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Every year more than a million visitors come here to a area in Kronoberg and Kalmar counties in Småland that includes the municipalities of Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge. Many return time after time. It is easy to understand why. To watch red-hot molten glass being transformed into delicate crystal or sturdy bowls is a spectacle that one never tires of. Here you will find well-known glassworks and brands such as Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Skruf, Mats Jonasson Målerås to name a few. In additon, you can enjoy the nature of Småland in its prime with its forests, lakes, stone walls and many cultural sights. These include Vilhelm Moberg’s emigrant district.
The Kingdom of Crystal

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The Kingdom of Crystal

Micke Johans Konstglas

The newest blowing room in the Kingdom of Crystal, in Örsjö outside Nybro. Mikael Johansson became a master glassblower when he was 24 years old. Until 2004 he worked as a glassblower in the art glass workshop at Orrefors Glassworks. Subsequently he has worked at Pukeberg Glassworks, where he created his own everyday glass and art glass.
Adresse: Örsjö 134 382 90 Örsjö
Telefon: +46 481 12409
The Kingdom of Crystal


Three glass artists Lars Sø, Maja Cunningham and Simon Holm try out new techniques and shapes in their own blowing room. Erikshyttan was established in 1991 in Eriksmåla, one of many small villages in the Kingdom of Crystal. In the first years they only made purely functional glass. Since then they have extended the use of size, colours, various techniques and forms, resulting in a more artistic and sculptural production.
Adresse: Marknadsvägen 3 361 94 Eriksmåla
Telefon: +46 471 41300
The Kingdom of Crystal

Carlos R. Pebaque Design AB

Glass artist Carlos R. Pebaque combines classic swedish style with south american temper and has created a new technique for art glass; "Cara" - a way of painting glass.
Adresse: Glasblåsarvägen 6 380 41 Gullaskruv
Telefon: +46 481 32117
The Kingdom of Crystal

The Glass Factory

The Glass Factory today is Sweden’s only purely experience-based glass museum, and its art glass collection of more than 30,000 articles is the largest in Sweden. Discover the interactive exhibition on the Kingdom of Crystal’s origin, evolution and future. In unique film clips you will meet glass artists and glass workers who talk about the Kingdom of Crystal, glass and its significance. The Boda blowing room located inside The Glass Factory museum is the museum’s hot, pulsating heart! It serves as a creative meeting place to which national and international craftsmen, artists and designers are invited to experiment and find new modes of expression.
Adresse: Storgatan 5, Boda
Telefon: +46 471 24 93 60
The Kingdom of Crystal

Orrefors Park

The furnaces are fired up again in Orrefors! The vision is to create a beautiful and attractive destination where visitors in a sustainable and enjoyable way can become part of Orrefors’ magical past and present through a unique combination of glass, food, light, music and nature. The new glassworks at Orrefors is also the Kingdom of Crystal’s first outdoor blowing room, with walls of green plants in a beautiful, historical glassworks setting. Pay a visit to the museum, look into the shop, view all the plantings, take advantage of the chance to try glass blowing and then wind up with a picnic in a delightful setting!
Adresse: Bruksområdet 1, Orrefors
Telefon: 0046 709 99 60 40
The Kingdom of Crystal

Little Rock Lake Zipline

Via eleven stations made up of towers, trees and cliff ledges, you swish along among the treetops. You soar over pools and ravines. At the highest point you are 32 metres in the air and reach a speed of 70 km an hour. When you pause at the stations, a guide tells you about nature in Kronoparken and Småland wildlife. Travel by zip line is quiet, increasing the odds of seeing elk and roe deer The zip line is suitable for everyone from ages 7 to 80. There are two courses with different degrees of difficulty. The family course is shorter and takes about an hour, while the entire course is 1,550 metres in length, making the adventure last twice as long.
Telefon: +46470 542 900
The Kingdom of Crystal

Try glassblowing at Kosta Glass Centre

Kosta Glass Centre offers hands-on activities for old and young. You can choose to blow a sphere, a drinking glass or a bowl. You then can choose which colour you want the glass to be and whether or not it should have a pattern. When the choices have been made, it’s just a matter of getting started with the production. Together with a glassblower, you will manipulate the molten glass and watch how it takes shape. By the following day, your finished product will have had time to cool and be ready to pick up.
Adresse: Stora vägen 96, Kosta
Telefon: 46 70684 6191
The Kingdom of Crystal

Handmade Paper Mill In Lessebo

Handmade paper has been produced at the Lessebo mill since 1693. Handmade paper is manufactured nearly the same way today as it was 300 years ago. Experience the old art of making paper, visit the gift shop and get a guided tour during the summer.
Adresse: Storgatan 79, Lessebo
Telefon: +46 478-47691
The Kingdom of Crystal


The place inspired Moberg to create The Emigrants novel’s Kristina, for whom he borrowed many attributes from his grandmother. Here you can visit the Rundqvista estate and experience how these parts looked during the 19th century. Café and guided tours during the summer.
Adresse: Duvemåla
Telefon: +46 471-249047
The Kingdom of Crystal

Svartbäcksmåla Recreation Area

A recreation area in Nybro with jogging loops, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, an outdoor gym and a natural playground. In winter the jogging track becomes an excellent cross-country ski trail, and the slalom slope is an uphill training challenge in summer. Throughout the year the Svartbäcksmåla outdoor recreation area is a popular destination for those who enjoy being in nature – to train or to take a leisurely walk. The marked trails create summertime opportunities for hiking and running. There is also an outdoor gym in the area for strength training, and for children there is an awesome adventure park. The nature reserve is an interesting nature and cultural area, with traces from the ice age as well as from tar trenches and charcoal kilns
The Kingdom of Crystal

Stream Fishing Alsterån

Alsterån flows through the deep and green woods of Småland, an idyllic place for fishing in the heart of The Kingdom of Crystal with many opportunities for adventures. At Stream Fishing Alsterån you can fish brown trout in the running waters but also pike, perch, bream, tench and roach.
Adresse: Vidingegården, Älghult
Telefon: +46 481-63366
The Kingdom of Crystal

Ödevata Fishing Camp

Ödevata Fishing Camp is located in beautiful and extremely picturesque surroundings along Lake Ödevaten. It offers opportunities for swimming, fishing in nearby lakes, hiking and wilderness adventures right around the corner. Accommodations in cottages, a youth hostel or B&B also available.
Adresse: Ödevata
Telefon: +46 471-50430
The Kingdom of Crystal

Brasserie 1742

A brasserie-style restaurant housed in the unique Kosta Boda Art Hotel. A seasonal menu with local ingredients is offered here. Brasserie 1742 is a modern interpretation of a brasserie. Innovative cuisine in a rustic setting. The menu is based on locally sourced ingredients, selected according to the season.
Adresse: Stora vägen 75, Kosta
Telefon: 0046 478 348 50
The Kingdom of Crystal

Linnea Art Restaurant

An experience for both eye and palate, with an interior painted and designed by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien and a superbly equipped kitchen, where the work is directed by some of Sweden's best chefs. The food is prepared using local ingredients and inspired by the surroundings and the current season.
Adresse: Stora vägen 75, Kosta
Telefon: 0046 478 348 40
The Kingdom of Crystal

Mickes Vilt Rökeri

In Sävsjöström you find Mickes Vilt Rökeri serving their award winning air dried and cold smoked delicacies in a restaurant that mixes Austrian and Småland cuisine.
Adresse: Sävsjö Skogsbo
Telefon: 0046 829 32 34
The Kingdom of Crystal

Café Hos Oss

Breakfast, morning coffee, lunch or dinner… at Café Hos Oss, everything is cooked and baked with care, primarily using local ingredients and producers. After work events, music quizzes, cheese tastings, jazz evenings and author sessions are just a few examples of the events hosted by the café.
Adresse: Pukebergarnasväg 24, Nybro
Telefon: 0046 481 103 03
The Kingdom of Crystal

The Tea Room

In the forest near Örsjö you will find something unexpected – the ultra-Brittish Tea Room Ällebäck. Enjoy afternoon tea on granny´s sofa with scones, biscuits and cakes while you are transported to a bygone age. The old radio plays hits from the 1940s while stars of the period look down from the walls. The White Guide´s reviewers expressed their appreciation as follows: “The cosy, homey style made us forget the world outside and simply relax.”
Adresse: Ällebäck 125, Örsjö
Telefon: 0046 722 43 08 49
The Kingdom of Crystal

Fenix Confectionery

Visit this fine old confectionery with a real 50’s style located in the centre of Emmaboda. Enjoy classic baked goods and delicious sandwiches. Light lunches are also served. Outside dining is available during the summer.
Adresse: Kyrkogatan 3, Emmaboda
Telefon: +46 471-100 16
Åpningstider: Year round.
The Kingdom of Crystal

Linas Butik & Café

A café and shop in an inspiring environment in Åseda. In addition to the café, there is also a shop with items for all ages. The café serves homemade cakes, sandwiches and light lunches. In the shop section you will find an assortment of furnishings, gifts and local delicacies. Linas Butik & Café is a destination that offers a little extra and has something for everyone.
Adresse: Järnvägsgatan 1, Åseda
Telefon: 0046 709 895 444
The Kingdom of Crystal

Målerås works shop

The shop at Målerås Glassworks showcases the latest from the blowing room one floor above. The characteristic decorative glass, most of which is ground, painted and engraved, stands neatly lined up in rows. Here you will find lots of exquisite crystal articles at factory prices.
Adresse: Industrigatan 20 , 380 42 Målerås
Telefon: 0046 481 314 01
The Kingdom of Crystal

Transjö Glasbod

The surroundings in Transjö can only be described as idyllic. Transjö Glasbod is a converted barn that creates a picture postcard view of Småland and the Kingdom of Crystal, with its red-and-white facade and windows filled with art glass. The store is an exhibition hall in itself, where no two pieces are alike.
Adresse: Transjö , 360 52 Kosta
Telefon: 0046 478 50 700
The Kingdom of Crystal

Nybro bruksbutik

Many of the items in the works shop are painted with a relatively new technique, airbrushing, which also is used to paint cars, among other things. The result is modern, colourful glassware that suits everyone.
Adresse: Herkulesgatan 2, 382 45 Nybro
Telefon: 0046 481 428 81
The Kingdom of Crystal

Kosta Boda shop

In the works area is Kosta Boda’s own shop, where you can find glass products graded as both firsts and seconds. Check out the classic series or look over the latest articles that have been produced. Kosta Boda’s various designers ensure that the shop is filled with wonderfully varied designs, where everyone can find their favourites.
Adresse: Stora vägen 96 , 360 52 Kosta
Telefon: 0046 478 345 32
The Kingdom of Crystal

Mickejohans Konstglas bruksbutik

MickeJohan’s shop is in a converted barn next to the blowing room. It displays decorative glass sculptures, eccentric Graal vases, immense Ariel pieces and beautiful dishes and bowls.
Adresse: Örsjö 134, 382 90 Örsjö
Telefon: 0046 709 22 87 86
The Kingdom of Crystal

Pukeberg bruksbutik

The shop in Pukeberg is located in the same premises as the blowing room. When you pass among the shelves, you can almost feel the heat from the furnaces. Colourful glass predominates, and objects at Pukeberg Glassworks are made in small batches and sold only in the shop.
Adresse: Pukebergarnas väg , 382 34 Nybro
Telefon: 0046 481 169 00
The Kingdom of Crystal

Skruf’s works shop

Skruf’s stylistically pure design idiom permeates the entire shop, with clear glass, clean lines, beauty and functionality at the same time. Timeless products fill the shelves of the oblong shop, and the design sometimes is reminiscent of brands like Svenskt Tenn.
Adresse: Skrufs Glasbruk , 360 53 Skruv
Telefon: 0046 478 201 33
The Kingdom of Crystal

Bergdala Glasbruk

In the small works shop next to the blowing room, you will find all the glass that is blown in the Bergdala Glassworks. The shop offers both the famous glass articles with blue edges and new items.
Adresse: Bergdala
Telefon: 0046 478 1015
The Kingdom of Crystal

Hauges Hantverksglas

The glassworks takes an environmental approach and works primarily on remodelling non-returnable bottles, turning them into utility glassware. Visitors are welcome to the glassworks to watch production and see the exhibition. There is also a large range of first quality and seconds for sale, a gallery with exhibitions by different artists and some cultural events. Don't miss the chance of a course in remodelling glass!
Adresse: Kulltorp Haga, 364 33 Åseda
Telefon: 0046 481 660 29
The Kingdom of Crystal

The Glass Factory Shop

The Glass Factory Shop specialises in glass and glass-related products. The selection is characterised by innovation, creativity and renewal that can be purchased exclusively at The Glass Factory Shop in Boda. Looking for something unique? No problem. This is a place where you will also find studio glass from exciting new artists and more well-known names from the entire Nordic region. In the café section, locally produced speciality foods are sold, and simple dishes are served.
Adresse: Storgatan 5, 360 65 Boda Glasbruk
Telefon: 0046 471 24 93 60
The Kingdom of Crystal

Carlos R Pebaqué Design

Carlos R Pebaqué has created his own technique for art glass; CARA, wich is a way of painting glass during the blowing process. Carlos’ glass can be found throughout the world, and in 2014 he celebrates his 30th anniversary at Gullaskruv. During his years as a glass designer, Carlos R Pebaqué has worked with many different techniques, and after a lot of training he developed his own technique for art glass: the Cara technique.
Adresse: Glasblåsarvägen 6, 380 41 Gullaskruv
Telefon: 0046 481 321 17
The Kingdom of Crystal

Målerås Läder

Visit the factory shop and bargain hunt for locally made leather goods. Målerås Läder AB is a true family firm that has made bags since 1947. They have a large assortment of briefcases, flight bags, women’s handbags, wallets, belts and more. From the shop you can see straight into the manufacturing area and you are welcome to watch how the work progresses.
Adresse: Gröngatan 1
Telefon: 0046 481 312 83
The Kingdom of Crystal

Butik Norregård

Rustic style is in the rule in this renovated barn in the pretty village of Långasjö. Shopping inspiration with hand-picked interior décor, both new and vintage. Anna Örnberg´s Vintage de Lux jewellery is on sale here, and the range now offers clothes too. Finish your visit with coffee on the verandah.
Adresse: Skallebo 125, Långasjö
Telefon: 0046 701 13 87 90
The Kingdom of Crystal

Kosta Boda Art Hotel

Kosta Boda Art Hotel is a hotel exploding in colors, shapes and pleasure. Enjoy a swim in the fantastic indoor pool with an underwater art glass exhibition. Our restaurant is a treat for both eye and palate. Our food philosophy is a classic yet innovative cuisine with seasonal ingredients. Welcome!
Adresse: Stora vägen 75
Telefon: +46 47 83 48 30
The Kingdom of Crystal

Kosta Lodge

Situated by the dam in Kosta lays Kosta Lodge, which offers 26 fully equipped apartments, each with their own patio. The apartments are 35 square meters with six beds in each apartment. Kosta Lodge is an ideal option for those who wish to tend for themselves while staying close to activities and adventure. By summer two pools will offer play and coolness under the summer sun.
Adresse: Stora vägen 2
Telefon: 0046 478 590 530
The Kingdom of Crystal

Grimsnäs Herrgård

The Mansion is situated in a beautiful oak forest in the middle of Småland, The Kingdom of Crystal and Vilhelm Moberg's emigration district. Here you can stay in a rural, scenic and relaxing setting - they have a total of 15 guest rooms. They are organic-certified. The chef serves food and drinks based on organic and local ingredients - You always have to reserve a table if you want dinner!
Adresse: Grimsnäs Herrgård
Telefon: 46 47820400
The Kingdom of Crystal

Ödevata Fishingcamp

Enjoy the calmness! Hostel, Bed and Breakfast or cabins. Live in double rooms or in family rooms. A natural beautiful area with fishing possibilities in several different lakes. Boats and canoes forrent. Fishing equipment for sale.
Adresse: Ödevata 104
Telefon: 46 047150430
The Kingdom of Crystal

Hotell Amigo

Rooms modified for the disabled. Large self-parking area free of charge with room for buses. Fully licensed restaurant, with wild game and fish dishes as a specialty. Cafeteria with home cooking, daily specials, pizzas and à la carte. Indoor pool and sauna.
Adresse: Järnvägsgatan 16, Emmaboda
Telefon: 0046 471 125 50
The Kingdom of Crystal

Villa Nostalgia rooms and hostel

Centrally located in Nybro only 200 m from Nybro Torg and the bus and railway station. The facility consists of 4 rooms with a shared bathroom with shower and WC and an extra WC. In the kitchen you can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, which can be eaten in the communal room or on the patio.
Adresse: Transtorpsvägen 2, 382 33 Nybro
Telefon: 0046 731 511 206
The Kingdom of Crystal

Vidinge Gård

| Vidinge Gård is a guesthouse located in the beautiful countryside close to Älghult. It's the perfect holiday home if you want to enjoy the nature, with forest, lakes and streams, biking and hiking just around the corner. Here you will find 17 bright rooms, with hotelstandard with your own WC/Shower, hostel type rooms with shared WC/Shower and shared kitchen, or your own apartment for couples up to groups.
Adresse: Svartshult
Telefon: +46 0481-63237
The Kingdom of Crystal

Örsjö stugby

njoy peace and relaxation in Örsjö, which is located 15 km from Nybro. Here you will find a holiday village featuring several accommodation opportunities in the form of cosy cottages and flats. There is a playground for the youngest children and also a barbecue site and a fireplace, where you can light a bonfire on summer evenings. Not far from the holiday village is Örsjösjön lake, where you can swim or walk the fine hiking trail that circles the lake.
Adresse: Växjövägen 21, Örsjö
Telefon: 0046 723 24 20 42
The Kingdom of Crystal

Målerås vandrarhem

Since 2003, Annegret and Frank Fender, is running hostel and B&B in Målerås. We have renovated Målerås old railway hotel from 1890 and can offer fresh single, double and multiple rooms. Just beside the main building we offer, as an alternative, Bed & Breakfast in double room apartments. In total we have about 40 beds.
Adresse: Södra Måleråsvägen 37, Målerås
Telefon: 46 48131175
The Kingdom of Crystal

Orrefors Hotel

The hotel is in the centre of Orrefors, in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal. Orrefors Park, with its outdoor glasswork and glass shop, is within comfortable walking distance. At Orrefors Hotell the rooms are a little more distinctive than most. We have allowed the furnishings to reflect the peaceful and light surroundings. And we very much want you to smell the aroma of our nature. Of course, it does not hurt that all rooms have TV.
Adresse: Kantavägen 29, 380 40 Orrefors
Telefon: 0046 481 300 35
The Kingdom of Crystal

Orrefors, STF Hostel

Orrefors holiday village consists of 15 homely cabins with 3, 4 or 6 beds. The cabins lie in a wooded area with innumerable walking trails and only a few metres from the millpond. In the middle of the countryside but still with access to all the facilities needed for an enjoyable relaxing leisure time.
Adresse: Riveberg 104, 38040 Orrefors
Telefon: +46 48130846
The Kingdom of Crystal

Orrefors camping

The Orrefors camping site is located on a large headland (about 6 hectares) in Orranäsasjön lake about 3 km northwest of Orrefors. There are approximately 50 sites with electricity for caravans or motorhomes, some of which are located right next to the lake. In addition, there are two large meadows and a tent site with a total 40 pitches at your disposal.
Adresse: Sjöbo/Tikaskruv Orrefors
Telefon: 0046 481 304 14
The Kingdom of Crystal

Kosta Camping

Within the campsite, you will find a restaurant, a swimming pool, cabins and you have the possibility to buy fishing permits to 5 lakes close at hand. The campsite is located in Kosta and you can reach several glassworks as well as the emigrants region within a 20 minutes driving distance.
Adresse: Storavägen 47, 360 52 Kosta
Telefon: +46 478-505 17
The Kingdom of Crystal

Joelskogens Camping

Here you can live close to nature and in a town at the same time. The campsite is situated by the Linnéa Lake in Nybro. They offer cabins and camping places right by the lake.
Adresse: Grönvägen, 38232 Nybro
Telefon: 46 073-8041962
The Kingdom of Crystal

Gökaskratts Camping

The campsite is situated by Lake Rottnen in Hovmantorp and here you will find a nice beach, a restaurant, wireless Internet, cabins and boats for rent.
Adresse: Bruksallén, 360 51 Hovmantorp
Telefon: 0046 478 408 07
The Kingdom of Crystal

Emmaboda camping

Cosy family camping with 40 electric sites and 5 cottages. Indoor pool with plunge pool, slide and whirlpool bath, beach volleyball, mini golf, BBQ, playgrounds, jogging track. 800 m to town centre. Emmaboda camping is located about 1 km from the municipal seat near Rasslebygd and the Emmaboda Festival.
Adresse: Fritidsvägen, 361 33 Emmaboda