Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Sundsvall

Sundsvall is the destination for those who want to embellish their holiday in Norrland with shopping and entertainment. Today, this is the home to Norrland’s largest city mall and Birsta Shopping Centre, which is one of Sweden’s largest out-of-town retail centre. Amid the northern nature, and at the heart of everything, you will find, perhaps, one of the country’s most beautiful city centres with rich ornate post-renaissance stone buildings. Raise your eyes towards the beautiful facades and enjoy!

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Stone Town Visitor Center

Welcome to the City Hall and Stone Town Visitor Center with its activities. Try new interactive technologies and explore the even more exciting history of Sundsvall in a playful and unique environment.
Adresse: Stora Torget
Telefon: +46-60-6585800

Staircase of Knaust

In a building from 1891 lies Elite Hotel Knaust with its enrichment history, and for a long time it has been a pride for Sundsvall. Famous for its beautiful marble staircase at the entrance, and the magnificent mirror hall.
Adresse: Storgatan 13
Telefon: +46-60-608 00 00

Norra Berget

Welcome to Norra Berget, a green oasis in Sundsvall and one of the regions´ well-visited excursions. The combination of nature, culture history, cafés, stores, playgrounds, barbecue sites and arrangements attract people all year around. Here you´ll find something for all ages and tastes.
Adresse: Norra Stadsberget
Telefon: +46-60-19 12 00

Roof top tour

Discover Sundsvall from above! Have a close up with the Stone Town on a guided tour.
Adresse: Stora Torget
Telefon: +46-60-658 58 00


The view form Vättaberget is one of the most photographed in Sweden. The near 1 hour drive from the city center is well worth it. During summertime it´s possible to sit down in the café for a cup of coffee and see some of the old houses on site, like a forge. During the winter the ski-slope is open for use.
Adresse: Åsen, Liden

Casino Cosmopol

Casino Cosmopol is the first international casino in Sweden. The old railway station is now a modern casino with all different kinds of games, slots and of course entertainment and events. Here you´ll also find Casiopeija, their price rewarded restaurant with first class food and beverage.
Adresse: Casinoparken 1
Telefon: +46-20-219 219


Kustvägen (The Coast Road) is a 75 km unique road section south of Sundsvall. Take the opportunity to leave the big roads and experience the lovely Swedish coastline. The road will take you through forest and agriculture landscape. You´ll find genuine fishing villages, the Northern Sweden’s longest beach, restaurants & cafés, industrial museums, golf courses, hotels, camping, B & B, a beautiful nature, fishing and more.


Adventure Water Park with something for everyone. Water slides, relax and spa area, waterfalls, bubble pools, saunas, café/restaurant etc. Would you like to try out surfing? Here you´ll have your chance, at Europe´s first Surf stream, and during summer there are also outdoor swimming pools to enjoy.
Adresse: Universitetsallén 13
Telefon: +46-06-19 20 00

Archipelago tour with M/S Medvind

Take the chance to see Sundsvall from the sea side! Archipelago and restaurant boat, with a large sun deck, a cozy dining area, bar and night club area, that takes you on a small cruise along the coast of Sundsvall.
Adresse: Inner harbor
Telefon: +46-60-55 22 90
Åpningstider: May-August

Old church of Alnö

The church from early medieval times, constructed in the late 12th century, is one of the oldest and best preserved in Medelpad. The church had two purposes; a place for worship, and as a defense. Today it´s a popular summer church for baptism and weddings. In close proximity you´ll find Alnö museum of local history.
Adresse: Alnövägen 85
Telefon: +46-60-55 36 50


30 km west of Sundsvall you´ll find one of the last preserved self-subsistent households in Sweden. Between 1779 and 1944 the fields here were farmed by five generations, no roads connecting to the farm. The 22 buildings preserved are listed and the area is a nature reserve.
Adresse: Gudmundstjärn, Indal


Main roads 86 and 87 between Sundsvall and Östersund are called Indalsleden and said to be one of the most beautiful tourist routes in Sweden. The entire route along the Indalsälven valley is an Eldorado of outdoor activities. If you are interested in history, you have many opportunities to stop and see old rural culture, museums, nature information centers and ancient remains.
Telefon: +46 60 658 58 00

Selånger Pilgrim Center

The 17 of June 2018 opened the first stage of the pilgrim center in Selånger. It will be a place where the local history is highlighted, but also a starting point for those who wants to hike or bicycle along the S:t Olav trail. Here you can also stop for a cup of coffee and try some of their delicious coffee cakes.
Adresse: Kungsnäs 158, Sundsvall
Telefon: +46 60 55 28 15

Nolby Högar

Welcome to a meeting place many thousands of years old, which tells a part of the exciting history of Västernorrland. Enjoy the landscape and the views. Traces from previous generations are practically clear here: burial mounds, house foundations, early medieval church ruin, roads and a runestone bear witness to earlier lives. The display at Nolby Högars information site communicates about the areas long history. You can read about how the land uplift has changed the landscape over time and how the place has been used by people for thousands of years.
Adresse: Gamla vägen 10, Kvissleby

Svartvik Industrial Heritage

Svartvik bears the memories from 200 years of northern Swedish industrial history. From wharves to shipyard, from steam saw production to pulp factory. Today Svartvik is a point of interest with displays of its history, park like environment, playgrounds for the children, one of the oldest water towers in Sweden and a skittle alley, where you can try to play just like the old patrons did during the peak of the wooden industry. During summer there are an amount of activates happening here. Guided tours are possible to get all year around. Here you also find the manor of Svartvik with its restaurant, Café Svartvik and an antique store.
Adresse: Svartviksvägen 22, Kvissleby

Galtströms Bruk

Galtström is located at what once was Medelpad´s first, largest and last ironworks, alongside the coast south of Sundsvall. A visit at Galtström is like time travel. In the wonderful environment you can feel the wing beat of history, take a ride with the steam locomotive, just wander in the nature or take a swim in the sea. Here you also find a restaurante, a playground for the children and exciting ruins. During summer SCA offers free guided tours of the ironworks Saturdays and Sundays.
Adresse: Galtström 160, 862 96 Njurunda

Merlo Slott

The Merlo Slott, or Villa Merlo that is the building´s real name, is a grand, fairytale castle-like house in Timrå, built in 1883–1885 as a summer residence for the timber owner and merchant Fredrik Bünsow, at this time one of Sweden’s most powerful business men. The architects were Isak Gustaf Clason and Fritz Eckert. The former is known as the architect behind buildings such as Nordiska museet and Hallwyl House in Stockholm. Today Villa Merlo is the central archive for company SCA (Swedish Cellulose AB). During summer you have the opportunity to go on guided tours and experience the many rooms and halls that still have their former glory preserved. Also, its wonderful garden is well-worth a visit.
Adresse: Merlovägen 10, Timrå
Telefon: +46-60-59 41 60

Flataklocken - The Geographical Midpoint of Sweden

Around 60 km west of Sundsvall you´ll find Flataklocken that in 1947, after different calculations, was decided to be the geographical midpoint of Sweden. This means that if you were to put Sweden on a needle it would be in balance just over the mountain Flataklocken. Now it´s a popular tourist destination with a wonderful 360 ° view over the landscape. Open fireplace areas and a summer café at the top.
Adresse: Flataklocken, Torpshammar


Welcome to Alnö - “The Hawaii of Northern Sweden”, just outside Sundsvall, a volcanic island created 570 million years ago. The island’s bedrock demonstrates this. It contains several minerals found nowhere else in the world, including Alnöit. Around the end of the 19th century, Alnö had around 19 sawmills that were in use at the same time. Today, Alnö is best known as a summer paradise with delightful bays, fishing villages, summer restaurants and marinas.
Adresse: Alnö
Telefon: +46-60-658 58 00


Kulturmagasinet consists of four former harbor warehouses that today hold the Museum of Sundsvall, the city library, Photo museum with one of Europe’s biggest camera collections, café, the archive of Medelpad, activities for children of all ages and of course culture for everyone.
Adresse: Packhusgatan 4
Telefon: +46-60-19 18 00

Bergsåkers Trotting Track

The first race took place in 1932, and now Bergsåker arranges about 50 racing days every year, and is the fourth biggest track in Sweden. The, without hesitation, largest race is Sundsvall Open Trot that takes place at the end of August every year. Except races it takes place a variety of other events at Bergsåker like fairs, markets, exhibitions etc.
Adresse: Travbanevägen 5
Telefon: +46-60-66 96 00

Boda Borg

Boda Borg in Torpshammar is a unique experience for the whole family, a company or a group of friends. No special knowledge or equipment is needed to complete the various team challenges called Quests. Everyone in the team has what it takes to be a hero and to help the team’s progress. Every room has a new Quest with a task for the team to complete.
Adresse: Boda Borg 100, Torpshammar
Telefon: +46 691 122 00

Juniskär Kajak

Paddling a sea kayak is a magnificent experience. In beautiful Juniskär, 15 km south of Sundsvall, the conditions are excellent for less experienced paddlers as the archipelago here usually has calm waters, even when there is a strong wind. On windless days, you can experience exceptional paddling in the bays, out and around the islands and on the open expanses of sea. Stable, high-quality kayaks that are easy to paddle are available for rent. Maps/charts of the area are included and you can get tips on the best places to paddle in the area. It is also possible to paddle with a guide.
Adresse: Juniskär
Telefon: +46 72 233 62 47, +46 70 652 27 81


Perhaps this is on your to-do list? Skydiving is probably one of the craziest things you can do. And of course you can also do it in Sundsvall. You can jump alone, make a tandem jump or take a certificate. Training includes 10 jumps, theory, insurance and equipment. Contact the club for more information.
Adresse: Bänkås flygfält, Alnö
Telefon: +46 730 500 793

Ljungan white-water rafting

Want to feel the water on your face while the rapids thunder beneath you? Then this is perfect if you have never paddled before. You can paddle through 6 sets of rapids with levels of difficulty of 1 to 2 (simple). 12 kilometres of pleasure in which you are guaranteed to experience the natural environment around the river Ljungan in an entirely new way. A guide is available, of course.
Adresse: Ljungan
Telefon: +46 73 049 47 67

Drakstaden Skate park

Drakstaden – Skate park, a meeting point for spontaneous practice of the sports skateboard, Bmx and inlines. Today the business has over 800 active members and the interest is still growing. Drakstaden is located close to Mid Sweden University.
Adresse: Universitetsallén 30, Sundsvall
Telefon: +46 73 354 58 97

Guided fire truck tour

Experience Sundsvall from the fire truck! Two old Volvo fire trucks from 1935 and 1938, named Aron and Ecce, takes the holes family on a fun and educational trip in The Stone Town of Sundsvall. The tours starts from the Main square and tickets can be bought at the tourist office. Note: the tours are mainly guided in Swedish and only conducted during summer.
Adresse: Stora Torget
Telefon: +46 60 658 58 00


The sea, the rivers, the lakes and the ponds are out there waiting for you.Take your favourite fly and waders or hire equipment when you get here. The Tourist Office can provide fishing maps for the entire municipality. More information is also available at:
Adresse: Stora Torget
Telefon: +46 60 658 58 00

Strike Club & Prison Island

Gather your friends, family or colleagues and make ready for a challenging and exciting adventure at Strike Club. Here you find, Bowling, Laser Game, Nascar, Basketball, Arcade games, Prison Island and much more. Also take time and have something to eat at the restaurant.
Adresse: Södra berget
Telefon: +46 60 67 10 60

Roof top tour

A roof top tour is a guided historical experience with a great view. Discover The Stone Town of Sundsvall from above. Take part of the history of Sundsvall, from the foundation of the city, the great fire, the rebuilding of the Stone Town and up until this day. The ordinary tours start in May and continue until mid-September. Read more and take part of the safety regulations on their web page. Contact Aktivera or the Tourist Office for exact dates.
Adresse: Stora Torget, Sundsvall
Telefon: +46 60 658 58 00

Camp Mid Adventure

Camp Mid Adventure is situated in Torpshammar, close to the geographical middle point of Sweden. The camp is located on a pine ridge surrounded by the river Ljungans peaceful water and Ljungandalens high mountains. Here you find activities for both young and old. For example Frisbee golf, high rope course, Zip line, paintball and different kinds of water sports. You can choose to live in one of the cottages, camp or place your caravan here. Welcome to Camp Mid Adventure - The adventure begins now!
Adresse: Rombäck 850, Torpshammar

Brasserie Verket

Brasserie Verket at Scandic Sundsvall City is a warm, rustic brasserie where you can enjoy well-prepared and delicious food in a relaxed environment, inspired by the city's industrial heritage. Their menu offers both traditional dishes as well as barbecue dishes with meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. The food is cooked in an open kitchen and as a guest you are right in the center of the action. New this year is their rotisserie, where all dishes are prepared on long spits in the oven to preserve the flavors in the best way possible. No hassle, nothing less than great ingredients, skillful cooking and delicious food in an environment that welcomes both family and friends.
Adresse: Trädgårdsgatan 31-33
Telefon: +46 60 785 62 07

Dragon House

Dragon house is a well-known Chinese restaurant in Sundsvall that´s been around for almost 20 years. They serve traditional Chinese food, à la carte, lunch- and weekend buffets, all at a good price.
Adresse: Rådhusgatan 34
Telefon: +46 60 17 68 88

Restaurant Opus

A restaurant for all senses. Enjoy first class French Cuisine, with influences of the English kitchen, together with live piano music, wine and good friends.
Adresse: Storgatan 12
Telefon: +46 60-150 800

Restaurant Kung Louie

Lunch- and à la carte restaurant whose specialty is the wood oven baked pizzas. Some evenings you also have the opportunity to listen to live music.
Adresse: Storgatan 33
Telefon: +46 60120 220

Dolcetto Trattoria Italiana

Dolcetto is Sundsvalls own neighborhood tavern, that serves lovely Italian diches made with fresh raw products and a genuine love for the Italian kitchen.
Adresse: Kyrkogatan 8
Telefon: +46 60 61 77 70

At Quality hotel Sundsvalls lobby bar,, you can enjoy good food and lovely music nights. It´s the natural gathering point for hotel guests as well as for the residents of Sundsvall.
Adresse: Esplanaden 29
Telefon: +46 60 16 00 88, +46 60 16 00 80

Invito Ristorante Italiano

An elegant restaurant that combines the Italian kitchen with the tastes of Norrland, At Invito you´ll find a Chambre separée for the smaller groups and wines from its own cellar with the possibility of wine tastings.
Adresse: Storgatan 6-8
Telefon: +46-60-15 39 00

Restaurant APA

At APA, guests receive something that is not so common. Food cooked from scratch. Homemade hamburgers and side dishes. Everything served is authenticity, and cooked with passion and experience.
Adresse: Storgatan 33
Telefon: +46 60 120 220

Restaurant 180°

At this lunch and à la carte restaurant your meal is accompanied by an enchanting view of Sundsvall from the south mountain, Södra Berget.
Adresse: Södra Stadsberget 1
Telefon: +46-60-67 10 00

Restaurang Lörudden

A well-renowned fish restaurant at the fishing village of Lörudden in the south of Sundsvall. A member in the White Guide with recurring events focusing on what the sea can offer.
Adresse: Lörudden 173, Njurunda
Telefon: +46-60-370 98

Chaow Praya River

A Thai restaurant in Sundsvall that will give you the real feeling of Thailand both in surroundings and tastes. À la carte, lunch and take away.
Adresse: Trädgårdsgatan 43
Telefon: +46-60-15 54 57

Innergården 1891

Café, restaurant and bar with an outdoor feeling but indoors. Here you also find Innergården´s own wine bar with a wide range of wines from all over the world.
Adresse: Centralgatan 6
Telefon: +46 60 61 1891

Not tapas, not full plates but somewhat smaller dishes that are served one by one, and with drinks to kill for this is definitely a place worth a visit.
Adresse: Nybrogatan 16
Telefon: +46 60 606 60 60

Pallas Konditori

A cafe of rich history with their own bakery, a large variety of pastries, and cookies. Plus, 1950s music and a retro boutique.
Adresse: Strandgatan 16
Telefon: +46 60 61 10 57

Tant Anci & Fröken Sara

An ecological café and restaurant in the center of Sundsvall city with a lot of options if you´re in need of special diet, like vegetarian and lactose free food. Do you feel like having a coffee there are delicious homemade pastries and ecological ice-cream. All beverages are ecological or locally produced, even the wine and beer. In their small boutique you find the perfect gifts like ecological tea, chocolate and oils.
Adresse: Bankgatan 15
Telefon: +46 60 785 57 00

Stenstans Bageri & Konditori

Cafe and bakery with homemade bread, pastries, and cookies.
Adresse: Trägårdsgatan 22
Telefon: +46 60 17 19 99

Café Charm

Café Charm you can find on 5 different locations in Sundsvall and Birsta City. It's an old fashioned café and bakery with a wide variety of bread, cakes, cookies, sandwiches and sandwich cakes.
Adresse: Storgatan 34
Telefon: +46 60 17 12 80

City Café

1891, 3 years after the big fire of Sundsvall, Mina Nordström started a café in the newly build Hirschska House. She owned the café through a turn of the century and two world wars. In 1967 when a new era had taken over the café it got its name City Café. Today it´s the second oldest café in Sweden full of tradition, personality and charm.
Adresse: Kyrkogatan 18
Telefon: +46 60 61 37 63

Orangeriet / Sundsvalls Stadshus

Welcome into a fantastic environment, in the center of Sundsvalls City Hall, where you find lovely pastries, salads, sandwiches, lighter dishes, coffee and other ecological beverages. Why not sit down with a nice glass of wine or a local produced beer in the inner courtyard, or at the open-air café if the weather allows it.
Adresse: Torggatan
Telefon: +46 60 743 95 00

Waynes Coffee

Welcome to your local favorite café, equal good for a quick cup of coffee as for a classic Swedish fika. At Waynes Coffee you take a stand every time you take a coffee. Enjoy the best ecological variety of foods at the first KRAV-labeled coffee chain in Sweden. Here you always have a good, healthy and ecological coffee (fika).
Adresse: Storgatan 26-40
Telefon: +46 60 12 33 00

Espresso House

The history of Espresso House goes back to 1996 when the first café opened in Lund by Charles and Elisabet Asker. What started as a small café inspired by both the Italian coffee culture and the American coffee tradition, is today the largest coffee shop chain in Scandinavia, with more than 400 coffee shops spread out between the four countries Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. At Espresso House there are more than coffee; sandwiches, salads, pies, yoghurt and more, something for every occasion – breakfast, lunch, snack or on the go. All bread and pastries served is made at their own bakery in Malmö, Sweden – Espresso House Bakery.
Adresse: Storgatan 25
Telefon: +46 76 521 92 90

Aveny &

Aveny is the collective name for the three stages and restaurants under the one and same roof. You have Aveny upstairs, Aveny downstairs and Here you can eat and drink, dance to live music, move to the sounds of great DJ´s, see different artists preform, both new ones and more established artists. Parts of the area you can also hire for private occasions and celebrations. In the same house you also find Filmstaden, the Movie Theater, and Quality hotel Sundsvall.
Adresse: Esplanaden 29
Telefon: +46 60 16 00 00

E Street

At E Street we serve tasty experiences with variety. A new forum for people who appreciate good food, meetings and musical entertainment. All delivered with first class service and a comfortable environment. Whether you like to have a three course dinner, a coffee or just a beer in the bar, this is the place. E Street is also the base for Sundsvalls Jazz club.
Adresse: Esplanaden 14
Telefon: +46 60 890 07 01

Udda Tapas Bar

Spanish and Swedish tapas, the ultimate place for tapas lovers, with drinks to kill for. Later during the evening the music starts and the feeling really sets in.
Adresse: Esplanaden 17
Telefon: +46 73 098 66 07


Stenstan – The Stone Town. In the Stone Town there are over 200 stores, and even though Storgatan (the main street) alone is enough for both one and two days shopping we must make you aware of the crossroads. There you also find different boutiques well worth a small detour.
Adresse: Sundsvall city center

In: Gallerian

The largest city mall of northern Sweden; In: Gallerian, lies in the heart of the beautiful Stone Town and extends for three blocks. These are connected with outdoor passages to allow visitors easy access throughout the facility, without having to go outside. In: Gallerian offers a great variety; one may find not only clothes and shoes, but also electronics and textiles, health and beauty. Besides shopping the mall often hosts different kinds of events, and have restaurants and cafés situated throughout the buildings. Some parts of the restaurants interior still have a late 19th century feeling.
Adresse: Storgatan 26-40

Birsta shopping center

About 8 kilometers north of Sundsvall lay Birsta shopping center, which extends on both sides of the E4. Here you find Ikea and Birsta City with its 90+ boutiques. All round you have more concept stores and DIYs. Here you find everything for your family, leisure time, the home, fashion, electronics, sports, the garden, furniture and building materials. At Birsta you park for free on one of the 2500 parking lots.
Adresse: Gesällvägen 1
Telefon: +46 771 86 20 00

Ido Coffee shop

Even though coffee is not on your shopping list, its well worth to make a stop at Ido coffee shop with its own roasting. A smell of heaven. The store is one of the Stone Towns oldest with 85 years in business. Except coffee they also sell different kinds of tea, coffee beans and other accessories in their lovely gift shop.
Adresse: Nybrogatan 8
Telefon: +46 60 61 49 88

Kent Watch & Jewellery

Kent Watch & Jewellery was established 30 years ago and has always had exclusive brands of watches and jewelry. In the store they also have a watchmaker that can help you with everything from changing the battery to renovate older kinds of watches.
Adresse: Storgatan 15
Telefon: +46 60 15 45 00

Sköna Under

Underwear shop for women that offers a wide selection of different sizes and brands from the smallest A to the largest I. No matter what age, figure or size the professional staff help you find what you´re looking for. They also sell swimwear, robes, sleepwear and bras with different functions like nursing and sports bras.
Adresse: Storgatan 16
Telefon: +46 60 12 44 20

Stöde Form

Stöde Form is a handicraft shop and café with more than 70 craftsman represented in the store. They also do courses in sewing leather, creating with straw, pearl knitting and more.
Adresse: Gyllenvägen 20 E, Stöde
Telefon: +46 691 102 00


Rummet (The Room) at Nyborgatan is more like an entire decoration castle. The store on 1300 square meters has the latest in design, furniture and lighting. They also have a great range of gift articles, fabrics and wallpaper.
Adresse: Nybrogatan 24
Telefon: +46 60 12 57 40

National Day celebration

Here in Sundsvall you can participate in one of Sweden’s biggest National Day celebrations which take place 6th of June every year.
Adresse: Stora Torget

Sundsvall Open Trot

Welcome to the North of Sweden’s biggest sport event! One of Europe’s major trotting arrangements. Sundsvall Open Trot draws the best horses, charioteers and thousands of people every year, to Sundsvall and Bergsåker, one of the country’s four elite tracks with first class trotting.
Adresse: Bergsåkers Travbana, Travbanevägen 5
Telefon: +46 60 66 96 00

Christmas market at Norra Berget

During two days each year in the beginning of December thousands of visitors and hundreds of salesmen experience the genuine Christmas feeling that takes place on Norra Berget. A traditional Christmas market with a lovely mix of activities, food, cheeses, sausages, handicraft, sale of the well-known lovikka mittens and more! Rows of market tables, smell of open fires, Christmas carolers and a visit of Santa Claus himself will really get you into that special Christmas feeling.
Adresse: Norra Berget
Telefon: +46 60 19 12 00

Midsummer celebration at Norra berget

At serval places around Sundsvall you can participate in Midsummer celebrations. The one that draws most people nowadays is the celebrations at Norra Berget. Here you will find activities for children in all ages, food market, folk dance and music. All who wants to helps out with the decorations and the raise of the maypole.
Adresse: Norra Berget
Telefon: +46 60 19 12 00

Sundsvall Pride

Seven days with seminars, entertainment and a lot of fun in combination with some severity. The week ends with a big parade through the city centre.

Sundsvall’s Thai festival

Experience a spice of Thailand in Sweden. The Thai festival in Sundsvall is one of the largest in Scandinavia, with markets, soccer cup, Thai boxing, music, dance, camping and much more.

Sundsvall bjuder

Sundsvall bjuder has become a tradition for both local residents and people from other cities. During some Tuesday nights in July everyone is invited to a concert in the city centre. Different artists every time, but always the same common denominator; no entrance fee, great music and happy people!
Adresse: Stora Torget

Selånger market

Every year Selånger market attract about 100 000 visitors and 300 traders to Bergsåker just outside of Sundsvall. Accept the market you´ll find food courts, a fair, children’s activities entertainment, music and much more. The Selånger market has several times been named to the best market in Sweden.

Folkan Waterfront

Folkan Waterfront is a folk festival at Fagerstranden in Timrå. At a large field a whole festival is built from scratch. Here the greenery and the ocean meet the market, cotton candy, arts, bonfires, barbeques, music, dance floor, good food and much more. Bring the whole family, friends, yes everyone you know for a lovely day by the sea.


Sensommar (Late summer) is a re-occurring event where you´re served up with a cavalcade of different artists and music. Two nights you certainly don’t want to miss.

International Street Market

The "International Street Market" is an award winning event with exhibitors from over 15 countries, selling street food, deli and craft, giving you the opportunity to try a variety of different dishes. The event is held in various cities in Sweden every year.
Adresse: Stora Torget

Dragracing Sättna

Gives you motor sport and cars with speed. These are very popular racings who becomes like large festivals for both audience and races. Since 2014 you can also see drifting races at the track.

The Stone Town days

The Stone Town days are an event where new and old come together in a lovely mix. Experience the Stone Town´s unique culture heritage and take part in music, theater, play, market and lots of fun and educational activities for the whole family.


Be here when all the city lights are turned on. The Christmas decorations are in place and all are switched on in unanimity with beautiful music, entertainment and a common walk from the casino to the Main Square.

Summer music in Galtström

A wonderful summer tradition at Galtström mansion. Come and experience the summer when is at its best, mingle, listen and enjoy the entertainment. Pack a picnic and bring something to sit on.
Adresse: Galtström 117, Njurunda

Medieval times market in Kälen

A genuine handicraft market with traditional Midsummer celebration. At the market you can find everything from roasted almonds and goat cheese to clothes with medieval times feeling and jewelry. Of course will it be dance around the Midsummer pole, tournaments, the Fakir KHAN, pony riding, food, a Medieval times wedding, the possibility to try out archery and much more.

Camp Mid Adventure

Camp Mid Adventure is located in Torpshammar, in the middle of Sweden, about 16 km from Sweden's Geographical Middle point. The camp is situated on a pine ridge surrounded by Ljungan's still river water and Ljungandalens high mountains. Many who come here marvel at the magnificent nature views. There are activities for both young and old. Or what about Frisbee golf, high altitude course, zipline, volleyball, paintball, water sports and more. There is room for much vacation, their camper areas are generously proportioned and all cottages are close to water. Welcome to Camp Mid Adventure - adventure begins now.
Adresse: Rombäck 850, Torpshammar
Telefon: +46 691 305 85

Stöde Camping

At Stöde camping you will find 2 types of cabins for rent, 2 bed or 4 bed cabins, all with lake view. In the cottage area there is a building with the possibility to do dishes, microwave, showers and toilets. There is also a service house for those arriving by caravan. There are showers, toilets, kitchens with cooking facilities and dishes, laundry room with drying cabinet and TV room. Boat and canoe rental is available at the campsite and great fishing opportunities are all close by. Just next to the campsite is Stödehuset with heated swimming pool, gym, sauna and cafeteria, etc. Over all a child friendly campsite.
Adresse: Kälsta 107, Stöde
Telefon: +46 76 881 82 83

Bergeforsparkens Camping & Stugby

A camping with caravan and tent pitches as well as some cottages and villa coaches. There are about 96 places with electricity and about 20 places without electricity, all with a nice location towards Indalsälven. Mini supermarket with a cafeteria, mini golf court, sauna, outdoor pool, kitchen, laundry room and a barbecue cot are available for all campers, also a place with high pressure washing for the ability to wash the car. Only 5 km to Sundsvall-Timrå Airport.
Adresse: Forsvägen 20 A, Sörberge
Telefon: +46 60 51 50 90

Bergafjärdens Camping & Havsbad

Several thousand years ago before the land rising, the big river Ljungan had a different outlet than today. The river poured out in Bergafjärden and created a participant who today is a long and child-friendly sandy beach with hot water that makes the seaside an Eldorado for swimmers, this in combination with the campsite. Here you can have a really lovely and close to nature summer holiday for the whole family as you are close to both the sea and the forest. In addition to cabins of different sizes, there are a variety of caravan sites and tent sites, service houses, restaurant, café, a small shop and adventure mini golf. The campsite is approximately twenty minutes south of Sundsvall, you can easily get here via the E4.
Adresse: Bergafjärden, Njurunda
Telefon: +46 60 345 98
Åpningstider: Maj-sep

Vivstavarvstjärns Camping

Vivstavarvstjärns Camping in Timrå has campsites, cabins and hostels and is beautifully situated in a wooded area near Timrå city center and only 8 km from Birsta shopping mall. The area is scenic around Vivstavarvstjärn with its family-friendly swimming area. The campsite has varied forests and lawns where you can park your caravan or tent. The campsite has 40 pitches and in the reception building you will find a kiosk with a simple café. The service house has a shower, toilet, self-catering kitchen with stove, microwave and possibility to take care of the dinner counter.
Adresse: Vivstavarvstjärnen 1,Timrå
Telefon: +46 60 580 540

Utsiktens Turistgård

Utsiktens turistgård. It is a lovely place with a magnificent view of the river Indalsälven. There are six cottages in total. Each cottage has two bedrooms, each with one bulk bed. The family room has a kitchenette, a dining area and a sofa bed. Each cottage has a toilet and a shower. The big porch faces the river and here you can sit and enjoy the magnificent scenery. The entire place (including the main building) can also be rented. In the main house there is a kitchen and a dining area for 70 people.
Adresse: Sillre 214
Telefon: +46 76 627 15 57 & +46 70 721 34 34

Nordic Camping Sundsvall

5 km south of Sundsvall lays Nordic Camping Sundsvall, a beautiful duplex built campsite right by the sea. There is a bus stop next to the campsite which makes it easy to get to town even if you do not have a car. At the campsite you can choose to stay in a cottage or rent a room. There are also a lot of spaces for caravan / camper and tent. Barbeque area is located on the site, down by the beach, service house with shower / WC, kitchen. Laundry room with washer and dryer can be rented for a smaller amount.
Adresse: Norrstigen 15
Telefon: +46 60 55 44 75
Åpningstider: All year round


Sundsvall Timrå Airport (Midlanda) is located between Sundsvall and Härnösand. A taxi between Sundsvall and the airport costs around 400 SEK.
Telefon: +46 60 658 39 00

Public Transport

City buses are no. 1-5, to/from Navet bus station. Here you can buy and reload your travel card and also get information about routes in our destination, in the city and to/from rural areas. Ordinary price for a one way trip is 24 SEK. You can pay for tickets on the buses with credit or travel card (not cash).
Telefon: +46 771 100 110


Country code: +46 Area code: 060


Sverigetaxi Sundsvall, phone no. +46 60 199 000, Web: Taxi Kurir, phone no. +46 60 150 000, Web: Taxi Drakstaden, phone no. +46 60 123456, Web:


220-240V / 50Hz

Medical care / Hospital

In case of emergency you always call 112. If you´re in need of advice or recommendation you can call 1177, the medical care hotline.
Adresse: Lasarettsvägen 21