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Untouched archipelago, fantastic swimming, picturesque town settings and entertainment! Västervik on the east coast of Småland is Sweden at its best. Fantastic Småland nature with leafy, green meadows and grazing cows. A small-town idyll. Then there is Sweden's most beautiful archipelago. It is this mix that makes it so exciting.

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Casimirsborgs Bronsålderscentrum (Bronze Age Centre)

A unique and exciting place to visit with scenes depicting life during the Bronze Age. Both old and young, adults and children, can explore the untouched Bronze Age landscape and gain an insight into what life was like by, among other things, talking to researchers and artisans in various authentic environments and contexts. Casimirsborgs Bronsålderscentrum (Bronze Age Centre) has: A museum with exhibitions about the Bronze Age and the area. A cafe. A shop. A “restaurant” (make your own Bronze Age food on the fire’s embers). Petroglyphs: own hiking (map is in the shop), make your own petroglyphs/graffiti. A market. Courses (at the folk high school): Pictures of the east coast’s Bronze Age – a week-long course about the Bronze Age, how people lived and their customs (advance booking is required). Be an archaeologist for a day – on a treasure hunt around the world (24-hour advance booking is required). Find and document rock carvings – a treasure hunt through the countryside – In pursuit of the Bronze Age (24-hour advance booking is required) – how and what the Bronze Age man hunted, including practical experience (24-hour advance booking is required). Activities: Horse riding (15 minutes). Riding on a horse and carriage between the entrance and the ancient remains. Archery – hit the target on the pretend deer. Casimirsborgs slott (Castle) – guided tour (45 minutes). Bronze Age remnants – guided tour (1 hour). How to find rock carvings – guided tour (1 hour). For the children: Stone maze. Look at our sheep, horses and hens. Build your own Bronze Age village. Adventure track. Combined open-air walking and quiz competition. Shooting with a bow and arrow. Dress up as a Bronze Age man (certain parts of the programme are preliminary and may be subject to change). How to get there From Västervik: drive towards Gränsö and go past the castle ruins and the candle making factory, continue straight ahead towards Segersgärde, approximately 20 km from Västervik. Turn right into the car park when you see the sign for Kasimirsborg. Cross the road and enter Casimirsborg. From Gamleby: drive across the old square towards Lofta, after approximately 2.5 km turn right towards Västervik. After approximately 7.5 km take the left-hand exit into the car park when you see the sign for Kasimirsborg. Cross the road and enter Casimirsborg. Tel. no.:0493-101 07, 0768 43 85 43 E-mail:[email protected] Home [.]
Telefon: +46 493-101 07, +46 768 43 85 43


Smultronboda is a live sheep farm north of Västervik. In the farm shop you will find the award-winning lamb sausages, festive tender loin, cumin pork and many other meat products including cuts of lamb. In addition, cheese, vegetables and eggs are on sale from the district. In Smultronboda they can also smoke your venison. Call us and let us know how we can help you. Smultronboda is participating in "Tourism at home," "A Taste of Tjust" and other events. During the summer, the cafe is also open on certain days and nights. On you will find information about opening hours, special offers, events and more. Tuesday-Sunday from 12-16. On Fridays, the cafe is open in the evening until 19.00.
Adresse: Smultronboda, Stora Björka, Edsbruk
Telefon: +46 493-710 77, +46 70-246 98 22


Take a walk up onto the 80 m high Garpedansberget. Once you are up there, you will find an exciting Sculpture Park in an enchanting natural setting. The Sculpture Park consists of 87 trolls, gnomes and fantasy creatures. You are guaranteed a pleasant family experience with a fantastic view of Gamlebyviken (Gamleby Bay).


Welcome to Naturum in Västervik! The theme is “the sea” and the “archipelago signs”. The themes are demonstrated through permanent and temporary exhibitions, films and exciting activities. Unique to our Naturum is the Water School, where you can explore the underwater world of the archipelago with a mask and snorkel, or waders and a landing net. Read more about our activities on our website.
Adresse: Kulbacken, 593 38 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-211 77

Psykiatriska Museets (the Psychiatric Museum)

Västervik Hospital opened in 1912 due to the great need for hospital beds for the mentally ill. The hospital served as its own society and when it reached its peak there were about 1,400 patients and 900 staff. It was a closed world, which you can now get an insight into at the Psychiatric Museum. The museum is housed in a former ward which has been restored to its original condition. You will receive a guided tour of how the hospital operated when it was in use. There are also photographs available to see from this period. In addition to the regular exhibitions there are several smaller exhibitions organized each year.
Adresse: Gertrudsvik hus 15, Sjöstadsvägen 23, Västervik (f.d Norra Sjukhuset).
Telefon: 0490-865 72

Narrow-gauge railway

Welcome to the Västervik-Hultsfred narrow-gauge railway, a living museum depicting how a country train journey could be undertaken some 40-50 years ago. Every summer steam-hauled vintage trains and diesel units wend their way along the 71 km (44 mile) long line, through forests and round lakes, across wide open spaces and through tight narrow cuttings. Here you will find a unique railway preserved in its entirety, with its stations and small halts, its workshops and p.w. huts, and cottages for the track workers. You can buy tickets on the train or at Västervik´s Tourist Office.
Telefon: 0490-23010, 0495-240505

Wimmerströmska Gården (Wimmerströmska estate)

Wimmerströmska farm was opened to the general public for the first time in the summer of 2001. The house dates back to the 18th century and has an apartment on the upper level, a beautifully preserved home with a large collection of interesting artefacts (6000 different items). The home looks exactly as it did when Stina Wimmerström lived there. Visitors during guided tours will hear the story of this unique woman who during her lifetime collected porcelain, ceramics, clothes, antique furniture, embroideries and art. Book your guided tour. During the summer you can also listen to Visskolan’s students entertain.
Adresse: Brunnsgatan 2, 593 00 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-309 45

Västerviks Museum Unos Torn (Unos tower)

A visit to the Västervik’s Museum will give you new insight into the long history of the Tjust district. You will be able to look at the exhibits, stroll through the scenic park area, take a look at the old cottages or pop your head into the old forge or the quarry. Outside the museum, there is also a collection of peasant boats, known as tjustökor. If you like heights, you might also take the opportunity to enjoy the views of the city from our observation tower.
Adresse: Kulbacken, 593 38 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-211 77

Schooner Linnéa & Vega

Linnéa and Vega were built purely as sailing cargo ships. Until the mid-1960s, the ships still sailed various types of cargo. Now they sail with a cargo of experiences for people who want to try what many have heard of, but few have experienced, namely a ship under sail. Kerstin and Egil Bergstrom bought the Linnéa in 1968 and since the 1970’s they have sailed with various groups, businesses and individuals. Vega was saved from being broken up in 1985 and extensive restoration was carried out until 2008. She now sails short and longer trips along the coastline. Want to be an experience richer? Book a day or weekend trip in the Västervik archipelago on Linnéa! Want to sail for several days and go further, book the Vega! If there are many of you, you can book both ships! Linnéa has a capacity of 45 passengers and Vega can take up to 70 passengers on day trips. For overnight accommodation there are 20 berths on each ship.
Adresse: Loftagatan 5 594 32 GAMLEBY
Telefon: 0493 - 101 74, 070-878 64 92

Eagle and seal safari Idö

Come along with Idö’s activities guide by boat out to the islands in the untouched wilderness. We guarantee that you will have an exciting time when we venture out into the outskirts of the archipelago and meet grey seals which are up to 3 m long and weigh 200-300 kg, or when we encounter the majestic white-tailed eagle which has a wingspan of 250 cm! We ponder the sublime experience of nature with a lunch at sea. During the period between 1 January and 31 August you are not allowed on certain islands and the closest permissible distance to them is 100 m. During this period, we are only allowed to enter areas where the seal and bird preservation area does not apply, but we must always show the greatest respect to animal life. Dress: Warm windproof jacket and casual shoes or rubber boots.
Adresse: Idö, SE-593 93 Västervik
Telefon: +46 (0)490-285 80

Virums älgpark ( Virum elk park)

Come and see elk and deer in their own environment. In beautiful surroundings you can get close to the animals on a safari. Cafe and elk shop at the Elk Lodge (Älglogen ) which also sells tickets. Helen and Kjell Svensson wish you a warm welcome.
Adresse: Virum, Tuna, 598 96 Vimmerby
Telefon: 0492-520 07, 520 24. 070-625 68 16. 070-520 07 68


Guldkant is not just a restaurant, not just a delicatessen, not just a bar and not just a cafe – Guldkant is a mixture of every one of the goodness of these things. At Guldkant you will be able to enjoy a three-course meal, a glass of wine and selected meats and cheeses, meet up with your friends for a drink, relax on comfortable sofas among olive trees, enjoy a creamy cafe latte and purchase meats and cheeses etc., so that you can make your own evening meal.
Adresse: Grönsakstorget 6, Västervik
Telefon: 0490-216 00

Restaurant Smedjan

The restaurant is located next to the sea. Á la carte restaurant that also serves breakfasts and lunches. Smedjan is licensed to sell alcohol. There is room for 70 people indoors and 120 people outdoors.
Adresse: Notholmsvägen 2, VÄSTERVIK
Telefon: 0490-348 00


The restaurant opened in 1995 in an old boathouse. The idea is to provide freshly cooked meals served with a smile; their motto is “We like to serve dishes that we would like to eat”. During a visit to the Smuggler, you can expect to be served seasonal meat and fish. The restaurant is fully licensed and serves dishes that are also suitable for diabetics and people who are gluten intolerant. The food is cooked from scratch, and some of the ingredients come from local producers. The restaurant also offers a catering service. The restaurant can accommodate 68 people and it also has an open-air section for 40 people. .
Adresse: Smugglaregränd 1, 593 30, Västervik
Telefon: 0490 - 213 22

Tindered Restaurant & Café

Best roadside restaurant, according to both ICA Kuriren and Vi Bilägare and run by the "Västervikare" of the year 2009; the restaurant also celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010. Food typical of Småland is served here, classic meals and new specialities - seasonal ingredients taken mainly from their own and other farms in the area. Tindered Lantkök (country kitchen) is renowned for its homemade food and pastries. You can also buy groceries from local food manufacturers in the pantry. The restaurant is decorated in the style of Carl Larsson and can accommodate 170 people indoors and 100 outdoors. In addition to the restaurant and cafe, there is also a picnic area, a kiosk, a Q-star self-serve petrol station, as well as swimming, fishing and rowing in Lake Ommen. Tindered is located next to the E-22, half-way between Stockholm and Öland.
Adresse: E22, 590 98 EDSBRUK
Telefon: 0493 - 700 40

Tättö Havskrog

At Tättö Marine Tavern you can enjoy a good meal with a fantastic view of the sea. The restaurant offers traditional fare, a la carte, freshly baked pastries, coffee and ice cream. It is also fully licensed. For those who wish, catering is also offered in the form of a buffet, savoury sandwich cakes and more. All depending on customer requirements. During the summertime we have entertainment certain nights of the week.
Adresse: Tättö Vägen 50, 590 95 Loftahammar
Telefon: 0493-610 10

Båtsmansgränds kaffestuga

Welcome to a cozy café in Båtmansgränd. Serving traditional Swedish cuisine, lunch specials, waffles, sandwiches and cakes. Licensed for wine and beer
Adresse: Båtmansgränd, Strömsgatan 40, 593 30 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-317 67, 0490-181 11

Café Hasselö Sand

Hasselö Sands is located next door to the small, but extremely well-stocked country store in Handelsboa and is open during the summer. The cafe serves hot and cold dishes and is fully licensed, ice cream and tempting pastries on offer! The menu features among other things smoked fish and homemade potato salad, grilled sandwiches and savouries. Breakfast is also served by reservation. Sit on the patio or in the glass-enclosed pavilion (with seating for 50 people) or take your coffee cup to the beach and enjoy the view over the bay!
Adresse: Hasselö, 593 91 Västervik
Telefon: 0490 – 911 30

Café Tant Grön

Welcome to Tant grön cafe. Here you will find large portions of salads, beautiful shrimp sandwiches (with hand-peeled shrimps on a crispy lettuce base) and tasty home-made sauces made from spices, herbs, rum and other flavours. You can choose to eat your salad in the pleasant glass conservatory or in the beautiful garden. Of course, you can also take your lunch away with you so that you can eat it in your favourite place. Tant Grön is fully licensed.
Adresse: Storgatan 22, 593 30 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-335 30
Åpningstider: Mondag-Fridag kl. 10.00-18.00. Saturday 10.00-15.00

Tofvehults Café

Tofvehult is 25 km south of Västervik. For the past 12 years, home-baked bread, pastries and freshly ground coffee has been served in this pleasant cafe. The cafe is housed in the old tannery which was built in the mid-1800s. The atmosphere is historic and homely. Lena runs the cafe with her husband and bakes every morning. And the selection of cakes and biscuits varies throughout the season. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the leafy garden or inside the cafe where you will be surrounded by artefacts from the time when the buildning was a general store. Everything is nestled in a picturesque setting located between two lakes.
Adresse: Tovehult 3, 590 93 Gunnebo
Telefon: 0490-263 51

Väster om viken

West of the bay (Viken) you will find a wonderful shop where you can enjoy Design & Konsthantverk (design and handicraft work) to the smell of tea and chocolate. A collection of local designers and craftspeople have gathered here and it is a unique store where you can find gifts for all occasions. Meet us in the shop: Glas & Lera (Glass and clay) Textil & Väv (Textile and fabrics) Keramik & Bilder (Ceramics and pictures) Textil i Lin (Textiles made of flax) Keramik (ceramics) Ekologisk Hudvård (Organic skincare) Design i Naturmaterial (Design using nature’s materials) Smide & Textil (Forging and textiles)
Adresse: Storgatan 37, 593 33 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-100 01

Aspagården Keramik & Textil

At Aspagården - Keramik run by Kerstin Sv. Åhlin, you will find hand-pottered utility goods - functional for their intended purpose and which are only too happy to be your friends at home! You’ll also find objets d’art and interior fittings. Everything is unique and all designs are in-house. Aspagården - Textil presents a variety of textile techniques such as felting, weaving, textile printing and sewing. Susanne Larzon, who welcomes you to Aspagården Textil, has considerable experience of expressing herself in the art of textiles and can tell you more about local textile history. For those interested, there are also opportunities for weekend courses in textile printing and felting etc. Aspagården is one of Västervik’s oldest buildings and therefore it is also an interesting place to visit if you want to know more about Västervik in the old days. Kerstin and Susanne at Aspagården likes to guide curious visitors around and inform them of the history of the area.
Adresse: Västra kyrkogatan 9, 593 33 Västervik
Telefon: Keramik 0490-192 71, 073 570 21 59 Textil 070-6386212

Västerviks Museum

A visit to the Västervik’s Museum will give you new insight into the long history of the Tjust district. You will be able to look at the exhibits, stroll through the scenic park area, take a look at the old cottages or pop your head into the old forge or the quarry. Outside the museum, there is also a collection of peasant boats, known as tjustökor. If you like heights, you might also take the opportunity to enjoy the views of the city from our observation tower.
Adresse: Kulbacken, 593 38 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-211 77

Västrum Art Gallery

At Västrum Konstrum you will find a large variety of art at prices to suit every pocket. There is a gallery, an art exhibition centre (with new and old items for sale) and an antique shop. Exhibitions are arranged here with locally and/or nationally renowned contemporary artists. A large stock of quality art, glassware, artefacts from the 20th century, art deco items and articles from the 1950s–1960s are for sale in the servants’ quarters.
Adresse: Skaftet Alphyddan, 590 93 Gunnebo
Telefon: 0490-185 00

Gudinge seaside camping

Gudingebadet’s campsite is a family campsite situated in a picturesque setting by the sea about 15 km from Gamleby. The campsite is child friendly and has a sandy beach and playground, with great potential for good fishing. In addition, you can also rent a boat, play mini golf and beach volleyball. During the high season, freshly baked bread is available every morning.
Adresse: Lofta, Åkerholm, 594 93 Gamleby
Telefon: 0493-670 28
Åpningstider: 1 May-31 August 09:00-21:00. Fullservice 22 June-1 August.

Sea cottages in Blankaholm

Stay just 5 m away from the sea and enjoy the peace and quiet with a view of Blankafjärden. Each cottage has four beds and a cooking area, with showers, toilets and water available in the on-site facilities approx. 60 m from the cottages. You will have access to an outdoor kitchen, barbecue area and your own small kitchen garden.
Adresse: Blankaholm Gästhamn, Blankaholm 590 91 Hjorted
Telefon: 0703-888688, 070-6262105

KustCamp Gamleby

Welcome to KustCamp Gamleby!! Hammarsbadet, a well-managed family campsite with a unique child-friendly lagoon. The campsite is situated by the sea with a sandy beach in a bay protected from algae. There are pleasant terraced pitches in an undulating, scenic setting, pitches that can be booked with 4-8 beds, with a guaranteed lakeside location, large green areas and a play area next to the lake. In the kitchens there are restaurant-standard dishwashers that do the dishes in 3 minutes, for free! Wireless Internet is available throughout the entire campsite (Telia hotspot). If you don’t have Telia you can purchase a surf card at reception.
Adresse: Hammarsvägen 10, 594 32 Gamleby
Telefon: 0493-102 21

Lysingsbadet holiday centre

Lysingsbadet's campsite and holiday camp has lots of delightful areas where you can pitch your tent, caravan or motor home, and for those who book early there are pitches with sea views. For caravan owners, there are several options such as electricity, television and water. Lysingsbadet (holiday camp) offers something for everyone. There are well-equipped, comfortable cabins of all sizes, surrounded by greenery and overlooking the sea. In the area called Timmerbyn the cottages are luxurious and have a sea view. Some even have their own private beach.
Adresse: 593 53 Västervik
Telefon: 0490-25 80 00

Långsjöns camping

This is where you can rent bicycles, a boat or canoes and you will also have the opportunity to do some fishing. In addition, there is a local restaurant as well as a train station providing narrow-gauge services that run between Västervik and Hultsfred throughout the entire peak season. The campsite has 40 pitches and 8 cottages, which can accommodate 2–8 people. PRICES Caravan/motorhome: low season SEK 150/night; high season SEK 190/night. Tents: low season SEK 120/night; high season SEK 150/night. Cottages: low season from SEK 425/night; high season from SEK 575/night.
Adresse: Fagersand 6, 590 90 Ankarsrum
Telefon: 0490-521 40

Risebo Fritid

If you want to enjoy an idyllic and relaxing stay, close to nature, Risebo is an excellent choice. Risebo has 23 cabins of which 14 are open all year round, all with electric heating, shower and WC along with garden furniture. You stay in cabins or in a small crofter’s holding (cottage); the accommodations are self catering, and most are isolated with sea views surround by trees. At Sjöända, there are 8 cabins, 5 of which are of a basic standard which have a wonderful location with sea views and close to areas where you can enjoy a swim; there is also the Klätterberget (a rock face which you can climb) called "Sjöända" along with exellent fishing waters. Most cabins are 4-bed cabins with an extra bed, but Jägarhärbärget [a shelter for hunters], which also has a newly renovated kitchen and dining room, has enough space for 8 people plus an extra bed. Bring your own bed linen. The cottages must be cleaned no later than 11.00 (a.m.) before you leave. (You can order bed linen and we can arrange the cleaning of the cabin at an extra charge). In addition, at Risebo there are 32 lovely campsites, 16 provide electricity, and 16 are without electricity. Price: Caravan SEK 100/day Tents from SEK 60/day Electricity SEK 45/day Cottage/day SEK 250/person, children under 12, SEK 115/person (less than 4 days) Cottage/week from SEK 2840 depending on the standard and season.
Adresse: Risebo Fritid, 594 92 GAMLEBY
Telefon: 0493 -330 46, 0493-330 20

Getting here

Would you like to know how to get around Västervik? Find out how to get here from abroad by plane, where to drive along the most beautiful roads or train departures from your town. Wherever you come from, there are ways and means of getting here. Pack your bags, take your passport and get ready for a holiday with us!
Telefon: +46 490 25 40 40