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Rio de Janeiro – the city’s name alone conjures up images of pristine beaches, lush forests, and thrilling celebrations. Sitting on top of the Corcovado Mountain, Christ the Redeemer watches over the two-faced party capital of Latin America, split between a bustling urban landscape and an outstanding natural environment. Rio is a city like no other, known worldwide for its magnificent New Year firework display on Copacabana beach, its explosive carnival, its joyful people, and exquisite multicultural cuisine.
Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer

Standing on top of Corcovado Mountain, 710 meters above the sea level, Christ the Redeemer overlooks the metropolis below with outstretched arms. The statue, named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, embraces the whole city, welcomes and protects, yet appears to keep a watchful eye on locals and visitors. Venture up through the Tijuca Rain Forest to the top of the mountain for a closer look and be rewarded by fabulous views of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Copacabana, Ipanema, the Maracanã Stadium and the Serra do Órgãos mountain range. You can hike up to the statue or comfortably reach it by way of a twenty-minute tram/car ride.
Adresse: Cristo Redentor, Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

Admire Rio's flora and fauna in the botanical garden which sits right next to the Tijuca National Park, naturally attracting different animal species to settle. If you check their schedule, you can participate in night strolls through the park or listen to an educational lecture in the green.
Adresse: Rua Jardim Botânico 1008, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 874 180 8
Åpningstider: Monday 12:00 - 18:00. Tuesday - Sunday 8:00 - 18:00.
Rio de Janeiro


Being the largest aquarium in south america, AquaRio holds up to 8000 animals of 350 different species in their tanks. Stroll through tunnels amidst the marine animals to admire the colourful fish and corals. An exciting experience not only for families but also for anyone with an interest in wildlife.
Adresse: Praça Muhammad Ali, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 042 531 2
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Museu do Amanhã

Translated to English, The Museum of Tomorrow is an exhibition that combines science and art and shows its visitor, among other things, the future developments mankind will face in biodiversity, technology, climate change and growing population . Launched in 2015, this place is a great way to explore the unknown in an interactive way.
Adresse: Praça Mauá 1, Rio de Janeiro
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Mosteiro de São Bento

A rather unremarkable facade hides a rare abundance of gems: opulent and gilded carvings from in 17th-century Baroque and Rococo styles embellish the interior, in addition to two magnificent statues of the Saints Benedict and Scholastica and an ornate high altar.
Adresse: Rua Dom Gerardo 68, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 206 810 0
Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf

Timidly emerging from the waters of the Guanabar Bay, this 395 meters tall, egg-shaped mountain is one of tourists' favorite destinations in Rio de Janeiro. Check the weather forecast to be sure of going in a clear day, and venture up to the top of the mountain to enjoy an astonishing 360-degree view including that of the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the pristine beaches, the cityscape and the surrounding natural environment. The easiest and fastest way to reach the top of the mountain is by cable car but climbing is always an option.
Adresse: Sugarloaf Mountain, Urca, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Held seven weeks before Easter, the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval (Carnival) is a five-day extravaganza of bright colors, energy and samba music. From Friday to the Ash Wednesday, the town comes to life and becomes the scene of breathtaking shows, samba school exhibitions and parades of floats. The Carnival is an ode to happiness and joy of living, an unforgettable experience that brings together locals and tourists alike. Come and join the dancing crowds in the streets! If you want to experience these spectacular festivities, be sure to book hotels and flights with good time since they run out extremely fast and often come at high prices.
Adresse: R. Marquês de Sapucaí, Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Mirante Dona Marta

This popular lookout offers a beautiful view over Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado. Given its proximity to the city, many photographers prefer to shoot from here rather than climb to the top of Corovado. The two places, however, are very close and easy to visit on the same day.
Adresse: Mirante Dona Marta, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Rio das Ostras Jazz & Blues

In its first 15 years of life, this outdoor festival has established itself as one of the most important events in the country, featuring some of the best performers in the world. Held in the city of Rio das Ostras, surrounded by golden sandy beaches, green hills and crystal-clear waters, the event offers 4 days of high-quality music.
Adresse: St. Peter's Square, Av. Cristóvão Barcelos 53, Rio das Ostras
Rio de Janeiro

The Beaches of Rio de Janeiro

The State of Rio de Janeiro is world-renowned for its many breathtaking beaches. Copacabana is probably Rio’s most famous beach: located in the vibrant neighborhood of the same name, it is almost 6 km long, home of the New Year celebrations and official venue of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Tourists meet here all year round to play sports, sunbathe and dance till morning. Other beaches close to the center of the city are Ipanema and Leblon, both crowded with cafés, bars and restaurants, while the beaches of Barra da Tijuca, Prainha and Grumari are great for surfing and water sports enthusiasts. Nearby Búzios, a former fishing village, offers many spots to practice surfing, volleyball, scuba diving and windsurfing. Located on a small peninsular area, the village is fringed by many beautiful beaches, such as Geribá, Enseada de Manguinhos, Armação, Praia dos Ossos, Azeda and Ferradura. Approaching Rio from Búzios, you will find Arraial do Cabo, the perfect place for an unforgettable scuba diving experience through crystal-clear waters and rock formations teeming with tropical fish.
Adresse: Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Aventureiro Sustainable Development Reserve

The Aventureiro Sustainable Development Reserve is located in the southwest of the IIha Grande, Rio de Janeiro’s largest island, in the Angra Dos Reis Bay. The reserve, established in 1990, features extraordinary unspoiled nature, many animal species and is home to the ancient caiçaras fishing community.
Adresse: Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis Bay, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro


The favelas are Brazil's gloomily famous shanty towns. Once shelter for war veterans and freedmen, they have now become the symbol of social and economic inequalities in the country. A guided tour of these communities represents a unique opportunity to understand the locals' living conditions, their challenges and their daily struggles. If you have the chance, visit the famous favela named Rocinha to discover a whole different side of Rio de Janeiro. Visits are only recommended as part of a supervised guided tour, and may be unsafe to do on one's own.
Adresse: Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Teatro Municipal

The twentieth-century Teatro Municipal magnificently overlooks Praça Floriano, contrasting against neighbouring modern skyscrapers with its splendid facade. The theatre is a symbol of architectural renovation promoted by the early 1900s republican regime, and is inspired by Paris of that period. Its luxurious interiors are decorated with statues, paintings and frescoes. You can attend one of the many shows or book a guided visit.
Adresse: Praça Floriano, Cinelândia, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 332 919 1
Åpningstider: Guided tours: Tuesday - Friday 12:00, 14:30 & 16:00. Saturdays 11:00, 12:00 & 13:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Escadaria Selarón

Considered a must see in Rio de Janeiro, the Escadaria Selarón is not an ordinary staircase, but rather the life's work of a Chilean painter named Jorge Selarón, his odd obsession and his romantic homage to the city that adopted him. The 'Escaderia' is made up of 250 steps and over 2000 tiles: stretch your legs and get ready to climb an astonishing cascade of colors.
Adresse: Rua Manuel Carneiro 24, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Sitio Roberto Burle Marx

Former property of the famous Brazilian landscape architect and artist Roberto Burle Marx, the residence and its 100-acre gardens house an extensive exhibition synthesizing the artist's genius, ideals and innovation. The large number of plant species, their diversity and a revolutionary mix of nature and art, make this collection one of the most important and entrancing in the world.
Adresse: Estrada Roberto Burle Marx, 2019, Barra de Guaratiba, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 410 141 2
Rio de Janeiro

Samba Schools

When visiting the country of samba, why not put your dancing shoes on and try a few moves yourself? Rio's samba schools are active participants in the city's Carnival parades, competing to be crowned champions each year. Does watching samba dancers during the Carnival inspire you? Then don't be afraid to hit the streets and join them to express your own rhythm. One of the most famous samba schools of the city is called Mangueira, founded in 1928 and a 19-time Carnival champion.
Adresse: Rua Visconde de Niterói, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 567 341 9
Rio de Janeiro

Hang Gliding over Rio de Janeiro

Hang gliding really is one of the best experiences the city has to offer. Take flight from one of the many hills surrounding Rio de Janeiro and glide smoothly through the gentle Brazilian wind. There are different companies offering hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, and even if the place of departure may change, all routes fly over the most important sights and attractions of the city.
Adresse: Estrada da Canoa 722, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 219 984 390 06
Rio de Janeiro

National History Museum

The National Historical Museum in Rio de Janeiro is renowned for the quality of its exhibitions and its ability to chronologically and interactively present the history of Brazil. Six permanent and one temporary exhibition will guide you from the prehistoric era to the present day, using both historical finds and multimedia resources.
Adresse: Praça Marechal Âncora, Centro, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 299 032 4
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 17:30. Saturday - Sunday 13:00 - 17:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Cais do Oriente

This fancy restaurant located in a XIX century warehouse, in the heart of old Rio, is still reminiscent of the transoceanic trade era of the past. Enjoy traditional Brazilian dishes in a charming and refined ambiance, often animated by live performances of samba and bossa nova. The restaurant also features a lovely indoor garden decorated with palm trees.
Adresse: Rua Visconde de Itaboraí 8, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 253 546 5
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 22:00. Sundays 11:00 - 17:00.
Rio de Janeiro


Located just a stone's throw from the Copacabana Beach, Lebanese restaurant Amir is one of the best exponent of Arab cuisine in Rio de Janeiro. Let the flavorful Middle Eastern delicacies charm you and rest assured, Amir's trademark generous portions will satisfy your appetite. Many vegetarian options are available.
Adresse: Rua Ronald de Carvalho 55, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 275 559 6
Åpningstider: Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 23:00. Friday - Saturday 12:00 - 0:00.
Rio de Janeiro


Hidden in the narrow Travessa do Paco, Hachiko has proven to be a real culinary gem and one of the best restaurants in town. Take a seat on the wicker and bamboo chairs and wait for the restaurant's staff to flood your table with Asian delicacies and treasures of Japanese gastronomy. Meals are served in the typical Brazilian rodízio style.
Adresse: Travessa do Paco 10, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 533 636 6
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 16:00 & 18:00 - 23:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Braseiro da Gavea

Renowned for its grilled meat and traditional Brazilian food, this restaurant is loved by both tourists and locals, who often crowd the streets outside while waiting for a table. Thanks to its informal and lively atmosphere, the generous portions and the many local specialties offered, the Braseiro da Gavea is unanimously considered one of Rio's best places to enjoy a traditional Brazilian meal.
Adresse: Praça Santos Dumont 116, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 239 749 4
Åpningstider: Sunday - Thursday 11:30 - 1:00. Friday - Saturday 11:30 - 3:00.
Rio de Janeiro


Located on the edge of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and surrounded by the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, Lagoon is a large complex of different restaurants and movie theaters. Take a seat on the terrace and enjoy a multicultural meal admiring the spectacular scenery.
Adresse: Av. Borges de Medeiros 1424, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 529 530 0
Rio de Janeiro


Honored with two Michelin stars, Oro is a sophisticated restaurant where respect for Brazil's culinary traditions meets the chef's trailblazing audacity. Felipe Bronze, the award winning chef and owner, is ready to amaze you with aesthetic creations and original flavors.
Adresse: Rua General San Martin 889, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 540 876 8
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Friday 19:30 - 23:00. Saturday 13:00 - 15.00 & 19:30 - 23:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Zaza Bistro Tropical

Colorful, cosmopolitan restaurant in Ipanema specializing in healthy and organic food in a relaxed and charming ambiance. Zaza offers a top-notch dining experience in an informal, quirky environment.
Adresse: Rua Joana Angelica 40, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 247 910 1
Åpningstider: Monday - Thursday 18:00 - 0:00. Friday - Saturday 12:00 - 0:00.
Rio de Janeiro


Founded almost 30 years ago by the French chef and television personality Claude Troisgros, the Michelin-rated Olympe mixes local flavors and refined gastronomy techniques to create a unique culinary experience.
Adresse: Rua Custódio Serrão 62, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 539 454 2
Rio de Janeiro

Polis Sucos

Founded in 1985, Polis Sucos was the first juice bar ever to open in Rio de Janeiro. Considered an institution by the people of Ipanema, it offers fresh juices prepared exclusively with seasonal fruit, tasty salads and healthy sandwiches.
Adresse: R. Maria Quitéria 70, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 247 251 8
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 0:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Galeto 183

Few block away from the famous Sambodromo, Galeto 183 offers traditional Portuguese food in a cozy and informal ambiance. Highly popular among the citizens of Rio the Janeiro, less so among tourists, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Portuguese culinary experience.
Adresse: Rua de Santana 183, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 252 391 4
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 6:00 - 21:00.Saturday 6:30 - 16:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Org Bistrô

Org Bistrô offers delicious, creative vegetarian meals prepared and presented in accordance with the chef's philosophy of life: to promote a healthy lifestyle and contribute to restoring a balanced ecosystem, using only local, seasonal, organic and unprocessed ingredients.
Adresse: Av. Olegário Maciel 175, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 493 179 1
Åpningstider: Monday - Wednesday 12:00 - 20:00. Thursday - Saturday 12:00 - 22:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Quitéria Restaurante

Located approximately 100 meters away from the beach of Ipanema, Quitéria is an elegant restaurant that offers authentic Brazilian recipes using only local organic and fresh products. Tourist enjoy eating here after a day at the beach, thanks to its top-notch customer service, the many vegan-vegetarian options and its delicious fresh caipirinhas.
Adresse: Rua Maria Quitéria 27, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 267 460 3
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 23:00.
Rio de Janeiro


Creativity, sophistication, and Asian traditions coexist in this elegant restaurant in Ipanema, the crown jewel of the Japanese cuisine in Rio de Janeiro. The charming wooden interiors designed by Thiago Bernardes create the perfect atmosphere for savouring the inventions of Japanese chef Shin Koike.
Adresse: Rua Aníbal de Mendonça 132, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 21 3900 6650
Åpningstider: Monday - Thursday 12:00 - 23:00. Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 0:00. Sunday 12:00 - 22:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Marius Degustare

Located near the Copacabana, Marius Degustare enchants his customers with passionately prepared, high quality fish, seafood, meat and dessert dishes. In addition, you are given the choice of 400 different labels of red and white wine, rosé, prosecco and champagne.
Adresse: Av. Atlântica 290, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 275 065 2 / +55 219 714 615 37
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 12:30 - 0:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Prana Vegetariano

For vegetarian and vegan dishes like cakes, pies, brownies, mousse and pizzas, Prana is the place to go. Chef Marcos Freitas follows his passion for vegetarian food and makes flavour and creativity come together on every plate.
Adresse: Rua Lopes Quintas 37, Rio de Janeiro
Åpningstider: Lunch: Monday - Saturday 12:00 - 16:00. Pizzeria: Monday - Saturday 19:00 - 23:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Confeitaria Colombo

This historic literary café, dating back to 1894, is a part of cultural and artistic heritage of Rio de Janeiro. Best known for a lavish Belle Époque decor that turns the clock back to the early XX century, the Confeitaria serves Brazilian pastries, snacks and tea.
Adresse: Rua Gonçalves Dias 32, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 505 150 0
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 19:00. Saturdays 9:00 - 17:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Café Hum

With various branches located across the city, Café Hum is the perfect place to take a break. It serves rich Brazilian blends as well as cappuccino and espresso, combined with delicious homemade cakes, sandwiches, waffles and pastries.
Adresse: Rua Visconde de Pirajá 580, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 251 543 7
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 19:00. Saturday 9:00 - 14:30.
Rio de Janeiro

Da Casa da Tata

Homey but elegant, the café Da Casa da Tata is famous for its home-baked breads, cakes and Brazilian desserts. Locals and tourists go there in the early morning hours to taste the ultimate Brazilian breakfast, made up normally of juice, coffee, a basket of breads and a piece of cake.
Adresse: Rua Professor Manoel Ferreira 89, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 511 094 7
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 20:00. Saturday 8:00 - 18:30. Sunday 9:00 - 14:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Talho Capixaba

Located in the heart of Leblon, the trendy 'Talho Capixaba' combines elements of a bakery, a deli and a café. Start your day with a cappuccino and a large croissant, visit during lunch to taste the delicious sandwiches or just swing by to buy some freshly baked bread.
Adresse: Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva 1022, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 222 512 876 0
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 22:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Casa Cavé

Founded in 1860, Casa Cavé is one of the icons of Rio de Janeiro's Belle Époque period, together with the Confeitaria Colombo. A visit to the city's oldest bakery, once hangout for noblemen and politicians, offers the opportunity to travel back in time and enjoy traditional Brazilian and Portuguese pastries.
Adresse: Rua Sete de Setembro 133, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 224 252 0
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 19:30. Saturday 9:30 - 14:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Confeitaria Kurt

When in 1940 Kurt Deichmann arrived in Rio fleeing from the Nazi Regime, he probably didn't know that the confectionery he was going to open would have become the most renowned and well-regarded in all of Rio de Janeiro. Even today, Kurt's family still manage the confectionery, serving a wide variety of delicious cakes, cookies and mousses.
Adresse: Rua General Urquiza 117B, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 294 059 9
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 19:00. Saturday 9:00 - 18:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Empório Jardim

Elected to be serving not only the best breakfast in Rio de Janeiro but also in Brazil, Empório Jardim is the right place to start your day in the morning or to drop in at any other time. The interior makes you feel like sitting in a garden while you can enjoy a cafe alongside your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Adresse: Rua Visconde da Graça 51, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 535 986 2
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 8:00 - 22:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium is a vibrant and cosmopolitan samba bar in downtown Rio de Janeiro with a quirky and creative vintage vibe. Feel free to hit the dance floor alongside amateurs and professionals or get a table on one of the upper floors to enjoy live samba concerts from above.
Adresse: Rua do Lavradio 20, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 147 900 0 / +55 213 147 900 1
Åpningstider: Wednesday 19:00 - 1:00. Thursday 19:00 - 2:00. Friday 19:00 - 5:00. Saturday 20:00 - 5:00. Sunday 18:00 - 0:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Bla Bla Champanheria

Fun but sophisticated, the Bla Bla Champanheria combines Japanese food and a wide variety of high-quality champagne labels. Its proximity to the nightlife streets of Barra da Tijuca makes it the perfect place to enjoy a cheerful dinner and get ready for a night of partying.
Adresse: Av Erico Verissimo 843, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 495 004 0
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 18:00 - 2:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Alto Lapa

Located near downtown Rio de Janeiro, the often crowded Alto Lapa is one of the most popular nightclubs of the city, especially among the younger Cariocas. If you are looking for an authentic party experience, away from the main tourists spots, this is the place to go.
Adresse: Travessa Do Mosqueira 13, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 507 039 2
Rio de Janeiro

Clube dos Democraticos

Located in the vibrant Lapa neighborhood, the Clube dos Democraticos is a great place to dance to the rhythm of Brazilian live music. Let the sound of Samba and Forró guide you through the night, find your dance floor partner and enjoy an authentic Carioca experience.
Adresse: Rua do Riachuelo 91, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 252 461 1
Åpningstider: Wednesday - Saturday 22:00 - 4:00. Sunday 9:00 - 17:00 & 20:00 - 23:45.
Rio de Janeiro

Circo Voador

Every weekend, the Circo Voador hosts important names of the Brazilian and international music scene. Rock, samba, reggae and funk music liven up the nights of this famous Lapa concert hall, where the intimate and informal atmosphere helps forge a real connection between the artists and the audience.
Adresse: Rua dos Arcos, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 533 035 4
Rio de Janeiro

Fundição Progresso

Located in an old safe factory, Fundição Progresso is a self-sustaining cultural center, home to art schools, paintings exhibitions, theater plays, circus performances and great musical shows. The best time to visit this evocative building is definitely during the monthly live concerts, but you can come here at any time and still be able to enjoy its many other attractions.
Adresse: Rua dos Arcos 24, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 212 080 0
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 20:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Explorer Bar

Nestled at the top of a small hill in the bohemian Santa Teresa neighborhood, the Explorer Bar awaits you behind the leafy branches of its many trees. This restaurant-cocktail bar serves delicious fresh dishes and original signature cocktails in a warm, cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Adresse: Rua Almirante Alexandrino 399, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 264 966 5
Åpningstider: Tuesday - Thursday 17:00 - 0:00. Friday 17:00 - 1:00. Saturday 14:00 - 1:00. Sunday 14:00 - 0:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Armazém São Thiago

Located in the picturesque neighborhood of Santa Teresa, the Armazém São Thiago is a typical Brazilian bar, bearer of the city's history and traditions. Also known as "bar do Gomez", it serves refreshing cold beers and tasty salgadinhos (finger food).
Adresse: Rua Aurea 26, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 232 082 2
Åpningstider: Monday - Sunday 12:00 - 1:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Carioca da Gema

This bar regularly hosts live acts of well-known carioca artists. Grab a beer, caipirinha or another mixed drink and move your body along to some Brazilian samba or chorinho tunes.
Adresse: Av. Mem de Sá 79, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 219 855 608 34
Åpningstider: Sunday - Tuesday 19:30 - 1:30. Thursday 19:30 - 2:00. Friday 19:30 - 3:00. Saturday 21:00 - 3:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Bar Bukowski

The oldest rock house in Rio de Janeiro, the Bar Bukowski, opens its doors only on Fridays and Saturdays and offers several bars and dance floors in a large outdoor area. Bukowski also hosts concerts and artistic performances for the entertainment of its customers and is absolutely worth a visit -- not only for fans of the genre.
Adresse: Rua Álvaro Ramos 270, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 224 473 03
Åpningstider: Friday 18:00 - 6:00. Saturday 21:00 - 6:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Shopping Streets

The streets of Rio are home to diverse shops, fairs and markets. Ipanema has a mix of upscale and bargain shopping areas, the former being Rua Garcia d’Avila and Rua Maria Quiteria, the latter being Rua Visconde de Piraja and the famous Hippie Market. Head to Barra de Tijuca and Leblon to find bigger, more expensive brands and various shopping malls. To get a taste of the true Carioca shopping experience, visit the city's markets and fairs in Lapa, São Cristóvão and Centro: there you will find, respectively, the Feira do Rio Antigo, the Feira Nordestina São Cristóvão and the Mercado Popular da Uruguaiana.
Adresse: Rua Visconde de Pirajá, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Feira do Rio Antigo

Every first Saturday of the month, Rua do Lavradio hosts the Feira do Rio Antigo, an exciting multicultural event that attracts both locals and tourists. The street fills up with stalls, live bands, dancers and singers, marking the start of a diurnal celebration. The bustling market has all kinds of products, from handicrafts and antiques to vintage clothing, art and food.
Adresse: Rua do Lavradio, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 224 669 3
Åpningstider: Every 1st Saturday of the month 10:00 - 18:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Shop in Búzios

Are you in the mood for an excursion outside Rio de Janeiro? Head to the charming Búzios peninsula, a heaven on earth bounded by a volcanic coastline, diverse beaches and pristine waters. Here you can shop in several boutiques along Rua das Pedras, for anything from Brazilian bikinis, beachwear and surf boards to handicrafts and jewelry.
Adresse: Rua das Pedras, Armação dos Búzios, State of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Rio's shopping malls

When looking for a shopping experience, Rio de Janeiro offers plenty of alternatives, one of which being the many large shopping malls, home to major fashion brands, cinemas and restaurants. Below is a list of the most noteworthy ones. The Fashion Mall: Estrada da Gávea, 89, São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro +55 21 2111 4444 | Barra Shopping: Avenida das Américas, 4666, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro +55 21 4003 4131 | Shopping Village Mall: Avenida das Americas, 3900, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro +55 21 3003 4177 | Shopping Leblon: Avenida Afranio de Mello Franco 290, Rio de Janeiro +55 21 2430 5122 | Shopping Nova America: Av. Pastor Martin Luther King Jr. 126, Rio de Janeiro +55 21 3083 1000 |
Adresse: Avenida das Américas, 4666, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 214 003 413 1
Rio de Janeiro

Feira Hippie

In 1968, a group of Brazilian artists started to sell frames in Praça General Osório to help pay the neighborhood bars' bills. From that year on the event developed and expanded to become one of Rio's most glamorous fairs. At the Feira Hippie you can find creative artwork, colorful clothes and various cheap handicrafts.
Adresse: Praça General Osório, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
Åpningstider: Sundays 7:00 - 19:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Mercado Uruguaiana

Head to the Mercado Uruguaiana, one of the largest flea markets in Rio, to find slashed prices and a wide variety of products, most of which made in China. Put some 'reais' aside and get ready to bargain in order to get clothing, electronics, food and even furniture at the lowest price possible.
Adresse: Rua Uruguaiana, Centro, Rio de Janeiro
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 19:00. Saturday 9:00 - 14:00.
Rio de Janeiro

Feria de Copacabana

The small Feria de Copacabana consists of a collection of clothes and souvenir stalls strategically located in front of the popular Copacabana beach. It opens late in the afternoon and goes on till midnight, giving tourists the chance to enjoy Rio's warm beaches during the day and go shopping in the evening cool.
Adresse: Avenida Atlantica, Copacabana, Río de Janeiro
Åpningstider: Every day 18:00 - 0:00.
Rio de Janeiro


Located in one of the oldest areas of downtown Rio de Janeiro, the Saara flea market is certainly a pleasant surprise for those seeking an authentic Carioca shopping experience. Wander around the over six hundred stalls and find the perfect souvenir to bring home with you.
Adresse: R. Regente Feijó 132, Rio de Janeiro
Åpningstider: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00. Saturday 9:00 - 14:00.
Rio de Janeiro

International Airport Galeão

Most flights arrive into Rio de Janeiro via International Airport Galeão. The airport is on Governador Island, the largest one in Guanabara Bay, and is located around twenty kilometers from the city center. The airport is served by a good road network, including the Linha Vermelha and Linha Amarela freeways and Avenida Brasil. International Airport Galeão has a range of facilities including ATMs, bank, restaurants, telephones, parking and car hire offices. There are four bus lines (2018, 2101, 2145 and 2918) that run to and from the city center and Rio’s other airport, Santos Dumont Airport. The buses run every ten minutes and journey times, which usually take around 40 minutes. can vary depending on the time of day For regular taxis there are two companies at the airport, Aerotaxi: +55 21 2467 1500 and Aerocoop: +55 21 3078 5050. There are also VIP taxis available.
Adresse: Av. Vinte de Janeiro, Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 004 605 0
Rio de Janeiro

Passport / Visa

Brasil can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Israel, UAE, South Africa and most countries in America. Visitors coming from most South American countries can enter the country with an identity document instead of a passport. Venezuelan visitors, however, need a visa in case of stays longer than 60 days. Visa-free entry for a period shorter than 30 days is granted to citizens of Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Singapore. Nationals of Panama, Malaysia, Namibia, Guatemala, Bahamas and Barbados can enter the country visa-free for tourism purposes only. Most of African countries' citizens must obtain a visa in advance. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country.
Rio de Janeiro

Best Time to Visit

Rio de Janeiro is characterized by hot, extremely humid summers and cool, cloudy winters; therefore, choosing the best period to visit the city depends mainly on individual preferences. Summer is the best period for hot weather lovers and party people willing to tolerate high humidity and frequent rainfall. From November to February Rio's beaches are invaded by tourists, especially during the famous Carnival. From March to May, the Fall season offers Rio's best weather: hot and humid but without the drawbacks of the summer. On the other hand, visiting Rio from June to August, during the cloudy Carioca winter, will allow you to avoid high temperatures, humidity and rainfall; during this season, probably the busiest of the year, accommodation prices tend to increase.
Rio de Janeiro

Santos Dumont Airport

Santos Dumont Airport, located eight kilometers downtown from Rio de Janeiro, operates only regional flights, connecting the main cities of the country. It has a range of facilities, including ATM's, telephones and car hire offices. There are two bus lines that operate from the airport: number 2145 runs to Rio de Janeiro International Airport and number 2018 runs to Rio de Janeiro International Airport and Alvorada. Taxis and rental cars are also available.
Adresse: Praça Sen. Salgado Filho, Centro, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 213 814 707 0
Rio de Janeiro

Public Transport

Rio de Janeiro provides many different means of transportation to get around. The subway is the easiest, fastest and safest among them. It is open from 05h to 24h from Monday to Saturday and from 07h to 23h on Sunday and consists in two lines (orange and green), linking all the main tourist spots of the city. Buses are practical, convenient and, above all, needed to get to the many hilly areas of the city. Just remember to be careful of pickpockets during rush-hour! Night buses are also available. Trams and trains' limited network makes them less useful to tourists. They are, however, used to reach few tourist areas such as Mount Corcovado or Santa Teresa neighborhood.
Rio de Janeiro


Ferries connect the mainland with some of the nearby islands. They are a good way to avoid the road traffic while enjoying the view of the city and its bays. One of the most popular itinerary is the one going towards the tropical Paquetá Island, in the Guanabara Bay. Bicycles are allowed on board if you wish to explore when you disembark.
Rio de Janeiro


There are plenty of taxis in Rio. They are usually fairly priced, but you must beware of the unlicensed ones and use only those associated with an accredited company: yellow, identified by stickers on the window and fitted with meter. Sometimes taking a taxi may not be the best option: Rio is characterized by a heavy urban traffic that may slow you down and make your rate increase significantly; on the other hand, during the night some drivers might quote you excessive rates. Taxis are usually found in the designated ranks outside hotels and airport terminals. When in doubt, ask the hotel or restaurant to call you a taxi, drivers often barely speaks English. Nettaxi +55 21 99292/0947 Aerocoop +55 213 078 505 0 Aerotaxi +55 212 467 150 0 Central Táxi +55 213 878 888 0
Rio de Janeiro


There are many post offices around the city of Rio de Janeiro. The name of the national post agency is Correios, which literally means 'post office'. Post office branches are quite easy to locate thanks to their blue and yellow sign. In Copacabana: Rua 5 de Julho, 89, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro Open: 9:00 - 17:00; Closed on Sunday +55 21 2236 3774 In Centro: Rusa Dom Manuel, Centro, Rio de Janeiro Open: 9:00 - 17:00; Closed on Saturday and Sunday. +55 21 2215 4133
Adresse: Rua 5 de Julho 89, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 236 377 4
Åpningstider: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 17:00. Closed on Sunday
Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro has a number of pharmacies around the city. Large pharmacy chains to look for are Drogaria Pacheco, Droga Raia, Drogaria Pop and Drogaria Venancio. These chains can be easily found everywhere in Rio and are usually open from 7:00 to 23:00. The following pharmacies are open 24 hours a day: Droga Raia Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1282, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro +55 212 274 802 3 Droga Raia Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana, 919, Rio de Janeiro +55 212 548 052 4
Adresse: Av. Ataulfo de Paiva 1282, Rio de Janeiro
Telefon: +55 212 274 802 3
Åpningstider: Open 24 hours
Rio de Janeiro


Country code: + 55 Area code: 21
Rio de Janeiro


In Rio de Janeiro, plugs and sockets are of type N. The standard voltage is 110 / 120 V but many hotels also provide 220 V outlets. Standard frequency is 60 Hz.