Se hva du kan gjøre og oppleve i São Paulo

“Rio is a beauty. But São Paulo – São Paulo is a city,” said Marlene Dietrich about Brazil’s most cosmopolitan city. The city is Brazil’s cultural as well as financial powerhouse, complete with a vibrant music scene, top designer shopping and delicious fusion cuisine, not to mention world-class museums and art galleries. All this is combined with the vibrant local life of Paulistanos, who will surely be easy to make friends with.
São Paulo

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São Paulo


Empanada's is a simple but cosy bar selling good Brazilian beers. To accompany your beer you can try empanadas, Argentinian savoury pastries that are popular throughout South America. Choose from a variety of stuffings or opt for a different snack to compliment your drink.
Adresse: 489 Rua Wisard, Vila Madalena, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3032 2116
São Paulo

All of Jazz

All of Jazz is a laid-back and friendly venue and bar, with consistently good live jazz and “bossa nova performances”. You can hear local talents play Mondays to Saturdays from 7pm. This place is very popular during weekends, so it is recommended to book a table.
Adresse: 1366 Rua João Cachoeira, Vila Madalena, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3849 1345
São Paulo

Café Piu-Piu

Café Piu-Piu is an excellent club that plays a wide range of Brazilian music from live samba to MPB. The venue draws a mixed crowd and is open into the early hours of the morning. There is also excellent live jazz, not to mention live rock on the weekends.
Adresse: 134 Rua 13 de Maio, Bela Vista, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3258 8066
São Paulo


D-Edge is a cool, hip underground venue where the DJ’s play everything from hip-hop to punk and heavy metal (check the regularly updated schedule to see what's on the night you're going out). This is a great place to let loose and dance the night away.
Adresse: 141 Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3665 9500
São Paulo

Bar do Luiz Fernandes

At this place you will find an authentic, longstanding Brazilian bar for those who would like to venture out off the tourist grid. Try the specialty beef croquettes (bolinho de carne) and some ice-cold beers to go along. In- and outdoor seating available.
Adresse: 610 Rua Augusto Tolle, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 2976 3556
São Paulo

Empório Alto dos Pinheiros

At this hybrid neighbourhood bar you will find the best and rarest examples of Brazil's craft beer scene. There are ten choices of draft and another 400 bottled options. Best of all is a nice perk - prices are the same whether you drink in or take away.
Adresse: 305 Rua Vupabussu, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3031 4328
São Paulo

Bar Veloso

Famous both for serving the city's best coxinhas and for their bartender competitions, where participants try to come up with the most innovative caipirinha using all manner of exotic fruits and inventive combinations, Veloso gets quite busy, so be sure to arrive early enough to get a table.
Adresse: Rua Conceição Veloso 54, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5572 0254
Åpningstider: Opens Tue-Fri 17.30, Sat 12.45, Sun 16.00
São Paulo

Skye Bar Hotel Unique

This hotel bar is, as the name suggests, unique in Sao Paulo, offering an impressive panoramic view over the city, which can be enjoyed alongside some fabulous cocktails. Even the prices for drinks are a little higher than average, but you should still definitely give it a try.
Adresse: Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio 4700, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3055 4700
São Paulo

Bourbon Street Music Club

Bourbon Street Music Club's great atmosphere complement the high-level live musical performances that take place every night. Artists are mainly jazz and blues musicians, as the name would suggest, referencing the legendary Bourbon Street in New Orleans, perhaps the most important centre for those genres in the United States.
Adresse: Rua dos Chanés 127, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5095 6100
São Paulo

Pub Crawl São Paulo

For the chance to experience a month's worth of Sao Paulo nightlife in just one night, consider joining the Pub Crawl Sao Paulo. For just one fee you can visit the best bars and clubs in the city and drink the night away with tons of new friends.
Adresse: Rua Wisard 264, Sao Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 98121 4894
São Paulo

Capitão Barley

A warm and welcoming place that offers an outstanding beer selection including over 300 varieties. The bar does not serve any food, but they will be more than happy if you bring your own food. Check their website for current events.
Adresse: Rua Cayowaá 358, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3569 3560
São Paulo

Clube Caravaggio

With a lounge, a large dance floor and stage, two bars and an excellent sound and light system, Caravaggio Club is the ideal place to have a great party. Located in the bustling Álvaro de Carvalho street, the house is open on Friday and Saturday for the Trash 80's party - a success in São Paulo nightlife for over ten years.
Adresse: Rua Álvaro de Carvalho 40, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3237 0908
São Paulo

The Week

The Week is an LGBT club and one of the city's premier electronic music clubs in São Paulo. It boasts two main dance areas, a pool, and a large outdoor courtyard, offering its visitors plenty of possibilities to enjoy the evening. The club tends to attract large crowds and showcase the best DJs of the circuit scene.
Adresse: Rua Guaicurus 324, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3868 9944
São Paulo

Canto da Ema

If you are looking for a great dance location, Canto da Ema is the place to visit. Experience the live music and dance the night away.
Adresse: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 364, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3813 4708
São Paulo

Parque do Ibirapuera

São Paulo's very own Central Park boasts over 2 million square meters of green space. The best way to explore it is to hire a bike. On Sunday mornings there are free music concerts in the Praça da Paz; the Museu de Arte Moderna, the superb Museu Afro Brasil and the OCA Auditorium are all at Gate 3.
Adresse: Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral, Jardins, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5574 5505
São Paulo

Memorial da America Latina

This is a masterpiece of Brazilian modernism designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Be sure to visit the Art Gallery and the Hall of Creativity, a museum dedicated to Latin American folk-art. Do not miss the giant hand with a blood-red map of South America etched upon it.
Adresse: 664 Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, Sao Bento, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 011 3823 4600
São Paulo

Museu Afro-Brasileiro

A museum dedicated to telling the story of Brazil's African-descended population, the largest outside Africa. Here you will find a vibrant and intelligent celebration of the culture and achievements of the African diaspora complete with plenty of art and some stunning photography exhibitions.
Adresse: Parque do Ibierapuera, Jardins, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3320 8900
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00
São Paulo

Museu Arte Brasileira / FAAP

A magnificent building in Higienópolis is the venue for major international exhibits held in the impressive Grand Hall and the wings. You will also find some of the big names of Brazilian art here including Portinari and Di Cavalcanti.
Adresse: 903 Rua Alagoas, Higienópolis, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3662 7198
Åpningstider: Tue-Fri 10.00-20.00, Sat-Sun and holidays 13.00-17.00
São Paulo

Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM)

MAM in Ibirapuera Park might be small, but it is one of São Paulo's best museums to see modern work by emerging and established artists. Here you will find everything from paintings and sculptures to video installations. Outside is a serene sculpture garden that is perfect for relaxing post-visit.
Adresse: Parque do Ibirapuera, Jardins, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5085 1300
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10.00-18.00
São Paulo

Pinacoteca do Estado

One of the best-curated art exhibitions in the city, Pinacoteca does an excellent job of displaying some of the best Brazilian artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. The centerpiece of the impressive collection of sculptures includes a statue by Raphael Galvez called O Brasileiro.
Adresse: 2 Praça da Luz, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3324 1000
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10.00-17.30, until 22.00 on Thursdays
São Paulo

Catedral da Sé

This imposing 14-tower neo-gothic church in Praça da Sé has a crypt containing the remains of Tibiriçá, a native Brazilian who helped the Portuguese in 1554. True to its colonial roots, the impressive doorway has decidedly tropical details like crocodiles that sit alongside the traditional saints.
Adresse: Centro, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3107 6832
São Paulo

Casa das Rosas

The Casa das Rosas, or ”House of the Roses” is a French-style mansion with gardens inspired by the Palace of Versailles. Built in 1935 by famous local architect Ramos de Azevedo for one of his daughters, the building was home to the same family until 1986, when it was made a municipal landmark.
Adresse: 37 Av. Paulista, Paraíso, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 251 5271
Åpningstider: Tue-Sat 10.00-22.00, Sun and holidays 10.00-18.00
São Paulo

Mosteiro de São Bento

Designed by German architect Richard Berndl, the incredible Mosteiro de São Bento houses an enormous organ with about 6.000 pipes and an image of the Kasperovo Virgin covered with 6.000 pearls. Visit on a Sunday for the 10am mass, complete with Gregorian chants from the monks.
Adresse: Largo de São Bento, Centro, São Paulo
São Paulo


Located in Parque Ibirapuera, OCA, a space age building designed by Oscar Niemeyer is a must see, even if you do not want to go inside to have a look at the hugely popular art exhibits.
Adresse: Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo
São Paulo

Pátio do Colégio / Museu Padre Anchieta

São Paulo was founded by Jesuits José de Anchieta and Manoel da Nóbrega on this site in 1554. The church dates from 300 years later but was built in the same style as the original Jesuit chapel. There are regular exhibits devoted to colonial history and sacred artefacts.
Adresse: 2 Pátio do Colégio, São Paulo
São Paulo

Parque Zoológico de São Paulo

Set in 200-acres of Parque do Estado, the São Paulo Zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals, many of which face extinction, such as the golden lion monkey. Must-sees include the monkey enclosures, built on small islands in the park´s lake, and the Reptile House.
Adresse: 4241 Av. Miguel Stéfano, Água Funda, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5073 0811
Åpningstider: 9.00-17.00
São Paulo

Estádio Cícero Pompeude Toledo

The local team São Paulo Futebol Clube can draw on their 17 million supporters. Their team's home stadium, nicknamed Estádio do Morumbi, might not be an architectural marvel, but it more than makes up in atmosphere during home games with crowds of up to 75,000.
Adresse: Estádio Cícero Pompeude Toledo, São Paulo
São Paulo

Pedra Grande - Big Stone Cliff

If you want a great view over this spectacular city you can go to Pedra Grande, in English called Big Stone Cliff. Here you will find tracks, animals living in the wild and try out outdoor activities such as rock climbing. Pictures taken here truly are postcard-ready.
Adresse: Pedra Grande, São Paulo
São Paulo

Aeromagic Balloons

If you're feeling adventurous enough to try soaring up into the sky, São Paulo could be the perfect place to do so on board a hot air balloon. Enjoy this thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime experience while resting your eyes on the beautiful views of São Paulo from above.
Adresse: 531 Rua 2 de Janeiro, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 2684 1206
São Paulo

Edifício Copan

The Copan Building, designed by the modernist Oscar Niemeyer, has became iconic in Sao Paulo. With its serpentine facade and sunshades, it is one of the most unusual architectural monuments of the Brazilian metropolis. A shopping arcade occupies the ground floor.
Adresse: 200 Av. Ipiranga, São Paulo
Transport: Republica
São Paulo

Museu da Língua Portuguesa

The museum houses an interactive display on the development of the Portuguese language, and hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to writers and important subjects related to the Portuguese language. The museum is housed in the Luz Railway Station building, a landmark of its own.
Adresse: Praça da Luz, Centro, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3322 0080
Åpningstider: Tue-Sun 10.00-18.00
São Paulo

Aquário de São Paulo

It is the first thematic aquarium of South America where visitors have the possibility to see and learn about over 300 species of animals at once. It's not just marine creatures that live here, but some land animals as well. Special emphasis is put onto the ethical treatment of animals.
Adresse: 407 R. Huet Bacelar, Ipiranga,São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 2273 5500
Åpningstider: Sat-Mon 9.00-18.00
São Paulo

Museu do Futebol

A great museum for all who love soccer - you will enjoy interactive exhibitions, vintage soccer displays and celebrations of World Cup history. At the same time you have the chance to see one of the world's largest soccer stadiums. On most weekends there will be live music in the café of the museum.
Adresse: Estádio do Pacaembu, Praça Charles Miller, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3664 3848
Åpningstider: Mon-Sun 9.00- 17.00
São Paulo

Instituto Butantan

The Brazilian biomedical research centre famous for its research in vaccines and snake serums is well worth a visit. In two museums you find historical and modern expositions on microbiology. Permanent posters in front of the museum display the history of the institute itself.
Adresse: 1500 Av. Vital Brasil, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 2627 9300
Åpningstider: 9.00-17.30
São Paulo


Mocotó is as local as it gets. For a taste of Northeastern culinary delights, head here and prepare for a short wait to be seated - the restaurant enjoys a rather high popularity. Many of the dishes contain staples like meat, beans and rice in various delicious combinations.
Adresse: Av. Nossa Sra. do Lorêto, 1100 - Vila Medeiros, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 2951 3056
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 12–11pm, Sun 11:30am–5pm
São Paulo


Chalezinho is known for the sweet and savory fondues it serves. Try elevating the humble broccoli by dipping it into freshly molten cheese, or bathing strawberries in chocolate for dessert. The restaurant's menu bears evidence of Swiss influences and focuses on European flavors.
Adresse: Rua Itapimirum, 11 - Morumbi, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3501 9322
São Paulo


This churrascaría serves high-quality meat dishes and is very popular with well-to-do locals. The menu is extensive but the best options are the house favourites like Baby Beef Brangus (which uses steak from the restaurant’s own ranch) and the Feijoada with boar.
Adresse: Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 2954 - Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3165 8888
São Paulo


The mezze are great at this well-priced Middle Eastern restaurant. Signature mouth-watering dishes include Moroccan rice with roasted almonds and chicken or stuffed artichoke bottoms with ground beef. The spacious restaurant is also perfect for spending a few hours with a strong coffee or mint tea.
Adresse: 1397 Rua Haddock Lobo, Cerqueira César, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3061 2203
Åpningstider: Sun-Thu 12.00-24.00. Fri-Sat 12.00-1.00
São Paulo

Capim Santo

Moderately priced food served in a lively patio. Seafood is their speciality. Menus include Bahian dishes and national specialities like Feijoada, a stew of pork, sausage and smoked meat cooked with black beans and garlic, garnished with slices of orange. There is an excellent lunchtime buffet.
Adresse: 471 Al. Ministro Rocha Azevedo, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3068 8486
São Paulo

Veridiana Pizzaria

It might not have a name on the door but you cannot miss the stunning classical building on the corner of Avenida Higienópolis and Rua da Veridiana. Veridiana is a beautiful pizzeria serving delicious traditional pizzas. The grande serves two and you can order different toppings on each half.
Adresse: Rua Dona Veridiana, 661 - Higienópolis, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3120 5050
Åpningstider: Daily 6pm–12am
São Paulo

Le Chef Rouge

A slice of Paris in Latin America, Le Chef Rouge is a São Paulo institution. The menu has a number of delicious salads such as the warm goat cheese salad and beautifully cooked French classics like canard à l´orange, slices of juicy duck served in orange sauce.The wine list is extensive.
Adresse: 2238 Rua Bela Cintra, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3081 7539
São Paulo


Northeastern food is the speciality here including dishes like carne do sol – sun dried beef served with pumpkin and sweet potatoes. It is moderately priced and there is live forró music every Sunday (check the website for other shows throughout the week).
Adresse: R. Artur de Azevedo, 874 - Pinheiros, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3085 0589
São Paulo

Due Cuochi Cucina

At Due Cuochi Cucina, you can try different Italian dishes in a lively, yet romantic, atmosphere. Choose between meat dishes, fish, tasty pastas and appetizers. The menu fatures a number of Italian classics, such as risotto, ravioli, caprese and more.
Adresse: R. Manuel Guedes, 93 - Itaim Bibi, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3078 8092
São Paulo

Fogo de Chão

This authentic steakhouse offers one of the best BBQ-experiences according to its guests. Fogo de Chão offers a tasty, varied buffet and Brazilian side dishes accompanied by an award-winning wine list. This one is an international chain with multiple locations around São Paulo.
Adresse: Av. dos Bandeirantes, 538 - Brooklin, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5505 0791
São Paulo

A Bela Sintra

A Bela Sintra is an elegant restaurant specializing on Portuguese cuisine. This stylish restaurant offers an exclusive and cosy atmosphere, with a menu heavily focused on seafood and meat. Enjoy an impressive selection of Bacalhau dishes and a rather extensive international wine list.
Adresse: R. Bela Cintra, 2325 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3891 0740
São Paulo

Restaurante Bio

Restaurante Bio aims to provide healthy Brazilian dishes while limiting waste of food at the same time, all the while using organic ingredients. Vegan options are available both in their daily and fixed menus, which feature main courses like roasted fish with pupunha fruits as well as tapioca ice cream for dessert.
Adresse: Av. Horácio Lafer, 36 - Itaim Bibi, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3071 1968
Åpningstider: Daily 12–10:30pm
São Paulo

Ponto Chic

Ponto Chic is an atmospheric café that claims authorship to the Bauru sandwich - a tasty sandwich made with roast beef, salad and melted cheese. Apart from the legendary sandwich, Bauru serves other local fare meals in a rather casual setting. Home delivery offered.
Adresse: 27 Largo do Paissandu, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3222 6528
Åpningstider: Mon–Sat 12–6pm
São Paulo


Frevo is a longstanding local establishment - a sandwich bar that is hugely popular with the young crowd and students in São Paulo. Come here for a casual lunch at a good price, and try the local beirute sandwich (it said to be one of the best in town).
Adresse: R. Oscar Freire, 588 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3082 3434
Åpningstider: Daily 10:30am–1am
São Paulo

Bacio di Latte

The ice cream shop, whose branches have now spread all over town, is currently San Paulo's favorite gelatteria. Although their ice creams tend to be on the pricey side, the impeccable quality and variety of flavors is definitely worth the cost. Lactose-free and vegan options available.
Adresse: 136 Rua Oscar Freire, São Paulo
Telefon: +5511 3062 0819
São Paulo

Jardins District

Jardins District is home to several international boutiques, cool restaurants and cafes, which makes it an interesting spot for both luxury and window shoppers. The streets to go for are Oscar Freire Street with chains like Adidas or Versace and the flagship store of Havaianas. You can find other popular brands in Haddock Lobo Street with stores like Armani and Cartier.
Adresse: Jardins, São Paulo
São Paulo

Rua 25 de Marco

One of the most popular shopping streets where you find everything related to cosmetics, craft supplies, clothes, decoration, costumes, toys and so much more. All prices are really low, so it will be a paradise for those who love to shop.
Adresse: Rua 25 de Marco, São Paulo
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00 and Sat 8.00-12.00
São Paulo

Benedito Calixto Arts Market

Every Saturday 300 vendors gather at this open-air market in Benedito Calixto Square. You can find handmade items, second-hand CDs. antiques and many food options in a great atmosphere.
Adresse: Praca Benedito Calixto, São Paulo
Åpningstider: Sat 9.00-19.00
São Paulo

Galeria Do Rock

Galeria Do Rock offers around 450 shops across its five floors, located in the downtown area. Music lovers should especially go and visit since most of the stores in the building are devoted entirely to particular music styles like rock and roll, punk, heavy metal and hip hop. Beatles fans in particular must visit the store "Beatles 4ever".
Adresse: Rua 24 De Maio 62, São Paulo
Telefon: +5511 3337 6277
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 10.00-18.30 and Sat 10.00-18.00
São Paulo

Shopping JK Iguatemi

Retailers like Chanel, Dolce & Gabana, Prada and Topshop are located in this luxury mall. With a modern and clean design its great to come here and shop. Do not forget to go up the rooftop terrace and enjoy its view of Parque do Povo, a nice green area in the neighborhood.
Adresse: Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek 2041, São Paulo
Telefon: +5511 3152 6800
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10.00-16.00 and Sun 12.00-15.00
São Paulo

Sogo Plaza Shopping

Manga fans and anyone curious about the fascinating world of Japanese cultural items must visit this place. All over the shops you find a wide range of accessories, gifts and toys. If you are hungry, there are several restaurants specializing in oriental food on the top floor of the building.
Adresse: Rua Galvao Bueno 40, Sao Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3209 3604
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10.00-24.00 and Sun 10.00-21.30
São Paulo

Livraria Cultura

This three-stores-in-one bookshop in the Cojunto Nacional building is the biggest one in the country, offering a variety of books in Portuguese and English. Just take time with your favourite book you are planning to buy and explore the theatre offering lectures and live music throughout the year.
Adresse: Avenida Paulista 2073, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3170 4033
São Paulo

Shopping Patio Higienopolis

A huge shopping centre with five floors offering everything you expect from a great mall: high-end shops like Burberry and Kate Spade, a fabolous food court and a cinema on the top floor. What is more, there is a beautiful atmosphere and it is just wonderful spending your time here.
Adresse: Av. Higienopolis, 618, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3823 2300
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 10.00-23.00 and Sun 10.00-22.00
São Paulo

Rua do Arouche

Rua do Arouche is where you will find the best leather goods in town. Have a walk through and look if you can find a nice bag, belt, jacket or accessory to buy.
Adresse: Rua do Arouche, São Paulo
São Paulo

Morumbi Shopping

This shopping mall offers a mix of shops, snack bars and restaurants. You will find all the brands that Brazil is famous for. Do not forget to visit the Saraiva-Megastore that sells books, magazines and stationery as well as CD’s, videos and DVD’s.
Adresse: Avenida Roque Petroni Júnior, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 4003 4132
São Paulo

Casa Santa Luzia

If you want to stock up on groceries, head to Casa-Santa-Luzia back in Jardim Paulista, a gorgeous store filled with mouth-watering products from cold cuts, pastas, sauces and imported cheeses, as well as sweets and desserts.
Adresse: Alameda Lorena, 1471, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3897 5000
São Paulo

Espaço Brasil Presentes e Decoração

If you want souvenirs, check out Espaco Brasil back in Jardim Paulista and its three floors of beautifully made Bahia handicrafts and other delights.
Adresse: Alameda Franca, 1167, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3083 5040
São Paulo


High-end department store DASLU is a São Paulo institution with female assistants in little maid outfits serving a who's who of the city's socialites. There are espresso bars throughout this huge store to keep you going as you peruse labels including Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Chanel.
Adresse: Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 2041, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3152 6601
São Paulo

Galeria Ouro Fino

The gallery visited by the wealthier alternaitves of São Paulo inhabits tattoo studios, lingerie shops and hairdressers. On top of that there are small-scale designer shops that will sell you creative and unusual outfits.
Adresse: Rua Augusta 2690 Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
Åpningstider: Mon-Sat 8.00-20.00
São Paulo

Ponto Solidário

This shop supports social projects and local crafts from urban art or native projects are offered in this wonderful shop. Everything is documented to avoid exploitation and the owner loves to have a talk with his visitors explaining everything they want to know.
Adresse: Rua José Maria Lisboa, 838, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5522 4440
São Paulo

Chocolat Du Jour

Chocolate all over the shop, made from 100% Brazilian Cocoa, that is what you get in Chocolat du Jour. The local creations are just delicious, and the staff is always very helpful.
Adresse: Rua Haddock Lobo 1421, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3062 3857
Åpningstider: Daily 10.00-20.00
São Paulo

São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport

The city is served by São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, sometimes called Cumbica, located 30 kilometres northeast of São Paulo. Blue air-conditioned EMTU buses operate between the airport and the city centre. The buses stop at Tietê bus terminal, Praça da República, the major hotels along Avenida Paulista, Brooklin Novo, Barra Funda and Congonhas. The journey to Avenida Paulista takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. The buses leave every 30-90 minutes. A cheaper option is to take a bus to Bresser metro station (5 am-11 pm) and then take a train to the city centre. At the airport you will also find transfer companies. You can also take a blue and white taxi. Aeroporto Congonhas is located 14 kilometres south of Centro (a 30-minute drive) serving regional airlines.
Adresse: São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, São Paulo
São Paulo


São Paulo has an extensive public transport system. Bus services are frequent and cover the entire city, but congestion can sometimes make travelling slow. With stops clearly marked, bus routes are easy to find. There are different tickets to suit your needs. Enter at the front of the bus, and pay the cobrador (fare collector).
São Paulo


São Paolo's Metrô system is clean and efficient. The Metrô runs every day from 04.40 until 00.06 and Saturdays 04.40-01.00.
Adresse: 1626 Augusta Street, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3371 7274
São Paulo


São Paulo taxis are white. You will pay a tax if the cab leaves the city, as is the case with trips to Cumbica Airport. Good radio-taxi companies usually accept credit cards, but you must call ahead and request the service. Delta takes calls in English. Delta Rádio Táxi:
Adresse: Rua Carneiro da Cunha, 167, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 5072 4499
São Paulo

Post Office

The main post office, called correio, is located downtown at Praça Correiro. Yellow postal kiosks can be found throughout the city. Many can be found on Av. Paulista. The correio at the international airport of Guarulhos is open 24 hours. Praça Correiro:
Adresse: Praça Correiro, São Paulo
São Paulo


Pharmacies, called farmacias or drogarias, can be found throughout the city centre. Most pharmacies will deliver 24 hours a day, usually for a small surcharge. Ask your concierge for your nearest one. Droga Raia:
Adresse: R Barao de Itapetinga, 99, Centro, São Paulo
Telefon: +55 11 3716 3400
São Paulo


Country code: +55 Area code: 11
São Paulo


110 V, 60 Hz. Some hotels have both 110 and 220 V outlets.