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Dresden was known as both the 'Florence of the North' and the 'Venice of the River Elbe' before World War II destroyed most of this once-magnificent Baroque city. But Dresden has managed to restore much of its former glory. The views from the banks of the Elbe and plentiful architectural delights, such as the rebuilt Frauenkirche or the famous Semper Opera, provide glimpses of what today’s vibrant Dresden once looked like. With 63 percent of its area devoted to woods and green spaces, Dresden is also one of the greenest cities in Europe.

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Reconsecrated 60 years after being destroyed by the Allied bombings, the Baroque sandstone 'Church of our Lady' is a must for any visitor to Dresden. Acting as a reminder of the city’s painful past, its recent transformation and where it is heading in the future. The charred remains of the church were left untouched by East Germany’s communist authorities to serve as a reminder of World War II, but is today yet again the most famous part of Dresden’s skyline.
Adresse: Neumarkt, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 6560 6100
Transport: Altmarkt

Dresden Castle

Constructed in the 16th century and still magnificent today. It's obvious why Dresdner Schloss still attracts tourists from all over the world, having been the residence of kings for over 400 years, and Baroque in style. Today, the castle houses 5 museums which present special literature, paintings, and armoury.
Adresse: Taschenberg 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4914 2000
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm


If you are looking for a night filled with high-quality entertainment, visit the Semperoper, the opera house of Dresden. You will not only be charmed by the performance of the actors, but also by the beautiful Neo-Renaissance style. The opera house even premiered the famous works of Wagner and Strauss.
Adresse: Theaterplatz 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 491 1705
Åpningstider: Box office: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-1pm


Translated to 'The Procession of Princes', this huge mural portrays 93 people, of which 35 are kings, princes and dukes. The mural was created during the late 19th century to celebrate the 800-year anniversary of the Wetting dynasty, and has been a touristic attraction ever since.
Adresse: Augustusstraße, Dresden

Grünes Gewölbe

Be amazed by the collection of gold, gems, silver and so on. The Grünes Gewölbe even has the biggest green diamond in the entire world on display. The Historic Green Vault showcases authentically restored rooms filled with treasures and the New Green Vault displays special exhibits.
Adresse: Taschenberg 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4914 2000
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm

Bundeswehr Military History Museum

The Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr lets you explore the world of military history of Germany. There are over 1.2 million items to be found, including 800 land, air, and sea vehicles, more than 1000 guns and even flamethrowers.
Adresse: Olbrichtplatz 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 823 2803
Åpningstider: Mon 10am-9pm, Tue 10am-6pm, Thu-Sun 10am-6pm

Brühl's Terrace

This beautiful sight has been nicknamed "The Balcony of Europe". It's not hard to see why: Brühlsche Terrasse stretches above the shore of the river, hence the incredible views it offers. There are plenty of cafes, and benches where you can relax and gaze at the view.
Adresse: Georg-Treu-Platz 1, Dresden

Pillnitz Camellia

As a gift to foster political bonds, Kew Gardens London sent one of four highly sought-after Japanese Camellia sprouts (brought to London by a Swedish botanist after a Japan excursion) to Pillnitz, Germany. But, the sprout had a hard time adjusting to the cold central European winters. Today, it is housed in a glass house built on railways that can be moved back and forth to shade the sensitive plant as needed.
Adresse: August-Böckstiegel-Straße 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 2613 260


An ensemble of backyards became a heaven for creative expression in Dresden's Neustadt ("new town"). Each courtyard of the district explores a different theme through various form of art, and the quarter is peppered with small boutiques and galleries. Most eye-catching is the odd-looking cascade of pipes and funnels running down the blue house, which plays music as rain water runs through it.
Adresse: Görlitzer Straße, Dresden


Located in the heart of the Old Town, Zwinger is one of Dresden’s most beautiful, and one of Europe’s most important Baroque buildings. It houses the Old Masters Picture Gallery, an Armoury, Porcelain Collection and a Zoological Museum.
Adresse: Theaterplatz 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4914 2000
Åpningstider: April to October Mon-Sun 6am-10pm / November to December Mon-Sun 6am-8pm / January to March Mon-Sun 6am-8pm
Transport: Postplatz

New Synagogue

Dresden’s new synagogue replaces the one destroyed by the Nazis prior to World War II. It is used by the Jewish community left of the one that used to reside in Dresden before the war.
Adresse: Hasenberg 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 269 1115
Transport: Synagogue


The Albertinum is a magnificent museum built in the late 19th century. It showcases a wealth of sculptures, jewellery and paintings. The museum also hosts several special exhibitions.
Adresse: Tzschirnerplatz 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4914 2000
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm
Transport: Theaterplatz


To get a good impression of how Dresden once used to look, head to Königstraße in the Neustadt Quarter and its rows of beautifully restored 18th-century houses. An abundance of restaurants and elegant boutiques are hidden in the inner courtyards.

Großer Garten

'Dresden's Green Heart', as this public park is known, is located just to the southeast of the city centre and offers both visitors and local Dresdeners a verdant respite from city life. They can be seen rollerblading, strolling or simply lying in the grass and taking in the sun.
Adresse: Hauptallee 10, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 445 6600

Dresden Zoo

Located in the Großer Garten, the Dresden Zoo is home to over 3,000 animals, representing more than 400 species, with special emphasis on Asian animals. Founded in 1861, it is one of Germany's oldest zoos, and remains a great pastime for the whole family.
Adresse: Tiergartenstraße 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 478 060
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 8.30am-6.30pm

Brühlscher Garten

Brühlscher Garten is a beautiful restaurant in the heart of the Old Town. Serving German and regional cuisine either in the restaurant or on the magnificent terrace. Guests can take in the views of historic Dresden.
Adresse: Bruelscher Garten 4, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 481 8901
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 7.30am-10pm
Transport: Synagogue


Lovers of local cuisine truly get their money’s worth at this Saxon-Bohemian beer cellar. The restaurant serves a range of beer and traditional regional dishes made from local produce in a modern atmosphere.
Adresse: Altmarkt 4, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 481 8130
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun Noon-11pm
Transport: Postplatz


This venue is located in one of Dresden’s most beautiful parks, with views of the Carola lake and its fountains. They offer two different restaurants, the Grand Café and the Galerie. In the summer, the splendid food – including German, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine – can be enjoyed at one of the venue’s three terraces, all with magnificent views.
Adresse: Querallee 7, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 250 6000
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight, Sun 10am-6pm

Historisches Fischhaus

Housed in a building dating back to 1573, this cosy restaurant offers traditional German and international food by the fireplace, or in the heath garden on sunny days. Add fine wines, home-baked delights from its wood-burning oven and fresh flowers, and you simply cannot go wrong.
Adresse: Fischhausstraße 14, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 899 100
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri Noon-11pm, Sat-Sun 11am-11pm
Transport: Angelikastrasse


Take a journey into Saxon history with Augustus the Strong and Countess Cosel in the vaults of this show restaurant at the Taschenberg Palace. Enjoying German culinary delights while you're at it.
Adresse: Taschenberg 3, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 497 260
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 11am-1am
Transport: Postplatz

Lila Soße

Who needs plates when you have German Weck jars? Lila Soße had the exact same thought: the restaurant is known for serving its fresh and high quality dishes in jars. Try the homemade Swabian noodles, or the ragout of catfish.
Adresse: Alaunstraße 70, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 803 6723
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 4pm-11.30pm, Sat-Sun Noon-11.30pm


Gourmet food, beautiful location and amazing service. Genuss-Atelier is known for presenting a culinary experience with unusual elements like edible flowers, dishes garnished with flavourful foam and an innovative approach to dining worthy of a gourmet restaurant.
Adresse: Bautzner Straße 149, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 2502 8337
Åpningstider: Wed-Fri 5pm-11pm, Sat-Sun Noon-3.30pm / 5pm-11pm

Estancia Beef Club

If you are looking for the finest Argentinian beef in Dresden, look no further. Estancia Beef Club provides diners with high quality steaks and different cuts of Argentinian beef cooked to perfection. They also serve a variety of fish dishes, soups and salads.
Adresse: Forststraße 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 441 6392
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri Noon-3pm / 5pm-Midnight, Sat 5pm-Midnight, Sun 5pm-10pm

Zum Schießhaus

Authentic German cuisine with a modern touch is what you can expect from Zum Schießhaus. Try the gebackenen Kartoffeln (baked potatoes), Käsesuppe (cheese soup), Knofelbrot (garlic bread) and other German specialities.
Adresse: Am Schießhaus 19, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 484 5990
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 11am-Midnight

Turtle Bay

Get a taste of the Caribbean by visiting Turtle Bay. The entire menu is focused on Caribbean dishes, such as chili calamari, Jamaica jerk chicken, and Montago bay chicken. Finish your meal with a Maracujia fruit tart and your Caribbean experience will be complete!
Adresse: Kleine Brüdergaße, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4861 8827
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 11.30am-Midnight, Fri 11.30am-1.30am, Sat 9.30am-1.30am, Sun 9.30am-Midnight


A restaurant located in a beautiful palace with amazing regional food neatly summarises what Kastenmeiers stands for. The interior is defined by old brick walls, and Kastenmeiers has a few signature dishes, such as scallops wrapped in kataifi, and a loup de mer served with ratatouille.
Adresse: Tzschirnerplatz 3-5 , Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4848 4801
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 4pm-11pm

Palais Bistro

Part of the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski, Palais Bistro is a favourite dining spot for the locals of Dresden. The restaurant main focus is on French cuisine. But you can also easily find German Flammkuchen hidden on the menu if you are looking for local specialities.
Adresse: Taschenberg 3, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 49 120
Åpningstider: All day dining: Fri-Sun Noon-11pm / Lunch: Mon-Thu Noon-2.30pm / Dinner: Mon-Thu 5.30pm-11pm

Tex Mex Santa Fe

Flickering candlelight, salsa music and Tex Mex dishes - that's what the restaurant Santa Fe is all about. The menu lists plenty of choices such as chili con carne, enchiladas, and fajitas. Don't forget to order one of their special cocktails and you are good to go!
Adresse: Gewandhausstraße 3, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 848 8550
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 11.30am-Midnight, Sun 11.30am-11pm


Borowski is located on one of Dresden’s most popular shopping streets, Prager Strasse. This cafe and bar with its cosy terrace and trendy interior is the perfect place for a well-deserved break from the many boutiques and shops. Watch people walk by, surf away on one of the Internet terminals or watch the latest music videos on the venue’s many flat screen monitors. For starving shoppers, there is an extensive selection of Mediterranean food, while those who fancy a tipple can indulge in a wide range of cocktails and other drinks.
Adresse: Prager Straße 8a, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 490 6411
Åpningstider: Sun-Thu 9am-12am, Fri-Sat 9am-1am
Transport: UFA-palast

Café & Restaurant Alte Meister

Located in the Old Town, the cafe offers breathtaking views of the magnificent Semper Opera House. The Alte Meister is the perfect place to relax in-between visiting Dresden’s many historical sights.
Adresse: Theaterplatz 1a, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 481 0426
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun Noon-Midnight
Transport: Postplatz


The Coselpalais cafe is one of the most visited cafes in Dresden's old town. Along with the beautiful view of the historic church you can enjoy delicious gateaux and scrumptious cakes.
Adresse: An der Frauenkirche 12, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 496 2444
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 11am-Midnight, Sat-Sun 10am-Midnight

Kunst Café Antik

When the locals are looking for a traditional warm apple strudel with whipped cream, they visit Kunst Café Antik. This cafe is not only known for their famous apple pastry, but also their homemade Dresdner Quarkkäulchen.
Adresse: An der Frauenkirche 5 , Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 496 5217
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 11am-10.30pm

Cafe Schinkelwache

A classic German coffeehouse. Cafe Schinkelwache offers traditional cakes and stuffed savoury crêpes to its customers. Ranging from the famous Schwarzwälder-Kirsch-Sahneschnitte to a crêpe filled with fine veal stew, the cafe has a huge variety when it comes to German dishes.
Adresse: Am Theaterplatz 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 490 3909
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 10am-Midnight

Kuchen Atelier

At Kuchen Atelier, you are surrounded by cakes wherever you look. Traditional cakes with a modern twist are what makes the cafe beloved by locals. They recommend the Pflaumenkuchen and the Schoko Torte (also known as plum cake and chocolate tart).
Adresse: Ringstraße 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 494 969
Åpningstider: Thu-Sun 1pm-6pm

Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund

This might just be world's prettiest dairy shop, and it's not hard to see why. The tiles of Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder have been hand-painted by Villeroy & Boch and there is even a replica of a historic milk fountain! Gaze in awe whilst enjoying a cheese ball, chocolate milk or even a milk-based liquor.
Adresse: Bautzner Straße 79, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 810 5948
Åpningstider: January-March: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm, April-December: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm


Besides the regular assortment of espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino, they are known for their hot chocolate. They use a variety of concentration percentages for their chocolate drinks. You can, for example, go for a Chocolat de Cru, which consists of 65% cacao, or Xocitto, which is an entire 100% cacao.
Adresse: Körnerplatz 13, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 263 1655
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 1pm-5pm


Vintage chairs, old tables and a homey feeling is what you experience once you step foot in Wohnzimmer. The English translation of the cafe's name is "living room", hence the design and decor. Order a cup of tea and settle in for a warm, cosy time.
Adresse: Jordanstraße 27, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 563 5956
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 2.30pm-1am, Sat 1pm-2am, Sun 1pm-Midnight


Schokoladenbar is every chocoholic's dream-come-true. Their speciality is artisan hot chocolate: a glass with a piece of cake in it, cherries on top, hot chocolate poured on top, and voila - the most scrumptious hot chocolate ever.
Adresse: Alaunstraße 68, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 448 3832
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 1pm, Fri-Sun 11am


Described as the ‘Bavarian Embassy in Dresden,’ Paulaner’s serves excellent beers and classic Bavarian food in comfortable surroundings right in the cultural heart of Dresden, offering stunning views of the Castle and the Semper Opera from its romantic beer garden. It is a popular place to meet before or after the opera, though the bar also fills up with party-hungry cocktail lovers at night.
Adresse: Taschenberg 3, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 496 0174
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 11am-1am
Transport: Postplatz/Theaterplatz

Red Rooster

One of Dresden’s oldest pubs, The Red Rooster offers a friendly atmosphere, great Irish food, and an incredible selection of drinks, more than 100 Scottish single malt whiskeys, a wide range of international beers and the best of Irish tipples. It's a very popular place, so come early if you want a seat.
Adresse: Rähnitzgaße 10, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 272 1850
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 5pm-3am
Transport: Neustadt


Originally built for Dresden’s shooting guilds, the historic Schießhaus, or Shooting House, was first opened in 1554, and has been at its present location since 1768. This bar and restaurant features a wide range of different rooms, such as the Marksman Room for banquets, the beer and wine room, and the Albert Room for functions and events. In the summer, the beer garden with seats for 100 people is the scene of shooting tournaments and boisterous drinking parties.
Adresse: Am Schießhaus 19, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 484 5990
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 11am-1am
Transport: Postplatz


The music played at this venue, which looks like an old warehouse, is mainly techno and house, but disco tunes can be heard at the regular gay nights. It has two floors as well as a chill-out room, tired punters can slouch on a sofa and observe the partying in the latter.
Adresse: Leipziger Straße 31, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 3071 0065
Transport: Puschkinplatz

Strasse E

Germans are crazy about their techno, and if you feel the same way, a visit to Strasse E is an absolute must. Housed in an old factory building, the venue comprises several different clubs, including the Old Spinning Mill, the Bow and the Bunker, and plays host to both local and international DJs.
Adresse: Werner-Hartmann-Straße 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 315 870
Transport: Industriegelände

Katy's Garage

Old car doors, rusty wheels and everything else that you can expect to find in an old garage. Luckily, Katy's Garage isn't exclusively about cars, but has a bar filled with all kinds of liquor from all over the world, and even a smoke lounge on the second floor. There is a beer garden operating from April to October which also serves grilled dishes.
Adresse: Alaunstraße 48, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 656 7701
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 8pm-4am, Fri-Sat 8pm-6am, Sun 7pm-1am

Karl May Bar

Karl May Bar is filled with American Old West memorabilia, since the famous writer Karl May wrote most of his books about that time and part of the word. The Karl May Bar pays tribute through not only its decor, but also via serving some of the best cocktails of Dresden - from Flying Kangaroo to Singapore Sling, the choice is yours!
Adresse: Taschenberg 3, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 49 120
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 6pm-2am

Neustädter Markthalle Dresden

Coffee, food, flowers and all the pretty things that Dresden has to offer under one roof. The Neustädter Markthalle Dresden has been established in the 19th century, and is as popular as it was back in the day. They have a huge variety of shops where you can buy anything that your heart desires.
Adresse: Metzer Straße 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 810 5445
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm

Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden

You can find over 200 shops, cafes, restaurants and everything in between in the Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden. If you want to experience everything Dresden has to offer shopaholics, you won't even need to leave this shopping mall.
Adresse: Webergaße 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 482 040
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm

Chocolaterie am Fliederhof

Chocolaterie am Fliederhof offers artisan local chocolates that melt in your mouth. They use the best cocoa and that's something that can be tasted. Enjoy the idyllic garden and you'll have one of the best chocolate experiences of your life.
Adresse: August-Böckstiegel-Straße 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 261 0313
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 10am-4pm

Galerie Sybille Nütt

Modern and contemporary art is what is showcased in the Galier Sybille Nütt. The gallery is known for high quality of their art work and carefully picking the artists who can exhibit their pieces. Take a look and fall in love with a piece of art.
Adresse: Enderstraße 94, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 252 9593

Elbepark Dresden

You can find plenty of quirky shops in this shopping centre. There is even a mustard shop where you can choose from 300 kinds of mustard and other condiments, or a wood shop where you can find handcrafted pieces of art made entirely out of wood.
Adresse: Peschelstraße 33, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 853 560
Åpningstider: Mon-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri 10am-9pm

Ice Expression

Germans love their figure skating, that's why there is a shop where they sell everything related to this sport: Ice Expression. From skates to mugs, cups, bags and even special tights. Even if you are not planning on buying anything, it's definitely worth a visit.
Adresse: Weißeritzstraße 22, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 3293 9610
Åpningstider: Mon-Tue 3pm-6pm, Thu-Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat 11am-2pm


If you always had a soft spot for porcelain, MEISSEN is the place to go. The shop is filled with porcelain tableware, art work, and figurines. It's a feast for the eyes, and most definitely worth a visit.
Adresse: Töpferstraße 2, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 501 4806
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm


Chocolate, that's what you'll smell, see and taste once you step foot in Camondas. High quality pralines, truffles and hot chocolate is what the shop is known for among locals. They even offer a chocolate tasting which takes you from the cocoa bean to the final chocolate product.
Adresse: An der Frauenkirche 20, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4976 9843
Åpningstider: Mon 10am-8pm, Tue-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Tradition & Form

Handmade ornaments, decorations and other items rooted in German tradition. The pieces are crafted with such detail and dedication that it easily became one of the favourite shops of tourists and locals. It's almost impossible to leave the shop without one of their a hand-crafted objects!
Adresse: Landhausstraße 6, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 4819 6766
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm

Best Time to Visit

If you enjoy Christmas festivities, visit during November and December, when the city is all lights, mulled wine and market stalls - there is even a festival dedicated to stollen cake during that period. Because of the climate, the summers can get intensely hot and winters extremely cold. During September and November the temperatures are moderate, so you can truly enjoy the colours of autumn.

Passport / Visa

Germany can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.


Dresden Airport is situated 9 km from the city centre and with bus, tram and urban railway/S-Bahn connections to and from Dresden, it is very easy to get to and from the airport. The journey with the S-Bahn takes 13 minutes to Dresden-Neustadt station and 21 minutes to Dresden Hauptbahnhof.
Adresse: Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1, Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 881 3360

Public Transport

With 12 trams routes with making up some 200 km, 27 bus services covering a total length of 290 km, as well as suburban railways, Dresden is a city getting around which could not be easier. A single ticket for the bus and tram services may vary in price depending on distance travelled. Day and family travel cards are also available.
Telefon: +49 180 2266 2266


There are multiple taxi stands all around the city, many next to larger hotels. One radio taxi service is FunkTAXI Dresden:
Telefon: +49 351 211 210


The central post offices are located at Königsbrücker Strasse 21-29 in the Neustadt area and the Altmarkt-Galerie in the Altstadt area. Post boxes are yellow in colour; stamps may be purchased at machines and small corner shops.


Different pharmacies are open around the clock on different days of the week. To find out which pharmacy is open on a particular night, visit the pharmacy nearest to you. It will have a note in the window or on the door listing the address of the emergency pharmacy, or Notdienst. The pharmacy emergency section in the local newspapers also have a list. Note that you might have to ring a bell for attention out of hours, and that there is an additional charge for night and weekend services.


Country code: +49 Area code: 351


Germany uses 230 V Type E power outlets, which require plugs that have two round prongs. This type of outlet is common throughout Continental Europe and adapters can be found in any electronics shop.