Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Hamburg

The Elbe River, lakes and canals, the historic Town Hall, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus, the nightlife on the famous Reeperbahn and the traditional Hamburg fish market shape the image of Hamburg, Germany’s green city on the waterfront. The HafenCity offers modern architecture and the new landmark, the concert hall Elphilharmonie. In Hamburg — Germany's second biggest city — prestige, elegance and creativity are combined to create an edgy, modern vibe.

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Blankenese — “the Pearl of the Elbe”

The former fishing and pilot village to the west of Hamburg is located right on the Elbe and is a popular destination and residential area for wealthy citizens of Hamburg. One of Germany's most beautiful hiking trails runs along the banks of the Elbe to Blankenese. Picturesque lanes, winding stairs and houses standing close together: with its Mediterranean feel, the Blankenese Treppenviertel on the Elbe has something of a resort on the Riviera. Blankeneser Bahnhofstrasse is like a small city in itself with its church, weekly market, many well-stocked shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors
Adresse: Blankenese, Hamburg

Follow the steps of the Beatles

The Beatles laid the foundation stone of their career in the early 1960s in the Hamburg neighbourhood of St Pauli, the city’s famous red light district. Take a “Beatles Tour” and you will get the unique opportunity to follow the tracks of the “Fab Four” across St. Pauli.

Bike Tours around Hamburg

Discover Hamburg on a guided bike tour! It is a fun and sporty way to get to know the very different districts of the city. Choose either city bikes, cruisers, kick bikes or mountain bikes and go individually or in a group — the whole year round. It's the best way to see the city quickly and go places a bus couldn't take you.

Elbphilharmonie Plaza

The Plaza is the central meeting place in the Elbphilharmonie and forms the link between the warehouse and the new structure. The viewing platform here is open to the public. Even getting to it is an experience: an 80-metre-long, slightly curved escalator transports visitors through the building. From the Plaza, 37 metres above the ground, a stunning panoramic view over the city and port opens up before the viewer. An outside walkway leads around the entire building.
Adresse: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 357 666 0
Transport: Subway U3, exit Baumwall

Boat Trips around the Harbor and Speicherstadt

Discover the Port of Hamburg and the Speicherstadt (the Historic Warehouse Complex) on what is typical for Hamburg — a boat! Small barges, historical steamboats and modern passenger ships take you to the most interesting parts of the harbour area within an hour or two. You can take the Maritime Circle Line, a hop-on hop-off tour which connects Hamburg's maritime cultural attractions.
Transport: U3 Landungsbrücken

Guided Walking Tours

Whether by bicycle or on foot, accompanied by Nordic delicacies such as the legendary fish sandwich, or the classic exploration of the top sights of the Hanseatic city — rediscover Hamburg from a new and exciting perspective! Shopping fans and friends of the art of brewing, as well as lovers of the maritime, will be entertained and satisfied. Choose a short tour just to get to know the centre quickly, or pick one lead by a historian to delve into the rich history of Hamburg. Food tours, the Beatles tours or nighttime pub crawls — there is a suitable tour through Hamburg for everyone.

St. Michaelis Church

Hamburg has many large churches — but only one "Michel". On its platform, over 100 metres high, you'll find a fabulous view of Hamburg, the port and the surrounding countryside — one that should not be missed! St. Michaelis Church has been destroyed twice, and today offers an informative presentation about its history full of twists and turns.
Adresse: Hauptkirche Sankt Michaelis, Englische Planke 1, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 376 78 0
Transport: U3 Baumwall or Rödingsmarkt, S3 Stadthausbrücke

Lake Alster

The 160-hectare Alster lake sits right in the city centre, surrounded with cafes, parks and walking paths, plus an abundance of oak and chestnut trees for nature lovers. Perfect for renting a canoe, a pedal, rowing boats or a sailboat and staying active. There are sculptures both on land and in the lake. Most vast bodies of water are best enjoyed during the golden hour and aboard a boat. Grab a small group of friends and books a one-hour sail boat ride at sunset.
Adresse: Harvestehude
Transport: Jungfernstieg, U1, U2, S1, S3

Hamburg’s Sightseeing Tours

Explore the very best of Hamburg with the day ticket of the Red Double Decker buses on Line A. At one of the 29 stops Hop on and hop off wherever you want in order to have a closer look at the magnificent sights of this amazing maritime metropolis. Extra tours like the twilight tour or the elbe riverside tour are possible as well and show even the locals new aspects of Hamburg!

MS Cap San Diego

The largest seaworthy museum cargo ship in the world! Experience and discover 160 metres of shipping history and embark on a long voyage with the English booklet. Stop for a break in the “Bord-Bistro” and stay the night on, instead of, by the Elbe river in one of our passenger cabins. During the diversity of evening events you may also meet the ship’s kobold or even set sail! English booklet available.
Adresse: Überseebrücke landing stage, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 36 42 09
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–6pm
Transport: U3 bis Haltestelle Baumwall

Hagenbeck — the wild side of Hamburg

Discover Hamburg's zoo Hagenbeck. In a park of 19 hectares you can find more than 1850 animals from all over the world including Germany’s only walrus family. Guests experience is an expedition around the equator at the Tropical World Adventure Aquarium, where you can find more than 14,300 animals of 300 species.
Adresse: Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 53 00 33 0
Åpningstider: Daily from 9am–4:30pm/ 6pm/ 7pm according to season
Transport: U2 Hagenbecks Tierpark

Chocoversum by Hachez

Chocoversum is the sweetest museum in Hamburg — the chocolate capital of Germany. Discover the secret of the world's finest chocolates with all your senses. For 90-minutes we take you on a guided tour that leads from the cocoa tree to freshly wrapped chocolates. See historic machines live at work while having a taste at every production step. Finally, you even create your own bar of chocolate.
Adresse: Meßberg 1, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 41 91 2300
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–6pm
Transport: U1 Haltestelle Meßberg

The maritime heart of Hamburg

Experiencing the sea: The Maritime Museum presents 3,000 years of history of seafaring displaying precious artefacts from all over the world. Welcome aboard! Wind, waves, explorers, and pirates. More than 40,000 miniature model ships, a treasure chamber with model ships made of gold, silver and amber, the Queen Mary 2 made of 1 Million LEGO bricks, and professional ship simulator. If you'd rather experience Hamburg's sea connection firsthand, feel the rocking of the boat under you feet with a hop-on hop-off Maritime Circle Line. You can check out each of the 9 stops along the way or just enjoy the view without getting off. The boats said past Speicherstadt and HafenCity, cruise terminals, container ships, repair yards, container handling, the harbour museum and BallinStadt.
Adresse: Koreastraße 1, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 3 00 92 300
Åpningstider: Daily 10am–6pm
Transport: U4 Überseequartier; Busline 6 St. Annen; Busline 111 Osakaallee

Hamburg Fish Market

Sunday morning — 5 am. Most people are usually still sleeping at this time. Not in Hamburg! At Hamburg’s fish market in Altona down by the Elbe, there are around 70 000 people either already working or still out and about at this early hour. Trade has gone on here since 1703. Here night owls from the Reeperbahn and market friends meet once a week to end the night or begin the morning with live music in the fish auction hall.
Adresse: St. Pauli Fischmarkt 2, Hamburg
Telefon: Always Sundays: Winter (Nov to Mar) 7:00 - 9:30 a.m. Summer (Apr to Oct) 5:00 - 9:30 a.m
Åpningstider: Summer (Apr to Oct) 5am–9:30am; Winter (Nov to Mar) 7am–9:30am
Transport: U3, S1, S2, S3 to Landungsbrücken

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

The Elbphilharmonie is the new landmark of the metropolis on the waterfront. With the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg forges its path as a port city and a city of music, once again demonstrating that the city is shaping its future based on contrast. Located in the HafenCity Hamburg district the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is emerging as a new magnet for locals and guests alike. The spectacular building contains three concert halls with a diverse music programme, a comprehensive music education programme, a hotel, as well as the Plaza — a public viewing platform at a height of 37 metres that offers visitors an amazing view of the city. If you are a modern architecture nerd, you simply must take the extremely popular guided tour that tells you all about the building's construction and history.
Adresse: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 357 666 0
Transport: Subway U3, exit Baumwall

Elbphilharmonie Plaza

The Plaza is the central meeting place in the Elbphilharmonie and forms the link between the warehouse and the new structure. The viewing platform here is open to the public. Even getting to it is an experience: an 80-metre-long, slightly curved escalator transports visitors through the building. From the Plaza, 37 metres above the ground, a stunning panoramic view over the city and port opens up before the viewer. An outside walkway leads around the entire building.
Adresse: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 357 666 0
Transport: Subway U3, exit Baumwall

Hamburg City Hall

Unusually lavish for Hanseatic taste: built in 1886–1897, the splendid sandstone edifice in Neo-Renaissance style dominates the city centre. Hamburg town hall is the seat of the city’s Senate (state government) and Bürgerschaft (parliament). The building has more rooms than Buckingham Palace — 647 rooms in total. The town hall can only be viewed on guided tours. Also worth seeing is the fountain of Hamburg’s patron goddess Harmonia in the town hall’s courtyard.
Adresse: Hamburger Rathaus, Rathausmarkt, Hamburg
Åpningstider: Mon–Sun 8am–6pm
Transport: Rathaus, U3 or Jungfernstieg, S1, S2, S3, U1, U4

St. Michaelis Church

Hamburg's famous 'Michel' church is not only the most important baroque church in northern Germany; it could also be seen as one of the world's tallest lighthouses — yes, it served as an important landmark for boats travelling on the river Elbe. The 106m high viewing platform offers wonderful panoramic views of Hamburg and the harbour. Great destination for a romantic evening date.
Adresse: Hauptkirche Sankt Michaelis, Englische Planke 1, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 376 78 0
Transport: U3 Baumwall or Rödingsmarkt, S3 Stadthausbrücke

Lake Alster

The 160-hectare Alster lake sits right in the city centre, surrounded with cafes, parks and walking paths, plus an abundance of oak and chestnut trees for nature lovers. Perfect for renting a canoe, a pedal, rowing boats or a sailboat and staying active. There are sculptures both on land and in the lake. Most vast bodies of water are best enjoyed during the golden hour and aboard a boat. Grab a small group of friends and books a one-hour sail boat ride at sunset.
Adresse: Harvestehude
Transport: Jungfernstieg, U1, U2, S1, S3

Speicherstadt (Historic Warehouse Complex)

Over a century old, the Speicherstadt in the port is the world’s largest integrated complex of warehouses. Here, guests to Hamburg find an idyllic scenery of redbrick Gothic architecture from the Wilhelmine era with bizarre little gables and towers. Valuable goods are stored at controlled temperatures behind their massive walls: coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, tobacco — and the world’s largest stock of Oriental carpets. Since 2015 the Speicherstadt, the Chilehaus and the Kontorhausviertel belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you're short on time or want to give your feel some rest after exploring the city, take a one-hour evening boat tour. Speicherstadt looks especially magical at sunset.
Adresse: Am Sandtorkai 36, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 321191
Transport: U3 Baumwall, U1 Meßberg, U4 Überseequartier

The Old Elbe Tunnel

When the Old Elbe Tunnel, also called "St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel", was opened in 1911, it was a technical sensation. Today, it is a nostalgic and lovingly tended piece of Hamburg history. The distinctive, square, domed structure on the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken houses the machinery and the four lifts, which have transported people and vehicles at a depth of nearly 24 metres for over 100 years. After 426.5 metres beneath the Elbe and through the two tiled tunnels with a diameter of 6 metres, you return to daylight in Steinwerder and can enjoy a wonderful view over the harbour.
Adresse: Alter Elbtunnel, St. Pauli Landungsbrücken 7, Hamburg
Åpningstider: For pedestrians and cyclists: always open (cyclists must follow the flow of traffic or push their bikes). Exception: 31 December (New Year's Eve) 9pm–4am
Transport: Landungsbrücken: U3, S1, S2, S3 or Alter Elbtunnel: Bus156

Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland is the world's largest model railway museum and Germany's most popular tourist attraction. Its display sections show authentic environment from different countries: from Sweden and Norway to the pyramids of Egypt and Las Vegas in U.S. The exhibit switches from 'day' to 'night' every 15 minutes. You can also take a guided tour that shows Wunderland behind-the-scenes to better appreciate how much technical wizardry and planning is involved in running this place.
Adresse: Kehrwieder 2-4, Block D, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 300 6800
Transport: U3 Baumwall

The Reeperbahn

The Reeperbahn is a living legend: in the old days it was a seedy red-light quarter for seafarers; during the 1960s it was a stepping stone for the Beatles. Since the 1990s the red-light district has been gradually transformed into a unique entertainment district with bars and clubs, art galleries, cabarets, theatres and top-class restaurants. If you want your night out to come with a side of history, go for an intimate nighttime tour. You'll get some fun facts and tips from the locals, as well as a beer and a shot.
Adresse: Reeperbahn, Hamburg
Transport: Reeperbahn, S1, S3 or St. Pauli, U3


A great way to spend an afternoon or evening is to experience a musical. Since Cats made its debut in Hamburg, the city has welcomed many celebrated musicals like Lion King, Disney's Tarzan Musical, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia and even Hamilton. You'll find plenty of the musical theatres right on the Reeperbahn.
Telefon: +49 1805 44 70 000

The Hamburg Dungeon

The Hamburg Dungeon is a place where the dark past comes alive, where talented actors tell you scary stories and twisted fables about Hamburg’s history. Along the tour you will find spooky surprises and two rides (a short boat ride and a free-fall ride).
Adresse: Kehrwieder 2, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 36 005 520
Åpningstider: Daily from 10am - 5pm
Transport: U1 Meßberg, U3 Baumwall, Bus 3/6 Auf dem Sande

Bucerius Kunst Forum

Located in the heart of Hamburg next to the Town Hall, the Bucerius Kunst Forum exhibits art from ancient to modern times in four rotating exhibitions each year. A visit is an absolute must for art lovers. The concept of the Kunst Forum is based on reinventing the familiar to allow art lovers and novices alike to discover new interrelationships. Since its foundation in 2002, the Bucerius Kunst Forum has become one of the leading exhibition houses in northern Germany. A unique, modern exhibition space was created in the historic building of the former Reichsbank.
Adresse: Rathausmarkt 2, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 36 09 96 0
Åpningstider: Daily 11am–7pm, Thu until 9pm
Transport: All subway trains going to Jungernstieg and Rathaus


For contemporary art and photography head over to Deichtorhallen which is located in two former market halls. They were built between year 1911 and 1914. With a size of 5,600 square meters, this is the biggest art space in Europe.
Adresse: Deichtorstrasse 1, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 32 10 3200
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 11am–6pm, Mon closed. Every first Thu of the month 11am–9pm
Transport: Steinstraße U1 or Central Station

Museum of Hamburg History

The Museum of Hamburg History hosts one of Germany’s largest urban history exhibitions. As a cultural history museum it displays the varied history of the city of Hamburg, from its beginnings in around 800 AD to now. It is the biggest museum within the Foundation of Historical Museums in Hamburg — complemented by the Altonaer Museum, focussing on maritime history, the Helms-Museum, specialising in archaeology, and the Museum of Work in Barmbek.
Adresse: Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, Holstenwall 24, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 42 81 32 100
Transport: U3 St. Pauli; Bus 112 Stop Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

Hamburger Dom

Hamburger Dom is the biggest public festival in the north of Germany and takes place three times a year. Experience nostalgic carousels and high-tech rides, accompanied with a good variety of tasty food and drinks. The festival takes place annually in springtime between March and April, summertime between July and August and wintertime between November and December.
Adresse: Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg
Transport: U3 St. Pauli or Feldstraße

BallinStadt — Emigrant Museum Hamburg

It’s a fascinating story — the tale of BallinStadt, the “Emigration City” — where millions of people found safe harbour before beginning their journey to the New World in pursuit of a better life. The museum documents the great European migration to America that took place from 1850 to 1934. Here you can explore the varied emigration stations over the centuries. In 14 themed rooms the museum tells the stories of emigration to the new world over 4 eras. In the family research centre you can trace your ancestors in Hamburg: you have access to the digitised version of the unique Hamburg passenger lists.
Adresse: BallinStadt Auswanderermuseum, Veddeler Bogen 2, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 31 97 91 60
Transport: S3 Station Veddel (BallinStadt)

Park Planten un Blomen

Take a stroll around the famous park Planten un Blomen which is located in the heart of the city. Unwind and enjoy tropical plants, the largest Japanese garden in Europe and a rose garden. In the summer time, the park offers daily theatre performances for children. From May till September the colourfully lit fountain concerts are the highlight of the park. You'll find several cafes in the park, as well as a great restaurant.
Adresse: St.Petersburger Straße 28, Hamburg
Transport: Stephansplatz, U1 and Dammtor, S11, S21, S31

Hamburger Kunsthalle

Opened in 1869 and once the embodiment of the Hamburg bourgeois art, the Kunsthalle is now acknowledged as one of Germany’s leading art galleries. The adjacent Gallery of Contemporary Art opened in 1996 at its prominent location and complements its main collection with ambitious examples of contemporary art. More than 700 works are permanently exposed and the restaurant The Cube offers one of the most beautiful views over the city.
Adresse: Glockengiessserwall, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 42 81 31 200
Åpningstider: Tue–Sun 10am–6pm, Thu until 9pm
Transport: Hauptbahnhof

Planetarium Hamburg

Located in an old water tower is one of the most advanced planetarium in the world. Learn more about our planet, about the space and what a black hole is. A great experience for the whole family, a place where you can delight in sky shows, live concerts, music- and multimedia-shows with incredible laser show-effects and interesting lectures.
Adresse: Otto-Wels-Straße 1, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 42 88 65 210
Åpningstider: Tue 10am–7:30pm, Wed & Thu 10am–9pm, Fri 10am–10pm, Sat noon–7:30pm, Sun 10am–7:30pm, Mon closed
Transport: Metrobus 6, station Borgweg


The Speicherstadt is one of the main attractions in the great harbour tour. The world's largest integrated complex of warehouses was built in 1883, five years before Hamburg received its free port. Since 1991, the unique district has been given historic monument protection. The warehouses are built on oak piles and the district is crossed by what are known as fleets — canals that are flooded depending on the tides and can then also be travelled by ship. You can travel the narrow canals in small barges to savour the architectural details if the tide is right. A canal tour with a historic barge like this is an unforgettable experience. Most tours depart from the landing stages in St. Pauli. Groups can even charter a whole barge. The world's largest contiguous warehouse complex is located in the Freihafen between Deichtorhallen and Baumwall.
Transport: U3 Baumwall, U3 Meßberg, U4 Überseequartier


The Chilehaus is one of the finest examples of “Brick Expressionism” — an architectural style popular in Hamburg in the 1920s, which is characterised by the use of clay tiles and hard-baked bricks. Built by architect Fritz Höger, the Chilehaus is the very centre of Hamburg’s Kontorhaus district. The name of the building is derived from the nitrate trade between Hamburg and Chile. Built between 1922 and 1924, it was one of the first of Hamburg’s high-rise buildings. The Kontorhaus district and the Speicherstadt district were nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site 2015.
Adresse: Fischertwiete 2, Hamburg

Hamburg Wadden Sea

The Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park was created to protect the single ecological entity of the Waddensea of Hamburg — a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is an exclave of the city state of Hamburg in North Germany and lies in the estuary of the Elbe in the North Sea. In June 2011, the entire German section of the Wadden Sea, including the Hamburg Wadden Sea, became a World Heritage Site after more than 9,500 square kilometres of tidal flats off the coasts of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and the Netherlands were included in 2009.
Adresse: Hamburgisches Wattenmeer

Long Night of Museums

The Long Night of Museums is held annually in Hamburg and offers all art lovers the opportunity to visit as many exhibitions as they can in one night. Guided tours, culinary delights, music, dance and many other events in more than 40 museums and exhibition locations are waiting for you. Create your individual route and explore different museums in eight long night hours. The next Long Night of the Museums is expected to take place in April 2022.
Adresse: Museumsdienst Hamburg, Holstenwall 24, Hamburg

Hamburg Port Birthday — Hafengeburtstag Hamburg

Once a year in May the Port of Hamburg — the "door to the world" — is busier than ever. About 1.5 million people gather to celebrate the Hamburg Port Birthday with the greatest harbour festival in the world on the nearly four kilometre-long "Harbour Mile" along the Elbe between the HafenCity and the Övelgönne Museum Harbour. Special highlights include the breathtaking fireworks display, ship launches and parades, and the unique tugboat ballet.
Adresse: Close to the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken
Transport: Subway U3, exit Landungsbrücken

Elbjazz Festival

Elbjazz festival is one of the international festivals in Hamburg since 2010. About 50 musical acts of all varieties of jazz and related genres take place in front of the unique scenery of the Hamburg harbour. The festival stages are always located in unconventional yet distinctly jazzy venues like shipyards and old freight ships.


With more than 500,000 visitors, Altonale has established itself as one of the most popular cultural events in north Germany. Every year, Altonale develops new ideas and offers for its visitors. The festival is subdivided into art altonale, literature altonale, theatre altonale, film altonale and music altonale. The events are held in unusual places all over Altona.
Adresse: Bahrenfelder Straße, Hamburg

Hamburg Harley Days

The location in the middle of Hamburg makes Harley Days the only Harley convention in the world which can take place in the middle of a city. Nothing could be more Harley, more Hamburg and more birthday celebration on a single weekend, and so the Harley party of the year is already almost an obligation for genuine fans of two-wheelers!
Adresse: Großmarkt Hamburg
Åpningstider: The last weekend of June
Transport: Subway U1, exit Steinstraße; S3, exit Hammerbrook

Triennial of Photography Hamburg

Since 1999, the photo festival has taken place every third year in Hamburg, Germany, together with the city's major museums, cultural institutions, galleries and other organisers. Meanwhile, the Triennial of Photography has become an important festival of international emission. Besides a great variety of exhibitions under a common motto — highly topical photographic themes are analysed.
Adresse: Deichtorstraße 2, Hamburg

Hamburg Fish Market

Sunday morning — 5 am. Most people are usually still sleeping at this time. Not in Hamburg! At Hamburg’s fish market in Altona down by the Elbe, there are around 70 000 people either already working or still out and about at this early hour. Trade has gone on here since 1703. Here night owls from the Reeperbahn and market friends meet once a week to end the night or begin the morning with live music in the fish auction hall.
Adresse: St. Pauli Fischmarkt 2, Hamburg
Telefon: Always Sundays: Winter (Nov to Mar) 7:00 - 9:30 a.m. Summer (Apr to Oct) 5:00 - 9:30 a.m
Åpningstider: Summer (Apr to Oct) 5am–9:30am; Winter (Nov to Mar) 7am–9:30am
Transport: U3, S1, S2, S3 to Landungsbrücken


Hamburg celebrates the Festival of Love: The Number 1 among all European Schlager spectacles, the Hamburg Schlagermove, is a party of superlatives. Anywhere up to half a million Schlager fans dance at the 45 colourfully decorated music trucks. "If the Sun shines in your heart", you're between Kiez and the harbour.
Adresse: On the streets of Hamburg between Heiligengeistfeld and St. Pauli-landing bridges

ITU World Triathlon

The world's biggest World Triathlon Championship Series in Hamburg takes place on the picturesque streets of the city. Athletes compete in three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Professional and recreational athletes combine the athletic ambition with the special atmosphere around Hamburg which creates a unique experience. Come to cheer the participants or take part yourself.
Adresse: Hamburg City Centre

Hamburg Pride & Christopher Street Day

The history of the Christopher Street Day in Hamburg goes back more than 30 years. Back in the summer of 1980, it was the first time that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people marched for their rights in the Hanseatic City. The Hamburg CSD has become a popular people's festival that draws more visitors to the Elbe year after year — everyone is welcome! In 2010 alone, about 100,000 visitors came to the big CSD parade from all over Europe, and visitor numbers are constantly increasing.
Adresse: Jungfernstieg, Hamburg
Åpningstider: First weekend of August

MS Dockville — Festival of Music and Art

Dockville, Hamburg's annual festival of music and art is an unprecedented presentation of visual art and musical line-up. The city centre location with its great combination of urban industrial charm and natural elements such as water (Elbe), green meadow and birch groves provide a very unconventional festival feeling. The diverse musical programme is presented on as many as seven stages and venues, bringing together both local and established artists with young and talented artists.
Adresse: Schlengendeich 21, Hamburg
Åpningstider: Mid-August
Transport: Suburban train lines S3 or S31 to Veddel, from there take the regular MS Dockville shuttle buses to festival site.

International Summer Festival at Kampnagel

The International Summer Festival Hamburg is held for three weeks in August at Kampnagel and at selected locations in Hamburg. The mane stages are located in the former crane factory with Hamburg's most beautiful temporary beer garden. Since its founding in the mid-80s it has remained among the largest European festivals for contemporary performance arts from around the world. Every year the festival presents and/or produces more than 50 different works in the areas of dance, theatre, performance, music, visual arts and film.
Adresse: Jarrestraße 20, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 270 949 49
Åpningstider: 3 weeks every August


Fireworks, promenade, cultural events, music: Alstervergnügen! Hamburg's largest summer festival around the Inner Alster, has been taking place for 38 years. It is an event with a Tradition and a celebration for the entire city. You can enjoy family and cultural programme on various stages, exciting promotions and shows on the water, a dance floor, cabaret and street theatre, a Ferris wheel and evening sky fireworks, which will illuminate the sky with bright colours.
Adresse: Around the Inner Alster Lake
Åpningstider: Every August
Transport: All Subway lines to Jungfernstieg

Hamburg Cyclassics

For one day the traffic stands still for the two-wheelers and leads the participants along the most beautiful corners of the Hanseatic city and the metropolitan region. The Hamburg Cyclassics is a professional cycling race of the highest category UCI World Tour in Germany. Cheering spectators ensure a festive atmosphere along the Elbe and Alster rivers. At the Rathausmarkt and at the Jungfernstieg, a colorful information and supporting program will be offered during the Cyclassics.
Adresse: Hamburg City
Åpningstider: Late August

Reeperbahn Festival

The Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest club festival and is one of the three most important meeting places for the music and digital industries in Europe. The festival offers around 600 wide-ranging events in more than 70 venues on and around Hamburg’s Reeperbahn — including concerts by international newcomers, an extensive arts programme, and a business platform and conference for companies and organisations.
Adresse: Reeperbahn and sorrounding streets
Åpningstider: Around the third week of September
Transport: Subway S3, exit Reeperbahn

Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, with 80 local, national and international galleries all showcase a huge array of contemporary art. You can find fresh new talents hanging alongside well-known names, and the curated Emerging Artist Exhibition making it easy to spot up-and-coming stars of the future.
Adresse: Hamburg Messe und Congress Center, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 533 070 510
Åpningstider: One weekend every mid-Novermber
Transport: Entrance East: S11, S21, S31 to Bahnhof Dammtor or U1 to Stephansplatz; Entrance West: S11, S21, S31, U3 to Sternschanze; Entrance South: U2 to Messehallen

Hamburg Cruise Days

Three days full of maritime mood, sensual pleasures and entertainment — many large cruise ships are calling at Hamburg during the Hamburg Cruise Days. During these days the harbour is a world of experience and invites its visitors to explore maritime markets, shopping, fashion, design, sports and relaxation, activities for children, music, entertainment and culinary delights prepared by top restaurateurs in town.
Adresse: HafenCity Hamburg
Transport: Subway U3, exit Baumwall; Subway U4, exit Überseequartier

Hamburg Theatre Night

When nights are still mild and yet getting longer, residents and guests alike enjoy the Hamburg Theatre Night, taking place each year in September. With a ticket covering bus, train and Alster barge fares, you can embark on a fascinating journey through countless theatre, opera, ballet, cabaret and comedy performances. All those who can retain their energy until the early morning hours can enjoy a drink or two in the legendary St Pauli district, where the long theatre night ends with a big party.
Adresse: Hamburg Theatres
Åpningstider: Every September

Laeiszhalle Music Hall

The magnificent, neo-baroque structure of the Laeiszhalle provides a wonderful ambience for an unforgettable evening of classical music, not to mention the jazz, pop and children's concerts. The Laeiszhalle Hamburg has had its role to play in musical history right from the very beginning: Prominent artists such as Richard Strauss, Sergei Prokofiev, Igor Stravinsky and Paul Hindemith all performed and conducted their own works here. Today, the Laeiszhalle continues to welcome stars from the international music scene, and at the same time it is a meeting place for Hamburg's musical life.
Adresse: Johannes-Brahms-Platz , Hamburg
Transport: Subway U3, exit Messehallen

Thalia Theater

The Thalia Theater is located in the heart of Hamburg between the Inner Alster and Mönckebergstrasse, and it is one of the greatest artistic successes of a state-run German theatre. The repertoire combines first performances, classics and exciting projects by international artists. The decisive staging is complemented by a strong, highly acclaimed ensemble characterise the artistic profile.
Adresse: Alstertor 1, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 328 14444

Hamburger Dom

Hamburger Dom is the biggest public festival in the north of Germany and takes place three times a year. Experience nostalgic carousels and high-tech rides, accompanied with a good variety of tasty food and drinks. The festival takes place annually in springtime between March and April, summertime between July and August and wintertime between November and December.
Adresse: Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg
Transport: U3 St. Pauli or Feldstraße

TINA — The Tina Turner Musical in Hamburg

The only musical authorised by Tina Turner comes to Hamburg. The production of London's West End, celebrated by critics and audiences alike, will now also inspire you. This stage musical reveals the unprecedented story of a woman who dared to go beyond the boundaries of age, sex and skin colour. From her humble beginnings in Nutbush, Tennessee to her transformation into the worldwide Queen of Rock, Tina Turner has not broken the rules, but reinvented them. The world hits of the exceptional artist, such as "The Best" or "Proud Mary" will be heard in 2019 at the Stage Operettenhaus — authentic, moving and incredibly powerful.
Adresse: Stage Operettenhaus, Spielbudenplatz 1, Hamburg

Pretty Woman — The Musical

Pretty Woman, the popular hit film, now celebrates its premiere as a musical in Hamburg and tells the romantic love story of Vivien and Edward at the end of the eighties. From 29 September 2019, the timelessly beautiful love story can be experienced live at the Stage Theater an der Elbe in Hamburg.

The Lion King

For many people the fascinating Lion King adventure in Hamburg starts as soon as the transfer starts from the landing stages to the Theater im Hafen on the other side of the Elbe. The combination of authentic sounds, fantastic costumes and the emotional songs by Elton John and Tim Rice bring the atmosphere of the Serengeti to life when the young lion Simba has to find his way in the savannah and take his place as king.
Adresse: Stage Theater im Hafen, Norderelbstraße 6, Hamburg

Historic Christmas market on Rathausmarkt

Woodcarvers from the Tyrol, gingerbread bakers from Aachen and Nuremberg, ceramics from Lausitz, silversmiths and many others welcome you to marvel, participate, taste and enjoy. Every year at Christmas time, against the impressive backdrop of the venerable, historic Town Hall of the Free and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, approximately eighty traders arrive for one of the city's largest and loveliest Christmas markets. The lovingly designed market architecture by Roncalli director Bernhard Paul makes the Christmas market stand out from the conventional pre-Christmas events in other cities. A particular point of attraction is the Spielzeuggasse (toy street). This is where merchants from around the world offer toys that make not only children's hearts beat faster.
Adresse: City Hall Christmas Market, Hamburg
Åpningstider: From late November till Christmas
Transport: U3 Rathaus, U1/2/3 Jungfernstieg

Santa Pauli — Christmas in the Kiez

Frivolous Christmas fun: At Hamburg's naughtiest Christmas market, it's not only the mulled wine that gets the visitors hot. Live music, a fireplace lounge on the winter deck and a strip tent are a temptation to naughty and frivolous merriment on a Christmas market stroll on Spielbudenplatz. The market stays open late into the night, in keeping with its special location on the Reeperbahn. The most unbridled Christmas market of the lovely Hanseatic city not only guarantees conventional Christmas market stands, but also offers an open-air art gallery and Sunday children's programme — fun for young and old alike. For those who fancy mulled wine, the Winterdeck is the place to be. The cosy bar with a blazing fireplace provides visitors with the Christmas drinks they desire. The over-18s fir forest, set up in the manner of the Reeperbahn, offers strip shows as well as frivolous and crackling erotic readings.
Adresse: Spielbudenplatz, Hamburg
Åpningstider: From late November till Christmas

White Magic on Jungfernstieg

The entire market is dazzling with Christmas lights. Its themes, the colour of the lights and luminosity match the contemporary architectural language of the location. The appearance of the Christmas market blends in harmoniously with the ambience around Hamburg's newly designed luxury boulevard with the local hotels, businesses, the Alsterhaus and other exclusive boutiques. A lovely Christmas market for atmospheric hours.
Adresse: "Weißer Zauber" (White Magic), Jungfernstieg

Fleetinsel Christmas market

Between Stadthausbrücke and Rödingsmarkt is a clever mixture of Hanseatic tradition and a modern attitude to life. The proximity to the harbour and the direct connection to the Alster lend the Fleet Christmas market a very special maritime atmosphere. The delicious Christmas specialities or a contemplative glass of mulled wine with friends or family can help you forget the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas season — in the peaceful tranquillity of a renovated square, without the street noise and glaring lights. Stands with gift items are also an invitation to take a stroll. Meanwhile, the younger visitors can have fun on the children's carousel.

New Year's Eve at the Waterfront

Fireworks are great, but you know what is even greater — fireworks reflected in the water. You get double the visual punch, a huge variety of delicacies served from street food stalls, plus the jubilant holiday cheers from the celebrating crowds. The fireworks close to the Landungsbrücken are supported acoustically with the signal horns of all ships in the harbour. For a more quiet atmosphere with less hustle and bustle head to the Alster. The inhabitants of Hamburg lighten up their own fireworks around the Inner and Outer Alster lakes. Another option for the turn of the year is a harbour tour which provides a perfect and view over the fireworks from the waterfront.

Hard Rock Cafe Hamburg

In a city that has hosted the early gigs of Liverpool’s original “Fab Four,” Hamburg once again claims rock residency with Hard Rock Cafe Hamburg. Located near the banks of the Elbe River in one of the city’s most historic buildings, the Landungsbrücken, nestled in the port near local landmarks, including Old Elbe Tunnel, the Old Warehouse District and the Harbor City, Hard Rock Cafe Hamburg is a must-see destination for visitors and locals alike.
Adresse: St. Pauli Landungsbrücken, 5
Telefon: +49 40 300 68 48 0

Restaurant Haerlin

You can find a few restaurants in Hamburg with one Michelin star. Christoph Rüffer easily stands out with a second star. The chef and his team present modern and creative menus based on classic French gourmet cuisine in the prestigious Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten. With seasonal ingredients fresh from the market, an emphasis is placed on the highest quality of food.The ambience is elegantly reserved and the service is impressive with its balance of subtlety and attentiveness.
Adresse: Neuer Jungfernstieg 9 - 14, 20354 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 34 94 33 10
Åpningstider: Tuesday – Saturday: 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm Kitchen close: 9.30 pm

The Table

The Table, run by Germany’s youngest holder of three Michelin stars, Kevin Fehling, fascinates with modern interior and unique flavor experiences. The Table is located in the centre of HafenCity and offers some extraordinary design decisions: For example, there is just one single, large table made of cherry wood offering seats to up to 20 guests. From here, the visitors have the chance to take a look at the open kitchen and observe how the exclusive meals are made.
Adresse: Shanghaiallee 15, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 22867422
Åpningstider: Tue–Sat from 7pm


TV chef Tim Mälzer's restaurant enjoys great popularity. If you want to get a seat, you should take care of that in advance. Once you get to enjoy the cuisine, you will quickly understand why it is so crowded. The meat from the grill, especially the Argentinian fillet steak, is cooked flawlessly. But the"Kris Kross", Arctic trout with mussel broth, root vegetables and celery leaves, can also stand up quite well as a main course.If you are unable to make a decision, go for a surprise menu with three or four courses. It will certainly be good.
Adresse: Lagerstraße 34b 20357 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 33 44 2 110
Åpningstider: daily from 11am


The location itself is a dream: if you manage to get one of the desired window seats, you can dine with a wonderful view of the Hamburg harbour – especially in the evenings, the guests are treated to an atmospheric panorama. But also in culinary terms, the Fischereihafen is one of the city’s best addresses: Since 1981, the Kowalke family has been host to a mixed crowd of young fish lovers, Hanseatic haute volée and tourists, with a large selection of excellent specialities.
Adresse: Grosse Elbstrasse 143, 22767 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 38 18 16
Åpningstider: daily 11:30am-10pm


The BLOCKBRÄU opened beside the Landungsbrücken in April 2012.This successful restaurant chain belongs to Eugen Block, a star in Germany's gastronomy firmament. In his brewery, located directly beside the Landungsbrücken, freshly brewed beer is served together with specialities from the brewery's own kitchen. From the terrace, you get a great view of the colourful thronging dockland and port scene.
Adresse: Landungsbrücken 3, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 44 40 500
Åpningstider: monday-sunday 11am-11:30pm


The atmosphere is always welcoming, despite the large size of this lively establishment, which is easily explained by the excellent cuisine. Regional dishes are rediscovered with a modern interpretation here, and there is no lack of seafood and meat dishes. A helpful tip is to visit the Cox later in the evening. At that time it is pleasantly empty and the kitchen is even open until just before midnight, which is very accommodating to theatre-goers or visitors to the State Opera who would still like a meal after the performance.
Adresse: Lange Reihe 68 / Greifswalder Strasse 43, 20099 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 24 94 22
E-post: info@restaurant-cox. de
Åpningstider: monday-friday 12am-2:30pm and 6:30pm-11pm; saturday-sunday 6:30pm-11pm


Far from the usual Japanese menus in this country, "fusion style"is used in the creation of new dishes. The Iberian pork roulade with shiso herbs and a shibazuke sauce is at least as interesting as the Japanese green tea crème brûlée and mascarpone sorbet with seasonal fruit. All of this takes place in a somewhat elegant, but very welcoming atmosphere.
Adresse: Eppendorfer Weg 171, Elmsbüttel, 20253 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40432 800 32
Åpningstider: tuesday and wednesday 6:30pm-10pm; thursday-saturday 12am-2:30pm and 6:30pm-10pm


The fine-dining restaurant VLET is located centrally between the historical Speicherstadt and the modern HafenCity in a stylishly restored warehouse. Here, north German cuisine is served.The team at the VLET and head chef Thomas Sampl are committed to using regional products and support small businesses and farms in the region.
Adresse: Am Sandtorkai 23, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 2000 64 222
Åpningstider: monday-saturday 6pm-12pm

East Restaurant

The restaurant at the stylish East Hotel offers excellent Asian and European cuisine close to Hamburg's entertainment mile. Top chefs regularly provide new and unusual creations here. Sushi and sashimi are as much a part of the international menu as meat and seafood-based mains.The modern transformation of the old iron foundry makes for an elegant and unique atmosphere.
Adresse: Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 31 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: + 49 40 30 99 33
Åpningstider: See on the website
Transport: U3 St. Pauli

Carls at the Elbphilharmonie

Laissez-faire in the middle of the HafenCity: It is always casual and lively at CARLS an der Elbphilharmonie. This piece of France is in a beautiful location right next to Hamburg's new landmark and has a total of three different dining areas: Brasserie, Bistro and Salon Privé & Bar
Adresse: Am Kaiserkai 69, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 300 322 400
Åpningstider: monday-friday 12am-2:30pm and 6pm-10pm, saturday-sunday 12am-10pm

Ristorante Portonovo

Ristorante Portonovo offers authentic Italian cuisine and the food is served in a busy but friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is beautifully located next to the lake with a stunning view. The food is well prepared with a modern twist and the chef is only using fresh seasonal ingredients.
Adresse: Alsterufer 2, 20354 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 41 35 66 16
Åpningstider: monday-saturday 12am-11:30pm; sunday 12am-10pm

Gröninger Privatbrauerei

Right in the heart of Hamburg City you will find the Gröninger Privatbrauerei. The Gröninger private brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Hamburg. This is where Gröninger Pils is brewed, and it can then be drunk in the Braukeller or in the Brauhaus where it is tapped from old wooden barrels. The atmosphere in these most traditional of premises is unique, and an experience for anyone, whether alone or with friends. The range of dishes on offer is also wide-ranging.
Adresse: Willy-Brandt-Straße 47, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 570105100
Åpningstider: monday-friday 11am-open end; saturday 5pm-open end; sunday 3pm-10pm

Dialog im Dunkeln - Dinner in the dark

This is a place where you will experience a culinary journey in a completely dark restaurant. You will be served four course surprise dinner by a blind service staff, all you need to do is to enjoy the taste of the food in the dark. The restaurant is located inside the museum Dialog im Dunkeln.
Adresse: Alter Wandrahm 4, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 309 634 0

El Tequito Mexican Restaurant & Bar

"El Tequito" has resided at the St. Pauli Fish Market for over 20 years. Here, the "highlights "of Mexican, American and Creole cuisine create distinctive dishes. Cocktails can also be enjoyed in the lounge before taking a stroll on the Kiez.
Adresse: St. Pauli-Fischmarkt 3, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 319 32 78
Åpningstider: monday-thursday: 5pm- 11pm; friday-sunday: 4pm- open end

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht

The brewery behind the Rathaus beside the Adolphsbrücke bridge is a great meeting point for everyone and anyone. Families, couples, big groups, business lunches or foot-weary shoppers - this brewery really offers something for everyone. The atmosphere is refined and slightly gentrified - right in the heart of theAlsterfleete district. The home-made beers are brewed directly before the gaze of the guests. Two huge copper-coloured vessels are located behind the bar counters of the brewery.
Adresse: Adolphsbrücke 7, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 367740
Åpningstider: monday-sunday 11am-10pm

The Vegan Eagle

Whoever dines at the Vegan Eagle will agree: This restaurant is living proof that vegan food has nothing to do with abstinence, but rather with enjoyment and real culinary flights of fancy. Here, food is prepared with love and passion – making the somewhat lengthy trip to Hamburg-Langenhorn very worthwhile.
Adresse: Wischhöfen 4, 22415 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 28 47 87 67
Åpningstider: tuesday-sunday 5pm-10pm

Le Plat du Jour

At the Plat du Jour, the cooking is French and primarily country style, without frills, but rather of excellent quality. It is nicely hidden at Dornbusch, a tiny street six minutes’ walk south-east of the Hamburg Town Hall. This is where the wealthier ladies and gentlemen from publishing houses and law firms spend their lunch break, but the restaurant is also well frequented in the evenings.
Adresse: Dornbusch 4, 20095 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 32 14 14
Åpningstider: daily 12am-10pm


The Witthues is widely known even beyond the boundaries of Hamburg. It is located in the idyllic Hirschpark in Blankenese, which is only a few steps away from the river Elbe and on one of the biggest English gardens. If you look for coffee and homemade pie in a cozy atmosphere the Witthues is just the right place to visit. In the evenings the Withues transforms into a cozy restaurant.
Adresse: Elbchaussee 499a, 22587 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 860173
Åpningstider: tuesday-saturday 10am-11pm; sunday 10am-11pm


When you first enter the Zuckermonarchie in St. Pauli, you will feel as though you’ve just stepped into an antique doll’s house. The interior reflects what the kitchen offers: a colourful, opulent range of delicious and wonderfully silly dishes.The focus is on sweets such as cakes, tartlets and cupcakes in a huge selection, from strawberry-champagne mini tartlets and home-made macarons to Oreo-cookie cupcakes.
Adresse: Taubenstr. 15 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 38 63 06 82
Åpningstider: Wednesday- Friday 11am- 7pm; Saturday-Sunday 10am- 6pm


The Ottensen beach, which can be reached directly from one of the HADAG ferries, is probably one of the most beautiful places on the Hamburg Elbe. And in the middle lies Strandperle, which provides the numerous sun worshippers with food and drink and underlines the rustic charm of this stretch of the beach.
Adresse: Övelgönne 60, 22605 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 8801112
Åpningstider: Winter: friday-sunday from 10am
Transport: HVV Ferry 62 to Museumshfaen Övelgönne


This is a great place to stop for coffee, tea or something a bit stronger. Alex is located in the beautiful Alsterpavillion just by Lake Alster. At this pavilion you can enjoy both concerts and exhibitions.
Adresse: Jungfernstieg 54, 20354 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 35 01 870
Åpningstider: monday-thursday 8am-1am; friday-saturday 8am-2am; sunday 9am-1am

Café Paris

Café Paris, an homage to typical turn of the century French cafés, is located in close proximity to Hamburg Town Hall. This beautiful, white-tiled room whose Art Nouveau ceiling tells of industry and agriculture is full of life, from croissants in the morning to the excellent lunch specials to the classic evening service.
Adresse: Rathausstraße 4, 20095 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 32 52 77 77
Åpningstider: monday-saturday 9am-11:30pm; sunday 9:30am-11:30pm

Public Coffee Roasters

There is a huge portion of passion for the coffee bean and the roastery, and a young, cool coffee roaster team behind the Public Coffee Roasters in Hamburg. If you come to the café in Neustadt as a connoisseur with a thirst for coffee, your own nose will tell you: you’ve come to the right place. While many coffee specialities are brewed by hand, they like to chat about the origins of the beans, their particular quality and the further processing in their own roastery.
Adresse: Wexstraße 28, 20355 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 176 93 17 15 80
Åpningstider: monday-friday 8:30 am- 6:30 pm; saturday-sunday 10:30am- 5pm

AHOI Strandkiosk

The beach in front of the AHOI Strandkiosk invites guests of all ages to enjoy Hamburg's most beautiful sunsets with a cold beer or a good wine. Strandkiosk's building was originally built in 1900 for a wedding; later, a sail loft and then a carpenter were housed here. As a student, the owner of the AHOI Strandkiosk, Vullnet Rusani, always came to the Elbe, knowing he would open a kiosk here.
Adresse: Övelgönne 57, 22605 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 - 881 568 06


The "counterpart" to Strandperle in Övelgönne: The Alsterperle is located on the easternmost tip of the Outer Alster and offers respectable refreshment stand standards at reasonable prices. But what really makes this location a success is its impressive location and the view that opens up here: This is the widest point of Alster Lake. If you look towards the south you can see the skyline of central Hamburg.
Adresse: Eduard-Rhein-Ufer 1, 22087 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 22 74 82 73
Åpningstider: monday-sunday from 8am

Lühmanns Teestube

Vintage furniture, hot and cold food, and scope for booking a bed there - all characteristic features of Lühmanns Teestube. The owner's love of England can be found in the small touches - like the cream teas or the scones. In the morning, you can enjoy a hot meal here, and you can have breakfast in the evening - Lühmanns Teestube leaves no wish unanswered.
Adresse: Blankeneser Landstrasse 29, 22587 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 86 34 42
Åpningstider: monday-friday 9am-11pm; saturday 9am-6pm; sunday 10am-11pm

Elbgold Roastery

That coffee is the passion of the Elbgold roasting house you will realise after the first sip. All Elbgold coffees are the finest arabicas from the best coffee regions of the world. They take care to ensure that only the best beans are used from sustainable sources. Direct fair trade with coffee farmers and cooperatives is a matter of course for Elbgold.
Adresse: Lagerstraße 34c, 20357 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 23 51 75 20
Åpningstider: monday-friday 8am-7pm; saturday 9am-7pm; sunday 10am-6pm

Café Geyer

Café Geyer seems to have recognised the potential of this quarter early on. For 20 years, residents and visitors to the tranquil Hein Köllisch Platz have been served delicious coffee and homemade cake. There are different breakfast options to choose from each day as well as an inexpensive lunch with daily meat and seafood dishes as well as a special for vegetarians.
Adresse: Hein-Köllisch-Platz 4, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 23 93 61 22


Dignified traditional flair sets the scene for taking coffee in this Literaturhauscafé. On offer here, you will find everything that the famished heart yearns for: various breakfast variants, lunch, sweets from the in-house pastry shop and dinner. As the name states, this café also hosts regular literature readings.
Adresse: Schawanewik 38, 22087 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 220 130 009
Åpningstider: tuesday-sunday from 9:30am

Due Baristi Espressobar

There’s always something going on at Due Baristi. No wonder, because the small café is considered one of the best places in Germany when it comes to coffee.Preparing coffee is, if not an art, at least a craft. One you can even train for. Nobody in Hamburg knows this better than Eckhart Meyer and his partner Sener Sönmez. Together, they form “Due Baristi” – two professionals at the machine and chefs of the café of the same name in the heart of Eimsbüttel.
Adresse: Langenfelder Damm 2-4, 20257 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 88 17 88 50
Åpningstider: tuesday-friday 8am-11pm; saturday 9am-6pm; sunday 10am-6pm

Stockholm Espresso Club

The Stockholm Espresso Club is, surprisingly, not located in the Swedish capital, but rather in the Hamburg residential district of Winterhude. The coffee served here comes from the Swedish roastery KOPPI and promises the most gently roasting of hand-picked coffee, which has been bought directly from producers around the world.
Adresse: Peter-Marquard-Str. 8, 22303 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 160 48 37 361
Åpningstider: monday-friday 8am-6pm; saturday-sunday 10am-6pm
Transport: Bus 6 or 25 till Gertigstraße or Goldbekplatz

Café Johanna

The breakfast at Café Johanna is especially popular – in addition to coffee and tea, juices and lemonades, they serve numerous cold and warm dishes. There a selection of sandwiches, ciabatta and cake a glass vitrine – but you can also order à la carte, for example lentil soup, savoury crêpes and pita bread, salad and quiches. And there is a daily changing, lovingly prepared set lunch meal.
Adresse: Venusberg 26, 20459 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 38 64 52 78
Åpningstider: monday-friday 8am-6pm; saturday 10am-6pm


The motto of the Café is: 'A Piece of Scandinavia in Hamburg',which dishes they serve freshly prepared from Denmark and Sweden, such as Köttbular or the Norwegian apple pancake. Apart from only use of genuine Scandinavian products, Anke, Gottwein,the owner of Karlsons, works daily with her a team of ten people to achieve the magnificent service.
Adresse: Alter Steinweg 10, 20459 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 5259 8233
Åpningstider: monday-friday 9am-4pm; saturday-sunday 10am-5pm

Café Gnosa

This pearl of Hamburg coffee house culture you have to visit at least once for the nice atmosphere, good coffee, and the rotating exhibitions or - what this place has been known for for decades - for the excellent cakes served here. A visit to the Gnosa is worthwhile any time of day: The breakfast menu is extensive and offers all the standards, and the lunch is delicious and affordable.
Adresse: Lange Reihe 93, 20099 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 24 30 34
Åpningstider: monday-sunday from 10am

BioKonditorei Eichel

At the organic patisserie BioKonditorei Eichel you will find a wide range of special delicacies such as pear-cinnamon-curd-cheese gateau, apple cake with blackcurrants or buckwheat-carrot cake and dark, delicious chocolate-spelt pancakes. Christof Eichel, owner and head pastry chef is a man with clear principles: he uses only organic ingredients and does without unnecessary additives which would artificially accelerate the production process of his cakes and gateaux.
Adresse: Osterstr. 15, 220259 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 431 931 51
Åpningstider: tuesday-sunday 11:30am-6pm

Hermetic Coffee Roasters

Coffee fashions come and go: the good old latte macchiato exceeded its level of popularity years ago; today, real aficionados swear by porcelain filters and manual infusion or even the effortful cold-drip brewing. But there are far more ways to prepare coffee – like for example the Karlsbader Kanne, the Napoletana or the French press. If you would like to find out more about these and other types of coffee making, or would like to taste the difference, the Hermetic Coffee Roasters, not far from Sternschanze, is the right place.
Adresse: Sternstraße 68, 20357 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 33 98 82 98
Åpningstider: monday-friday 8:30am-7pm; saturday-sunday 10am-6pm

Luicella´s Ice Cream

The new ice cream parlour in the Langen Reihe offers a unique glass of love bursting with flavour and colour.The combination of 100% natural ingredients, fresh ice cream, house made sauces and crunching toppings make this sensational ice cream appearance and taste unforgettable.
Adresse: Lange Reihe 113, 20099 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 94 79 30 09
Åpningstider: Winter: monday-sunday 8am-6pm

Große Freiheit 36

Grosse Freiheit 36 is actually made up of three locations: The big concerts and parties take place in the main room. In the Kaiserkeller, legendary because of the Beatles' performances in the 1960s, small bands regularly take the stage and music fans dance to rock, metal and gothic sounds during the week.
Adresse: Große Freiheit 36, 22767 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 317 77 80
Åpningstider: thursday 9pm-open end; friday and saturday 10pm-open end

Central Park Hamburg

At Central Park there is a relaxed mood that leaves the hustle and bustle of everyday life outside its doors. Enjoy the chilled atmosphere of the beach club located in the trendy district of Schanze. Relax and enjoy your evening among the diverse clientèle. When you feel the fine sand between your toes and have a delicious cocktail in your hand, you will soon forget that you are sitting in the middle of Hamburg's stressful trendy district. .
Adresse: Max-Brauer-Allee 277, 22769 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 433684
Åpningstider: monday-thursday 2pm-10pm; friday 2pm-12pm; saturday 11am-12pm; sunday 11am-11pm


With its long bar and mini-disco, Goldfischglas has developed in recent years into a popular meeting place in the middle of the Schanze district. Under dimmed lights and a slick but casual atmosphere, you can sip on the best lattes and long drinks or enjoy a Beck's Gold. The party atmosphere arrives later when the mini disco gets going.
Adresse: Bartelsstraße 30, 20357 Hamburg
Åpningstider: daily 2pm-open end

Mojo Club

When then Mojo Club opened at the beginning of the 1990s, it was the "place to be" because it definitively enshrined club culture in Hamburg. The hip hop and dancefloor jazz evenings were of the highest quality, and the so-called "Dub Conferences" held here, where the people on the dancefloor were soaked in bass, are also fondly remembered. Which is why old and young dance enthusiasts are delighted that the legendary Mojo Club has opened its doors again for more long nights.
Adresse: Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 319 1999

20 Up Bar

The Empire Riverside Hotel, regarded with scepticism by those against gentrification, hosts three bars including "20up". The name already reveals its exclusive location on the 20th floor of the building. Anyone can drop in for a cocktail here without booking a hotel room and enjoy breathtaking views of the harbour in a classy atmosphere.
Adresse: Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 31119 70 470
Åpningstider: sunday-thursday 6pm-2am; friday-saturday 6pm-3am
Transport: U3 St. Pauli


One of the hottest dance clubs in Hamburg can be found on the Reeperbahn. House and techno dominate the sounds at Baalsaal, but all other kinds of electronic music are also represented here. The huge sound system also attracts DJs to the rostrum who are used to bigger dancefloors. Which does not mean that there aren't any promising newcomers on the decks. Early birds be warned: Nothing much happens before 1am.
Adresse: Reeperbahn 25, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 94 79 32 95

Uebel & Gefährlich

The imposing overground bunker on Feldstrasse was for many years a hardly used, dirty dark stone block on the outskirts of Heiligengeistfeld. It was gradually revived by various companies. With the arrival of the club Uebel & Gefährlich on the fourth floor, the party and music culture was finally established. Since then Hamburg has gained a location that impresses not just with its location, but also with the great acts that perform here.
Adresse: Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 317 93 610

Kulturhaus 73

Kulturhaus 73 offers a lively cultural programme in various rooms spread over several floors, consisting of gigs, dances, jam sessions, theatre performances, film screenings, "Tatort" screenings, table football tournaments and more. People also come here for breakfast or snacks. Their very own kiosk is very popular - even with frequenters of Schulterblatt who actually have a very different goal.
Adresse: Schulterblatt 73, 20357 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 319 75 55 15

Boilerman Bar

Stirred, never shaken. The Boilerman Bar specializes in so-called Highballs. These drinks are made from a base spirit like whisky or gin and a “filler” such as ginger ale, tonic water or similar. He used to stand on the steam engine tender and shovelled coals into the boiler – the so-called “boilerman”. In the bar of the same name in Eppendorf, things are anything else but hot – on the contrary: here, they use a Japanese luxury ice machine that produces over-dimensionally large, spherical ice cubes.
Adresse: Eppendorfer Weg 211, 20253 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 55 55 75 44 0
Åpningstider: monday to saturday 6pm-2am; sunday 6pm-12pm

Grüner Jäger

Located right on Neuer Pferdemarkt, Grüner Jäger is something of a border post between the Kiez and Schanze. It's not just pop and rock concerts from smaller bands here. One of the most successful Hamburg club series of the last few years, the "Revolver Club", is also based here. And with the slogan "TV doesn't make you lonely!" the TV set is tuned in on Sunday to the latest episode of "Tatort".
Adresse: Neuer Pferdemarkt 36, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 31814617
Transport: U3 Feldstraße, St. Pauli

Cotton Club

After several moves, the oldest jazz club in Hamburg made its home on Grossneumarkt in 1971. Since then it has treated its guests to live music from national and international artists. Phil Masons N.O. All Stars, Truck Stop, Ikey Robinson and Sami Swoi have all played here. There is table service for drinks and snacks.
Adresse: Alter Steinweg 10, 20459 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 34 38 78
Åpningstider: monday-sunday: 8pm-open end;


Here they party like crazy. With constantly changing DJs of international renown playing house, R&B and electronica, Halo lures party-goers four times a week for exuberant dancing on Grosse Freiheit. Especially popular is the "Uniscene Experience" on Fridays, which - as the name suggests - is mainly, but not exclusively, directed at students.
Adresse: Große Freiheit 6, 22767 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 87 87 06 80

Chug Club

The Chug Club is a real enrichment of the Hamburg nightlife: in the happy mixture of puffy-cosy club and sophisticated bar culture, you can experience wholly new, surprising moments of indulgence away from hard-core parties and the masses. “Welcome to The Chug Club! Here, we are dedicated to tequila. If you like, I’d be happy to explain the menu.” With such a warm and personal greeting by the barkeeper, you feel well taken care of from the start.
Adresse: Taubenstrasse 13, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 35 73 51 30
Åpningstider: monday-thursday 6pm-2am; friday-saturday 6pm-4am; sunday 6pm-2am


The award-winning star bartender Uwe Christiansen regularly creates new cocktails at his bar, including those with curious names such as "Apple Strudel" or "Virgin Mint Colada". For enthusiasts who want to try mixing drinks themselves, Christiansen also offers crash courses.
Adresse: Pinnasberg 60, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 317 2863
Åpningstider: monday-thursday 8pm-2am; friday 8pm-3am; saturday 8pm-4am
Transport: S-Bahn Reeperbahn


Formerly a cinema, at the end of the 1980s the hall on Spielbudenplatz developed as Docks into an established presence on the Hamburg pop music scene. Famous German and international musicians and bands take the stage here. The hall has a capacity of up to 1,500 spectators. At weekends, DJs turn the Docks into a temple of dance.
Adresse: Spielbudenplatz 19, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 31 788 30

Angie's Nightclub

Angie's has live music featuring swing, jazz, funk and dance and is famous for its cocktails. Open from 10 p.m through to the morning, Wednesday-Saturday and from 9 p.m on Sundays.
Adresse: Spielbudenplatz 27, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 31 77 88 11
Åpningstider: wednesday-saturday 10pm-open end; sunday 9pm-open end


Heavy, sound-absorbant carpeting, dim indirect lighting, bizarrely patterned wallpaper – and as a vanishing point for the eye, a metal lion of huge proportions, which is set into the back wall and guards over the people sitting at the bar. Welcome to the Kingdom of the Lion! Here, you will find cocktails of excellent quality. And when we say cocktails, we don’t mean fruit-and-umbrella decorated fruit-spirit-cream concoctions, but exquisite classics and own creations. Here, Jörg Meyer invented the now famous Gin Basil Smash.
Adresse: Rathausstr. 3, 20095 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 33 47 53 78 0
Åpningstider: monday-saturday 6pm-3am; sunday 8pm-1am


"Where the Beatles played first" is the slogan of Indra at the end of Grosse Freiheit. The fact that the first Hamburg performances of the Fab Four took place here gives the club to this day a cult-like aura. But apart from this, Indra has recently developed a good reputation as a medium-sized, live music venue.
Adresse: Große Freiheit 64, 22767 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 43 26 43 30

Mellin Passage

In the old Mellin arcade — Hamburg's oldest shopping arcade today — you can admire the ceiling paintings and stained glass from the turn of the last century. Here, you’ll find antiques, art and rare literature at Felix Jud, exclusive porcelain vases and dishware at the Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur, and countless tea varieties at the Arka-Teepavillon. The Mellin Passage connects the Alsterarkaden with the luxury shopping street Neuer Wall. With the picturesque ceiling paintings the shopping mall is a real find for tourists alongside their shopping spree.
Adresse: Neuer Wall 13, Hamburg


Colourful, alternative, creative and enticing: The market street in the Karolinen district in Hamburg shows that it can also hold its own with the big shopping streets and centres in the Hanseatic city, but it is always different despite that! The exceptional position of the Karolinen district has retained its vibrant, village character: in the middle of Hamburg, the small quarter is bordered by Messe, Schlachthof and Heiligengeistfeld.
Adresse: Marktstraße, Hamburg
Transport: Subway U3, exit Feldstraße

St. Georg district

St. Georg is unusual and sinful, chic and gay and always good for lurid headlines. Life plays out on an iconic stage here. Prominent artists and creatives feel at home on the colourful streets, just as much as business people, yuppies, junkies and lost souls. It's just the allure of difference that makes this area so attractive to tolerant people.
Adresse: Lange Reihe, Hamburg
Transport: All trains to the Central Station

Jungfernstieg Shopping Promenade

Jungfernstieg provides a diverse connection between the Inner Alster and the surrounding shops and attractions. Set a date at this central location and start shopping in the nearby department stores — especially the famous and traditional Alsterhaus but also small but refined shops. After a break and refreshment in the Alsterpavillon, continue through the surrounding shopping areas and arcades.
Adresse: Jungfernstieg, Hamburg
Transport: All trains to Jungfernstieg station

Europa Passage

Europa Passage is more than a shopping centre — it is a real attraction in Hamburg. There are over 120 shops on five floors. Whether you're into fashion, books or electronics, the shopping mall in the city centre between Jungfernstieg and Mönckebergstrasse has it all. You can spend a lazy afternoon protected from the wind and weather in this impressive building designed by Hamburg architect Hadi Teherani.
Adresse: Ballindamm 40, 20095 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 30 09 26 40
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 10am–8pm
Transport: U + S Bahn to Jungfernstieg


Mönckebergstrasse is Hamburg’s major shopping mile. It has been the central link between the town hall and the central train station since 1909. The buildings on Mönckebergstrasse pay witness to the city’s merchants’ pride and economic stability. And even today, this boulevard displays an impressive variety of large department stores, fashion boutiques, retail shops, cafés and food stalls. The Levantehaus is among the city’s smallest and finest shopping arcades.
Adresse: Mönckebergstraße, Hamburg, Germany


The Alsterhaus in Hamburg is one of Germany’s major department stores. The exclusive range of products, the classy sense of trends and the artful presentation have shaped the image of the Alsterhaus significantly. On six floors the premium department store presents many shopping highlights — from international luxury brands to home accessories and prime groceries — and therefore links tradition and modernity.
Adresse: Jungfernstieg 16-20, Hamburg


Schanzenviertel is home to many bars, restaurants, small foreign traders, fashion boutiques and associated clientele dominate the streets in the centre. Just recently in 'Schanze' (so the Hamburg natives say) a series of new stores have opened that make the area attractive and versatile for shopping. The selection in the fashion boutiques ranges from fresh labels such as Chica Bandita, Indian Rose, Diesel, Lee and Levi up to Hamburg cult label Derbe. But also hip hop and skate shops, vinyl shops and shops with colourful knick-knacks and fun gift ideas provide a shopping experience away from the mainstream.
Adresse: Sternschanze, Hamburg


Eppendorf is one of the "chicest" districts in Hamburg. Your shopping trip in Eppendorf begins on one of the main roads: Eppendorfer Landstrasse, Eppendorfer Weg or Eppendorfer Baum. Cool and stylish Scandinavian fashion can be found at the "Grand Hotel of Sweden". At Linette you will find current collections by Chloé, Marc Jacobs, and Prada. Next you can move on to the quaint coffee roasting house Burg on Eppendorfer Weg: besides several varieties of freshly roasted coffees you can also buy cocoa, teas and chocolate.
Adresse: Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

The Art of Hamburg

"On the Reeperbahn at half past midnight" like the old song goes? Everyone can claim this! More convincing is an "engineer's" shirt with genuine oil stains, sailor's underpants with an anchor printed on them or the Hamburg coffee service in fine bone china. These and other declarations of love from various artists and designers to the "most beautiful city" in Germany are sold in the tiny shop on Ditmar-Koel-Strasse. Right next to where the big ships are moored you can find a Hamburg souvenir that is worth showing the world.
Adresse: Ditmar-Koel-Straße 19, 20459 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 - 41 42 44 19


Just stroll under the arcades and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere and exclusive shops. Hungry? Then you shouldn't miss the Arabian cuisine at Saliba. Then in the old Mellin arcade - Hamburg's oldest shopping arcade today - leading to the Neuer Wall, you can admire the ceiling paintings and stained glass from the turn of the last century. Relax: just sit on the steps by the canal, feed the swans, watch the canal steamers at the locks - or walk along the canal through to the Elbe.
Adresse: Alsterarkaden, Hamburg


Towards the sunrise - that is the meaning of the word "levante". Built in 1911/1912 by Franz Bach as an office building, the first major tenant of today's passage gave it its name, the German Levante Line. This atmosphere is complemented by exquisite shops of various kinds, ranging from cafés to fashion, from fragrant bakeries to gift shops that satisfy every wish. When entering Levantehaus you will also see the Park Hyatt Hotel, where at Apples Restaurant & Bar you can enjoy excellent creations by the house chef.
Adresse: Mönckebergstraße 7, 20095 Hamburg

Herr von Eden

What can you say about Bent Angelo Jensen and his label Herr von Eden? Ever since Jan Delay bought his stage outfits exclusively from the always perfectly dressed, native Flensburger, his suits have been renowned throughout Germany. He likes to combine classic cuts, sometimes inspired by the 30s, sometimes by the 60s, with unusual accessories such as the Edeneyes / Mikita sunglasses, which Lady Gaga also likes.
Adresse: Marktstraße 33, 20357 Hamburg

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumünster

Only 40 minutes from Hamburg, you will find the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumünster. Northern Germany's largest outlet is offering 30-70% off RRP all year round and has become a shopping paradise for fashion lovers. More than 110 stores with your favourite designer brands such as Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Zwilling or WMF as well as a diversified gastronomy and the village-style, invite guests to linger. The location next to motorway A7, free parking and a shuttle from Hamburg Dammtor provide easy access.
Adresse: Oderstraße 10, Neumünster
Telefon: +49 4321 55 86 88 0
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–8pm

Neuer Wall

Neuer Wall is the "boulevard" of luxury brands: from Armani to Jil Sander - Bulgari, Cartier and Sönnichsen are represented here, as is Offermann and Louis Vuitton. You can reach the luxury shops over wide and elegantly paved pavements to rejoice at Windsor or Burberry's clothing, jewellery at Tod's, writing instruments from Montblanc or jewellery at Wempe.
Adresse: Neuer Wall, 20354 Hamburg


One of the most popular shopping streets in Hamburg runs from the central station to Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz. There are chain stores here such as Zara, Douglas, H&M, Anson’s and Görtz. Jewellers, opticians and Thalia, Hamburg’s largest bookshop, are located next door to banks, chemists and cafés.
Adresse: Spitalerstraße Hamburg

Flohschanze Flea Market

The flea market around the old cattle slaughterhouse for many St. Pauli natives marks the start of the weekend. On Saturday mornings, countless retailers set up their stalls here, with clothes, antiques, records, books, musical instruments, bikes, chic retro furniture — whatever your heart desires and your luggage can fit. Coffee, cold drinks and some snacks are on offer at the gatehouse on Feldstraße that has been converted into a cafe.
Adresse: Neuer Kamp 30, Hamburg
Åpningstider: Every Sat 8am–4pm
Transport: Subway U3, exit Feldstraße

Derbe & Support

The makers of the Derbe label equipped the classical, wind and weather-defying jacket with the Hamburg coat of arms, gave it a brightly coloured exterior and a lining with a fish-head print and since then the "Derbe Friese" has been a long-distance runner, not only in Hamburg. All models of the snazzy raincoat for men and women are available in the Derbe store on Osterstaße in Eimsbüttel.
Adresse: Osterstraße 169, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 49 22 29 29


The Hanseviertel shopping mall is nestled in the heart of Hamburg. Nowhere else can so many different stores be found under one roof. Fashion, gifts and treats to savour in a very special way. Also worth seeing inside is a spectacular granite globe showing the history of the Hanseatic trade routes.
Adresse: Poststraße 33, Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 80 802 02 20
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 10am–8pm

St. Pauli Night Market

The St. Pauli Night Market is not your average weekly market. It takes place at the heart of the Reeperbahn, on the Spielbudenplatz. It very much shares the St. Pauli vibe and is open late (at least for a flea market). The beer garden with a live music stage makes this weekly market an after work meeting place and offers an unforgettable shopping experience.
Adresse: St. Pauli Nachtmarkt, Spielbudenplatz, Hamburg
Åpningstider: Every Wed 4pm–midnight

Hamburg Airport (HAM)

The ultra-modern Hamburg Airport close to the city centre offers quick arrival options and easy access to all national and international destinations. You can get to and from the airport via a suburban train (S1 line), one of the five bus lines (including a night bus and an express bus), by taxi or your own car. You will find an overview of the most important connections to public transport with the latest schedule on the official website of Hamburg Airport.
Adresse: Flughafenstraße 1, Hamburg

Lübeck Airport (LBC)

Lübeck Airport is a smaller airport located 8 km (5.0 mi) south of Lübeck and 54 km (34 mi) northeast of Hamburg. It is the secondary airport for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, after the much bigger Hamburg Airport (HAM). Sometimes you will even see the airport called 'Hamburg Lübeck' for marketing purposes. You can get from Lübeck Airport to Hamburg by train (via Lübeck Hbf). This trip should take you about 1.5 hours. You can make the same trip by bus, but it will take you a while longer — about 2.5 hours.

Public Transport

Save yourself the time and avoid the stress of driving. In the Greater Hamburg Area, suburban and underground railways and the "MetroBus" network operate on weekdays from 5am until around 11pm at 5 to 10 minute intervals. Night, express and regional buses complete the transport network. To make it easier on the travel budget, visitors to Hamburg have various options for cheaper tickets for group and day tickets as well as the Hamburg CARD. The Hamburg CARD not only offers public transport by bus, train and harbour ferry (HVV) but also discounts at more than 150 tourist attractions!

StadtRAD Hamburg

Hamburg rides bikes! Explore the city at your own pace with the sleek red wheels of the Hamburg bike hire system StadtRAD! For locals and tourists alike, StadtRAD Hamburg is practical and the perfect means of transport in the city. There are currently more than 250 hire stations and 3,100 bikes available in many suburban railway and underground stations in the central area as well as major residential areas, business districts and major leisure and tourist attractions.
Telefon: +49 40 822188100


Car sharing is a great option if you want to take a spontaneous trip to the suburbs or have a lot of heavy shopping to do. There are essentially two types of carsharing schemes in Hamburg. With non-stationary carsharing you pick up a car and drop it off at any available parking spot within the rental area. Providers like Share Now and Sixt are parked all over the city. Companies like Cambio, Greenwheels, and Flinkster operate carsharing stations, where you can choose different models. These schemes work better when you book in advance and make more sense for longer-distance travel.


You can easily flag a taxi down or check the link below for numbers and further information. Fare meters are used and there are numerous taxi companies. All German Taxis go by the meter. Reckon on €15 per 15 minutes along with a small tip. All taxi drivers should accept payment with cash and by debit- or credit card. Two popular and recommended companies are: Hansa-taxi +49 40 211 211 Das Taxi +49 40 22 11 22


The post office at Hauptbahnhof railway Station is located in the shop K Presse + Buch. It's open on Monday to Saturday from 5 am till 5 pm. Other post offices are open Monday to Friday from 9 am till 6 pm and on Saturdays usually from 9 am till noon.
Adresse: Hauptbahnhof, Glockengießerwall 8-10, Hamburg
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 9am–5pm


You can fill your prescription and buy over the counter medication in hamburg by finding one of the many pharmacies signed with the large red letter “A”. They are often confused with drugstores (Drogerie), where you can get toiletries, but not medication. Pharmacies in Berlin are usually open just like any other store: closed in the evening, on Sundays and holidays. If you need medication outside of normal working hours, you can also visit your local emergency pharmacy. Check the website below (available only in German) to find the closest one to you.


To call from an international device, pre-dial the country code + 49 plus the area code 40, before dialling the actual telephone number.
Adresse: Hamburg, Germany


Germany uses the Types C and F (with two earth clips on the side) electrical plug with two round pins, same as in many countries in Continental Europe. The standard voltage is 230 volts, but some hotels have special plugs for 110 or 120-volt shavers.