Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Umeå

The town of silver birches does not only offer top-class culture. Some of the very best restaurants in northern Sweden are also found here, and they serve local culinary delicacies with singular precision. Add to that, an exceptional outdoor life, and you will understand why tens of thousands of students feel so at home in Umeå.

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Dog sled

A trip with a dog team, wrapped up in warm blankets under the northern lights, is a superb way of experiencing the countryside of Norrland. Perhaps you’ll encounter an elk or a reindeer? Hedlunda Husky, Granö Beckasin (picture), River Lake Huskies and Aurora Borealis.

Guitars - The museum

Umeå brothers Samuel and Michael Åhdén possess one of the world’s largest privately owned collections of guitars and starting in 2014 the whole world has a chance to see it. You can visit the experience-based, interactive exhibition of electric guitars, basses, amps and music accessories at Umeå Guitar Museum. The museum houses about 500 exhibits altogether. Alongside the exhibition the museum arranges lectures, temporary exhibitions and presentations of new developments. World stars will also visit the museum during the year and hold ‘clinics’ – open guitar lessons.
Adresse: Vasagatan 18-20, Umeå
Telefon: +4690 58090
Åpningstider: Mon - Sat 12pm - 6pm


In recent years it has established itself as one of the country’s leading museums for photography and the visual arts. Painting, sculpture, drawings, graffiti, video and installations, but also photojournalism, design, architecture and the world of scientific images are presented in about 15 exhibitions per year. The museum´s new seven – story building enjoys phenomenal views. Along with its shop and café the museum is by the Umeälven river. Entrance is free.
Adresse: Östra Strandgatan 30 B, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 786 7400
Åpningstider: Tue - Thur 11am - 6pm, Fri 11am - 9pm, Sat - Sun 11am - 6pm

Västerbottens Museum

The basic exhibitions in Västerbotten’s museum deal with the county’s ancient past, its cultural history, the life of settlers and reindeer husbandry. The photographer Sune Jonsson’s fantastic pictures of the agricultural landscape of Norrland are also to be found here. Gammlia is a hive of activity in the summer. Historical buildings have been moved here from various parts of the county, and together with the farm animals and the people living in the cottages who are dressed in keeping with the period, they create an authentic environment.
Adresse: Helena Elisabeths väg 3, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 16 39 00
Åpningstider: Tue - Thur - Fri 10am - 5pm, Wed 10am - 8pm, Sat - Sun 11am - 5pm

Umedalens skulpturpark

Skulpturparken, Sculpture Park, which is located in the former hospital compound in Umedalen, is considered to be one of Europe’s most distinguished sculpture parks and is also one of Västerbottens most visited sites in the summer. More than 150 Swedish and international artists has since the start in 1994 exhibited their works in Umedalen Skulptur, an exhibition that is organized every summer. Today there are also 26 purchased and permanent works in the park. Skulpturparken also has a garden landscape in connection with the IKSU Spa, Umeå’s so-called cultural spa. The garden is created by one of Sweden’s famous landscaping artists, Ulf Nordfjell. Skultpturparken is open to everyone year-round seven days a week.
Adresse: Västra Strandgatan 9, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 144990

Women’s history museum

The Women’s history museum, the only one of its kind in Sweden. To highlight structures and ideas about male and female, the new museum will raise the profiles of women in historiography. It will be a living museum that attracts repeated visits. The Women’s history museum will surprise. It will also twist and turn aspects and perspectives. It is to be a place for action, laughter and debate.
Adresse: Storgatan 46A, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 16 34 98
Åpningstider: Tue - Wed 10am - 5pm, Thur 10am - 7.30pm, Fri 10am - 5pm, Sat - Sun 12pm - 4pm

Älgens Hus (Elk Farm)

Älgens Hus in Bjurholm, 45 minutes from Umeå, gives you the chance to get really close to the king of the forest you might even be able to stroke or feed him? The farm produces elk cheese which it goes without saying is available for purchase. Prebooking wintertime is required.
Adresse: Västernyliden 23, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 32 50000

Ume River Valley

Historical and cultural sights and beautiful scenery along the beautiful river Umeriver Valley. Our rushing waters, verdant forests, astonishing views and masses of attractions offering history, art and culture can be enjoyed on foot, from a bicycle saddle or by car. The whole trail is around 30 km.

Olofsfors ironworks

Olofsfors ironworks is one of Sweden’s most genuine and well-preserved ironworks milieus. Here, the manor house and workmen’s dwellings have been preserved as well as the blast furnace, ironworks forge and ironware workshop. These are available for booked tours all year round. During the summer months the area is opened daily and several artists and craftsmen are at place in their workshops. The old manor is now transformed into a restaurant and the old school building holds a café and a shop.
Adresse: Nordmaling
Telefon: +46 90 30 131 96

Holmön island

Holmöarna is a group of islands of varying sizes. Large land and water areas are nature reserves and bird life is very rich. On Stora Fjäderägg there is even an ornithological station. The island group is famed for its age-old boat-buiding past.
Adresse: Holmön, Umeå


A group of islands with a fascinating history in Västerbotten’s only archipelago, forty kilometres south of Umeå. At the turn of the century this was the location for Europe’s largest steam sawmill. It is now an idyllic place with experiences for all the family. Good food and accommodation in a country estate environment at the Hotel Norrbyskär (see Accommodation). A passenger ferry operating several trips per day during the summer takes you to the island from Norrbyn. Summer activity.
Adresse: Norrbyskär


UmeLagun- Swimming fun for all the family in the outdoor swimming facility Umelagun. Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean temperature in the pools. Here you can enjoy a 25 m exercise pool, along with a family and leisure section with water channels, a children/family lagoon, Jacuzzis, hot tub, water attractions and two water slides.
Telefon: +46 90 16 55 55

Bjurholms golf course

Bjurholms Golfcourse- The 18-hole golf course in Bjurholm is unique. It is rated as one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in Sweden. The open landscape and rolling hills provide strategic challenges and magnificent views in a pleasant environment. The golf course is located in an undulated landscape with some quite steep slopes. A round of golf usually takes about five hours, but it is time well spent.
Adresse: Mariebäck 3,Bjurholm, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 32 10756

Sörfors golf course

Sörfors Golfcourse- The golf course in Sörfors is laid out on arable land and is designed as a typical park. It is an enjoyable and challenging 18 hole course. The club is known for being a family club, where both beginners and the more skilled players are happy. Restaurant with home cooking.
Adresse: Umeå Sörfors Golfklubb
Telefon: +46 90 30475

Umeå golf club

Offers you the possibility to play golf 24 hours a day from noon until noon! With 27 holes we give you the variation of three courses. A fully equipped Pro Shop, two Club Professionals, golf carts, golf range, trolleys, restaurant, bar, all that you require to make your Golf Holiday one to re­member and make friends for life. Located only ten minutes away from the Airport and Umeå City Centre and all it has to offer.
Adresse: Enkan Ramborgs väg 10, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 585 80

Granöbygdens golf club

Granöbygdens Golfclub- Is a 9 hole golf course located in Tegsnäset. In the middle of nature, surrounded by a stress free environment you can combine golf, calmness and silence. Driving range, practice area and access to food and beverages is located on the area. There is also golf equipment available for rent.
Adresse: Tegsnäset, Granö
Telefon: +46 90 33 401 65

Hunger & törst

A visit to "Hunger och Törst" should always be perceived as exciting and varied. In the restaurant's warm atmosphere they want to convey their curiosity and love for the raw material. The raw materials are carefully selected for what they think is best and most exciting at the moment.
Adresse: Strandgatan 15, 903 29 Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 77 10 00

Orangeriet Boule & Bistro

Tasty Mediterranean cuisine in an authentic setting. Take the opportunity and play some Boule.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 71, 90326 Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 12 17 40
Åpningstider: Mon - Thur 11am - 10pm, Fri 11am - 1am, Sat 12pm - 1am


Harriet has been named after the Manager Erica's grandmother, a lovely woman who does not actually wasn't so thrived in front of the fireplace, but better at the dining table and as a hostess for their relatives and friends. Harriet always appreciated good food and good company, preferably in combination with a glass of red or golden beer. In the same way, they want our guests to enjoy their stay at the table at Harriet, the work in front of the fireplace will take our talented chefs care and service are our pleasant dinner service staff.
Adresse: Västra Norrlandsgatan 5, 90327 Umeå
Telefon: +46 90-158050


Artonnittiosju (1897) is a restaurant that has become a natural meeting place for guests of Hotel Mimer and Umeå residents alike. Here, it is not just good food and drink that are important. So that the experience appeals to all our visitors’ senses, equal attention is given to atmosphere and service.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 75
Telefon: +46 90 203 94 80


Angelini Restaurant offers Italian and American cuisine in a fresh and modern environment The restaurant serves everything from classic Italian dishes and American steaks to fresh salads, soups and pizzas. Here you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and smaller meals in the cool lobby bar to the sound of modern music.
Adresse: Rådhusesplanaden 14, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 171485
Åpningstider: Tue - Fri 5pm - 11pm Sat 5pm - 11pm

Rex Brasserie

Neat, mature, and extremely tasty. Rex dining room and bar purchase raw materials from Västerbotten and get inspiration from the world, seasonal and creative. A popular fine restaurant for all occasions and societies.
Adresse: Rådhustorget 1, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 70 60 50
Åpningstider: Mon–Wed 11am–2pm, Thu–Sat 4–8:30pm

Gotthards Krog

This is a new bistro in exciting premises. Its restaurant and bar are popular with Umeå residents and visitors alike. The bistro offers brunch, lunchtime meals, bar snacks while you laze, light refreshments and everything in between. Our cuisine draws inspiration from ports and countries all around the world.
Adresse: Storgatan 46, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 6903300
Åpningstider: Mon - Tue 6.30am - 11pm, Wed - Thur 6.30am - 12am, Fri 6.30am - 1am, Sat 7am - 1am, Sun 7am - 10pm


Köksbaren is a gastrobar, a popular restaurant for anyone who likes to hang out and eat good quality food. Book a table in the dining room or slink in and sit down at the large table in the bar. It should be easy to get to know the taste of the really fine ingredients. Köksbaren puts out extra plates for entrees and snacks so it's possible to try food from each other. Main courses varies with the season. Or why not try grilled meat in a charcoal oven, just like you want it.
Adresse: Rådhusesplanaden 17 C, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 13 56 60
Åpningstider: Mon 11am - 10pm Tue - Thur 11am - 11pm Fri 11am - 12am Sat 12pm - 12am

Bistro Le Garage

Le Garage is a bistro, which means that the food is traditional, plain and honest. You could say it’s ”everyday”, in the best meaning of the word. The basic approach is French, spiced with Swedish influences.
Adresse: Umedalsallén 15, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 316 52
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 11am - 2pm, Wed - Sat 5pm - 10pm, Sun 4pm - 9pm

Resturang Plaza

The glazed-in á la carte restaurant which blends classics from Lapland with international dishes. It has been graded by ”Gastro Botnia” which requires that at least 70 percent of the raw materials come from local producers. Rop is a brasserie where you can eat everything from hamburgers to fajitas and Swedish home cooking. They are both located in the Hotel Scandic Plaza.
Adresse: Storgatan 40
Telefon: +46 90 205 63 00

Restaurang Sjöbris

One of Umeå’s most exciting restaurant environments! The boat was constructed in 1915 and converted into a restaurant in 1999. In the summer blues is played on the rear deck.
Adresse: Kajen 10
Telefon: +46 90 77 71 23


Good value Indian restaurant with grilled dishes from the tandoori oven, chicken, lamb, beef, or king prawns.
Adresse: Järnvägstorget 18, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 12 50 75
Åpningstider: Mon–Thu 11am–10pm, Friday 11am–11pm, Sat Noon–11pm, Sun 3pm–9pm

Gamla Bibliotekscaféet

The cafe is adjacent to Rådhustorget. The owners have been running the café in these premises in nearly 30 years. Yo can come to the cafe to eat breakfast at. 8 as well as for lunch or a coffee. There is a full range of delicious salads, soups, grilled sourdough bread and of course tasty cakes, everything, all day! The cafe is KRAV-certified, actually Umeå only KRAV-certified coffee shop. Welcome!
Adresse: Rådhusesplanaden 6, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 12 25 00
Åpningstider: Mon - Thur 8am - 7pm Fri 8am - 6pm Sat 10am - 6pm Sun 11am - 6pm


Bread, Coffee and Culture from Västerbotten and the world.
Adresse: Storgatan 46, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 690 33 30
Åpningstider: Mon 6.30am - 6pm Tue - Fri 6.30am - 8pm Sat 7am - 6pm Sun 7am - 5pm

Nya Konditoriet (NK)

Classic Swedish cafés of the old style are becoming rarities – but here is a real gem. Nk is situated in one of Umeå’s best preserved wooden buildings from the 1920s which has a listed facade which may not be altered. A 1950s feel pervades the premises which smell of coffee and freshly baked bread.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 57, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 77 14 04

Konditori Mekka

This is an oasis located in central Umeå. The café dates back to the 1950´s and the tradition is to offer fresh bread and pastries from their bakery.
Adresse: Rådhusesplanaden 15, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 77 44 04
Åpningstider: Mon - Thur 7am - 8pm Fri 7am - 6pm Sat 9am - 6pm Sun 10am - 6pm

Lottas Krog & Pub

Lottas is a local restaurant with all kinds of visitors who enjoys weekday as weekend. It is a classical British environment and there is a big supply of bear, wine and whiskey, the personnel has high skills. The food is also something more than just ordinary pubfood!
Adresse: Nygatan 22, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 12 95 51
Åpningstider: Mon 3pm - 11pm Tue 3pm - 12am Wed - Thur 3pm - 1am Fri 2pm - 1am Sat 12pm - 1am

Pipes of Scotland

Pipes of Scotland offers a wide selection of beer and whisky can offer many different dishes from their exciting menu. Pipes is located close to Rådhustorget along Rådhusesplanaden with a pleasant atmosphere with Scottish overtones. Among their range of 17 different beers on draft and 50 bottled varieties. They also offer about 70 different kinds of whiskey. But even if you are not fond of beer and whiskey are also a large assortment of other beverages; with or without alcohol.
Adresse: Västra Norrlandasgatan 17, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 134100
Åpningstider: Mon 5pm - 11pm Tue 5pm - 12am Wed 5pm - 2am Thur 5pm - 1am Fri 4pm - 2am Sat 2pm - 2am


A restaurant with a focus on food and entertainment. There are many reasonably priced buffets to choose from.
Adresse: Storgatan 60, Umeå
Telefon: 090 13 55 88
Åpningstider: Tue - Thur 5pm - 9pm, Fri - Sat 5pm - 2am, Sun 4pm - 7pm

Rådhuskällaren (Rex Umeå)

In the basement of the Umeå Old Town Hall is the pub Rådhuskällaren, where stone walls tell of a bygone era, where modern warm encounter the story of 1900s architecture and a feeling of home makes itself felt in the different environments. In Rådhuskällaren, you can eat and drink. The draught beer is served in 20 or 30 cl glasses, while food is served in a small format and the range is large.
Adresse: Rådhustorget 1, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 70 60 50
Åpningstider: Mon–Wed 11am–2pm, Thu–Sat 4–8:30pm

Antiques & second-hand

Central Umeå offers many possibilities for making those finds of high quality antiques.


Shopping mall along the pedestrian street in central Umeå built in three floors. From McDonald’s that lies at the street level, to Clas Ohlsson at the top floor. Besides them, there are plenty more well-known stores for you to visit at MVG.
Adresse: Kungsgatan 54, Umeå
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 10am - 7pm, Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm

Handicrafts and design

Umeå is truly a crafts and handicrafts city. It boasts many well-known designers and artisans. Visit some of them in their studios, try out various crafts yourself or invest in a work of art!


A mall located in the central of Umeå. Here you will find a nice mixture of fashion, toys, haircare, crafts and interior design.
Adresse: Götgatan 1-3, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 770 332200
Åpningstider: Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm, Sat 10am - 4pm

Strömpilens shopping centre

Beautifully situated on the shore of the Ume River. Here you can find everything from food and fashion to jewelry and interior design.

IKEA and Avion shopping

Welcome to Umeås newest shoppingarea with IKEA open the shopping center Avion shopping. You reach the area quickly and easily with the bus from Vasaplan. There are also plenty of both bicycle parkings and parking for cars.
Adresse: IKEA, 90422 Umeå


Welcome to Utopia, the fabulous shopping center in Umeå! Meet the world under one roof. Northern Swedens hottest city mall has something for all the senses and tastes and with a little extra of everything. We call it Utopia - the place where everything is possible! Here are all the shops needed for an enchanting shopping experience. Leave your everyday life behind and step into another world!
Adresse: Rådhusesplanaden 2A

Passport / Visa

Sweden can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Best Time to Visit

There are extensive skiing opportunities in the region, so those looking to go skiing on their trip to Umeå should best plan their trip for the snowy winter months. The period from May to September tends to be the most pleasant temperature-wise, and and many events take place during the summer months (like the famous Swedish Midsummer celebration in June).


The centre of Umeå is about 4 kilometres from the airport. Airport busses depart from the front of the station building about 10 minutes after arrival from Stockholm. Inquiries about times of the airport bus can also be made at 090-16 22 50. There are taxis waiting outside the station hall on arrival and it takes only 10 minutes to travel to the city centre. If there are no cars there are direct telephones to the taxis between the entrance doors. To book a flight taxi, phone: 020-97 97 97.
Adresse: Flygplatsvägen Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 10 109 50 00

Public Transport

Within Umeå city centre most places are within walking distance. Travel to the different city districts is provided by the local bus service, Ultra. Communications in the county are well developed, a necessity in a region where there are mile after mile of deep forests, rushing rivers and wilderness separating towns and villages from each other. Länstrafiken i Västerbotten is the principal provider of all public bus transport in Västerbotten and its routes run between the villages.
Telefon: +46 90 771 100 110


Taxis in Umeå are reliable and use fare meters. It can sometimes be difficult to find a car on the street, even in the centre. Umeå Taxi Phone: +46 90 77 00 00 Taxi Direkt Phone: +46 90 100100 eco TAXI Phone: +46 90 911 911


ICA Bågen
Adresse: Järnvägstorget, Umeå
Telefon: +46 90 77 02 18


Kronans Droghandel is centrally located at Renmarkstorget 9 and stays open Mon to Fri from 9.30 to 18.00, Sat from 10.00-15.00, Sun closed. The chemists at Norrlands University Hospital is open until 20.00 and is opened on Sundays aswell. For out of hours queries you can phone +46 771 450450, 24 hours a day, for the price of a local call.
Telefon: +46 771 450450


Country code: +46 Area code: 090


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