Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Monastir

Located in north-eastern Tunisia, Monastir is a major tourist resort. With its attractive marina and old fishing port, the city is an excellent base for a beach holiday, offering a wide range of activities such as water sports, fishing, excursions and golf. Whatever the season, you will find an ideal climate to enjoy some of Tunisia’s finest sand beaches and crystalline water, along with a dizzying choice of waterfront hotels and restaurants featuring both international and local cuisine.

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The Ribat

This is probably the main attraction in Monastir and the right place to get a glimpse of ancient Tunisia. The fortress has been used several times as natural décor for international movies. The oldest part is situated around the lookout tower and houses the Museum which features a great collection of ancient Islamic writings, fabrics, pottery, astrolabes and carved roof timber.
Adresse: Ribat, Monastir

Bourguiba Mosque

The beautiful mosque was originally built in 1963. The prayer hall has 86 pink marble pillars holding up the vault. Nearby is the huge Bourguiba Mausoleum with its three domes and the two minarets that mark the entrance of the complex. Bourguiba was the founder of modern Tunisia and its first president.
Adresse: Bourguiba Mosque, Monastir

Islamic Museum

This museum is located in the Ribat and was originally the prayer hall. It presents a varied collection of traditional fabrics and different objects such as coins, jewellery and pottery. It also displays an astro laboratory dated all the way back to year 927.
Adresse: Ribat, Monastir

Lamta Archaeological Museum

This archaeological site presents a unique collection from the Roman period. The museum houses many different treasures and the beautiful mosaic floor has never been moved.
Adresse: Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Lamta
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 09.00-13.00; 16.00-19.00

Cap Marina

This is where you may head first to find out about all the beach sports such as diving, fishing, windsurfing and more. Town Beach is just in front of the Ribat, with lovely crystal clear water. Sauntering along the marina is also very enjoyable especially at sunset.
Adresse: Cap Marina, Monastir

Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires

This small museum gives you insights into the traditional clothing and jewelry of the area. Step in a learn about the people of Monastir through the years. It is located near Bourghiba Mausoleum and adds to a day full of sightseeing.
Adresse: L'Independence, Monastir

Beach Life

Experience outstanding beach life in Monastir and surrounding areas. You can visit La Goulette, which is close to the city Tunis and provides an ideal spot for family holidays at the beach. A day-trip to the island of Djerba will be a beautiful experience with a lot of sun and sand.

Desert Adventure

When in Monastir, you should not miss out on experiencing the desert at its best. The easiest way is to book a tour with a local agency and learn more about the arid area in Tunisia.

Souk Shopping

The best place to go is the souk in the old part of Monastir, open daily, just outside the Ribat’s walls along the boulevard all the way to the cliff top. Here you will find many shops and artisans selling a large selection of carpets, ceramics, silver jewelry, brass and copper, leather work, wall hangings, antiques and funny stuff.
Adresse: Ribat, Monastir

The Captain

This restaurant is specialized in fresh seafood. With one of the best addresses in town, ideally situated in the marina, this is the perfect place to enjoy a dinner with superb views.
Adresse: Cap Marina, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 461 449
Åpningstider: Sat-Thu 11.00-15.00; 18.00-00.00

Cap Grill — Le Grill

Le Grill is every carnivores' delight! The venue has a good location in the marina, and offers well prepared local and international food, though the restaurant is known for its great choice of meat.
Adresse: Cap Marina, Monastir
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 12.00-15.00; 18.00-23.00

El Ferik

Fast and friendly, this is a recommended venue to taste the local dishes (like goat meat!) at very reasonable prices. They also have a good selection of fish. The restaurant lies right on the water and offers its guests a beautiful sea view to accompany their meal.
Adresse: Route de la Courniche, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 462 220
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 12.00-01.30; Sun 12.00-00.00

Le Chandelier

Only a few meters from the waterfront marina you find this pleasant restaurant full of lanterns. It serves both Tunisian and Mediterranean cuisine and makes superb fish and seafood dishes: grilled, baked in sauce, and is also said to have the best grilled meat of the marina! There is also a large choice of pizzas and pastas which makes it a perfect spot for the whole family.
Adresse: Cap Marina, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 462 232
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10.00-02.00; Sun 18.00-02.00

Salsa Posada

At Salsa Posada you can revel in Mexican specialties such as fajitas and burritos and wash it down with refreshing cocktails or a cold beer. The atmosphere is relaxed and the waiters are friendly.
Adresse: Airport Road, Monastir
Telefon: +216 24 130 638
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 12:00-14:30; 18:30-01:00


Craving pizza? Then stop by Soprano and get your doze of cheese. The servings are generous, the prices affordable and the staff impeccable. You won't regret coming here for lunch, dinner or a snack in between a full day of sightseeing.
Adresse: 29 Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 466 646
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 08.00-23.00; Sun 09.00-23.00

Al Hambra

Low-budget travelers will find Monastir a great place for cheap meals. Especially Al Hambra can be recommended for small pockets and great hunger. Step in for lunch or just a quick coffee in the afternoon, you won't be disappointed.
Adresse: Avenue Trimeche, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 465 358

La Baita

At La Baita you will find a piece of Italy in the middle of Monastir. From home-made spaghetti to spicy pizza it offers all you could with for. Order a bottle of wine with your meal and stay for some sweet Tiramisu.
Adresse: Avenue de l'Environnement, Cite E.I. Omrane, Monastir
Telefon: +216 21 508 178
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 11.00-23.00

La Voile

Located in the luxury Thalassa hotel, this restaurant welcomes you with a great selection of international cuisine in an great atmosphere. Grab a lunch at the beach or step in for a meal in the classy dining hall. There is something for everyone on the menu and the friendly staff is always at your side.
Adresse: 75 Route Touristique Skanes B.P., Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 520 520
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 11.30-00.00

Le Pacha

Le Pacha has been around since 1990 and offers you a wide range of Tunisian pastries. Here it is almost guaranteed to get a sugar rush. They also cater to weddings.
Adresse: Avenue des Martyrs, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 463 631
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 06.00-23.00

Le Vivarium

Refined taste, quality service and friendly staff. The atmosphere is very cozy, forged by a hip, welcoming interior. Offerings include spectacular breakfasts, including guests' favorite pancakes.
Adresse: Rue Salem Bchir, Monastir
Telefon: +216 50 609 609
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 09.00-22.00

Cultural Cafe Dar El Habib

A peaceful place with character, Cafe Dar el Habib is a typical Tunisian house transformed into a cultural café, located in the old town, just a few steps away from the Medina of Monastir.
Adresse: Quartier des Tripolitains, Monastir
Telefon: +216 55 568 568
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 07.00-00.00

Friends Coffee

A great place where you can start your day with a refreshing morning frappuccino! Everybody comes to Friends Coffee for its delicious cheesecake, tasty drinks and central location, perfect for taking a break while you're visiting the city.
Adresse: Avenue Taher Ben Achour, Monastir
Telefon: +216 58 570 000
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 08.00-23.00

Bar 51

This bar is located at a pirate ship at the beach of Sahara Beach Hotel. Not only do they have nice tasting drinks but they are accompanied with a lovely view over the ocean.
Adresse: Route Touristique Dkhila, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 521 088
Åpningstider: 10:00 to 00:00

7SKY Nightclub

This club has been around since 1997 and features theme nights and DJ's playing the latest tunes. This place attracts a young crowd so come here for a fun night out with drinking and dancing.
Adresse: Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Monastir
Telefon: +216 26 779 069
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 23.00-04.00

Savana Club

Expect high quality meals with a modern twist from Savana Club in Monastir. Dine in the low-light setting of the beautifully decorated indoors place or take a seat on their outdoor terrace. Try the fish plate, stay for cocktails and check the events calendar — there might be a party on at a later hour.
Adresse: Complexe Safari Zone, Monastir
Telefon: +216 50 404 000

Souk Shopping

The best place to go is the souk in the old part of Monastir, open daily, just outside the Ribat’s walls along the boulevard all the way to the cliff top. Here you will find many shops and artisans selling a large selection of carpets, ceramics, silver jewellery, brass and copper, leather work, wall hangings, antiques and fun stuff.
Adresse: Monastir

Typical Souvenirs

Typical souvenirs are pointed “babouche” slippers and embroidered gowns that can double up as evening wear. The hand carved olive wood items (salad bowls, kitchen articles, vases, lamps) are also popular items and original gifts from the Mediterranean to bring back home!
Adresse: Monastir

Folla Shopping Center

If you don't like haggling and bargaining, step by at the Folla Shopping Center. Here you get everything for fixed prices and can shop in a relaxed atmosphere.
Adresse: Diar El Golf, Zone Touristique Dkhila, Monastir
Telefon: +216 252 930 00

Imagine Espace Créatif

If you want to be inspired, awed and delighted, you must check out this place, right next to the train station of Monastir! Explore this wonderful paradise and try tasty drinks and homemade biscuits! Take a break in its beautiful garden and come to this shop for memorable handcrafted souvenirs, accessories, gifts and crafted objects. Here, you can participate also in workshops and fascinating craft courses.
Adresse: Rue Salem Bchir, Monastir
Telefon: +216 99 569 263
Åpningstider: Wed-Sun 10.00-17.00

Yasmina Center Dorra

Everything you need for yourself or for presents. Yasmina Shopping Center is a huge artisan souvenirs shopping mall where you will find whatever you need: touristy souvenirs, drinks, Tunisian foods, clothing, shoes, leather goods and handcrafted stuff. Moreover, reasonable prices, air conditioned and many floors to explore.
Adresse: Rue Sakka, Monastir
Telefon: +216 73 425 200
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 08.00-20.00

Monastir-Habib Bourguiba Airport

Monastir-Habib Bourguiba Airport is located just 10 km from the city center. You can take a bus and the journey time is approx. 30 minute. Buses leave every hour. If you rather take a a taxi it takes approx. 15 minutes. The price for the taxi starts from TND 30. You can also take the train that passes just outside the airport.
Adresse: Monastir-Habib Bourguiba Airport


For stays of up to 90 days, a visa is not required for citizens of 97 world countries, including all citizens of the European Union (except Cyprus), Untied States, Canada, Australia, Russia, and an extensive number of further states. Citizens of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan may only enter visa-free when travelling as part of an organized tour, upon producing a hotel voucher. For updated information at your planned time of travel, please contact an embassy or consulate closest to you.

Public Transport

There are regular train services to Tunis and Sousse to the north and Mahdia to the south. The railway station is located in the city center, very close to the Ribat. If you want to go to the capital, you can take a train from the station of Monastir to Tunis, which will leave you at the Barcelone station. If you want more information about it, check out the website ( There are also regular bus services to Sousse. The bus station is located near the Medina.

Best Time to Visit

Temperatures in Monastir are always pleasant, but the best months to come here are June and September, when the temperatures aren't too high and average around 29°. The most important festival in the city is the International Festival of Monastir. It takes place in summer in the Ribat of Monastir, with many shows including music, theater and ballet, and a lot of famous international artists making appearances.


Yellow taxis are the best way to explore Monastir although all the main points of interest can be done by foot. You will find them anywhere and it is an efficient and fast way of transport. If you need to make a booking for your way back to the airport, it is better to ask your hotel. The “taxis collectifs” with a blue tag are the best option to explore the region, e.g. a day trip to Sousse. There is no specific schedule; you must go to the Gare Routière to find one. They leave only once they’re full.
Adresse: Gare Routière, Monastir


There are a couple of post offices in the city center. One of the main is Post Office Tunisienne, open from Monday to Friday. All the information below:
Adresse: Avenue de la Republique, Monastir
Telefon: +216 20 079 736
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 08.00-12.00; 14.00-16.30


There are a few pharmacies located in the city center. Pharmacie Saidi Ali and Pharmacie Souani are two of them. To find information on opening hours ask at the hotel. You find the Pharmacie Souani at:
Adresse: Avenue de la Terre, Souani, Monastir


Country Code: +216 Area Code: 73


220 Volts, 50 Hertz