pm, Sat 6:45am–5pm

Fröken Brogrens Veranda

Fröken Brogrens veranda is a bright and cosy café that offers freshly baked bread, buns and cakes every day. Here afternoon tea, breakfast and simpler dishes are also served. In the small shop inside the café, you can find nice gifts to bring back home.
Adresse: Jakobsgatan 26
Telefon: +46 19 1847 07
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00, Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 16.00

Naturens Hus

Between Örebro’s two national parks Oset and Rynninegviken, you will find Naturens Hus, a gathering point for nature lovers. It houses Café Naturens Hus: a lovely restaurant with a three-curse menu changing every week and a lunch buffet. The food is fresh and cooked at the moment and the location is just perfect to enjoy a war sunny day.
Adresse: Vattenparken Café, Oljevägen 15
Telefon: +46 19 18 95 50
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 11:00 - 19.00, Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00, Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00

Gamla Örebro

Cosy cafe at Tenngjutaregården, located in an 18th-century farm in Wadköping, Örebro’s open-air museum. There is a large area with tables outside where you can have lunch or a sweet pastry. The dishes served here are inspired by Örebro's culinary tradition, to be enjoyed in a traditional setting.
Adresse: Bertil Waldéns Gata 14
Telefon: +46 700 300 85 40
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–5pm

Svampen Café and Restaurant

Situated in the water- and viewing-tower Svampen, 50 metres above Närkesslätten, is widely appreciated for its lunch buffet, to be enjoyed while admiring the amazing view.
Adresse: Dalbygatan 4
Telefon: +46 19 611 37 35
Åpningstider: Sat–Thu 10am–4pm, Fri 10am–9pm


At Pitcher’s, you will find gourmet burgers, single malt whisky, and good beers. This venue is also great if you want to challenge your friends in bowling, billiards, or shuffleboard.
Adresse: Engelbrektsgatan 8
Telefon: +46 19 25 30 40
Åpningstider: Mon–Wed 2–10pm, Thu 2pm–12am, Fri 2pm–2am, Sat 12pm–2am, Sun 12pm–12am

Frimis Salonger

The classic Free Mason Building from 1884 is one of Örebro’s largest and most popular hangouts. On Saturdays there are "After Dinner" evenings, with a piano bar and a dance floor for a more mature audience. They also host concerts and theme parties: check out their website for the latest events.
Adresse: Frimurareholmen
Telefon: +46 19 14 05 00


Located on the main square in central Örebro, Satin is a vibrant gathering point with good music, a joyful atmosphere, several bars, and a swinging dance floor. During summer, the outdoor seating is a popular spot where to mingle with the locals.
Adresse: Stortorget 14
Telefon: +46 19 12 12 93
Åpningstider: Daily 11am–2am

Villa Strömpis

Only a short distance from the castle, Villa Strömpis is one of the most popular nightclubs in town. There is always something going on, everything from live music and stand-up comedies to theme parties and DJs nights.
Adresse: Slottsparken 1
Telefon: +46 19 25 45 85
Åpningstider: Fri–Sat 5pm–2am

Dance in Brunnsparken

This is Örebro's dance palace with live orchestras, dance programs, and dance courses. The 440 square metre dance floor have visitors from all over Sweden and generally attract a more mature crowd.
Adresse: Brunnsparken 1
Telefon: +46 19 24 40 10

Ritz Nightclub

Ritz is an exclusive nightclub with a generous dance floor, a giant crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a champagne bar on the upper level serving lovely bubbles.
Adresse: Kyrkogatan 2
Telefon: +46 19 10 30 20
Åpningstider: Fri 5pm–2am, Sat 10pm–2am

The Bishop's Arms

A Swedish gastropub chain, The Bishop's Arms is a genuinely English pub and a meeting place for many of the locals as well as visitors. The pub is renowned for its extensive range of beers and whiskies. The outdoor area overlooking the castle is much appreciated by customers in summer.
Adresse: Drottninggatan 1
Telefon: +46 19 15 69 20
Åpningstider: Sun–Thu 4–8pm, Fri 3–8pm, Sat 1–8pm


A well-stocked gift shop selling modern and retro designs, with countless products ranging from toys to kitchen paraphernalia and various trinkets.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 2
Telefon: +46 19 18 77 00
Åpningstider: Monday- Friday: 10:00 - 18:00, Saturday: 10:00 - 15:00, Sunday closed


Located in the city centre, Krämaren is one of Sweden´s oldest galleries. With around 40 shops, you will find everything from clothing, beauty and accessories to interior design, hair-care and sport equipment.
Adresse: Drottningatan 29
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 19:00, Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00, Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00

Oliv & Te

Oliv & Te is a cosy shop selling premium-quality Swedish and international delicatessen. They specialise in olive oil and loose leaf tea, but they also offer coffee, liquorice, spices, chocolate and biscuits.
Adresse: Köpmangatan 15
Telefon: +46 19 10 40 20
Åpningstider: Monday - Wednesday: 11:00 - 18.00, Thursday - Friday: 10:30 - 18:00, Saturday: 10:30 - 15:30, Sunday closed

Tant Grön

Tant Grön is one of the many farm shops around Örebro. Located in Vintrosa, it has a garden, a café, a greenhouse and a lovely shop where visitors can purchase home decor, clothes, flowers or some top-quality Swedish specialties.
Adresse: Fårahagen 320, Vintrosa
Telefon: +46 19 29 48 48
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00, Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00


Debut is a fashion-focused shop located just in the city centre and selling clothing, shoes and jewellery by major Swedish designers.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 10
Telefon: +46 19 12 10 11
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00

Marieberg Galleria

At Marieberg Galleria there are more than 100 shops of the major brands to go shopping in as well as restaurants and cafés. Marieberg Galleria is situated approximately 9 km south of Örebro.
Adresse: Säljarevägen 1
Telefon: +46 19 20 67 90
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 20:00, Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00, Sunday: 11:00 - 18:00


Sweden can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Best Time to Visit

Warm temperatures and long, sunny days make the period from May to September the best time to visit Örebro. In winter, skiing and other winter sports are widely practised.


Örebro Airport, from where charter, national and freight flights operates, is situated 12 km west of Örebro. The journey to city centre of Örebro takes approx. 15 minutes.
Adresse: Örebro Airport
Telefon: +46 19 30 70 30

Public Transport

The city centre of Örebro can easily be explored on foot, however there is a well functioned network of city buses manage by Länstrafiken. City busses departs from Järntorget in central Örebro and from Resecentrum (Travel Center ) at Centralstationen. You can pay your journey by using Länstrafiken Resekort (Travel Card) a debit/credit card or via their app on your smartphone. You can get your travel card and charge it at the customer center at Örebros Resecentrum, from other sales agent like kiosks (Pressbyrån) and supermarkets or on board on one of the buses. Notice that you cannot use cash on the bus.
Adresse: Resecentrum Örebro, Östra Bangatan 1
Telefon: +46 771 55 30 00
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 20:00 Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00


Örebro Taxi +46 19 20 01 20 Örebro Läns Taxi, +46 19 12 43 00 Taxi Kurir, +46 19 12 30 30


You will find postal service points in supermarkets and petrol stations across Örebro, where you can buy stamps and send and receive packets. Stamps can also be bought at smaller newsagents, for example at Pressbyrå stores.


Apoteket Kungsgatan Address: Kungsgatan 11-15 Phone: +46 77 145 04 50 Kronans Apotek at Krämaren Address: Drottninggatan 27 Phone: +46 19 760 42 10 Apoteket Apotek Hjärtat at Olaus Petri Health Center Address: Ribbingsgatan 6-8 Phone: +46 771 405 405


Country code: +46 Area code: 019


230 V, 50 Hz