Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i Sylt

Sylt has long been a playground for Germany’s rich and famous, and is called the "German Hamptons" for good reason. Pronounced "Zoolt," Sylt is a surreally beautiful, 25-mile long island on Germany’s North Sea coast, that has one of the longest unbroken stretches of immaculate sandy beach in all of Europe. Sylt is famous for its invigorating sea air and sense of space. This summer enjoy magnificent vistas of the sparkling sea, huge sand dunes and endless fields of bright-yellow flowering rape!

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Westerland Beach

Sylt is one of the islands on the Surf World Cup Tour and there a plenty of opportunities to hit the waves along Westerland Beach. Surf Schule Westerland is a good place to start, offering lessons and renting out equipment.
Adresse: Brandenburger Strasse 15, Westerland
Telefon: +49 465 127 172

Hiking by List

Near List lies the Wanderdünengebiet, where you can hike between the grass-covered dunes. Why not rent a strandkorb for the afternoon? A hooded wicker seat big enough for two that keeps the wind out, and pampers you with pull-out foot rests and tables.
Adresse: List beach, Sylt
Telefon: +49 465 187 7174

Amrum Island

When the tide recedes, mud flats are exposed allowing you to walk between islands. Trekking across the Wadden Sea is so evocative that it has even got its own verb, Wattwanderungen. However, in order to avoid the quick-sands and the tides, you must go with a guide.
Adresse: Amrum Island, Sylt

Föhr Island

A good Wattwanderung is to get a boat to Föhr, which takes about two hours. The island is something out of a fairy-tale, and you can explore some of its incredibly pretty villages. There is storytelling in recognition of the fact that Hans Christian Andersen used to holiday here in the 1840’s.
Adresse: Fohr Island, Germany
Telefon: +49 465 198 700

Sylter Heimatmuseum

This old sea captain’s home offers a fascinating and slightly eccentric glimpse into the past. Entry into the building is through a gate made of two gigantic whale ribs.
Adresse: Am Kliff 19, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 31 669

Sylt Aquarium

Discover over 150 species of fish from both the tropics and the North Atlantic. Come face to face with all manner of marine life, from exotic fish to three metres long sharks.
Adresse: Gaadt 33, Westerland
Telefon: +49 4651 83 625 22
Åpningstider: Daily 10am-6pm


By far the best way to explore Sylt is on a bicycle. There are superb, properly surfaced cycle lanes running throughout the island. Bikes are available to hire in almost every village at Fahradverleih, bike hire outlets.
Adresse: Platform 1, Hauptbahnhof, Westerland
Telefon: +49 40 244 24 90


The cliffs are among the most beautiful forms of scenery on Sylt. These relics of the Ice Age, rising up to 20 metres, can be found in Morsum (Colourful Cliffs), Kampen (Red Cliffs), Wenningstedt (White Cliffs) and Keitum (Green Cliffs).
Adresse: Morsum


In 1936 and 1937, the German army built a dam five kilometres long between Tinnum and Rantum right across the Wattenmeer tidal flats with the aim of building a marine airport. In 1962, the area was declared a conservation area and rapidly developed into a popular breeding ground for many species of birds. Guided tours explain the local flora and fauna of the Rantum basin to holidaymakers.
Adresse: Rantumbecken, Sylt

Forces of Nature - Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten

Forces of Nature is a great, fun exhibition for the whole family! Learn about the different forces of nature in a 1500 square meters open space. There is a 800 square meters outdoor playground area for you to continue your adventure.
Adresse: Hafenstrasse 37, List, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 836 190


Ellenbogen is a great place to visit for a relaxing walk out in nature on the north part of the island. It is shaped like an elbow, therefore the name Ellenbogen which means elbow in German. If you drive here, you need to pay a small fee but it is worth the visit as the nature is so beautiful.
Adresse: Ellenbogen, List, Sylt

Golf Club Budersand

Golf Club Budersand offers you an amazing golf experience, everything from the tee to the breathtaking views to the relaxing dinner and drinks after the course. As it is an open landscape a good idea is to go when it is not too windy, or you can just enjoy the clubhouse and what they have to offer.
Adresse: Fernsicht 1, Hörnum, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 449 27 10

Church St. Severin

This is a beautiful and familiar church located in Keitum. Have a look inside, and maybe you will have the chance to hear the choir sing. The cemetery around has separate tombs, you are welcome to have a look around.
Adresse: Proestwai 20, Keitum, Sylt
Telefon: +49 465 131 713


The lighthouse and the surrounding area is simply beautiful. Take a walk and breathe in the fresh, crisp air or go for a swim in the cooling water.
Adresse: Hörnum, Sylt

Kutter Gret Palucca

With Kutter Gret Palucca you can book a trip to go out on an excursion. It is especially fun for the kids as they can see crabs, starfish and other sea creatures up front. The cruise takes around 1.5 h hour.
Adresse: Hafen, List, Sylt
Telefon: +49 18 0512 33 44


A favourite among celebrities, thatch-roofed Gogärtchen is the place to see and be seen on Sylt. Enjoy the glorious modern German cuisine created by award-winning chef, Thomas Fischer.
Adresse: Strönwai 12, Kampen, Sylt
Telefon: +49 465 141 242

Jörg Müller

Boasting a Michelin star, Sylt’s classiest restaurant serves local specialities as well as contemporary European cuisine. Outstanding signature dishes include oysters with compote of red shallots and champagne sauce. Book early to make sure you get a table.
Adresse: Süderstrasse 8, Westerland, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 27 788

Käpt’n Selmer Stube

Käpt’n Selmer Stube has Italian and Asian influences on the menu, and you eat in beautifully tiled rooms alternatively on the terrace watching the sun set over the Wattenmeer. Not long ago this was rewarded 16 out of 20 points by "Gault Millau," and received one star from Michelin guide.
Adresse: Heefwai 1, Sylt, Munkmarsch
Telefon: +49 465 193 970

GOSCH Lister Fischhaus

Thirty years ago, Jürgen Gosch wandered Sylt’s beaches selling eels. Today, Sylt’s "Fish king" has the tastiest eateries on the island.
Adresse: Hafenstraße 16, List, Sylt
Telefon: +49 465 187 13 11


The legendary Wonnemeyer restaurant is a very popular meeting place with its relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. Wonnemeyer also has two unique features: a beach sauna where you can sweat it out all-year-round, as well as an adventure ship for children "stranded" just in front of the door. While parents enjoy a glass of wine watching the sun go down, youngsters can crawl excitedly through cabins, over rigging and up the mast of a twelve metre long wooden ship.
Adresse: Strandstraße 1, Wenningstedt, Sylt
Telefon: +49 465 145 299

Samoa Seepferdchen

Samoa Seepferdchen is located on the beach of Samoa with a cosy heated outdoor area for you to enjoy late summer nights. The food is regional but Mediterranean inspired and there is an extensive wine list to go with the menu.
Adresse: Hörnumer Straße 70, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 5579


There is a reason why Sansibar is The Place to be. The venue is chic, the food is outstanding, service impeccable and they have a truly extensive wine list as well as a spacious seating area on the beach. Come as you are or throw on your high heels, you just cannot go wrong with Sansibar.
Adresse: Hörnumer Straße 80, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 964 646

Restaurant Strönholt

Restaurant Strönholt is a part of the Budersand Hotel and a golf club restaurant. This five star venue is very popular in the summer and therefore it is recommended to book in advance. The view of the sea from here is beautiful and it is a perfect place to go to for brunch as well as dinner.
Adresse: Fernsicht 1, Hörnum, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 449 2727


Riva invites you to an Italian lunch or dinner. Despite the many food options Sylt has to offer, it is just sometimes hard to beat a good, old pizza. They also serve other Italian options.
Adresse: Paulstraße 10, Westerland, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 299 713

Die Kupferkanne

Die Kupferkanne on Stapelhooger Wai is a labyrinthine of a World War II bunker that has been transformed into a tearoom serving exotic teas and delicious cake.
Adresse: Stapelhooger Wai, Kampen
Telefon: +49 465 141 010

Fisch Blum

Fisch Blum is a fish outlet that makes a mean salad buffet and lunch. Great, decent meals which is well worth the cheap price.
Adresse: Neue Str. 2, Westerland

Cafe Vienna Pastry

Cafe Vienna Pastry has a never ending array of sweets, chocolate, biscuits and cakes. The family driven enterprise is much appreciated by the locals, and visitors soon discover this pleasant coffee shop.
Adresse: Strandstr. 13, Westerland
Telefon: +49 4651 5335

Buhne 16

Buhne 16 is a legendary bistro on the beach. Here you can take a sunbath, chill-out on the beach and drink in a cool atmosphere. Their summer party’s have a cult following.
Adresse: Listlandstr. 128c, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 4996

Club Rotes Kliff

Achingly hip, Club Rotes Kliff in Kampen is where you will find the fanciest cocktails, the coolest music and some very beautiful people. Trendy without being snooty.
Adresse: Braderuper Weg 3, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 944 110


The island’s capital is a great attraction for shopping enthusiasts. The pedestrian areas are where the action is, mainly on Friedrichstrasse, Paulstrasse, Strandstrasse, and their connecting streets, which are packed full of all kinds of shops, boutiques, brand-name stores and smaller, individual souvenir and leisure wear shops, as well as art galleries, craft workshops, cafés and restaurants.
Adresse: Strandstrasse, Westerland


Artisans have traditionally settled in the tranquil village of Keitum and its surrounding villages in Sylt-Ost. Their artistically acclaimed work is sold in the local galleries or in workshops.
Adresse: Keitum, Sylt


Kampen, Sylt’s most exclusive village, might be home to only 600 people, but there are nevertheless branches of designers like Bulgari, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski and Tod’s, each in its own thatched cottage. Stroll through the shops on Strönwai, Kampen’s most well-known shopping street, and those in the Kurhausstrasse, Hauptstrasse and "Zur Uwe Düne," and you really will get a feel for how cosmopolitan and sophisticated Kampen is.
Adresse: Strönwai, Sylt

Good to Know

All visitors to Sylt are charged a resort tax called a Kurtaze that is spent on keeping the island beautiful and clean. In return, you receive a Kurkarte, or resort card, which gives you access to the beaches and discounts at museums. If you’re staying at a hotel, the Kurtaze is normally added to the room rate. If you are a day-tripper to the island, you will need to buy a day pass, Tageskarte, from one of the kiosks that can be found along near the beaches. Naturism is quite popular in this part of the world, so those wanting to go au naturel or those of a modest nature should remember that beaches labelled FKK are designated for naturists.

Westerland Sylt Airport

Westerland Sylt Airport is located 2 km west of Westerland. There isn´t a bus service to/from the airport, though many hotels offer shuttle service. As it is extremely close to the city-center, one option could be to take a walk. Alternatively, you could rent a car or take a taxi.
Adresse: Westerland Sylt Airport, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 9206 12

Public Transport

There is a network of reliable bus services throughout the island. During the day, the main north-south route runs at 20 minute intervals. Sylt has seven different travel zones with different price ranges.


As visitors will quickly discover, cycling is big in Sylt and is perhaps the most fun way of getting around. Flat and uncongested, Sylt is perfect for cycling. The island has also miles of cycling paths weaving through pine forests. Bikes can be hired throughout the island. The most convenient place to hire a bike is at Westerland station.


Taxi Ruf Sylt +49 55555 Taxi-Service Henke: Kirchenweg 8, Sylt +49 4651 6699 Marc Wernher Aurel Henke Taxibetrieb: Friesische Str. 47, Sylt +49 4651 299999
Adresse: Kirchenweg 8, Sylt
Telefon: +49 465 166 99


This holiday resort features pharmacies ("aphoteke" in German) throughout the entire island, with the majority of them located in the central and in List. Look out for the red "aphoteke" sign. Uwe-Jens-Lornsen-Apotheke: Am Tipkenhoog 8, Sylt +49 4651 935230 Die Sylt-Apotheke: Friedrichstraße 27, Sylt +49 4651 98630
Adresse: Willhelmstrasse 7, Westerland, Sylt
Telefon: +49 4651 935230


Country code: +49 Area code: 4651


220 volts AC, 50Hz