Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Saarbrücken

Saarbrücken, Germany's small jewel lying on the French border, is Saarland's charming and amicable capital that has some truly intriguing stories to tell: a plethora of Roman and Baroque landmarks, all scattered along the Saar river, speak of the region's eventful past.


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Saarbrücken Castle

This Baroque castle is undoubtedly the most prominent landmark of Saarbrücken. First mentions of a "Castellum Sarabrucca" date back to medieval times, but the city had seen several attacks and revivals until the building reached its current imposing presence. Today, it is home to various cultural events and the Invisible Jewish Memorial, made up of cobblestones engraved with cemeteries from all across Germany.
Adresse: Schloßplatz 1, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 506 1313
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 9.00–17.00, Sat and Sun: 10.00–18.00 (winter: 17.00)
Transport: lines 108, 121

St. Johanner Markt

Get a taste of local life at the city's most popular gathering venue, and take a stroll along the narrow alleyways lined with myriad cafés and restaurants. The fountain in the middle of the square was designed by Friedrich Joachim Stengel, and together with Ludwig's Church and the Castle, it forms what is called the Stengel triangle. You'll also find Fröschengasse here, formerly a workers' district with Baroque-style houses.
Adresse: Sankt Johanner Markt, Saarbrücken

Basilika St. Johann

This 18th-century Baroque Catholic church had undergone destruction and renovation several times throughout its history; today it is renowned for its exceptional, three-part organ system, and is a dominant element on the Saarbrücken's cityscape.
Adresse: Gerberstraße 31, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 32964
Åpningstider: Mon, Fri, Sat: 9.30–19.15, Tue, Thu, Sun: 8.30–19.15, Wed: 8.30–17.00
Transport: Saarbahn to Johanneskirsche or Landwehrplatz

State Park (Bürgerpark)

Formerly a coal port, the city's central park has developed into locals' favourite outdoor spot since the 1980s, proudly holding a Landscape Architecture Prize for the design by Peter Latz. It has a photographable open-air stage, a pond, skate park, and plenty of paths for a stroll along the Saar river. It neighbours on the movie theatre CineStar, among other attractions.
Adresse: Bürgerpark, Saarbrücken

Town Hall (Rathaus St. Johann)

Saarbrücken has plenty to offer to the lovers of architecture, and one unmissable landmark is the city's town hall, built at the turn of the 20th century in neo-Gothic style and designed by Georg Von Hauberrisser, whose works also include the town hall in Munich.
Adresse: Rathausplatz 1, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9050
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 8.00–16.30, Thu: 8.00–18.00

Moderne Gallerie

A contemporary museum embracing a wide range of German and French art from Impressionism until present-day works. The park of the museum houses a sculpture garden.
Adresse: Bismarckstraße 11–15, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 99640
Åpningstider: Tue to Sun: 10.00–18.00, Wed: 10.00–20.00
Transport: Saarbahn; bus lines 126, 128: Landwehrplatz

Ludwig's Church (Ludwigskirche)

This imposing Lutheran church was constructed in the 1770s, and is another dominant element of the Baroque-style works of F. J. Stengel, having earned just as much recognition as the Frauenkirche in Dresden or the St. Michael's Church in Hamburg.
Adresse: Am Ludwigsplatz, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 52524
Åpningstider: Tue to Sat: 11.00–17.00, Sunday: from 12.00 by arrangement
Transport: bus lines 101, 121 to Hansahaus/Ludwigskirche

St. John's Church (Johanneskirsche)

This 18th-century Evangelical church is a neo-Gothic addition to Saarbrücken's diverse architectural scene. The surrounding square is also a major gathering point.
Adresse: Cecilienstraße 2, Saarbrücken
Åpningstider: Tue to Sun: 15.00–18.00
Transport: Saarbahn and bus lines 101, 103, 125 to Johanneskirsche

Franco-German Gardens (DFG)

This 50-hectare park was established to celebrate French-German relations, and has several jogging trails, a funicular and narrow-gauge railway, blossoming flowerbeds, a pond, catering services, and holds plenty of events and markets throughout the year.
Adresse: Deutsch-Franzoesischer Garten, Deutschmühlental
Telefon: +49 681 905 2159
Transport: bus 123 to Deutsch-Franz. Garten DFG Süd, or bus 126 Deutsch-Franz. Garten DFG Nord

Saarland State Theater

Saarland's cultural centre holds a diverse range of performances from opera to ballet productions, and neighbours on a nice verdant park with trees lining the Saar river.
Adresse: Schillerplatz 1, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 309 2486
Transport: bus lines 126, 128 to Staatstheater

Historisches Museum Saar

Saarbrücken's history museum, neighbouring on the Saarbrücken Castle, presents the turbulent history of the French-German border area with special emphasis on the era following the Franco-Prussian war of 1870–71, through various permanent and temporary exhibitions.
Adresse: Schlossplatz 15, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 506 4506
Åpningstider: Tue to Sun: 10.00–18.00, Wed: 10.00–20.00

Calypso Wellnessparadise

A true water paradise equipped with several indoor, outdoor pools, and water slides, also offering aqua fitness lessons, wellness programmes, and many more to entertain the whole family. Don't forget to try the Stollensauna, a sauna grotto evoking the region's mining history.
Adresse: Deutschmühlental 7, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 588 1770
Åpningstider: Bath and sauna: Mon to Fri: 10.00–22.00, Sat and Sun: 9.00–22.00
Transport: Buses 30, 103, 104, 126 and 151 to Messegelände

Saarbrücken Zoo

Saarbrücken Zoo is home to more than a thousand animals, and provides fun and interactive programmes to introduce them all to you. Join the penguin and seal feeding, or even stay for the night for some bat spotting!
Adresse: Graf-Stauffenberg-Straße, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 905 3600
Åpningstider: 8.30–18.00 (March to October), 9.00–17.00 (November to February), 9.00–12.00 (24, 31 December, Mondays)
Transport: lines 105, 107

Saar Alpaka Farm

Home to an ever-growing number of llamas, alpacas, and donkeys, Saar Alpaka Farm offers visitors fun and educative tours, unique worldwide in that you might even get to cross the border with this adorable family.
Adresse: Im Almet 163, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 173 190 3930
Åpningstider: Sat, Sun and public holidays: 13.00–18.00 (from November to March until 17.00)
Transport: bus lines 108, 128 to Tabaksweiher, bus 123 to Spicherer Weg

Völklinger Ironworks

Völklinger Hütte, one of the world's largest iron works spreading across six hectares, was established in 1873, and has remained remarkably intact during its operation spanning the next hundred years. Today, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it functions as a museum and science centre, offering interesting insight into the industry's history.
Adresse: Rathausstraße 75–79, Völklingen
Telefon: +49 6898 9100 100
Åpningstider: March to October: 10.00–19.00, November to April: 10.00–18.00 daily
Transport: 10 minutes by train from Saarbrücken,


There are several interesting landmarks in Mettlach that make this small town worthy of a day trip: its 19th-century Old Abbey is the headquarters of ceramics manufacturer Villeroy & Boch; there is also a visitor centre, while nature lovers can admire the beauty of Saarschleife, a spectacular bend of the Saar river just a few kilometres from the city.
Adresse: Villeroy & Boch: Saaruferstraße 1–3, Alte Abtei, Mettlach
Telefon: +49 686 481 1020
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: 10.00–17.00, Sun: 14.00–17.00

Roman Villa Borg (in Perl)

Travel back to ancient times at this renovated Roman-age villa, discovered only recently in the 19th century. It houses an archaeological museum, and has well-tended rose and herb gardens. Special programmes like donkey tours and overnight stays can be organised here too.
Adresse: Im Meeswald 1, Perl
Telefon: +49 686 591 170
Åpningstider: Mon: closed, Tue to Sun: 10.00–18.00 (April to October), 11.00–16.00 (February, March and November), closed in December and January closed


Germany's oldest city is pure history: it boasts eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, many dating back to the Roman age. The Porta Nigra and the Cathedral, Germany's oldest, are just a few of the rich heritage of what is also called the "Rome of the North". Trier is also noted as the birthplace of Karl Marx, with a museum paying homage to the great thinker's life and work.
Adresse: Tourist Information Centre: Einbahnstraße 60
Telefon: +49 651 978 080


The small, romantic capital of the world's only grand duchy makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Take a stroll along panoramic Chemin de la Corniche, and be sure to visit the Grand Ducal Palace, the tunnels of Bock Casemates, and the vast art collection of MUDAM.
Adresse: Tourist Office: 30, place Guillaume II, 1648 Luxembourg City
Telefon: +352 22 28 09

Kalinski Wurstwirtschaft & Gin Bar

No visit to Germany is complete without having a filling sausage meal, and when it comes to Saarbrücken, no one prepares it with more passion than the Kalinski brothers. Rich and interesting meals of currywurst, fries, and burgers, with vegan options available.
Adresse: Kaltenbachstraße 4, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 3799 7572
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 12.00–23.00, Fri and Sat: 11.00–1.00, Sun: 13.00–22.00

Zum Stiefel

A guesthouse with a traditional restaurant and the region's oldest, 300-year-old brewery, Stiefelbräu: Zum Stiefel is a great place to start your Saarländisch experience.
Adresse: Am Stiefel 2, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 936 450
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 11.45–23.00, Fri and Sat: 11.45–24.00, Sun: visit website

Gästehaus Klaus Erfort

Set in an elegant white villa by a green park, Gästehaus treats visitors to the finest flavours of French cuisine. Guests can also enjoy a sublime wine selection, served by the talented team of Klaus Erfort. Their Michelin awards have earned Mainzer Straße the nickname "the street of stars".
Adresse: Mainzer Straße 95, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9582 682
Åpningstider: Sun, Mon: closed, Tue to Fri: from 12.00 and from 19.00, Sat: from 19.00

ALEX Saarbrücken

ALEX is one of those places everyone in town knows about, and for several good reasons: champagne breakfast, German pizza (or tarte flambée), schnitzel, burgers, and crispy fresh salads, just to pick a few.
Adresse: Saarstraße 15, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 3799 5950
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 8.30–0.30, Fri and Sat: 8.30–2.00, Sun: 9.00–0.30

La Bastille

A traditional French restaurant in the heart of Saarbrücken offering culinary specialities like salmon pancakes, as well as local staples such as the potato-leek hash (Dibbelabbes), unmissable when in Saarland.
Adresse: Kronenstraße 1B, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 31064
Åpningstider: Mon: closed, Tue to Fri: 11.30–14.30, 17.00–23.00, Sat: 11.30–23.00, Sun: 17.00–23.00


From starters to pasta and pizzas 45 cm in diameter, a genuine taste of Italian prosciutto, cheese and tomatoes can be well-enjoyed on the terrace of L'Osteria, proudly representing the worldwide fame of la cucina italiana.
Adresse: Trierer Straße 33, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9927 4820
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 11.30–23.00, Fri, Sat: 11.30–0.00, Sun: 12.00–23.00
Transport: next to Hauptbahnhof


This German restaurant fills up every day with hungered city-tourers, to be served with interesting local specialities like the carrot-ginger soup and green mashed potatoes, or for a simple coffee to pair with a view of the buzzing market square.
Adresse: Sankt Johanner Markt 24, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 3799 200
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: opens at 8.30, Sun: opens at 9.00

Café Kostbar

A cosy restaurant with both indoor and garden spaces in the hip area of Nauwieser, serving finely prepared but abundant brunch and lunch specials through several offers a week. They also make some truly mouthwatering fruit mousse, and other confectionery.
Adresse: Nauwieser Strasse 19, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 374 360
Åpningstider: Mon: 17.00–1.00, Tue to Fri: 11.30–1.00, Sat:10.00–1.00, Sun: 10.00–14.00


From oven-baked potatoes, schnitzel, and layered burgers to sweet waffles with ice-cream topping, expect a rich and hearty meal at one of Saarbrücken's most frequented eateries.
Adresse: Bahnhofstraße 38, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9068 480
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 8.30–0.00, Fri and Sat: 8.30–2.00, Sun: 9.00–0.00

Tbilissi Bar, Resto, Lounge

In homage to the town twinning between Saarbrücken and the Georgian capital, Tbilissi Restaurant awaits visitors with the traditional flavours of Georgian cuisine, from the famous cheese bread (khachapuri) to rich vegetable salads (pkhali).
Adresse: Saarstraße 13, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9100 5645
Åpningstider: Mon: closed, Tue to Fri: 18.00–23.30, Sat: 17.00–23.30, Sun: 12.00–15.00, 18.00–23.30

Lángos Street Food

A culinary gem in southwest Saarbrücken serving that hearty, paprika-spiced goulash and other Hungarian staples like the cheese-topped flatbread (lángos): all worth a detour to satiate your appetite.
Adresse: Stengelstraße 31, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 1522 925 6990
Åpningstider: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 9.30–16.30, Thu: 9.30–19.00, Sat: 18.00–23.00, Sun: closed
Transport: bus lines 104, 109, 124, 126 to Roonstraße

The Bakery

A friendly little café right behind the Town Hall, serving locals' favourite sugar-powdered homemade cakes, crépes, and quiches, and arguably the creamiest coffee in town.
Adresse: Gerberstrasse 7, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9581 8570
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 9.00–19.00, Sat: 9.00–18.00, Sun: closed

Henry's Eismanufaktur

This artisan shop offers flavourful, richly garnished and preservative-free ice cream, and is simply regarded the best place for a refreshing treat in town.
Adresse: Kappenstraße 1, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9387 7207
Åpningstider: Wed to Sun: 13.00–19.00, Mon, Tue: closed

Chez Jérome

Open around the clock, Chez Jérome is a bakery where you can not only give a fresh start to your day, but also sate your midnight hunger after a long night out.
Adresse: Mainzerstraße 54, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 6816 3730
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 4.00–17.00, Sat and Sun: 1.00–13.00, night café: Thu and Fri: 18.00–2.00, Sat: 21.00–2.00
Transport: bus 126, 128 to Paul Marien Straße

Confiserie Café Schubert

An elegant patisserie which has been serving an ample selection of finely prepared and garnished confectionery since 1950. Lunch is also served every day, so ask for the weekly menu.
Adresse: Sulzbachstraße 2 / Schwarzenbergstraße 15, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 6813 6699
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: 8.00–18.00, Sun: 11.00–18.00

Café Lolo

A classic German café well-known citywide for their traditional recipes and exceptional coffees. Their buttercakes are always on demand! There are two locations in town.
Adresse: Heuduckstraße 67, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 6815 1828, +46 681 390 7745
Åpningstider: Mon: closed, Tue to Sat: 7.00–19.00, Sun: 9.00–19.00. Literaturcafé: Mon to Sat: 9.30–19.00
Transport: bus lines 104, 109, 124, 126 to Roonstraße

Fürst Ludwig

A simple yet welcoming café by the imposing building of Ludwig's Church. Stop by and check the daily lunch menu, which usually consists of rich but healthy meals, from stuffed zucchini to potato soup.
Adresse: Am Ludwigsplatz 13, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 52573
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 9.00–0.00, Sat: 8.00–0.00, Sun: 10.00–23.00


A downtown café with an open-air terrace serving breakfast, home-made cakes and waffles, which also has weekly lunch offers, rich in fresh green ingredients to match every diet. Vegan cakes are also available.
Adresse: Evangelisch-Kirch-Straße 8, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 595 3578
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: 9.00–20.00, Sun: 14.00–18.00


A stylish little café with a friendly atmosphere, serving sweet treats and weekly specials ranging from sushi lunch to currywurst with home-made sauce.
Adresse: Keplerstrasse 12, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9476 9922
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 7.00–19.00, Sat and Sun: 10.00–19.00
Transport: bus stop Ludwigkirsche

Old Murphy's

Over 45 beers on tap, pub quiz, karaoke nights, and a lively international atmosphere: this Irish pub in the city's main square never fails to entertain. Food specials include premium Irish beef burgers and fish & chips, as well as various salads for a lighter meal.
Adresse: St. Johanner Markt 11, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9103 2217
Åpningstider: Mon to Sun: 10.30–3.00

Shotz Bar

Whether it's predrinks or the last rounds of the night, Shotz has a remarkable selection of shots, to be tried and analysed: can you guess the ingredients of a "Tony Montana" or an "All-In"?
Adresse: Fröschengaße 6, Saarbrücken
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu: 19.00–2.00, Fri and Sat: 19.00–3.00, Sun: closed

Baker Street im Hirsch

English breakfast is served every Sunday at this elegant tearoom, but be sure to drop in later as well, as it turns into a real Victorian pub with plenty of English food and Irish beers, and fun events from pub quiz to whiskey tasting. A crime to miss!
Adresse: Saargemünder Straße 11, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 9581 2454
Åpningstider: Mon: 18.00–13.00 Tue, Wed, Thu: 18.00–0.00, Fri: 18.00–2.00, Sat: 12.00–2.00, Sun: 10.00–0.00
Transport: bus lines 126, 128

Jules Verne

A laid-back hipster bar just outside the old town with craft beers, brunch, daily lunch offers, and regular live performances, including stand-up comedy nights.
Adresse: Mainzer Straße 39, Saarbrücken
Åpningstider: Mon and Tue: closed, Wed and Thu: 17.00–0.00, Fri: 15.00–2.00, Sat: 10.00–2.00, Sun: 10.00–22.00
Transport: bus 126, 128 to Paul Marien Straße

Garage Saarbrücken

A stylish nightclub in a brick building hosting parties and concerts that span the entire musical spectrum, from pop and disco to heavy metal; all this several times a week.
Adresse: Bleichstraße 11–15, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 989 143
Åpningstider: Fri and Sat: 11.00–5.00

Cafe & Bar Celona

Whether it's a morning coffee or afternoon cocktails with some Mediterranean snacks, Bar Celona is a spacious and colourful hangout spot that also holds theme parties regularly, similar to its other locations throughout Germany.
Adresse: Berliner Promenade 5, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 938 66523
Åpningstider: Mon to Thu, Sun: 9.00–0.00, Fri and Sat: 9.00–2.00


The city's nearly one-kilometre long pedestrian street, linking the central station with St. Johanner Markt, will surely entertain you even on a rainy day: a shopping round through its international stores and covered walkways can well fill up an entire day.
Adresse: Bahnhofstraße, Saarbrücken
Åpningstider: Shops are open from Monday to Saturday, some until 20.00

St. Johanner Markt

Get a taste of local life at the city's most popular gathering venue, and take a stroll in the narrow alleyways along the myriad cafés and restaurants. The fountain in the middle of the square was designed by F. J. Stengel, and together with Ludwig's Church and the Castle, it forms what is called the Stengel triangle. You'll also find Fröschengasse here, formerly a workers' district with Baroque-style houses.
Adresse: Sankt Johanner Markt

Europa Galerie

A few minutes from the train station, Europa Galerie is a three-storey shopping mall housing over a hundred stores and offering plenty of services and catering facilities. The building is a true architectural gem, with mosaic tiles produced by famous Villeroy & Boch, headquartered in nearby Mettlach. Another few minutes' walk along Trierer Straße, and you will reach Bahnhofstraße, the city's 700-metre long lively promenade.
Adresse: Trierer Straße 1, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 755 9550
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: 9.30–20.00, Sun: closed

The Kaiserviertel Quarter

The charming pedestrian streets of Kaiserviertel are filled with a wide range of small boutiques and plenty of services. Its small cafés always make for some prime people-watching, especially during the popular food markets held here every Thursday. Don't miss out!
Adresse: Futterstraße, Sulzbachstraße, Saarbrücken
Transport: Saarbahn to Kaiserstraße

Nauwieser Viertel

Considered the hip quarter of Saarbrücken, this area north of St. Johanner Markt is worth a detour for its art and second hand stores (check out Tabula Rosa), as well as unique bars and eateries. Have this place on top of your list if you are visiting at the end of July, for it hosts the annual Nauwieser Fest.
Adresse: Nauwieser Viertel, Saarbrücken

Mainzer Straße

Just when you think you've found all the gems of Saarbrücken in the old town, you'll reach Mainzer Straße, the city's eastern artery running through this friendly quarter with myriad shops and restaurants. Enjoy the cinema, try yourself at the climbing gym, or indulge in flavours at the Michelin-starred Klaus Erfort restaurant. Tours in the quarter are also organised.
Adresse: Mainzer Straße, Saarbrücken
Transport: bus lines 126, 128 to St. Johanner Markt


A shopping mall right next to the Saarbrücken Zoo with several fashion stores, services, supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants. Various programmes like flea markets or sports days are organised regularly.
Adresse: Breslauer Straße, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 681 980 130
Åpningstider: Mon to Sat: 8.00–20.00, Sun: closed
Transport: bus 107 and 138 to "Saarbasar". Saarbahn: change at Römerkastell to bus 138

Best Time to Visit

Like most of Germany, the region is characterised by a continental climate, with notable differences in temperature between the winter and summer periods. The warmest month is July when temperature peaks at around 25°C, while it is usually close to freezing around December and January, also with considerable precipitation. March and August tend to be the driest. Saarbrücken hosts several festivals throughout the year. Major winter events are the Christmas market starting at the end of November and the Max Ophüls Preis film festival in January, while in the summer tourists flock to the city for the popular Nauwieser Street Festival.

Passport / Visa

Germany can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by the citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE, and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travellers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. The citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Saarbrücken Airport (SCN)

Saarbrücken Airport is located 15 km from the city centre, and is a predominantly domestic airport that also serves some international flights (e.g. Luxembourg, Spain, Tenerife, Greece, Turkey). Car rental and taxi services are available, and bus line R10 connects the airport with the city centre. The closest major airports are in Luxembourg City (100 km) and Frankfurt (180 km).
Adresse: Balthasar-Goldstein-Straße, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 6893 830

Public Transport

Saarland is served by the lighttrail trains of SaarBahn, running between Riegelsberg and Saareguemines (in France). There are also various bus lines in the Saarbrücken area which are in the same system as the SB trains. Tickets may only be purchased from machines or on the bus. The area is divided into various zones, with varying ticket validity time.
Adresse: Nassauerstraße 2–4, Saarbrücken
Telefon: +49 6898 500 4000
Åpningstider: browse timetable:


Contact any of the companies below. Taxi Saarbrücken: +49 681 55000. Taxi Schneider: +49 681 71111, Taxi Hartmann (in Dudweiler): +49 689 773 033,

Post Office

Postal services in Germany are provided by Deutsche Post, and there are several post offices across the city centre.
Adresse: Dudweilerstraße 17 / Vorstadtstraße 59 / Mainzer Straße 39, Saarbrücken
Åpningstider: Mon to Fri: 9.00–18.00, Sat: 9.00–12.30, Sun: closed


Stadtapotekhe Bahnhofstraße 37 +49 681 948 890 Viktoria Apotheke Bahnhofstraße 95–97 +49 681 36148 Stengel Apotheke Eisenbahnstraße 25 +49 681 52363
Åpningstider: Usually from 8.00 until 19.00 or later, closed on Sundays


Country code: +49 Area code: (681)


In Germany, the current voltage is 230V. Socket type: F